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annual report 2019

Chairman’s Report The last year has seen some significant changes take place within Archway, none of which would have been possible without the hard work and dedication of staff and directors alike, the support of our fundraising team and the generous backing of parents and supporters. Previous reviews have alluded to the various initiatives that were in hand and the last year has seen most of these come to fruition. The biggest single event was the purchase of a detached bungalow in St Margaret’s Place. From when it was purchased in May 2018, the property has undergone

significant alterations to make it the permanent home for 4 persons with learning difficulties. As you can well imagine, the amount of work involved in changing the status of the property to a HMO, achieving planning consent and carrying out the necessary alterations, as well as developing the necessary procedures and legal documentation to run a Care at Home / Housing Support Service, took considerable effort by everyone involved. Mention must also be made of the goodwill and support of the local authority who endorsed our plans.

permanent residents a short break with their carers, has proved a popular and welcome addition to the services Archway provide.

2019 also saw the first full year of operation of our specially adapted caravan at Parkdean’s Lochloy site in Nairn, which saw the facility being very well used by Archway families, permanent residents and users. The opportunity to have a family holiday, or for our

In addition, our charity shop at 94 Rosemount Place completed its first year of trading since opening and has been extremely successful due in no small part to the management and volunteers who run the shop on a daily basis and the innovative and

imaginative way in which the stock is presented and sold. In order to achieve the above and ensure Archway was structured to meet the challenges ahead and strategic direction set, a new company, Archway Charitable Trust (ACT), was formed. The new company will be responsible for the principal assets of Archway raised through fundraising and deciding on the viability, financial or otherwise, of future services. The original company, Archway (Respite Care and Housing) Ltd (ARCH) will remain as the operating company responsible for the delivery of current and future services.

Whilst the developments mentioned above were ongoing, the dedication and commitment of staff ensured the quality of care for which Archway has become known was maintained, as evidenced by the Care Inspectorate reports issued during the year. A tremendous vote of thanks must go to all staff and management for their efforts throughout the year.

Jim Sangster, Chairman

Our Vision Archway’s purpose is to create a network of care which supports the individual and the family, values their uniqueness, upholds their rights and respects their dignity.

Welcome from our General Manager, Emma Watson Hello again. This past year has been one of the busiest I have experienced whilst working at Archway with our new St Margaret’s Place service being developed. It has been great to be involved right from the very start of the development – with

the planning of the renovations right through to getting the house ready for people to move into. Our other recent developments – Betty’s Place, our holiday home at Nairn and the Charity Shop also continue to be busy and successful. Last year we also started supporting the 7 till 9 Club. With the opening of St Margaret’s Place and the changes that are taking place at Berryden Mills to make it all permanent care we will be growing from 12 permanent care plans to 20!

We know how important the next step is for the people who use our respite services and their families, so it is great to be able to develop these services for the people we support. Providing respite breaks continues to be a focus for Archway – we know how important regular respite breaks are for the people that we support and their families. Our 3 respite services continue to provide a range of respite breaks to approximately 160 children and adults with learning disabilities. We also continue to provide day activities for some of our permanent residents through our day group who get together 4 days a week. Behind the scenes we have been reviewing and updating our Admin systems, we have updated and launched our new website

Our Values Encourage individuals, families and staff to participate in decisions relating to the Service Place the individual and family at the centre of our work and we have been looking at how we keep in touch with people and let people know about what we do. Our social media pages are a great opportunity for us to do this – and I would like to encourage you all to keep liking and sharing our posts! We couldn’t do any of the things that we do without our staff and volunteers who work so hard across our services, our Admin Office and the Charity Shop. Thank you all so much for all that you do to make Archway the great place that it is. Emma Watson General Manager

Provide a stimulating and safe environment Promote the well-being of the individual Strive to ensure continuity of service Act with openness and honesty Conduct all business in a professional and businesslike manner, with emphasis on financial control and professional standards of care and management

Emily’s Story

physical and organ development before and after birth was missing - which Mum says explained some of the problems that had affected me since I was born. It was good for us to know why things were like they were and let Mum and Dad and teachers and doctors give me the help and support I needed. When I left school, Mum gave up her job to spend more time with me as I was at home more. I was 21 in July and celebrated with a party for my family and friends. At home I like to play video games and create anima

