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Annual Gala Gratz College

T U E S D AY, M AY 1 6 , 2 0 1 7 J E F F R E Y B . P L E VA N E V E N T

Honoring Leon L. Levy Celebrating Dr. Saul Wachs Appreciating Joy Goldstein DIAMOND LEARN. TEACH. LEAD. 1

Gratz College provides a pluralistic education and engages students in active study for professional growth and personal enrichment. Gratz offers graduate and undergraduate degree and certificate programs, as well as learning opportunities for adults and teens. Through productive partnerships, the College also seeks to maintain and expand its institutional and academic relationships in Philadelphia, North America and worldwide. Many of Gratz’s programs reflect the College’s historic focus on Jewish studies and education. With a broad commitment to the intellectual and professional growth of diverse constituencies, the College creates access for students everywhere to become leaders in their professions and communities.

Jeffrey B. Plevan Annual Gala TONIGHT’S PROGRAM Welcome

David H. Weinstein Esq., Gala Co-Chair & Master of Ceremonies Greetings

Michelle Portnoff, Esq., Chair of the Board of Governors Tribute to Dr. Saul Wachs

by Dr. Zipora Schorr Appreciation of Joy Goldstein

by Rabbi Erin Hirsh, Interim President David Makovsky, Special Guest Speaker Director of the Project on the Middle East Peace Process at The Washington Institute Followed by brief questions and answers

Honoring Leon Levy

by David H. Weinstein, Esq. Dessert Reception

Letter from Rabbi Erin Hirsh I am so pleased to celebrate Gratz College’s legacy and future tonight. The past is rich with a bold vision, remarkable scholarship and generations of community & camaraderie. The future is filled with promise as our enrollment numbers rise, our program offerings increase, and our impact in the world expands. Gratz College is all about the people who believe in it and nurture it and sustain it. Tonight we proudly honor Leon Levy, a dedicated board member since 1997. Leon is a quintessential gentleman whose experience and generosity are palpable at each and every meeting. The College relies on the expertise and dedication of its volunteers, and Leon sets the bar remarkably high. We celebrate the extraordinary career of Dr. Saul Wachs, a scholar and a mensch, whose very name has been synonymous with Gratz College for over forty years. Saul is consistently as eager to learn from his students as to teach them; he is the embodiment of the best of what pluralism at Gratz can and does mean. It will be an honor to have him continue to represent the College as Professor Emeritus of Jewish Education. We proudly recognize Joy Goldstein for her tenure as president of Gratz College. Joy’s work ethic is unrivaled in an institution of hard-working students, staff and faculty. Every decision Joy makes is infused with her Jewish values. It is a privilege to publicly acknowledge the contributions she has made to the College over the last eight years. Jeffrey B. Plevan ’09 exemplified the dedication to service and love of Gratz that we wish of all our alumnae. Leon is a volunteer, Saul a faculty member, Joy a professional and Jeffrey an alum. Four individuals with distinct life journeys and Jewish identities who each became part of the Gratz Community in different ways, but all four ready to learn from one another and teach one another and lead Gratz College into the future. In celebrating them, we celebrate both Gratz’ legacy and the promise of all it can become. An Interim President is truly only as effective as the volunteers and professionals with whom she works. Michelle Portnoff, chair of the Board of Governors, and David Weinstein, Gala co-chair, and the other members of the Board are unwavering champions of Gratz College. This event has been made possible by the hard work of Lenard Zimmerman, Director of Development, Mindy Cohen, Event Coordinator, and the entire College staff. I am grateful to you all.

Rabbi Erin Hirsh, Interim President 4

Letter from the Board of Governors Dear Friends and Gratz College Supporters, As Chair of the Gratz College Board of Governors, it is my pleasure to welcome you to this evening’s Gala. Gratz College provides a pluralistic education and engages students in active study for professional growth and personal enrichment. Many of Gratz’s programs reflect the College’s historic focus on Jewish studies and education. Gratz offers graduate and undergraduate degree and certificate programs, as well as learning opportunities for adults and teens. We can provide this programming only with the help and financial support of our community and Gratz is grateful that you have chosen to provide that support by attending our Gala. On behalf of the Board of Governors, I thank you. I also want to extend special thanks as well to David Weinstein, Suzanne Polikoff, David Levy and Victor Levy, for co-chairing this year’s Gala, and to the Plevan family for underwriting a portion of the expenses of the Gala, and to congratulate our honorees, Leon Levy, Dr. Saul Wachs, and Joy Goldstein.

