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North Carolina Banquet .......................... 4 South Carolina Banquet ........................ 20 WHAA Coverage .................................. 31 National Spotted Show ......................... 44 Mid South Banquet ............................... 50 East TN Banquet ................................... 53 Trade Days/Barn Party .......................... 39


FC ...................................He’s Intimidating IFC ...................... He’s Gunpowder & Lead/ Ritz’s Jackpot/Diamond Ritz/Cash Sweep IBC .......................... Master Of Intimidation/ Jazzy Melody BC ........................................Out of the Box

News ........................................................ 19 Places To Be ............................................ 59 Who’s Who .............................................. 61

OUR ADVERTISERS A Genuine Showoff................................. 45

My Hot Lips ........................................... 26

A Major Uprising .................................... 26

My Lethal Injection................................. 45

A Rendezvous At The Ritz ...................... 38

Not Gold But Bold .................................. 47

All Wolfed Up ......................................... 45

Out In The Weather ................................. 38

Amanda Dickerson.................................. 26

Penbrooke Farm ........................................ 1

Audrey Nuckles ........................................ 7

Pride’s Lady Di ....................................... 22

Big Time Grand....................................... 10

Real Bad & A Little Fiery ....................... 38

Boss Man’s Dollar................................... 38

Robert Duestch.......................................... 7

Chance of Cash ......................................... 3

Roxy Reeves ........................................... 38

Dickie Gardner ........................................ 45

Shake Shake Shake ................................. 38

Dollar On Fire ......................................... 26

Shock It To Me .......................................... 8

Dr. Jim Gore ............................................ 28

Smooth Like JFK .................................... 38

Euphoric .................................................. 22

Splash of Silver ....................................... 37

Express’s First Lady................................ 11

Stan Tindal Stables.................................. 23

Gen on Parole.......................................... 36

Steve Beam ............................................. 38

Gerald Campbell ..................................... 38

Summer Wishes ...................................... 26

Goody Goody .......................................... 29

Sunset Farms ........................................... 24

Gun Maker .............................................. 38

Ted Will Do ............................................. 38

Heartbeat In Rhythm ............................... 26

Ted’s Hank Williams ............................... 41

High Dollar Diva..................................... 42

The Blind Side ........................................ 10

Hometown Ritz ....................................... 11

The Carolina Girl ...................................... 6

I’m All About Cash ................................. 38

The Ghost Walker .................................. 45

I’m Harley Davidson............................... 47

Tyler Baucom ............................................ 8

I’m The Dark Knight............................... 23

Unbelievable Jazzibelle .......................... 45

Intruders Foxy Lady................................ 26

Vindictive ................................................ 38

Jayden Jackson ........................................ 18

Wings Of War.......................................... 38

Joan Kemp .............................................. 38

Zhivago ................................................... 38

Jose’s Centerfold ..................................... 47 Julie George ............................................ 56 Kevin, JoAnne & Riley Overstreet ......... 23 Lareina’s Shade Of Silver ....................... 26 Little Dumas............................................ 10 Luci Anderson ........................................ 26 Lynn Culbreth ........................................ 11 Meme Anderson ...................................... 26 Mo’s Rowdy Rebel ................................. 23 Mr. Forbes ............................................... 23 Page 2 / The Scoop


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Tyler Baucom following in his father’s footsteps… 2013 NCWHA Trainer of The Year

GREENSBORO, NC - The North Carolina Walking Horse Association is one of the largest in the industry with a membership of around 500. Their annual awards banquet was held Saturday, January 18, 2014 at the Embassy Suites in Greensboro, NC. The Scoop’s own, Amanda Dickerson attended the event to capture the winning candid moments. The cocktail hour kicked off the banquet at 5 PM with everyone in a festive mood. A delicious dinner was served at 6 PM. The bidding at the silent auction held during the banquet was fiercely competitive for the calendar pages and other donated items. The four covers of the calendar were auctioned live as everyone began their meals. North Carolina owned horses dominated at the 2013 Celebration. Numerous World Champions and Reserve World Champions accepted a special award at the beginning of the ceremony. The Trainer of the Year award was presented to Tyler Baucom, a very hard working young trainer. Tyler won the Trainers Ride for The Roses class this Tyler Baucom’s first year as a professional proved to be a memorable one. year at the Celebration in his first year as a proAccumulating three World Championships and a fessonal. Tyler is following in his father, Chad’s World Grand Championship, Tyler topped his year off as the footsteps. This is a great start for his future in the North Carolina Walking Horse Trainer of the Year. industry. The membership of the NCWHA votes for the Junior and Senior Horseperson Awards each year. This year’s Junior Horseperson of the Year went to Audrey Nuckles. This was Audrey’s last year as a juvenile. The Senior Horseperson of the Year has been attending horse shows for quite some time. Robert Deustch, the newly elected President of the the association was voted this honor. This year’s recipient of the Ed Hubbard Sportsmanship award was presented to one of the nicest people in our industry, Lynn Culbreth. The Johnny Dysart Award was established to honor a member who contributes to the overall operation of the association on a regular basis and who exemplifies the characteristics that were important to Johnny Dysart. This year, the Walking Horse industry has faced many significant challenges and issues. Mr. Joe Manis was voted this tremendous honor for this award. The NCWHA members may be very competitive in the show ring, but they had tons of fun dancing the night away and celebrating their accomplishments. Congratulations to all of the winners from The Jordan Dean was all smiles after winning the Two Year Old Amateur Scoop!

High Point with Miss Mexico. Grandmother, Monda Dean, and trainer, Chad Baucom, were on hand to congratulate Jordan.

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Greensboro, NC Country Pleasure Youth 1. On The Loose & Armed 2. Miss Lady Antebellum 3. He’s All About The Gold 4. El Mariachi Country Pleasure 1. On The Loose & Armed 2. Miss Lady Antebellum 3. El Mariachi 4. Spirit’s Pushy Country Pleasure HOY 1. On The Loose & Armed 2. Miss Lady Antebellum 3. El Mariachi 4. He’s All About The Gold

Ritzy Chick accumulated the most points with several different riders to be named the Trail Pleasure Horse of the Year for owners Lackey and Livingston.

Kayla Baucome Anne Evans Audrey Nuckles Lucas Kolls

Gary & Carolyn Pope Gary Pope Don Hafley Chris Helton Audrey Nuckles Audrey Nuckles Lucas Kolls Grandy Tuck

Gary Pope Katie West Grandy Tuck, Jr. Pat Ireland

Gary & Carolyn Pope Gary Pope Don Hafley Chris Helton Lucas Kolls Grandy Tuck Jackie Dean Charlie Canipe

Trail Pleasure Youth 1. Contemporary Jazz 2. Ritzy Chick 3. Princess Power 4. Good Til The Last Drop

Anne Evans Lexie Stinnett Kayla Baucom Landon Callicutt

Anne & Nancy Evans Grandy Tuck Lackey & Livingston Paul Livingston Terri Smith Terri Smith James & Dawn Payne John Callicutt

Trail Pleasure 1. Ritzy Chick 2. Princess Power 3. Contemporary Jazz 4. Good Til The Last Drop

Julia Livingston Terri Smith Anne Evans Kristen McWilliams

Lackey & Livingston Paul Livingston Terri Smith Terri Smith Nancy & Anne Evans Grandy Tuck James & Dawn Payne John Callicutt

Park Pleasure Amat. Trained 1. Color’s Clown 2. He’s A Major Delight 3. Grandy Garcia 4. Lined With Silver Dollars

Lori Abbott Amanda Dickerson Kathy Jamison Clyde France

Lori Abbott Lynn Culbreth Kathy Jamison Clyde France

Park Pleasure Youth 1. The General In Black 2. MP1 3. A Dream 4. Jubilee Encore’s Dream

Sawyer Kolls Anne Evans Austin Lyall Anne Evans

Samantha Kolls Grandy Tuck Forrest Jones Chris Helton Clyde France Clyde France Anne & Nancy Evans Grandy Tuck

Park Pleasure West 1. A Dream 2. He’s A Major Delight 3. C’mon Turn Me Loose 4. The Natural of Skywatch