Hi - I’m Emily. I live at home with my Mum and Dad, Fiona and Kevin but I enjoy time at Archway too. I was born with a rare genetic condition called Rubenstein-Taybi Syndrome - which we didn’t find out until I was sixteen after I had a big operation on my back as the doctor noticed that my spine had started to curve when I was thirteen. The doctors then did some other tests and it turns out that part of one of the genes important for

I laugh a lot when I am at Archway and I’ve made some nice friends.

characters and stories and write them in my notepads. I love strong female characters. I also like dressing up as characters from my video games and that I

have made up. I would have liked to have been a surgeon and love everything medical. Holby City is one of my favourite programmes. Since last year Mum and I have been volunteering at the Archway Charity Shop. It has been such good fun. We’ve made loads of new friends and I have learned how to use the till, sort clothes and deal with customers. I’ve become much more confident - I didn’t think I could do it, but I said I would model at the Archway Fashion Show in June. I was really nervous at the rehearsals but Kelly - one of the shop managers - did it with me and we just rocked the catwalk on the night. I just loved it! Mum modelled too and Dad took the pictures so we all had a really good time.

I now volunteer at the shop with Ruth, my support worker, once a month and we both enjoy that too. I see Ruth 2 days a week. Ruth and I do other things too - we go out shopping, we are working on my housekeeping skills - how to change my bed, do washing etc so I can be as independent as possible. I go to Archway Two Mile Cross. It was hard at first as it’s the only time I am away from Mum and Dad but I enjoy it now. My group is made up with people of a similar age and we go out a lot - for meals, to the park, shopping and sometimes just for ice cream. We have games nights and other themed nights - including fancy dress parties which I love as I can be one of the characters I have made up too.

The staff are really nice too. I laugh a lot when I am at Archway and I’ve made some nice friends. I wasn’t sure about going to Archway at first but I am really glad I did. I have fun at Two Mile Cross and have my new friends at the Archway Charity Shop - and Mum does too. I have already put my name down for the next Fashion Show because thanks to Archway I know I can do it - and do other things I really thought I couldn’t. Who knows what I will do next!?? Emily xx

Feedback & Care Inspectorate Grades We are really pleased to continue to receive such positive feedback from the people who use our services and the positive grades we receive from the Care Inspectorate.

Some of the feedback received from these inspections included the following:

We observed warm, happy and caring interactions between staff and people who lived in the home or were visiting for respite

In 2018/19 our services received the following grades:

Two Mile Cross Quality of care and support – 6, excellent Quality of management and leadership – 6, excellent

Berryden Mills Quality of care and support – 5, very good Quality of environment – 5, very good

There was a very warm atmosphere… we heard lots of laughter and we saw people having fun and experiencing real joy

Westburn Road Quality of care and support – 5, very good Quality of staffing – 5, very good

Dyce Quality of care and support – 5, very good Quality of management and leadership – 5, very good

The organisation is parent led and has a strong commitment to the involvement of families in the development of services

The environment was decorated to a very high standard

Staff confirmed they felt well supported and received regular supervision

ic to be enthusiast We found staff ey th le op the pe and focussed on g they delivered rin su en d, supporte re rson centred ca high quality pe

Care and support was tailored to people’s particular needs and choices

Meet the Board Jim Sangster Our Objectives To understand and acknowledge that all our service users are individuals with rights and responsibilities To promote a feeling of safety, through good basic care and person-centred planning To include service users in decisions that affects their lives by encouraging them to express their opinions and ideas To plan activities, both in house and externally, that meet individual’s interests To ensure the decoration and furnishings are homely and well maintained To maintain professional standards of care and management and financial control and to continually improve the standards of governance

Jim first became associated with Archway in 1983 as finance officer and on Archway’s incorporation in 1986 became its first Finance Director. Jim succeeded Betty Sheldon in 1996 as Chairman. Jim’s daughter Anna has been using Archway’s services since they began and now stays in permanent care at Berryden Mills. Jim spent most of his career in the oil industry where he assumed various financial roles in Shell and was a partner in Lancaster Consulting before his retirement in early 2016.

Roger Hessing Roger was one of the original members of the steering group that was set up in April 1983 by Betty Sheldon, who went on to become the first Chairman of Archway. He was appointed as a Director and Company Secretary on Archway’s incorporation in April 1986. Roger has a son with Down’s Syndrome. Roger is now retired having worked in numerous roles in the administration and logistics departments in the oil industry. Roger was a Director and Secretary for The Manor Project for a number of years and was on the Board of Inspire (Partnership through Life) until October 2015, both being voluntary organisations providing accommodation and services to people with learning disabilities.

