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Graphic Stories Cyprus 6 Cultural Heritage | One World, One Future 6th CONFERENCE ON GRAPHIC DESIGN AND VISUAL COMMUNICATION



The 6th Conference on Graphic Design and Visual Communication in Cyprus, Graphic Stories Cyprus, was held with great success in Nicosia on 6-8 March 2020.

Graphic Stories Cyprus 6

Cultural Heritage | One World, One Future Graphic Stories Cyprus is the only established, independent, annual conference in the field of visual communication and applied arts in Cyprus, covering a full range of fields, namely graphic design, illustration, typography, visual arts, semiotics, animation, photography, multimedia design, internet and web design, calligraphy and design in general. The 6th Graphic Stories Cyprus included eleven [11] lectures, five [5] creative workshops and one [1] international poster exhibition featuring designers from Cyprus and abroad. During this 6th event, special attention was paid to the multifaceted activities aimed at covering and expressing all visual arts and their creators, with the special theme of the conference being its connection to the Cultural Heritage and Tradition through the international poster contest entitled “Cultural Heritage, One World, One Future”. The Conference on Graphic Design and Visual Communication in Cyprus, Graphic Stories Cyprus, has been selected as one of Europe’s best festivals by the European Festivals Association [EFA] and has been awarded the European Quality Stamp EFFE Label for the period 2019-2020.

Graphic Stories Cyprus was organized in cooperation with the Bank of Cyprus and is under the auspices of the Cultural Services of the Ministry of Education and Culture of the Republic of Cyprus and the Municipality of Nicosia. Bank of Cyprus and the Greek company Parachute Typefoundry offered the prizes of the international poster contest. The Conference is supported by the Youth Board of Cyprus and the educational and design magazine “gr design”.



FRIDAY MARCH 6 LECTURES Bank of Cyprus Cultural Foundation 14:15 - 14:45 Stavros Kyprianou Journalist, TV Presenter at RIK Conference Introduction

Maria Miltiadou Senior Youth Officer, Youth Board Cyprus Greetings

Aggeliki Athanasiadi Introductory Speech

14:45 - 15:00 Andreas Panayi The First Impression 15:00 - 15:30 Lakis Argyrou Steps to Succeed in Professional Networking 15:30 - 16:00 Michalis Vassiliou Website Design, Development and Promotion 16:00 - 16:30 Ioannis Fetanis I used to be a Graphic Designer 16:30 - 17:00 Zoe Katsiyianni Infographics in Printed and Electronic Media 17:00 - 17:30 Break


17:30 - 18:00 Corn Studio From the Hood to Hollywood 18:00 - 18:30 Panos Konstantopoulos Descriptive Journalism and point of view 18:30 - 19:00

Panos Vassiliou In search of a new manifesto for humanist typefaces, in a post-trend fashion world

19:00 - 19:45 Marios Tavelis, Chris Trimbach Color Management 19:45 - 20:45 Marios Theologis Photography 20:45 - 21:00 Wine Break 21:00 - 22:30

Mr. Chrysanthos Fakas Municipal Councilor, Nicosia on behalf of the Honorable Nicosia Mayor Mr. Constantinos Yiorkadjis Poster Exhibition Inauguration “Cultural Heritage, One World, One Future� & Contest Awards Ceremony


Program 8


#01 Design for Animation & lecture by Katerina Pantela Aigaia School of Art & Design

10:00 - 17:00

#02 Glyph & Pilcrow Experimental Typography in Editorial Design by Ioannis Fetanis Bank of Cyprus Cultural Foundation

10:00 - 17:00

#03 Photorealistic Digital Painting by Costis Papatheodorou Aigaia School of Art & Design

11:00 - 14:00

#04 Descriptive journalism and point of view by Panos Konstantopoulos & Zoe Katsiyianni Politis Newspaper Central Offices

SUNDAY MARCH 8 WORKSHOPS Part B 10:00 - 17:00 #01 Design for Animation by Katerina Pantela Aigaia School of Art & Design 10:00 - 17:00

#02 Glyph & Pilcrow Experimental Typography in Editorial Design by Ioannis Fetanis Bank of Cyprus Cultural Foundation

10:00 - 17:00

#03 Photorealistic Digital Painting by Costis Papatheodorou Aigaia School of Art & Design

11:00 - 14:00

#05 Workshop for Children “Cultural Heritage, One World, One Future” by Panayiota Michael Bank of Cyprus Cultural Foundation










