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foR pEoplE wHo HAVEn’T HEARD of ‘EpoclIVE’ BEfoRE, How woUlD YoU DEscRIBE YoUR soUnD? For the past few years we have been working on a ‘in your face’, jump up, live club sound. Our debut release, Ruffneck soul, is a snippet of what you would get on a fully live performance. It caters more towards the festival circuit, which we are currently aiming to lock down. Our club sets tend to be harder edged and we are looking to make some heavier records by the end of this year.

THE BAnD Is DEVElopInG A REpUTATIon foR ITs lIVE sHows. wHY Is IT so ImpoRTAnT foR YoU To plAY In fRonT of An AUDIEncE?


Your local music and lifestyle guide to South and East London. nExT IssUE7 oUT: mAY 2009 offIcE TElEpHonE: 07846 151062 Graphic Design by Front cover © Designed by Alex Thornton EDGE of THE UnIVERsE\\ Created by Invisibe Silence Design by ID&EGO - GRAVITY GUIDE\\ ADVERTIsInG\\ fIlm EDIToR\\ mUsIc ToURIsT BoARD\\ lIsTInGs\\ ARTwoRk\\ flYER DIsTRIBUTIon sERVIcE\\ RAR! pEoplE\\ DIsclAImER: The views and articles expressed within each issue of Gravity Guide are those of contributors and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the magazine publisher and its staff. Gravity Guide cannot be held responsible for any breach of copyright arising from any material supplied, in good faith. All RIGHTs REsERVED 2009 ©Gravity Guide ©Edge of the Universe Want to receive each issue of Gravity Guide by post, direct to your door? Then email us your contact details to: [UK Addresses Only]


We think it’s important that every act tailors its skills live. It’s the fundamentals of being in a band. A lot of bands start out being studio based these days, but it’s probably the reverse for us. We have a lot more skills to learn on production. The other side for us is that we are the only band that has managed to perform in places that normally cater just for djs. Due to our club set up we have been able to play twice as many gigs as any other underground band in our circuit.

wHAT Is YoUR VIEw of THE cURREnT DRUm AnD BAss scEnE AnD How IT’s DEVElopInG?

The scene is very healthy at the moment. There’s an influx of good production and artists, although many UK clubs and nights are now closing down. The music seems to be taking a different path and is blowing up more in Europe.


We wouldn’t have put all our time and energy into this for 4 years if we didn’t have big goals. Even though we are only a duo we feel we are already taking on the industry. It’s taken some time to build a reputation having seen others fly past us into major success. But we feel our career is like the ‘tortoise and the hare’, we are aiming for the top and will eventually get there. Words - Alex Rankin



As a new filmmaker, financing your first film project can be a huge mountain to climb, you have a script or even just the idea for one, you may have even made a few home made videos and now want to make a short film worthy of the film festivals and hopefully start making a name for yourself within the industry. You need funding to complete your project and find there isn’t much on offer to you. This can be a very daunting hurdle to overcome and is one of the key factors why much of the emerging filmmaking talent in this country does not make that creative leap to the next level.

How does this new talent find the support they need and a platform to showcase their work? Where can they get the professional help and advice needed to develop and complete their film? Well, there is help! Since 2004, ‘Film London’ has been working tirelessly to support the growth and development of all forms of film in the capital. In partnership with other organisations and councils ‘Film London’ has set up a number of funding schemes, workshops, and events which provide a vital avenue for filmmakers in the capital. They are a driving force in welcoming, nurturing and recognising new filmmakers and through this their aim of sustaining, promoting and developing London as a major international film-making and film cultural city. ‘Film London’ are making a huge impact on the British film industry. The local schemes and boroughs currently involved are:

Southern Exposure Film Fund

(Lambeth, Lewisham and Southwark),

New Pathways Tri Borough Film Fund (Tower Hamlets, Hackney)

Newham Eastern Edge Film Fund

(Barking & Dagenham, Redbridge and Havering). No matter what your background ‘Film London’ is giving the chance for everyone living in London to pursue his or her creative dream. The work they are doing is helping to inspire and breathe fresh life back into the film industry. To find out more about the work ‘Film London’ is doing and how you can get involved, or about production funds schemes, please visit:



In the red corner…

Now in its 5th year, the Vauxhall UK Beatbox Championships has been steadily growing as more and more people discover this remarkable artform. The first battles in 2005 culminated in a battle between Faith SFX and Beardyman, now both legendary beatboxers in the scene. Now, in 2009, with a third Corsa on the prize table, competitors will be going up in front of up to 2000 screaming mentalists at the O2 Shepherds Bush Empire. If this doesn’t get them practicing, nothing will! I caught up with current champion MC Zani ahead of this year’s London heat, being held on February 20th at the O2 Islington Academy bar at which he starts his title defence run….