Sincerely, Michelle Portnoff


Letter from David Weinstein Dear Friends and Gratz College Supporters, This evening’s Jeffrey B. Plevan Annual Gala celebrates three outstanding individuals who have contributed — each in unique ways — to the luster of Gratz College’s shining star. Over decades (not just years), Leon Levy has, as a dedicated member of the Board of Governors and its Executive Committee, generously brought to Gratz his time, his resources, and most importantly his wisdom in governance of the College. Even more so, we are blessed with Leon’s continuing active participation in the guidance of the College!

ds andOverGratz College Supporters, an even longer time span, Professor Saul Wachs has epitomized the centrality of knowledge — and especially its

ege Board of Governors, it is my distinct honor and privilege to welcome

transmission through high quality, professional-level education — to the future of the Jewish community. Not only a thinker and an academic, Saul is a consummate teacher in the classroom and a role model for the innovation, open-mindedness, provided a and pluralistic education and engaged students in activecommitment study inclusiveness essential to its Gratz College’s to pluralistic Jewish scholarship.

d personal enrichment. Many of Gratz’s programs reflect our historic nd education—whether for individuals in their teens, those preparing for With a firmseeking and steady hand theWith rudder, Joy Goldstein, formerly President of Gratz College, skillfully and gracefully onal careers, or adults to enrich theiron lives. a broad constituencies, Gratz College helps studentsparticularly everywhere to become steered the College through challenging times. Through her efforts and dedication, Gratz is now well equipped s and communities.

to pursue a bright future!

als, however, only with the help and support of our community. This Gala of that support, and the College is truly grateful for it. But as diverse as our honorees’ contributions to Gratz

College have been, they each share inestimable qualities: personal warmth and humility; an unqualified devotion to furthering the educational goals of Gratz College as it seeks to prepare of Governors—and individually as this evening’s honoree—I extend to Jewish communal leadership for and the for future; and a commitment to humaneness and Jewish ethics as guiding principles to dah rabbah, thank you, for attending this evening generously vital star in the American Jewish communal constellation! achieving those goals. I am deeply honored to have chaired this magnificent celebration of the achievements of Leon, Saul, in addition,and to JoJoy! and Sandy White, and Beverly Rubman and Mark

r Gala this evening, and most of all, to my dearest Elli, who supported me e the responsibilities of Board Chair these pasttoyears. I extend my profound thanks the Plevan Family, the

members of the Tribute Committee, the Gratz College Executive and Administrative Staff, and each of you for your support of this Gala and of Gratz College. B’Shalom,

David H. Weinstein

David Weinstein 6

From our Co-chairs We are most honored to co-chair the Jeffrey B. Plevan Event - Gratz College’s Annual Gala honoring our father, Leon L. Levy, Dr. Saul Wachs, and Joy Goldstein. Working together on an event which recognizes our father’s many achievements and life of dedication to Jewish causes and organizations is a wonderful labor of love. He has always led by example and to honor him is to share in the love he has expressed to our Jewish community over his entire lifetime of philanthropy. To complete the honoring we would be remiss to not provide a “sub-honor” to his wife of 55 years, our mother, Fran Levy. Mom has been his partner in philanthropy throughout his many years of giving. Mom and Dad have shown us through example the importance of tzedakah and being part of our respective communities. It is our hope that we will continue to instill this value in our children and in future generations. Their wisdom and guidance are constant touchstones as is their willingness to work for the causes and institutions they believe in to “get things done.” Gratz College has been fortunate to enjoy this leadership and stewardship. Thank you to our fellow co-chair, David Weinstein, the distinguished Tribute Committee, the Gratz College executive and administrative staff and each of you for your participation and support of this celebration and Gratz College. Suzanne & Gary Polikoff Victor and Suzanne Levy David and Jaimi Levy


JEFFREY B. PLEVAN 1977-2013 Nothing came easily to Jeff. He was diagnosed with severe delayed speech at the age of 3, and attended special education schools until he was 16 years old. He graduated from the University of Arizona in December, 2000, and then, after working for several years at the American Jewish Historical Society in New York City, he spent 3½ years at Gratz College, earning two master’s degrees. Jeff’s second Gratz master’s degree was in Jewish Communal Service, and as part of that program he interned with the Gratz Development Office. That led to the fulfillment of Jeff’s dream – a job in the Jewish community, as the first Jewish development professional at Hunter College Hillel in New York City. Jeff was devoted to Judaism and Israel, and greatly appreciated the support and encouragement he received from Gratz and its faculty. If Jeff turned in an assignment that did not measure up, the professor would invariably hand it back to Jeff, tell him he could do better, and give him the opportunity to resubmit the assignment. Everyone who knew Jeff, personally and professionally, was taken in by his positive spirit, his good humor, and his evident desire and drive to overcome life’s


obstacles. Jeff represented the highest fulfillment of the challenge of Reb Zusya, who taught that God does not ask us why we were not like Moses, but rather whether each individual has lived up to his or her own potential. Each year Jeff came back to Gratz to attend its annual event, to meet old friends and show his support for the Gratz community. On April 30, 2013, at the age of 36, Jeff died in Philadelphia unexpectedly and suddenly of a heart attack, on his way to that year’s annual event. The Plevan family now supports this event in loving memory of Jeff who, but for his untimely death, would be here with us tonight.

