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A dva ncing OC U for Gener ations twenty


Founded by General Baptists in 1885

Enter to Learn


 Go Forth to Serve




LETTER from the PRESIDENT Dear Friends of Oakland City University: Oakland City University has long been known as a leader in higher learning particularly in the areas of education, business, and religious studies. Our institution has served Southwestern Indiana and the nation for over 125 years; as a place where students are educated in a Christian atmosphere. Our heritage embodies us as the only General Baptist denominational college or university.

“I do all this for the sake of the gospel, that I may share in its blessings.” – I Corinthians 9:23 As President of Oakland City University, I am proud to continue the advancement of our campus and strategic initiatives. A new Strategic Plan was approved after consulting with faculty, staff, students, board members, and various community leaders. In the Strategic Plan, three pillars of vision were outlined. These pillars dovetail my vision as President: the Head, the Heart, and the Hands. In this publication, you will gain further insight into the strategic pillars of our ministry. Despite a lackluster economy, Oakland City University experienced another record breaking enrollment in 2010. Our overall enrollment rose to over 2,500 students. Our endowments rebounded in a tough economic climate to provide $5.9 million dollars in scholarships. page


Most of all, I am proud of our students who felt God’s calling to serve others. Many OCU students traveled to the country of Honduras sharing the good news of the gospel with impoverished orphans. Another group of students under the direction of Dr. Thomas Walls served on a mission team to Mission, South Dakota. The F.O.C.U.S student group collaborated with Habitat for Humanity doing excavation and finish work on a housing project. In closing, I am pleased to unveil the new Honor Roll of Donors. There are three categories to the Honor Roll: annual, lifetime, and planned giving. Oakland City University is thankful to have hundreds of donors who embrace financial stewardship. It is our hope and prayer that God will continue to pour out his blessings on you and your family. Please continue to remember Oakland City University in your own prayer life and devotional time.

In His Service,

Ray G. Barber, D.Min. ’85, ‘88 President




HONDURAS MISSION TRIP 2010 Thousands of people have passed through the archway at Oakland City University. One side of the archway reads, “Enter To Learn” and on the other side reads, “Go Forth To Serve.” Those phrases have brought on a deeper meaning to sixteen people who traveled to Honduras on a mission trip July 31st through August 7th, 2010.

orphanage is a maximum of 120 occupancy. These neglected children had special needs and the team members could sense God’s working in our own lives at this time. In the nursery, two babies share the same bed. Like all babies, these babies were content when held, but cried as soon as we laid them in bed. The government orphanage was a very emotional experience for each of the team members.

The team stayed at Faith Home, an orphanage owned and operated by the General Baptist denomination. Faith Home is located approximately 30 to 40 minutes south of San Pedro Sula, Honduras. In 2007, the Honduras GDP per capita was $3,300. It is widely known that Honduras is a poor nation thus attributing to several socio-economic problems including a high number of orphans.

In addition, the whole team distributed beans and rice to an area village after conducting a worship service at one of the General Baptist Missions. One lady converted to Christianity during the worship service. Seeing her come to know the Lord was a highlight of the trip for the team members.

Seeing a desperate need in the country of Honduras, specifically at orphanages, the team replaced roofing on three cottages and painted other cottages at the site. Additional team members worked each day at a pre-kindergarten through sixth grade school on the campus of Faith Home. Seven of the team members were granted permission to distribute beans, rice, and some clothing to a Honduras government-run orphanage. The government orphanage houses over 160 children even though the capacity of the

During their evening sharing time at Faith Home, team members talked about being convicted of selfish lifestyles in the United States. The team shared the desire to do everything possible to meet the needs of as many people as possible in Honduras. Three team members shared that God has called them to International Missions work as a result of the trip. “Enter To Learn - Go Forth To Serve” is more than a catchy motto. It is a way of life for the Oakland City University family. Dr. Jim Pratt ’84, ’86, ’87, ‘03 Director of Campus Life




THREE PILLARS of OCU Oakland City University’s Strategic Plan includes three pillars of ministry: the Head, the Heart, and the Hands. The three areas of focus are providing excellence in academics, up-to-date facilities, and service project opportunities.

THE HEAD At the core of Oakland City University is a commitment to provide unequaled education in the liberal arts and sciences. This broad educational experience prepares our students with the knowledge necessary to apply the principles learned in the classroom to the problems and issues of today. In 2010, the administration team reached the decision to move forward in changing our current database management system. Faculty and staff began the conversion process to PowerCAMPUS, a Sunguard product and the go-live date is scheduled for October 25, 2010. The new database system is estimated to cost over $1 million dollars. Through our Strategic Plan, we identified the need to assimilate the online learning component to our current academic offerings. Mrs. Zoe Payne was hired as Coordinator of Online Learning. She brings to the University a wealth of knowledge and understanding in the area of distance education through web-based programs.





THE HEART The preparation of the head without the connection to the heart leaves a person void of purpose. The University believes the spiritual formation of the individual is critical to the success of a student. Rich in the tradition of the General Baptist denomination, OCU offers students, faculty, and staff the opportunity to investigate their own faith. Individuals develop an understanding of what they truly believe and the ability to express their faith verbally. One of our many new initiatives is the establishment of a health care facility on campus property. Within the last few days, the University announced a partnership with Deaconess Hospital. Groundbreaking has already commenced on a $1.8 million facility which will house a Deaconess Clinic. Deaconess has agreed to grant two-hour segments per day as priority for our faculty, staff, and students. The Clinic will offer three full-time medical doctors and numerous additional medical staff. Looking ahead to 2011, Oakland City University will begin work on a formal entrance to campus. The site of the formal entrance will be located at Highway 57 and the corner of Williams Street. At the new entrance, the University will construct new signage and lighting to increase visibility. Additional plans are being developed for a bell tower to be located at the end of Williams street (former location of Brengle Hall). The bell tower will serve as a center focal-point of campus. It will stand approximately 65 feet high and will be used as an emergency warning system for the OCU campus and the city of Oakland City.

THE HANDS Knowledge without the ability to apply becomes little more than an academic exercise. OCU gives students the opportunity to express their faith and academic achievements through guided responses such as international mission trips and community service. Preparing students for a life of Christian service is critical to the mission of Oakland City University. If the University is to become all that God has in-store for us, then our students and graduates must feel the call to help others. Over the last year, two different student teams were assembled to impact our nation and world for Christ. OCU students went forth to serve in the country of Honduras where they served the poor and orphaned children. Another team of OCU faculty and students traveled to Mission, South Dakota assisting Habitat for Humanity and Lakota Native Americans.