Daphne France Lynn Culbreth Debbie Wells Darryl Walker

Clyde France Clyde France Lynn Culbreth Lynn Culbreth Heiden & Wells Debbie Wells David & Laura Smith Darryl Walker

Park Pleasure Open 1. C’mon Turn Me Loose 2. A Dream 3. MP-1 4. Grandy Garcia

Debbie Wells Daphne France Katie West Kathy Jamison

Heiden & Wells Clyde France Forest Jones Kathy Jamison

Debbie Wells Clyde France Chris Helton Kathy Jamison

Plantation Lite Shod Youth 1. Paroled

Sawyer Kolls

Sawyer Kolls

Grandy Tuck

Plantation Lite Shod West 1. Little Dumas 2. Paroled 3. Reba Reba Reba

Sara Daughtridge Grandy Tuck, Jr. Angela Tuck

C. B. Daughtridge Sawyer Kolls Angela Tuck

Keith Bryant Grandy Tuck, Jr. Grandy Tuck

Trail Pleasure HOY 1. Ritzy Chick 2. Contemporary Jazz 3. Princess Power 4. Good Til The Last Drop

The Plantation Horse of the Year was won by Paroled and Sawyer Kolls. Grandy Tuck trains this talented team.

Lori Abbott Lynn Culbreth Kathy Jamison Clyde France

Park Pleasure HOY 1. A Dream 2. MP-1 3. C’mon Turn Me Loose 4. Color’s Clown

Current World Champion, Simple Lee Dangerous won his way to the top to be named the Lite Shod Horse of the Year. Kara Grahm owns this talented horse.

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Greensboro, NC Plantation Lite Shod Open 1. Gen’s Double Action 2. Paroled 3. Little Dumas 4. Reba Reba Reba

Rufus Dale Sawyer Kolls Sara Daughtridge Angela Tuck

Rufus Dale Sawyer Kolls C. B. Daughtridge Angela Tuck

Grandy Tuck Grandy Tuck Keith Bryant Grandy Tuck

No Tungsten Lite Shod Youth 1. Simple Lee Dangerous 2. Irresistible Cash 3. Chrome’s Delight

Anne Evans Allison Hopkins Lexie Stinnett Taylor Mills

Kara Graham

Chris Helton

No Tungsten Lite Shod West 1. Jose Loco 2. Big Time Grand 3. Acapulco 4. Pick A Punch

Jessica Hlebak C. B. Daughtridge Amanda Dickerson Craig Baggerly

Jessica Hlebak C. B. Daughtridge Sunset Farms Barry Baggerly

Plantation Lite Shod HOY 1. Paroled 2. Little Dumas 3. Gen’s Double Action 4. Reba Reba Reba

The World Champion team of Jammin the Blues and Yvonna Matthis jammed their way to the top to receive the Park Performance Horse of the Year.

Paul & Julia Livingston Paul Livingston Taylor Mills Grandy Tuck Jessica Hlebak Keith Bryant Amanda Dickerson Craig Baggerly

No Tungsten Lite Shod Open 1. Simple Lee Dangerous Kara Graham Kara Graham Chris Helton 2. Jose Loco Jessica Hlebak Jessica Hlebak Jessica Hlebak 3. Big Time Grand C. B. Daughtridge C. B. Daughtridge Keith Bryant 4. Armed Secret Debbie Wells Heiden & Wells Debbie Wells No Tungsten Lite Shod HOY 1. Simple Lee Dangerous 2. Jose Loco 3. Big Time Grand 4. Irresistible Cash Amateur Park Perfomance 1. Ted Who 2. Rocky Marciano 3. Jammin The Blues 4. The Rockduster

The new North Carolina Walking Horse Association’s president, Robert Deutsch graciously accepted the Senior Horseperson of the Year Award.

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Rick Compton Jill Peavy Abe Matthis Clyde France

Hankins Stables Jonathan Bellamy Baucom Stables Clyde France

Park Perfomance 1. The Rockduster Daphne France Clyde France Clyde France 2. Jammin The Blues Yvonna Matthis Abe Matthis Baucom Stables 3. Dr. Ritz Carlton Kristen McWilliams Kristen McWilliams John Callicutt 4. Buster’s Big Deal Greg McMillian Rhetta Foster Keith Bryant Park Perfomance HOY 1. Jammin The Blues 2. The Rockduster 3. Rocky Marciano 4. Ted Who Halter 1. Doc’s War Horse 2. Seminole Win 3. Ritzy Sky 4. Line’s Jim Beam

No one could be more well deserving than Lynn Culbreath who was chosen for the Ed Hubbard Sportmanship Award.

Kenny Compton Jill Peavy Yvonna Matthis Daphne France

Ella Kline Ella Kline Lexie Stinnett Sara Mitchell

Ella Kline Ella Kline Paul & Julia Livingston Jeff Mitchell

Mike Janeway Mike Janeway Paul Livingston Sara Mitchell

2 Year Old Mares & Geldings 1. Golfer Chic Derek Monahan 2. Miss Mexico Chad Baucom

Ginger Williams Mona Dean

Derek Monahan Baucom Stables

2 Year Old Stallions 1. Mr. Country Gentleman 2. The Perfect Gen 3. Just Call Me Coach 4. Carolina Ritz

Tyler Baucom Tyler Baucom Alex Hopkins Tyler Baucom

Robert Deutsch Alan Riddley Alex Hopkins Larry Mesimer

Baucom Stables Baucom Stables Chris Helton Baucom Stables

2 Year Old Amateur 1. Miss Mexico 2. Just Call Me Coach 3. Mr. Country Gentleman

Jordan Dean Alex Hopkins Robert Deutsch

Mona Dean Alex Hopkins Robert Deutsch

Baucom Stables Chris Helton Baucom Stables

Greensboro, NC 3 Year Old Mares & Geldings 1. The Big East 2. She’s Ritz Cut Above 3. Mr. Whipple 4. Jose’s Southern Miss

Steve Hankins Tyler Baucom Derek Monahan Tyler Baucom

Rick Compton Lavon Tyson Judy Jones Alan Riddley

Hankins Stables Baucom Stables Derek Monahan Baucom Stables

3 Year Old Stallions 1. Chumlee 2. A Pursuit of Perfection 3. Tee’d Off Santana 4. 21 Gunn Salute

Derek Monahan Tyler Baucom Derek Monahan Derrick Bonner

Judy Jones Jerry Hewitt Rom Folger D. R. Mozeley

Derek Monahan Baucom Stables Derek Monahan Bonner Stables

3 Year Old Amateur 1. I’m In High Definition Kenny Compton Rick Compton Bonner Stables 2. Jagger Swagger Yvonna Matthis Abe Matthis Baucom Stables 3. The Big East Kenny Compton Rick Compton Hankins Stables 4. Black Jack Ritz Buddy Stasney Buddy Stasney Baucom Stables 4 Year Old Mares & Geldings 1. Double Bogey Blues Tyler Baucom Buddy Stasney Baucom Stables 4 Year Old Stallions 1. Master Card of Jazz Derrick Bonner Al Morgan Bonner Stables 2. Ty The Tiger Paul Livingston Huff & Marcum Paul Livingston 3. Double Bogey Blues Tyler Baucom Buddy Stasney Baucom Stables 4. I Am The Caddy Derek Monahan Rom Folger Derek Monahan 4 Year Old Amateur 1. Star of Black Gen 2. Rare Generation 3. Double Bogey Blues 4. Jackpot Bingo

Sandy Brumbaugh Lynn Trester Buddy Stasney Robert Deutsch

Sandy Brumbaugh Hege & Rhoades Buddy Stasney Robert Deutsch

Ronald Mosley Tyler Hege Baucom Stables Baucom Stables

Youth 11 and Under 1. My Jurisdiction 2. He’s Wild Eyed and Wicked 3. Jose’s Delightful Pusher 3. Major Genius 4. Jose’s Jazzy Spirit

Alexa Compton Summer Compton Lilly Riddley Taylor Strickler Andee Patton

Rick Compton Rick Compton Alan Riddley Kelly Strickler Brad & Andee Patton

Hankins Stables Hankins Stables Baucom Stables Kelly Strickler Hankins Stables

Youth 12-17 1. I Command Applause 2. Masati 3. Fear Or No Fear 4. Heartbeat In Rhythm

Lexi Stinnett Danielle Ricker Jordan Dean Meme Anderson

Lexi Stinnett Danielle Ricker Mona Dean Leon Rembert

Paul Livingston Derek Monahan Baucom Stables Leon Rembert

Ladies Specialty 1. A Bold Generator 2. My Diamonds and Pearls 3. MGs Final Stand 4. I’m Twice The Delight

Mary Ann Adams Julia Livingston Lisa Howard Anya Bartholomew

Larry Adams Baucom Stables Sterner & Livingston Paul Livingston A Walking Miracle, LLC Rick Abee Rick Bartholomew Jonathan Bellamy

Dominating the Country Pleasure division was On The Loose And Armed. This horse was shown by Gary and Carolyn Pope as well as Kayla Baucom to achieve all of his success.