Stavros Kyprianou

Maria Miltiadou

Andreas Panayi




Lakis Argyrou

Michalis Vassiliou

Ioannis Fetanis




Zoe Katsiyianni

Corn Design Studio

Panos Konstantopoulos




Panos Vassiliou

Marios Tavelis & Chris Trimbach

Marios Theologis







Design for Animation

Glyph & Pilcrow







Photorealistic Digital Painting

Workshop for Children









The Creative Brief

Exhibition Inauguration

The Contest’s Jury




Categories & Prizes

Contest Participations






Stavros Kyprianou Maria Miltiadou Andreas Panayi Lakis Argyrou Michalis Vassiliou Ioannis Fetanis Zoe Katziyianni Corn Design Studio Panos Konstantopoulos Panos Vassiliou Marios Tavelis & Chris Trimbach Marios Theologis


Stavros Kyprianou JOURNALIST, TV PRESENTER Cyprus Broadcasting Corporation [RIK]

Conference Introduction


Mr Stavros Kyprianou, journalist at Cyprus Broadcasting Corporation, made the introduction of the conference. In his speech he referred to the importance of volunteering and the value of freedom in artistic expression. In connection with the theme of the 4th international poster contest by Graphic Stories Cyprus entitled “Cultural heritage, one world, one future�, he spoke about the value of cultural heritage and the special importance of preserving the cultural heritage of Cyprus, which due to the conditions of occupation of the one third of the island, is in danger. Concluding, he said that respect for diversity can be the trigger for all of us to join forces in the effort to reunite Cyprus.

Maria Miltiadou SENIOR YOUTH OFFICER Youth Board of Cyprus

Mrs Maria Miltiadou, Senior Youth Officer and Head of National Programs and Public Relations at the Youth Board of Cyprus, spoke about the priority that the organization gives in relation to innovation in education and the empowerment of young people, as well as the support of the visual arts for the development of art education. She referred to the professional and educational challenges of the future for young people and pointed out the importance of STEM education. She spoke about the common understanding between the Youth Board of Cyprus and Graphic Stories Cyprus for taking action of a developmental nature with the aim of promoting critical-analytical thinking and creativity.




Andreas’ speech was about the design of the visual identity of this year’s conference, its design approach, research, influences and experiments. The presentation also touched upon the artistic poster workshop on the topic of “Cultural Heritage, One World, One Future”, organized by Graphic Stories Cyprus, which took place in November 2019, in Dubai.

The First Impression


Andreas is a creative designer who loves experimenting with visual communication projects. He is from Cyprus and relatively new to the world of design and holds a degree in Graphic Design from the Cyprus University of Technology. He has taken part in many National and International competitions achieving to win prizes and distinctions. His work has also been part of different graphic design, fine art and photography exhibitions. Some of his projects have also been published in different articles on the internet as well as in publishings, around the world. Besides his studies, Andreas works in the Graphic Design field, both for creative studios and individually as a freelancer, aiming high and working towards achieving his signature in the design industry.

Lakis Argyrou COMMUNICATION CONSULTANT BUSINESS COACH In his speech, Lakis presented the steps that lead to the accomplishment of networking and social media goals between professionals in tested development and progress paths. He was born in Nicosia, Cyprus and has been working at the Municipality there since 1990. He is a Certified Trainer of Vocational Training by the Human Resources Development Authority Cyprus. He holds a degree in Communication and Public Relations from University of Nicosia from which he graduated with distinction, another degree from the School of Public Relations at the Henshall Center in London and an awarded scholarship for his studies on Leadership and Community Service at the American University in Washington DC, USA.

Steps to Succeed in Professional Networking

Moreover, Lakis Argyrou is the founder and presenter of the FLY [First Love YourSelf] seminars that were presented with great success in all the cities of Cyprus, Athens and Thessaloniki. He is in favor of lifelong learning and therefore he makes sure to enrich and renew his knowledge, especially in his field of activity, attending seminars and participating in various groups of professionals, mainly internationally. 25

Michalis Vassiliou WEB DESIGNER & DEVELOPER Founder of Lightblack During his speech, Michalis talked about the importance of website design, UI/UX and his company Lightblack and how all departments work together cohesively towards a single goal.

Website Design, Development and Promotion

He is Cypriot and studied Multimedia at the University of Nicosia and Graphic Communication and Digital Media at Wolverhampton University in Birmingham. Coming back to Cyprus, he worked as a freelance graphic designer and in 2008 him and Andreas Hadjigeorgiou founded Lightblack. Today, Lightblack consists of 9 people and mostly develops Custom Web Applications. They have achieved the creation of a rich customer base from a vast spectrum of industries. As part of the team, Michalis designs websites and UI/UX while also functioning as the connecting link for the design department, the programmers, the marketing department and the clients. This gives him the opportunity to develop his knowledge and accentuate his know how, as it is imperative to always be on the lookout for new technological trends.