FINANCIAL HIGHLIGHTS Oakland City University depends upon the generosity of many people to offer high quality Christian education at an affordable price. Each academic year your gifts help students achieve this goal. Your investment in the lives of OCU students is multiplied numerous times as students graduate, become productive citizens and offer their lives to the service of others. Last academic year the Board of Trustees held tuition flat, during a tough economic time to keep OCU affordable. Oakland City University is considered the least expensive private four-year institution in the state of Indiana. 2009-2010 Gifts for OCU

Athletics Academic and Enrichment Programs


11% Other Restricted Gifts


Annual Fund

29% Scholarships




Other Unrestricted Gifts

2% Nearly 40% of the gifts received go directly to student scholarships. These dollars translate into real investments in the lives of many first generation college students. These scholarship dollars make up the difference between state and federal student aid ensuring that students desiring Christian education have the opportunity to attend Oakland City University.




28% Alumni



G.B. Unified Budget/Churches


19% Corporations/Foundations/ Associations


Sources of Gift Income


28% Alumni


G.B. Unified Budget/Churches

2009-2010 Gifts for OCU

19% Corporations/Foundations/ Associations

Donors by Category Athletics

43% Academic and Enrichment Programs


11% Other Restricted Gifts


Friends - 40%

Oakland City University is fortunate to have several sources of gift income. Founded by General Baptists, OCU is supported by local associations who continue to be an integral part in financial and prayer support. Many alumni and friends give gifts each year in support of scholarships and special projects. The generosity of friends and alumni, along with that of Corporations, Foundations, and other Associations ensure that OCU Donors Category education. can offer by uncompromised

Alumni - 32%

1021 Donors

781 Donors Annual Fund

29% Scholarships

563 Donors

A small gift can be multiplied into the lives of many Friends - 40% students. Through your giving you will see how God can 1021 Donors Alumni - 32% take your gift and work miracles for His Kingdom. 781 Donors

Corporations/Foundations/ Associations - 23%

563 Donors General Baptists/ Churches - 5%

113 Donors


Corporations/Foundations/ Associations - 23%

General Baptists/ Churches - 5%

113 Donors




HONOR ROLL of DONORS Listed Alphabetically |  Deceased The Founders Circle - Individuals

 Doyle Oursler

County, Inc.

Ariel May Green

R. Frank and Gracie Williams

Lee and Bonnie Ayers

 William Painter

Hopper Heritage Foundation

Kenneth and Betty Hall

L. Ray and Altha Lou Winkler

Jerry and Pam Aigner

Judy Phillips

Independent Colleges of IN, Inc.

Darroll and Savannah Hargraves

G. L. Yeager

 H. S. Barger

Gary and Mary Phillips

Indiana Limestone Institute of America

Theodore and Amelia Hunley

Anonymous (3)

Richard and Naomi Beesley

Inez Pumphrey

Key Construction, Co., Inc.

William Johnson

 Lawrence Black

 Carl Richardson

Koch Foundation, Inc.

R. A. Jones

The Benefactors Circle – Corporation

 Virgnia Boyd

Michael and Mary Sandifar

Liberty Association Ministries Board

Vance Kell

Alcoa Foundation

 William and Caroline Roberta Bromley

Frank and Judy Schultheis

 Oria Keys

AmBank Indiana, N.A.

Dewey and Charlcie Burden

 Dallas Suhrheinrich

Lilly Endow. Community Scholar. Program

Jack Kinkel

Jack and Jane Tichenor

Lilly Endowment, Inc

Arrington Prairie G. B. Church

 Frederick and Martha Cantrell

Gale Lambert

Donald and Mary Ann Wilder

Main Street G. B. Church

Barr-Reeve Sch. Foundation

Phyllis Casson

G. Richard and Helen Lankford

Anonymous (2)

Mt. Vernon G. B. Church

Baseball Office of the Commissioner

 Ann Irene Cornwell

Gene Leroux

New Hope G. B. Church

Bedford Federal Savings Bank

Bernard and Ellen Loposer

North Lawrence Com.

Bedford Urban Enterprise Assoc.

John Marshall

Oakland City First G.B. Church

Black River G. B. Church

Riley and Violet Mathias

OCU Foundation

Buehler’s Buy-Low

Gerald and Martha McCormick

Old National Bank - Princeton, IN

Carroll-Wyatt Scholarship Fund

Louie and Melba Medlin

Old National Bank - Evansville, IN

CIC Foundation

Freda and  Paul Montgomery

Parke Co. Community Foundation, Inc.

Citizens’ Sch. Foun. of America

Leland Morrison

Pepsi-Cola General Bottlers, Inc.

City of Bedford

Claude Murray

Pleasant Hope G. B. Church

Dell Scholarship

David Patton

Pleasant Valley G. B. Church

Duke Energy

 Charles Phillips

Princeton Area Dollars for Scholars

Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians

Robert Poinsett

Scholarship Program Administrators, Inc.

Sarah Porter

Federation of American Consumers and Travelers

Virginia Schulz

Ford Motor Company Fund

Juanita Scoggan

Ford Motor Company Fund

Russell and Vera Scott

Garvinwood G. B. Church

Kenneth Seebode

Gibson County

Robert Shaw

Gibson County Farm

Shirley and Stephen Shields

Glen Meadows Development Co., LLC

Alma Shufflebarger

Gravel Ridge G. B. Church

Joseph and Jenny Smith

Gray Cemetery Trust

Robyn Speltz

Hansen Corporation

Randall Spence

Harrison County Community Foundation

Patricia Creevy Larry and Alta Davis

The Founders Circle Corporations

Ellen Dimmett

Algers Winslow & Western Railway Co.

John and Gail Dunn


Daniel Durbin

BP America Inc.

David Elliott

Bristol-Myers Squibb

 Wanda Gladish

Cane Run G. B. Church

 Ethel Gieske

Central Cal. Assn. of G. B.

Norma Graham

CINergy Foundation, Inc.

Henry Gwaltney

Citizens National Bank

Stanley Hale

Citizens State Bank

Carl and Cleda Haley

Clay First G. B. Church

Robert Harnishfeger

Community Foundation Alliance, Inc.

