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Business Telegrams - All About Business Users

Business Users Gratia Telegram services are the perfect way to get a message across to your customers. Prospecting: Got your eye on Business across the globe but can’t get to your Customers? Imagine your prospective customers receiving a Telegram through the post? You know how hard it is to get your message across so why not beat the plethora of junk mail that customers receive.

A Gratia Telegram is printed on the Envelope with the words Gratia Telegram and our Logo. It will have a real impact and will get noticed. Gaining you that all important first contact. Order Thank you: Why not send an Exclusive Gratia Telegram as a "Thank You" to your customer for their contract or order? A gratia Telegram can be printed with your logo and even the contract number and will last a lifetime. There could be no better way to cement your relationship with a new or existing customer than thanking them for the business and ensuring them of your commitment. Event Invitations: Cutting through the maze of Invitations to Seminars, meetings and Trade Shows that customers get isn't easy, but by sending an Invitation via a Gratia Telegram you are sure to get noticed. We can design the Telegram so that it becomes the Invitation to the event so saving you on duplication of your printing efforts. A telegram Invitation just makes sense.

These are just some of the ways that a Gratia Telegram can help your business there are many more applications such as Christmas Greetings, Important Company announcements, Employee recognition and so the list goes on.

Why not take a look at the Telegrams themselves in our online shop and to discuss your needs get in touch with us. Remember that the Telegrams are completely customizable right down to the fact that they can be embossed and laid with Gold or Silver and you Logo depending on the application for the Telegram. For more information and an informal chat drop us a line at or Visit:

Business Telegrams - All About Business Users