Honoring Leon L. Levy Leon L. Levy is President and Founder of Leon L. Levy & Associates in Center City, Philadelphia, PA, a national firm specializing in sales and services of life insurance products, estate planning, benefits planning and servicing, as well as advising & management of wealth management services. He has been in practice since 1953 and is the recipient of numerous life insurance industry awards, including “Agent of the Decade” by a major life insurance carrier, with an unprecedented amount of life insurance sales of in excess of $1.5 Billion. Mr. Levy, an eminent philanthropist, has been a dedicated volunteer in the Jewish and secular community for many years. He has served on the boards of many charitable organizations, including the Gratz College Board of Governors since 1997. In 2011, Mr. Levy was honored by Congregation Mikveh Israel for serving as Parnas (Chairman) of the synagogue for more than 30 years. He is the longest serving president of the historic synagogue, which is known as the synagogue of the revolution. He is a founder and former board member of the National Museum of American Jewish History in Philadelphia, a past member of the board of the American Liberty Museum, a member of Yeshiva University’s board of overseers, and is a past vice-president of the American Sephardi Federation.

Mr. Levy has been active in the South Jersey Jewish community, having served as president of Jewish Senior Housing & Healthcare Service and the Jewish Community Foundation and on the Executive Committee of the Federation. He has been active with Politz Day School in Cherry Hill and the Foxman Yeshiva. Mr. Levy has been involved with Golden Slipper Club and Charities for many years, having served as president and board member, as well as serving as president and board member of the Golden Slipper Senior Center. Mr. Levy is also a founding member of the South Jersey chapter of the National Lupus Foundation and a past member of the board of the historic Christ Church in Philadelphia, the Historical Society of Pennsylvania and the Ronald McDonald House of Southern New Jersey. Currently, Mr. Levy is board member of the Susan B. Komen Foundation and the Academy of Vocal Arts. Mr. Levy is being honored for his distinguished leadership and tireless service to the Jewish community and Gratz College. LEARN. TEACH. LEAD. 9

Celebrating Dr. Saul Philip Wachs Dr. Saul Philip Wachs is the Rosaline B. Feinstein Professor of Education and Liturgy and Director of the Doctoral Program in Jewish education. A native of Philadelphia, he received his doctorate in education and Jewish history at the Ohio State University. Dr. Wachs holds a Hebrew Teacher’s diploma from Gratz College and undergraduate and graduate degrees in education, Jewish education and Jewish music from Temple University, The Jewish Theological Seminary, and the Ohio State University, respectively. In 1975, after 22 years as an education director, teacher and/or music director at various synagogues; two years as an adjunct professor at The Jewish Theological Seminary; and three years as an associate professor of Jewish education at Brandeis University, Dr. Wachs was appointed dean of Gratz College in 1975. He chaired Gratz’s Department of Jewish Education for 41 years and helped establish the College’s first doctoral program: the Doctorate in Jewish Education. Dr. Wachs is a recipient of the Keter Shem Tov award of The United Synagogue, the Jewish Educator’s Assembly - Behrman House Award for Lifetime Achievement and the distinguished Alumni Award of the Jewish Theological Seminary.


He is a past President of the Association of Institutions of Higher Learning for Jewish Education, and a member of The Association for Jewish Studies, The Association of Jewish Communal Professionals, The Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development, The Jewish Educators Assembly, The Jewish Educational Research Network, and Phi Delta Kappa. Dr. Wachs has served on the Editorial Board of the Journal of Jewish Education. The Board of Governors has granted Dr. Wachs the status of Professor Emeritus of Jewish Education. He will also be awarded an honorary doctorate at our Commencement Ceremony on May 21, 2017. Dr. Wachs was married for almost forty-one years to the late Dr. Barbara Eidelman Wachs, a prominent Jewish educator, and three of their four children survive. Since 2000, he has been married to Diane Ruth Cover, former District Director of Services for Older Persons, Center City Philadelphia of the Jewish Family and Children’s Service of Greater Philadelphia. They share sixteen American and Israeli grandchildren.

Expressing Appreciation to Joy W. Goldstein Joy W. Goldstein has dedicated her entire professional career to non-profits. She currently holds the position of associate vice president for planning and research at Jewish Federations of North America. She began her career at Gratz as a consultant in December 2008, and served as chief operating officer before being appointed as the institution’s first woman president in June 2011, a role she held until 2017. During Ms. Goldstein’s tenure as president of Gratz, the College significantly increased the number of its degree-granting programs and diversified its offerings to reach broader markets. The College’s permanently restricted endowment also increased by more than 50% since 2011. Prior to joining Gratz, Ms. Goldstein was the director of the Kohelet Foundation, which generates and supports Jewish communal responsibility for day schools. She also served as the chief planning and funding officer of the Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia, where she worked for 15 years in community planning and grant making. Ms. Goldstein began her career in the health care industry, working in administration, planning and program development for 13 years. In addition to her professional contributions in the Jewish community, Ms. Goldstein has been involved for many years on the volunteer level. She is currently on the board of KleinLife, a community resource in Northeast Philadelphia, and she previously served on the board of the Kohelet Foundation and the Board of Overseers of Temple University Hillel. Ms. Goldstein was a member of the executive committee and the board of Lower Merion Synagogue and also served as treasurer of the synagogue’s Sisterhood. With all of her professional and communal accomplishments, Ms. Goldstein’s greatest achievement is her family. Married for almost 35 years, she and Brian have raised three wonderful children: Deena, a licensed clinical social worker, is a therapist at a community mental health center and in private practice; Sara, currently pursuing a graduate degree in psychology, works at Barrack Hebrew Academy; and Jonathan has an internet business and is a sometime chazzan. They are thrilled that their children all live in Philadelphia.


