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The MD’s Letter Hello and welcome to August’s magazine. It’s been another busy month with us working hard to make you guys money both directly through the changing rooms posters and our new club advertising sales template presentation. The idea behind the presentation, guide and covering letter is to make it easier for you guys to sell sponsorship and advertising opportunities around your clubs to firms local to you. It’s something I’ve wanted to do for a while but was difficult to execute in our previous office. And that leads me on to… We’ve moved! Last month saw Grassroot Media move in to its very own offices for the first time. Our new postal address is: Grassroot Media Ltd, Hertford Town FC, Hertingfordbury Park West Street, Hertford Hertfordshire SG13 8EZ I’m really pleased with the way things have gone and it’s already producing more effective work with the new set up.

The network continues to grow and we’re now through the 200 barrier when it comes to the number of clubs we have on board. But there’s more to come. If you know any clubs that might benefit from hearing about us please pass on the website or ask them to drop me an email. The more clubs we have on board the easier it is to sell meaning more money for you guys. We’re also moving in to rugby as well to give our advertisers more options so again if you know any rugby clubs that might be interested please point them in my direction. Lastly please remember to send in your fixture numbers if you haven’t done so, and also add my email address to your trusted senders (if you trust me that is) to stop my emails from going in your junk folders.


Mat Court - MD

Flexible payment plans, spread the cost across the season or use your end of season Grassroot Media payments to pay for your kit - email or call Mat Court for details Quotes from our product testers:

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Match Football • 1.5mm FIFA approved PU material • 4-ply strong linings to maintain shape and bounce • Long lasting air retention bladder • Official size 69-70cm & weight 430-445g • Available in sizes 4 & 5 • £15+VAT each, £130+VAT for 10, £600+VAT for 50 Football Trainer/Multipurpose • 2.5-3mm strong outer film, PU-coated glossy PVC • Strong 2 polyester and 2 cotton linings • Long lasting air retention bladder • Official size & weight • Available in sizes 3, 4 & 5 • £7+VAT each, £60+VAT for 10, £250+VAT for 50 Indoor 5-a-side • Made with hard-wearing felt • Super stretched • Hand stitched • Super Airtech bladder • Available in sizes 4 & 5 • £8+VAT each, £70+VAT for 10, £300+VAT for 50

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Night Training • Extra glossy PVC • 3-ply ball - machine lamination • 4 layers of cotton • Lamination with ‘K’ grade latex • 9-ply stitched threads • SUPER BRIGHT orange colour • £8+VAT each, £70+VAT for 10, £300+VAT for 50 Junior • 3-ply lamination • Polyester cotton • Glossy PVC • Available in sizes 1 & 2 • £5+VAT each, £40+VAT for 10, £150+VAT for 50 Tel: 01372 722999 Email:

TEAMWEAR OFFERS At Ram we can solve your club team wear needs with our own brand shirts and shorts. We also make matching goalkeeper’s kit. Guide prices: Shirt: £27+VAT Keeper’s shirt: £33+VAT Shorts: £13+VAT We can make up any design you can think of and prices include all printed logos & numbers. Our ultralightweight shirts and shorts made of 100% polyester high-tech material also incorporate moisture management for player comfort

Sports psychology Awareness and it’s links to Belief This month’s article continues to build on the previous months. I am a BASES Accredited Sport Scientist in sport psychology and I am based in Sheffield, South Yorkshire and my company is Pinnacle Performance ( and I work on awareness and this links to self-belief a lot with my athletes. For me awareness is one of the essential ingredients of developing belief. Awareness has been highlighted by many as a key indicator of success in a range of performance environments. It is arguably the most important ingredient for belief as every other skill, quality and task you have and undertake can be traced back to awareness. Being aware will give you an insight into your beliefs and whether they are positive or holding you back.