Mike Bowyers

Dr Brian Brock

Ed Gardyne

Recently retired, Mike worked in the oil and gas industry for almost four decades in a variety of roles including MD of PES and UK VP of Halliburton. During his career he was involved in quite a few industry committees (and work groups) and for two years was a Board member of Oil & Gas UK.

Brian was appointed as a Director in January 2017. Brian is a Reader in Moral and Practical Theology at the University of Aberdeen, and the father of Adam, who has Down’s Syndrome and autism who goes to Westburn Road for respite.

Ed was appointed as Director in January 2017. Ed was born and brought up in Banchory, Aberdeenshire.

Most recently he served two 3-year terms as a non-executive board member of Aberdeen Harbour Board. A graduate of Aberdeen University he is a chartered engineer and chartered director. Mike is married to Frances (whose brother is Lawrence Morrice). Mike was appointed as a Director in March 2019.

Brian has written a wide range of scholarly essays on themes related to disability and is a Managing Editor of the Journal of Religion and Disability. He has also written monographs on the use of the Bible in Christian ethics as well as the ethics of technological development. He is also editor (with Prof. John Swinton) of Theology, Disability and the New Genetics: Why Science needs the Church (2007) and Disability in the Christian Tradition: A Reader (2012).

He graduated with a Science degree from Aberdeen University and is a Chartered Engineer and a Member of the Institute of Measurement and Control. He founded his business Safewell Solutions in 2005. Ed is married to Elizabeth and they have a grown up family of three including Hannah who was born prematurely in 1993 and has severe development delay and epilepsy. Hannah has been going to Dyce for respite since 2001.

Alan Milton

Thelma Morgan

Lawrence Morrice

Alan was born and raised in Aberdeen. He studied Chemistry at Aberdeen University and graduated BSc / PhD in 1970 / 1975. He joined Wiggins Teape (now Arjowiggins), Stoneywood Mill in 1973 direct from university and worked for that company in Aberdeen and South Wales for 40 years before retiring in 2013. As the Technical Manager for a specialised business sector, he also spent the last 30 years of his working life travelling worldwide. He has a son, Andrew, born in 1976 with Downs Syndrome. Andrew is a respite user at Westburn Road. Alan is married to Margaret, formerly a Principal Home Economics Teacher, and in addition to Andrew, they have another younger, married son and daughter, one grandson and two granddaughters. Alan was appointed as a Director in March 2019.

Thelma was one of the original steering group which was set up in April 1983 and was appointed as Director in April 1986. Thelma has a daughter Lesley who has being going to Westburn Road for respite since it opened in 1990. Thelma retired in 2006 having worked for Aberdeen City Council as an Area Officer and Assistant Registrar.

Lawrence was appointed as a Director in May 2014. Lawrence retired in 2010 after working 33 years as an agronomy consultant with the then SAC (Scottish Agricultural College). Lawrence has a son Paul, and a daughter Kirsteen who was born in 1978 who has a genetic abnormality that causes muscular incoordination and epilepsy. Kirsteen lives at home with her parents and uses shared care at Berryden Mills.

Alan Pilkington

Kenny Simpson

Hilary Smith

Alan was appointed as a Director in September 2006, having been a member of the original steering group and a Member of Archway since inception. He retired from Aberdeen City Council in April 2006, having held a number of senior social work posts over a 34 year career including Head of Service responsible for Community Care Services. In May 2007 Alan took up post as General Manager for Combined Child Health Services with NHS Grampian, retiring in September 2012. Alan is also a Director of Grampian Children’s Respite Service and the Chairman of the North East of Scotland Scout Region.

Kenny became a Director with Archway in October 2002. Kenny’s daughter Laura attended Two Mile Cross for respite before moving on to shared care at Berryden Mills. Kenny has had involvement with other voluntary organisations that have an involvement with disability issues. Kenny worked at Aberdeen City Council for a number of years in the building standards department and now works for Aberdeenshire Council as Building Standards Manager.

Hilary was appointed as a Director in May 2007. Hilary’s daughter Catherine has cerebral palsy and epilepsy and is a service user at Dyce. Hilary is a Chartered Member of the Institute of Personnel and Development and has worked as a Director of a Recruitment Consultancy and latterly as a lecturer for the Business School at The Robert Gordon University. Hilary is currently a full-time carer for her daughter.

