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The New York office – Before, During, & After Opening April 11.

BEFORE ‌. Our new New York office back in January Do you see the potential?

Well, Barry, Jackie and Laurence do So for 3 months, we planned and prepared ‌.

The day Jackie and Laurence arrived to save Barry

Our work in progress‌

Now… the “Grand” Tour: The building… we are all the way at the top

Right here

1412 Broadway – 25 floor Welcome to Grass Roots Events Office

The main room

The main room

The kitchen

Barry’s office

The conference room

The reception area

Barry’s team which has not seen yet the office will put together the Grass Roots sign on the white wall on their first day

View of the office from the terrace

Hope you can visit our new office soon!

14-12 Broadway - Grass Roots  
14-12 Broadway - Grass Roots  

New office of Grass Roots in New York City