If you are aware then this will give you knowledge and if you have knowledge then you know what you need to do to and the direction you need to go to make changes to improve and be successful. It will make you seek out more information on the beliefs that are holding you back and how to change them. It will give you the information for next action thinking whereby you are aware of the VERY next thing you need to do to move forward. For example if you are aware that you struggle to get up early to go to the gym then this may point to having an inhibiting belief (there are lots of possibilities and this is just one example) that you think you may not be good enough to compete at the level you are playing at and so are shying away from going to the gym which will reinforce this belief. If you are aware then this can then be switched and used as a


positive. As you are aware of this belief you could ask a team mate to partner up with you as a gym buddy because the team mate will push you to do the work and give you feedback and encouragement to start to give reference points (See previous articles I have written in the June and July issues). Awareness allows you to become proactive rather than reactive but you need to be specific, very specific to really break down and peel away the layers to get the beliefs that are influencing the behaviours you are showing. This is hard work and you need to assign time to constantly look at what you do and break this down, but improved awareness have a dramatic and positive effect. Awareness is a really important part of planning and developing training programmes. Elements of Awareness There are just 3 elements you need to be aware of and understand and everything (I mean everything !) can be linked back to these 3 elements. If you are aware of just these 3 elements you will gain massive amount information that you can then use to improve by using next action thinking but you need to be specific and work to


peel away the layers to really get to the belief. This concept of awareness has been around for 1000's of years and used and applied by hundreds of people in a range of performance environments. This idea was initially written about by Sun Tzi in the Art of War (around 500BC) and is still used extensively in business, sport and the military today. These 3 elements are: 1. You. You need to be aware of you, your strengths and weaknesses, your personality, your motivation. Awareness develops knowledge of you; what your strengths and weaknesses are as a player, coach, as a person and what motivates and drives you. It will allow you to focus on your strengths and develop strategies to improve your weaknesses. 2. The Environment. Examples of things within the environment are team mates, coaches, the level you’re competing at and the actual sport. There will slight differences you need to be aware in different leagues, sports that will give you the knowledge to be successful. So ask yourself what are the important things to focus on? Are there any relationships that need to

be developed? Removed? How do you fit into the 'bigger picture?' Are there any unique factors that knowing of will give you the best chance of success. 3. The Enemy. Not literally but you need to know the strengths and weaknesses of other players in your position, other teams in your league and your main competitors. How does your team compare to other teams? What makes you and your team unique that allows it to achieve and be successful?

Football managers like Jose Mourinho produce extensive dossiers on everything opponent so that they are aware on everything about their opponents so they can plan effectively. They are aware! This awareness and knowledge will drive your planning and return maximise productivity (by employing next action thinking).

It’s very easy to improve and can be started immediately. Open up your senses and become a sponge, soaking up all the information you can. Become a student of the game! Speak to and more importantly listen to your team mates, coaches to get an understanding of who they are and what make them tick. A great little task to complete is to produce a brainstorm and highlight everything you need to be aware of. Once you have done this look at it again and start to break what you have written down. Be more specific; training, for example, could be further broken down and probably could be further broken down until you have a full picture of things to be aware of. You can then give them an importance value and use next action thinking to implement strategies to improve these in order their importance. Please contact me through my website ( if you have any comments or sport psychology questions. Next month we will continue to build our understanding of self-belief.

Strategies to Improve Awareness Awareness is one of the most important qualities you can have.


Leg spinning with Harry Shapiro

Harry Shapiro studied the high performance cricket coaching methods at the Australia Cricket Academy, during this time obtained the Australian Advanced Cricket Coaching certificate and now runs a specialist spin coaching institute in South Africa.

Spin is in the air. Encourage the wrist spinner to spin up as the ball leaves his hand. Whilst the ball is in the air the rotation will encourage dip, creating a misjudgement in length by the batsman attempting to drive. The art is to cause the batsman to misread the length. To achieve that goal the stock ball should be bowled above the batsman’s eye level.

Developing a wrist spinner. The key to developing a wrist spin bowler is PATIENCE. Developing accuracy whilst spinning the ball to the maximum is the key. We must not expect developing youngsters to bowl like experienced bowlers. The youngsters don’t have the strength or experience to be accurate whilst spinning to their maximum. Wrist spinners are more valuable to their team while encouraging the batsmen to drive the ball. Some runs will come but that is how the wrist spinner succeeds. Remember the wrist spinner is a risk spinner...

D stands for Drive Because of so much limited over cricket being played these days, there is huge emphasis placed on bowlers to bowl dot balls.

Unfortunately that leads us to believe that the bowler must bowl defensively. So D stands for Defence in the spinners mind. A wrist spinner bowling defensively, especially a youngster sacrifices spin to do so. But what is a dot ball. It is simply a ball that isn’t scored from. A full blooded drive hit straight to a fielder is a dot ball. If we convert D for defence to D for drive and invite the batsman to drive, the leg spinner can spin the ball up and maximise spin while bowling to their field. The young leg spinner bowling at middle and off should bowl with a slip and 4 fielders between point and mid-off. These fielders can cut off the drive and are also in a position to take a catch.

