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Grayce® is an Oregon based company, founded in 2009. At Grayce we are dedicated to providing products that are of the highest quality, produced in the United States that deliver value to the consumer and to the resellers who carry our lines. We understand that women care about their appearance, and believe that any beauty product should have real value as defined by the consumer. It should work easily and do what it says it will do, it should cause no harm or have negative effects on the user or any other product or process they use. In addition to providing quality products, our business practices reflect our belief that every “touch” or contact we have with the people we work with should be a positive experience. Whether that person is a consumer, partner, wholesaler or retailer, our focus is on their needs, and our interaction with them should result in a positive outcome. Our website is designed it be informational and inspirational. We invite you to browse the site to learn more about our products. We also invite you to join our newsletter (there’s a subscribe box in the footer of this page). We won’t fill your mailbox with unwanted items, but once per month our CEO will share some things that we hope brighten and enlighten your day.

Grayce offers a range of hair and beauty products. Learn more about our products by following the links below or in the navigation menu above.

Root Revive is the quickest, easiest way to cover gray roots that grow out just weeks after your hair coloring treatment. You can cover any sign of gray roots even 5-6 weeks after your last professional hair color or hair coloring. Root Revive is a temporary hair color product, applied with a brush/applicator, that allows you to deal with covering up gray roots to get you through the few days until your next hair color treatment. Root Revive washes out when you shampoo and only takes minutes to re-apply. You can use Grayce every day.

Our Root Revive速 application brush is specifically designed to work easily and effectively with our product. The chisel cut design, allows for easy application at hair lines, part areas and temples. The natural bristle head is thick, and picks up adequate product for this designed purpose. Our brush is made in America, and is of high quality, meaning you will have a brush that will last you years and years of regular use. Contact Us Portland Local : (503) 601-0600 Toll Free : 888.222.9156 Grayce速 Mailing Address: 9978 SW Arctic Drive Beaverton, OR 97005

Coloring Grey Hair  
Coloring Grey Hair We understand that women care about their appearance, and believe that any beauty product should have real...