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Belfast Lions Club Horse Show

BELFAST, TN - As evidenced by 169 entries making the gate call, the Belfast Lions Club Horse Show was a success. The show was held on October 11, 2013 at 6:00pm.

The judge for the event was the Honorable Brandye Mills from Pinson, Alabama. The master of ceremonies was the always entertaining Bobby Sands; the organist, Dwayne Cartee, kept everyone excited with his horse show organ. Jeremy Wilhelm acted as ringmaster, while Jack Greene was in center ring taking the photos. James Abernathy was on hand for farrier services and Dr. Randall Baker was the veterinarian on call.The proceeds from this show support Lions Club projects in Belfast and Marshall County such as eyeglasses and eye exams for those in need and street lighting for the community. The club also makes regular donations to the Lions White Can Fund and other locals charities. The finale of the thirty-two class event was the Walking Horse Stake Canter Riders’ Cup class. The class sponsor was The Winners’ Circle; Thomas Smith, Candidate for Bedford County Mayor; the trophy sponsors were Jerry and Hardin Beech; the challenge trophy was the S.W. Beech Memorial Trophy that was donated by the Beech Family; the ribbon sponsor was the Thomas Crockett Family and Lisa, Erin and Madden Reeves. Winning this great class was The Golden Sovereign with Chad Williams riding for The Evergreen Walking Horse Farm and reserve in the class went to Cadillac’s Bum with Justin Harris riding. Outtaline and Chris Zahnd were the Open Specialty Champions for proud owner, Kelley Peevy.

Mucho Pavo and Ty Irby, owner, proudly displayed the blue ribbon in the Amateur 15.2 & Under class. Page  / The Scoop

Jim Woodburn and Home Girl were the Amateur Two Year Old Mares & Geldings winners.

Belfast, Tennessee

Pleasure Ponies Youth 14 & Under Rhythm And Jazz Rhiannon Overcast A Commanding Angel Emily Preston Buddy Colton Trimble

Rhiannon Overcast James & Kim Bailey Family James & Kim Bailey Family

Lead Line Colton Dunn Bibi Beasley Owen Aymett Joel Rodriguez

Two Year Old Stallions Paroled From Hardtime The Iron Door I’m RG3 They Call Me Kid Rock Nine Days On The Road

Dick Peebles Herbert Derickson Justin Jenne Chris Zahnd Rusty Carlton

Tommy & Sister Milligan Jim & Barbara Finch Darrell Frazier Kelly Dunn Don & Lucky Collins

Amateur Stallions Specialty George W Mcclintock Arm’s Deal For Real M America’s Touch Of Pride

Miles Irby Debbie Eichler Larry Mclaughlin

Rick & Marla Lovett Rising Star Ranch Margaret Mclaughlin

Megan Green Laura Brandon Tam Brogdon J W Morgan Donna Hill

Scott Green Wallace & Laura Brandon Ben & Dr Lynda Brogdon J W & Joanne Morgan Gary Hill

Park Pleasure Amateur Yao Ming Mr Jose Walks Lil Wayne Outlined With Silver Tijuana Tex

Nicole Coffey Kim Parker Carlan Cotten Wayne Westbrook John Gladney

Nicole Coffey Bobby & Kim Parker Jeff Gillespie Robert Westbrook Gladney Farms

Show Pleasure Open Sky Jam Perfection Of Jazz Straight Line Dollar’s Encore Brother Sovereign

Park Performance Amateur I’m An American Idol Dirty Sexy Money Ritz Rattle & Roll Plea Bargain A Jazz Man’s Rhythm & Blues

Bill Callaway Jack Way Charlie Green Sam Perkins Chad Williams

Bud & Suzanne Moore Alex Way Bill & Karen Bean Charlotte Chrestman Evergreen Walking Horse Farm

15.2 & Under Amateur Specialty GPS Joe Burton Black Cash Delight Joanne Davis Morgan Cash In My Dollar Jerry Willingham Extra Good Looking Bert Head

Three Year Old Mares & Geldings Jane’s Silver Lining John Allan Callaway Andromeda’s Red Star Link Webb Keep Your Cash Winky Groover She’s Deja Blue Charlie Green Brookie Brent Grider

David & Libby Doub Rolling Hills Farm & Moersch Crawford Colts Bill & Karen Bean Tommy Grider

Joe Burton J W & Joanne Morgan Julia Cole Bert & Donna Head

Lite Shod Open Specialty Vindicated Tonic I’m Sweet Lucy

Jason Myatt Karen Bean Rhonda Martocci

Amateur Four Year Old Mares & Geldings The Nickle Holly Coggin I’m Kc Jazz Mike Henson Hot Texas Salsa Nancy Groover I’m Sky King Robbie Spiller Oh Absolutely Nora Alexander

Merv Whittenburg Mike Henson Nancy Groover Raymond & Jane Stiles Harbert & Nora Alexander

Trail Pleasure English & Western Amateur Specialty Eye On The Title Jennifer Bingham Jose’s Firecracker Wayne Westbrook I’m Soulja Boy Rhonda Martocci Caballero Ty Irby Victoria’s Got A Secret Dr Jack Kwok

Jennifer Bingham Wayne Westbrook Rhonda Martocci Ty Irby Dr Jack Kwok

Hannah Pulvers Justus Carter B J Richards

Mares & Geldings Youth 12-17 Out On Bond Thomas Derickson Generals Top Brass Ashley Raby

Thomas Derickson Sheila Raby

Amateur Three Year Old Mares & Geldings Dr Dr Give Me The News Dr Jim Baum She’s Intimidating Jack Bolozky Jazz Badazz Jason Myatt Next Simply Red Lynn Hickok Rodeo Drive Dr Jack Kwok

Lisa Baum Jack & Lillian Bolozky Jerry Myatt Ridgemont Farm Dr Jack Kwok

Amateur Four Year Old Stallions Clemente Benton Pitts

Benton & Gay Pitts

Youth Ponies A Show Of Jazz Jose’s Pina Colada My Voo Doo Lady Fourth Quarter Miracle

Robert Cortner Lane Webb Thomas Derickson Jacob Miller

Robert Cortner Susan Hatmaker David & Samantha Duncan Jacob Miller

Four Year Old Open The Crimson Sky Gunns And Glory

Tony Mercer Harvey Rodriguez

Judy Case Harvey Rodriguez

Amateur Three Year Old Stallions Brain Power Debbie Eichler Bonjour Carol Lackey I’m A Little One Jason Myatt AR 15 Kelly Dunn Two Year Old Mares & Geldings Live Strong Philip Trimble Tony Tango Charlie Green Master Class Herbert Derickson London’s Dry Gin Chad Williams Designer Money Brock Tillman

Rising Star Ranch Lackey Properties Inc Jerry Myatt Claude Frye Steve Driskell Bill & Karen Bean Mr & Mrs Tim Brooks Jim & Debbie Flack Ridgemont Farm

Park Performance Open Paroled In Tennessee Olympic Icon Ninety Yards My Titleist Mr Title Max

Jeff Laughlin Jackie Byrom Herbert Derickson Jack Way Ryan Gannon

Belvie Jordan Julia Cole Mr & Mrs Charles Brantley Robert Taylor Keith & Anita Bowman

Amateur Ponies Mark Zone Major G’s Hard Cash Girl Lined’s Lady Mg Ele Williams

Lora Lawrence Megan Peebles Kim Bailey Tina Graves

Lawrence & Webb Megan Peebles James & Kim Bailey Family Freeman Foals

Two Year Old Amateur Stallions Awesome’s Take Over Claude Frye Step In Line Megan Green The Blackjack Bandit Lorraine Rosbury

Claude Frye Scott Green Maple Crest Farms

Show Pleasure Amateur Mariachi Stepping John TCH He’s Starbucks Rare Coin Ritz Ritz’s Dip N Dot

James & Betty Corlew Charles Garner Bud Moore Chris & Cynthia Bush Larue Mcwaters

Amateur Mares & Geldings Specialty Sophisticated Renee Carlton A Beeline Molly Walker Country And Famous Miles Irby A Game Face Patty Marek High Jacked Dr Jim Baum

Renee Carlton Molly Walker Rick & Marla Lovett Marek & Smith Lisa Baum

Bert & Donna Head Donna Kay Head Larue Mcwaters Amelia Haselden

15.2 & Under Mucho Pavo Shady Cash Nine Dangerous Yards Nino’s Category Five

Ty Irby Meredith Driskell Alex Way Rolling Hills Farm & Moersch

Beth Lawwell Joyce Franks Suzanne Moore Cynthia Bush J D Mcwaters

Amateur Owned & Trained Specialty Gold Poison Bert Head Cash’s Baby Girl Donna Kay Head General’s Main Lady Larue Mcwaters Firey Encore Amelia Haselden

Tony Mercer Clay Sanderson Jack Way Link Webb

Two Year Old Mares & Geldings Amateur Home Girl Jim Woodburn Call Me Maybe Edwina Duddy Coach’s Grey Goose Sid Baker

Jim Woodburn Edwina Duddy Sid Baker

The Scoop / Page 

Belfast, Tennessee Three Year Old Stallions It’s Business Time Ain’t He Grande The North Face

Brad Beard Philip Trimble Justin Harris

Mark Walling Phyllis Heppenstall Andrew Waites Family

Open Specialty Outta Line Boudreaux

Chris Zahnd Bill Callaway

Kelly Peevy Lackey Properties Inc

Walking Horse Stake The Golden Sovereign Cadillac’s Bum Made Over All Over The Metalist Get Ready

Chad Williams Justin Harris Tim Smith Herbert Derickson Bill Callaway

Evergreen Walking Horse Farm Andrew Waites Family Preston & Lora Sweeney Jim & Barbara Finch Steve & Kathy Zeis

Jennifer Bingham and Eye On The Title were the Trail Pleasure English and Western Champions.

The Nickel is the Amateur Four Year Old Mares & Geldings champion with Holly Coggin riding for her father, Merv Whittenburg.

Lora Lawrence was all smiles following her blue ribbon ride on her World Champion Pony, Mark Zone. Page 10 / The Scoop

George W. McCintock was the Amateur Canter Champion once again for Rick and Marla Lovett.

Belfast, Tennessee

Beth Lawwell won the Show Pleasure Amateur class with Mariachi for owners, James and Betty Corlew.

A Show Of Jazz and Robert Cortner were the Youth Walking Pony Champions at the Belfast Lions Club Horse Show.

Vindicated and Hannah Pulvers won the Lite Shod class for owner, Jason Myett. She is congratulated by farrier, James Abernathy.

GPS and Joe Burton claimed another blue ribbon to add to their winning resume’. They were congratulated by Sonny Holt and Cliff Wilson after claiming the blue in the Amateur 15.2 & Under.

The White Mask carried Harper Grider to the blue in the Youth 11 & Under class for proud owner, Karen Floyd. The Scoop / Page 11

Page 12 / The Scoop

The Scoop / Page 13


The Scoop For The Walking Horse Industry Two Horses Returned to Owner Two of 19 horses that were taken in the Larry Wheelon Stables raid that happened on April 25, 2013 were returned to owner Becky Andrews of Maryville on Wednesday morning October 16, 2013. Larry Wheelon, picked up the horses in a trailer at the location, McNutt Farms in Maryville.

Upcoming Events October 26, 2013 Time: 1:00 P.M. Stone Creek Stables 4859 Old Cape Road, Jackson, MO 63766 Judge: Sandy Harris ***Jackpot ($5 from each entry paid out to first place horse) All Classes Specialty Unless Otherwise Noted October 25-27 Time: 2:00 p.m. on October 25, and 8:30 a.m. October 26th and 27th. Four Beats for Pleasure Fall Classic South Carolina Equine Park, 443 Cleveland School Road, Camden, SC 29020 Judge: Roger Hand Stalls available on Thursday, October 24, after 3 pm

ncwha show announcement The final NCWHA Show of the year will be the TIP Show to be held on November 9 at 3:00 PM at the Lone Hickory Indoor Arena in Yadkinville. This is a trophy and ribbon show with Triple NC Points awarded. Please plan to come and wrap up the show season in a fun fashion on November 9.

ETWHLA Meeting East Tennessee Ladies Auxiliary will have their next meeting at 2:30 pm th Sunday, 10/27 at Perkins in Dandridge (exit 417 off of I-81). Please plan to attend if you can as we hope to go over the results from their show and get a jump start on 2014 fundraising.

OBITUARY Three Year old World Champion Mare, Ruby On Parole, passed away October 23, 2013 due to complications with colic. She was bred, raised, owned and much loved by Dr Joe and Betty Alvarez of Washington. Ruby on Parole gave owner Betty a World Champion ride her first time to show at the Tennessee Walking Horse Celebration. The Scoop sends their condolence to the Alvarez family for loosing a top mare.

Tunica Announces judges The Tunica Fall Classic Horse Show will be held on November 14,15 & 16, 2013. The show will be located at the Paul Battle Jr. Arena in Tunica, Mississippi. The judges for the three day event will be Jennifer Bingham, Chris Bobo and David Sisk.

Page 14 / The Scoop

Dear TWHBEA Members It is for very personal reasons and with deep regret that I hereby resign from the office of President of the Tennessee Walking Horse Breeders’ and Exhibitors’ Association, effective immediately. It has been humbling that the Executive Committee elected me to the post, and it is personally disappointing that I will not be able to strive for the accomplishments I had planned for my term of office. However, please understand that compelling personal circumstances have rearranged priorities for me. Over the past few weeks, the necessity of this change for me has been discussed with Senior Vice President Rob Cornelius, who has been a joy to work with. I have the highest personal respect for Rob as a business man, and I commend him to the Executive Committee as just the person TWHBEA needs to succeed to the presidency. To the members of TWHBEA, let me say I do wish I could continue to serve you in this challenging time though I cannot. Nevertheless, permit me to depart by reminding all our members that I have said first and foremost that I support the Tennessee Walking Horse in its lawful use in all the disciplines of our industry, and I hope you will too. May all those who would join me work for the day when state and federal protections for the horse may be ignored, not because anyone in our industry scoffs at the law but because, from within our industry itself, our care for our beloved breed far surpasses the minimum standards of care that would be established by those external to our industry. May you live each of your days going forward as a testament to your belief in the inherent excellence of our horse. To each and every member of TWHBEA, I wish the best of everything. Buster Black (Loyd Hall Black, Jr)

Reminder All TWHBEA Versatility Point Books and Distance Log Books are due in the TWHBEA office November 1st. Faxed additions will be accepted until November 15th. The entire book may not be faxed and will not be accepted after November 1st. Only additions to a book received in the office by November 1st will be accepted by fax and only until November 15th. Any points accrued after November 15th will count towards the 2014 year. For more information contact Kristen Stegall at (931) 359-0592 or kstegall@

sshbea competitive trail ride October 12, 2013 The Spotted Saddle Horse Breeders and Exhibitors Association held their annual competitive trail ride. The winners’ at this year’s event were: Bella Hartwig, Jennifer Carter Dunn, Josh Lance, Terry Givens.

The Scoop / Page 15

Columbia Fall Classic COLUMIBA, TN – The Columbia Fall Classic Horse Show was held on October 12, 2013 at the Maury County Park in Columbia, TN. The show started at 5:30 p.m. It could not have been a more perfect Fall evening to have a horse show with a slight breeze and plenty of fresh air. Spectators relaxed in their folding chairs around the ring or sat in the grandstands. David Sisk and Ronald Morton served as show managers and the rest of the show staff are to be commended for their excellent preparation of the show grounds. The Honorable Tony Mercer of Bell Buckle, TN served as the judge for the 27-class show and Jennifer and Marty Barr were in the center ring snapping photographs. Other show officials included announcer Chase Williams and organist Brian Peery. The show was affiliated with SHOW HIO. This show had a total of 113 entries that entered the ring. The finale of the show was the Walking Horse Stake Riders’ Cup class with four entries making the gate call. Chad Williams and the 2013 Reserve World Grand Champion, He’s Vida Blue, took all the honors for Dr. Jim and Kay Green of Meridian, MS. Reserve went to Power Force with Bill Callaway in the irons for owner, Judy Leek. Third place went to Arm’s Deal For Real and Winky Groover for owner, Rising Star Ranch of Shelbyville, TN. Fourth place was awarded to Flash Of Silver and Dick Peebles for owner, Benny Gray of Birmingham, AL. The SCOOP congratulates all of the exhibitors, spectators, and volunteers who put on an amazing show. For complete show results, please visit The SCOOP’s website at It’s the HOTTEST FREE WEBSITE in the industry and is provided by compliments of The SCOOP.