Daughter, Kelly Peeler and trainer, David Polk join Joe Manis as he accepts the 15.2 and under Amateur High Point Award. Manis was also very deservingly awarded the Johnny Dysart Membership Award.

Mens Specialty 1. Bad Man Jose Gerald Buckland Gerald Buckland Hankins Stables 2. Beretta Mama Kerry DeArmond Kerry DeArmond Baucom Stables 3. Generator’s Santana Push Joe Johnson Joe Johnson Baucom Stables 4. I’m Wall Street Clay Mills Corbin Mills Judy Mills Amateur Specialty 1. Hard Mountain Cash Paul Robbins Paul Robbins Paul Robbins 2. Jose’s Miss Dolly Lorie Riddley Alan Riddley Baucom Stables 3. Vegas Ritz Julia Livingston Julia Livingston Paul Livingston Mary Beth Blessing Herschel Blessing Bonner Stables 4. Command Again NCWHA Amateur Specialty 1. Rocky Marciano 2. The Iron Horse 3. Command Again 4. Generator’s Santana Push

Jill Peavy Lexi Stinnett Herschel Blessing Joe Johnson

Jill Peavy Sharon Hawkins Herschel Blessing Joe Johnson

Jonathan Bellamy Paul Livingston Bonner Stables Baucom Stables

NCWHLA Amateur Specialty 1. Jazz’s Royalty Ginger Williams Ginger Williams Derek Monahan 2. My American Honey Madison Holloway Teresa Kincaid Baucom Stables 3. Vegas Ritz Julia Livingston Julia Livingston Paul Livingston 4. Beauty Line Kelly Peeler Joe Manis David Polk

A big winner of the night was, A Dream. Daphne France and Austin Lyall shared the reins this year to achieve the Park Pleasure High Point and the Park Pleasure Horse of the Year Awards.

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Greensboro, NC 15.2 Amateur 1. Chance of Cash 2. Liar Liar 3. Holyfield 4. Willie Stargill

Joe Manis Shea Sproles Clay Mills Jill Peavy

Mary Manis Gary & Shea Sproles Mills & Hill Jill Peavy

David Polk Jackie Barron Baucom Stables Jonathan Bellamy

Amateur Canter 1. Pride’s Lady Dia 2. Private Charter 3. A Major Uprising 4. El Zorros’ Star

Beverly McLeod Kenny Compton Leon Rembert Kenny Compton

Ed McLeod Rick Compton Leon Rembert Rick Compton

Tommy Blackwell Sara Compton Leon Rembert Hankins Stables

Amateur Trained 1. Push In Command 2. Padron 3. Cash From The Mint 4. The Blind Side

Sara Compton Tara Rhoades Tom Kakassy Bryant Norwood

Rick Compton Tara Rhoades Tom Kakassy Bryant Norwood

Sara Compton Tara Rhoades Tom Kakassy Bryant Norwood

Amateur 50 & Over 1. Double Overtime 2. Shock It To Me 3. I’m Moonlighting 4. Command Again

Wade Huntley Sharon Lambdin Robert Deutsch Herschel Blessing

Wade Huntley Sharon Lambdin Robert Deutsch Herschel Blessing

Bonner Stables Paul Livingston Baucom Stables Bonner Stables

Amateur Show Pleasure 1. El Zorro Star 2. Pushin Up The Dollar 3. Luck of The Dollar 4. Stride’s Secret Dollar

Kenny Comton Kim Arnold Greg McMillian Debbie Wells

Rick Compton Kim Arnold Greg McMillian Heiden & Wells

Hankins Stables Paul Livingston Keith Bryant Debbie Wells

Show Pleasure 1. Pushin Up The Dollar 2. Hometown Ritz 3. Legacy On The Move 4. Luck of the Dollar

Paul Livingston Phil Janke Jonathan Bellamy Greg McMillian

Kim Arnold Phil Janke Jonathan Bellamy Greg McMillian

Paul Livingston Phil Janke Jonathan Bellamy Keith Bryant

Youth Pony 1. Tarheel’s Pusher 2. Dollar on Fire 3. ACC 4. Prime Country

Skylar MacLeod Meme Anderson Jacklyn Compton Landon Callicutt

Wofford Bush Leon Rembert Rick Compton Anne Callicutt

Shane Auman Leon Rembert Hankins Stables Baucom Stables

Amateur & Open Pony 1. The Carolina Girl 2. My American Honey 3. I’m Moonlighting 4. Private Charter

Billie DeArmond Madison Holloway Robert Deutsch Sarah Compton

Bille DeArmond Teresa Kincaid Robert Deutsch Rick Compton

Tommy Blackwell Baucom Stables Baucom Stables Hankins Stables

15.2 Open 1. My Diamonds and Pearls 2. The Titlebout 3. Hot Fortune

Paul Livingston Derek Monahan Jonathan Bellamy

Sterner & Livingston Rom Folger Larry Heiden

Paul Livingston Derek Monahan Jonathan Bellamy

Open S-M-G 1. Vegas Ritz 2. The Titlebout 3. Lieutenant Jose 4. Jose Bonita

Paul Livingston Derek Monahan Tyler Baucom Derrick Bonner

Julia Livingston Rom Folger Larry Adams Herschel Blessing

Paul Livingston Derek Monahan Baucom Stables Bonner Stables

Open Specialty 1. Lieutenant Jose 2. The Titlebout 3. Vegas Ritz 4. Probation Officer

Tyler Baucom Derek Monahan Paul Livingston Ronald Mosley

Larry Adams Rom Folger Julia Livingston Rosemary Whitley

Baucom Stables Derek Monahan Paul Livingston Ronald Mosley

Stake & Championship 1. I’m Copperfield 2. Nightfall At The Ritz 3. Double Bogey Blues 4. Willie Stargill

Kenny Compton Derek Monahan Tyler Baucom Jonathan Bellamy

Rick Compton Rom Folger Buddy Stasney Jill Peavy

Hankins Stables Derek Monahan Baucom Stables Jonathan Bellamy

Auxiliary Pleasure Rider 1. Amanda Dickerson 2. Julia Livingston 3. Debbie Wells 4. Lori Abbott

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Auxiliary Performance Rider 1. Julia Livingston 2. Debbie Wells 3. Madison Holloway 4. Ginger Williams

The popular team of Hard Mountain Cash and Paul Robbins win the Amateur Specialty High Point Award.

Rufus Dale proudly accepts his high point award for World Champoin Gen’s Double Action.

Winning the North Carolina Walking Horse Ladies Auxilary Flatshod Rider of the Year was Amanda Dickerson. Amanda has won this award for the past nine out of ten years eligable.