Gary Harper John and Naomi Haskins

Community Foundation Partnership, Inc.

William Hasselbrinck

Council of Associations, Inc.

Carl and Anne Hirsch

Dana Corporation Foundation

Claude and Connie Hopper

Dubois County Community Foundation

Leon and Dorothy Howell

Dunn Hospitality

Anthony and Sheri Huff

East Gibson Dollars For Scholars

John Hunter

Educational Testing Service

Dolly Jewel

Exxon Mobil Foundation

Leroy Jolly

Fifth Third Bank Foundation

Murel Jones

Fifth Third Bank of Gibson County

The Benefactors Circle – Individuals

Jim and Eddie Marie Julian

First G. B. Church - Princeton, IN

Ray and Beth Barber

Mary Ruff-King

Francisco G. B. Church

 Edgar Baum

Jack and Linda Kinkel

Ft. Branch G. B. Church

Joe and Jane Black

William Kohlsaat

G. B. Womens Ministries

 George Brown

Marilou Mann

General Baptist Foundation

James Crecelius

Gregory Marish

General Baptist Women’s Ministries, Inc.

Larry and Martha Sue Crowe

German American Bank

Stanley Durham

Gibson County Visitors & Tourism

David Elliott

Growth Industries

Elizabeth Enlow Albon

GTE North Region - Indiana Foundation

Alice Evans

Heber Springs First G.B. Church

Robert Finch

Heritage Fund of Bartholowen

Stacy Givens

Bernard and Linda Marley Mary McCord page


State Budget Agency

Donald and Evelyn McDonald James and Rae Murray Alan and Connie Nass  Steven Osborn

Terrace Parke G. B. Church Toyota Motor Manufacturing of Indiana Transportation Services Co. Union Grove Association Valley of Sun G. B. Church Webb Foundation Westwood G. B. Church Whirlpool Foundation

Gordon Curtis

Ada Taylor Alan Jay and Rachel Thompson  Arthur Tichenor Phyllis Tivey James Tomlin Donald and Nelda Townsend Paul Wade Charles and Carol Jean Weir  Virgil Whaley Charles and Rita White Richard and  Donna Whiting  Elmon Whitledge David and Judith Whitten  Vern Whitten

Herald G. B. Church Holt Masonic Children’s Home Howell G. B. Church IBM International Foundation Indicom Integra Bank Corp. Jack R. Kinkel & Son, AIA Architects James River Corp. Kappa Kappa Kappa Kimball International. Habig Foundation,Inc Lawrence County Tourism Commission Lehigh Cement Company Liberty Assoc. General Baptists

Lifetime Giving $25,000 + The Founders Circle • A special private luncheon with the President of Oakland City University. • Invitation to the President’s Christmas Reception at his home preceding the Oakland City University Choral Christmas Performance. • A commemorative gift in honor of those individuals who have displayed biblical stewardship to Oakland City University. • Lifetime donors have a special place in our hearts and receive a special gift each year!

$10,000 – $24,999 The Benefactors Circle • Invitation to the President’s Christmas Reception at his home preceding the Oakland City University Choral Christmas Performance. • A commemorative gift in honor of those individuals who have displayed biblical stewardship to Oakland City University. • L ifetime donors have a special place in our hearts and receive a special gift each year!



Madisonville 1st G. B. Church

Hopper Heritage Foundation

Carroll-Wyatt Scholarship Fund

Joel Aelick

Phillip and Sharon Buyher

Midwest Merger Management, LLC

Independent Colleges of Indiana, Inc.

Central Cal. Assn. of G.B.

John and Karen Almon

Nancy and Terry Byrns

Mt. Carmel G. B. Church

OCU Foundation

Steven and Sue Alston

Rita and Larry Byrum

Mt. Olive G. B. Church

Pioneer College Caterers

Christian Academy of Louisville Foundation

Michael Andrews

Norma Callis

National Collegiate Athletic Association

Webb Foundation

CIC Foundation

Jeanne Angermeier

Joe Carithers

Citizens State Bank

Patrick and Brenda Arnold

Walter and Tammy Carnahan

Community Foundation Alliance, Inc.

Michael and Mary Atkinson

Joyce Carpenter

Dell Scholarship

Camille Aydt

David and Aasta Carver

Duke Energy

John Ayers

Elmer and Birdie Chancellor

East Gibson Dollars for Scholars

John Bajzath

Tim and Peggy Chancellor

Elmer Buchta Trucking

Brian and Jamie Baker

Scott Chisholm

F.C.H.S. Academic Trust Fund

Larry Baker

Charles and Alice Christmas

Kenneth and Betty Hall

Federation of American Consumers and Travelers

Dwight Barker

Peggy and Kenneth Christy

William Hasselbrinck

Fifth Third Bank - Evansville

Bill Barnard

Lewis Clark

C. Dean and Connie Hopper

Fifth Third Bank - Oakland City

Mary Jean Barrett

Aven and Anita Clinkenbeard

Theodore and Amelia Hunley

Flint First G.B. Church

Aron Bassoff

Kelly and Steve Clymer

Deloris Jackson

Lenora Collins

Roy and Christa Jenkins

General Baptist Women’s Ministries, Inc.

Emogene and William Bayer Robert Bean

Ronald Conner

C. Denver and Anna Kennedy

Gibson County Visitors & Tourism

Mary Jo and William Beauchamp

Beth Cook

Charles and Rita Knight

Growth Industries

Byron and Kathy Beck

Cecil Cook

Beverly and Steve Ladd

Heritage Baptist Church

Steve Belden

Martha Crafton

Beverly Lau

Integra Bank - Petersburg

Gustavo Bencid

William Crecelius

 James Little

Integra Bank - Evansville

David and Sandy Benefiel

Henry and Faye Cruz

A. Dale and Janice Loveless

Judge Nixon Scholarship

Jack and Betty Benjamin

Wendell and Linda Daugherty

Riley and Violet Mathias

Kirby Building Systems

Reba and Bill Benson

Roger Davis

Gerald and Martha McCormick

Masterbrand Cabinets, Inc.

Megan and Jariah Besing

James and Gayle Dean

Donald and Evelyn McDonald

Media Mix Communications, Inc.

