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long with traditional staples like the rodeo and the charreada, the Zapata County Fair offers its visitors some new sights and sounds this year, including a Battle of the Bands, a trail ride, a fajita cook-off and a one-of-a-kind Pit bull show. The Battle of the Bands Many Tejano music fans consider South Texas the hotbed of talent in this particular genre. After all, La Mafia, David Lee Garza and Ramon Ayala all got their start here, as did the late legendary Tejano queen Selena. Now, up-and-coming bands hope to make their mark on the Tejano music scene in the very popular Battle of the Bands . All feature young, fresh talent, each with their distinctive sounds. Each hope to come away with the big prize and claim victory as the Fair’s first champion band. The Zapata County Fair Trail Ride While the trail ride is not a new concept to County Fairs, its entry into the Zapata County Fair marks a return to a venerable Texas tradition. The trail ride calls to mind the history and mystique that is Texas. While Hollywood romaniticized this timehonored act through the bigger-than-life personages of John Wayne and Clint Eastwood, the trail ride calls to mind the historic trek that cowboys made throuhout the state as they herded their cattle for sale up the storied Chisolm trail or the Goodnight-Loving trail.

ZAPATA TEXAS March I0-I2, 20II The Fajita Cook-Off Long a staple of Tex-Mex cuisine, fajitas remain a favorite culinary delight in South Texas. This year, the call goes out to would-be chefs to bring out their inner Rachel Ray’s and Emeril’s and come up with their best, sizzling incarnations of this beloved beefy favorite. The Pit-Bull Show Sanctioned by the ABKC, this showing of one of America’s popular, but, most misunderstood breeds, makes its debut at the Zapata County Fair. Contrary to prevailing belief, pitbulls possess many fine qualities, such as loyalty and playfulness. They are protective of their families and have a long-standing history of hard work. The Pit-Bull show hopes to dispel some of the myths surrounding these dogs, re-educating the public and re-introducing them to this noble breed.



County Fair Queen Pageant

The Fairest of The Fair!


he Zapata County Fair’s most regal event also stands as its most competitive. The Zapata County Fair Queen Pageant combines beauty, style, grace and talent, culminating in the crowning of a new monarch and her court.

The pageant, itself, is just as impressive. The candidates participate in show-stopping group performances, where teamwork is just as essential as the individual contest. The choreography is impressive. Call it the show within the show.

For the young ladies vying to reign over this year’s fair, the competition is intense. Judges rank each young woman on several categories, including poise, talent, evening wear and interviewing skills. With that level of competition, one would think that the candidates were priming themselves for a run at Miss Texas. It’s just that competitive.

While presiding over the fair’s festivities constitutes her main duties, the winner also represents both Zapata County and its fair in a wide variety of events. The queen makes guest appearances at fairs and other festivities around the region, including the Washington’s Birthday Celebration’s Anheuser-Busch Grand Parade in Laredo and the Freer Rattle Snake Round Up.

Zapata's Beautiful Girls

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hey’re Zapata’s Fab Five. This lovely quintent will be vying for the area’s top prize, the title of Zapata County Fair Queen at this year’s pageant. The girls, ranging in age from -- to ---, all hail from Zapata

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High School and each of them brings beauty, talent, charm and determination to the contest. While the field may be small, the pageant, itself, is one of the fair’s biggest draws. Its elaborate stage productions and dance routines rival that of such pageants like the Miss Texas USA. The girls dance in unison, as a team in group routines and then are able to wow the

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audience with their individual performances. The level of talent is certainly impressive. When the new Queen is crowned, not only will she preside over the fair’s festivities, including a ride along the Zapata County Fair parade route, she will also represent the county in other events around the area, including Laredo’s Washington’s Birthday Celebration. The Zapata County Fair Queen Pageant struts its way into the Zapata High School Auditorium on Sunday, ---- ----, 2011 at 2PM. A reception immediately follows the pageant.

Zapata's 2011 Ushers

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hey say that behind every great man there stands a woman. The Zapata County Fair Queen Pageant turns this old phrase on its ear. In the case of the ushers, these fine young men take their stand behind the young candidates as the girls vie for


the title of Zapata County Fair Queen. However, these are not ordinary young men who take on the role of escorts. These dashing Zapata caballeros hail from Zapata High School. In fact, for some of them, this won’t be their only appearance at the fair, since they will be involved in the livestock



competition, in the parade or handling some other aspect of the festivities. At the end of the evening, however, one of them will take on the important duty of escorting the new Queen. These young men represent the finest that Zapata County has to offer. They also represent the area’s future, as they will be tomorrow’s leaders. The pageant marks their first step into the community, a community that they will one day lead.

2010 Zapata county Fair Queen

Adrianna Ramirez

I will always treasure the memories!


t was with great pride and much happiness that I spent this last year representing the Zapata County Fair and our great town of Zapata as the 2010 Zapata County Fair Queen. I can honestly say that for me it was a dream come true; and even though my reign has come to an end, the many different experiences and wonderful memories of this year will stay with me forever. They have truly been “priceless!”