Dave Stanley

Richard Woodhouse

Dave was appointed as a Director in May 2014. Dave studied BSc Electrical and Electronic engineering at RGIT (now RGU) and has worked in a variety of operations, sales and project management roles in the subsea robotics industry. He is currently Project Manager at Fugro in Aberdeen.

Richard is from Speyside and has a Chemical Engineering degree from Heriot Watt University.

Dave’s daughter, Beth, born 1990, has severe developmental delay and had been a user of Archway services at Two Mile Cross for several years before moving into shared care at Berryden Mills in 2014.

Richard and his family became part of the special needs community in 2002 when their first child Katie was born with severe disabilities. Richard and his wife Helen cared for Katie until she died suddenly aged 8. Richard was appointed as a Director in March 2019.

He has worked in oil and gas since 1995 for Shell and other smaller companies and is currently managing director of Dundas Consultants Ltd which he founded in 2011.

Our Aims The primary aims of Archway are: To provide or facilitate support for families using Archway services at all stages of our service users’ development To work together to ensure the provision of homely residential accommodation for adults with a learning disability that offers care and consideration for their physical, emotional and social needs To provide homely shared and extended care to help service users and their families engaged in the transition to adult living To provide homely accommodation for shortbreak care to people of all ages with all degrees of learning disability in order to share the task of caring with their relatives This statement is accepted by all Archway staff and reflects how we work with our service users and their families.

A Year at Archway in Photos...

June 19

Mickey, Ross and Jo-Jo had a great day at Deep Sea World

Hannah from Two Mile Cross joined Team Archway at the Kiltwalk

Andrew from Westburn Road took on a climbing wall

Archway resident Paul met some famous wrestlers

Raymond enjoyed some ice cream at Dyce

Berryden Mills goes Mexican for the evening

Jodie, Alex and Steven head off to Craig at Two Mile Cross having some Easter fun Haddo from Dyce

April 19

May 19

Nicola enjoys lunch out from Westburn Road

March 19 February 19 January 19

Anest gets crafty at our Day Group

Little Miss Kirsteen enjoys her book and jigsaw at Berryden Mills

Samantha enjoys Pancake Day at Two Mile Cross

Charlie shows off his skating skills

Talia and Ross build a snowman at Dyce

Nicola and Daniel make a Valentine card for everyone

Ben from Two Mile Cross had fun at the Duthie Park

Connor loved the new dressing up outfits at Dyce

Laura made a cake at Berryden Mills

December 18

Ann celebrated her 70th birthday at Westburn Road

Everyone enjoyed the Archway Christmas Party

November 18

Carolyn from Westburn Road loved this photo

Ross from Dyce enjoyed a trip to Nairn

The girls enjoyed a day out at Dyce

Halloween Fun At Archway

The Games Room at Westburn Road looks really spooky

Therapet Ralph visited Two Mile Cross

October 18

Aimee enjoys some fish and chips at Two Mile Cross

August 18 September 18

Val’s the caller at the Bingo Night at Berryden Mills

A fun day out at the Camphill Open Day

Claire and Chloe love the new roundabout at Dyce

Our Day Group go dolphin watching

We enjoyed taking part in Celebrate Aberdeen

July 18

Pauline and her Mum at the Two Mile Cross Garden Party

Mickey from Westburn Road enjoyed tandem biking at the park

Our Day Group went strawberry picking

Westburn Road went to the beach

Betty’s Fund Betty Sheldon was the inspiration behind Archway and became our very first Chairman in 1986 when Archway was registered as a charity. Betty was the driving force behind the Sitter Service in Aberdeen which was set up in 1977 from which Archway was born in 1983. Betty was also the driving force behind many sale of work meetings and early street collections which were extremely successful in fundraising for Archway.

Betty spent over 60 years in social work, initially working with families in some of the most deprived areas in post war Liverpool, before moving north of the border. The rest of her life was spent championing the cause of children with mental health problems and adults and children with learning disabilities – including guiding, encouraging, and empowering a small group of parents with learning disabled children to set up Archway. When she passed away in 2010 she left a substantial legacy to Archway which launched our Betty’s Fund Appeal. Betty’s Fund grew over the next few years with support and donations from EnQuest, other local companies and groups as well as individuals and families and following consultation with our service users and families we made our very first purchase from the fund in 2017. Named Betty’s Place we purchased a wheelchair accessible holiday home located in Nairn, for our service users, residents and families to benefit from. Our second development from the fund was early in 2018 when we opened our very first charity shop in Rosemount in Aberdeen.