Jeffrey Bettag

Debra and James Deckard

Lou Meuche

Morgantown United Methodist Church

Harold Black

Denzel Denny

Alan and Connie Nass

Mt. Carmel G.B. Church

Joe and Jane Black

Vernon and T. Delores Deutsch

Glenn Nulty

Mt. Gilead G.B. Church

Ronnie and Sandy Black

Cheryl DeVore

Howard and Kerby Parish

National FFA Foundation, Inc.

Jan and Deanna Blackburn

Daniel and Joyce Ditzer

Joanne Parke

National Hot Rod Association

Charles Bollier

Danny and Mary Doades

Norm and Carlotta Reynolds

Old National Bank - Evansville

Kevin Bonnet

Bob and Norma Doane

Becky Richeson

Old National Trust Company

James Boone

John and Lora Donoho

Michael and Mary Sandifar

Pleasant Hope G.B. Church

Dennis Bowers

Marie and Raymond Doud

Camille Simpson

Pleasant Valley G.B. Church

Thelma Boyer

James and Nancy Dougan

Gary Sorgius

Princeton Area Dollars for Scholars

Frenchie Brandt

Barry Dubuque

Donald Townsend

Charles and Judy Brauser

Bill Duck

Winslow G. B. Church

Scholarship America

Charles and Carolyn White

Mikel Breeden

Gary and Donna Duncan

The Leaders Circle – Individual

Donald and Mary Ann Wilder

Scholarship Program Administrators, Inc.

William Breeden

Leland and Ruth Duncan

State Farm Companies Foundation

Howard Briscoe Sr.

James Dunlap

Student Government Association

Howard Briscoe Jr.

Stanley Durham

Union Assn. G.B. Camp Clark

Frederick and Jan Brittain

Bradford Dykes

Vectren Foundation

 William and Caroline Bromley

Jerry and Evelyn Eades

The Stewards Circle – Corporation


Edna and Wayne Brumfield

Tadd Eads

Aldersgate United Methodist Church

Whirlpool Corporation

Patti Buchta

Paul Edrington

Jerald and Margie Burns

Francis and Annemarie Velta Eickholtz

Don and Donna Burroughs

Michael Elaman

North Friendship G. B. Church Oak Grove G. B. Church Old National Trust Company Omaha G. B. Church Otter Creek G. B. Church Owensboro First G. B. Church Owensville First G. B. Church Pepsi Cola Company of Vincennes Permanent Federal Savings Bank Pioneer College Caterers Pleasant Mound G. B. Church Pleasant View G. B. Church Providence G. B. Church Scholarship America Schultheis Insurance Shady Grove G. B. Church Sharrett Automotive Inc. Shoals Dollars For Scholars South Gibson Dollars for Scholars State Farm Companies Foundation Sugar Tree G. B. Church Sunny Vale G. B. Church Syndicate Sales, Inc. Telephone Switching Supply Inc Tennyson G. B. Church The Herald-Times /The Times-Mail Toyota Motor Engineering Union Assn. G. B. Camp Clark United of IN Home Mission Board UPS Foundation Corporate Headquarters Vectren Corporation Welborn Baptist Foundation, Inc.

William Johnson Inez Pumphrey Jack and Jane Tichenor Anonymous (1) The Leaders Circle – Corporation

The Stewards Circle – Individual Jerry and Pam Aigner Lee Royce and Bonnie Ayers Ray and Beth Barber Larry and Alta Davis Robert Finch Norma Graham

Curtis and Pauletta Yarbrough Joy and Wilma Yeager Robert and Ruth Yeager

General Baptist Foundation

Branch Banking and Trust Co.

German American Bank

Broshears Real Estate & Insurance

The Patrons Circle – Individual Cindy Adams

Annual Giving $10,000 + The Leaders Circle In appreciation of annual support to Oakland City University in the $10,000+ range, the University extends a variety of elite benefits. Leaders receive all the benefits of all giving levels, plus: • A Leaders Induction Pin • A Plaque in honor of outstanding leadership and devotion to Oakland City University • Invitation to the President’s Christmas Reception at his home preceding the Oakland City University Choral Christmas Performance

$1,000 - $9,999 The Stewards Circle In addition to all of the benefits of the Patrons Circle, Stewards members will receive: • A personal handwritten gesture of gratitude from the President of Oakland City University. $100 - $999 The Patrons Circle • An Oakland City University Decal • A letter of appreciation from the Advancement office • Recognition in the University’s Annual Report