He’s Vida Blue and Chad Williams won the Walking Stake class for owners, Dr. Jim and Kay Green. Page 16 / The Scoop

Columbia, Tennessee Weanlings Dark’s Sweet Dream Hey Pretty Girl I’m N For Money

Valton Rummage Beverly Lamp Kelly Richards

Mariella Fugger Bobby Joe Jones Roger Richards

Country Pleasure Wicked Endeavor Cowboy On Parole I’m Shake N Bake Limelight’s Legacy Good Luck Chuck

Jordan Howell Wilsene Moody Kwok Carlan Cotten Wayne Westbrook Rhonda Martocci

Lamar Depoyster Dr Jack Kwok Jeff Gillespie Wayne Westbrook Rhonda Martocci

Park Performance Open Dirty Sexy Money San Juan Plea Bargain The Master Craftsman I’m Money Hungry

Jeff Laughlin Tim Smith Brad Beard Jerry Williams Spencer Benedict

Wallace & Laura Brandon Mr & Mrs Eric Lackey J W & Joanne Morgan Jeremy Williams Andy Withers

Trail Pleasure Jose’s Firecracker I’m Promised Victoria’s Got A Secret Jose’s Black Swan I’m Soulja Boy

Wayne Westbrook Kaitlyn Rippy Dr Jack Kwok John Gladney Rhonda Martocci

Wayne Westbrook Andy & Lynn Rippy Dr Jack Kwok Gladney Farms Rhonda Martocci

Two Year Old Mares & Geldings Jazz Cloey Tony Palomino I’m Zelda Charlie Green Joy’s Lady Lou Scotty Brooks

Stevens, Jones & Halmontaller Rich & Ennis Donald Hendrick

Amateur Three Year Old Mares & Geldings Lined Royal Cash Wilsene Moody Kwok She’s Fearless Barbara Kenehan Nocturnal Beth Alagna

Dr Jack Kwok Jay & Barbara Kenehan Beth Alagna

Lite Shod Open Gi Gi’s Jamaican Generator No Way Jose Tex R Us Tonic

Kayla Baucom Hannah Pulvers Emily Pemberton Justus Carter

Andy & Lynn Rippy Rachel Allen Mike Pemberton Karen Bean

Show Pleasure Open King Of The Jungle Paroled At Sundown Nine Yard Blitz Coin’s Black Stroke Season Opener

Charlie Green Jeff Green Tim Smith Jean O Brien Winky Groover

Nestor Stewart Family Nancy Clements Laura Mcgee Reginald Pimentel Rising Star Ranch

Two Year Old Mares & Geldings Amateur Master’s Showgirl Lucky Collins Give Me Fire Ryan Yokley Call Me Maybe Edwina Duddy

Don & Lucky Collins Bruce & Kim Butler Edwina Duddy

Youth Ponies Big Blue Nation I’m Superbad Ritz Tornado Fourth Quarter Miracle That’s My Luck

Claire Ottman Molly Vaughn Meghan Davis Jacob Miller Hailey Puckett

Dwight & Elizabeth Ottman Julie & Molly Vaughn Shamrock Farms Jacob Miller Jack Doss

Park Pleasure Jose’s Baby Doll

Jeff Laughlin

Vickie Penick

Three Year Old Mares & Geldings She’s Intimidating Winky Groover Miss Solo Cup Dick Peebles She’s Deja Blue Charlie Green Jazz’s Late Night Lady Tim Smith Sic Em On A Chicken K&L Shawn Fulton

Jack & Lillian Bolozky Steve & Martha Neff Bill & Karen Bean Lisa Baum John & Barbara Hash

Amateur Four Year Old Specialty Command On Parole Sheryl Crawford He’s Unbridled Gayle Holcomb Evening At The Palm Char Johnson Ritzy Hot Rod J D Mcwaters

Crawford Colts Gayle Holcomb Char Johnson Larue Mcwaters

Mares & Geldings Youth 11 & Under She’s Armed With Poison William Derickson Gen’s Black Gin Creation Storm Sims

Thomas Derickson Mike Chiappari Family

Amateur Three Year Old Stallions I’m Jimminy Cricket Barbara Kenehan

Jay & Barbara Kenehan

Amateur Mares & Geldings Specialty A Specialist Gail Walling A Game Face Patty Marek Sophisticated Renee Carlton Nightshade’s Maiden Christy Mauney Watch Number Seven Gayle Holcomb

Mcdonald & Walling Marek & Smith Renee Carlton Roger & Laura Mauney Gayle Holcomb

Mares & Geldings Youth 12-17 Powerstroke’s Evening Star Outrageous Attitude Skywatch Makes Magic Ya Ma Ka Me Crazy

Meghan Davis Will Cole Jesse Odell Ally Puckett

Shamrock Farms Rhonda Cole Raymond & Diana Popp Holly Puckett

Three Year Old Stallions Rio Lobo 7HF Speak Of The Master Dollar’s From Down Under

Winky Groover Jeff Green Dick Peebles

Jack & Lillian Bolozky Don & Lucky Collins Edwina Duddy

Two Year Old Amateur Stallions Step In Line Megan Green Let’s Have A Good Time Jason Myatt He’s Bear Bryant J D Mcwaters

Scott Green Jason Myatt Larue Mcwaters

Amateur Stallions Specialty Command & Control Kid Callahan MP2 Watch What I Do

Sheryl Crawford Ed Breedlove Debbie Eichler Andrew Mcelroy Jr

Crawford Colts Genevieve Breedlove Rising Star Ranch Andrew Mcelroy

Four Year Old Open Master’s Razzel And Jazz Jose’s Ritzy Hawk

Herbert Derickson Chad Williams

Alan Riddley Evergreen Walking Horse Farm

Amateur Ponies Miss Splashy Cash Lady Vol

Gayle Holcomb Linda Imler

Evergreen Walking Horse Farm Linda Imler

Two Year Old Stallions The Iron Door Reservation On Line Zip Line I’m A Silver Fox

Herbert Derickson Winky Groover Casey Mutter Mike Hannah

Jim & Barbara Finch John & Amanda Odom Edwin Cowley Mccrory & Floyd

15.2 & Under Amateur Specialty Don Julio Alie Napier Oop’s Im Splashed Pam Conklin

Cindy Napier Conklin & Norris

Open Specialty Generator’s Edge He’s Ritz N Cash Street Boss A Dangerous Man

John Allan Callaway Herbert Derickson Dick Peebles Mickey Mccormick

Larue Mcwaters Rick & Marla Lovett David & Rebecca Mullis Dean Hill

Amateur (Canter) Enrique Enrique He’s Top Priority

Bob Lawrence Carrie Benedict

Bob Lawrence Benedict & Jones

Walking Horse Stake He’s Vida Blue Power Force Arms Deal For Real M Flash Of Silver

Chad Williams Bill Callaway Winky Groover Dick Peebles

Jim & Kay Green Judy Leek Rising Star Ranch Benny Gray

The SCOOP congratulates all of the winners at the Columbia Fall Classic Horse Show! The Scoop / Page 17

Columbia, Tennessee

Dark’s Sweet Dream and Valton Rummage won for proud owner Mariella Fugger in the Weanling division.

Trail Pleasure Champions were Jose’s Firecracker with Wayne Westbrook in the irons.

Amateur Three Year Old Mares & Geldings winner was Lined Royal Cash and Wilsene Moody Kwok were congratulated by husband Jack and trainer Bobby Hugh.

The Show Pleasure Open Champion was World Grand Champion King Of The Jungle with Charlie Green riding for Nestor Stewart Family. Charlie was off to ride the next horse.

Two Year Old Mares & Geldings Amateur Champions were Master’s Showgirl and Lucky Collins. The Charlie Green Stables crew came out to celebrate the win.

Don Julio and Ali Napier were met by friends following her Amateur 15.2 & Under Specialty win.

Page 18 / The Scoop

Columbia, Tennessee

Amateur Four Year Old Specialty winners were Command On Parole with Sheryl Crawford riding. Debbie Eichler and Shelia Groover meet the winning team.

Three Year Old Mares & Geldings Champion was She’s Intimidating with Winky Groover for owners Jack and Lillian Bolozky.

Meghan Davis had a great fan club after her win with Pusher’s Evening Star this winning duo won the Youth 12-17 class in Columbia and the NC Championship show last weekend.

The Open Specialty winner were Generator’s Edge and John Allan Callaway for the Larue Mcwaters family. The Scoop / Page 19

Page 20 / The Scoop

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Page 22 / The Scoop

The Scoop / Page 23

Page 24 / The Scoop

The Scoop / Page 25

Northwest Georgia Horse Show

Two Year Old Open Heartbeat’s Money Man Savannah Steals Sugar

Rusty Carlton Ronal Young

Truman & Deborah Volkart David & Kathy Shaw

Amateur Gentlemen Fame’s Royal Rascal

Bobby Mason

Kristen Pickel

15.2 & UNDER OPEN Quattro

Chris Pickel

Martha Payne

Show Pleasure Amateur I’m Indy Jones Seve’s Taylor Made Famous Fame The Promise Of Gold

Christie Scrivner Mark Templeton Susan Paul Eddie Rowland

Christie Scrivner Mark Templeton Miriam Granitz Eddie Rowland

Ladies Amateur The Man Of The Town My Senorita King Of Mexico

Lisa Steinbach Peggy Mervine Kathy Lewis

Lisa Steinbach Peggy Mervine Kathy Lewis

Youth Ponies Move Over Major’s Magic Horizon Olmpic Maximizer

Kaity Hayes Cassi Slagle Hunter Sisson

Brandon Hayes Cassi Slagle Ray Carr

Open Three Year Old Custom Chrome

Ronal Young

The Josh Baxter family

Novice Specialty Jazztastic Sweep The Cash

Lisa Mcmahan Aimee Goodson

Robbie Spiller Goodson & Jett

Youth 12-17 Richie Rich Swing Jazz

Emily Moore Cassi Slagle

The Moore family Cassi Slagle

Park Pleasure Score’s Heartbreaker Pusher’s Shade Of Grey

Victor Haley Eddie Rowland

Kathy Owen & Double Springs Farm Eddie Rowland

Lite Shod Specialty Strawberry Jam Special Perfection By Design Shake The Bank

Jalon Foster Beth Frost Eddie Rowland

Lyndom Marcom Linda Holsomback Eddie Rowland

Show Pleasure Open Cashin In On Voltage Olympic Finals

Chris Pickel Peggy Carroll

Charlie Renfro Peggy Carroll

Amateur Owned & Trained Specialty A Dirty Deed Susan Paul Million Dollar Smile Beth Frost Tommy Lee Ray Carr

Miriam Granitz Linda Holsomback Ray Carr

Two Year Old Amateur Monopoly’s Mega Bucks

Kathy Lewis

Kathy Lewis

Amateur 50 & Over Tin Man’s Party Doll Dollar’s Worth Of Glory

Peggy Mervine Ray Carr

Peggy Mervine Ray Carr

Four Year Old Open Specialty Sir Prize By PJ Rusty Carlton Line Of Cash Jerry Beaty

Dean Scott Bill Garland

15.2 & Under Amateur Specialty Razzamatazz Jazz Jerri Alberti

Les & Jerri Alberti

Amateur Four Year Old Mister Myrtle Beach Latin Jazz

Harolene Willis Paula Cash

Rodger & Harolene Willis Paula Cash

Open Specialty Sky’s True Silver Dollar

Mike Mccormick

Mike Mccormick

GWHEA Members Only Specialty Paroled See Ya Sallie Brown Smith

Page 26 / The Scoop

Sallie Brown Smith

Park Performance The Lookout

Championship Stake Another Nine Yards Sensational Premier Ruthian Blast

Aimee Goodson

Aimee Goodson

Ronal Young Michelle Mercier Roberts Jerry Beaty

Darby Oaks Stables Michelle Roberts Linda Holsomback

Northwest Georgia Horse Show

The Scoop / Page 27

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The 45th Annual Alabama Jubilee Charity Horse Show The 45th Annual Alabama Jubilee Charity Horse Show took place at the Racking Horse World Champion Horse Show Arena in Priceville, AL on October 18 and 19, 2013. The show started on Friday night at 5:30 p.m. and Saturday night at 5:00 pm. The judges for this event were Mack Deckle, Newton Parks, and Brent Grider. They had the honor of picking the top winners of each class. Affiliated with S.H.O.W. HIO, the show saw 350 entries make the gate call. The show proceeds are donated through the Walking Horse Association of Alabama to Camp Smile-A-Mile, a camp for children suffering from cancer. Without its supporters, the generosity of our great sponsors, and the hard work and dedication of the WHAA members, this show would not have been possible. This was a great way to wrap up the Alabama Show circuit with a top notch show, with both World Grand Champions and World Champions competing. This show had competitors from Alabama, Tennessee, Texas, Mississippi, Kentucky and Georgia all vying for top honors.

Ray Solley was all smiles after winning the roses with Bellagio at the Alabama Jubilee. Ray also picked up the blue in the Amateur Canter class aboard Royal Luck.

Finally, it was time for the most anticipated class of the evening, the Riders’ Cup Walking Horse Stake Championship. Seven very competitive entries made the gate call, which brought everyone to their feet. The extra running walk called for by the judges was the only way they could make their decision as to which team should wear the tri-colored ribbon and the floral horseshoe. First in this fine class was Delano with Michael Wright riding for proud owner Darla Olive, Reserve went to He’s Intimidating with Jamie Bradshaw in the saddle for owner Randall Ferguson, wrapping up the third place ribbon was Jose’s Chrystal Lite with Charlie Green for Stewarts Farm and Nursery. The SCOOP would like to congratulate all of the winners at the show and show management for having such a successful horse show! For more information, please visit our FREE website at

Ty Irby, David Armour and Harold Malone enjoying the show.

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Jason Myatt is all smiles after his blue ribbon ride at The Alabama Jubilee.

Gray Line Express and Andy Larrimore owner/exhibitor took home the blue in the Specialty Action 4 & Under Racking class.

Priceville, Alabama Model Open I’m A Coppertone Girl Unsung Hero Sportster Sweeping Up At The Slots Generatin Magneto Pride’s Midnight Flame

Kelly Dunn Billy Wayne Tolton Suzanne Keplinger Linda Mccarley Lielani Landon Melissa Rowell

Rushing Creek Walkers Billy Wayne Tolton Suzanne Keplinger Estate Of Gilbert Mccarley Mariolive Landon Melissa Rowell

Park Performance Hello Cutie Mucho Pesos I’m An American Idol Dumas Bright Star Diamond Rio Fetch Me The Title Gold Danger

Andy Simpson Nathan Clark Dick Peebles Brian Brewer David Latham Jeff Green Edgar Abernathy

Mike Henson Clark Farms Scott Green The Larry Brewer Family Kent & Mamie Lawrence Nick Rippy Lance & Rhonda Lincoln

Amateur Three Year Old Stallions I’m A Title One Jason Myatt Ritzy Womans Man Bart Mcwaters Firestone Black Ritz Ray Solley El Nino’s Jetstream Joel Stewart Ain’t He Grande Phyllis Heppenstall Gun Maker Roxy Reeves

Jerry Myatt Larue Mcwaters Ray Solley Joel & Linda Stewart Phyllis Heppenstall Reeves & Spinks

Show Pleasure Open He’s Starbucks I’m A Proud American Jose Sure Thing Rare Coin Ritz Chicago Firewalker Perfection Of Jazz A Rendezvous At The Ritz He’s Gunpowder And Lead

John Allan Callaway Michael Wright Charlie Green Philip Trimble Todd Smith Jack Way Steve Beam Jamie Bradshaw

Bud Moore Bill Williams Don Broome Chris & Cynthia Bush Barry & Karen White Alex Way Reeves & Spinks Randall Ferguson

Lite Shod Vindicated Caterpillar Kody’s Cookies And Cream Beam’s Vendetta Generatin Magneto

Hannah Pulvers Laurie Toone Chris Zahnd Melissa Rowell Lielani Landon

Jason Myatt Westmark Farms Michelle Cranford Melissa Rowell Mariolive Landon

Amateur Owned & Trained Cash Lined Cash’s Baby Girl General’s Main Lady Gold Poison Puttin Slots At The Ritz

Kenny Smith Donna Kay Head Larue Mcwaters Bert Head Linda Mccarley

Molly Smith Donna Kay Head Larue Mcwaters Bert & Donna Head Linda Mccarley

Two Year Old Amateur Stallions I’ma Pistol Pete Josh Wright Brubaker Laura Cochran King Of Kool Joyce Myers Billy G At The Ritz Nathan Clark The X Factor Ruth Logsdon Let’s Have A Good Time Jason Myatt They Call Me Kid Rock Kelly Dunn Awesome’s Take Over Claude Frye

Archie Brooks Tim & Laura Cochran Meadows & Myers David & Pat Ford Ronnie & Ruth Logsdon Jerry Myatt Kelly Dunn Claude Frye

WHAA Youth 17 & Under A High Dollar Charge I’m Fort Knox Ritz’s Jackpot General’s Top Brass Stemwinder Irish Mardi Gras

Lily Catherine Holland Joan Latham Randall Ferguson Sheila Raby Larue Mcwaters Bush & Kemp

Lily Catherine Holland Ashley Latham Brody Bradshaw Ashley Raby Koston Mcwaters Chance Crocker

Amateur Four Year Old Stallions Putting Around Jeff Mitchell Just Bet The Line Libby Doub Clemente Benton Pitts A Home Run By Ted Alex Way They Call Me Saban Ray Solley

Jeff Mitchell David & Libby Doub Benton & Gay Pitts Double B Farm & Ben Beard Ray Solley

Three Year Old Mares & Geldings Zeta Brandye Mills Jazz Badazz Scotty Brooks She’s Deja Blue Charlie Green Jazz’s Major Touch Philip Trimble Boss Mans Dollar Steve Beam A Creme Brulee Michael Wright Luna Lovegood Jerry Collier Jose’s Knockout Edgar Abernathy

Lily Catherine Holland Jerry Myatt Bill & Karen Bean James Vernon Bob & Sudie Reed Wallace & Laura Brandon Andrew Morrison Steve & Carol Shelton

Open Amateur Royal Luck

Ray Solley

Ray Solley

Amateur 50 & Over Lined With Poison Cash’s Bold And Fresh High Jacked Simply Jose Not Gold But Bold Out In The Weather Americas Touch Of Pride I’m Stone Cold Cash

Lucky Collins Virginia Counts Dr Jim Baum Larue Mcwaters Bill Williams Sudie Reed Larry Mclaughlin Barbara Corbett

Don & Lucky Collins Carroll & Virginia Counts Lisa Baum Larue Mcwaters Bill Williams Bob & Sudie Reed Margaret Mclaughlin Ridgemont Farm

15.2 & Under Mr Heisman The L A Ritz Gin And Juice Diamond Ritz He’s Made In The USA Nine Dangerous Yards Jazz Me Up C Me Push

Brandye Mills Casey Wright Mickey Mccormick Jamie Bradshaw John Allan Callaway Jack Way Edgar Abernathy Dick Peebles

Randall & Sadie Baskin Bill Williams Rick & Marla Lovett Randall Ferguson Jordan & Wierenga Way & Way Lance & Rhonda Lincoln Tommy & Sister Milligan

