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Hotel, Restaurant & World Renowned Garden

The Hotel his 17 bedroom Relais & Chateaux Country House Hotel is set in 1000 acres of wooded parklands and gardens, famous for being created by William Robinson, arguably one of England’s greatest gardeners.

It is hard to believe that this secluded haven of peace is only 12 miles from Gatwick and 30 miles from Central London. Enjoy glorious vistas from this remarkable 16th Century Elizabethan Manor, relax in surroundings of timeless elegance and savour top hospitality, fine wines and exquisite food. Whether you just need a break or its time to celebrate, whether it’s a sumptuous dinner in our intimate restaurant or a light lunch in the flower garden, you can be sure of a warm welcome whatever the occasion.

William Robinson

The Father of the English Flower Garden

ravetye Manor can be considered one of the most historically influential gardens in the country, as it was once the home of writer and gardener, William Robinson. In his numerous books and publications he spelled out groundbreaking ideas, rejecting the rigidity and formality of Victorian gardening and pioneering the more sensitive and naturalistic style of wild gardening and exuberant mixed borders. In 1884 Robinson moved to Gravetye where he spent the next 50 years putting these ideas into practice, creating his masterpiece. The manor has been run as a hotel since the 60’s and the garden has always been an important part of its experience. In 2010 the estate came under the custody of Mr. and Mrs. Hosking, and with their foresight and backing a major renovation project was begun. This injection of investment and energy has secured this beautiful garden for future generations whilst retaining a unique, mature charm and romance.

The Gardens Flower Garden ~ Originally planted in 1884 with a concentration of roses, carnations and clematis, this garden evolved throughout Robinson’s life and can be credited as the birthplace of the modern mixed border. Today we manage it very intensively to create the longest season of colour and interest possible, with a heavy emphasis on annuals to allow constant control of the perennial weed problem which we have been working hard to eradicate. Spring Garden/Azalea Bank ~ This bank of stunning Azaleas is part of Robinson’s original wild garden, full of bulbs, self sowers and tough perennials which can out fight weeds and collide with one another to create a wild but beautiful picture throughout the year. Meadows ~ Wild flower meadows run throughout the garden, contrasting with the formality of the architecture. Robinson carried out extensive experiments in naturalizing bulbs in these meadows which he recorded in his book The Wild Garden, and his successes can still be admired nearly 130 years later. After the bulbs finish flowering the meadows become a carpet of wild flowers until August, when they are cut for hay. Kitchen Garden ~ Victorian walled kitchen gardens were once a common sight throughout the country but this is one of the only few that remain in production. Its unique circular sandstone wall encloses 1.5 acres of the most beautiful soil imaginable, where we grow fruit, vegetables and cut flowers for the hotel and restaurant. We grow a wide range of vegetables but tend to concentrate on produce that only tastes its best when harvested fresh from the garden. Tree Plantings ~ Gravetye is blessed with a remarkable collection of mature trees, planted over the past 150 years. Their wonderful silhouettes frame the landscape, giving us year round beauty, although autumn is a particularly special time to enjoy them. Glass Houses ~ We grow 90% of all the plants used in the garden in Robinsons seven original glass houses as well as protected crops for the kitchens, such as tomatoes and courgette flowers. This fascinating collection of rare historic buildings are currently being restored back to their former glory.

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30 miles from Central London 20 miles from Glyndebourne - 12 miles from Gatwick Airport Gravetye Manor, West Hoathly, Sussex RH19 4LJ Tel: 01342 810 567

Gravetye Manor Garden Map  

Gravetye Manor Garden Map