Marian and Darlene Elliott

John Hochstetler

Marilou and Maurice Mann

Jarmon and Patricia Perkins

Robert Schroeder

Max and Emily Elliott

Bill Hoover

Bernard and Linda Marley

Imogene Peters

Frank and Judy Schultheis

Ben Elrod

Eldon and Ann Hopkins

C. Edward and Joyce Marlin

Larry Pflug

Juanita and Bill Scoggan

Patricia Endicott

Charles and Rose Mary Hoten

Keith and Alecia Marshall

Ray and Jill Phelps

Billy and Naomi Secoy

Terry and Marilyn Enlow

Harold and Janie Hughes

William Marshall

Gary and Mary Phillips

Kenneth Seebode

Alice Evans

Patricia and Keith Hunt

Bob Mason

Judy and  Jerry Phillips

Michael Seebode

Randall Ewin

Phillip and Ruth Etta Hunt

Gloria Mason

Pierce Pia

S. R. Sera

William and Elnora Farmer

Kenneth and Betty Ingram

Robert and Madeline Mason

William and  Mary Beth Ping

Wayne and Lauretta Sharp

John Feltner

Mark Iunghuhn

Gloria Mason

Loraine and Travis Potter

Robert Shaw

T-Ray and Abby Fletcher

Jose Izagas

Keith Masterson

James Powell

Barbara Shepard

Robert Fuchs

Cynthia and Daniel Jackson

Carl Rex and Marilyn May

Tim Powers

Shirley and Stephen Shields

James Funkhouser

Dennis James

Bart McCandless

James and Kris Pratt

Alma Shufflebarger

Kelly Wilder-Gates

Marion and Janet James

Marie McCord

Tom Prendergast

John and Wilma Jean Sickman

Robert Gentil

Janice and Harold Jochim

Mary and  Harold McCord

Roderick Pressel

Marlene and Gary Siddons

Stacy Givens

Robert Johns

Stephen McDevitt

Ronald and Carol Preston

Jack Simmons

George Glenn

Dorral Johnson

Andrew and Jamee McMurray

Edward Prior

Jesse Simmons

Harry and  Mary Goerlitz

Dwain Jolliff

Jackeline Medina

W. M. Proffer

Santford and Rosene Singleton

C. Keith and Saundra Gore

Leroy and  Wilma Jolly

Ryne Meece

Edward and Valada Raber

Lionel Sinn

Carol Graf

Judy and R. Stanley Jones

Shawn Meece

Douglas and Donnie Rademacher

Tony Sinn

Janna and  Simon Graves

Marla Jones

Glenn and Alice Menke

Lois and Floyd Raisor

John and Gladys Sloan

Jeff Gray

Philip Jones

Melvin and Janice Menke

Samuel and Sharon Ramdial

Charlotte and  Charles Smith

Annie Green

Edward Jordan

Alan Miles

W. Wyatt Rauch

David Smith

Cecil and Betty Green

Gary and Krista Jossa

Curtis Miller

Rosemarie Rawlings

Nick Smith

Max Green

Chad and Charity Julian

Randy and Roxanne Mills

Gordon Resler

R. Alyne and Robert Sorrells

Eleanor Groom

James Kabrick

J. L. and Lois Mondy

Misty Reynolds

Glen and Margaret Spence

Frank and Caroline Gullic

Roger Kaiser

Randy Moore

Robert Richardville

Randall Spence

Art and Marylee Hagan

Sheri Kennedy

Kevin and Susan Morris

Owen and Joan Riddle

Carolyn Spitler

Mike Hagan

Jerry Kluesner

Dick and Dewania Murray

Danny and Shirley Risinger

Thomas Steczyk

Francisco and Jennifer Hamm

Barbara Knies

James and Rae Murray

Arvin and  Rozina Roberson

Richard Steele

Evan Hand

Charles and Rita Knight

Melvin Murray

Beverly and Jerry Roberts

Del and Norma Steinhart

George and Sylvia Hardin

Chuck and Robin Kreig

Michael and Doris Murray

Shane Roberts

Jerry and Judith Stilwell

Berlan and Rachel Harper

Joseph Kress

Brent Nalley

Thomas and Terry Roberts

Conrad and Donna Stinson

Devin and Martha Harper

Carol and Donald LaGrange

Bonnie Nash

Cecil Robertson

Charles Strickland

Donald and Patsy Harris

Doyne and Dorothy Laib

Tanya and Michael Nauyoks

Joan Robinson

James Stump

Nancy Hartig

Troy Land

Jeff Neel

John Rodewald

Roger Sublett

Christine Hasenour

G. Richard and Helen Lankford

Thomas and Anna Neely

Marvin Roeder

Susan Sullivan

John and Naomi Haskins

Robert and Constance Laubscher

Jane Ellen and Charles Neuman

John and Melba Jane Swain

Ina Hawk

Jo Ann Layman

Sandra and Steve Nixon

Thomas N. and Charlene Georges Rosenfeld

Randy Hawkins

G. Ramona and David Lennen

S. Janie and David Norman

James Ross

Brenda Swinney

Allen Hayne

Gene Leroux

N. Elaine and  Wayne Norrick

Robert Rowe

Robert and Monica Thacker

Donald and Hilda Hazelton

Thomas and Vicki Leuze

Charles and Rosemary Nossett

Kelsey Rowland

Thomas Thompson

Roger and Ilene Heckler

Carolyn Listner

Rex O Neal

James and Jolee Ruggles

Zelma Thompson

Judy and Steven Heidorn

Trent Lochmueller

Glen Ohmit

Jon and Beth Ruthenburg

Al and  Connie Tieken

Richard Helming

Jeff Locker

Gary and Marcia Orth

Daniel and Kathy Ryan

Billy Tippett

Cynthia and Richard Helton

Susan Lockwood

Larry and Cathy Parks

Billie and Bob Sakel

Phyllis Tivey

L. Paul and Mildred Henager

Dave Loewenstein

A. Janet and Dan Parrish

Beverly Sandefur

Joe and Janice Todrank

Billy and Patsy Henderson

Dolus Luff

Bernice Peed

Denise Sandifar

Larry Tolbert

Jim Hess

Matthew and Lori Malin

Earl and Brenda Penrod

Edward and Bonnie Schanda

Marie Townsend

Lilly and Harold Himes

Constance Manigault

E. Leo and E. June Perkins

Henry Schleter

Mary Tubbs

This Annual Report recognizes the individuals, corporations, government agencies and foundations that have financially invested in Oakland City University from January 1, 2009 – December 31, 2009. The benefactors listed in the report are enabling Oakland City University guided by its General Baptist heritage, to maintain and strengthen intellectual, spiritual, physical and social development that are central to its Mission.

Peter Swanson

In this report, we acknowledge with gratitude all who have contributed to the financial well-being of Oakland City University in the past calendar year. All financial contributions are included in this report. While we have made every possible effort to ensure the accuracy of this report, we apologize in advance for any inadvertent misspelling or omissions. Please inform us of any errors by calling (812) 749-1228 so that we can correct our records and properly acknowledge your gift in a future publication.



Harry Turney

Bethel GB Church of Advance, Inc.

Howell G.B. Church

Round Prairie G.B. Church - Keenes, IL

 Margaret Guard

Tamyra and John Verheul

Bethlehem G.B. Church Whitewater, MO

Illiana Watermelon Association

Salem G.B. Church - Theodosia, MO

 John Gudgel

Imagineering Finishing Technologies

Semo Fast Pitch Softball

John Gwaltney

Bethlehem G.B. Church Ft. Branch, IN

Impressions Printing, Inc.

Sheaco, Inc.

 Weldon Hall, Jr.

Indiana Limestone Institute of America

Shoals Dollars for Scholars

Gary Harper

Indianapolis Power & Light

South Gibson Dollars for Scholars

John Haskins

Jack R. Kinkel & Son, AIA Architects

Sports Marketing International, Inc.

 Barbara Horstmeyer

Jasper Engines & Transmissions

Stanmar, Inc.

 Charles and Isabel Hoskinson

John Dunn Company

Sullivan County 4-H

 Virgil Hunt

Johnson Chapel Sunday School Class

Tennyson G.B. Church - Tennyson, IN

Ron Johnson

Joines Chapel G.B. Church - Elkton, KY

Terrace Parke G.B. Church Evansville, IN

Leroy Jolly

The Kentucky United Methodist Foundation, Inc.