Speaker David Makovsky David Makovsky is the Ziegler distinguished fellow at The Washington Institute and director of the Project on the Middle East Peace Process. He is also an adjunct professor in Middle East studies at Johns Hopkins University’s Paul H. Nitze School of Advanced International Studies. In 2013-2014, Mr. Makovsky worked in the Office of the U.S. Secretary of State, serving as a senior advisor to the Special Envoy for Israeli-Palestinian Negotiations. Mr. Makovsky is a lifetime member of the Council on Foreign Relations and the London-based International Institute for Strategic Studies. He is the author of numerous Washington Institute monographs and essays on issues related to the Middle East Peace Process and the Arab-Israeli conflict. He has testified before the full U.S. Senate Committee on Foreign Relations, the full U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Foreign Affairs, and on multiple occasions before the House of Representatives Committee on Foreign Affairs Middle East Subcommittee. His commentary on the peace process and the Arab-Israeli conflict has appeared in the New York Times, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, International Herald Tribune, Chicago Tribune, Foreign Affairs, Foreign Policy, and National Interest. He appears frequently in the media to comment on Arab-Israeli affairs, including PBS NewsHour. 12

Before joining The Washington Institute, Mr. Makovsky was an awardwinning journalist who covered the peace process from 1989 to 2000. He is the former executive editor of the Jerusalem Post, was diplomatic correspondent for Israel’s leading daily, Haaretz, and is a former contributing editor to U.S. News and World Report. Mr. Makovsky served for eleven years as that magazine’s special Jerusalem correspondent. He was awarded the National Press Club’s 1994 Edwin M. Hood Award for Diplomatic Correspondence for a cover story on PLO finances that he co-wrote for the magazine. A native of St. Louis, Missouri, Mr. Makovsky received a bachelor’s degree from Columbia University and a master’s degree in Middle East studies from Harvard University.

Thank You Gratz College Board of Governors *º Michelle Portnoff, Esq., Chairperson Paul Auerbach, Esq. David Brawer º Daniel C. Cohen, Esq. Lowell Dubrow, Esq. º Kathy Elias, MAJS, Chair, Governance Committee Judith E. Fellheimer, Esq. * Lawrence B. Fine, Esq. Rabbi Albert Gabbai Carl Goldstein David Gordon *º Rabbi Erin Hirsh, Interim President * Leon L. Levy, Chair, Endowments Committee º Sandra O. Lilienthal, Ed.D Morton S. Mandell, M.D. Larry Pitt, Esq. º Jack Porter, Ed.D. º Sharon J. Portnoff, Ph.D. Ben Stein, Chair, Financial Reporting Sub-Committee * Rabbi Lance Sussman, Ph.D., Chair, Academic Affairs Committee Saul P. Wachs, Ph.D. Faculty Representative Jonathan Wallace * David H. Weinstein, Esq., Treasurer * Member, Executive Committee º Alumnae LEARN. TEACH. LEAD. 13

Gala Organizers Gala Co-Chairs David H. Weinstein Suzanne Polikoff David Levy Victor Levy Committee Shelly & Jerry Abramson Talya Fishman & Max Apple Judith & Mark Aronchick Judy & Paul Auerbach Susan & Jacob Bagley Jane & Lee Bender Judge Harold Berger Jane Eisner & Mark Berger Irene Birenbaum Rickie & David Brawer Steven Brown Judith Beck & Richard Busis Sharona Wachs & Rabbi Donald Cashman Amy & Eric Clayman Sara Cohen Daniel Cohen Lori & Rabbi Neil Cooper Diane Cover Sara & Allan Crimm Fran & Neal Cupersmith Louise & Alan Dabrow Robin & Josh Davison Allan Domb Lynda Hendrickson & Alvin Dubin 14

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Degree and Certificate Programs Graduate Studies Ed.D in Education Leadership Ed.D in Jewish Education Ph.D in Holocaust and Genocide Studies Master of Arts in Education Master of Arts in Holocaust & Genocide Studies Master of Arts in Jewish Professional Studies Master of Arts in Jewish Studies Master of Arts in Jewish Education Master of Arts in Jewish Communal Service Master of Science in Non-Profit Management Undergraduate Studies Bachelor of Arts in Jewish Studies Bachelor of Arts in Jewish Professional Studies Undergraduate Certificate Jewish Education Graduate Certificates Holocaust & Genocide Studies Jewish-Christian Studies Jewish Communal Service Jewish Education Jewish Non-Profit Leadership Jewish Studies