Ioannis Fetanis MULTIDISCIPLINARY DESIGNER Art Director Ioannis Fetanis presented a different field of visual communication and projects that follow multidisciplinary approaches. He was born in Athens and studied graphic design at the Athenian Artistic and Technological Group, where in 2004 he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts. He completed his studies in 2007 by obtaining an MA in Strategic Design & Visual Communication from Middlesex University, London. He is now working as a freelance designer whilst at the same time enjoys being active in groups with interests and actions in social fields such as Creative Action Network [USA], TEDx, as well as taking part in political communication projects.

I used to be a Graphic Designer

His endless creativity, guides him to participate frequently in graphic design competitions, exhibitions and biennales all over the world. Golden Bee [Moscow Global Biennale of Graphic Design], Good 50x70 [Milan Trienalle, Italy], Political Poster Show [Mons Trienalle, Belgium], Poster For Tomorrow [Paris Design Week], European Design Awards, EBGE [Greek Graphic Design & Illustration Awards], Hiiibrand Awards [Nanjing, China] & Young Lions Hellas [Cannes Lions Advertising Festival]. 27


Infographics in printed and electronic media


In her speech, Zoe showcased a variety of infographics and talked about the importance of the medium they are presented in, since it directly influences their design approach. Zoe Katsiyianni was born in Volos and studied at the Department of Graphic Design of the School of Graphic Arts and Art Studies of the TEI of Athens. From 1987 and for the next 24 years she worked in the studio of the newspaper Eleutheros Typos. Initially, she was involved in the design of the newspaper’s pages, the setting up of its inserts and magazines and later with the front page of the newspaper where she was in charge for 15 years. Since 2006 she has been mainly involved in the design of infographics. She has designed corporate and commercial graphic products for Greek companies and has been involved with the publication as well as the design of newspapers. For her graphics, that were published on the newspaper Eleutheros Typos, she has been distinguished in the EVGE Awards as well as in the European Newspaper Awards for 14 of her graphics and from the Botsis Foundation for her overall presence in the press, designing infographics. She is a member of ESIEA.

Corn Design Studio VASIA KALOZOUMI & ANDREAS XENULIS Vassia Kalozoumi and Andreas Xenulis, Co-Owners of Corn Studio talked about the steps and paths they took in order to take over international projects and how they managed to collaborate with Netflix, how should such a collaboration be presented online and shared some tips for clientele management. Corn Studio offers high-quality, tailor-made design solutions for visionary brands, no matter how big or small. Their clientele includes multinational companies & corporations, advertising agencies and individual entrepreneurs from the USA, Europe and Asia. The studio specializes in various fields of visual communication, providing creative direction, corporate branding & consultancy, packaging design and editorial design.

From the Hood to Hollywood


Panos Konstantopoulos INFOGRAPHIC DESIGNER Director of GR Design Magazine Panos Konstantopoulos’s speech highlighted the importance of journalism and matters of subjectivity and objectivity when designing infographics for news articles and newspapers.

Descriptive Journalism and Point of view


Panos studied Graphic Design in Athens and started as a marketeer and later as a graphic designer in the the greek newspaper “Kyriakatiki Eleftherotypia”. He was the Art Director of Alpha TV from 2000 to 2007 and Art Consultant at the Athens Concert Hall since 2001. He has designed a series of maps for travel magazines and travel guides and has published 14 personal books. Since 2002 he has been awarded for his graphics in “Kathimerini” at the European Newspaper Awards in Vienna and in 2018 by the Botsis Foundation for his overall presence in the press designing infographics. From 2008 to 2015 he was in charge of design in the graphics and map department of the newspaper “Kathimerini” and has also worked for ETHNOS, the Athens News Agency and ERT, designing infographics for the main news bulletin, and news sites. Lastly he is the editor-in-chief of grammabooks, a member of the Greekinfographics team, and directs the magazine GR Design.

Panos Vassiliou TYPE DESIGNER Founder of Parachute Typefoundry During his speech, Panos touched on the different characteristics of typefaces in recent history used on fashion publications and presented Parachute’s newly designed type specimens of Marlet, a typeface inspired by womanhood and femininity. Panos Vassiliou is a graduate of the University of Toronto with a major in Applied Science and Engineering. In his transition years from engineering to typography, he got involved with a theatre company, founded a design studio, a publishing house and pursued an academic career. In 2001 he founded ParachuteŽ, a professional type foundry which specialises in type design, lettering and branding. Panos has designed several award-winning typefaces, which include bespoke fonts for international companies and organisations such as Bank of America, European Commission, UEFA, Samsung, Ikea, Financial Times, National Geographic. He has received numerous international awards and distinctions for his typeface designs including a Red Dot Grand Prix.

In search of a new manifesto for humanist typefaces in a post-trend fashion world


Marios Tavelis & Chris Trimbach FOUNDER AND CEO OF CMI

Chris Trimbach, the founder and the current CEO of CMI was with us on Skype and talked about color management, digital printing and the color platforms that CMI offers. Their service optimizes colour print reproduction and maintains it, empowering the printer to produce predictable and repeatable colour quality.