So by inviting the batsman to drive the wrist spinner: Encourages maximum spin Entices the batsman to play a shot Brings the fielders into play Increases the chance of a wicket Opens the door for Googlies and Top Spinners. Encouraging the spinner to spin the ball up is the best means of enhancing the gift. They can develop accuracy whilst spinning the ball hard.


Player Fitness Isaiah Barratt In his player fitness column this month, Isaiah Barratt looks at warm up and stretching routines for your footballers & cricketers.

Cool down and post match routines. Why should we cool down at the end of our training sessions? A cool down helps lower our heart rate so that you don’t suddenly become dizzy or faint. Your heart is pumping at a fast rate when you reach near maximum heart rates so we need to lower it again and resume back to normal breathing. Skipping a cool down can lead to something called ‘blood pooling’. This is when you suddenly stop your intense exercise; the blood can then start to pool in the lower limbs of your body. When we exercise our cardiac output or the amount of blood pumped around our body per minute is extremely higher than when at rest. This is because our bodies demand large amounts of oxygenated blood in order to pump large amounts of blood; large amounts must be returned also. By stopping the intense exercise (in your case football and cricket) reduces the amount of blood


that is returned via venous to the heart again. Gravity takes its toil on the blood and can pool in your lower extremities, resulting in increased muscles soreness (due to lactic acid staying in the muscles) and/or dizziness. Benefits from cool downs Reduces muscle soreness Helps with blood circulation Helps blood transport important nutrients and oxygen to the muscles/cells Helps remove waste products from the muscles Post workouts Within any sport, power comes from the core muscles generating the strength, agility, balance and coordination. Along with upper strength and speed you will be unstoppable in your chosen field. As I can imagine a lot of you reading this may or may not

struggle with core strength, so to help develop this and improve your performances. Here are few suggestions for you to try:

Lying Double arm dumbbell rows- 3x 12reps

Strength exercises if you have access to a gym! Back/triceps Dead lifts 3x 12 reps Wide grip pull ups- 3 x burn out reps (as many as possible)

Barbells (supinated grip) rows- 3x 12reps Triceps pull down-3 x 12reps


Triceps dumbbell extensions -3 x 12reps

Cable cross- overs- 3x 12reps

Triceps dips- 3 x burn out reps

Dips- 3x burn out reps

Chest/biceps Flat bench press 3x 12reps

Legs/ shoulders Squats- 3x 12reps

Incline dumbbell press 3x12reps Straight legged deadlifts-3 x12reps


Lunges -3x12reps (each leg)

Rear-dealt raises- 3x12reps

Calf raise-3x burn out reps Cuban press- 2x 15reps Shrugs- 3x burn out reps

Arnold press-3x12reps

Hanging clean press- 3x12reps

Remember when performing strength exercises whilst using weights. It is always important that you get the techniques right before increasing the weight, this way you will progress and develop your muscles strength quicker and safely. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this months article and I look forward to writing next months one and will for sure be adding some more routines for you to try out.


MAKE MONEY FOR YOUR CLUB BY SELLING CLUB MUGS TO PLAYERS, FANS AND MEMBERS Here’s a quick Q&A with Brinley, the owner of The Mug Shop: Q. Can you give us a step by step guide as to how we get our football or cricket club logo & name on to a batch of mugs? A: Firstly compile good quality digital copy/s of the image/s you want to use on your mug design. If you are familiar with Photoshop visit the "Design your own mug" section of the website and download the relevant PSD template and create your design. Alternatively, if you need assistance creating your design then email your images to along with a design brief of your requirements and they will create it for you. Once your design has been created you can go online and upload your design when placing your order using the "Design your own mug" section of the website, remembering to enter the 10% discount code GRASS during the checkout process. Q. If we have a sponsor can we add their logo on to our mugs? A: Yes! Designs can incorporate any image combinations so for example you could have your logo on one side and a sponsors on the other. Q. How long does the process take from start to finish? A: If you already have a completed design the turnaround is usually 5 days. Q. How long have you been making mugs? A: Since 2002 Q. How is the best way to get in touch? A: Email is our preferred method of communication using the address:

Mindset Matters with Bernard Baines Bernard Baines looks at what can put and keep you in the right mindset to be more effective in whatever you’re doing, whether it be at work, in the clubhouse or on the pitch. Mindset Matters...

