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Gravure Association of America

Application for Membership

APPLICATION FOR MEMBERSHIP Company Name: _______________________________________________________ Company Headquarters †

(or) Location †

Street Address: ________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ City: _____________________ State/Province:____________ Zip Code: __________ Country: _________________ Country Code: _______________________________ Phone: ___________________________ Fax: __________________________________ Web site: _____________________________________________________________

Who do you want to designate as your Corporate Representative (please see attached sheet with description of Corporate Representative responsibilities): First Name: __________________ Last Name: ______________________________ Title: _________________________________________________________________ Please fill out the following only if different from above Street Address: ________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ City: _____________________ State/Province:____________ Zip Code: _________ Country: _________________ Country Code: _______________________________ Phone: ___________________________ Fax: __________________________________ Cell phone: ___________________________________________________________ E-Mail Address: ________________________________________________________

Gravure Association of America

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BASIC MEMBERS (PRINTERS) Are your company headquarters located in North America (U.S., Canada, Mexico) Outside North America (International)

† †

Primary Business Type (check one) ‰ Packaging Printing ‰ Product Printing ‰ Publication Printing Secondary Business Type (check one or none) ‰ Packaging Printing ‰ Product Printing ‰ Publication Printing Printing Specialty (check all that apply) Packaging ‰ Film Substrates ‰ Paper Substrates ‰ Board Substrates ‰ Foil Substrates

Publication ‰ Magazine ‰ Catalog ‰ Inserts ‰ Sunday Supplement

Product ‰ Wall Covering ‰ Floor Covering ‰ Gift Wrap (gift wrap, bags, cards, etc) ‰ Security (stamps, lottery tickets, etc.) ‰ Decorative Laminates (wood grain, etc.) ‰ Transfer ‰ Vinyl ‰ Other Paper and Films Membership fees for Basic Membership (Printers) are based upon the revenue derived from the gravure process only:

Revenue from Gravure Less than $10 million $10 – 25 million $25 – 50 million $50 – 100 million $100 –300 million $300 –500 million Over $500 million International (regardless of revenue)

Gravure Association of America

$1,130 $2,550 $5,160 $7,450 $12,030 $17,200 $21,800 $2,860

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ASSOCIATE MEMBERS (SUPPLIER, VENDOR, BUYER OR USER, EDUCATOR) If you are A SUPPLIER OR VENDOR to the gravure industry, A BUYER OR USER of gravure, or an EDUCATOR, you are an Associate Member. Associate Members Primary Business Type (check one) ‰ Supplier ‰ User ‰ Consultant

Secondary Business Type (check one or none) □ Supplier □ User

Supplier Specialty (check all that apply) ‰ INKS ◊ Inks ◊ Coatings ◊ Pigments ‰ SUBSTRATES ◊ Paper ◊ Board ◊ Film ◊ Foil ‰ CAPITAL EQUIPMENT & SYSTEMS ‰ OTHER ◊ Material ◊ Equipment ◊ Service ‰ ENGRAVER ◊ Engraver ◊ Separator (Trade Shop) ‰ CONSULTANT

◊ Base Manufacturer

If you are an Associate Member — Supplier/Consultant, your fees are based upon the revenue derived from the gravure process only: Revenue from Gravure Less than $5 million $5 – 10 million $10 – 25 million $25 – 50 million Over $50 million User Specialty (check all that apply) ‰ Magazine Publisher ‰ Advertising Agency ‰ Buyer ◊ Packaging ‰ Designer ◊ Packaging ‰ Educator

$2,860 $4,020 $5,160 $6,310 $9,750

◊ Product ◊ Product

◊ Publication ◊ Publication

If you are an Associate Member — User, your fee to join GAA is as follows: Type Customer of Gravure Magazine Publisher Pharmaceutical Company Packaging Buyer Printed Electronics End User/Company Cataloger/Retailer Advertising Agency Designer Educator

