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Fonts and use in Paint Shop Pro 速 By Andrew Buckle (

Introduction This is a quick guide to the installation of fonts on the PC and how to use the designs in Corel 速 Paint Shop Pro 速. Corel and Paint Shop Pro are registered trademarks of Corel Corporation. Screenshots used in this guide are used with kind permission of Corel Corporation. The notes refer to the use of the fonts on Windows Vista and with Paint Shop Pro 8. The same approach can be used with XP (in most cases) and Paint Shop Pro 7 / 9 / X / X1 / X2 etc. Also the same approach can be applied to many other applications. All the designs used in this guide are by and are available for purchase via that site (as well as on various scrapbooking sites). All the designs, on purchase, are for commercial as well as personal use. Andrew All the designs are (c) of various years 2000-2009 Andrew Buckle

Installation of fonts 1. Depends on how the font set is supplied. The fonts are supplied in a zip file. The font set comes with TTF fonts (in future, OTF) as well as EPS and AI format files and additional files. Unzip the zip file before use. You will need some unzip application or you should be able to unzip the file using the native Vista unzip feature. If not, then please check on the web for unzip applications such as Pkunzip etc.

2. Right click the TTF font file (TrueType Font File)

3. Depending on your user you might be asked to enter your admin password; this is normal as the font file is placed in a system folder and requires permission to do this. Please scan the font file beforehand for viruses etc if you are not sure of the source. 4. The font is now installed. Go to the control panel and check to see the font has been installed. Select the font control panel. (access the control panel via the START button in the bottom left of the window)

Installation of fonts on XP On XP, you will have to go to the control panel itself (via the start menu) and the font control panel. Once in the fonts section, use the install new font from the section main menu The result is the same, the font file is now installed and accessible by applications such as Paint Shop Pro.

Paint Shop Pro 速 1) Start PSP 2) file > new or file > open to create a document for the text 3) Select the text tool

4) Go to the view > palettes > tool options (if the tool options are not visible)

Tool options for text tool The likelihood is that you are currently using just a standard font (Arial etc), to change the font to one of the fonts, go to the tool options palette

1) Set the create as to ‘vector’ 2) Set the font to a GX font file 3) Set size etc

4) Go to the materials palette 5) Set colors for the type

6) Click the document with type to position the text 7) Type A B C D etc as required 8) To see the related text fields to the symbols, please check the thumbnail gallery and documentation notes included with the set. Also you can also use applications such as charmap (goto the start menu and type charmap and select the required font i.e. GX ...)

9) Select the preset shape tool to re-size, move the text

Changing text to ‘proper’ preset shape 1) Select text using the preset shape tool 2) Right click shape 3) Select the ‘convert text to curves > as single shape’ (or character shapes if required)

4) Go to the layers palette in Paint Shop Pro if you wish to export the shapes for future use. You will need to rename the layers to unique names otherwise you will end up with conflicts when you try to reload the saved shapes. Change the name via the layer properties setting 5) Select shape. If you wish to save the preset shape for future use as a preset shape then go to the file > export and export as shape. The file is saved in the current preset shapes folder (see file > preferences > file locations for that folder)

Characters in PSP A basic screen with a single character (a butterfly)

From this point, effects, plugins, etc can be applied (though you might need to flatten or merge the design (layers > merge) If you try and apply an effect to the shape then PSP will display a message saying that the current layer must be converted to a raster layer. Click OK and then you can apply effects to the layer. Below shows a twirl filter applied

EPS The fonts sets also come with EPS files, they are the same designs as included in the TTF file. They might be more useful than the font designs

Set the resolution and image type, say RGB and 300 DPI This will result in a raster layer which can be copied to another file etc. Apply effects, re-size etc (though remember it is now a raster layer and any changes will affect the end result). AI files are also included in the set. PSPshape files and JSL files are not included in the fonts packs. You can find some PSPshape packs on but they are only for PSP 8 up.

Other fonts designs on has many different fonts packs for use with Paint Shop Pro (as well as many other applications). The designs on the following pages are the basic shapes (vectors) and are only a small selection of the designs included in the packs.

Butterflies font

pipes font

Greek ornament font

flames font

festive 3 font

Hearts 2 font

Scrapbooking tags font

spiral font

embellish 8 font

Circle 1 font

Circles 2 font

Plants 1 font

X letters font set

People font set

People 2 font set

Wavy font set

Arrows 3 font set

Embellish 9 font set

Goth font set

Stars 2 font set

Borders 2 font set

Faces 2 font set

Space font set

Mottled font set

Abstract 1 font set

Starry font set 1

Sketch font

lines font

Orbits font

Alien font set

Polygon font

Rosettes 2 font set

Fonts and Paint Shop Pro (R)  

Fonts and installing in Paint Shop pro and basic use of the font designs in Corel (R) Paint Shop Pro (R) - the examples shown are for PSP 8...

Fonts and Paint Shop Pro (R)  

Fonts and installing in Paint Shop pro and basic use of the font designs in Corel (R) Paint Shop Pro (R) - the examples shown are for PSP 8...