Gratz Advance

• E arning COLLEGE CREDITS while in high school is a great advantage when applying to highly selective colleges and universities. • S tudents in JCHS and JOLT earn college credit for Jewish Studies and Hebrew classes. • Students  who spend a semester in Israel with the Reform or Conservative movements also earn Gratz College credits. • S tudents enrolled in synagogue high school programs in New Jersey and Michigan also earn Gratz College credits. GratzAcademy@gratz.edu


Gratz Advance

Over 100 teens • From 22 synagogues • From 28 middle schools and high schools • 30 students earning college credit • 21 Weekly Courses, including 5 levels of Hebrew • Commencement is June 4, 2017 JCHS@gratz.edu


Gratz Advance

• NEXT offers mentoring and professional development classes in Greater Philadelphia. • NEXT also offers online classes throughout North America in partnership with 12 other central agencies and federations. • NEXT participants have come from 29 states and 2 Canadian provinces so far. • More than 1,000 participants – in just three years! NEXT@gratz.edu


Gratz Advance

• Jewish Studies and Hebrew classes for 8th – 12th graders across North America. • Many students are able to fulfill high school foreign language requirements by taking our online Hebrew classes. • 11th and 12th graders both Hebrew and Jewish Studies classes for college credit JOLT@gratz.edu


Gratz Advance Jewish Creative Art & Performance Program A new program for creative Jewish teens who are passionate about artistic expression through music, drama and fine arts... while making connections to Jewish culture and identity.

THE JEWISH CREATIVE ART & PERFORMANCE PROGRAM (JCAP) students apprentice and learn from professional Jewish artists. Quarterly exhibition & performance Weekly Thursday evening sessions Launching Fall 2017 JCHS@gratz.edu


Gratz Advance Jewish Startup Workshop A new program for Jewish teens cultivating creativity, innovation, entrepreneurship and STEM skills for the 21st century... all through a Jewish lens!

THE JEWISH STARTUP WORKSHOP (JSW) is an early stage start-up community that coaches and mentors teens in the design of innovative solutions to real-world problems. Weekly Thursday evening sessions Launching Fall 2017 JCHS@gratz.edu


Continuing Adult Education Gratz Scholars Program: For adults who enjoy learning in an intellectual atmosphere with highly regarded faculty, Gratz Scholars offers a broad range of topics that include Bible, Jewish history, literature, ethics, Israel and the Middle East, music, Torah and Talmud study and more.

Hebrew Ulpan and Yiddish Languages: For adult learners who want to learn modern conversational Hebrew, various levels of Hebrew language courses are offered in Melrose Park, on the Main Line and in Center City Philadelphia. Yiddish language and culture classes are offered at two levels of instruction on our Mandell campus. Community Lectures and Programs: Gratz College offers distinguished scholar lectures, programs, movies and events. Our monthly lunch and learn sessions have become a popular destination for our growing adult community. Continuing Legal Education: Gratz College CLE courses span all areas of practice, and many seminars include ethics credit. Eminent attorneys are invited to speak on topics of current interest along with Gratz professors in a heimishe (friendly) yet academic and dynamic environment. Most CLE programs take place in the Tuttleman Library at Gratz College on the Mandell Campus in Melrose Park. Here, the breakfast and free parking are just an added bonus.


Thank you for helping us celebrate our honorees! With your help, Gratz continues to perpetuate its core values: • Perpetuating and developing educational and other professional resources for the Jewish community • Promoting life-long learning and love for knowledge • Inspiring study and academic excellence • Nurturing critical thinking • Upholding integrity and ethics as a foundation for the conduct of the institution, its personnel, and the educational process • Advancing professional development and scholarship • Fostering diversity and respect for the individual • Building communities of learners through collaboration • Contributing a Jewish perspective to the marketplace of ideas.


Congratulations to tonight’s honorees: Leon L. Levy Dr. Saul P. Wachs Joy W. Goldstein Betsy and Ken Plevan


Just once in a lifetime A man knows a moment One wonderful moment When fate takes his hand And this is my moment My once in a lifetime When I can explore a new and exciting land For once in my lifetime I feel like a giant I soar like an eagle As though I had wings For this is my moment My destiny calls me And though it may be just once in my lifetime I’m gonna do great things Leon, this is your “once in a Lifetime”….So proud, so happy All my love, Fran


Thank you to the Gala Co-chairs, David Weinstein, Suzanne Polikoff, David Levy and Victor Levy, the Gala Committee, the Gratz College Board of Governors, the Gratz College staff, my office colleagues, all my family and friends and of course, my wife Fran for making this such a memorable event. YOU ALL MEAN THE WORLD TO ME.

Leon L. Levy



Leon, Saul, and Joy, We salute each of you for your unique, invaluable contributions to Gratz College and its educational mission. Your friendships enrich us.