Color Management


Marios Tavelis was born and raised in Nicosia and is an MBA holder, with a bachelor’s degree in business administration emphasizing in Computer Science. At his return in Cyprus, he started his career in digital printing in 2009 as a sales manager and production specialist in Xerox [Cyprus]. Back then digital printing was in its earlier stages and his contribution in the printing industry was vital in order to bring professional digital printing in Cyprus. With his attendance to print exhibitions abroad, seminars, trainings and academical background, he is able to provide solutions not only on color management but printing workflows as well. Color management is a way of ensuring the consistent color of images or graphics across different media and devices and digital printing is not an exception. To achieve this consistency, you need the knowledge, procedures and the right tools.

Marios Theologis PHOTOGRAPHER Founder of MATH Studio Marios’ presentation was focused on artistic photography, lightning and techniques and amongst others, the treatment of the nude in a tasteful manner. Marios is a photographer specializing in advertising photography, based in Greece with a background in illustration, advertising and art direction. He has had the opportunity to stand behind the camera for many successful and awarded advertising campaigns around Europe. He has won several ERMIS awards in the National Advertising Festival, and EVGE awards. His work is published in globally acknowledged collections such as EPICA, ARCHIVE, and ADSOFTHEWORLD. His artistic interests mainly focus on nudes and portraits. However, the fascination of photography, the play of light and shadow, as well as a photorealistic approach prevailing in his designs soon made him turn to photography.


Lastly, he founded MATH Studio that now employs a powerful team of talented photographers and illustrators, delivering demanding projects with meticulous care for detail and impeccable results and that way he has been able to expand his activities both in advertising and in artistic photography. 33
















Design for Animation BY KATERINA PANTELA




Photorealistic Digital Painting BY COSTIS PAPATHEODOROU

Workshop for Children BY PANAYIOTA MICHAEL


Katerina Pantela CHARACTER DESIGNER CONCEPT ARTIST Design in animation is a storytelling tool. This fast paced workshop lead by Katerina Pantela was aimed towards animation, film, design professionals and college students who want to be introduced into the world of design for broadcast animated productions.

Design for Animation


The participants had the opportunity to experience a mock up of the pre-production design pipeline for animation, how design is used to convey and reflect the story, and how it relates and serves the other departments in a production environment. Furthermore, the participants worked based on a written story outline that was provided as a production brief with delegated responsibilities amongst them. This allowed the formation of the two main production design departments: character design and environment/prop designers who needed to collaborate so as to produce key art for the specific project of the workshop.


Ioannis Fetanis MULTIDISCIPLINARY DESIGNER Art Director The purpose of this workshop by Ioannis Fetanis required the participants to create from scratch an experimental alphabet for editorial usage with the aim being the highlight of the multicultural character of a modern society.

Glyph & Pilcrow

On the first day of the workshop, fundamental type design principles were presented to the participants. The influence of this special form of workshop seminar is inspired by the artistic movement of Dada. The notable part that took place during these creative hours was an escape attempt to achieve a limitless inspirational environment of creation from strict design standards. The second day of the workshop focused on the design & implementation of an editorial issue. This was a challenge for the participants to exclusively use the completed typographical projects that emerged during workshop’s first round during the editorial design process. Upon completion, the whole team jointly decided about the final presentation of the workshop’s results!



Panos Konstantopoulos INFOGRAPHIC DESIGNER




This workshop was aimed at participants who wanted to develop their knowledge and skills in creating infographics for the printed media, as well as for the digital media including television and the so-called smart devices. During the workshop the participants had the opportunity to learn and to practice through a wide variety of scenarios that were presented to them by the workshop leaders, who also showcased a variety of infographics and talked about the importance of the medium they are presented in, since it directly influences their design approach. In the same time, they highlighted the importance of journalism and matters of subjectivity and objectivity when designing infographics for news articles, newspapers and the television.


Costis Papatheodorou DIGITAL ILLUSTRATOR

Photorealistic Digital Painting

This workshop was aimed at participants who wanted to develop their digital painting skills, learn the basics and some cutting edge methods and techniques from a top digital painter. During the workshop, Costis Papatheodorou showed how to draw realistic colored and grayscale portraits, explained painting fundamentals such as shape, form, light, color and tone values, presented the advantages and disadvantages of digital painting softwares as well as tips, tricks and shortcuts, and lastly talked about the phenomenon of under-drawing [imprimatura] and how to take advantage of it. Costis Papatheodorou is an Athens based Greek artist. He started working as an art director in advertising agencies for international and regional clients. He soon realized that he wanted to become an illustrator and has been working as one for the last 15 years. His illustrations have been featured as cover, interior pieces and tutorials for Newsweek Int. Edition, L’ Echo des Savanes and Photoshop Creative Magazine. Besides working as an advertising illustrator, he also finds great joy in painting portraits and caricatures.