Greensboro, NC Performance Horse of the Year 1. Vegas Ritz 2. I Command Applause 3. Generator’s Santana Push 4. A Bold Generator Special Awards Johnny Dysart Membership Award Lynn Culbreth Junior Horseperson of the Year Joe Manis Senior Horseperson of the Year Robert Deutsch Trainer of the Year Tyler Baucom Best One Night Show of the Year NCWHLA Best Multi-Night Show of the Year SCWHLA Show Ratings Row McLaughlin 4* Foothills Jubilee NCWHA Spring Show 4* Pine Spur Hunt Club SCWHLA 6* Waynesville Florence 4* Tazewell TN Walking & United Rack 3* ET Ladies Sumter 4* WV State Fair Albemarle 3* Bland VA NCWHLA 4* ET Trainers Java 3* Rockingham County Foothills Classic/TIP 3* NCCWHS 4* NC State Fair Pickens Co. Benefit ETWHA Classic 4* SCWHA 3* ETWHA Fall Classic VWRHOA River Wind

3* 1* 4* 6* 5* 3* 3* 7* 1* 9* 5* 6* 8* 1*

Sandy Brumbaugh accepts her High Point Award in the Four Year Old Amateur division with Star Of Black Gen.

Lieutenant Jose wins the Open Specialty High Point Award for owner Larry Adams. Tyler Baucom, trainer, joins in for the presentation.

Larry Mesimer accepts a High Point Award on behalf of Ella Kline.

The Amateur Canter High Point was presented to Beverly McCleod and Pride’s Lady Dia. This classic horse is a true ambassador for the breed.

For the second year in a row, Vegas Ritz was the Performance Horse of the Year.

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The Scoop For The Walking Horse Industry Birth Announcement Brock Tillman, trainer at Maplecrest Farm along with his wife Lauren are very pleased to announce the birth of their daughter, Boston Kate Tillman. She was born January 16, 2014, and weighed 6lbs. and was 20 inches long. Older siblings Tinsley Tillman and Cohen Abernathy are very excited about their baby sister along with happy grandparents. Both mother and baby are home and well. The Scoop congratulates the Tillmans on their new bundle of joy!

TWHBEA Headquarters to Extend Office Hours in 2014

LEWISBURG, TENN. – In an effort to better serve its loyal members and customers, the Tennessee Walking Horse Breeders’ and Exhibitors’ Association (TWHBEA) will extend its office hours in 2014. Beginning in January, the registry will re-open on Fridays. In addition, for the first time in its 78-year history, members will be able to conduct business on Saturday mornings. TWHBEA’s new office hours will be Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. – 5 p.m., and Saturday 8 a.m. – 12 Noon. “TWHBEA is committed to serving the needs of our members and we want to make every effort to be as customer friendly as possible,” said TWHBEA President Steve Smith. “We hope our members find these new hours to be more convenient for transacting their registry business.” Registry personnel will now be on hand 5 ½ days a week to process WHOA MEETING AND BANQUET memberships, foal applications, transfers of ownership and any other registry-related paperwork. In addition, this new schedule will be maintained The Walking Horse Owners’ Association of America, Inc. general with no new expenses incurred to the Association. membership meeting, Convention and Awards Banquet are scheduled on TWHBEA invites all its members to take advantage of these extended office February 8th, 2014 in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. WHOA members are encouraged to attend the meeting and enjoy the hours. Call us or drop by for a visit. Our experienced and loyal registry awards banquet. Award recipients, their guest, or members are welcome to personnel are ready and waiting to serve you. attend. Please see the attached form to reserve your table. The Tennessee Walking Horse Breeders’ and Exhibitors’ Association (TWHBEA), headquartered in Lewisburg, Tennessee, is the oldest and most Saturday February 8, 2014 prestigious organization devoted to the promotion of the breed. Founded 9:00 a.m. WHOA Board Meeting MTSU Horse Science Building (Next to Miller Coliseum) in 1935, the breed registry was established to record the pedigrees of the 304 West Thompson Lane, Murfreesboro, Tennessee Tennessee Walking Horse. Its goal is to maintain the purity of the breed, 11:00 a.m. Followed by General Membership Meeting to promote greater awareness of the Tennessee Walking Horse and its Convention - Tennessee Room, James Union Building on MTSU Campus qualities, to encourage expansion of the breed, and to help assure its general 5:00 p.m. Cocktail Bar (Cash Bar) welfare. 5:30 p.m. Versatility and ROM Awards presentation. 7:00 p.m. 8:00 p.m.

Dinner Awards: National High Points Presentation 50/50 Giveaway Drawing Silent Auction Close

Notice of new TWHBEA corporate rule

NOTICE OF NEW RULE: Under the authority of Article III, Section 15 of the By Laws, the Executive Committee in the January 17, 2014 Executive Committee approved Corporate Rule 1.04 as follows: WHOA ANNOUNCES BOARD OF DIRECTORS ELECTION Current Rule: 1.04 Name of horse must not exceed 25 letters, RESULTS... including spaces and punctuation marks. Phonetically similar names will The Walking Horse Owners’ Association is proud to announce the be considered the same. The only recognizable characters are the twentyfollowing candidates were elected to the WHOA Board of Directors by the six letters of the alphabet (A-Z) plus periods, hyphens, apostrophes and WHOA Membership. ampersands. Quotations and numbers cannot be used. Profanity or sexually suggestive names will not be accepted. TO: 2014 President: DEE DEE MILLER SALE - TENNESSEE KEVIN GILLIAM - NORTH CAROLINA New Rule: 1.04 Name of horse must not exceed 25 letters, DARREN GRAY - FLORIDA including spaces and punctuation marks. Phonetically similar names will SANDY HARRIS - TENNESSEE be considered the same. The only recognizable characters are the twentyPHYLLIS LANGLEY - ARIZONA six letters of the alphabet (A-Z) plus periods, hyphens, apostrophes and RHONDA MARTOCCI - TENNESSEE FRANK NEAL - TENNESSEE ampersands. Quotations and numbers can be used. Profanity or sexually NEWTON PARKS - TENNESSEE suggestive names will not be accepted. DUKE THORSON - OHIO This rule will go into effect 30 days from this date. These eight will serve a three year term. The WHOA Board of Directors is made up of 26 members.

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SOUTH CAROLINA WALKING HORSE ASSOCIATION ANNUAL AWARDS BANQUET COLUMBIA, SC - Some things never change, in the case of the South Carolina Walking Horse Association. One thing that never changes is the caliber of the annual awards banquet. As always, the event was a success reflecting all of the hard work and attention to detail that went into planning the evening. The 2013 banquet was hosted on January 12, 2013 at the Embassy Suites Hotel in Columbia, South Carolina. Many were on hand to celebrate. Owners and exhibitors traveled from Tennessee, Georgia, and North Carolina to attend the event. The evening started out with a buffet of food and a decedent dessert table. After the delicious meal, a presentation was made to the Ronald McDonald House from the South Carolina State Championship Horse Show. A check for $2,000 was donated to this great cause. The State Championship show continues to contribute year after year. Tom Kakassy was the guest speaker for the evening while the awards followed. Two worthy recipients were inducted into the Hall of Fame, Kathy Jamison and Kenneth Sharp. The night culminated with a D.J that everyone enjoyed! A special thanks to everyone who made this night one to remember!

Dr. Larry Heiden and Debbie Wells display their 2013 High Point Awards. Dr. Jim Gore joins grandson, Kip Looper as he proudly displays his Senior Horseman of the Year award.

Beverly McLeod picked up one of her awards after a great show season The Youth Trail Pleasure 17 and Under High Point Award with Pride’s Lady Dia and Euphoric. was recieved by Luci Anderson aboard Lareina’s Shade of Silver. Anderson Tommy Blackwell is the trainer of these talented entries. was also named the Juniot Horsewoman of the Year.