Amateur Ponies Major Gs Hard Cash Girl Mark Zone Inception I’m Redeemed An American Threat Shady Cash Real Bad & A Little Firey

Megan Peebles Lora Lawrence Detha Yoder Dr Renee Montgomery Meg Callaway Meredith Driskell Casee Bush

Megan Peebles Lora Lawrence Detha Yoder Linda B Stewart Allan Callaway Steve Driskell Bush & Kemp

Park Pleasure Prince Jose Sheza All Mine Double Shot Of Cash Defying All Odds The Flash Light

Brock Tillman Dick Peebles Laurie Toone Linda Mccarley Melissa Rowell

Jeannae Patterson Barbara Civils Tamara Hader Estate Of Gilbert Mccarley Melissa Rowell

Ladies Amateur Miss Midnight Rider Phyllis Heppenstall I’m A Rod Dalia Smith Harr A Private Benjamin Detha Yoder Show Boat Chaparral Betty Mosley Jose’s Gold Coin Lady Lisa Baum Vindictive Casee Bush Extra Good Looking Donna Kay Head Mexican Fire Kimberly Coult

Phyllis Heppenstall Molly Smith Detha Yoder Charles Mosley Lisa Baum Bush & Kemp Bert & Donna Head Forest Shadow Walkers & Kimberly Coult

Two Year Old Mares & Geldings Amateur She’s Title Bound Gail Walling Full Back Bob Lawrence Master’s Showgirl Lucky Collins She Generates A Dollar Morgan Robertson Live Strong Stephanie Driskell Call Me Maybe Edwina Duddy Coach’s Grey Goose Sid Baker

Mcdonald & Walling Bob Lawrence Don & Lucky Collins Clyde & Grace Robertson Steve Driskell Edwina Duddy Sid Baker

Aged Mares & Geldings Country And Famous Rocky Mountain Sky Bum In The Storm She Has Status Labeled At Midnight Ms Jose Walks Yankee Girl The Down Home Blues

Rick & Marla Lovett Bruce & Robin Macdonald Stewarts Farm & Nursery Joyce Meadows Joe & Betty Alvarez Tommy & Sister Milligan Lance & Rhonda Lincoln Kelly Peevy

Mickey Mccormick Justin Harris Charlie Green John Allan Callaway Philip Trimble Dick Peebles Edgar Abernathy Chris Zahnd

Amateur Four Year Old Mares & Geldings Miss Ebony Rose Sudie Reed She’s Driving Ted Crazy Terry Lowman I’m KC Jazz Mike Henson I’m Sky King Robbie Spiller I’m Tex Anna Dalia Smith Harr Powerstroke’s Miss Delight Todd Fisher I’m All About Cash Casee Bush Sweepstar Gay Pitts

Bob & Sudie Reed Larry & Terry Lowman Mike Henson Raymond & Jane Stiles Molly Smith Tommy & Sister Milligan Bush & Kemp Benton & Gay Pitts

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Priceville, Alabama Novice Amateur A Superbowl Mvp A Beeline Next Simply Red Wing’s Of War 9 In The Sky He’s A Powerball Spirit’s Dark N Classy Madamoseille Pusher

Hunter Fikes Molly Walker Lynn Hickok Mila Sachs Corri Knudson Kelly Gates Sarah Keenan Aimee Lambert

Andrew Morrison Molly Walker Ridgemont Farm Beam & Lawson Corri Knudson Steve & Kelly Gates Sarah Keenan Rick & Marla Lovett

Open Specialty Stake Samsung Jose’s Crystal Lite Johnny Ritz Jazz Talkin Flash Of Silver A Showdown San Quentin

Bill Callaway Charlie Green Casey Wright Edgar Abernathy Dick Peebles Jack Way Hulon Humphrey

George Ann Pratt Stewarts Farm & Nursery Hoyte Eakes Estate Dr Renee Montgomery Benny Gray Double B Farm & Ben Beard Mr & Mrs Larry Mclaughlin

Park Performance Amateur My Silver Bullet A Jazz Mans Rhythm & Blues Diamond Rio Masquerading’s Perfection My Titleist Plea Bargain Twisted Dollar Aflac

Nathan Clark Donna Hill Charity Latham Lacy Essary Todd Fisher Joanne Davis Morgan Larue Mcwaters Edwina Thomas

Clark & Woodward Gary Hill Kent & Mamie Lawrence Tracy Essary Robert Taylor J W & Joanne Morgan Larue Mcwaters John Morgan Thomas

Trail Pleasure English Leonardo Dicaprio Maggie Moore Puttin On The Jazz Juliana Carlson Shine Like A Diamond Anne Frank Straight Up Sundrop Kimberly Coult American Doll Tamra Steinbrecher King Pleasure Kathy Zeis

Lily Catherine Holland Juliana Carlson Anne Frank Forest Shadow Walkers & Kimberly Coult Tamra Steinbrecher Steve Zeis

Park Pleasure Western Specialty Double Shot Of Cash Laurie Toone Caliparis Cousins Betty Denton Sheza All Mine Dick Peebles The Flash Light Melissa Rowell Two Year Old Stallions A Master Sky High Charlie Green Paroled From Hardtime Dick Peebles O Glory At The Ritz Thomas Seymore The Midnight Sky Casey Wright Outta Line Ritz Chris Zahnd I’m Kramer Giddyup Mike Hannah Walkin Wilson LS Edgar Abernathy Master Of Intimidation Justin Jenne

Tamara Hader Betty Denton Barbara Civils Melissa Rowell Don & Lucky Collins Tommy & Sister Milligan Elaine & Keith Mcswain Brian Anderton James & Peggy Vernon Randall & Trimble Linda B Stewart Davis & Beth Lee

Youth 11 & Under E Trade Cali Mason Ultra Copy’s Dark Shadow Counti Green Command At Sunrise Elaina Fisher Ritz’s Diamond Joe Brody Bradshaw Greyline Chet Lowman

Buddy & Lynn Wilhelm Kaitlyn Rippy Fisher & Way Forest Shadow Walkers & Kimberly Coult Lowman Family

Amateur 15.2 & Under The L A Ritz Bill Williams He’s Hot As Fire Caleb Kilburn Defending The Title Jason Myatt Gettin Out On Parole J W Morgan Paroled At Sundown Jennifer Pendleton I’m Redeemed Dr Renee Montgomery Jose’s Knight Charles Craddock Ritz’s Renegade Kimberly Coult

Bill Williams Salt Lick Farms Jerry Myatt J W & Joanne Morgan Nancy Clements Denise Maples Charles Craddock Forest Shadow Walkers & Kimberly Coult

Country Pleasure English Designer Champagne Mikimoto Pearl A Royal Attraction Jose’s Hannah Montana Magic’s Big Count Down Cash On JFK

Leek & Moore Adams & Howard Nick Rippy Kathy Zeis Anthony Prince Terry Hughes

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Maggie Moore Charlie Howard Kayla Baucom Kathy Zeis Tony Prince Terry Hughes

Three Year Old Stallions Border Run King’s Kode Blue Skywalk’s Threat The Coach’s Son Blazin Ritz Master Of The Ritz 9’s Main Man El Ninos Jetstream

John Allan Callaway Justin Harris Todd Smith Gary Edwards Casey Wright Mike Hannah Chris Zahnd Edgar Abernathy

Bud Moore Enfinger & Williamson Jimmy Tunnell Family Don Broome Jane Eakes Stewart & Trimble Claude Frye Linda B Stewart

Alabama Ladies Auxiliary Specialty Mr Heisman Kelly Mills Goodbye Joe Stephanie Elliott Black Tanqueray Mickey Groom Vindictive Joan Kemp

Randall & Sadie Baskin C & E Miller Farms Mickey Groom Bush & Kemp

Trail Pleasure English & Western Amateur Four & Under Straight Up Sundrop Kimberly Coult I’m Promised Kaitlyn Rippy King Pleasure Kathy Zeis Puttin On The Jazz Juliana Carlson Rocky Top Ritz Stan Trimble I’m Orion Tamra Steinbrecher Make Me Beverly Kirk

Forest Shadow Walkers & Kimberly Coult Andy & Lynn Rippy Steve Zeis Juliana Carlson Chris & Cynthia Bush Tamra Steinbrecher Jack & Beverly Kirk

Youth Ponies Silver Dollar Intimadator Real Bad & A Little Firey Jose’s Macho Man Jose’s Flamingo Dancer

Allie Blackburn Chance Crocker Chris Elliott Luke Willingham

Aimee Blackburn Bush & Kemp Chris & Stephanie Elliott Tommy & Sister Milligan

Four Year Old Open I’m Judge Roy Bean Cash Sweep

Gary Edwards Jamie Bradshaw

Scott & Joe Cooper Randall Ferguson

Trail Pleasure Western I’m King Bee Shine Like A Diamond I’m Promised Puttin On The Jazz Make Me I’m Orion

Whitlei Green Anne Frank Kaitlyn Rippy Juliana Carlson Beverly Kirk Tamra Steinbrecher

Wayne & Jo Hanson Anne Frank Andy & Lynn Rippy Juliana Carlson Jack & Beverly Kirk Tamra Steinbrecher

WHAA Amateur Specialty Open A Beeline Molly Walker Simply Jose Larue Mcwaters They Call Me Saban Ray Solley Oohh Weee Parolee Denise Garber Black Laced Teddy Paula Sensing

Molly Walker Larue Mcwaters Ray Solley Bob Garber Bill & Paula Sensing

Amateur Three Year Old Mares & Geldings Greenspan Mary Elizabeth Morrison Gimme A Command Kelly Stewart Jane’s Silver Lining Libby Doub A Creme Brulee Laura Brandon Jose’s Compadre Caleb Kilburn Stagecoach Mary Leah Boyd Belinda Beth Sanford Kingdom Todd Fisher

Andrew Morrison Glen Sisk David & Libby Doub Wallace & Laura Brandon Salt Lick Farms Leah Boyd Beth Sanford Fisher & Way

Year Old Mares & Geldings Full Back Tony Tango Datelined Wired And Lined Mosaic Masterpiece Push’s Grey Line

Gary Edwards Charlie Green Tim Smith Casey Wright Rollie Beard Philip Trimble

Bob Lawrence Bill & Karen Bean Lisa Baum Jerry & Kathy Graves Richard & Elaine Doxey James Vernon

Country Pleasure Western Designer Champagne Mikimoto Pearl A Royal Attraction Jose’s Hannah Montana Look It Up My Girl Kitty Cash On JFK Magic’s Big Count Down

Maggie Moore Cindy Adams Kaitlyn Rippy Kathy Zeis Mackenzie Morgan Joyce Smith Terry Hughes Tony Prince

Leek & Moore Adams & Howard Nick & Kaitlyn Rippy Kathy Zeis Ralph & Elaine Pinner Joyce Smith Terry Hughes Anthony Prince

Priceville, Alabama Amateur Mares & Geldings Sapphire Gin Dru Mccormick Clementine By JFK Lucky Collins I’m A Rod Dalia Smith Harr Wing’s Of War Bo Beam Intensity Stephanie Gordon Roy Mexican Fire Kimberly Coult High Society Woman Tina Wright Powerstroke’s Miss Delight Robbie Spiller

Dru Mccormick Don & Lucky Collins Molly Smith Richard Lawson Stephanie Gordon Roy Forest Shadow Walkers & Kimberly Coult Cagle & Wright Tommy & Sister Milligan

Show Pleasure Amateur He’s Starbucks Pearl Gunn Spooky Dollar I’m A Proud American Jubilee’s Awesome Dream The Total Score A Rendezvous At The Ritz I’m Medusa

Suzanne Moore Jennifer Pendleton Stephanie Elliott Bill Williams Ed Cotter Tony Lowe Roxy Reeves Charlie Howard

Bud Moore Sally Fleck Elliott & Gattis Bill Williams Ed & Shannon Cotter Tony Lowe Reeves & Spinks Lynn Womack

Youth Stake Wicked Walking Witch Jose Caliente The Mississippi Hippie I’m Fort Knox My Name Jose Jose’s Diamond Doll The Sky Queen Stemwinder

Mary Elizabeth Wright Chris Elliott Whitlei Green Ashley Latham Emilee Graves Lacy Essary Chelsea Johnson Koston Mcwaters

Joanne Dempsey Chris Elliott Whitlei Green Joan Latham Mike Graves Family Dusty Essary Bob & Jamie Gullic Larue Mcwaters

Amateur Specialty Stake Jazz Talkin Sophisticated Black Cash Delight Uncle Coot

Dr Renee Montgomery Renee Carlton Joanne Davis Morgan Dru Mccormick

Dr Renee Montgomery Renee Carlton J W & Joanne Morgan Dru Mccormick

Walking Horse Stake Delano He’s Intimidating Jose’s Crystal Lite Outta Line Jazz Me Up Flash Of Silver Power Force

Michael Wright Jamie Bradshaw Charlie Green Chris Zahnd Edgar Abernathy Dick Peebles Bill Callaway

Darla Olive Randall Ferguson Stewarts Farm & Nursery Kelly Peevy Lance & Rhonda Lincoln Benny Gray Judy Leek

Owners Randall and Sadie Baskins along with trainer Brandye Mills celebrate Mr. Heisman’s win in the 15.2 & Under class.

The Maple Crest Farm crew are proud of Prince Jose’s victory in the Park Pleasure division.

The World Grand Champion team, Sudie Reed and Miss Ebony Rose enjoy their blue ribbon win.

Proud owners Don and Lucky Collins along with trainer Charlie Green are excited about the win with their champion A Master Sky High. The Scoop / Page 35

Priceville, Alabama

Maxine Beasley along with Kim Bailey add another blue ribbon to their ever growing collection.

Deborah Myatt along with her adorable granddaughters Jenna Raymer and Makena Myatt.

Beth and Bi Bi Beasley take home the blue from the Alabama Jubilee aboard multi-World champion Shake’s Little Midnight.

Wallace and Laura Brandon enoyed watching the Alabama Jubilee.

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Greenspan and Mary Elizabeth Morrison won the blue ribbon in the Three Year Old Mares & Geldings class. This was an unanimous decision of the judges. Justin Harris, Wesley, and Mary & Jeanne Morrison are helping to celebrate

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Drinks all around for Gin Toddy and Herbert Derickson’s win in

WHITE PINE, TN-The three day charity horse show was held October 17-19, 2013 at the Great Smokey Mountain Expo Center, White Pine, TN. The classes were full and several spectators were there to take in the view of our beautiful TN Walking Horses being shown. There was a crisp in the air which felt more like winter than fall but everyone seemed to bundle up and carry on with the show. Sandy Epling was the Show Manager and helped to keep things running smoothly in center ring. The dog show was held on Saturday morning and the final tally was a total of $680.00 being made for ST. Jude’s. Everyone enjoyed the dog show and everyone walked away with a prize and or treat for their pooch. The prizes were thanks to Karen Jarnigan and her help in getting the items donated for the show. Tori Baxter and Winnie the Pooch won the Championship honors in the mixed breed class. The Pure bred Championship winner was Hayley Wisehart with Hey Hey.

Overall a total of approximately 300 horses entered the ring and participated at the 2013 ETWHA horse show. The association donated $2000.00 to St. Jude Children’s Hospital and another $600.00 to the Relay for Life in helping with the entry gate. 50/50 tickets were sold and the final ticket was drawn and given to the winner. The Ladies Auxiliary sold T-shirts as well as having a silent auction for people to bid on. The ETWHA scholarships were awarded to Brandon Givens and Danielle Ricker. There were both awarded $500.00 for their scholastic achievements and assistance in their schooling. Several exhibitions were presented over the weekend; Diana Bowers on Santana’s Supernatural (Bare Legged 15.2 Amateur Racking WGC, Reilly Miller and WGC Jose’s High Society, and finally Danielle Ricker and WC Masiti. As you can see the three day event was full of fun and everyone seemed to have a great time. Thanks for the good time and if you missed the show there is always next year. So down the road and around the corner we will meet again, at another horse show. See you then.

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Taking the Walking Horse Stake class was Herbert Derickson and Gin Toddy. Greeting Herbert on the win was Sue Irby and many friends. Congrats!!