Panayiota Michael GRAPHIC DESIGNER Cartoon Illustrator

Workshop for Children Sponsored by L’ARIS Creative Art Store


In this workshop, children had the opportunity to learn step by step how to create their own cartoon characters inspired by the world cultural heritage, which was this year’s conference concept. Characters such as Arodafnousa from Cyprus, Robin Hood from England, Dracula from Romania, the Polish mermaid, Fairies and Elves became the inspiration for children to create their own imaginary world, where myths and traditions merged into one on their posters, giving the message of peace and love between the nations. Panayiota Michael was born in Paphos in 1987 and she studied Illustration for Animation in the United Kingdom. She works as a Graphic Designer & Cartoon Illustrator in Paphos where she participated in a variety of art projects and workshops. In 2009 she represented Cyprus in Brussels at the Eurocartoon Exhibition as she was honored with the 1st Prize in the National Cartoon Contest in Cyprus. In 2014 she was invited to visit public schools in order to present the profession of cartoon artist and show to hundreds of children how to design their own cartoons.






Cultural Heritage One World, One Future 4TH INTERNATIONAL POSTER CONTEST

Graphic Stories Cyprus invited all the creative people to take part in the 4th international poster contest titled “Cultural Heritage, one World, one Future” and to see their work printed, by creating their own postal card. The international contest was part of the 6th Conference on Graphic Design and Visual Communication in Cyprus that took place on 6-8 of March 2020 in Nicosia. Cultural heritage is of universal value to man and society and can play an important role in building the future of mankind. Cultural heritage shapes both our identity and our everyday life, as well as our future in the common world that we all live. The subject of the “Cultural heritage, one World, one Future” contest, and the corresponding exhibition, aimed at highlighting and promoting the value of Cultural Heritage and the importance of diversity in relation to it, for the common future of all people on earth. Participants in the contest were invited to visualize their thoughts, ideas and concerns on the value of Cultural Heritage and answer the question on how our cultural diversity can be our strength to enhance the sense, that we belong to a common world and share a common future.

Exhibition Inauguration BY CHRYSANTHOS FAKAS

Contest’s Jury Awards Ceremony


Chrysanthos Fakas MUNICIPAL COUNCILOR, NICOSIA On behalf of the Honorable Nicosia Mayor, Mr. Constantinos Yiorkadjis

Poster Exhibition Inauguration

The exhibition’s title was “Cultural Heritage, One World, One Future”, which included the 50 distinguished works of the 4th International Poster Contest organized by Graphic Stories Cyprus. The exhibition, which was hosted by the Bank of Cyprus Cultural Foundation in Faneromeni was adorned with the works of 11 invited renowned artists and designers. The inauguration as well as the awarding of the winners took place on Friday, March 6, 2020, after the end of the scheduled lectures. The opening of the exhibition was held by the Municipal Councilor of the Municipality of Nicosia, Mr. Chrysanthos Fakas, on behalf of the Honorable Mayor of Nicosia, Mr. Konstantinos Yiorkadjis. Alongside the exhibition, posters with the same concept were created during the poster workshop held in November 2019 at the American University Emirates in Dubai, were hosted at the same venue. The workshop was attended by 20 AUE University students and was conducted under the guidance of Aggeliki Athanasiadi and Andreas Panayi.







David Carson Yiannis Charalambopoulos Ilias Pantikakis Tasos Anastasiades Costas Mantzalos Felipe Jacome Kiril Sukhanov Vladimir Radibratovich Costis Papatheodorou Irwan Harnoko Alexey Alexandrov



A renowned Graphic designer, AD+C Dr, David Carson was the keynote speaker at the 5th Conference on Graphic Design and Visual Communication in Cyprus, where he visited Cyprus for the first time, invited by Graphic Stories Cyprus. Carson has worked with the worlds largest agencies on a variety of projects, including branding for Microsoft, Bose, Nike, Armani. David worked as “Artist in Residence” at Ad agency 72andSunny. In 2018 Carson was named freelance CCO at startups @Plastaway [anti plastic] and @frntside, [a hi tech sports app.]. Apple computers called Carson “A pioneer with profound impact”. He’s the recipient of graphic design’s highest award, the AIGA Gold. London’s CR mag called Carson “the art director of the era”. Davids currently works from Amsterdam.