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Columbia, South Carolina SCWHA AWARDS 2013 15.2 & UNDER AMATEUR-SPECIALTY OR CANTER Jose’ Today Kip Looper She’s Electric Tammy Farmer

Ginger Hartlein Lou & Valerie Goecker

Martin Training Center Shangrila Stables / Randy Lollis

15.2 & UNDER OPEN-SPECIALTY OR CANTER Dangerous Commander Gary Martin Ritz’s Country Boy Ken Moore

Dickie & Patty King Brenda Marmon

Martin Training Center Ken Moore Stables

AGED MARES & GELDINGS OPEN-SPECIALTY OR CANTER She’s Electric Randy Lollis Lou & Valerie Goecker Jose’s Gun Power and Lead Rae Martin Tomm Jowers

Shangrila Stables / Randy Lollis Martin Training Center

AGED STALLIONS OPEN-SPECIALTY OR CANTER Rusty Wallace Kip Looper The Sundance Kid Stan Tindal

Dr. Jim Gore Mr. & Mrs. Steve Gamble

Martin Training Center Stan Tindal Stables

AMATEUR 50 YEARS & OLDER RIDER-SPECIALTY Black Gin’s Hangover Dickie King Tarhells Intimidator Cliff Rivers

Dickie & Patty King Cliff & Norma Rivers

Martin Training Center Martin Training Center

AMATEUR OWNED & TRAINED-SPECIALTY OR CANTER Dollar On Fire Leon Rembert Rembert & Anderson Families The Blind Side Bryant Norwood Bryant Norwood JUVENILE YOUTH 11 YEARS & UNDER-SPECIALTY (includes WHOA & JUVENILE CHAMPIONSHIP) Jose’s Special Edition Eaddy Gamble Eaddy Gamble Stan Tindal Stables JUVENILE YOUTH 12-17 YEARS-SPECIALTY OR CANTER (includes WHOA & JUVENILE CHAMPIONSHIP) Heartbeat in Rhythm MeMe Anderson Rembert & Anderson Families My Hot Lips Luci Anderson Rembert & Anderson Families

The beautiful Kathy Jamison was proudly inducted into the Hall of Fame for the South Carolina Walking Horse Association

JUVENILE YOUTH 17 YEARS and Under-SPECIALTY OR CANTER (includes WHOA & JUVENILE CHAMPIONSHIP) Jose’s Special Edition Eaddy Gamble Eaddy Gamble Stan Tindal Stables Heartbeat in Rhythm MeMe Anderson Rembert & Anderson Families LADIES AMATEUR-SPECIALTY OR CANTER I’m Rocky Balboa Dr. April Mealor Go Ahead Evil Pam Smith

Dr. April Mealor Pam Smith

Ken Moore Stables Stan Tindal Stables

LITE SHOD AMATEUR OWNED & TRAINED-SPECIALTY OR CANTER Summer Wishes MeMe Anderson Meme Anderson Accapulco Amanda Dickerson Amanda Dickerson LITE SHOD ENGLISH-SPECIALTY OR CANTER (LITE SHOD CHAMPIONSHIP) Summer Wishes MeMe Anderson Meme Anderson Armed Secert Debbie Wells Dr. Larry Heiden & Debbie Wells LITE SHOD JUNVENILE SPECIALTY Summer Wishes MeMe Anderson

Meme Anderson

LITE SHOD WESTERN-SPECIALTY OR CANTER (LITE SHOD CHAMPIONSHIP) Olympic Skywalker Laurie Coats Chris & Laurie Coats Summer Wishes MeMe Anderson Meme Anderson MEN’S AMATEUR-SPECIALTY OR CANTER Oops U Better Be Good Andrew Allen Generators Santana Push Joe Johnson

Andrew Allen Joe Johnson

MODEL OPEN How Dare You America’s Major Debt

Milly Player Darrin Sisk

Milly Player & Darlene Buckner Doris Penick

Justice Over All

Darrin Sisk

Doris Penick

OPEN-SPECIALTY Rusty Wallace He’s Black as Knight

Kip Looper Dr. Gary Martin

Jim Gore Tony & Sarah Sheffield

Martin Training Center Baucom Stables


Martin Training Center Martin Training Center

JoAnne Overstreet and son, Riley, won the Senior Horsewoman of the Year and Junior Horseman of the Year respectively. Kevin Overstreet joins the proud recipients. The Scoop / Page 21

Page 22 / The Scoop

The Scoop / Page 23

Columbia, South Carolina PARK PERFORMANCE AMATEUR Rocky Marciano Jill Peavy Ms Hissy Fit Debbie Wells

Jill Peavy Nuttin’ Fancy Farms Dr. Larry Heiden & Debbie Wells

PARK PERFORMANCE OPEN The Ultimate Goose Stan Tindal Ms Hissy Fit Jonathan Bellamy Rocky Marciano Jonathan Bellamy

Judy Griggs Stan Tindal Stables Dr. Larry Heiden & Debbie Wells Nuttin’ Fancy Farms Jill Peavy Nuttin’ Fancy Farms

PARK PLEASURE AMATEUR OWNED & TRAINED-SPECIALTY OR CANTER Grandy Garcia Kathy Jamison Kathy Jamison / Jacque Atkinson He’s A Major Delight Amanda Dickerson Lynn Culbreth PARK PLEASURE ENGLISH-SPECIALTY OR CANTER (PARK PLEASURE CHAMPIONSHIP) Grandy Garcia Kathy Jamison Kathy Jamison / Jacque Atkinson C’mon Turn Me Loose Debbie Wells Dr. Larry Heiden & Debbie Wells PARK PLEASURE WESTERN -SPECIALTY OR CANTER (PARK PLEASURE CHAMPIONSHIP) C’mon Turn Me Loose Debbie Wells Dr. Larry Heiden & Debbie Wells JFK’S POLITICAL SREATEGY Debbie Wells Dr. Larry Heiden & Debbie Wells PONY AMATEUR (18 YEARS & OLDER)-SPECIALTY The Carolina Girl Billie DeArmond Billie DeArmond Bustin with Cash Sara Sheffeild Tony & Sarah Sheffield

Tommy Blackwell Stables Martin Training Center

PONY JUVENILE (17 YEARS & UNDER)-SPECIALTY Dollar On Fire MeMe Anderson Rembert & Anderson Families Tarheel’s Pusher Skylar MacLeod Skylar McLeod PRO / AM-SPECIALTY Super Star General Urban Cowboy

Kip Looper Kerry DeArmond

Dr. Jim Gore Kerry DeArmond

Martin Training Center Tommy Blackwell Stables

Am Am The Carolina Girl Dangerous Commander

Billie DeArmond Dickie King

Billie DeArmond Dickie & Patty King

Tommy Blackwell Stables Martin Training Center

Emma Lee Cannon Kerry DeArmond

Martin Training Center Tommy Blackwell Stables

SCWHA MEMBERS ONLY AMATEUR-SPECIALTY Jose’s Jumpin the Border Emma Lee Cannon Commanding Gold Kerry DeArmond

SCWHLA MEMBERS ONLY-SPECIALTY (POINTS FOLLOW THE RIDER) He’s Black as Knight Sara Sheffeild Tony & Sarah Sheffield Armed with Grandeur JoAnne Overstreet Janice Plyler Mo’ Rowdy Rebel JoAnne Overstreet Kevin & Joanne Overstreet Im the Dark Knight JoAnne Overstreet Kevin & Joanne Overstreet

Rodger and Harolene Willis made the trip from Tennessee to South Carolina to recieve their high point awards.

Martin Training Center Stan Tindal Stables Stan Tindal Stables Stan Tindal Stables

SHOW PLEASURE AMATEUR-SPECIALTY OR CANTER (SHOW PLEASURE AMATEUR CHAMPIONSHIP) Strides Secert Dollar Larry Heiden Dr. Larry Heiden & Debbie Wells Sassy Touch of Pride Tammy Farmer Lou & Valerie Goecker Shangrila Stables / Randy Lollis SHOW PLEASURE OPEN-SPECIALTY OR CANTER (SHOW PLEASURE CHAMPIONSHIP) Delight’s Red Hot Jazz Jonathan Bellamy Danny Cannon Nuttin’ Fancy Farms Our Last Dollar Danny Kistler Judy Barringer Danny Kistler TRAIL PLEASURE SPECIALTY-ADULT(18 YEARS 7 OLDER) Another Jazz Attraction Laurie Coats Chris & Laurie Coats Lareina’s Shade of Silver Gary Rembert Rembert & Anderson Families TRAIL PLEASURE SPECIALTY-JUVENILE(17 YEARS & UNDER) Lareina’s Shade of Silver Luci Anderson Rembert & Anderson Families Intruder’s Foxy Lady MeMe Anderson Rembert & Anderson Families Country Pleasure (Class Only Points, No Rider or Horse Points) Foolish Notion Amanda Dickerson Amanda Dickerson Dollar Diva Tammy Farmer Lou & Valerie Goecker TWO YEAR OLD AMATEUR Major Title American Ride EnTitled to Win

Page 24 / The Scoop

Emma Lee Cannon Kip Looper Sara Sheffeild

Emma Lee Cannon Dr. Jim Gore Tony & Sarah Sheffield

Martin Training Center Martin Training Center Martin Training Center

Sassy Touch Of Pride receives top honors in the Show Pleasure division. Randy Lollis, trainer, and Tammy Farmer, exhibitor, accepts this award. Lou Goecker is the proud owner.