 Charles Lentz

Kenneth Vick Floyd and Lillian Vieth J. Ed Voris Brenda Waddle Eric and Deitra Walden Brian Ward Dan and Barbara Watson Bill Webster

Beulah G.B. Church Bomarko Broadway United Methodist Church Calvary G.B. Church Castle High School Dollars for Scholars

Charles and Carol Jean Weir

Chevron Humankind Match Gift Program

Gay Marie Weir

City of Bedford

Kappa Kappa Kappa

Carolyn and  Siegfried Weng

Cottage of Grace G.B. Church

Kemper CPA Group

T.H. White

Dixon General Baptist Church

Kesslers Team Sports

David and Judy Whitten

Doulos Sunday School Class

L & J Investments, Inc.

Bradley Wibbeler

Duke Energy Indiana, Inc.

Lamb-Basham Memorial Chapel, Inc.

Corajo Wiggin

Enore Hotels of Princeton, LLC

Landscapes Unlimited

Betty Jean and John T. Wilgus

Evansville Sports Program, Inc.

Leslie Coatings

R. Frank and Gracie Williams

ExxonMobil Foundation

Liberty Assoc. One Day Missionary

United Transportation Union Insurance Association

Jon and Shelia Willis

F&M Building & Home Supply

Loogootee Jr./Sr. High School

V.F.W. Post 3587

 A.E. McKenney

Pat Wilmes

Fair Haven Christian Church

Washington Community School

 Alice Morlock

Brett Wilson

Faithful Workers Class

Mackey Salem United Methodist Church

Whirlpool Foundation

 Madelyn Myers

Elvis and Mary Lou Wilson

Fellowship G.B. Second Milers Class

Wilkins-Brittingham Air and Water

 Doyle Oursler

Myrtle Wilson

First Bank - Carmi, IL

Winslow G.B. Church - Winsolw, IN

 Edward Owen

Nancy Wilson

First Baptist Church - Vincennes, IN

Shane Wilson

First G.B. Church - Princeton, IN

L. Ray and Altha Winkler

First G.B. Church - Corning, AR

Alvah Russell Wood

First G.B. Church - Advance, MO

J. D. Woods Gordon Wright

First Southern Baptist Church Evansville, IN

G. L. Yeager

Fleigs Café Rich Helming

Constance Young

Freed-Hardeman University

David Young

Friendship G.B. Church Oakland City, IN

Lisa Young Steven Young Gary Yow Anonymous (10) The Patrons Circle – Corporation

Georges of Indiana Enterprises, LLC German American Insurance Gibson General Hospital Glezen Revival Center Gospel Center Church

AB Women’s Ministries

Graceland Baptist Church

Agee Fellowship Church

Gray Cemetery Trust

Matrix Integration, LLC McCabe Ladies Aid Mt. Gilead G.B. Church - Boonville, IN

The Salvation Army Toyota Motor Engineering Twin Rivers G.B. Church - Fisk, MO United G.B. Church - Evansville, IN

Mt. Union G.B. Association

The 1885 Legacy Circle

Mt. Vernon G.B. Church

Brian and Jamie Baker

National Missions - ABC

 Florence Barnett

Nebo Christian Church

 O.W. Barry

North Daviess Community

 Gail Bradbury

North Friendship G.B. Church Lynnville, IN

 George Brinegar

O.K. Transport, Inc.

Amel Cox

Oak Grove G.B. Church Oakland City, IN

 John Culbertson

Oakland City Family Practice, Inc. Oakland City First G.B. Church Oakland City Ministerial Association Overtime, Inc. Owensville First G.B. Church Peace Fellowship

 Goeble Bunch

 Oma Daugherty Larry and Alta Davis  J. Donahue John and Gail Dunn  Frieda Ellison Fred Estheimer Francisco Estrada

Alcoa Foundation

Grayson Funeral Home

All American Car Wash

Pleasant Hill G.B. Church - White Plains, KY

Hall, Partenheimer, & Kinkel

 Glenn Finch

Alpha Omicron Chapter

Pleasant View G.B. Church - Risco, MO Poplar Bluff First G.B. Church Poplar Bluff, MO

 Olive Forbes

American Legion Posts

Harrison County Community Foundation

 Sarah Fraser


Herald G.B. Church - Modesto, CA

Portland Promise Center

 Hester Furman

Bedford Federal Savings Bank

Hoehn Plastics, Inc.

Powell G.B. Church - Norris City, IL

 Edward Glenn

Bedford North Lawrence

Hoosier Hills Credit Union

Princeton Broadcasting Company, Inc.

 Alvin Graper

Bee-Leave N Trucking

Hooters Restaurant

Providence G.B. Church - Cisne, IL

 Jeanette Gray

 Dorothy Evans

Planned Giving The 1885 Legacy Circle Gift Annuities Life Insurance Trust Bequest Property/Life Rights

 Robert Kelley  Arno Lessheim  George Malone  May Mason Alonzo McBride  Harold and Mary McCord Chris McFail

Helen Painter  Presley and  Paula Pendergrass  Eloise Peugeot Gary Phillips  Imel Pride  Jennie Pride  Maurice Pride  Jeanette Rauscher  Helen Reed  Kenneth Reed Veradine Reynolds  Eva Smith  Rose Smith  Olive Smith  Louese Spradley  Claribel Talley Jack and Jane Tichenor C. Kightly Trippet Paul Waggoner  Wilma Wilder  Lorene Williams R. Frank Williams  Lovie Wiseman Anonymous (1)