Todah rabbah Elli and David Weinstein


Saul P. Wachs, Aba and Saba,

Your love of teaching shines from your eyes. Your devotion to sharing tefilah, Jewish tradition and Jewish education with your students is exemplary. Your commitment to Gratz College has been a clear presence within our family and home. Lots of love and nahat. . From strength to strength. Rabbi Don Cashman & Sharona Wachs, Amanda Behen & Avraham, Eliana & Ayelet Wachs Cashman Becky Shliselberg & Hillel, Nadav, Yoav & Shakayd Wachs Yossi, Devora, Neta, Yaniv, Bar and Aviv Rosner-Wachs Daniel Booth and Sasha Bottita Dr. Arthur and Arleen Eidelman


GOL D 30

We are very proud to be associated with this wonderful, vital organization and its excellent leadership. Judy and Paul Auerbach


Dr. Leon L. Levy, Ph.D. Office hours 24-7, never a fee for an opinion.

We are so proud of you and all you do...Mazel Tov! Love, Suzanne, Gary, Jared, Jason, and Adam Victor, Suzanne, Benjamin, Jonathan, and Lewis David, Jaimi, Sam and Jack

GOL D 32

Mary Miller Lansbury Fund


Our very best wishes to the most deserving honorees

Leonappreciation L. Levy and Dr. Saul P. Wachs In of Lowell Dubrow Your love for Gratz College, expressed in so many tangible and intangible ways, is an inspiration!

Our community is indebted to you for your boundless support, your abundant graciousness, your overflowing generosity and the wisdom you share warmly and willingly. You are role models for us all! We are thrilled to share this evening with you. Joy and Brian Goldstein


Mazel Tov and best wishes to Leon L. Levy Dr. Saul Wachs and Joy Goldstein We salute you for your commitment to Jewish Education and for your outstanding contributions to Gratz College and our community.

In appreciation of Lowell Dubrow

May you go from strength to strength. Vicki and Gary Erlbaum


Our congratulations and best wishes and thanks

In appreciation of for all of your dedicated service Lowell Dubrow

to all of tonight’s well-deserved honorees to Gratz College and the greater community. Susan and Ben Stein


Our warmest best wishes and mazal tov

to our friend Saul Wachs, of In appreciation exemplar of the best traditions Lowell of Gratz College and Dubrow the Jewish community, on the occasion of his retirement. May you have many years of happiness and enjoyment. Susan and Ben Stein



Mazel Tov to Dr. Saul Wachs for your outstanding achievements in Jewish Education and much appreciation to Joy Goldstein

In appreciation of Lowell Dubrow All best wishes, Suzanna Lachs Adler and Dean Adler & Family


Rose … Feldman Endowment Fund


In appreciation of In appreciation of Lowell Dubrow Lowell Dubrow


Congratulations Leon!!! In appreciation of We love you.

Lowell Dubrow Gerry and John Tedeschi and John Bantivoglio



In appreciation of You make us so proud to celebrate the Gratz community tonight! Lowell Dubrow

Leon, Saul, Joy and the Plevan family,

May you all go from strength to strength! Rabbi Erin Hirsh & Ezra Sherman


To Saul & Joy, In appreciation of With love and respect, Lowell Dubrow Lois and Marty Bachman




Congratulations & Best Wishes to

Leon L. Levy for his leadership and commitment to the Jewish Community. Ellen and Harris Fishman




Mazel tov to our very dear friend

Leon L. Levy

In appreciation of Lowell Dubrow Dr. Saul Philip Wachs May hashem bless you and keep you special. Special thanks to

and Joy Goldstein We wish you continued success in the work you are doing.

Sam and Betty Girlya


“A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops.” — Henry Brooks Adams

In appreciation of To Saul Wachs A dedicated teacher. Lowell Dubrow A beacon in Jewish education. A champion of Gratz. Yasher ko’ach on all your accomplishments! Best wishes in your retirement. Ann Krupnick & Joseph Loewenberg


Mazal Tov to our dear friend Leon Levy.

In appreciation of Lowell Dubrow

May you go from strength to strength.

Judy & Donald Love


Kol Ha-Kavod Joy Goldstein

In appreciation of Leon L. Levy for this well deserved honor Lowell Dubrow A special Yasher Koah to Saul Wachs My friend and colleague for over sixty years Sora E. Landes And Family


In appreciation of Joy Goldstein On a well deserved honor Lowell Dubrow In celebration of our friend

because you always think of the community Talia And David


In appreciation of Lowell Dubrow



CONGREGATION MIKVEH ISRAEL Founded in 1740 wishes a Mazal Tob to our dear and devoted LEON L. LEVY, Parnas Emeritius upon being honored at the GRATZ COLLEGE ANNUAL GALA for the outstanding dedication and devotion extended to the Jewish community for many years. We are proud of his leadership, integrity, honesty, generosity and commitment.