Columbia, South Carolina TWO YEAR OLD AMATEUR MARES & GELDINGS Jose’s Corner Market Dr. David Brown Major Title Emma Lee Cannon Spirited Heartbeat Gary Martin

Dr. David Brown Emma Lee Cannon Larry McLaughlin

Martin Training Center Martin Training Center Martin Training Center

TWO YEAR OLD OPEN EnTitled to Win CeeLo

Tony & Sarah Sheffield Stan Tindal & Steve Gamble

Martin Training Center Stan Tindal Stables

TWO YEAR OLD OPEN MARES & GELDINGS Jose’s Corner Market Sam Martin Major Title Sam Martin

Dr. David Brown Emma Lee Cannon

Martin Training Center Martin Training Center

TWO YEAR OLD OPEN STALLIONS American Ride Gary Martin Spirited Heartbeat Sam Martin

Dr. Jim Gore Larry Mclaughlin

Martin Training Center Martin Training Center

TWO YEAR OLD AMATEUR STALLIONS American Ride Kip Looper Look Out’s Pushover Cliff Rivers

Dr. Jim Gore Cliff & Norma Rivers

Martin Training Center Baucom Stables

THREE YEAR OLD AMATEUR Euphoric Beverly McLeod San Fran 49ers Brittany Tindal

Beverly McLeod Stan Tindal & Mike Riles

Tommy Blackwell Stables Stan Tindal Stables


Larry McLaughlin

Martin Training Center

THREE YEAR OLD OPEN Beaujolais Stratagy

Larry McLaughlin Howard & Teresa Bellamy

Martin Training Center Nuttin’ Fancy Farms

Gary Martin Stan Tindal

Sam Martin Jonathan Bellamy

FOUR YEAR OLD AMATEUR MARES & GELDINGS SPECIALTY Goody Goody Harolene Willis Harolene Willis

Martin Training Center

FOUR YEAR OLD AMATEUR-SPECIALTY Goody Goody Harolene Willis Mr. Forbes Kevin Overstreet

Harolene Willis Hank Tindal

Martin Training Center Stan Tindal Stables

FOUR YEAR OLD OPEN-SPECIALTY OR CANTER Jose’s Door Buster Gary Martin So Special At The Ritz Randy Lollis

Larry McLaughlin Lou & Valerie Goecker

Martin Training Center Shangrila Stables / Randy Lollis

FOUR YEAR OLD AMATEUR STALLIONS SPECIALTY Mr. Forbes Kevin Overstreet Hank Tindal Jose’s Morning at the Ritz Kip Looper Becky McArthur

Kerry and Billie DeArmond’s The Carolina Girl receives the Performance Horse of the Year award. Tommy Blackwell joins the presentation.

Stan Tindal Stables Martin Training Center

AMATEUR (18 YEARS & OLDER)-SPECIALTY(AMATEUR CHAMPIONSHIP SPECIALTY) Oops U Better Be Good Andrew Allen Andrew Allen Martin Training Center Rusty Wallace Kip Looper Dr. Jim Gore Martin Training Center AMATEUR OPEN (AMATEUR CHAMPIONSHIP) Prides Lady Di Beverly McLeod A Major Uprising Leon Rembert

Ed & Sadie McleodMcLeod Rembert & Anderson Families

Tommy Blackwell Stables

STAKE OR CHAMPIONSHIP Ritz on the Corner The Sundance Kid

Ginger Hartlein Mr. & Mrs. Steve Gamble

Martin Training Center Stan Tindal Stables

Sam Martin Stan Tindal

MeMe Anderson picks up one of her many awards.

Riders of the Year Trail Pleasure Lite Shod Park Pleasure Show Pleasure / Park Performance Performance Juvenile

Horses of the Year Mrs. Laurie Coats Ms. MeMe Anderson Ms. Debbie Wells Ms. Debbie Wells Mr. Kip Looper Ms. MeMe Anderson

Jr. Horseman of the Year Jr. Horsewoman of the Year Sr. Horsewoman of the Year Sr. Horseman of the Year

Mr. Riley Overstreet Ms. Luci Anderson Mrs. Joanne Overstreet Mr. Kip Looper

Trail Pleasure Lite Shod Pak Pleasure Show Pleassure / Park Performance Performance

Lareina’s Shade of Silver Summer Wishes C’mon Turn Me Loose Rocky Marciano The Carolina Girl

The Scoop / Page 25

Page 26 / The Scoop


The Scoop / Page 27

Page 28 / The Scoop

The Scoop / Page 29


The Scoop For The Walking Horse Industry Obituary Hal Newman William “Hal” Newman, 58, of Shelbyville died Wednesday, Feb. 5, 2014, at Select Specialty in Nashville. Funeral services will be held at 2 p.m. Saturday at Feldhaus Memorial Chapel with the Rev. Steve Murphree officiating. Burial will follow in Augusta, Ga. Visitation will begin at noon.

Obituary Gary W. “Big O” Oliver The Scoop would like to extend expressions of sympathy to the Oliver Family after Gary’s passing earlier today, January 12, 2014. Gary Oliver served many terms on the KWHA Board of Directors and held office positions throughout the years. Please keep this family in your thoughts with the loss of a loved one. The following is the complete obituary as posted: Gary W. “Big O” Oliver, 68 of Lancaster, KY, passed away Sunday, January 12, 2014, at St. Joseph Hospital in Lexington. He was a son of the late Zora and Della Moore Oliver and was born December 13, 1945, in Madison County, Kentucky. Gary was a former school teacher and horse trainer and a member of Freedom Baptist Church. He was also a member of the Kentucky Walking Horse Association and Central Kentucky Saddle Club. He enjoyed hunting, basketball, horses and Bluegrass music. Survivors include his wife, Lynn Duvall Oliver of Lancaster; a son, Phillip Tyler (Diana) Oliver of Lancaster; two daughters, Lindsay Webb Oliver of Lancaster and Jill (Steve) Kinnaird of Lancaster; a brother, Norman (Barbara) Oliver of Lancaster and sister, Phyllis Butner of Lancaster; two grandchildren Brantley Joseph Oliver and Kasey Marie Kinnaird; and several nieces and nephews. A Memorial Service will be 7:00 pm Thursday, January 16, 2014, at Ramsey Funeral Home and visitation from 4:00—7:00 pm with Rev. Jerry Browning and Rev. Kaywood Morris officiating. You may share your memories and leave condolences on his tribute wall at Ramsey Funeral Home is in charge of arrangements.