So what did you do with the car?

I gave the car to my mum hehe!! My mum always knew I took beatboxing seriously but she had no idea cars were up for grabs lol! So when I came home with a car and I said it’s for her she was shocked and very happy. She was showing it off to her friends at work. My sis still complains saying ‘you should of given it to me. Mum doesnt need a sports car!” Words: Archangel - BEATBOX ENTHUSIASTS WANTED Gravity Guide is currently looking for beatboxers or enthusiasts to get involved with the section in the magazine. If you’d like more info, please contact us.

What have you been doing since becoming the Vauxhall UK Beatbox Champion?

Since winning I’ve been touring a lot up and down the country with Foreign Beggars and Jay Sean. Been to 13 countries in 2008 including Japan, China, UAE, India……Its been crazy. Hopefully this year it will be bigger and better.

Were you glad or sad that you didn’t have to face Beardyman again? I guess a bit of both. Would of loved to battle him again but also knowing that he has beaten me twice made it easier that he wasnt competing :)

Reeps One gave you a run for your money. Were you worried at any point that he’d take it?

Reeps one is f*****g sik!!! Great technical ability and crisp beats. He was by far the only other person that could of won. He definitely was, and still is a competitor for the title. Watch out for him!!



wHAT AnD wHERE Is THAT? It’s the South East London boroughs across the river Thames u-bend from Docklands. The capital’s most famous map location is also its most creative, events- drenched and resourceful community. Alternative, affordable, adventurous and increasingly gaining in recognition. There’s much positivity at what is, literally, the planet’s time zone. This is real London a short hop from the city centre. A melting pot of grit and charm, the locality boasts a wealth of leisure, unique retail and architectural, arts, ancient history, scenic views and the dining pleasures of a community originating from every nation on earth. The “Costa del Thames” is the perfect mix of completely different and authentically traditional. South East London is the home of Uniqulture (multi-culture without divisions) it is at the hub of the thriving, arts powered explosion in creativity. At its heart, Deptford High Street is a revelation and slap bang in the middle of this bizarre bazaar is a traditional East End boozer with a twist; The Deptford Arms. It’s as good a place as any to start. From authentic reggae and folk clubs to art exhibitions, dance clubs, theatre, comedy, open mics and pop mini-fests.

THE BIRDs nEsT - Internationally famed youth hostel

and bar with freshly prepared, locally sourced food and live performances in the evenings. “Disturbing Deptford since 1840”.

fox & fIRkIn - This venue is another of the national

favorite tour stops on the UK’s rising star circuit, home to a family tree of music, art and media it is also home of the hotter than heat Foxfest events, and a mini park of a beer garden.

AmERsHAm ARms - The coolest of DJs, Sunday roasts and cheap entry weekend clubs from the people who do the Lock Tavern in Camden.

If you are local, please recommend your own things about Lewisham, Southwark and Greenwich for the next issue of Gravity Guide. If you are not local then come and have a Costa del Thames break! mUsIc ToURIsT BoARD -

wElcomE To kIDs loVE Ink!

We are a family of tattooists and artists based in Deptford.We opened back in September 2006 and have gone from strength to strength; combining our many years experience with a fresh, genuine and excitable attitude toward the art. Looking forward, in addition to our continued effort to bring beautiful and stunning tattoo art to our customers, we hope to put on more events showcasing our artist’s talents and enthusiasm towards tattooing, music and the great area that we are based. Thanks to all the artists for their continued hard work and devotion to our little studio down in Deptford… we are Kids Love Ink. 5












Chris has worked his way up from the bottom within the film and television industry and is now making great short films that have gone on to win awards, he has great storytelling ability and an amazing knowledge of how the industry works.

Destiny is an inspirational young filmmaker based in South London, she’s has a smart, fresh and honest energy which is a joy to be around and is writing and making innovative films.