White Pine, Tennessee Lite Shod Amateur Specialty A Mountain Jazz Simple Lee Dangerous Messenger The General’s Command Private Treasure

Jim Nichols Kara Graham Ruth Tudor Jim Blankenship Diane Wright

Jim & Debbie Nichols Kara Graham Diane Wright Jim & Virginia Blankenship Diane Wright

Amateur 50 & Over Specialty Gin Toddy STS Double Overtime Award By The Yard Shock It To Me He’s Showboatin 9 Yards Of Major Trouble

Sue Irby Bella Eskridge Wade Huntley Rose Anstett Sharon Lambdin Anita Bradshaw Wanda Goodson

Sue Irby Bella Eskridge Wade Huntley Rose Anstett Sharon Lambdin Anita Bradshaw Aimee Goodson

Park Pleasure Youth Specialty Scores Heartbreaker Zachary Sapp MP1 Anne Evans

Kathy Owen & Double Springs Farm Forest Jones

Three Year Old Mares & Geldings Rodeo Drive Bobby Hugh Keep Your Cash Winky Groover Night Train Keith Becknell Dangerous Dillinger Scott Beaty She’s A Dollar Short Bobby Kellett

Dr Jack Kwok Crawford Colts Allison Becknell Fred Allred RPC Farms

NCWHA Members Only Specialty Command Again Herschel Blessing Just Say Ole Linda Scrivner

What A Blessing Farm Linda Scrivner

Trail Pleasure Western Specialty Victoria’s Got A Secret Dr Jack Kwok Petal Pushin Jazz Jannie Chapman Ritzy Chick Julia Livingston I’m Just Jesse Ruth Tudor Ritz’s Crown Jewel Judy Schiffer Maximizer Kayte Daffron I’m A American Lady Traci Becknell

Dr Jack Kwok Jannie Chapman Livingston & Lackey Larry & Ruth Tudor Judy Schiffer Kayte Daffron Traci Becknell

Amateur Owned & Trained Push In Command J A Peppermint Score

Sarah Compton Dana Kyte

Della Compton Sam Kite

Youth Ponies Specialty The Hotline I’m Packin A Pistol

Caitlin Woody K J Compton

Hugh & Gene Griffin Rick Compton

Park Performance Amateur Specialty Ted Who Kenny Compton Favorite Son Of JFK Lauren Hamilton Black Jack Citation Sue Irby Frontgate Sheila Groover Papa’s Scotty Kathy Owen Biniary Brandon Givens

Rick Compton Jeff Duke Sue Irby Winky & Sheila Groover Kathy Owen & Double Springs Farm Renee Maynard

Trail Pleasure Novice Rider Specialty Maximizer Kayte Daffron Ritzy Chick Sharon Lambdin

Kayte Daffron Livingston & Lackey

Amateur Gentlemen Specialty Bad Man Jose Gerald Buckland

Gerald Buckland

Show Pleasure Amateur Specialty Bronco Billy Jannie Chapman A Final Call Wanda Goodson El Zorro’s Star Kenny Compton Jose’s Habanero Diana Bowers Pushin Up The Dollar Kim Arnold Generator’s Top Dollar Lucas Tipton Trio Patty Jones She’s Pushin For Hard Cash Taylor Diye Jose Ultra Action Tyson Stowers

Joe Laughlin Wanda Goodson Rick Compton Diana Bowers Kim Arnold Lucas Tipton Irene Mullinex Zack Baker Tyson Stowers

Two Year Old Mares & Geldings Shine This Penny Scott Beaty Just Shine Dickie Scrivner Beam’s Valentine Lady Bobby Kellett

Fred Allred Rebecca Sampson Ronnie Arflin

Country Pleasure Four & Under Miss Lady Antebellum Katie West Boom Boom Wow Jessica Bridwell She’s Scarlett O Hara Anita Bradshaw

Don & Linda Hefley Rick Bridwell Anita Bradshaw

Amateur Ladies Specialty Command & Control Dollar’s Bright Star She Scored Nine My Diamonds And Pearls The Air Raid Heartbeat Counselor

Sheryl Crawford Jannie Chapman Pam Williams Julia Livingston Diana Bowers Shawna Taylor

Crawford Colts Jannie Chapman Pam Williams Sterner & Livingston Diana Bowers Maggie Beth Taylor

Open Park Pleasure Specialty Lined Up At The Ritz JFK All The Way El Padre MP1 I’m Special Agent Gibbs She’s Jaded

Patrick Thomas Dickie Scrivner Jeff Laughlin Chris Helton Ruth Tudor Jason Pimberton

Rowan & Nichols Rebecca Chittenden Dr Jack Kwok Forest Jones Larry & Ruth Tudor Larry Mesimer

Mares & Geldings Specialty Rosetta Stone He’s My Main Man More Horsepower Vegas Ritz Mayday Jazz Justin Credible Jose’s Rojo

Ernest Upton Winky Groover Bobby Hugh Paul Livingston Scott Beaty Bobby Kellett Jerry Highsmith

Marek & Smith Rising Star Ranch Bill & Jannie Chapman Julia Livingston Quentin Fox Family RPC Farms Sandra Williams

Youth 11 & Under My Jurisdiction He’s Wild Eyed & Wicked Heartbeat Counselor Command’s Miss Seve Jose’s Jazzy Spirit Major Genius

Alexa Compton Summer Compton Maggie Beth Taylor Joshua Thomas Andee Patton Taylor Strickler

Kenny Compton Rick Compton Maggie Beth Taylor Joshua Thomas Brad & Andee Patton Taylor Strickler

Trail Pleasure English Specialty Petal Pushin Jazz Jannie Chapman Victoria’s Got A Secret Dr Jack Kwok Maximizer Kayte Daffron Ritzy Chick Julia Livingston Generating Another Dollar Kara Graham Juke Joint Judy Chase Tipton

Jannie Chapman Dr Jack Kwok Kayte Daffron Livingston & Lackey Kara Graham Jon Williams

Amateur Novice Specialty A Game Face She Scored Nine Ninth Symphony Olmpic Maxigizer Ritz Diamond In The Ruff Ebony’s All Colors

Karmen Miller Lauren Williams Denise Parrett Hunter Hensley Gail Justice Jean Brown

Marek & Smith Pam Williams Glen & Denise Parrett Ray Carr James & Betty Corlew Doug & Jean Brown

Amateur Four Year Old Mares & Geldings Specialty Fenway Finesse Leslie Dotson She’s A Yelo Rose Of Texas Tami Triplett Roethlisberger Luanne Sigman Tijuana Daisy Doug Brown

Terry Dotson Family Tami Triplett Bob & Luanne Sigman Doug & Jean Brown

Park Pleasure Amateur Specialty Lined Up At The Ritz Jim Nichols JFK All The Way Rebecca Chittenden El Padre Wilsene Moody Kwok Score’s Heartbreaker Kathy Owen Marching Orders Angela Jones

Rowan & Nichols Rebecca Chittenden Dr Jack Kwok Kathy Owen & Double Springs Farm RPC Farms

Adult Amateur Pony Specialty More Horsepower Sweep’s Sir William Private Charter Magic Man Again Commandante

Bill & Jannie Chapman Donald Robinson Rick Compton Chastity Henry Ray Carr

Jannie Chapman Donald Robinson Sarah Compton Chasity Henry Ray Carr

Country Pleasure Novice Rider Miss Lady Antebellum Gail Justice Cash Blaster Mary Kathryn Deaton Pistol’s Fancy Lady Daysie Rich Wise Man Supreme Virginia Snodgrass Boom Boom Wow Jessica Bridwell

Don & Linda Hefley Mary Kathryn Deaton Sharon Blimeoc Betty Osborne Rick Bridwell

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White Pine, Tennessee Youth 12-14 Specialty Out On Bond Speck In The Sky

Thomas Derickson Allison Hopkins

Thomas Derickson Allison Hopkins

Two Year Old Stallions A Dangerous Plan My Kind Of Party Titleist Top Flight Trekin For Cash Teds Tiebreaker Colonel Brotherton

Scott Beaty Herbert Derickson Dickie Scrivner Chris Pickel Winky Groover Terry Givens

Quentin Fox Family Benny Hoover Wanda & Aimee Goodson Doug Brown Rising Star Ranch Mike & Anne Piet

15.2 & Under Amateur Specialty Be Cool Kenny Compton Mayday Jazz Abby Fox Orient Express Sandra Robinson Liar Liar Shea Sproles Lined Royal Cash Wilsene Moody Kwok I Am June Cash Tch April Jeffers 9 Yards Of Major Trouble Aimee Goodson Push Watch Bella Eskridge

Rick Compton Quentin Fox Family Sandra Robinson Gary & Shea Sproles Dr Jack Kwok Brian Jeffers Aimee Goodson Bella Eskridge

Youth 15-17 Specialty Mistress Of Jazz I Command Applause I’m Superbad Teddy Baseball

Annalisa Cooper Lexie Stinnett Molly Vaughn Danielle Ricker

Annalisa Cooper Lexie Stinnett Julie & Molly Vaughn Ricker Family

Lite Shod Youth Specialty Simple Lee Dangerous Irresistible Cash

Allison Hopkins Lexie Stinnett

Kara Graham Paul & Julia Livingston

Amateur Three Year Old Stallions Led Zeppelin Abby Fox I’m In High Definition Kenny Compton Atomic Renegade Jannie Chapman A Twist Of Cash Ray Carr

Quentin Fox Family Rick Compton Jannie Chapman Debbie Elrod

ETWHA Ladies Auxillary Members Only My Diamonds And Pearls Julia Livingston Just Say Ole Linda Scrivner

Sterner & Livingston Linda Scrivner

Trail Pleasure Four & Under Specialty Luv In The Air Jeff Laughlin Ritz’s Crown Jewel Judy Schiffer Lady Bella Masquarade Andee Patton

Dr Jack Kwok Judy Schiffer Andee Patton

Amateur Specialty Moody Star Vegas Ritz Leavenworth Versace’s Dollar Fame’s Royal Rascal

Dr Jack Kwok Julia Livingston Donald Robinson Rick Compton Kristen Pickel

Wilsene Moody Kwok Julia Livingston Donald Robinson Kenny Compton Bobby Mason

Amateur Four Year Old Stallions Specialty Command On Parole Sheryl Crawford Knock Em Ted Jannie Chapman AMC Walkin This Way April Jeffers The Franchise Player Charlene Cox Showing Off Brandon Givens

Crawford Colts Bill & Jannie Chapman Brian Jeffers Tony & Becky Bull Beulah Essary

Park Performance Four & Under Amateur Master Of Encore Lauren Hamilton He’s Guns N Roses Leslie Dotson Black Jack Citation Sue Irby Irresistible Pride Ken Estes

Tess Suiter Terry Dotson Family Sue Irby Ken Estes

Open Specialty Naples Ritz The Title Bout Command & Control Hard By The Yard Jose’s Young Troubadour

Scott Beaty Derek Monahan Winky Groover Bobby Hugh Herbert Derickson

Fred Allred Rom Folger Crawford Colts Larry & Rose Anstett Maria Derickson Bobo

Weanlings Seminole Win Coach Rose

Ella Kline Hank Rose

Larry Mesimer Hank Rose

Yearlings Doc’s War Horse A Winning Seniorita

Ella Kline Diane Wright

C L Kline Farms Diane Wright

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Model Armed With Intent I’m A Coppertone Girl Messenger Ritzy Chick Cash Blaster Ammo’s Bolt Action RRF

Beverly Lamp Chelsi Akers Ruth Tudor Lexie Stinnett Mary Kathryn Deaton Hannah Leach

Rushing Creek Walkers Rushing Creek Walkers Diane Wright Livingston & Lackey Mary Kathryn Deaton Roger & Amy Leach

Three Year Old Stallions Led Zeppelin Brain Power Atomic Renegade Chumlee The Big Event Ted’s Bumin Around Dance Time In Texas

Scott Beaty Winky Groover Bobby Hugh Derek Monahan Terry Givens Clay Smith Dustin Mcinturff

Quentin Fox Family Rising Star Ranch Jannie Chapman Judy Jones Eddie Holbrook Terry Dotson Family Dustin McInturff

Trail Pleasure Youth Specialty Petal Pushin Jazz Ritzy Chick Don’t Touch My Aspen Southern Command Lady Bella Masquarade

Anne Evans Lexie Stinnett Allison Hopkins Maci Snodgrass Andee Patton

Jannie Chapman Livingston & Lackey Jodie Hopkins David Snodgrass Andee Patton

15.2 & Under Open Specialty Ninth Symphony Scott Beaty My Diamonds And Pearls Paul Livingston

Glen & Denise Parrett Sterner & Livingston

Two Year Old Amateur Stallions I’m Feeling Froggy April Jeffers The Coach’s Score Lisa Mckay A Dangerous Plan Abby Fox Just Call Me Coach Alex Hopkins Titleist Top Flight Aimee Goodson

Brian Jeffers Lisa Mckay Quentin Fox Family Alex Hopkins Wanda & Aimee Goodson

Country Pleasure Cowboy On Parole On The Loose And Armed 24kt’s Rising Star Diamond’s Black Beauty Cash Blaster My Max Cash Wise Man Supreme She’s Scarlett O Hara Pistol’s Fancy Lady She’s Bold N Spicey SF

Wilsene Moody Kwok Lexie Stinnett Judy Schiffer Jared Scott Mary Kathryn Deaton Elli Snodgrass Virginia Snodgrass Anita Bradshaw Daysie Rich Diane Wright

Dr Jack Kwok Gary & Carolyn Pope Judy Schiffer Dr Marion Pennington Mary Kathryn Deaton Maci Snodgrass Betty Osborne Anita Bradshaw Sharon Blimeoc Diane Wright

Pro Am Specialty Knock Em Ted Be Cool A Game Face Roethlisberger She Scored Nine Jose’s True Grit Lined Royal Cash Justin Credible Jose Ultra Action Shock It To Me

Jannie Chapman & Bobby Hugh K J Compton & Kenny Compton Patty Marek & Ernest Upton Luanne Sigman & Scott Beaty Lauren Williams & Dickie Scrivner April Jeffers & Derek Monahan Wilsene Moody Kwok & Jeff Laughlin Nathan Britt & Bobby Kellett Brandon Ailshie Sharon Lambdin & Paul Livingston

Bill & Jannie Chapman

ETWHA Members Only Specialty Cashin In On The Faith April Jeffers Command Again Herschel Blessing Santana’s Fancy Tami Kazee Holbrook Escalade Lisa Flannery Sweepstake’s Beam Brandon Givens Just Say Ole Linda Scrivner Private Charter Sarah Compton It’s Johnny Knoxville Monica Davis Tipton Amateur Three Year Old Mares & Geldings Rodeo Drive Wilsene Moody Kwok Keep Your Cash Sheryl Crawford The Big East Kenny Compton Night Train Allison Becknell Dangerous Dillinger Ruth Ann Tudor

Rick Compton Marek & Smith Bob & Luanne Sigman Pam Williams Brian Jeffers Dr Jack Kwok RPC Farms Jamie Ailshie Sharon Lambdin

Brian Jeffers What A Blessing Farm Fred Kazee Lisa Flannery Joe Robinson Linda Scrivner Rick Compton Steve Davis Family Dr Jack Kwok Crawford Colts Rick Compton Allison Becknell Fred Allred

White Pine, Tennessee Lite Shod Open Specialty Simple Lee Dangerous A Mountain Jazz

Chris Helton Patrick Thomas

Kara Graham Jim & Debbie Nichols

Country Pleasure Youth Miss Lady Antebellum On The Loose And Armed 24kt’s Rising Star My Max Cash Pride’s First Class Lady

Anne Evans Lexie Stinnett Allison Hopkins Elli Snodgrass Hannah Leach

Don & Linda Hefley Gary & Carolyn Pope Judy Schiffer Maci Snodgrass Roger & Amy Leach

Two Year Old Mares & Geldings Amateur Just Shine Rebecca Sampson Shine This Penny Abby Fox A Jazzy Ballerina Leslie Dotson

Rebecca Sampson Fred Allred Terry Dotson Family

Four Year Old Specialty Mastercard Of Jazz Intimidator’s Boogieman Jose’s Young Troubadour

Derek Bonner Scott Beaty Herbert Derickson

Al Morgan Larry Ford Maria Derickson Bobo

Show Pleasure Open Specialty A Final Call Bronco Billy Catfish Hunter Pushin Up The Dollar Nightfall At The Ritz A Dangerous Decision

Dickie Scrivner Jeff Laughlin Leslie Dotson Paul Livingston Derek Monahan Scott Beaty

Wanda Goodson Joe Laughlin Terry Dotson Family Kim Arnold Rom Folger Fred Allred

Park Performance Open Specialty Favorite Son Of Jfk Patrick Thomas Frontgate Winky Groover Papa’s Scotty Scott Beaty Biniary Renee Maynard Parole’s Foxy Lady Brandon Ailshie Cisco’s Lethal Weapon Jerry Highsmith

Jeff Duke Winky & Sheila Groover Kathy Owen & Double Springs Farm Renee Maynard Ralph & Joanne Boatman Jason Ownby

Amateur (Canter) I’m Packin A Pistol Leavenworth Let Go And Push

Rick Compton Donald Robinson Jackson Gratton

Kenny Compton Donald Robinson Scotty Widner

Youth 11 & Under Championship STS Tori Baxter My Jurisdiction Alexa Compton He’s Wild Eyed & Wicked Summer Compton Heartbeat Counselor Shawna Taylor Jose’s Jazzy Spirit Andee Patton Major Genius Taylor Strickler

Pam Kazee Kenny Compton Rick Compton Maggie Beth Taylor Brad & Andee Patton Taylor Strickler

Amateur Specialty Championship Moody Star Wilsene Moody Kwok Hard Mountain Cash Paul Robbins Rosetta Stone Patty Marek More Horsepower Jannie Chapman Sweep’s Sir William Lauren Robinson Vegas Ritz Julia Livingston Bad Man Jose Gerald Buckland Orient Express Sandra Robinson Cupid’s Packin Heat Chase Tipton

Dr Jack Kwok Paul Robbins Marek & Smith Bill & Jannie Chapman Donald Robinson Julia Livingston Gerald Buckland Sandra Robinson Kenneth Tipton

Youth 12-17 Specialty Championship Out On Bond Thomas Derickson I’m Superbad Molly Vaughn I Command Applause Lexie Stinnett Mistress Of Jazz Annalisa Cooper Heart Attack’s Fast Beat Danielle Ricker

Thomas Derickson Julie & Molly Vaughn Lexie Stinnett Annalisa Cooper Danielle Ricker

Trail Pleasure Specialty Championship Petal Pushin Jazz Jannie Chapman Victoria’s Got A Secret Dr Jack Kwok Luv In The Air Wilsene Moody Kwok Ritz’s Crown Jewel Judy Schiffer I’m Just Jesse Ruth Tudor Ritzy Chick Julia Livingston Maximizer Kayte Daffron

Jannie Chapman Dr Jack Kwok Dr Jack Kwok Judy Schiffer Larry & Ruth Tudor Livingston & Lackey Kayte Daffron

Walking Horse Stake Gin Toddy Siege He’s My Main Man

Sue Irby Fred Allred Rising Star Ranch

Herbert Derickson Scott Beaty Winky Groover

Lisa McKay, Steve Woody and Bobby Kellett were all smiles with Caitlyn Woody and The Hot Line’s win on Thursday night in the Walking Youth Pony class.

Ted Who and Kenny Compton along with Pushing In Command and his lovely wife Sarah Compton were all smiles after their win in the Park Performance Amateur and Amateur Owned & Trained class respectively.

