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Gray Tettleton

Design Portfolio: Three Years Deep

About I am an architecture student from Nashville, Tennessee. I have been attending the five year BARCH program at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville for almost three years. This experience has spanned six semesters of design studio, three semesters of architecture history, four semesters of analog and digital representation, and four semesters of technical, architectural education. Outside of the classroom I amassed two summers and one winter break of construction work and one summer working as an architectural intern at a small firm. These professional and educational experiences paired with a creative and artistic background have prepared me to pursue a competitive and immersive summer internship. My long term personal ambitions in architecture center around benevolent practice and mitigation of social inequity through mindful design and policy improvement. These goals go hand in hand with the environmental responsibilities of anyone practicing today and onward. My time in Nashville, a city with rapid growth and consequent social impacts, along with my time in Knoxville, a community with some missed opportunities for forward thinking design solutions has cemented my architectural ethos. In the short term, I want to experience and learn from established design practices.


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The first semester project was to create a small open structure to house a small group campfire. Depicted to the left are the final models and to the right is an assortment of process work ranging from physical models to hand drawings to digital models.



The second semester project was to design an architectural review space with pinup rooms, lecture halls and gallery space. This project furthered my ability with computer modeling and Photoshop rendering as well as spacial proximities in a larger scale design.

The five diagrams shown were done during my second semester and were of the Deleon and Primmer Yew Dell visitors’ ccenter.

These five diagrams analyze the Donald Judd sculture 15 Untitled Works in Concrete.



These drawings were completed during my second semester drawing class. The yellow painting explores the Geometry of the Roy Lichtenstein Painting to the left. The hand series was intended to analyze the stages of motion through the common act of grasping a stairwell railing.


Reading Room

Quarry Direction

Drawing Room

The Project to the Left was completed during my third semester studio. The purpose was to create a studio for an architect in a virtually random site assigned by my professor. This site happened to be placed on a hill overlooking a quarry. The project furthered my thinking about spacial hierarchy and flexed my abilities with graphic representation and rendering.




This was my final studio project for my third semester and was placed in an existing elevated train station and within the existing, adjacent office building in Chicago. The project was to maintain the train station, to build a carrier hotel server farm for the surrounding stock exchange offices, and to create a wild card space, which for me was a luxury bar.

This was the midterm project for my fourth semester design studio. The assignment was to make a small reading nook that could be inserted into any existing space. The idea for this was to construct the space out of vertical cardboard tubes and horizontal dimensional lumber with movable screens secured by a 3d printed modular hook system.


This was the final for my fourth semester. The project was to create a media center and archives for Sewanee University. This project was the largest I had completed up to this point and pushed my programmatic thinking and modeling skills.


The drawings shown were completed during my fifth semester programming design studio. For the project, I chose to design affordable family housing in Germantown, Nashville with a public first floor of resources such as DMV, bus transfer station, bike storage, and a satellite mayors office. This in addition to an affordable early childhood learning center and play area on the roof.



The project shown is part of a series of rapid fire projects for my current sixth semester design studio. The goal is to complete each project in a couple of weeks and then to revisit the work for the final at the end of the semester. This project is a meditation space on campus comprised of a series of excavated alleys that explores ritual entry and solitude as a means of inducing spirituality and meditation.

This is the second project in the quick series. Shown is my design for a student faculty pub on campus. The studio is themed on material processes and implementation guiding design, and this one focuses on brick. At the top are some of the process drawings that furthered the design to its current state.



Gray Tettleton Architectural Portfolio 2018  
Gray Tettleton Architectural Portfolio 2018