ENDOWMENT SCHOLARSHIPS Professor Emma Anderson Endowment Scholarship

T. Hammons Endowment Scholarship

Orlan & Margery Phillips Endowment Scholarship

Marietta C. Hasselbrinck Endowment Scholarship

Dr. Dale Porter Endowment Scholarship

Alumni Endowment Scholarship

Heathman Family Scholarship

Claude L. Atkins Endowment Scholarship

Dorothy Cockrum Heldt Endowment Scholarship

Lynden R. Pride, Nona, & Earther Fritz Endowment Scholarship

Arthur & Zell Baker Memorial Scholarship

Hope, Swartz, Williams Endowment Scholarship

Orville Pratt Endowment Scholarship

Neva Barnard Endowment Scholarship

Barbara Hortsmeyer Endowment Scholarship

Jennie M. Pride Endowment Scholarship

Dr. Gary Barrett Endowment Scholaship

Dr. Olen & Inez Pumphrey Endowment Scholarship

Ruby & Edgar Baum Endowment Scholarship

Charles & Isabel Hoskinson Endowment Scholarship

Bethesda General Baptist Endowment Scholarship

W. Anthony & Sheri Huff Endowment Scholarship

Jeannette E. & Mildred Rauscher Endowment Scholarship

Lawrence Black Endowment Scholarship

Dr. Virgil Hunt Endowment Scholarship

Randolph/Hargraves Endowment Scholarship

Bryce & Opal Bottom Endowment Scholarship

Lennie Hunt Johnson Endowment Scholarship

C.R. Richardson Endowment Scholarship

Ella Mayhall Bradbury Music Endowment Scholarship

Jamaica Youth Missions Endowment Scholarship

Dr. L.O. Roberts Endowment Scholarship

Paul B. Johnson Endowment Scholarship

Cyrstal Jone Roland Endowment Scholarship

Cane Run General Baptist Church Endowment Scholarship

Professor William Jordan Endowment Scholarship

Fred & Helen Rumble Endowment Scholarship

Marlin Kell Endowment Scholarship

Jose & Delores Sablan Endowment Scholarship

Robert S. Kelley and Weldon X. Hall, Jr. Endowment Scholarship

Margery Settle Endowment Scholarship

Dr. Kenneth R. Kennedy Endowment Scholarship

Willis B. Simpson Endowment Scholarship

Adolph and Jamae Lacy Endowment Scholarship

Dr. Olive Smith Endowment Scholarship

Davis/Phillips Endowment Scholarship

William Ledgerwood Endowment Scholarship

R.B. Smith Endowment Scholarship

Wm. C. & Edythe Dearing Scholarship Fund

Arno Lessheim Endowment Scholarship

Louese Spradley Endowment Scholarship

Coach Delbert Disler Endowment Scholarship

The Liberty Association Endowment Scholarship

Benoni Stinson Endowment Scholarship

Mamie Dufford Endowment Scholarship

Lone Oak Endowment Scholarship

Rosalia T. Torres Endowment Scholarship

Thomas H. & Beatrice Colvin Dunning Endowment Scholarship

Ron Malin Student Support Services Endowment Scholarship

Townsend Endowment Scholarship

Edward Glenn Endowment Scholarship

Harold and Mary McCord Family Endowment Scholarship

The Union Grove Association Endowment Scholarship

Maxine & Stephen E. Medlin Endowment Scholarship

Michael R. Vire Endowment Scholarship

Wm. P. & May Cockrum Dearing Scholarship Fund Lt. William Randall Crecelius Endowment Scholarship Christy Park General Baptist Church Endowment Scholarship

Lillian K. Ehlbert Endowment Scholarship Frieda Jordan & William T. Ellison Endowment Scholarship

Richard & Charlotte Wasson Endowment Scholarship

James E. & Alice Morlock Endowment Scholarship

The Webb Foundation Endowment Scholarship

First G.B. Church of Chino Endowment Scholarship

Michael Musgrave Endowment Scholarship

Carolyn Weng Endowment Scholarship

Lesta & Howard R. Miller Scholarship Fund

Thomas H. & Beatrice Colvin Dunning Endowment Scholarship

Virgil Whaley Endowment Scholarship

Paul Montgomery Endowment Scholarship

Dr. Edward A. White Endowment Scholarship

OCU Alumni Athletic Endowment Scholarship

Vern Whitten Endowment Scholarship

Professor J.H. Oxford Endowment Scholarship

Ira M. & Lela Mae Wilder Endowment Scholarship

Dr. William I. Painter Endowment Scholarship Paula Pendergrass Endowment Scholarship

Donald K. & Mary Ann Wilder Endowment Scholarship

Cecil H. & Wanda Gladish Endowment Scholarship

Dr. Presley Pendergrass Endowment Scholarship

Winsett-Riggle Memorial Endowment Scholarship

George Gomer Endowment Scholarship

Eloise Mack Peugeot Endowment Scholarship

James Montgomery Gordon Endowment Scholarship

Dr. Jerry Phillips Endowment Scholarship

The Finch Endowment Scholarship


C. Kightly Trippet Endowment Scholarship

Mildred Vaughn Endowment Scholarship

H.C. or Dorothy Evans Memorial Endowment Scholarship


Dr. Carl Shepard Endowment Scholarship

Frances Borders West Memorial Scholarship Lonnie E. & Sara Elizabeth Fraser Endowment Scholarship

Opal Phillips Endowment Scholarship



STUDENT STORIES Oakland City University has been a place of new beginnings for David & Megan Depoister. OCU has provided us with caring friends who love us and want the best for us. It has provided us with a picture and hope for our future. I grew up in a home filled with addiction and battled with addiction for many years. I was a meth addict and even cooked it for a period of time. Many people do not recover from such things, but thankfully, I found Jesus along the way and it has made the ultimate difference in my life. While living in Missouri, I became involved in a church and starting living a Christian life. During this time in my life, I felt God calling me to a deeper relationship with Him in ministry and a passion for evangelism. After taking a class in Poplar Bluff, Missouri, Dr. Dick Murray and Pastor Bob Murray encouraged us to come to Oakland City University. We were excited as we saved up money for the move and prepared for a new chapter in our life. Our ‘almost paid for’ car died right before we were preparing to move to OCU. A second, borrowed car broke down while we were trying to get to Indiana. Our church and family united together to buy us an inexpensive little car. We packed up all our stuff and hit the road, but that car broke down about two miles outside of town. We spent all the money we had saved on getting cars fixed. Even the car we eventually borrowed to get us to school needed work before we could drive it two states away. Finally, we were able to pack up what little we could fit in the car and take off for Oakland City. We left everything else behind and truly were taking off for a new start. We didn’t have jobs lined up, we spent the money we had saved to move, and I even went without books for the first couple months of class. It was only through financial assistance that we were able to buy

Hello, I’m Chelsea Sullivan, a 2010 Oakland City University alumnus in Elementary Education and Business. my books. We knew that God had plans for us and we were living on our faith. We knew God would never leave us and that He would provide for us. Moving here was a risk and a step of faith which has paid off many times over. God has used Oakland City University to bless our lives enormously. We have worked with Campus Life for four years and have used the residence hall as a place of ministry. God has done mighty works in the men’s ministry that we started in the RD apartment. We have a wonderful church family at Enon GB church. The great teachers in Chapman Seminary have inspired me to pursue higher learning in order to one day teach Religious Studies students. God has given me a clearer picture for His purpose in my life through Oakland City University. I am now the associate pastor of Enon and use the knowledge gained to help others develop their faith and grow in a deeper relationship with Jesus. God has worked in my life in so many wonderful ways. I am compelled to share the way He has been faithful and loving in my life with anyone who will listen.