My Jurisdiction and Alex Compton were congratulated by Grandmother Della Compton and Steve Hankins after winning in the Youth 11 & Under class. The Scoop / Page 47

Page 48 / The Scoop

The Scoop / Page 49

White Pine, Tennessee

Be cool and Kenny Compton are greeted by all the little ones for their picture to be taken. Steve Hankins was there as well for the congratulations.

STS and Tori Baxter take the win in the 11 & Under Specialty Championship class. Greeting her are Benji Wagoner, Josh Baxter, Gail Justice, Levi Kazee, McKenzie Ailshie, Buffy Ailshie, Keith Ailshie and Fred Kazee

Simple Lee Dangerous and Chris Helton win at White Pine! Greeting the winning team are Renardo Green, Mr. Graham, Kara Graham, Debra Graham, Mr and Mrs Forrest Jones

The stars shown bright when Moody Star and Wilsene Moody Kwok won the Amateur Specialty Championship class. Greeting her are her husband Dr. J. Kwok and Bobby Hugh

Command & Control and Sheryl Crawford win the Ladies Amateur 18 & over class. Sheila Groover congratulates the duo.

Rodeo Drive and Bobby Hugh are joined by Jo Corrigan, Wilsene Moody-Kwok, and Tori Baxter for the win shot after the 3 Yr Old Mares & Geldings class.

Page 50 / The Scoop

White Pine, Tennessee

Master of Encore and Lauren Hamilton are greeted by her fans and friends after the win in the Park Performance Amateur Class 4 Year & Under. Congrats pretty lady.

Earnest Upton, Gin Toddy, Herbert Derickson and Sue Irby are all smiles after her win in the Amateur 50 & Over class

Zachary Sapp and Score’s Heartbreaker win the Youth Park Pleasure Specialty class. They are supported after their win by; Cathy Owen, Maggie Beth Taylor, Maddison Taylor, Rebecca Taylor and Victor Haley

Command on Parole along with Sheryl Crawford make another victory run in White Pine. Winky Groover was there to greet the winners.

NCWHA Members Only Class was all about Command Again with Herschel Blessing and Derek Bonner coming to congratulate.

Wilsene Moody Kwok is all smiles after her husband Dr. Jack Kwok wins on Victoria’s Got a Secret in the Trail Pleasure Western class. They are accompanied by Jeff Laughlin. The Scoop / Page 51

Page 52 / The Scoop

The Scoop / Page 53

Page 54 / The Scoop

The Scoop / Page 55

Page 56 / The Scoop

The Scoop / Page 57

Page 58 / The Scoop

The Scoop / Page 59

Page 60 / The Scoop

The Scoop / Page 61

Page 62 / The Scoop

The Scoop / Page 63

Page 64 / The Scoop

The Scoop / Page 65

Page 66 / The Scoop

The Scoop / Page 67

Tyler Baucom Wins The North Carolina State Fair Walking Stake Three Years In A Row RALEIGH, NC – The North Carolina State Fair Horse Show was held on October 18 and 19, 2013, at the Jim Hunt Horse Complex in Raleigh, NC. This is an all-breed show with both Walking and Spotted Horse divisions showing during the two- day event. The show started at 6:00 p.m. each evening. The Honorable Michael Burton judged the Walking Horse classes and the Honorable Sandy Harris judged the Spotted Horse divisions. Photographer Bob Moseder was in center ring taking all of the winning shots. It is always fun to come early and enjoy all of the festivities at the Fair and then head on over to the horse show. Everyone enjoyed sampling the yummy fair treats and the opportunity to view the annual fireworks display. There is always a break in the show at 9:45 p.m. on Friday and Saturday evening for the fireworks. The NC State Fair is one of the largest in the country, and so is the fireworks display. It is thrilling for the young and old alike! Many use their wristbands from the horse show to venture across the street and ride the rides.

Tyler Baucom won the LY Memorial Challenge Trophy aboard Santana’s Bama Boy for owner Donald Crisp.

There were three talented entries who made the gate call to work for top honors in the Walking Horse Stake class. These entries were competing for the L.Y. Memorial challenge trophy that was presented in honor of the Ballentines and Elliotts. Coming out on top this year was Tyler Baucom aboard Santana’s Bama Boy for owner Donald Crisp. The SCOOP congratulates the winners at the NC State Fair Horse Show! Visit the SCOOP’s free website at to view current news, results, upcoming events, photos and page by page coverage of the recent issue. Also, Like us on Facebook! Dawn Payne was thrilled with Audrey Nuckles blue ribbon performance on World Grand Champion, Good Until The Last Drop. John Callicutt and Annette Brown also met the winning duo.

The Grizzley won the Amateur Owned and Trained Park Pleasure Class at the North Carolina State Fair with Caroline Elliott riding. Jacquelyn Way, Jayden Jackson and Jonathan Allen met the winners. Page 68 / The Scoop

Stephanie Parham and Avenger’s Burning Love won several blues at the State Fair.

Raleigh, North Carolina Show Pleasure Amateur Specialty Luck Of The Dollar Greg Mcmillan Collector’s Mr Twister Caroline Elliott Classic’s Farrah Fawcett Gordon Ezzell

Greg Mcmillan Nancy B Elliott Gordon & Angelyn Ezzell

Park Pleasure Western Open Specialty Reba Reba Reba Angela Tuck He’s A Major Delight Amanda Dickerson The Natural Of Skywatch Darrel Walker

Angela Tuck Linda Culbreth David & Laura Smith

Country Pleasure Youth Specialty I’m Usmc Madison Drew Pocket Full Of Sunshine Grace Cozart Final’s Jazz Man Carolina Carroway Ashley Young Angel Young Trail Pleasure Four & Under Jose Double Trouble Delight Me With Silver Ten Oclock News

Jessica Hlebak Jennifer Batts Brittany Chandler

Andy & Sandra Reynolds Justin Parks Carolina Carroway

Darrin Sisk Jennifer Batts Brittany Chandler

Lite Shod Plantation Pleasure Specialty Paroled Sawyer Kolls Allen All Around Mikal Spooner Miss Silver Satin Gordon Ezzell

Sawyer Kolls Lee Ritter Gordon & Angelyn Ezzell

Trail Pleasure English & Western Youth 11 & Under Contemporary Jazz Sawyer Kolls Allen’s Beowolf Aerial Spooner Generator’s Classic Fable Nicholas Lovin

Anne & Nancy Evans Mikal Spooner Julie Lovin

Amateur Ladies Specialty A Bold Generator

Larry & Mary Ann Adams

Mary Ann Adams

Diva In Black Miss Cheyenne

Laura Smith Gordon Ezzell

David & Laura Smith Gordon & Angelyn Ezzell

Trail Pleasure Western Adult Specialty A Line Drive Denise Corbitt The Great Sensation Jessica Hlebak I’m Armed With Aces Sarah Ashley Beane

Denise Corbitt Jessica Hlebak Patsy Callicutt

NCWHA Members Only Specialty Under The Gunn Greg Mcmillan Willie Stargell Jill Peavey

Greg Mcmillan Jill Peavey

15.2 & Under Amateur Specialty Star In The Making Tyler Baucom I’m Twice The Delight Joseph Bartholomew

Randall Jones Rick Bartholomew

Lite Shod Western Specialty Paroled Jose Loco Allen All Around

Grandy Tuck Jr Jessica Hlebak Mikal Spooner

Sawyer Kolls Jessica Hlebak Lee Ritter

Show Pleasure Open Luck Of The Dollar On Credit

Greg Mcmillan Brenda Tyree

Greg Mcmillan Brenda Tyree

Ambling Pleasure Youth The Ultra Sunrise Winning Money Godiva’s Royal Princess

Lesley Tudor Madison Drew Brooklynn Watkins

Brenda Shobe Chuck & Susan Landers Barbara Whitten

Country Pleasure Final’s Jazz Man Wolf Mans Eye Candy Shelby’s April Rain

Carolina Carroway Chelsea Young Katie Bass

Carolina Carroway Angel Young Katherine Bass

Caroline Elliott Grandy Tuck Jr Lori Abbott

Robert Zaytoun & Elliott Taylor Mills Lori Abbott

Park Performance Amateur Specialty Rocky Marciano Jill Peavey Dr Ritz Carlton Kristen Mcwilliams She’s Black & Blue Erin Ridick

Jill Peavey Kristen Mcwilliams Erin Ridick

Amateur Owned & Trained Pleasure Jose Loco Jessica Hlebak Miss Silver Satin Gordon Ezzell A Classic Plan Cathrine Miller

Park Pleasure Open The Grizzly Chrome’s Delight Color’s Clown

Jessica Hlebak Gordon & Angelyn Ezzell Cathrine Miller

Amateur Owned & Trained Pleasure The Grizzly Caroline Elliott Color’s Clown Lori Abbott Miss Cheyenne Gordon Ezzell

Trail Pleasure English Adult Specialty Good Til The Last Drop Kristen McWilliams A Line Drive Denise Corbitt Contemporary Jazz Anne Evans

James & Dawn Payne Denise Corbitt Anne & Nancy Evans

Robert Zaytoun Lori Abbott Gordon & Angelyn Ezzell

Park Pleasure Four & Under Specialty My Last Lonely Dollar Grandy Tuck Jr Jesse Mack’s Dollar Hannah Brown

Burl Dale Linda Wilson

Country Pleasure Adult Specialty I’m Usmc Dana Drew All Original Heather Wright Star’s Aligned Ernestine Parrott

Dana Drew Heather & Margie Wright Ernestine Parrott

Ambling Pleasure Adult Royal Prince Michael Wanta Be A Lady The Magic Of Tarzan

Amanda Bostian Shannon Lapierre Kelly Putnam Jordan

Amanda Bostian Shannon Lapierre Kelly Jordan

Julie Lovin Jennifer Batts Stephanie Parham Jessica Hlebak Amanda Minner

Pro Am Specialty Star In The Making Steve Nash Padron

Kristen McWilliams & Tyler Baucom Jimmy Sauls & Paige Davis Brown Tara Rhoades & Tyler Hege

Randall Jones

David & Laura Smith Linda Culbreth Taylor Mills Linda Wilson

Lite Shod Amateur Specialty Stake Paroled Sawyer Kolls Jose Loco Jessica Hlebak Allen All Around Mikal Spooner

Sawyer Kolls Jessica Hlebak Lee Ritter

Trail Pleasure Youth Specialty Stake Contemporary Jazz Skylar Macleod Shoeless Joe Jackson Catlyn Mosley I’m Percy Sledge Brooklynn Watkins

Anne & Nancy Evans Sid Cottrell Tracy Watkins

Amateur Three Year Old Lady On The Line

John Callicutt

Trail Pleasure Fable’s Black Charger Julie Lovin Delight Me With Silver Jennifer Batts Avenger’s Burning Love Stephanie Parham The Great Sensation Jessica Hlebak Pride’s General Delivery Amanda Minner Park Pleasure Ladies Specialty Diva In Black Laura Smith He’s A Major Delight Linda Culbreth Chrome’s Delight Taylor Mills Jesse Mack’s Dollar Hannah Brown Amateur Owned & Trained Tarheel’s Pusher The Blind Side Armed Heavy Padron Steve Nash

Skylar Macleod Bryant Norwood Gordon Ezzell Tara Rhoades Jimmy Sauls

Wofford Bush Bryant Norwood Gordon & Angelyn Ezzell Tara Rhoades Jimmy Sauls

John Callicutt

Jimmy Sauls Tara Rhoades

Trail Pleasure English & Western Youth 12-17 Specialty Good Til The Last Drop Audry Knuckles Contemporary Jazz Skylar Macleod Shoeless Joe Jackson Catlyn Mosley

James & Dawn Payne Anne & Nancy Evans Sid Cottrell

Amateur Four Year Old Rare Generation

Park Pleasure Specialty Stake Diva In Black Darrel Walker Color’s Clown Lori Abbott Chrome’s Delight Taylor Mills

David & Laura Smith Lori Abbott Taylor Mills

Rhoades & Hege

Country Pleasure Stake I’m USMC Stars Aligned All Original

Dana Drew Ernestine Parrott Heather & Margie Wright

Tyler Hege

Park Pleasure Amateur Specialty Royal Jazz Expression Angela Tuck

Dale & Tuck

Madison Drew Ernestine Parrott Heather Wright

The Scoop / Page 69

Raleigh, North Carolina Amateur Specialty Stake Command The Line A Bold Generator Under The Gunn Rare Generation I’m Twice The Delight

Gail Whitfield Mary Ann Adams Greg Mcmillan Tyler Hege Anya Bartholomew

Morris & Whitfield Larry Adams Greg Mcmillan Rhoades & Hege Anya Bartholomew

Ambling Pleasure Championship Wanta Be A Lady Suzanne Lapierre Royal Prince Michael Amanda Bostian The Ultra Sunrise Lesley Tudor

Shannon Lapierre Amanda Bostian Brenda Shobe

Trail Pleasure Open Stake Princess Power Shoeless Joe Jackson Avenger’s Burning Love

Terri Smith Sid Cottrell Stephanie Parham

Terri Smith Catlyn Mosley Stephanie Parham

Park Performance Specialty Stake Dr Ritz Carlton Tyler Baucom Rocky Marciano Jill Peavey She’s Black & Blue Erin Ridick Buster’s Big Deal Greg Mcmillan

Kristen Mcwilliams Jill Peavey Brian Davis Rhetta Foster

Amateur Stake Threats Gold Dancer

Lester Auman

Skylar Macleod

Trail Pleasure Adult Specialty Stake A Line Drive Kevin Gilliam Good Til The Last Drop Kristen McWilliams Contemporary Jazz Nancy Evans Jose Double Trouble Jessica Hlebak I’m Armed With Aces Morgan Applewhite Super Zone Ayna Bartholomew

Denise Corbitt James & Dawn Payne Anne & Nancy Evans Darrin Sisk Patsy Callicutt Anna Bartholomew

Open Walking Horse Stake Santana’s Bama Boy Willie Stargell Cashin In At Dawn Copy’s Colors

Donald & Karen Crisp Jill Peavey Carolyn Evans James Sauls

Tyler Baucom Jonathan Bellamy Eddie Tuck James Sauls

Amanda Bostion and Royal Prince Michael were the Ambling Pleasure Champions at the 2013 North Carolina State Fair this team also placed Reserve in the Ambling Open Stake.

Star In The Making carried Kristen McWilliams and Tyler Baucom to the ribbon honors in the Pro-Am Class.

Little miss Caroline Boone made her showring debut at the North Carolina State Fair Horse Show. Caroline takes riding lessons from Ballentine Farms Riding Academy.

Page 70 / The Scoop

Paroled and Sawyer Kolls were met by her dad after she won the Lite Shod Stake class.

Raleigh, North Carolina

Contemporary Jazz and Skylar McLeod were met Shane McLeod, Bubba Tuck and Nancy Evans met following their Youth Trail Pleasure Stake Champions.

Laura and David Smith were proud of Darrell Walker’s blue ribbon ride in the Park Pleasure Stake class with Diva In Black.

Mickael Spooner and Allen All Around claimed several ribbons at the NC State Fair show.

John Callicutt and Lady On The Line were the Amateur Three Year Old Champions in Raleigh, North Carolina!.

Gail Whitfield and Command The Line were the Amateur Specialty Stake Champions. Proud owners of this entry are Morris and Whitfield.

Dr. Ritz Carlton and Tyler Baucom were the Park Performance Champions for Kristen McWilliams. The Scoop / Page 71

Page 72 / The Scoop

The Scoop / Page 73

Page 74 / The Scoop

The Scoop / Page 75


The Scoop For The Walking Horse Industry press release The Gold Strike Casino, located in Tunica, Miss., will serve as the host hotel for this year’s Tunica Fall Classic. The Tunica Fall Classic is slotted for November 14-16. The Gold Strike is also providing rooms at a discounted rate for all associated with the horse show. For more information call 1-888245-7829. The Discount Code is 1311TUNICA under Tunica Fall Classic. The discounted horse show rate is $49 Tuesday-Thursday and $89 FridaySaturday. In conjunction with the horse show, there will also be an Exhibitor’s Party on Wednesday, November 13th from 6:30 - 8:30. The event will be held in the Millennium Ballroom and Bar located on the second floor of the hotel. This is a private area set aside for hor’devours that are provided and a cash bar. The live band starts at 9:00 p.m. downstairs on the casino floor. Celebration CEO, Mike Inman stated, “The Gold Strike is owned by MGM and has a very upscale feel in quality and service that everyone enjoyed last year. You team that with it being just the right size that you get to see your friends while gambling or on the dance floor made it feel like it was “our” hotel. It is the perfect venue at a super price. I hope everyone will join us at the Millennium Ballroom for a first class start to a big weekend.”

OBITUARY 2013 World Champion Amateur Owned and Trained,Cash Lined passed away due to complications with colic on the morning of October 23,2013. This top horse was owned by the Kenny Smith family. the Scoop send the Smith family our condolences for loosing such a champion.

For a custom designed logo for your horse or barn call the SCOOP today for a SCOOP-A-LOGO! 931-680-5696 Page 76 / The Scoop

press release The SHOW Horse Industry Organization (HIO) will become inactive and not affiliate horse shows effective with the completion of the Tunica, Mississippi Horse Show in November. SHOW currently has approximately 20 affiliated shows remaining in 2013 and will honor those commitments. SHOW affiliated 143 shows in 2013. The Tennessee Walking Horse National Celebration, owner of SHOW, will keep SHOW alive but inactive as was the case prior to being asked to take over enforcement responsibilities April 1, 2009 by the Walking Horse Trainers’ Association and the Walking Horse Owners’ Association, partners in the National Horse Show Commission HIO. SHOW was formed over 10 years ago as a backup HIO for Celebration sponsored shows in the case of an emergency but was never activated until 2009. The announcement is being made at this time to enable another group to step up and take over these responsibilities. “While the Celebration was willing to activate SHOW to help the industry during a difficult time, it has been demanding and expensive and its time we concentrated on our horse shows, particularly The Celebration,” said SHOW Board Chairman Buddy Nelson. “We will support any other responsible group that implements an effective HIO program to enforce the Horse Protection Act in the future.” The Celebration loaned SHOW money to get it started in hopes it would be self-sustaining, but that was not the case. The Celebration has loaned SHOW over $500,000 as others HIOs came into existence and started affiliating shows in competition with SHOW. “Our involvement in SHOW has served its purpose and we are extremely proud of the hard work of our Designated Qualified Persons (DQP). The number and percentage of violations has dramatically decreased and this year has been a tremendous success,” Nelson added. “This year SHOW has inspected 15,869 horses and written 335 violations, including some that are not HPA violations, a compliance percentage of 98%. Our working relationship with the Department of Agriculture has improved and been beneficial to both organizations as well as the industry.” The Celebration has been put in the position of penalizing some of their customers and supporters and that is a difficult position. Their concentration will now be on their horse shows and promoting the breed.