Yiannis Charalambopoulos GRAPHIC DESIGNER Co-Founder of Beetroot Design Group Yiannis Charalambopoulos is a Graphic Designer and the Co-Founder of Beetroot Design Group. Yiannis studied Graphic design and Typography at AKTO college of design in Athens and continued his studies in London with an MA course in Typographic Studies at the London College of Communication. After returning to Thessaloniki in 2000, he founded Beetroot Design Group together with Alexandros Nikou & Vagelis Liakos. He is actively involved in education since 2008. He has worked at AKTO and the American College of Thessaloniki, has participated in lectures on issues related to visual communication such as TEDx Academy and ADC [Art Directors Club Stuttgart]. Beetroot Design Group is a visual communication agency, design powerhouse and think-tank that provides diverse and exciting design solution for a wide range of clients including: Nestle, Onassis Foundation, Microsoft, National Bank of Greece, Municipality of Thessaloniki, etc. Beetroot has won some of the most prestigious distinctions in the industry including: ADC * E awards, the Grand EBGE [Greek Awards Graphic Design and Illustration], and in 2011 Beetroot won the Red Dot Design as the best visual communication agency in the world. 69

Ilias Pantikakis GRAPHIC DESIGNER Beetroot Design Group Ilias Pantikakis has been a core member of Beetroot Design Group since 2006. He lives and works in Thessaloniki, Greece and he is a multidisciplinary graphic designer with a wide variety of interests. His main intrests and expertise lie at the intersection of design, code and technology.



Tasos Anastasiades is an Assistant Professor at the European University of Cyprus. In 2004, he started publishing “Plastic Comics”, the first comic book series created in Cyprus. In 2014, he published the graphic novel titled “Fascista” and became a publishing partner and contributing artist at the first Cypriot comic book anthology titled “Current“. He has been involved in numerous cultural events and in 2017 he was selected by the Cyprus Embassy in Romania and the Cyprus Ministry of Education and Culture to represent his country at the 5th European Comics Festival organized by the European Union National Institutes for Culture [EUNIC]. Tasos has recently completed the graphic novel ‘The Traveller’ which is a collaboration with the acclaimed writer, chief editor and owner of T-Pub Comics, Neil Gibson.



Costas Mantzalos’ academic career started in 1989 at Frederick Institute of Technology in Nicosia, Cyprus, where he still resides until present. Between 2008 - 2016 he was the Dean of the School of Architecture Fine and Applied Arts of the University and as Dean of the School, he was responsible for 2 departments [Architecture and Fine and Applied Arts] and liaised mainly with the Departmental Chairs in order to promote teaching and research. His teaching and research involvement revolves around the areas of interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary teaching and learning. His main teaching area is Information Design and Research Methodologies for postgraduate students and the teaching pattern has always contributed to efficient and exciting teaching and learning as well as the promotion for visual intelligence, literacy and competence. Parallel to his academic career, Costas Mantzalos is a design consultant for international organizations such as Hilton Hotels, Tetra Pak, Unicef, as well as the cofounder of the TWO|FOUR|TWO art group, a two-person group working as an entity, an arts collective with national and international personal shows and participations. 72


Felipe Jácome studied Graphic Arts at the “Institute of Plastic Arts, Daniel Reyes”, studied Graphic Design and Process Control at the Catholic University of Ecuador and obtained a Master’s Degree in Digital Graphic Design by the International University of La Rioja in Spain. He has extensive experience in the field of illustration, typography, printing techniques and digital design. For 12 years he has worked in the field of teaching in several Universities and Institutes on the field of design and visual communication. He currently teaches in workshops and conferences in the area of visual communication, develops design projects focused on social posters, cultural management and strengthening the graphic identity. He also represents Ecuador in competitions, festivals and international posters invitations, exhibiting his artwork in several countries of the world. He is the founder of the Acervo Ecuatoriano del Cartel, member of Advisory Committee of Ecuador Poster Bienal, member of Designers with Heart, Worldwide Graphic Designers and international collaborator of Escucha Mi Voz.


Kirill Sukhanov ARTIST

Kirill Sukhanov was born in 1953 in Moscow, Russia. He Studied arts and applied arts at the “Art College dedicated to the memory of 1905� in Moscow. He is a member of the Union of USSR Designers. Kirill is a laureate of many Russian and International art and graphic design contests. He currently works as an artist and graphic designer and is the founder of ICD Design Bureau, with many local and international customers.



Vladimir Radibratovic is half Serb, half Croatian. He moved to Greece in 1991, avoiding to take part in the war in Yugoslavia. He has studied Architecture and Arts in Belgrade and before coming to Greece he was as an illustrator in Yugoslavia. Eleven [11] of his illustrations were used as covers for 3 different political magazines in his country. In his new home, he worked as an illustrator for several of the best magazines and newspapers, and he also worked in the field of advertising. At the same time, he dedicated himself to calligraphy, lettering and font design. He has won the EBGE [Greek Graphic Design and Illustration Awards] five times, and has received 7 merits. He lived in Athens with his wife Mina and his two sons, Ivan-Orestis and Boris-Myron. He loves Greece for all the positive, and closes his eyes for the negative sides and dreams of a better tomorrow.