“I started as a runner and worked my way up to second assistant director and can advise other young filmmakers that the university of life is the best way in my opinion of getting the knowledge you need to build a successful film career, I was always meeting and learning from new people. While working my way up the ladder within the industry on films and television, and out of the frustration of not making my own things decided to make ‘The Beachcombers’, the idea was born when a friend and I were having a drink along the Embankment and saw people beachcombing the Thames. So, we applied to the ‘Southern Exposure Film Fund’. The experience was a completely new one, I’d grown up in production and had never been in the development world. It was a great experience as it was nice to suddenly be given the task of trying to sit in front of a group of people and just define why my film should be the one that gets made. This was new to me and exciting at the same time, fun is the best way of putting it, it was a really fun experience. ‘Film London’ played a major part in the success of ‘The Beachcombers’ and the support and exposure was amazing, the exposure we got from winning the ‘Best of Boroughs’ awards was phenomenal and it still amazes me to think how many people saw the film on ITV. It’s been crazy how much it took off and on the back of that we were able to secure funding for our next film. The fact that you can go from no-budget short film making to low-budget feature film making in just a few steps is brilliant. ‘Film London’ is really the only place I could get funded and is a really vital system for filmmakers in London.” 12

“I’ve always had a passion for film since I was a kid, it was a hobby of mine but I didn’t actually think I could make them, when I went to university I knew I wanted to do something in media, maybe PR or something along them lines. I took a film & broadcast communications degree at the London Metropolitan and even then I didn’t think it was possible for me to make a film, I thought it wasn’t realistically something I could pursue. After my degree, working as a runner for the BBC and getting some experience on film sets I got to work with a director as her PA which involved me travelling to different film festivals. It was at a film fest in New York I got a chance to network with all the filmmakers and what took me by surprise was that all the filmmakers were young people making films at this high level already, this is what really did it for me, this inspired me to say ok I’m going to try something and I dung out an old short film I had written when I was at university. Then one day I wrote ‘Tight Jeans’, originally it was made as a show-reel to secure finance for the first film but we did some research and found out about the ‘Southern Exposure Film Fund’. I sent off the script and received a letter back, saying they loved it and we should meet, from this point everything took off, they were amazing, they gave us the room and trust needed to let the project develop and take shape. The exposure and just the experience of how the film would be received at the BFI screening was invaluable, meeting the other filmmakers and networking is something I’m still learning. I found it exciting trying to talk with people about my film, not ambushing them, somehow having a conversation but still telling them what your doing, the most important thing is not to be phoney, you’ve got to be real.”

Addicted to live music?




Extract from…

‘Scroobius Pip’ says Excentral Tempest is “the best lyricist around”. ‘Balance’ Excentral Tempest’s long awaited debut, written and recorded with her band - Sound of Rum and available for download at: Check the myspace for upcoming gigs and to hear the music…  

“To something new.” Alone I will demand of me, Less pride, less spite, less barbary, Less laziness, less jealousy, less self deluded enmity, Less smugness, much more self control, And when these things my pale palms hold, I’ll send a silent thanks to you, For you the wind that blows me, Have shown me, in your absence why, alone, I feel so lonely. You teach me in your discipline that talents insignificant, What matters is an open heart that loves and wont be broke apart by lust or jealous insecure I will not be that girl no more, Because of all I learnt from you, I turn my will to something new.

7- 25 March

London’s only alternative literate-arts festival is back. Back comes the heady mix of live literary talent, high-profile comedians, musicians and performing artists; venturing further out into the unknown. New highlights include psycho-geographical perambulations, film premières, a mini-festival of internet nerd-absurdity and much more.



ALEX THORNTON Alex Thornton has unique taste in art. His work branches out from interior design to fashion. Gravity Guide caught up with him to discuss his love of tattoo, music and his future plans.

Your art- work has appeared in ‘Vouge’ and ‘Elle’ how did that feel? “It helped me take myself more seriously and built my confidence. It was like a breakthrough for me because I was like yeah I’m good enough to be a professional.”

You have a unique sense of style preferring to use biros felt-tips. Why do you want to make yourself different?

“My whole ambition is to have my own style and be original. I want my work to be recognisable even if doesn’t have my name on it.”

Any hopes for the future?

What interests you about art?

“I don’t really know I always liked music I would love to be a musician. Maybe in the future I would get an opportunity that I would definitely consider. Music does play a big part. If I get into one idea then I would do 20 or 25 drawings like a series. It’s all done by free hand and basically whatever comes into my head when I’m listening to music - I draw it. When I look back at them now, I remember exactly what I was listening to then. A lot of things inspire my work not just other art. Some of my work is like wallpaper designs. I also draw free- style that has a ‘tattoo’ subject matter, like fusing skulls and roses together- classic tattoo. I like to see style mixed.”


“In the future I hope to complete my degree and by the end of the year I want to be a lot more established as an artist or even a designer. This year I’m going to be exhibiting in Barcelona. I want to travel to places like Hong Kong, San Francisco and add to my art to exhibit around the world with a mixture of collective art. But also do other things such as music if I have the opportunity, but for now drawing is my life, it’s all I do.” Words: Yasmin Begum

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Your local music and lifestyle guide for South and East London

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