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No bicycle? No problem! Thanks to Tulsa Townies, a bike rental service, Tulsans can take advantage of the area’s biking trails without investing in expensive equipment. Seventy-five bicycles are available for rent at the city’s cycle stations located along Riverside at 19th Street, 41st Street and in Jenks at 96th Street. Though rentals are free, a credit card is required. The bikes, provided by the Warren Medical Research Foundation, are pink in honor of Saint Francis Health System, as well as to prevent theft. For more information about bike rental as well as maps of trails, visit – Jami Mattox

Pedals And Pours Like most bike bars, Soundpony is a clubhouse for its community of cyclists of the pedaling kind, though all are welcome. With a birthday party in May that celebrated its ninth year, Soundpony fans filled the space to cheers their favorite hangout spot. An environment that nods to the lifestyles of owners Mike Wozniak and Josh Gifford, who attended the University of Oklahoma together and have always been in the service industry, as well as most of the patrons that enjoy Soundpony – entertaining, cycling, health, community, friendship, fun – its décor and attitude don’t represent a theme successfully pulled off, but rather what fits when creating a meeting place for their friends and other like-minded individuals. “This is our life,” Gifford says. “All this stuff on the walls, it’s not Mike and I’s, it’s all our customers bringing us things … we have national championship jerseys in here, those people live in Tulsa.” More than just a place for cyclists to grab



a cold brew after a long ride, Soundpony is a supporter of local musicians, which makes for an entertaining evening for its fans while allowing artists to share their music with the masses. And what’s a cyclist bar without a cycling team? Team Soundpony is “an eclectic, all-inclusive, competitive crew of lads and lasses that encourage all participants regardless of skill, age, sex or race,” according to the team. “If you’ve ever ridden a bike before, you can join our team,” Gifford says. The inclusivity and eclectic mix of people that make up its cycling team is exactly what fills Soundpony each day after 4 p.m. 409 N. Main St., Tulsa. – Brittany Anicetti

Biking Benefits

When we were children, learning to ride a bike was a rite of passage. We started off with training wheels, then shed them once we learned to balance on two wheels. We would ride for pleasure, for sport and to get from one place to another. Ann Walton, director of St. John Siegfried Health Club in Tulsa, says that the beauty of the bicycle is that it can provide both pleasure and exercise. “The bicycle could kill two birds with one stone,” she says. “It is good for going to work, getting groceries, even if you’re going shopping or visiting a friend. It gets you from point A to point B, and you’re also getting the health benefits the bicycle brings.” Walton says that bicycling works both the upper and lower body as well as provides a cardio workout. It’s ideal for all activity levels. “If you’re overweight, it’s a good activity to get a cardio workout in because it takes weight off your joints,” she says. “Also, for the older population, if they’re suffering from arthritis, it relieves joint inflammation. There are tri-bikes – those with three wheels – if you have balance issues.” For those who prefer to ride indoors, Walton adds that cycling indoors, utilizing stationary bikes or at a spin class, provides just as good a workout as cycling outdoors. “Spinning may improve endurance,” she says. “When you’re outside on a bike, you’re coasting downhill a lot. There is a lot of working, then not having to work. On a stationary bike or during a spin class, you can work a full hour. It’s all about how much you want to challenge yourself.” She recommends that those interested in cycling rent a bike and ride on a flat, level surface for 30 minutes to an hour before investing in a new bicycle and gear. Those interested in beginning a spin class should visit with the instructor 10 to 15 minutes prior to class to learn the basics. – J.M.

Oklahoma magazine June 2015  

In the last decade, cycling in Tulsa has let off the brake, steering full speed into the mainstream. As more people begin pedaling, interest...

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