Costis Papatheodorou DIGITAL ILLUSTRATOR

Costis Papatheodorou is an Athens based Greek artist. He started working as an art director in advertising agencies for international and regional clients. He soon realized that he wanted to become an illustrator and has been working as one for the last 15 years. His illustrations have been featured as cover, interior pieces and tutorials for Newsweek Int. Edition, L’ Echo des Savanes and Photoshop Creative Magazine. Besides working as an advertising illustrator, he also finds great joy in painting portraits and caricatures.


Irwan Harnoko GRAPHIC DESIGNER Design Professor Irwan Harnoko is a graduate of design and fine arts at Trisakti University, where he received a Master’s degree. Irwan is a graphic designer, and also an academic teacher. He has held exhibitions and design events and has also been a jury and participated in various prestigious poster exhibitions, both in Indonesia and abroad [especially in China, Poland, South Korea, Japan, Russia and Iran]. Irwan is the founder of the Worldwide Graphic Designers community which has held exhibitions in three countries: Greece, Cyprus and Indonesia. He is also founder of the Type Unite community [Members consist of several universities, from within and outside the country: Indonesia, USA, Poland, China, Denmark, Turkey, Ecuador, Mexico, United Arab Emirates and South Korea]. Currently Irwan works as a teacher at three universities in Jakarta - Indonesia [Bina Nusantara University, Tarumanagara University, Pelita Harapan University and Pradita Institute] especially in Typography courses.



Alexey Alexandrov was born in 1956 in the former USSR. He received higher education in the Academy of Design and Arts in the city of Kharkov. Aleksandrov is an honorary associate professor at the Russian Kosygin State University in Moscow. For 35 years he has been engaged in art, design and other related activities. Aleksandrov’s artworks are in private collections in the USA, Russia, Japan, Switzerland. He lives and works in Moscow and is the Founder and Head of the Aleksandrov House of Design.



Categories & Prizes 4TH INTERNATIONAL POSTER CONTEST The Bank of Cyprus, together with the Greek font design company Parachute Typefoundry, offered the prizes of the contest, of a total value of €2500. The awards were presented by Nicosia’s City Councilor Chrysanthos Fakas, the founder of Parachute Typefoundry, Panos Vassiliou and the internationally renowned graphic designer and partner of Graphic Stories Cyprus, Mr. Charis Tsevis. The commemorative prizes of the competition were provided by OXRA Design Company and designer Christos Grigoriadis. 1. International distinction for Professional Visual Communication Designers. Prize: A fonts collection worth of €500 from Parachute & €300 2. International distinction for Higher Education Students [University or College] of Visual communication. Prize: A fonts collection worth of €500 from Parachute & €300 3. Cypriot distinction for Higher Education Students [University or College] of Visual Communication. Prize: €200 4. Cypriot distinction for Lyceum and Technical School Students. Prize: €200 80

