Would you like fewer problems? Are you facing yet more problems this week? Would you like a few less? Well, perhaps I can help. Let’s start by looking at how you define a problem in the first place. Here’s a way of looking at it... If you have the knowledge, skill and resourcefulness to solve a problem – it’s not a problem, it’s simply a task. And if it’s a task, you can just roll up your sleeves and get on with it. In the work arena, my best guess is that 95% of what people call “problems” are not really problems – they are tasks, things to do. OK, so now you’re facing a big “to do” list this week. Well, at least you don’t have lots of problems to get in the way... ©Bernard Baines 2013

As a trainer and life coach Bernard Baines helps individuals and teams achieve what they want to achieve by developing a positive mindset.


What’s on the board... This month, because I find this kind of thing interesting we have another extended feature on our newest member offer partner ESU Scoreboards who have refurbished one of their boards, in a test ground no less!

The Riverside Ground at Chester-le-Street was chosen to hold the fourth test match in this year’s Ashes series and so Durham CCC decided that it was an ideal time to upgrade the electro-mechanical scoreboard. ESU installed this back in 1994 and whilst it had required minimal maintenance and attention over the years, it was getting to the stage where the old digits had seen better days. They contacted us in June to see what could be done with the stipulation that everything had to be completed before the end of July. A site visit was arranged for mid-June to discuss what was needed and take photos and measurements of the existing apertures. The player number categories had half sized electro-mechanical units, but the LED digits come as whole units, so in order to accommodate these some modifications had to be made. With the installation expected to take 2 to 3 days, a start date was agreed and the electronic scoreboard kit ordered. The old mechanical digits (below)

We arrived on site on 16th July - the hottest day of the year so far and with the scoreboard being in a metal clad building we were glad that we had brought a fan together with plenty of water! The scoreboard is split into three parts with each end housing changing rooms and the central area the scorers’ area. Like every other scorebox across the country the changing rooms seemed to be used for storage for all sorts of things from TVs to mattresses! Having negotiated the obstacle course, the first thing to do was to remove the paneling and digits. An awful lot of dust and dead spiders had accumulated over 19 years so the windows and apertures had to be cleaned thoroughly. Silicone sealant was then applied to ensure that they were watertight prior to installing the new digits.

The back of the old digits (above)

Julian cracking on sealing the apertures (above) Once this had been done it was time to start putting the LED digits in. This was reasonably straightforward for the lower level windows, although some had to be fitted with blanking plates or fixing strips due to the difference in size of the new digits. It became more interesting when it came to those on the top line of categories with the ladders only just long enough and the temperature about ten degrees hotter, or so it seemed! The left hand batsman number was particularly tricky as it was situated behind a water tank on a platform just below the roof, which was a tight squeeze and very hot and dusty. With the digits in place, the next job was to put in the power supplies and mains power. Multi-way power leads are used to distribute 12vdc to the digits in each individual category which then need to be cabled back and connected to the power supplies. Data cables which transmit the information to the scoreboard are then plugged in. The first links the control unit to the first digit which links to the next and so on . . . Due to the size of the scoreboard the configuration was split into two parts with the left hand side controlled by one unit and the remainder by another. To complicate things the bottom of the scoreboard which shows the numbers of overs bowled by each bowler in one day

Front and back of one of the digits (above) games was to retain the old electromechanical digits for the time being so all the electronics had to be compatible.

Wiring up (above) Completed wiring (below)

With all the wiring in place, now comes the moment of truth - switch it on and see what happens! Turn over to find out...


Everything worked first time - Ready for the Aussies! Once the testing has been completed, and the paneling which will protect the digits and electronics has been fitted, all that remains to do is complete the handover, collect all the tools (there’s usually a few that get left behind!) and hit the road and head back home. Unlike our smaller scoreboards which are controlled by a hand held radio remote control, a complex board like this is operated by PC software. Not only does this give complete control over all the information on the scoreboard, it allows easy upgrades and customisation. There is also a video screen at Riverside which is used for major games and whilst the software will operate the scoreboard as a stand alone program for less important games, it has an extra feature which allows it to connect to the video screen scoring system and run the board without the need for a separate operator.