My reign also gave me the opportunity to proudly represent Zapata during various events throughout the year. I was able to meet many people and be a part of many festivities, including visiting all of our Zapata schools, the Christmas house tours, the Cinco de Mayo celebration in San Ygnacio, the Freer Rattlesnake Round-up Parade, and most recently, the George Washington’s Birthday parade in Laredo.

As queen, it was an honor to have taken part in our fair in every possible aspect, beginning with the opening ceremonies that kick off the fair, the queen candidates’ social, the exciting queen’s contest, the grand parade, the livestock judging events, the auction, the lively street music, the colorful carnival, and of course the various forms of entertainment. All of these events are made possible by the Zapata County Fair Association and numerous volunteers and contributors from our community. I would personally like to thank these people for they are responsible in bringing positive experiences to our youth and for giving our community an event that brings us together year after year.

I would like to sincerely thank the Zapata County Fair Queen’s Contest Committee, the Zapata County Fair Association, family and friends for their support and guidance throughout this past year. A special thank you to my parents, Jose M. and Noemi Ramirez, who have always been there for me. I love you very much. Thank you once again to the people of Zapata County. You are indeed the ones that make our County Fair the success that it has been for the past 38 years. Our fair is truly “The Best Little Fair” in all of Texas! Adrianna Noemi Ramirez 2010 Zapata County Fair Queen


We are licensed to cover the following counties: Webb, Zapata, La Salle, and other surrounding areas.

2011 Zapata County Fair

Schedule of Events

March 10,11 & 12

SPICES • HERBS • SEASONINGS Juan A. Martinez (956)723-4040 • 1408 San Eduardo • Laredo, Texas 78040

Andres Ramos, Jr. President

Cynthia Haynes Ramirez Secretary

Sara Carrasco Board Member

Jose Garcia Board Member

Isidro “Chilo”Garcia Board Member

Eduardo “Wayo”Cavazos Jr. Board Member

Juan Francisco Ochoa Sports Ambassador



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Hwy. a t a p a Z th 219 Sou 3-5232 (956) 72

xas Laredo, Te

We are Proud of you! From all your Family

We Love You!

Mary Jo Sanchez Contestant #1 - Daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Steve Sanchez

Sponsored by:

Best Wishes Mary Jo ! Aurelio Villarreal State Farm Agent

Good Luck! Wishing you the best with your present and future endeavors!!

Jacy Lee Clifton

Contestant #2 - Daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Andres Arambula Jr.

Mr. Aguinaldo & Anabel Navarro Zapata County Fair Parade Marshals 1975 1976 1977 1978 1979 1980 1981 1982 1983 1984 1985 1986 1987 1988 1989 1990 1991 1992 1993 1994 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010

Oscar Dodier Leonel Gonzalez Gilberto Villarreal Alvin McMeans Daniel Paredes Judge Jake Rathmell ELma Martinez & Nilda Gutierrez Juan Mauel Vela Edmundo E. Martinez Clemente Gutierrez Renato & Patricia Ramirez Maria Eva U. Ramirez Col. Robert & Jean Fish Roberto O. Montes Delfino Lozano Family Jose Luis Flores Austin & Charlotte Knox Belia R. Benavides Mr. & Mrs. Nicolas Gutierrez & Family Mr. Ben Cantu Rolando & Meche Villarreal Mr. & Mrs. Robert Loza Mr. & Mrs. Luis A. Lozano The Dodier Family Mr. & Mrs. Juan Medina The Luis Gonzalez Family Ricardo & Erica Ramirez Mr. & Mrs. Zaragoza Rodriguez, III Leonardo & Canti Flores Jose Maria Ramirez, III The Rathmell Family Judge David Morales Mr. & Mrs. Silvestre Bustamante Mr. & Mrs. Xavier Villarreal Mr. Oswaldo H. & Mrs. Juanita G. Ramirez Mr. Israel & Mrs. Leslie Gutierrez


his year’s Zapata County Fair Parade takes on a regal atmosphere, as the Queens of fairs past serve as the event’s Grand Marshalls. For these regal beauties, it is a homecoming of sorts, as they return to the fair. Many of them have remained involved in the fair in some form or fashion, either serving as committee chairs or sponsors. Others, like the fair’s first queen, Cynthia Laura Villarreal, have handed down the family tradition to their daughters. in Villarreal’s case, she proudly saw her daughter, Clarissa Guerra, serve as one of the duchesses during the 2009 Zapata County Fair. Villareal also served as chair of the Zapata County Fair Association’s Queen Committee. Among the former queens, a unique bond of sisterhood has formed. Each of them, throughout the years, bore the responsibility of being the face and embodiment of both Zapata County and its fair, representing the community and its main event at festivals throughout South Texas, including the Washington’s Birthday Celebration in Laredo and Charro Days in Brownsville. And now, it is the Zapata County Fair’s turn to pay tribute to these beautiful women. The Queens join a stellar list of Zapata County dignitaries who have served as parade marshalls, including Mr. & Mrs. Oswaldo H. Ramirez, the late Oscar Dodier and the late Judge Jake Rathmell.


1308 HWY 83 • Zapata, Texas 78076

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