I was born and raised in a General Baptist church in Scottsville, Kentucky. I am extremely thankful for the opportunity to grow academically, spiritually, and intellectually at Oakland City University. Since childhood, my dream was to be an Elementary school teacher. After visiting OCU in the 8th grade, I knew it was the place for me. Recently, I accepted a teaching position close to my hometown. Without my education from Oakland City University, I would have not been able to achieve my life-long dream. God placed me at OCU for a specific purpose and it will always have a special place in my heart.




WAYS to PARTNER with OCU Office of Advancement Philanthropic Vision Statement The Office of Advancement will meet the financial needs of Oakland City University through the faithful and sacrificial support of its generous donors.

Men’s athletic programs include: baseball, basketball, cross country, golf, soccer, and tennis. Women’s athletics include: basketball, cross country, golf, soccer, softball, tennis, and volleyball.


Operating expenses are costly to run NCAA Division II programs. Contact us to financially support OCU Athletics.

Scholarships Your scholarship giving makes it possible for Oakland City University to provide need-based tuition assistance to students. Availability of scholarships helps more students attend OCU, and also helps the university attract top scholars. Your gift can be used to create a new scholarship or fund one of the 100 existing endowment scholarships. Types of additional scholarships include: academic, athletic, art, General Baptist, ministerial grant, music, outreach grant, and others.

Alumni Association The Oakland City University Alumni Association works to support the objectives and promote the growth and advancement of OCU, and welcomes your involvement.


Annual Fund Income from student tuition pays only a fraction of the university’s operating costs. By giving to the Annual Fund, you can help meet the yearly operating budget of Oakland City University. The impact of your gift to the Annual Fund is twofold: it mitigates increases in tuition fees charged to individual students, and it helps OCU provide quality facilities and retain outstanding faculty in a Christian environment.

Giving Options For your convenience, there are a number of options for making your gift of financial support to Oakland City University: • Cash gifts

The Alumni Association plans activities and provides services to build relationships between OCU alumni that keep them connected to the University. The Association is responsible for the annual alumni banquet, annual outings – e.g. Alumni Day at Holiday World, area meetings, the alumni directory, and alumni recognition.

• Appreciated assets: stocks, bonds, mutual funds

Your alumni dues and special alumni gifts are critical in providing services to the entire alumni base.

• In-kind gifts of personal property

Athletics page

athletes and students, increase the national exposure of the University, and aid with recruiting efforts.

NCAA Division II and NCCAA Division I athletics at Oakland City University build a strong sense of community among

• Planned gifts through annuities, bequests, charitable trusts, or life estates • Gift of life insurance • Matching gifts of employer • Real estate The OCU Advancement Office staff can answer your stewardship questions. Contact us for more information.



A MESSAGE from the DIRECTOR of ADVANCEMENT For over a year now, it has been my privilege to serve Oakland City University as Director of Advancement. I was never really cognizant of how many alumni and friends sacrificially support the University until this year. Alumni, friends, corporations, and foundations across the nation financially invest in the mission of Oakland City University.

Thank you for standing with us as we strive to become a leading faith-based university that is preparing students for a life of Christian service.

Best Regards,

Our mission is what drives us. It is God’s purpose and our chosen path. We believe that God has a special plan to prosper the University and we are thankful for you, as we make this journey together. One of my goals as the new director was to establish an Honor Roll of Donors that would help inspire other philanthropists to give. I hope you have enjoyed this publication and provide us with feedback as we move forward.

Brian J. Baker ‘99, ‘03 Director of Advancement

P.S. – All gifts made in the 2010 calendar year, if made by December 31, 2010, will be included in Oakland City University’s 2011 Annual Report.

BOARD of TRUSTEES Mr. Bill Blackburn Executive Three Rivers Electric Henderson, KY

Ms. Kelly Wilder Gates ‘87 CEO Propane One Oakland City, IN

Mr. W. Harold Calloway Agent State Farm Insurance Evansville, IN

Mr. Jeffrey T. Hirsch Audit Division Manager Exxon Mobil Corporation Oak Hill, VA

Rev. Cecil Cook Retired General Baptist Pastor Edwardsville, IL

Dr. Anthony Huff Owner, Huff Farms, Inc. Louisville, KY

Dr. Alton D. Davis ‘61 Retired Pastor Walnut Creek, CA

Dr. Dean Jaggers General Baptist Pastor Cape Girardeau, MO

Mr. Wally Duncan ‘78 Attorney Poplar Bluff, MO

Dr. Ora J. Johnson ’71, ‘96 Pastor Evansville, IN

Mrs. Eddi Marie Julian ‘63 Business Owner Modesto, CA

Dr. Holly Dunn Pendleton ‘08 Director of Holly’s House Evansville, IN

Dr. Curtis C. Yarbrough ’67, ‘96 General Baptist Pastor Madisonville, KY

Mr. Gerald McCormick Ford Motor Company Goodlettsville, TN

Dr. W.F. (Buck) Provance Owner Falcon Communications, Inc. Maldon, MO

Dr. Elvis O. Wilson ’64, ‘99 (Honorary Member) Retired General Baptist Pastor Valrico, FL

Rev. William G. McMillen ‘88 Pastor First General Baptist Church Flint, MI Mrs. Brenda Nash Secretary County Government Tahlequah, OK Mr. Alan W. Nass Owner/Director Funeral Home Huntingburg, IN

Mr. Frank J. Shultheis Secretary/ Treasurer Weissman INS., Inc Newburgh, IN Rev. Michael Trotter ‘81 General Baptist Pastor Hendersonville, TN Mrs. Darlene Underwood ‘99 CPA Mt. Carmel, IL



Our Mission Oakland City University is a Christian faith-based learning community dedicated to the enhancement of intellectual, spiritual, physical and social development for positive leadership.

Our Vision To become a leading faith-based university that provides a Christian learning environment preparing students for service.

Enter to Learn

 Go Forth to Serve

138 North Lucretia Street, Oakland City, Indiana 47660 (812) 749-1228




2010 annual report