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Grass Solutions: The Best Artificial Grass For Golf Greens

Synthetic Grass Installation in Melbourne Grass Solutions is a leading supplier of lead free, human and environment friendly synthetic grass in Melbourne. They offer a variety of grass types to suit an array of customer needs. If you are looking for synthetic grass installation in Melbourne that is efficient and affordable, then Grass Solutions is your one stop shop. They specialize in installation of artificial grass for various purposes including landscaping, Multipurpose sports, School, Commercial, Golf greens and more.

Below mentioned are some advantages of synthetic grass from Grass Solutions 

Looks just as real as natural grass

Has a long life expectancy

Works really well for pets ( cannot be dug by dogs)

Environmentally friendly

Completely lead free

Drains better than natural grass

Don’t have to spend too much time on maintenance

No need for watering and weeding

No need for mowing

Synthetic Putting Greens in Melbourne With so many benefits, it’s no wonder artificial turf is so frequently used for synthetic putting greens in Melbourne. PGS Supergreen is a revolutionary new synthetic turf endorsed by Charlie Earp. It is a world-first in yarn technology designed specifically for golf and was developed by Prograss. PGS Supergreen has minimal sand infill, and can be easily shaped to any design. This grass is ideal for golfers and is virtually maintenance free. PGS Nylon XL-Tee is a 50mm pile height nylon composition product that requires no infill. This turf helps golf clubs rest heavily used areas during very dry or wet periods. Additionally, it allows players to place regular golf tees directly into the hitting surface.

Specialized Turf Professionals It does not leave fibre residue on the base of the clubs. XL Tee fibres undergo a texturising process during manufacturing and they give a non directional look. The nylon memory keeps the synthetic turf system standing upright, even after periods of crushing. Grass Solutions offers specialized turf based on the needs of the customer, one of which is Coolgrass. This innovative product keeps synthetic grass cool by deflecting IR rays instead of absorbing heat back into the yarn. Coolgrass reduces surface temperatures by up to 35%. Other grasses include Idealgrass, PlayOnSports, Prosign, and more.

Contact Us:: Address: 13-15 McLochlan Street, Mt. Waverley, Victoria 3181 E-mail: Phone: (03) 9380-8646


Grass Solutions: The Best Artificial Grass For Golf Greens