Page 30 / The Scoop

Obituary Charles W. “Buddy” Moore Charles W. “Buddy” Moore, age 83, of Murfreesboro died Friday, January 24, 2014. He was a native of Murfreesboro and was the son of the late Julian C. and Eva Adams Moore. Funeral Service will be 11:00 am Tuesday at Woodfin Memorial Chapel. Burial will be in Evergreen Cemetery. Rev. Steve Murphree and Pastor Tim Posch will officiate. Mr. Moore is survived by wife Jane Lacy Moore; son, Charles W. Moore, Jr. of Shelbyville; daughter, Pamela Stubbs and her husband Colin of Carrollton, Georgia; step-son, Joseph W. Bolin and wife Mandy of Murfreesboro; brother Robert “Bobby” Moore and wife Betty of Huntsville, Alabama; four grandchildren, Jennifer Sanders, Amy Sanders, Lacy Bolin, Lauren Bolin; one great-granddaughter, Madison Burns. Mr. Moore was a 1948 graduate of Murfreesboro CHS and a 1954 graduate of MTSU. He had served in the United States Air Force. Mr. Moore was the former manager and trainer at Cashion Farms in Shelbyville. He and his wife were owners of Moore or Less Farms in Shelbyville before his retirement. Mr. Moore was a member of the Tennessee Walking Horse National Celebration Hall of Fame. He served on the Executive Board of the Tennessee Walking Horse Breeders and Exhibitors Association. He was an avid fan of the MTSU Lady Raiders. Memorials may be made to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in memory of Mr. Moore. Family and friends will serve as pallbearers. Visitation will be from 4:00 until 8:00 pm Monday at Woodfin Memorial Chapel. 615893-5151.

WHOA First Horse Show of The Season Don’t let the cold stop you from getting out and enjoying a chance to sharpen your skills or get back into the show ring. The Walking Horse Owners’ Association of America presents its first show of the season on February 22, at the Clearview Horse Farm in Shelbyville, TN. The class sheet is revised with added classes. WHOA Affiliated shows are added as they are scheduled Fillable Pre-entry form now available on the WHOA Events page. Shows are listed as they are scheduled. For information about show dates, or class sheets please see our webpage at www. For more information or to schedule a show contact Tommy Hall at 615494-8822 or contact us at

WALKING HORSE ASSOCIATION OF ALABAMA AWARDS BANQUET CULLMAN, AL - Alabamians work hard with their horses and they also work hard to put on outstanding awards banquets. The WHAA Awards Banquet was held January 18, 2014. The location was the All Steak Restaurant in Cullman, Alabama. Hunter Fikes was Emcee for the Evening. Gerald Campbell welcomed everyone to the event and Jamie Bradshaw gave a blessing for the meal and the night was underway. The Association is very grateful for their Gold and Silver Sponsors Golden Flake Snack Foods, Inc., Morgan County Commission, Rising Star Ranch, Sipsey Farm & Reed Energy and Windemere Farms, Dr. William and Jannie Chapman. The Silver Sponsors are as follows: Arlington Construction Services, C & M Farm Supply, Campbell Stables & Tribute Stables, 2013 WGC 4 Year Old Coach Call, Chamblee FarmsGlenn Sisk and Kelly Stewart, Choose Your Gait Farms, Camp Smile-A-Mile received a huge donation from WHAA, AWHLA, Clark Farms, Ferguson Farms, Forest Shadow Walkers Mr. & Mrs. Richard Lawson and Davis & Beth Lee to help children with cancer. and Kimberly Coult, Heav-N Lee Farms, Davis and Beth Lee, Hillsboro Feed & Gin Company, Joe Piper, Inc., Latham Stables, Marshall County Gas District, Brandye Mills Stables, Mitchell Grocery, Rolling Hills Farm, Town of Priceville, TVW Electrical Supply-Kent and Mamie Lawrence and Molly Walker and A Beeline. Ms. Savannah Lanier, Development Director of Camp Smile-A-Mile was in attendance. Camp Smile-A-Mile is an Alabama Program to help children with cancer. This program offers these young children and their families recreational and educational experiences at no cost to them. It also teaches these folks how to deal with life after cancer. WHAA and AWHLA made a donation of $17,500.00 to the organization. Mr. & Mrs. Richard Lawson and Mr. & Mrs. Davis Lee offered an additional $2,500.00 which brought the total donation to $20,000.00 to The Campbell Stables’ Crew Camp Smile-A-Mile. The Overall High Point Pleasure Horse winner was Beam’s Vandetta and Melissa Rowell. The Overall High Point Performance Horse winner was A Rendezvous At The Ritz and Roxy Reeves. The Best One Night Show of the Year was the Roger Latham Memorial Horse Show. Brody Bradshaw was the Juvenile Rider of the Year, Roxy Reeves was the Ladies Amateur Rider Of the Year and Ray Solley was the Men’s Amateur Rider of The Year. The Trainer of the Year was presented to Steve Beam and the Assistant Trainer/Groom of the Year for 2013 was Florentino Delgado. Gerald Campbell was presented with the prestigious honor of Horse Person Of The Year. Congratulations to all the High Point winners at the WHAA Banquet, The Scoop was proud to be on hand to capture the winners’ candids. The Scoop has been proud to attend the Alabama horse shows and give the best coverage to this great state.

Gerald Campbell, Beth Lee and Justin Jenne’ accept Master of Intimidation’s Award in the Two Year Old Stallions Division.

Flash Of Silver and Dick Peebles won the Open Walking Specialty High Point Award for the Benny Gray Family. The Scoop / Page 31

Cullman, AL

2013 WHAA Highpoints AWHLA High Point Award

Joan Kemp

Lite Shod Specialty 1. Beams Vendetta Melissa Rowell Melissa Rowell 2. Sweeping Up at the Slots Luis Martinez Estate of Gilbert McCarley 3. I Want My Papa Ashley Raby Sheila Raby 4. Kody’s Cookies And Cream Chris Zhand Michelle Cranford 5. Jazz Valor Steve Clark Clark Farms 5. Specialists Stride Rite Bennie Boykin Joy Geske

Lead Line – four way tie for first 1. Andrew Latham 1. Avery Latham 1. Dillon Posvar 1. Owen Posvar 2. Emilee Walker 3. Ansley Weatherford Weanlings 1. A Chess Queen

Michelle Cranford

Michelle Cranford

Yearlings 1. Color Magic Hunter Fikes 2. I’m Outta Line Linda McCarley 3. Harley’s Blackjack Louis Martinez

Michelle Cranford Linda McCarley Estate of Gilbert McCarley

Model 1. Pride’s Midnight Flame Melissa Rowell 2. Sweeping Up at the Slots Linda McCarley 3. Unsung Hero Billy Wayne Tolton 4. Sportster Suzanne Keplinger 5. Chester Makayla Latham

Melissa Rowell Estate of Gilbert McCarley Billy Wayne Tolton Family Suzanne Keplinger Makayla Latham

Country Pleasure 1. A Bad Romance Clay Staton 2. My Girl Kitty Joyce Smith 3. Main Powers My Padre Kristi Payne 4. Drama Drama Drama Kristi Payne 5. Splashed Casee Bush

Charlie/Julie Lee Joyce Smith Kristi Payne Kristi Payne Joan Kemp Casee Bush

Trail Pleasure Specialty 1. Shake Shake Shake Casee Bush 2. Renegade Exchange Michelle Cranford 3. Leonardo Dicaprio Hanna Pulvers 4. Freakshow Andy Stooksberry 5. Scrappin Up Cash Lauren Wertz

Joan Kemp Casee Bush Michelle Cranford Lily Catherine Holland Andy Stooksberry Lauren Wertz

Park Pleasure 1. The Flash Light Melissa Rowell 2. Defying All Odds Luis Martinez 3. A&D’s Regal Prince Steve Clark 4. Gen’s Bounty Hunter Joy Geske

Melissa Rowell Estate of Gilbert McCarley Clark Farms Joy Geske

Western Park Pleasure Specialty 1. The Flash Light Melissa Rowell

Melissa Rowell

Park Performance 1. Diamond Rio David Latham 2. My Silver Bullet Nathan Clark 3. Mucho Pesos Nathan Clark 4. A Jazz Mans Rhythm & Blues Donna Hill 5. Banks Sarah Moersch

Kent/Mamie Lawrence Clark Farms Clark Farms Gary Hill Rolling Hills Farm

2 Year Old Stallions 1. Master of Intimidation 2. The Midnight Sky 3. Billy G At the Ritz 4. I’m Creepin 4. The Anonymous Ace