Happy Halloween from

The Mountain States Horse Show Model Taylor Made Red Feather’s Prince Sprits Black Obsession

Chelsi Akers Maranda Schill Shannon Holt

Chelsi Akers Wes & Kathy Norman Shannon Holt

Trail Pleasure Racking (11&Under) Who Am I Lucas Oliver Cody’s T-R-O-U-B-L-E Alan Bauer Dottie Reagan Stroupe

Wes & Kathy Norman Do It Yourself Stables Reagan Stroupe

2 Yr. Old Racking Cash for Tonight Double Shot of gin

Bryan Barnhill Steve Asbury

Raymond & Carolyn Riles Ermas Hayfield

Country Show Pleasure Ebony’s Big Thrill The Dollar’s Beauty Iron Man Taylor Made Sunriser’s Jewell

Bobby White Jamie Tipton Shawn Day Scottie Lamons Leigh Resnic

Bobby White Jamie Tipton Shawn Day Scottie Lamons Leigh Resnic

Juvenile Country Pleasure I’ll Bill She’s Keeping Score Scout Jazz Star

Kristen Hale Emma Eversole Ashley Jarnigan Taylor Dye

Kristen Hale Emma Eversole Ashley Jarnigan Taylor Dye

Three Year Old Amateur Racking Mister Pee Body Titleist’s Dark Knight Special Man of Ritz

Joey Hall Andy Larrimore Rachel Hunt

Jenny Hicks Andy Larrimore Robert Simpkins

Open Pacing Lil’ Teller Cupcake McQueen

Karen Smith Marta Hill Steven McNulty

Rebel Pride Farm Walnut Ridge Stables Steven McNulty

Flat Shod Pleasure Racking My Name’s Joe Jose’s A Threat Great American Blackout Generator’s M.G. Wired By Pusher

Jack Sauceman Ashley Helton Bobby White Scottie Lamons Bobby White

Jack Sauceman Ashley Helton Bobby White Scottie Lamons Bobby White

Four Year Old Racking Twilight Jazz He’s An Expert Legally Blonde Armed & Big

Bryan Barnhill Mike Delong Steve Asbury Rickey Bailey

Kiser Family Jenny Hicks Mike Tackett Robert Simpkins

Men’s Keg Shod Racking Fleet’s Pumpkin Potters Trouble Shooter Batman Lex Mandy

Jeff Chaney Coy Leishman Jackie Church Ben Smith Scottie Lamons

Fleetwood Johnson Coy Leishman Jackie Church Rebel Pride Farm Scottie Lamons

Style Racking Jose’s Superstar Title Wave Delight of Money Royal Gin

Bryan Barnhill Mike Delong Rickey Bailey Steve Asbury

Frankie Powell Jenny Hicks Brenda Bailey Larry Rhoton

Speed Racking (4 & Under) Stroker’s Scooting Baby Trouble Fleet’s Mama Jama Drive Bye

Ray Shelton Tony Smith Teresa Williams Gerald Delp

Ray Shelton Rebel Pride Farm Fleetwood Johnson Gerald Delp

Amateur Owned & Trained Confederate Money America’s President Angel’s Heartbeat Armed & Concealed Evil’s Next Generation

Kayla Ball Clell Blankenship Bailey Parsons Kendra White Dillon Brookshire

Roger & Kayla Ball Clell Blankenship Bailey Parsons Kendra White Dillon Brookshire

Ladies Trail Pleasure Racking Cody’s T-R-O-U-B-L-E Who Am I Silver Dollar’s Gateman Flip My Coin

Brandy Smith Kathy Norman Jeanine Priar Keri Bales

Cody Sauceman Wes & Kathy Norman Jeanine Priar Nathan Bales

Men’s Racking Money Maker All American Ritz Hillbilly Jose

Mike Delong Rickey Bailey Bryan Barnhill

Jenny Hicks Mitchell May Allison Brinker

Juvenile Keg Shod Racking Double Trouble Rowdy’s Rebel Hope

Coy Leishman Ashley Jarnigan

Coy Leishman Ashley Jarnigan

Juvenile Racking (A/D 17 & Under) Jose’s Almighty Emily Kiser Jackson

Kiser Family

Starting the winning tradition in the Stick Horse division!

Enjoying the first trip to the Mountain State Horse Show! The Scoop / Page 77

Page 78 / The Scoop

The Scoop / Page 79

Page 80 / The Scoop

The Scoop / Page 81

Page 82 / The Scoop

White Pine, Tennessee 3 & 4 Yr Old Racking Uno Bulletproof Fleet’s Jane Wayne

Jason Tackett Garett Mullins Teresa Williams

Jason Tackett Dean Bolden Fleetwood Johnson

Men’s Country Saddle Powerstroke’s Class Act

Bobby White

Bobby White

Ladies Open Speed Racking SNL A Boy Named Sue Old Man Thunder Struck Fleet’s Mad Max

Samantha Mullins Chelsi Akers Lashea Lewis Ashley Jarnigan Teresa Williams

Samantha Mullins Chelsi Akers Lashea Lewis Jerald Delph Fleetwood Johnson

Ambling Country Pleasure Spud’s Winning Colors Wired by Pusher Red Hot Jesse Macs

Jack Sauceman Jerry Robinette Eddie Necessary Justin Adams

Jack Sauceman Jerry Robinette Eddie Necessary Linda Wilson

54” & Under Pleasure Pony (12 & Under) Doblin Tori Baxter Dottie Reagan Stroupe

Tori Baxter Reagan Stroupe

Juvenile Trail Pleasure (17& Under) Cody’s T-R-O-U-B-L-E Emily Kiser Jackson Who Am I Lucas Oliver Red Feather’s Prince Maranda Schill Chantilly’s American Cash Courtney Wilson

Cody Sauceman Wes & Kathy Norman Wes & Kathy Norman Gail Gilmer

Men’s Pacing River Jack Little Jenny Little Charlie Brown

Toby Davis Steven Nulty Austin Blevins

Toby Davis Steven Nulty Austin Blevins

Two Year Old Amateur Racking Enjoy the Ride

Danielle Powell

Frankie Powell

Men’s Country Pleasure Great American Blowout I’m A Gangster My Name’s Joe Generator’s M.G. Battery Power

Bobby White Carl White Jack Sauceman Scottie Lamons James Hunt

Bobby White Carl White Jack Sauceman Scottie Lamons Kelby Hunt

Juvenile Racking Simply Thrilling

Bryan Barnhill

Gary Roeher

Three Year Old Racking Titleist’s Dark Knight Special Man of Ritz

Bryan Barnhill Rickey Bailey

Andy Larrimore Robert Simpkins

Four Year Old Amateur Racking International Playboy He’s An Expert Legally Blonde America’s President

Bobby Blankenship Joey Hall Marty Tackett Clell Blankenship

Kathy Robinette Jenny Hicks Marty Tackett Clell Blankenship

Ladies Keg Shod Racking Honey Bun Lex Little Magic Man George

Teresa Williams Karen Smith Tami Cureton Keri Bales

Teresa Williams Karen Smith Tami Cureton Keri Bales

Amateur Style Racking Jose’s Superstar Armed & Concealed Ritz on the Move He’s So Fine Evil’s Next Generation

Danielle Powell Bobbie White Rachel Hunt Joey Hall Dillion Brookshire

Frankie Powell Bobbie White Brenda Bailey Jenny Hicks Dillion Brookshire

Men’s Trail Pleasure Cody’s T-R-O-U-B-L-E Stormy’s Lonestar Lady Who Am I Encore’s Crown Prince

Cody Sauceman James Hunt Wes Norman Isaac Russell

Cody Sauceman Rebecca Hunt Wes & Kathy Norman Issac Russell

Speed Racking A Boy Named Sue Ca Pone Saturday Night Live Angel Endless Sky

Chelsi Akers Hannah Shelton Symantha Mullins Nathan Bales Ben Jones

Chelsi Akers Hannah Shelton Mullins Stables Nathan Bales Ben Jones

Amateur Racking John F. K. Diamond Delight The Royal Masque Hillbilly Jose Fame’s Golden Eagle

Rachel Hunt Danny Mead Andy Larrimore Ken Estes

Brenda Bailey Jenny Hicks Allison Brinker Ken Estes

The Scoop / Page 83

Page 84 / The Scoop

The Scoop / Page 85

White Pine, Tennessee Ladies Country Pleasure Racking Great American Blowout Taylor Made MG’s Patriot Jose’s A Threat Jose’s Sirius Black

Kendra White Chelsi Akers Emily Tutle Ashley Helton Ginger Bartlett

Kendra White Chelsi Akers Emily Tutle Ashley Helton Ginger Bartlett

15.2 & Under Racking Pride’s Pusher Star Up Jumped the Devil Midnight at the Ritz My Lucky Coin Poisons Silver Dollar

Danny Mead Bobbie Blankenship Steve Asbury Rick Ramsey Rickey Bailey

Jenny Hicks Kathy Robinette Sharon Asbury Sara Darling Brenda Bailey

Pro-Am Racking I’m Dumas in Command Motown’s Funky Music

Bryan Barnhill & Michelle Schoenvogel Rick Ramsey & Sara Darling

Michelle Schoenvogel

Ladies Country Saddle Gold’s Rowdy Moon Pusher’s Perfect Kiss Fleets Dusty Paint’s Lady Magic Little Magic Man

Karen Smith Danielle Powell Teresa Williams Kathy Norman Tami Cureton

Rebel Pride Farm Danielle Powell Teresa Williams Wes & Kathy Norman Tami Cureton

Men’s Open Speed Racking Strokers Scootin Bay B I’m Turning Loose The Big Boss Man Mandy Smoke on the Water

Ray Shelton Frankie Boggess Garrett Mullins Scottie Lamons Brandon Jenkins

Ray Shelton Frankie Boggess Garrett Mullins Scottie Lamons Brandon Jenkins

Go As You Please (Western) Stormy’s Lonestar Lady Another Little Princess Who Am I Cody’s T-R-O-U-B-L-E Spud’s Winning Colors

Rebecca Hunt Ginger Bartlett Kathy Norman Harvey Sauceman Jack Sauceman

Rebecca Hunt Ginger Bartlett Wes & Kathy Norman Cody Sauceman Jack Sauceman

Trail Pleasure Walking Specialty I’m A American Lady Just Call Me Duke Battery Power Maximizer Ritz’s Crown Jewell

Tracie Becknell Gail Justice James Hunt Maci Snodgrass Judy Schiffer

Tracie Becknell Gail Justice James Hunt Phil Snodgrass Judy Schiffer

Spotted Pleasure Pusher’s Perfect Kiss In Like Fint Thunder

Brett Carlisle Symantha Mullins Cody Yates

Brett Carlisle Symantha Mullins Cody Yates

Sara Darling

Juvenile Country Pleasure Walking 24 Kt’s Rising Allison Hopkins Elmer’s Mama Mia Brandon Givens Another’s Little Princess Courtney Wilson My Max Cash Macy Snodgrass Haze All Over Nicolas Melandez

Judy Schiffer Dr. Mike & Mrs Anne Piet Courtney Wilson Macy Snodgrass Nicolas Melandez

Open Speed Racking Mandy Stormy Constant Sorrel A Boy Named Sue

Scottie Lamons Tom Sims Larry Combs Chelsi Akers

Scottie Lamons Tom Sims Larry Combs Chelsi Akers

Versatility Trail Pleasure Western Red Feather’s Prince

Maranda Schill

Maranda Schill

17 & Under That’s a Fact Jack Red Feather’s Prince

Kristen Hale Maranda Schill

Kristen Hale Maranda Schill

Juvenile Trail Pleasure Walking Ritz’s Crown Jewell Just Call Me Duke Stormy’s Lonestart Lady Southern Command Cashin Time

Allison Hopkins Dana Holt Kelby Hunt Macy Snodgrass Brandon Givens

Judy Sheffer Dana Holt Kelby Hunt Macy Snodgrass Brandon Givens

Country Pleasure Walking Ritz’s Crown Jewell The Situation Boom Boom Wow Coin’s Southern Girl Another’s Little Princess

Judy Sheffer Tracie Becknell Rick Bridwell Emily Jones Ginger Bartlett

Judy Sheffer Tracie Becknell Rick Bridwell Emily Jones Ginger Bartlett

Ked Shod Racking Gold’s Rowdy Moon Tequila Trouble Fleets Mama Jama

Karen Smith Coy Leishman Tony Smith Teresa Williams

Karen Smith Coy Leishman Tony Smith Teresa Williams

Page 86 / The Scoop

What a cute matching pair in the Lead Line class!

White Pine, Tennessee Versatility Trail Pleasure English Red Feather’s Prince Cody’s T-R-O-U-B-L-E

Maranda Schill Brandy Sauceman

Lead Line (Judged) Dora Liberty’s Moonbeam Delight Dottie Pusher’s Perfect Kiss Oreo

Isabella Hileman Isabella Hileman Kaykan Hicks Kaykan Hicks Reagan Stroupe Reagan Stroupe Bryce Barnhill Macee Tackett Macee Tackett

Juvenile Trail Pleasure Racking Cody’s T-R-O-U-B-L-E Another’s Little Princess Hale’s Old Stroll Who Am I Ambers Hidden Desire

Emily Kiser Jackson Courtney Williams Kristen Hale Lucas Oliver Julianne Stuffle

Cody Sauceman Courtney Williams Kristen Hale Lucas Oliver Julianne Stuffle

Country Pleasure Racking Great American Blowout Jose’s Sirius Black I’m A Gangster Taylor Made Jewell Sunriser’s

Bobby White Ginger Bartlett Carl White Chelsi Aikers Leigh Rasnic

Bobby White Ginger Bartlett Carl White Chelsi Aikers Leigh Rasnic

Open Country Saddle Gold’s Rowdy Moon Honey Bun The Court Apple Jack Generator’s Coal Black Gem

Karen Smith Teresa Williams Marvin Hall Amanda Carpenter Michelle Hurt

Karen Smith Teresa Williams Marvin Hall Amanda Carpenter Michelle Hurt

Flat Shod Pleasure Racking Great American Blowout Anger Management Thunder Tower Thunder Major Trouble

Kendra White Michelle Hurt Scotty Horne Cody Yates Betty Tackett

Kendra White Michelle Hurt Scotty Horne Cody Yates Betty Tackett

Open Keg Shod Racking Mandy Rowdy’s Rebel Gold Fleet’s Cruise Iceman Apple Jack

Scottie Lamons Tony Smith Teresa Williams Bo Wright Larry Combs

Scottie Lamons Tony Smith

Jessie Brown Kristen Hale Taylor Dye

Jessie Brown Kristen Hale Taylor Dye

Cody Sauceman Kathy Norman Ginger Bartlett Jessica Johnson Michelle Hunt

Cody Sauceman Kathy Norman Ginger Bartlett Jessica Johnson Michelle Hunt

Open County Show Pleasure Ebony’s Big Thrill The Dollars Beauty Generator’s MG Jewell Sunriser’s

Bobby White Jamie Tipton Scottie Lamons Leigh Rasnic

Bobby White Jamie Tipton Scottie Lamons Leigh Rasnic

Open Go As You Please Stormy’s Lonestar Lady Who Am I Battery Power Cody’s T-R-O-U-B-L-E Another’s Little Princess

Rebecca Hunt Kathy Norman James Hunt Harvey Sauceman Ginger Bartlett

Rebecca Hunt Kathy Norman James Hunt Cody Sauceman Ginger Bartlett

Open Speed Racking Rawhide’s April Breeze Fleet’s Cruise Blizzard A Boy Named Sue Boss Man

Pete Slemp Teresa Williams Scottie Lamons Chelsi Aikers Garrett Mullins

Pete Slemp

Juvenile Country Pleasure Racking Jessee Macks Black Magic Ill Bill Jazz Star Trail Pleasure Racking Cody’s T-R-O-U-B-L-E Who Am I Chantilly’s American Cash Dumas Young Guns Blue Boys Rambler

Maranda Schill Cody Sauceman

Bo Wright Larry Combs

Scottie Lamons Chelsi Aikers Garrett Mullins

The SCOOP congratulates all of the winners at The Mountain States Horse Show!

Even dogs enjoy coming to the horse show and smiling for the SCOOP camera! The Scoop / Page 87

Page 88 / The Scoop

The Scoop / Page 89

Page 90 / The Scoop

The Scoop / Page 91

Page 92 / The Scoop

42nd Annual 2013 World RAcking Celebration

DECATUR, AL – The 42nd Annual World Celebration was spectacular! The show had 188 classes, with something for everyone. The largest racking horse show in the United States was held September 20-28, 2013, at the Morgan County Celebration Arena in Priceville, AL. This year there were well over a thousand entries contending for top honors.