Gravure Association of America

Corporate Fee $2,480 $2,480 $2,480 $2,480 $1,240 $1,240 $1,240 $550

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COMPANY PROFILE Your company profile will appear in the Gravure Buyers’ Guide December issue and in Buyer’s Guide on line, as listed below. On information for placing your logo and/or hyperlink on line visit us at ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________

CORPORATE REPRESENTATIVE: I certify that the information contained on this application is correct. I agree to be governed by the by-laws of the Association, which will be sent to me upon receipt of this application and payment of the membership fees. Signature:

Gravure Association of America

Date: ________________________

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METHOD OF PAYMENT We accept payments, in US funds only, in the form of a check, money order, Visa/Master Card/American Express. Electronic payment information is available upon request. ‰

CHECK ENCLOSED Make check payable to the Gravure Association of America, Inc.


CHARGE MY: ‰ VISA ‰ Master Card ‰ American Express Amount: (US funds only):________________________________________ Account Number: _____________________________________________ Print Name of Cardholder: _______________________________________ Signature: ___________________________________________________ Expiration Date: _______________________________________________


INTERNATIONAL WIRE TRANSFER: Please contact GAA for electronic payment information at 201.523.6042.

REMIT TO: Gravure Association of America 75 West Century Road Paramus, New Jersey 07652 Phone: 201.523-6042 Fax: 201.523-6048 Email:

Gravure Association of America

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HOW TO CHOOSE YOUR GAA CORPORATE REPRESENTATIVE Whoever you designate as the GAA Corporate Representative will be the main contact between your company and the Gravure Association of America. As a corporate member of GAA, your company may have as many employees on our mailing list as it sees fit, but official business should be conducted via the GAA Corporate Representative. The responsibilities of the GAA Corporate Representative are listed below.

1. VOTING RIGHTS The Corporate Representative is responsible for voting on any changes to the GAA bylaws or other major decisions as decided by the GAA Board of Directors. This function cannot be designated to anyone other than the official Corporate Representative.

2. PROVIDING COMPANY INFORMATION AND EMPLOYEE DATA TO GAA Although the Corporate Representative is responsible for the following, any of these duties may be relegated to another employee/department. GAA will be happy to contact these designees directly, once they are named by the Corporate Representative. About employees, the Corporate Representative: ‰ Decides which employees and company locations should be listed in GAA’s Annual Membership Directory ‰ Assigns a Location Representative for each location listed with GAA ‰ Determines which employees should be on the GAA mailing list, including additions and deletions due to personnel changes ‰ Advises GAA of changes to this list, such as address changes, phone, fax, and email changes ‰ Provides to GAA the names of employees who might be interested in serving on a GAA Committee or Council, or who may be interested in acting as a speaker or moderator at GAA events About providing company information: ‰ The Corporate Representative will, when possible, provide the names of the appropriate personnel for GAA to contact regarding public relations, marketing, human resources, trade shows, environmental issues, safety and health issues, and finances/purchasing. By providing these names, we can serve you better by focusing our mailings and assuring you get the most out of your membership with GAA. ‰ The Corporate Representative should let GAA know about acquisitions, new plants or plant expansions, and new products. In addition, the Corporate Representative should ensure that GAA receives important press releases and other company news that may be of interest to the gravure industry. ‰ The Corporate Representative is responsible for completing the forms for the Buyers’ Guide edition of GRAVURE, and will receive the application information for the annual Golden Cylinder Awards. 3.

BILLING INFORMATION The Corporate Representative will receive the bill for the annual dues, unless arrangements are made to have it sent to another department/employee.

Gravure Association of America

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GAA President & CEO

Bruce Beyer

Technical Director

Pamela Schenk

Director of Planning & Administration

Bernadette Carlson

Executive Director GEF

Emily Dominguez

Manager of Advertising & Promotions

Roger Ynostroza

Editor, GRAVURE Magazine

Michelle Jones-Aronowitz Event Coordinator & Administrator

Allen Krusenstjerna

IT Manager

Gravure Association of America

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