Later in 2018 we purchased St Margaret’s Place, which we then renovated to be a supported living service for 4 adults with learning disabilities. We will be forever grateful to Betty and it is great to see her memory living on our new developments and services.

Betty Sheldon was the inspiration behind Archway

Archway Charity Shop Our Charity Shop enjoyed a successful and fun filled first year raising over £30,000. We celebrated with a special evening opening for families and friends and it was lovely to see so many Archway families there. Our thanks must go to all our amazing volunteers, our managers and of course everyone who kindly donates such lovely things for us to sell. The volunteer team - many of them Archway Mums (and a couple of Archway Dads and Brothers!) do a fantastic job making the shop so appealing. Our aim was that the shop would not only raise funds and awareness of Archway but could also provide supported work opportunities for some of the people we support. Emily and Nicola who are both respite users are both valued members of our

volunteer team – ably assisted by Mum’s Fiona and Lorna! Emily now also does a shift with her support worker. We are also working with Orchard Brae School offering work placements to their pupils too. Valerie, one of our permanent residents also does a great job as our official jigsaw puzzle checker too! We planned our first – but definitely not last – Charity

Shop Fashion Show where our volunteers, families and service users show cased some of our beautiful outfits and were entertained by Archway service user Shaun Sinclair’s band ‘Just In Case!’ We are working hard to ensure our next year is even more successful - and with such a great team the sky is the limit!

The shop is open from 10am – 4pm Monday – Saturday. It’s at 95 Rosemount Place, Aberdeen Donations of good quality clothing, household items, jewellery and handbags are always welcome. To volunteer t: 01224 465116 e:

Postcards from Betty’s Place Our specially adapted holiday caravan at Lochloy Caravan Park in Nairn remains very popular with Archway families and residents. It’s in a great location – right next to the beach, with a host of facilities on site including a pool, restaurant and daily entertainment.

Because of our ongoing fundraising activities, Betty’s Place is let at very low rates - to cover the annual running costs so as many of our families can use it as possible. Betty’s Place is available to book from 1st March – 30th November. We hope to help make many happy family memories for years to come! More details and information about availability can be found on our website It is also close to the town centre - so even those without transport can walk into the town centre and enjoy everything there.

Here are just some of the lovely holiday “snaps” we have received!

discharged as she was doing everything in the right order, just a bit delayed. However, alarm bells went off again at her 2 year assessment, and we were sent for a developmental assessment and hearing test. There was nothing wrong with her hearing, but she failed everything at the mental assessment and the doctor carrying it out told me in the coldest, cruellest way how bad things were. I hope if she knew the impact of those words she would have acted with more kindness and compassion.

Archway Mum Pat’s Story Our daughter Beth is 29 and we love her to bits. We had no idea anything was wrong when she was born or how important Archway was going to be to our family. At her 8 month assessment the health visitor thought something was amiss and we were referred to the Raeden Centre. Beth was almost a year old now. After tests there and some physiotherapy we were

I miss that she, and we, will never celebrate the usual milestones in life – going with her friends up to “big” school, her school prom, graduation, her wedding, her first baby.

tell us and we just have to go through everything to try to make her more comfortable and keep her well. Our family life has always revolved around Beth. While we tried to be fair to her brother, Iain, her needs were so great that he missed out on a lot. We often couldn’t do what he wanted to do, go where he wanted to go, have his friends over because Beth wouldn’t cope. I had a career as a pharmacist but couldn’t take a permanent job because I had to be there for Beth. It was back to Raeden for another assessment. This one concluded that Beth had global developmental delay of unknown cause. When she was five she also developed epilepsy. As she has grown up her disabilities have become more apparent. She has very little speech and her understanding is that of about a 3-5 year old. Her seizures have become more extreme and she often ends up in hospital. When there is something wrong, or she may be in pain, she can’t

Having a child with such profound disabilities as Beth has meant we have led a life we could never have imagined. I miss that she, and we, will never celebrate the usual milestones in life – going with her friends up to “big” school, her school prom, graduation, her wedding, her first baby. People say we are wonderful and amazing, but we are not. We are just doing what we have to do. I try to take a day at a time because the future is a scary place. We also celebrate the little things – which are big things to us - it still melts our hearts when she

gives us one of her cheeky grins or a hug. For over twenty years Archway has been an absolute life line for us. Initially she went to Two Mile Cross for respite breaks. It let us get some much-needed sleep and gave Iain a chance to come first and us a chance to do things together as a family. A few years ago she moved on to shared care at Berryden Mills and this year she moved into permanent care there. She has settled in really well, she is happy living with her friends and the staff know her so well that I can relax knowing that they can deal with anything Beth throws at them! We still worry every day what will happen to Beth when we are no longer here, but with Archway there to help we know she will be okay.