In appreciation of Lowell Dubrow

To Leon and Fran, we wish you good health for many years as you both continue your work and contributions in helping those in need. We warmly congratulate Dr. Saul Philip Wachs and Mrs. Joy Goldstein for their lifetime achievements. LeDor VaDor Rabbi Albert E. Gabbai, Eli Gabay, Esq., Parnas, Officers, Board of Adjuntos and Staff


In honor of

Leon L. Levy of In appreciation Dr. Saul Dubrow P. Wachs Lowell Joy Goldstein Lorna Blum & Paul Newman


In Recognition and Appreciation of the Gratz Family for their commitment to excellence in Jewish Education

In appreciation of Lowell Dubrow Bryna and Alan Paston


In honor of Dr. Saul Wachs

In appreciation of Mazal Tov on the well deserved honors Lowell Dubrow Mentor, Teacher, Friend and Colleague

Dr. Howard Rosenblatt and Judy Horowitz


Congratulations to

In Saul appreciation of Wachs & Leon Levy Lowell Dubrow Marcia & Ron Rubin


In honor of

Leon L. Levy Dr. Saul Wachs Joy Goldstein

In appreciation of Lowell Dubrow In Memory of

Jeffrey Plevan “One who has knowledge has everything.” TALMUD NEDARIM 41A

Ruth Sandberg and Jack Ringlestein


“Some people dream of worthy accomplishments, while others stay awake and do them.”

In appreciation of Lowell Dubrow MAZEL TOV

GRATZ COLLEGE Honoring Leon L. Levy & Celebrating Dr. Saul Wachs & Joy Goldstein Jerry & Shelly Abramson



Mazel Tov to our friend,

Joy Goldstein. In appreciation of Lowell Dubrow We continue to be inspired by your leadership and commitment to the Jewish Community.

Rachel and Ian Scheinmann


Congratulations and our very best wishes

In appreciation of to this year’s honorees. Lowell Dubrow The Shusterman Family


In honor of Joy Goldstein

In appreciation of Your mission in life is not yet done! Lowell Dubrow From a fellow alum PS. See, I told you so!


Thank you Leon for your contributions to Gratz College James Meyer Chief Investment Officer Tower Bridge Advisors Investment management services for individuals, families and select institutions. 101 West Elm Street, Conshohocken, PA 19428 Contact Nick Filippo 610-260-2222 nfilippo@towerbridgeadvisors.com


In honor of In appreciation of Dr. SaulDubrow Wachs Lowell Peggy and Ellis Wachs


In honor of the Holocaust Oral History Archive and its Director,

In appreciation of Lowell Dubrow Josey Fisher And all the extraordinary people who have volunteered for over 38 years. Violet & Richard Zeitlin


Mazel Tov to Leon L. Levy, In appreciation of Dr. Saul P. Wachs Lowelland Dubrow Joy W. Goldstein Marjorie G. Stein and Lawrence B. Fine


Congratulations Leon

In onappreciation receiving this honor and of warm thanks for all that you do in our community Lowell Dubrow and mostly, for your friendship. Â

David Gordon


In appreciation of Lowell Dubrow


Diane and I are profoundly grateful for the honor paid to me,

In appreciation of in the company of Lowell Joy GoldsteinDubrow and Leon Levy. Gratz is a great institution, and being part of its story has been one of the great gifts of my life. Dr. Saul Wachs and Diane Cover


In appreciation of Lowell Dubrow

Congrats Leon Levy for this well-deserved honor from your friends at Fentell

Saul Wachs A Scholar and Role Model Mazel Tov

Susan and Lewis Gantman

James S. Feigenbaum, Esq. 2301 Evesham Road, Suite 702 Voorhees, NJ 06043 856-772-1212 JamesFeigenbaum@fentell.com



Gratz College’s 2017 Honoree

Drs. Leonard and Tricia Gomella and the Thomas Jefferson University Department of Urology


In appreciation of Lowell Dubrow

In appreciation of Lowell Dubrow

Congratulations Leon Levy

In honor of

Joy Goldstein

Sally and Len Grossman


In appreciation of Lowell Dubrow

In honor of our very dear friend

Leon Levy Mazel Tov!

Sally and Len Grossman



In appreciation of Lowell Dubrow

Best wishes for

Saul Wachs

May you go from strength to strength! Rabbi Alan Iser and Sharon Liebhaber



In appreciation of Lowell Dubrow

Select a master-teacher for yourself; Acquire a colleague for study; When you assess people, tip the balance in their favor. Mazel Tov Saul

On your marvelous teaching career!

Luci and Richard Markowitz



In appreciation of Lowell Dubrow

Thank you Leon for your contributions to Gratz College

In tribute to the Gratz College Annual Gala Honorees

“A community is too heavy for anyone to carry it alone” — MIDRASH

Jim and Susan Meyer


Dr. Jack Porter


AVOT 3:10

In Honor of Dr. Saul Wachs A scholar and a gentleman, whose compassion and knowledge have informed and transformed generations of students


In appreciation of Lowell Dubrow

In appreciation of Lowell Dubrow

He whose deeds are even greater than his wisdom, his wisdom will endure

Mazel Tov to Saul Wachs

Our Dear Friend and Teacher

With great respect, Zipora Schorr, Director of Education Beth Tfiloh Dahan Community School

Dan and Sheila Segal



May you go from strength to strength!

