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New maps from the media-city CityMurmur as a tool for the visualization of urban space

Marco Quaggiotto · Politecnico di Milano Donato Ricci · Politecnico di Milano Gaia Scagnetti · Politecnico di Milano Giorgio Caviglia · Politecnico di Milano Michele Graffieti · Politecnico di Milano Daniele Guido · Politecnico di Milano Samuel Granados Lopez · Universidad de Malaga

CityMurmur new modalities of representation for the urban context visualizar ’08 / database city ¡ medialab prado madrid

1. the context

the new shape of the city architectonic structure strong identity historical city


semantic structure

â&#x;ś multiple weak identities â&#x;ś media city (narrated city)

the media city as simulacrum the media city is not only a representation of the city. it defines and creates the development of the city itself.

needs display the new shape(s) of the city. expose the media narratives acting on the city.

2. the project

aims experiment the potentials of a media-cartography. visualize media attention on the city. compare the attention of different media categories. display the evolution of media-attention in time.

the system an allegoric explanation of a murmur’s birth

3. the case study: Madrid

1/4 identification of relevant media

+ =

official list of on-line news sources open submission 746 news feeds

2/4 editorial classification of the news sources scale (local, national, international...) topic (culture, sports, politics, environment...) tipology (blog, free-press, newspapers, tv, radio...)

3/4 news collection and parsing everyday the system... downloads the news from the feeds. searches for names of streets and places of interest in the news content (OpenStreetMap data). extracts relevant keywords from the news content.

4/4 the representation geographic visualization semantic visualization

4. conclusions

news selection is biased. maps are also biased. news matching is imperfect. keyword extraction is also imperfect. preliminary results confirm the project potentials in the description and action on the new shape of the city

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