Fun & Fundraising Oh my goodness what a year! In the almost 20 years I have been fundraising for Archway I can’t remember another one like it! Just months after getting the Charity Shop and Betty’s Place at Nairn up and running, a property at St Margaret’s Place and with it the opportunity to create a new supported living service - the final piece of our Betty’s Fund Appeal arose. However while we had enough funds to buy it, we did not have the funds to convert and refurbish it and so had to set up another appeal very quickly to raise the funds needed for that.

Aberdeen Students Raising and Giving Campaign donated over £10,000 to our Archway@St Margaret’s Place Appeal

We launched our Archway @ St Margaret’s Place Supported Living Appeal in September 2018 and I am delighted to report that we raised the £150,000 needed to complete the project by the time the 4 ladies moved in in June this year. I knew we had some of the best supporters possible but this last year has proved it beyond any doubt! The response from Trusts, companies, individuals, families, churches, community groups and individuals was incredible and we are truly grateful to everyone for their support.

Craig Donaldson, Zander Bruce and the BP Subsea Team did a fantastic job transforming the back garden at Dyce

Archway Dad Phil Machray organised a Banchory Beast team

Our new wheelchair accessible mini bus cost over £40,000

Of course throughout all of this, we continued to fundraise for all our other services – the special equipment, mini buses outings and activities that everyone coming to Archway benefits from. Special thanks must go to EnQuest, Premier Oil and McGinty’s Group for their continued support and to Union Square for choosing us as their nominated charity of the year. Grants from the Budge Foundation, The Miss Caroline Jane Spence’s Fund and two donations from the Aberdeen Student’s Rag Campaign were also vital for our St Margaret’s Place Appeal.

Our new wheelchair roundabout at Dyce cost over £12,000

Mr Lawrence Findlay very kindly donated most of the contents of his late father’s house to sell at auction and at the Charity Shop.

Aberdeen Round Table raised funds for us at their Annual Burns Supper

Other groups have made a huge difference by volunteering their time and talents including BP Dyce Subsea who transformed the garden at Dyce. Aberdeen Round Table raised funds for us at their Annual Burns Supper which some of our service users also attended and really enjoyed. Individuals and teams have done amazing sporting challenges, celebrated special occasions, organised events and given so generously in other ways to support us.

Aberdeen Round Table member, Karl Lebidis, cycled 233 miles from Ardnamurchan Lighthouse to Peterhead Harbour in 1 day and raised over ÂŁ1,300

To each and everyone I would like to say a huge and heartfelt thank you. You have helped change lives, broaden horizons, and bring fun and laughter into the lives of some very special people. Everyone coming to Archway needs lifelong care and support. Next year we hope to do even more to ensure they enjoy life to the full. With your help I know we can do it. Janine Davies PR & Fundraising Manager Visions Photography Club supported Archway through the Grampian Eye Photography Competition

A Huge Thank You To All Our Friends Our thanks to all the companies, groups and individuals who have supported us over the last 12 months including:

Main Corporate Supporters: EnQuest, McGinty’s Group, Premier Oil, Union Square

Corporate Supporters:

Matthew, Robbie and the staff at TSB Dyce held a range of fundraising activities to support Archway Dyce

AC Morrison & Richards, Accumen, ASDA, BNI Alpha, BP Subsea, Burness Paull Solicitors, Conoco Phillips, R. Davidson’s

Joiners, Elmec Projects, Fugro, G&J Investments, John Mutch, Margaret Duffas Leasing, Prime Event Management, North Offshore Ltd, Re-Tek, RSM UK Ltd, Safewell Ltd, Securastore, Taylor’s Auction Rooms, Montrose, TAQA, Thistle Windows, TSB Dyce, The Stag Bar, Stena, Subsea UK, The Workshop UK Ltd, Thistle Windows, Wool For Ewe