We wish you happiness in the years ahead.

Scott Seligsohn & Family

Talia, Avi, and Gila Stein



In appreciation of Lowell Dubrow

We are happy to join in the celebration of our admired friend, Dr. Saul Wachs, on his retirement from Gratz College.

In appreciation of Lowell Dubrow

Mazal Tov to Leon L. Levy Dr. Saul Wachs and Joy Goldstein


To Saul: The niggunim you lovingly taught me as a Camp Ramah camper have stayed with me for a lifetime, and as a Baal Tefilah I chant your Yamim Nora’im nusach every year.  Your heartfelt melodies have enabled so many of us to experience ever higher levels of Jewish spirituality.

Dr. Saul P. Wachs Kol Hakavod to our dear friend We celebrate you and your new title and status as Professor Emeritus of Jewish Education at Gratz

To Leon: Your unprecedented and selfless support of Jewish schools in our community knows no bounds. These institutions would not be what they are today if not for your tireless efforts on their behalf.

Leon L. Levy Yasher Koach on your many accomplishments at Gratz and in the Jewish Community

In appreciation of Lowell Dubrow

To Joy: As I look back on our friendship of many years, I am in awe of your ability to transform the organizations like Gratz into stronger and more sustainable institutions. JFNA is fortunate to be the current beneficiary of your professional talents and leadership. Jerry (& Marilyn) Stern


In appreciation of Lowell Dubrow

Saul Wachs & Leon Levy

Mazal Tov to each of the 2017 Honorees

Mazal tov to

Joy Goldstein Todah raba for your service as a consultant, COO and President at Gratz College Sima and Steve z”l Sussman


Mazal Tov!

Thank you Joy Goldstein for your leadership at Gratz College From your friend, Rabbi Lance J. Sussman


In appreciation of Lowell Dubrow

In appreciation of Lowell Dubrow

Leon Levy & Dr. Saul Wachs

To Saul Wachs

Teacher, Mentor & Friend with great respect and deep admiration Rabbi Neil and Lori Cooper and Temple Beth Hillel-Beth El Wynnewood, PA


May you go from strength to strength! B’Simcha

Juliet I. Spitzer, Philip Wachs and Family


Congratulations and Mazel Tov to

In appreciation of Lowell Dubrow

In appreciation of Lowell Dubrow

With love and warmth to an incredible educator, teacher, Chazzan, and so much more.

Dr. Saul Wachs for his pioneering work in Jewish education

Sharon and Aaron Eidelman & family


In appreciation of Lowell Dubrow

Congratulations, Leon You do so much for the Jewish community in so many ways Mazel Tov


Joy Goldstein on your wonderful achievements while serving as President of Gratz College. We wish you much success in all of your future endeavors. KleinLife Board of Directors

Fran and Neal Cupersmith

Cupersmith, Wilensky, Steiger, Stempler and Company, LLP CERTIFIED PUBLIC ACCOUNTANTS


10100 Jamison Avenue Philadelphia, PA 19116 215-698-7300 • kleinlife.org COPPER LEARN. TEACH. LEAD. 85

Leon L. Levy Dr. Saul Wachs Joy Goldstein and salutes

Gratz College

This is not an offering, which can be made only by prospectus. Read the prospectus carefully before investing to fully evaluate the risks associated with investing in Israel Bonds. Member FINRA

Development Corporation for Israel Harold F. Marcus, Executive Director

In appreciation of Lowell Dubrow

In appreciation of Lowell Dubrow

Israel Bonds congratulates

Congrats to Leon Levy for a lifetime of dedication to Gratz Claire Reichlin and D. Walter Cohen

1500 Walnut Street, Suite 1302, Philadelphia, PA 19102 215-545-8380 800-752-5671 Philadelphia@israelbonds.com



Mazel Tov on this worthwhile honor.

May Hashem give you the strength ’till 120 to continue in all your endeavors.


Iris and Allan Pinsky


In appreciation of Lowell Dubrow

Mazel Tov Joy!

In appreciation of Lowell Dubrow

Congratulations Leon.


Tzvi & Sally


To Saul,

In appreciation of Lowell Dubrow

May you go from strength to strength until 120 years in good health and with your beloved Diane. Sara and Dr. Irving H. Cohen z�l



In honor of

Leon L. Levy Dr. Saul Wachs Joy Goldstein for all you do for the Jewish community and our beloved institution. May you go from strength to strength.

The students, faculty and administration of Gratz College


Thank you David Weinstein, Suzanne Polikoff, David Levy and Victor Levy for ensuring a successful event for Gratz. Kol Hakavod!




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