Adonis Papadopoulos, Cyprus 87



Gerasimos Choraitis, Greece 89

Chia Hsiang Lee, Taiwan 90

Kostas Kanellopoulos, Greece 91

Luis Antonio Rivera Rodriguez, Mexico 92

Vicky Deli, Greece 93

George Nikolaidis, Greece 94

Xuzhen Wang, China 95

Agnes Rozzman, Hungary 96

Naandeye Garcia Villegas, Mexico 97

Gholamreza Safari, Iran 98

Jonathan Cumberland, USA 99

Sha Feng, China 100

Paris Koutsikos. Greece 101

Bianca Consiglio, Italy 102

Omar Batista Jimenez, Cuba 103

Petros Vasiadis, Greece 104

Abdulkerim Turkaya, Turkey 105

Efftihia Katchis, Cyprus 106

Victor Kovalenko, Russia 107






Carilla Karahan, Turkey 111

Wang Chu, China 112

Mirna Pierre, USA 113

Quanqing Yu, China 114

Mengjie Lv, China 115

ZiYi Fei, China 116

Jiaxi Li, China 117






Michaella Michail, Cyprus 121

Natassa Panayiotou, Cyprus 122

Dionisis Siamagkas, Greece 123

Kleanthis Loizou, Cyprus 124

Nikoleta Tourlouki, Cyprus 125

Olga Bitsaki, Greece 126

Philippos Hadjibeys, Greece 127

Angelos Angelakis, Greece 128

Alexandra Timonina, Russia 129

Thomas Lioulios, Greece 130

Maria Nefeli Papadiamanti, Greece 131

Anna Demetriou, Cyprus 132







Constantinos Hayes, Cyprus 137

Slavi Ivancheva, Cyprus 138

Korina Georgiadou, Cyprus 139

Maria Longinou, Cyprus 140

Victoria Ganshin, Cyprus 141

Panayiota Solea & Andrea Spyrou, Cyprus 142

Stephanos Panayides, Cyprus 143

Lampros Lazarou, Cyprus 144

Emili Ioannou, Cyprus 145

Chrysa Kanari, Cyprus 146





Aggeliki Athanasiadi, Cyprus 150

Andreas Panayi, Cyprus 151

Valentinos I. Scriban, Cyprus 152

Irwan Harnoko, Indonesia 153

Aristarchos Papadaniel, Greece 154

Tasos Anastasiades, Cyprus 155

Felipe Jacome Lopez, Ecuador 156

Corn Studio, Greece 157

Costas Mantzalos, Greece 158

Panayiota Michael, Cyprus 159

Mohammad Ali Soleymani, Iran 160
















Graphic Stories the Book



Graphic Stories THE BOOK The book “Graphic Stories” [Nicosia 2019, p. 256] by visual communication designer and author Aggeliki Athanasiadi, gathers 62 theoretical articles on Graphic Arts and Visual Communication as well as 28 interviews of important professionals in the field of graphic design and arts, from Greece, Cyprus and abroad. “Graphic Stories” is a complete Greek language “road map” of modern graphic design as it fully covers every basic aspect of visual communication and graphic design. The aim of the author is to initiate and familiarize the reader with the basic themes of visual communication and design, the most important principles, theories, faculties, trends and parameters associated with it, causing not only his curiosity but also the trigger for further study and research by the reader. The book “Graphic Stories” addresses not only professional designers and students of higher education in the field of Graphic Arts and Visual Communication, but also to high school students as well as to anyone looking for a comprehensive guide to the creative world of contemporary visual arts. “Graphic Stories” can be considered as a modern reference guide, the first and only one of its kind, for graphic arts and visual communication in Greece and Cyprus.

More information www.graphicstoriescyprus.com Contact graphicstoriescyprus@gmail.com





Aggeliki Athanasiadi CREATIVE DIRECTOR Founder of Graphic Stories Cyprus Aggeliki Athanasiadi is a visual designer and author. She has a strong background in print and digital communication and advertising. She holds a Master’s degree in Branding. She believes in the effectiveness of teamwork and personal and professional development through continuing education. She is a founding member of the Visual Communication Designers Club, VCDC and a member of the C-IDEA International Trainers Association. She organizes the “Behance Portfolio Reviews” in Cyprus. She is a member of the board of the Cyprus Creative Club, the local representative of the Art Directors Club of Europe [ADC*E]. Aggeliki is the founder and Creative Director of Graphic Stories Cyprus and also the co-organizer of the Design Forum “10’ design talk”. The Graphic Stories album - book is her first authoring work. She has participated in art and graphic design exhibitions in Greece, Cyprus, Russia, UAE, China, Korea, Indonesia, Ecuador & Serbia. Portfolio: www.behance.net/makadcy Blog: http://makadcy.blogspot.com Contact: aggeliki.mk@gmail.com


Miltos Karras GENERAL COORDINATOR Co-Founder of Graphic Stories Cyprus Miltos Karras studied Physics at the University of Athens, Greece and since 1999 he works as a Physics Teacher. He has worked for the Departments of Physics and Informatics and Telecommunications of the University of Athens. In 2002 he published a book under the title “Software Development in a Programming Environment”, which is about software programming and has been reissued seven times since then. He works as a coordinator to various European Educational Erasmus+ Programs. Miltos collaborates with Microsoft as a Certified Microsoft Inovative Educator Expert and he is also involved in educational robotics teaching. He is a member of the the Cyprus Computer Society and the scientific comittee of Robotex. His love for photography and applied arts, was the catalyst for his engaging with the Visual Communication community. In 2004 he and a group of graphic designers founded the Greek community VCDC - “Visual Communication Designers’ Club” [www.vcdc.gr].



Organising team Aggeliki Athanasiadi Founder & Creative Director Miltos Karras Co-Founder & General Coordinator Valentin Scriban Coordinator Andreas Panayi Visual Designer Rafael Englezos Motion Graphics Lefteris Kokkinakis Filming & Editing Michalis Theocharides Photography Irene Karotsi Graphic Designer Aristarchos Papadaniel Radio & Media Voice Over Charis Tsevis Special Associate Michalis Vassiliou Web Design Stavros Ktistis Financial Officer

More information www.graphicstoriescyprus.com graphicstoriescyprus@gmail.com 183




T h e 6 t h C o n fe re n ce o n G ra p h i c D e s i g n & Visual Communication, G ra p h i c S t o ri e s C y p r u s , is held with the c o o p e ra t i o n & s u p p o r t o f :








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6th Graphic Stories Cyprus 2020  

6th Conference on Graphic Design and Visual Communication in Cyprus Graphic Stories Cyprus 2020 The Conference was held with the Cooperatio...