Club & Community Support: Aberdeen Federation of Racing Pigeon Society, Aberdeen Rotary Club Dyce, Aberdeen Round Table, Aboyne Highland Games Committee, Association of American Women Aberdeen, Bank of Scotland Pensioners Club, Cults Parish Church, Culter Bridge Club, Deeside GC, Dyce Parish Church, Duff House Royal GC, Ferryhill Beer Festival, Fraserburgh GC, Kingston & Garmouth GC, Keith GC, Newburgh GC, Old Meldrum GC (in memory of Tony Anderson), Peterculter GC, St. Mary’s Episcopal Church, Visions Photography Club,

Individual Supporters: Hazel Angus (Painting Ladies Group), Aron Cairns, Mr & Mrs Clark, Lynn Clark, Miss MID Colburn, Margaret Costello, Agnes Dawson, Mr Lawrence Findlay, Mrs Peggy Finnie, Mrs Paula Fogiel,

Dr Peter Fogiel, Mr Fraser, Debbie Fraser, Maureen Hamilton, Mr & Mrs Gray, Graham Innes, Mandy Innes, Mrs Jappy, Stephen Leiper, J Mackay, Lorna McDonald, Mrs MacDonald, Mrs E McRobbie, Mr & Mrs Marshall, A Matthews, Dr Matthews, Stanley Matthews, C.B. Miller, Thelma Morgan, Mr & Mrs L Morrice, Mr & Mrs A Morrison, Francis Murray, David Rattray, Mr & Mrs A Skinner, Hannah Skinner, Mr & Mrs K Simpson, Alan & Sylvia Thom, Josh Smith, Hilary Smith, Catherine Smith, Lizzie Smith, Mr Steadman, Mr & Mrs D Stanley, Andrew & Carol Tarr, R Trengove, Chris Watson, Mr & Mrs Whyte

Trusts & Charitable Organisations: Aberdeen Students RAG Campaign, AC Morrison & Richards, ACC Festive Fund, The Budge Foundation, The Co-op Community Fund, John Gordon Charitable Trust, Miss Caroline Jane Spence’s Fund, PwC Foundation, Yorkshire Building Society Our thanks too to all the fantastic volunteers who gave up their time, talents and energy to help at one of our fundraising events, at our Charity Shop, or as part of our Friends groups, and to all those who donated raffle prizes other goods and services. We really appreciate your help – and couldn’t have done it without you.

A Message From One Of Our Corporate Supporters At Hammerson, we create vibrant, continually evolving spaces, in and around thriving cities, where people and brands want to be. Union Square, Aberdeen is one of the flagship destinations within the Hammerson portfolio. The centre opened to the public in 2009 and provides a combination of the best in traditional covered mall shopping and a shopping park. The scheme is adjacent to Aberdeen’s central railway station. Our sustainability vision is to create retail destinations that deliver net positive impacts economically, socially and environmentally. We aim to be Net Positive in four areas where we have the greatest material impacts and therefore the greatest opportunities to drive change. One of these areas is in Socio-Economic Impacts. The team at Union Square were delighted to be able to support Archway through our annual bursary award and work so closely

together on a number initiatives during the past year. Archway were of tremendous support to the centre in the delivery of Purple Tuesday – the first UK accessible shopping day event - and we look forward to continue to building on our relationship so as to help deliver a positive impact on socioeconomic issues relevant to our local community.

The team at Union Square were delighted to be able to support Archway

Getting the most out of life at Archway This Review is also available to download from our website – Archway is a charity registered in Scotland. Charity No: SCO14665

Head Office 71 Westburn Road Aberdeen, AB25 2SH t: 01224 643327. f: 01224 658351 e:

Charity shop 95 Rosemount Place t: 01224 465116 e:

Archway Charity Shop

36-39 Berryden Mills Berryden Road Aberdeen, AB12 3TE t: 01224 659740 e: 153 Victoria Street Dyce Aberdeen, AB21 7BH t: 01224 775232 e:

Our Services

31 Two Mile Cross Garthdee Aberdeen AB10 7DL t: 01224 208428 e:

71 Westburn Road Aberdeen, AB25 2SH t: 01224 625595 e:

9 St Margaret’s Place Aberdeen t: 01224 643327 e:

The images used are for illustrative purposes only and do not necessarily relate to highlighted case studies. All photographs have been reproduced with kind permission from the individuals concerned or their parents/carers.

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