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GAA Operator Certification Program Highlights • •

There are currently 8 modules separated into 4 components. The 4 components cover: 1. Pressroom Safety 2. Non-Press Vendor Supplied Operational Components (Doctor Blades, Impression Rolls, Cylinders, Inks) 3. Fixed Press Component Operations 4. Advanced Color Theory, Troubleshooting, Press Characterization & Fingerprinting • • •

Each participant is supplied with on-line access to the study course material. Each participant is supplied with the GAA course study materials and GAA textbook. Participants are allowed access to the GAA Course Instructors for questions and answers.

GAA Operator Certification Training Options

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The Press Operator Certification Course is designed to be an online, self-paced study and testing program augmented with GAA technical support We realize that with expenditures of this nature and the high value of the return on investment, it is critical to set schedules and manage instruction rather than having a fractured, extended training period. The benefit of the training will start to reduce the costs almost immediately when each participant in the organization gets the same information at the same time and nothing is left to the students interpretation. A question asked by one student might provide insights to many during the sessions. The GAA can supply materials and work with your in-house training specialists. The GAA can supply on-site course instructors to conduct/assist in the training. The GAA can offer off-site resource centers to provide the training. The GAA can provide any combination of the above to enhance the training.

GAA Operator Certification Program Economics • • • •

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The total cost per trainee equates to saving only 3 to 5 hours of down press time over the remaining productive life of that employee. The actual cost of the program is already built in to your existing waste and scrap materials figures; that is, you’re going to spend the money one way or the other. If you spend it on this operations improvement, these figures will significantly reduce annually from their current levels. If you don’t incur the cost, there’s no reason to reasonably expect these waste expenditures will do anything except marginally improve from their current levels or reduce due to other initiatives. Reduced scrap and waste, and increased press productivities drive other internal cost savings and scheduling efficiencies that yield the potential for even greater future savings. Finally, you might qualify for training funds from existing state or federal programs that will reduce the expenditures or completely cover your costs. These programs and amounts will vary from state to state depending on local legislation.

GAA Operator Certification Program Highlights • • •

GAA Operator Certification – First and only nationally recognized program offering structured training and comprehensive instruction. GAA Operator Certification – Course designed and developed as a joint venture through the GAA and the Arizona State University Resource Center. GAA Operator Certification – Course structure flexibility built in as requested by member companies to offer many different options for training.

Who should participate

Lead-Pressmen, Assistant Press Operators, Press Supervisors, Quality Control Managers, Process Control Engineers. Vendor Technical Sales Representatives or any critical participant of your print-component supply partners. End User Gravure Print Specialists

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GAA Operator Certification Program • For additional information about the program and how best to service your companies particular needs, please contact: • Bill Martin, GAA President – • Bruce Beyer, GAA Technical Director – • Gary White, GAA Technical Advisor –

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