The Durham software (above) So all in all we’re pleased with the job and if you think we can do a similar job for you then give us a call and ask about the special discounts on offer for Grassroot Media member clubs. Oh and by the way, it doesn’t have to be as big as the Durham job, take a look at our website to see what we mean! Julian Spinks,

Twitter Directory Bronze CC: @BronzeCC Clifton CC: @cliftoncricket Clifton CC ground: @cliftonccdevt Crawley Down Gatwick Football Club: @OfficialCDGFC Epping CC: @EppingCC Gateshead Fell CC: @gatesheadfellcc Hailsham Cricket Club: @hailshamcc1871 Marsden CC: @cuckooscricket Old Parkonians Association: @oldparks Old Parkonians FC: @oldparksfc Parkfield Amateur AFC: @parkfieldafc South Loughton CC: @southloughtoncc Southgate Compton CC: @sccricketclub Stapleton CC: @stapletoncc Steeple Langford CC: @steeplelangford Sussex County FA: @sussexcountyfa Tynedale CC:@tynedalecc Westinghouse CC: @westinghousecc Whickham CC: @whickhamcc Winterbourne CC: @winterbournecc Worlington CC: @worlingtoncc Worthing FC @official_w_f_c


List your club’s Twitter account in here so everyone else can get following you. Only those clubs that are members of the network like yours are allowed on this list. To get listed just drop Mat a note at mcourt@grassrootmedia .com or on Twitter @grassrootmedia Grassroot Media recommends: @fvhtweets @michaelsengrave @sussexcountyfa @meadonscricket @4grants @chance2shine

Football Club Corner Craig Fox, Club Secretary & First Team Manager of New Bohemians Football Club in Sheffield Tell us a bit about your club... New Bohemians are a Football Club based in Sheffield, which was formed in 2006 based upon Bohemians 1905 in Prague. After early success as a single Men's 11 a-side team, the club expanded to include a 2nd men's side, an adult ladies 11-a side and a Junior Section. From June 2013, the club now boasts 2 Saturday Men's sides, 2 Sunday Men's sides, 1 Ladies side, 2 Junior Sides and a soccer school. The club now has over 200 members, and a following through social network surpassing the 1000 mark! Tell us something interesting about your club... The green/white stripes & kangaroo badge are the tributes to the Bohemians 1905. The 1st team manager took over when he was just 21 years old (the management has now taken its toll on his once young looks). Who does what at the club to do with revenue generation/sponsorship? The Club Secretary works to find grants that can help the club continue to grow. The Social Media Officer is constantly updating the sites to ensure the club is always reaching people. The Chairman takes his little black book out on nights out to collect debts, if you can afford a pint, you can afford to pay that ÂŁ2 you owe! Have you got any advice for other clubs looking to be more successful when it comes to generating funds? Ensure training costs are covered and funds are collected in summer to help the shortfall you will have in the winter months. We ask for a small fee to train during the summer, which is then stored away in order to help cover the costs on those November nights when you barely have players, never mind paying for facility hire. We also sell car stickers, have a club shop & hold event nights 2-3 times a year to help with the running fees. What do you find is the best approach to getting advertisers and sponsors in and around the club? Showing Potential sponsors how New Bohemians can help them. We recently met with a local pub, and took a spread sheet showing forecasted takings if they were to back us. This included a 1, 3 and 5 year plan, eventually showing that they could take ÂŁ11,000 from us over 1 year. Be prepared and plan, always be willing to negotiate and have individual selling points for different industries. Which brand would be your perfect sponsor and why? A physiotherapy company, photography or pub/restaurant chain. All 3 of these are areas that the Club uses a lot throughout the year, across all age ranges. Therefore the initial outlay from the sponsor, would be easily surpassed within a 6 - 12 month period. Are you involved in any other sports? Is there anything our clubs can learn from clubs outside of cricket and football? Cricket & football clubs are always looking to expand & involve people from outside. I think this is why these clubs are usually the biggest in an area. The more you get people involved from outside the club, the better. Have you got a Twitter page our other clubs can make contact with you on? Yes just search for @NewBohemiansFC


A BOWLING MACHINE FOR ONLY £340? At KB Cricket we have developed The Stinger5000. We think it is a great alternative to other bigger brand machines costing over five times as much Safer for Juniors/Adults to face and operate 12-volt power supply, softer balls, Simple to adjust line and length and the height of the machine, fully adjustable speed control 0 to 70mph

Greater Mobility Easy to assemble and disassemble, light weight and fits into any goodsized kit bag, perfect for transporting to schools, leisure centres and Cricket Clubs


“The Stinger5000 fires deliveries that will test the most experienced batman as well as having the means to build confidence and practice and learn new batting techniques for the younger or less experienced batmen.”