Shows were held nightly at 6:00 p.m. except on Thursday when show time was at 5:30 p.m. The World Celebration offers plenty of other activities for participants to enjoy, including horse sales and a barn decorating contest. On Saturday night prior to announcing the World Grand Champion, children were invited to participate in the Stick Horse class, a chance for children to bring their own stick horse into the arena for a little friendly competition. There was also a highly anticipated and competitive costume class which brought some very elaborate costumes to the show ring. Judges for the Celebration were the Honorable Mary Alice Bohannon, Ed Hiers, Bill Stricklend, Jerry Thacker and Tommy Thompson. Melisa Taylor did a fantastic job of coordinating the multi-night show. Other officials were Gene Frye, master of ceremonies; Jane Frye, organist; Charles McClain, ringmaster; John Cordell, paddock master; and Bo Bright and Dwayne Harrison, stewards. The center ring coordinator was Caitlyn Buchanan. The scorer was Nathan Scroggins and the entry office coordinator was Chase Hurst. Entry office assistant Betsy Thompson, office assistant Dorothy Jones, veterinarian Dr. Michael Brown, farrier Don King, official photographer Jack Greene and stall manager, Mack Hess did a fabulous job making this a great show. Last year’s 2013 World Grand Champion Racking Horse, Papa’s Final Choice ridden by Larris Missildine was exhibited for everyone to enjoy on the last Friday night of the Celebration. It was exciting to watch him perform. On the last Saturday night two 2013 WGC Walking Horses exhibited for the crowd of spectators. They were WGC I Am Jose ridden by Casey Wright for owners, Billy Maxx and Debbie Woods and WGC A Strong Need For Cash 15.2 & Under ridden by Michael Wright for owners, Jim and Jeannie Roberts. Everyone came to experience the excitement of crowning a new Grand Champion and they were not disappointed! The nine day competition ended with the announcement of the new World Grand Champion, Pusher’s Dollar ridden by owner, Jason Creech. Reserve in this great class was E.K.G. ridden by Pete Slemp and owned by Ronnie Slemp. The third place horse, Tears was ridden by Jamie Lawrence for owners, Ed and Nell Brown. The SCOOP would like to give a big round of applause to all of the winners at the Racking Horse World Celebration! Congratulations on your wins and exciting riders. We were proud to greet you in the winner’s circle. For more information, please visit our FREE website at

The Scoop / Page 93

42nd Annual 2013 World RAcking Celebration

Specialty Action, Four Year Old Amateur Stake International Playboy Bobbie Lynn Blankens Hillbilly Jose Andy Larrimore Moonstruck At The Ritz Kelly France

Kathy Robinette Bryan Andy Larrimore Bryan Kelly France

Mare & Gelding Stake Power Investments Ted’s Ritz-E Girl The Shut Out

Keith Ailshie David Latham Danny D. Odum

Nancy D. Brooks Kenneth D. Harris Lewis Fred Mcroy, Jr

15.2 & Under Stake Designed By A Specialist I’m Texas Pete Silver Dollar Ritz

Buffy Ailshie Bryan Thomas Barnhil Tyler Parish

Fred Kazee Ricky Thompson Katelyn Parish

Racking For The Roses A & D’s Regal Prince Daytona 500 Little Big Town I’m The Dark Knight Copperopolis

Tyler Willoughby Buffy Ailshie David Latham Bryan Thomas Barnhil Danny D. Odum

Jerry Bice Margie Watts J. Kent Lawrence Raymond R. Riles Lewis Fred Mcroy, Jr

Lead Line Stake Snowflake Hawk’s Look Alike Real Men Wear Pink C Mohegan Sun Rawhide’s April Breeze Delight’s Midnight Pride Champion

Alex Creech Ansley Dougal Raegan Clopp Casey Mcadams Brody Gillenwater Jennifer Cornett Jenna Ann Johnston

Alex Creech Charity H. Latham Rebecca Clopp Casey Mcadams John R Benitt Tyler Venerable Jenna Ann Johnston

Specialty Action, Amateur Owned & Trained Stake Mr. Gamecock Curtis Thompson Jose’s Turning Point Arvolle Brown Promises Doing Time Cynthia D. Bryant Ted’s Fatal Attraction Amber Baskett The Sky Is The Limit James M. Bell Pusher’s Magic Man Ashley Kiser Hot Jazz Kourtney Tyra Doing Life Blake Dietrich Bridezilla Samantha Presgraves

Joseph H. Livingston Arvolle Brown Cynthia D. Bryant Amber Baskett James M. Bell Ashley Kiser Kourtney Tyra Blake Dietrich Samantha Presgraves

Country Pleasure, Juvenile 17 & Under Stake Lady Royale Brody Bice On The Pontoon Hannah Buffkin Teach Me How To Dougie Tyra Brown Amy’s Miss Priss Laura Hooker Jose’s 38 Special Courtney Collins Charming Masquerade Miranda Jackson Project Runway Tara Chadwell

Jerry Bice Carol R. Missildine Tim L. Brown Amy Schilly Courtney Collins Becky J. Siniard Tara Chadwell

Halter Yearling Stake Simply Charming Color Magic I’m Color Perfect Harley T JFK’s Wicked Walker

Julie H George Michelle Cranford Tim Poynter Cynde Cross July Angela Leach

Julie H George Hunter Fikes Aleisha Roberts Billy D. Howard July Angela Leach

Specialty Action, Two Year Old Stake Sy Robertson Bryan Thomas Barnhil Top Hat Jose’ Larry W. Latham H D Jamie B. Lawrence Fortune In Santanna James Roger Upchurch Ante Up Barbara Agnich Watch Out Now Greg Johnston Screaming Hawk Koda Downs

Gary Roeher Larry W. Latham Virginia Lou Mead James Roger Upchurch Larry Appleton Jr J. Fred Johnston Joe R. Clift

Style Pleasure Stake My Good Grey-Cious The Master’s Choice Seve 3 Under Par High Caliber Armed Phantom Of The Ritz Armed & In Demand The Jazzy Lady Rambler’s Money Train Fire Marshall Jose’s Malo Culo Loose ‘N Ritzy Two For A Dollar Triple S Express Junior Sunshine’s Flashy Queen The Legacy

Curtis Thompson Cynthia D. Bryant Jimmy Sonny Lawson John L. Denny Charity H. Latham Ronnie Hooker Aleisha Roberts Mike Meisenheimer Bo Beam Susan Hankins Jared Johnston Teresa L Mills Ken Searcy Becky Hodgson Adrian Rehkemper

Page 94 / The Scoop

Brandon Ailshie Cynthia D. Bryant Jimmy Sonny Lawson Vanessa Rhea Denny Ashley Faith Latham Laura Hooker Aleisha Roberts Lance Meisenheimer Katherine Nicole Car Susan Hankins Jared Johnston Teresa L Mills Ken Searcy Roger Smith Adrian Rehkemper

Specialty Action 12 & Under Stake I’m Fort Knox Makayla Latham Simply Thrilling Bryan Barnhill Jr. Provocative Woman Chandler Armstrong Reba 2 Drew Gates

Charity H. Latham Gary Roeher Bruce A. Dempsey Stephen Gates

Park Pleasure Stake No Way Jose’ Totally Twisted Master Of Pattern Dangerously Armed Just Teas’in A Dangerous Catch By JFK

Steve Parker Tona Kay Reed Ava Odum Vanessa Rhea David Rogers Rickey H. Carr

Allyson Parker Jason Morris Lewis Fred McCoy, Jr Bobbie Lynn Blankens David Rogers Marie Willis

Specialty Action, 15.2 & Under Stake Krome Dollar Bs Koda Downs Sweepstakes Hy And Mighty Tyler Willoughby Prides Pusher Star Mike Delong Pistol Poppin Annie Barbara Agnich Al Capone Dirk Spivey A.T.M. Danielle Powell Tennessee Ted Cheryl Mccrory Tarheel’s Cover Girl Mariah Hubbard He’s Solid As A Rock Brandon Adkins Up Jumps The Devil Bobbie Lynn Blankens He’s A Texas Two Step Andy Larrimore

Jan Porter Arvolle Brown Virginia Lou Mead Larry Appleton Jr Dirk Spivey Franklin H Powell Tyler Pearson Jeff Hubbard Alvis Porter Kathy Robinette Tamara Butler

Two Year Old Stake Jose’s All Buttoned Up Written In The Stars Zorro’s Jazz Dark Liner Diamind Dealer

Jamie B. Lawrence Robby Bradley Tyler Willoughby Benjie Wagoner Randall (Pete) Slemp

Nan Barnes Robby Bradley Lesa Denny Garry Wilson Randall (Pete) Slemp

Trail Pleasure Amateur Stake Jose’s Double Take The Boogieman Bold & Blue Sewell’s Sam Pride Mark’s Last Dollar Stylin-N-Profilin Gen’s American Idol Cash’s Storming Lady Delight’s Midnight Pride My Apache’s True Grit A Streak Of Heaven Small Town Celebrity A Whiskey River Jailhouse Caper Santana’s Angel Cutie Sky Stock’s Power Girl Al Strut Cody’s Trouble

Don Hancock Jim Morris Julie H George Taylor France Gina Bunker Tonya L. Parsons Tracey Andrews-Aske Macie Musick Jennifer Cornett Doyce Lawrence Dianne Hasty Jessica Wagers Frankie Mason Kimberly Coult Buddy Hankins Debbie Estes-Smith Tona Kay Reed Charles Reed Cody Sauceman

Don Hancock Jim Morris Julie H George Kelly France Gina Bunker Lexy L. Beaver Don Hancock Macie Musick Tyler Venerable Kimberly Coult Dianne Hasty Jessica Wagers Preston (Houston) Ke Kimberly Coult Buddy Hankins Debbie Estes-Smith Tona Kay Reed G. Elane Berry Cody Sauceman

Four Year Old Amateur Stake Big Blue Nation Strong Beat Hawaii Five O Dollars Chump Change

Jason Creech Novel J Bond Lee Johnson Adam Blazer

Jason Creech Stephanie Smith Lee Johnson Macie Musick

Juvenile 12 & Under Stake A Touch Of Camelot

Mackenzie Lawrence

Madison Lawrence

Specialty Action, Park Performance Stake Country Boy Eddie Lamar Denny I’m A Cowboy Casanova Bryan Thomas Barnhil Dangerous Sunshine Daniel Forman Struck By Lighting Greg Johnston Theft By Deception Jamie B. Lawrence Bail Out Brandon Grubb I’m Diamond Rio J. Kent Lawrence Flash Me Angie Bell

Donna Campbell Mike Baskett Denis Pannell Greg Johnston Michelle Davis Jack A. Robertson J. Kent Lawrence Preston (Houston) Ke

Flat Shod Stake Chromed Out Champagne’s Power Glide Mr. Jingles Legend By Choice Armed Lady Of The Evening Sunset’s Pure Image

Neal Hargett Donna Campbell Pamela Hignite Pidge Todd Carter Fannie Ivins Lisa Mann

David Latham Lamar Denny Pamela Hignite Pidge Todd Carter Jessica Davis Jason M. Mann

42nd Annual 2013 World RAcking Celebration Specialty Action, Three Year Old Stake Catch Me If You Can Bryan Thomas Barnhil He’s Fully Armed Brandon Adkins Titleist’s Dark Knight Clark Dudney Rave At Sunrise Koda Downs

Mikayla B Dent Alvis Porter Andy Larrimore Douglas Estes

Pleasure Racking Stake The Red Barron PBG’s Rare Star Tootsi Pop Angel From Above Charming Masquerade Bad To The Bone A Bad Dollar E’s Little Big Man Rare Coins Image My Papa’s Busted Too Dark Too Shady Smokin The Line Jasmine Joy Equal’s First Lady Cheer Me On Teach Me How To Dougie

Tammy Elmore Ronnie Hooker Don Hancock Charity H. Latham Becky J. Siniard Kelly France Edna Decker Liz Nunnelley Leonard George Peggy Champion Joe D. Collins Kimberly Coult Dani Nix David Rogers Tracy Dorsey Tim L. Brown

Jason Morris Laura Hooker Don Hancock Charity H. Latham Ken Jackson Taylor France Edna Decker Liz Nunnelley Phillip R. Curlee, Jr Peggy Champion Joe D. Collins Kimberly Coult Dani Nix David Rogers Tracy Dorsey Trista Brown

Three Year Old Amateur Stake War Games Terry Stone Little Big Town J. Kent Lawrence Fifty Shades Of Bay Lance Meisenheimer Delightful Wild Thing Curtis Thompson Fire House Landon Bice Unreal To The Max Sandra Gross He Dat Dazzle Fred Greathouse

Nancy D. Brooks J. Kent Lawrence Mike Meisenheimer Ricky Thompson Bryan R Allen Bice Sandra Gross Fred Greathouse

Speed Padded Stake Miss Undertaker JD’s Prime Time She’s Mandy Girl Cut By The Undertaker

Jason Todd Eric Johnson Scottie Lamons Misty Shouse

Jason Todd Eric Johnson Scottie Lamons Jason Todd

15.2 & Under Amateur Stake Santana’s Supernatural I’m Texas Pete The Royal Flash All American Patriot The Bold Collection Can’t Hardly Wait Toxic

Diana Bowers Curtis Thompson Jason Todd Joe Bentley Brent Carter Danyelle Woolridge Tammy Elmore

Diana Bowers Ricky Thompson Jason Todd Joe Bentley Brent Carter Debbie Chapman Tammy Elmore

Specialty Action, Amateur Stake Parole’s Promise Cynthia D. Bryant Abel Gary Roeher Jose’s Super Star Danielle Powell Royal Masque Danny Mead Midnights Triple Threat Travis Wade I’m Lethal Too Bobby C. Simmons I’m Bellagio Ray Solley He’s Taylor Made Pamela Hignite Pidge Sturgis Liz Nunnelley The Bachlorette Michelle Nunley Tarrheels Armed Johnny Byrd It’s Silver Dollar Time Leslie Propst Hooray Jose’ Ed Brown Cash’s Comanchero Roy Wester The Sunday Ticket Michelle Lee Jarred Pusher’s Smoking Joe Blake Wester

Cynthia D. Bryant Gary Roeher Franklin H Powell Virginia Lou Mead Travis Wade Bobby C. Simmons Ray Solley Pamela Hignite Pidge Liz Nunnelley Rocky Barton Johnny Byrd Jamie B. Lawrence Ed Brown Roy Wester Rodney M. Thomsen Roy Wester

Halter Weanling Stake A Smokin Jazzy Lady Jose Josefina Moto Moto Airbrushed Gen’s Major Knockout

Paul Stockard Barbara Johnston Michelle Cranford Aleisha Roberts Julie H George

Daniel Forman Greg Johnston Hunter Fikes Aleisha Roberts Julie H George

Specialty Action, Four Year Old Stake They Call Me Saban Jamie B. Lawrence LC’s Mr. Ritz N Cash Larry W. Latham Phil Robertson Bryan Thomas Barnhil Hillbilly Jose Gerald Ford Pistol Poppin Annie Barbara Agnich

Ray Solley Larry W. Latham Gary Roeher Franklin H Powell Larry Appleton Jr

Trail Pleasure 17 & Under Stake Flo’s Promise Laura Hooker Cody’s Trouble Emily Kiser - Jackson The Boogieman Brooke S. Morris Tootsie Pie Matthew Rogers Chester Makayla Latham A Streak Of Heaven Ashley Faith Latham Saint’s Desiring Lady Morgan Still My Apache’s True Grit Mackenzie Lawrence Stylin-N-Profilin Lexy L. Beaver Small Town Celebrity Malloree Walker My Dixie Chick Nicholas Ellis My Stormy Lady Michaela St. John Prettyboy’s Blackshadow Kendra Hicks Cashs Storming Lady Carmella Fox

Laura Hooker Cody Sauceman Jim Morris Don Hancock Makayla Latham Dianne Hasty Morgan Still Kimberly Coult Lexy L. Beaver Jessica Wagers Jim Morris Rodney M. Thomsen Regina Hicks Macie Musick

Specialty Action, Two Year Old Amateur Stake Ceelo Gary Roeher The Golden Coach Kelly France Carolina Cash Danielle Powell Cadillac Jack’s Dirk Spivey

Gary Roeher Kelly France Franklin H Powell Dirk Spivey

Four Year Old Stake Jazz Watch She’s An American Belle Dollar’s Chump Change Fifty Shades Of Black Ted’s Holy Cow Maypine’s Imagine

Forrest Roberts Jason Creech Macie Musick Raymer L. Clanton Rob Elkins Robert C Watkins, Jr

Lamar Denny Steve Beam Adam Blazer David Latham Keith Ailshie Mark Taylor

Specialty Action, Juvenile 13-17 Stake Git R Done Barkley Bowling Jose’s Almighty Ritz Emily Kiser - Jackson Jose Solitaire Mikayla B Dent Jose’s Beauty Savannah Upchurch On Wall Street Jay Evans That’s Just My Game Brandon Ailshie Pumped Up Kicks Courtney Collins Jose’s Murphy Matthew Rogers Rant & Rave Brooke S. Morris Art & Soul Brooke Alexis Fergus Lady Of Cash Britney Smith He’s The Banker Katherine Nicole Car

Barkley Bowling Gary M. Kiser Mikayla B Dent James Roger Upchurch Jamie Evans Pamela Kazee Courtney Collins David Rogers Jim Morris Phil Ferguson, Jr. Stephanie Smith Tommy Raiford

Show Pleasure Stake Magic Carpet Ride By Jose’ Jose’ On Call Painted By Pzazz A Powerful Choice Evil Intentions I Am A Dollar Sho Nuff A Generator Star Gen’s Ice Man Gold’s Diamond Bonaroo Blue Pushin Motown Power Of Alive

Becky J. Siniard Blake Wester Cynthia D. Bryant Kay Easterling Jim Morris Brett Heatherly Jody Smallwood Buddy Hankins Tina Horton Bigham Lenard Windham Abby Bigham-Collier Maria Esters

Becky J. Siniard Blake Wester Cynthia D. Bryant Danielle Robertson Jason Morris Hannah Heatherly Carmiletta Steele Buddy Hankins Tina Horton Bigham Travis Wilhoite Abby Bigham-Collier Maria Esters

Specialty Action, Three Year Old Amateur Stake Mister Peebody’s Coaltrain Danny Mead Catch Me If You Can Kathy Dent Jose’ With An Attitude Bo Beam Sky’s The Limit C Cindy Watson Jose’s Contino Mike Wisecup What Power Cortney Posvar Heza Baby Boomer Jared Johnston Titleist’s Dark Knight Andy Larrimore

Virginia Lou Mead Mikayla B Dent Charity H. Latham Cindy Watson Lyn Lewis Danny Latham Jeff Johnston Andy Larrimore

Juvenile 13-17 Stake Pistol Annie Dancing With Evil Little Big Town I’m Sweet And Sassy All American Pie Mr Magical

Barkley Bowling Courtney Collins J. Kent Lawrence Nancy D. Brooks Wayne Nix Phil Ferguson, Jr.