M Jarrod, Level 3 Coach ‘I am pleased to say that I have bought the Stinger 5000 that I consider to be the most valuable coaching tool I have ever used. It is fun for the children and is useful for all facets of cricket. A great tool

£30 WORTH OF BALLS Sidmar ,Western Australia More reviews available online ABSOLUTELY FREE kevin@kbcricket @kbcricket Tel. 07500 186767

Q&A with the Inventor of the Stinger5000, Kevin Bandy Q. Is the Stinger suitable for adult batting practice? A. Yes it is,; as a keen cricketer myself I know there is nothing like the feel of leather on willow but the stingers accuracy, pace & bounce is a great work out for the most experienced club cricketer Q. What balls will the Stinger5000 fire? A. The recommended balls are the GM-FB ball (more suited for the junior batsman) and a basic tennis ball (improved pace & bounce) and other balls include the Slaz Ball, swing king ball, diegest balls, DF junior ball, Incrediballs and all similar balls –no leather balls Q. What piece of mind will I receive after purchasing the stinger? A. The Stinger range of bowling machine is manufactured by an established UK company and comes with 18 months warranty as well as a full back up service. Q. How reliable is the Stinger? A. The machine comes with a manual and if the few basic instructions are followed you will have many years of maintenance free use Q. Why can’t it deliver at speeds 90mph+? A. Very few if any club bowlers bowl at 90mph+ and the stingers top speed will test the most experienced club batsman Q. How do I power the Stinger5000? A. A 12-volt power supply is required, any 12-volt battery or a mains transformer will do, and both are available from the KB Cricket Website Q. How safe is the Stinger5000? A. It is perfectly safe. To ensure the well being of the machine and its users it comes with a manual, safety instructions and a completed risk assessment

Stingers In Action

Bowling Machine Accessories Auto feeders starting at Balls starting at Spring back stumps Sealed 12 volt Battery Mains Power Supply Plastic Stumps Stinger Bag

£79 £1 £35 £42 £60 £12 £26

Scan the QR code below or search for STINGER VIDEO CRICKET to see the Stinger in action

SCAN ME! kevin@kbcricket @kbcricket Tel. 07500 186767

Guide to... Selling advertising and sponsorship around your club This month sees the launch of our sales tool box. We’ve started with cricket but football will be following. However the processes are the same for both., in fact for any sports club.

I’ve no doubt that those of you who have met me have heard me talking about how I want to help sports clubs be more financially successful through selling advertising around their facilities. I’ve bored many of you talking about how I see the money we give you guys for the changing room posters as just part of what we as a business should be doing for you. Yes we’ve got a few sales training guides in the Welcome Packs, and I think this magazine helps to some extent but the end goal for this part of the Grassroot Media project was always to give you guys everything that you need to sell yourselves to local firms. I think there is no shortage of desire from the volunteers at the country’s sport’s clubs, but there is perhaps a shortage of time some of these volunteers can dedicate to the cause. What I am hoping I’ve done is come up with something that will help maximise the effectiveness of the time your club is able to give to raising sponsorship and advertising funds. There are several elements to the package I’ve got together for you: 1. An introduction & guide to using the pack 2. The existing Grassroot Media Guide to Finding Advertisers and Sponsors


3. A covering letter template to accompany the pack to put in front of targets 4. The presentation itself detailing why and how local firms should get involved with a local cricket club

The presentation (above) The whole package is designed to be bigger and more detailed than you’d ever need. Some people will be happy sending the whole lot out at once, some will want to edit some of the opportunities out because the don’t want to, or cannot, offer them as advertising or sponsorship opportunities and some will want to condense the presentation down to fewer slides. And of course some will just not want to use any of it – that’s fine as this hasn’t been done to force anyone in to anything, I just thought it was a good idea and may help a few clubs out. I’ll start to get to work on the football club version now...

Football Trophies from £2.60 each

Cricket Trophies from £2.87 each

Trophy Cups from £4.04 each

Glass Awards from £3.19 each

Crystal Awards from £6.74 each

Medals from £0.71 each

7.5% DISCOUNT, FREE ENGRAVING ON CENTRE PLATES AND FREE CENTRE DISKS FOR ALL GRASSROOT MEDIA CLUBS To make a purchase with the discount please call Andreas on 07852 895114 for priority service

Web: Telephone: 020 7735 2386 Michael’s Trophies & Engraving - a family run business since 1962

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