Barkley Bowling Courtney Collins Ashley Faith Latham Brandon Ailshie Macie Nix Brooke Alexis Fergus

Two Year Old Amateur Stake Precious Dreams By Choice B.K. Miller Titleist Mo Magic Christopher Kelly

B.K. Miller James King

The Scoop / Page 95

42nd Annual 2013 World RAcking Celebration Western Pleasure Stake Flo’s Promise Special Destiny A Whiskey River My Dixie Chick Ebony’s Prize Hawk’s Look Alike Jailhouse Caper

Laura Hooker Taylor France Ken Jackson Jim Morris Julie H George Charity H. Latham Kimberly Coult

Laura Hooker Kelly France Preston (Houston) Ke Jim Morris Julie H George Charity H. Latham Kimberly Coult

Three Year Old Stake Pimpin Ain’t Easy Hootie The Master Switch

Jamie B. Lawrence David Latham Tyler Willoughby

Denny Russell Allison Witt Blake Wester

Amateur Owned & Trained Stake Oopsy Daisy Cynthia D. Bryant Jet Black Lance Meisenheimer Prowler’s Silver Dollar Aleisha Roberts I’ve Got Connections Debbie Groves Selena Williams Ted Barmore

Cynthia D. Bryant Mike Meisenheimer Aleisha Roberts Debbie Groves Ted Barmore

Specialty Action Stake Dollar Dynamite Skyliner Hitman On Parole The Ultra Jose The Santini Legrande Ritz’s Loose Change King On Parole Bandera’s Psalm 103:2 Armed Dangerous Priemier Midnight’s Vantage Point The Real Deal RC

Bryan Thomas Barnhil Curtis Thompson Mike Delong Danny D. Odum Mike Wisecup Buffy Ailshie Greg Johnston Forrest Roberts Jamie B. Lawrence Howard Hamilton Koda Downs Roger D. Adkins

Kathy Dent Kathy Robinette Danny Mead Buddy Hankins Lyn Lewis Nancy D. Brooks J. Fred Johnston Forrest Roberts Kimberly Coult Howard Hamilton Saundra Clift Ransom Chafin, Jr

Amateur Stake High Dollar Star It’s Me Again. . . Lord Highway Alert Batman He’s Topnotch A High Dollar Ritz Jack Knife A Major Maneuver

Roy Bright Kimberly Coult Ava Odum Carol R. Missildine Morgan England Bobbie Lynn Blankens Travis Wilhoite Lindsay Meisenheimer

Vanessa Rhea Kimberly Coult Ava Odum Carol R. Missildine Wade England Bobbie Lynn Blankens Lenard Windham Mike Meisenheimer

Speed, Flat Shod Stake On A Highway To Hell Mr. Evolution Camelot Baron Larry’s Amigo Ezd’s Rowdy Falcon Floyd Dixie I’m Turnin Loose Falcon’s Blue Ribbon Teagan’s Quest Fleet’s Cruise

Randall (Pete) Slemp Sue Dunn Jay Evans Jordan Mann Robert W Parks Christy Henderson Frankie Boggess Jacob Parks Misty Shouse Teresa Williams

Chris Strange Bob Brumley Jamie Evans Lisa Mann Robert W Parks Donald Henderson Frankie Boggess Robert W Parks Jason Todd Fleetwood Johnson

Country Pleasure Stake Stolen Gem Jazzman’s Doing Time The Perfect Mystery On The Pontoon Goodtime With Master Generator’s M. G. Evil’s Yea Boy Motorboatin Desert Rain Fame’s Jubilee Star Taylor Made He’s Running From The Law Splash Of Silver Firestone’s Recall Maypine’s One In A Million Alive’s Final Fox Silver Design’s Masquerade 3 Strikes Your Out I’m Hawkeye Stroker’s Masterpiece

Jason Morris Mariah Hubbard Aleisha Roberts Carol R. Missildine Pat Kimberly Coult Scottie Lamons Ava Odum Brent Carter Taylor France Glen A. Dorsey Jamie Tipton Terry Stone Don Hancock Jami L. Gullic Tammy Elmore Laurie E. Hudspeth Mark Griffith Kelly France Amy Brumley Teresa L Mills

Jim Morris Jeff Hubbard Aleisha Roberts Carol R. Missildine Ned Dotson Scottie Lamons Ava Odum Carol R. Missildine Kelly France Chris Landfried Chelsi Akers Terry Stone Don Hancock Jami L. Gullic Robert C Watkins, Jr Laurie E. Hudspeth Mark Griffith Kelly France Amy Brumley Teresa L Mills

Page 96 / The Scoop

World Grand Championship Pushers Dollar E.K.G. Tears Zhivago Unreal Game Day A Touch Of Camelot Sound Investment For Real

Jason Creech Randall (Pete) Slemp Jamie B. Lawrence Steve Beam Danny Burks Tyler Parish Doyce Lawrence Bryan Thomas Barnhil Roger Smith

Jason Creech Ronnie Slemp Ed Brown Richard Lawson S.A. Barber Katelyn Parish Madison Lawrence Denny Russell Dewey Hannon, Jr

42nd Annual 2013 World RAcking Celebration

The Scoop / Page 97

42nd Annual 2013 World RAcking Celebration

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Located at 338 N. Cuyamaca, El Cajun, CA 92020. Call 619-440-6841, cell 619-933-2730 or visit

Alice Klein Equestrians

Classic Custom Cycles and more

Certified Riding Instructor. Lessons for all ages and

Welding, fabrication & repair (in-house and portable ser-

riding levels. Discounted packages available. Specializing

vices, aluminum and steel) from stall doors, trailer repair,


in centered riding, show ring preparation and equitation.

cattle gates, farm equipment to attachments, etc.

Natasha Douglas, Photographer. Offering extraordinary

Will travel to you for private instruction. Lesson horses

Serving Rutherford, Bedford and surrounding counties.

show horse photography in the ring and at the farm. Serv-

available in all disciplines. Located at Win A Few Stables

3615 Shelbyville Hwy. (231), Murfreesboro, TN 37127.

ing the eastern United States and beyond! Located at 2212

in Shelbyville, TN. Call 931-205-2067.

Call 615-893-7458, Hours Mon-Fri 10-6, Sat 10-4.

Frog Level Road, Ewing, VA 24248. Call 865-585-4083, email or visit


Full-time riding academy, boarding, and sales facility. Lessons and summer camp. Gift certificates available.


Producing North Carolina’s most accomplished riders.

View and order proofs online at Locat-

Located at 6921 Sunset Lake Road, Fuquay-Varina, NC

ed at 1245 Cochran Cemetery Road, Lewisburg, TN 37091.

27526. Call 919-552-3536.

Call or fax 931-359-6363 or call cell 931-993-7353. SANDRA HALL PHOTOGRAPHY

Find Your Gait

Located at RR 2, Box 111, Chesterfield, SC 29709. Call

CRI TRI CHA Certified. Find Your Gait Riding Acad-


emy has produced many accomplished competitors and champions including three USEF equitation riders. Lesson


horses and flat shod training available. All breed riding

Located at 2767 Lazy Pine Rd., Randleman, NC 27317.

and training center specializing in saddleseat. Located in

Call 336-318-2116, fax 336-318-2764 or visit

Oak Grove, MO. Call 816-934-2734 or visit

Specializing in equine photography, including horse Stor–N-Lock

traits. Sid Abernathy, P. O. Box 12, Shannon, MS 38868.

We have state-of-the-art covered storage/parking for motor

Call 662-767-8281 or 662-401-0822, email Jsid46@

homes and RVs. Each space has electric, water and sewer or visit

hookups. Pay by the day, week, or month! Come stay with us during any event in our area! 24 hour access. Only 1.7 miles


from the Celebration Grounds, located at 1703 Green Lane,

Located at P. O. Box 54911, Lexington, KY 40555. Call

Shelbyville, TN. Call 913-684-8585 or visit www.stornlock.

859-264-8579, 859-263-3623 or email

netoffice. TACK

TLC Photography


Booking horse shows now! Teresa Castle, P. O. Box 176,

Manufacturers and importers of fine quality horse equip-

Means, KY 40346. Call 606-768-4221, 606-768-2457 or

ment at competitive prices (retail and wholesale). Large


selection of English and Western attire. Call for catalog. Located 8 miles north of Shelbyville. Located at 148 Ebb


Joyce Road, Bell Buckle, TN 37020. Order toll free at 1-

Horse shows, portraits and action shots. Will transfer your

800-523-4971, fax 931-437-221 or visit

home movies, photos or slides to DVD. Located at 132

Mankin St., La Vergne, TN 37086. Call 615-213-2931, 615-347-3835, email or visit


We specialize in tack for Tennessee Walking Horses. 603 Evans Street, Shelbyville, TN 37160. Call toll free at 1-

PROMOTIONAL PRODUCTS A to Z Promotional Products Embroidery, silk screening, caps, T-shirts, golf shirts, jackets and ad specialties. Contact Mark or Debbie Williams, Shelbyville, TN, 931-685-0200.

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800-298-7398 or 931-684-2912 or visit

(Walking Horses) Training and Sales Facility. Brandye Mills, Trainer. Leon Averitt, Assistant Phone number 205239-1938. Pinson, Alabama Choose Your Gait Farms (Walking Horses, Friesians, Minis) Breeding & Training Facility. World Grand Champions Stallions at Backyard Stallion fees. Standing: 2xWC & WGC Outta Line, WGC John FK’s Delight, WGC Greyline, WGC Generator’s Santana, WGC Papa’s Final Choice, WC The New York Yankee, WC The Santini, Doekle Ster Stllion, Anne 340 Friesian), Bennie the 29’ Leopard App Mini. Danville, AL Phone 256-410-3194 barn, 256-606-8217 Chris Cell, 256-426-0749 Kelly Cell.

shows, on the farm and stallion, family and senior por-

Brandye Mills Stables

Sport Approved FPS Friesian Stallion, Berend (Baron WC




Website: DOSS FARMS Walking horse breeding, sales, broodmares, weanlings, and yearlings. Jack Doss, Owner; Morrow Doss, Manager/Certified Riding Instructor. Riding lessons available. Located at 30 Doss Road, Cullman, AL 35057. Call Jack 256-708-5005 or Morrow 256-385-0401.

KELLEY RANCH Full service training facility for walking horses. Junior Wilhoite, Trainer. Located at 8971 State Highway 10 East, Shorterville, AL 36373. Call 334-441-9082 or Junior’s cell 352-435-5840. CALIFORNIA Bouquet Creek Farms Walking horse boarding, colts, colt training, lessons, pleasure horses, show horses and versatility. Wendy Shaw, Trainer. Located at 30280 Bouquet Creek Canyon Road, Saugus, CA 91350. Call the stable 661-296-3951, cell 661-296-4087 or email


Loid Stables


Walking horse training and breeding facility. Scott

(Walking Horses) A Full-service Training facility.

Walking horse breeding and boarding. J. C. and Marceline

Benham, Trainer/Manager. Lalo Gutierrez and Manual

Specializing in sales and training. Tommy Loid, Trainer

Knight, Owners. Standing at stud Generator’s Sergeant

Rodriquez, Trainers. Located at 13213 Ontario Ave.,

and Manager. Bowling, Kentucky 270-779-5633 (Cell)

Major. Located at 2750 K & B Farm Lane or P. O. Box 1700, Lenoir, NC 28645. Call the barn 828-754-0335,

Ontario, CA 91761. Call 909-947-5870 (b) or 909-923Rolling Acres Farm & Stables

8128 (r).

home 828-754-6538 or visit website

Bob Stannard, Owner. Robby Stannard, Trainer. Colt trainPollack’s Silver Spur Ranch

ing and sales facility. Located in Lebanon, KY. Cell 859-


(Walking Horses) Boarding, Training and Breeding

805-8011, email or visit www.

Walking horse breeding and training facility. Ronald

Facility. Standing at Stud: Our Mr. Hollywood. Robert

Mosley, Owner. Located at 213 Lindsay Creed Lane, Mt Airy, NC 27030. Call the barn 336-789-2024 or home

and Wanda Pollack, owners. Lindsey Luna, trainer. 14990 Columbet Ave. San Martin, CA 95046. Phone number


931-205-2173 (Lindsey cell) 408-867-1080 (office)

(Tennessee Walking Horses) Full service training, board-

408-867-7360 (fax) Colt

ing and sales facility. Trainer/Manager Shane Mullins 37

Self Made Farm

division, Jimmy Norris, 408-607-5798(cell)

Wild Turkey Lane, Brodhead, KY Cell 606-308-2900

(Walking Horses) Boarding, Colt Training, Lessons, Training,


Show Horses, Versatility. 6588 NC 42W MacClesfield, NC FLORIDA


27852. Email: Jessica Hlebak

Walking horse training, boarding and sales facility. Travis

(cell) 252-883-5060 or Charlie Canipe (cell) 252-883-5511.


Wiley, Trainer. Located at 4600 Harrodsburg Road, Danville,

Specializing in flat shod for show and pleasure. Sheryl

KY. Call the barn 859-239-9607 or Travis’ cell 859-583-0024.

Walk Away Farms Grandy Tuck, Trainer. Located in Reidsville, NC. Call the

Skala-Carl, Owner/Trainer. Located at 5850 NE 150th MISSISSIPPI

Avenue, Williston, FL 32696. Call the barn and house

barn 336-616-0074 or home 336-951-3691.

352-528-5775 or visit website PIONEER STABLES



Full-service training facility for walking horses. Lucy Watts, Manager.

Located just 25 minutes from Orlando, we are an

Dale Watts, Josh Watts and Jonathan Watts, Trainers. 4025 Highway 51


international, coeducational, independent college

North, Summit, MS 39666. Call the barn and residence 601-276-2641

Walking horse training and sales facility. Located at Shi-

preparatory school for grades PK3-12, with our boarding

or Dale’s cell 601-660-6194.

loh Farms, 210 Big Springs Road, Bell Buckle, TN (off of Highway 231 North). Call the barn 931-437-3160 or

program serving grades 7-12, and post-graduate studies. We are the only private school with a Tennessee Walking


Blake’s cell 931-580-2408.

Horse program and offer an on-campus equestrian center with 38 stall barns, tack/locker rooms, and three all-



weather riding arenas. For more information visit www.

Walking horse training, boarding, and sales. Jim Huffman,

Walking horse training and sales facility. Steve Dunn, or call 407.469.2561.

Owner/Trainer. Located at 2476 State Highway W., Ozark,

Manager/Trainer. Located at Bridlewood Farm, 140 Hwy

MO 65721. Call 417-581-6868, Jim’s cell 417-839-6890

82E, Bell Buckle, TN 37020. Mailing address 1620 Hwy

or Brad’s cell 417-860-8012.

64W, Shelbyville, TN 37160. Call 256-335-3258.



CHAD WAY STABLES Walking horse training & sales facility. Located at Tan

Full-service training facility for walking horses. Gary Hollin, Owner/Trainer. Located at 5474 High Schoals Rd.,


Oak Farms, Highway 41A North, Shelbyville, TN.

Bishop, GA 30621. Call the barn 706-769-8790 or home

Tennessee Walking Horse Training. Riding Lessons avail-

Call 931-703-3926.


able with 3 TWH Certified Instructors. Boarding, and Sales. School and Summer Camps. Located less than one


Sawtooth STables

hour from Raleigh. Standing at Stud WC Allen’s Avenger

Walking horse training and boarding facility. Horses

Walking horse training and sales. Mr. and Mrs. Lindy Rogers,

& WGC Dillon’s Law and Order, both Reg. TWH & SSH.

for sale in all price ranges. We provide training for your

Owners. Brian Watson, Trainer. Located at 3730 West Ellis

6025 Highway 96 North, Oxford, NC 27565 Kevin Gil-

pleasure horses, start to finish. Lessons available. Shelli

Rd., Griffin, GA 30223. Call Brian’s cell 770-298-5070 or

liam, Trainer/Instructor, 919-691-2569

Mehaffey, Trainer. Located at 145 Halls Mills Road,

Lindy’s cell 404-234-1879.

final I think per the boss.

Shelbyville, TN 37160. Call 425-931-2772.


Fantasy Farms for all your breeding, foaling, boarding, rehabilitation, special care and aging horse care needs. At stud: Cash’s Blackjack, The Dixie Lineman, Gen’s Wayhigh Willie, The Silver Bandit, Mighty Maxx, Steel Connection, Trip My Trigger and Royal Limelight. barn: 931-389-6983, Fax: 931-389-6980, Cell 931-703-5378 351 Hwy 82 E. Bell Buckle, TN 37020

KENTUCKY J & H Stables (Walking Horses)Full-Service Training and Sales Facility. Danny & Jason Hughes. Russell Springs, Kentucky. Contact information Danny at 270-779-7550 or Jason at 270-585-2294

Walking and Spotted Saddle Horses - Full-time riding academy, boarding and sales facility. Lessons and summer camp. Gift certificates available. Producing North Carolina’s most accomplished riders. Located conveniently near Raleigh, NC at 6921 Sunset Lake Road, Fuquay-Varina, NC 27526. Call 919-552-3536.

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