Justin Jenne Casey Wright Larry Latham Danny Latham Larry Latham

Davis & Beth Lee Brian Anderton Clark Farms Danny Latham Larry Latham

2 Year Old Mare & Geldings 1. Jazzy Melody Justin Jenne 2. Nevermore Link Webb 3. Baby Baby David Latham 4. Ole LA Larry Latham 5. Outta Lines Fame Blake White

Davis & Beth Lee Rolling Hills Farm Clark Farms Latham/Sisk Kelly Peevy

3 Year Old Stallions 1. 9s Main Man Chris Zahnd 2. Master of the Ritz Brandye Mills 3. Gun Maker Steve Beam Woodie Spinks 4. My First Gold Bill Cantrell 5. Clouds Keeper Brandye Mills 5. Firestone’s Black Ritz Jamie Lawrence

Oohh Weee Parolee and Denise Garber won the 15.2 & Under Amateur Award. Page 32 / The Scoop

3 Year Old Mares & Geldings 1. Boss Mans Dollar Steve Beam 2. Zeta Brandye Mills

Claude Frye Tommy Stewart Roxy Reeves & Dee Cantrell J D & Ginger Evans Ray Solley

Bob & Sudie Reed Lily Catherin Holland

Cullman, AL 4 Year Old Open 1. Cash Sweep Jamie Bradshaw 2. I’m Judge Roy Bean Gary Edwards 3. Jose’s Spartacus Chris Zahnd 4. LCS Mr. Ritz N Cash Larry Latham 4. Miss Ebony Rose Steve Beam 5. Ariat Bill Cantrell

Randall Ferguson Scott & Joe Cooper Jerry Carter Kelly Peevy Larry Latham Bob & Sudie Reed Dee Cantrell

Aged Mares & Geldings 1. Rocky Mountain Sky Justin Harris 2. Gen on Parole Jamie Lawrence 2. The Down Home Blues Chris Zahnd

Bruce & Robin MacDonald Rod & Michelle Schoenvogel Kelly Peevy

15.2 & Under Open 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Diamond Ritz Pusher’s Redemption Out In The Weather Wings of War Ritz’s Jackpot

Jamie Bradshaw Bill Cantrell Steve Beam Steve Beam Jamie Bradshaw

Randall Ferguson Warr/Major Bob & Sudie Reed Richard Lawson Randall Ferguson

15.2 & Under Amateur 1. Oohh Weee Parolee Denise Garber 2. Real Bad & A Little Firey Joan Kemp 3. Smooth Like JFK Reeves Lane 4. Ecstatic Sarah Moersch 4. Crooked Line Benjamin Gray 5. Voodoo Dollar Lindy Rogers 5. Vindictive Casee Bush

Bob & Denise Garber Joan Kemp Casee Bush Reeves Lane Rolling Hills Farm Benny Gray Lindy Rogers Joan Kemp Casee Bush

Show Pleasure 1. He’s Gunpowder & Lead Jamie Bradshaw 2. Bravo Bravo Larry Latham 3. A Rendezvous at the Ritz Steve Beam

Randall Ferguson Larry Latham Roxy Reeves Woodie Spinks

Show Pleasure Amateur 1. A Rendezvous At the Ritz Roxy Reeves 2. He’s My Pop Too Dianne Hasty 3. Ted Will Do Mila Sachs 4. I’m Joe Friday Jodi Phillips 5. I Am The Rock, Jr. Jannie Chapman

Roxy Reeves Woodie Spinks Dwight & Dianne Hasty Richard Lawson Jodi Phillips Jannie Chapman

Amateur Pony Specialty 1. Smooth Like JFK Reeves Lane 2. Real Bad & A Little Firey Joan Kemp 3. Ecstatic Sarah Moersch 4. Zhivago Blake Beam 5. Vindictive Casee Bush

Reeves Lane Joan Kemp Casee Bush Dr. Barbara Moersch Beam/Lawson Joan Kemp Casee Bush

Diamond Ritz and Jamie Bradshaw won the 15.2 & Under Open High Point Award.

He’s Intimidating and Jamie Bradshaw won the Walking Horse Stake High Point Award.

Ritz’s Jackpot and Brody Bradshaw accepted the Youth 11 & Under High Point Award.

The Scoop / Page 33

Cullman, AL

Jazzy Melody won the Two Year Old Mares & Geldings Award for owners Davis & Beth Lee.

Cash Sweep and Jamie Bradshaw won the Four Year Old Open High Point Award.

A Rendezvous At The Ritz and Roxy Reeves won the top Award in the Show Pleasure Division.

Page 34 / The Scoop

Youth Ponies 1. Real Bad & A Little Firey Chance Crocker 2. I’m All About Cash Chance Crocker

Casee Bush Joan Kemp Casee Bush Joan Kemp

Youth 11 & Under 1. Ritz’s Jackpot 2. I’m Fort Knox

Randall Ferguson Mickey Groom

Brody Bradshaw Makayla Latham

12-17 Under Specialty 1. Generals Top Brass Ashley Raby 2. I’m Fort Knox Ashley Latham 3. Stemwinder Kosten McWaters 4. Irish Mardi Gras Chance Crocker 5. The Down Home Blues Katie Peevy

Sheila Raby Mickey Groom LaRue McWaters Joan Kemp Casee Bush Kelly Peevy

Open Walking Specialty 1. Flash of Silver 2. Diamond Ritz 3. The Down Home Blues

Benny Gray Family Randall Ferguson Kelly Peevy

Dick Peebles Jamie Bradshaw Chris Zahnd

Amateur 2 Year Old 1. Billy G At the Ritz Nathan Clark 2. Awesomes Take Over Claude Frye 3. Cash in 1199 Sudie Reed 4. Houndstooth Lady Brian Anderton 5. Slots Dixie Belle Louis Martinez

Clark Farms Claude Frye Sudie Reed Brian & Tammy Anderton McCarley Farms

Amateur 3 Year Old 1. Gun Maker Roxy Reeves 2. Firestone Black Ritz Ray Solley 3. Gimme A Command Kelly Stewart 4. Ritzy Womans Man Barn McWaters 5. Amplified Rhonda Major

Roxy Reeves Woodie Spinks Ray Solley Glen Sisk LaRue McWaters Warr/Major

Amateur 4 Year Old 1. They Call Me Saban Ray Solley 2. Miss Ebony Rose Sudie Reed 3. Mucho Pesos Nathan Clark 4. Niño’s Category Five Sarah Moersch 5. I’m All About Cash Joan Kemp

Ray Solley Bob & Sudie Reed Clark Farms Rolling Hills Farm Joan Kemp Casee Bush

Men’s Amateur 1. He’s Fred Astaire 2. Royal Luck 3. Armed By the Nine 4. Your Wish My Command 5. Voodoo Dollar

Mark & Gloria Ellis Ray Solley Lindy Rogers LaRue McWaters Lindy Rogers

Mark Ellis Ray Solley Lindy Rogers Bart McWaters Lindy Rogers

Ladies Amateur 1. Vindictive Casee Bush 2. Harley.Com Lauren Wertz 3. Wings of War Mila Sachs 3. Jazz’s Master Kelly Mills 4. Oohh Weee Parole Denise Garber 4. Gen on Parole Michelle Schoenvogel

Casee Bush Joan Kemp Lindy Rogers Richard Lawson Kelly Mills Bob & Denise Garber Rod & Michelle Schoenvogel

Cullman, AL Amateur Owned & Trained 1. Puttin Slots At The Ritz 2. General Main Lady 3. Earning A Hard Dollar 4. Crooked Line

Boss Man’s Dollar and Steve Beam won the 3 Year Old Mares & Geldings Award for Bob & Sudie Reed.

Real Bad & A Little Firey and Chance Crocker won the Youth Ponies for Casee Bush & Joan Kemp.

Real Bad & A Little Firey and Chance Crocker won the Youth Ponies for Casee Bush & Joan Kemp.

Linda McCarley LaRue McWaters Melissa Tittle Laura Lester

Lindy McCarley LaRue McWaters Melissa Tittle Benny Gray Family

Amateur Walking Specialty 1. A Beeline Molly Walker 2. Wings of War Mila Sachs 3. Oohh Weee Parole Denise Garber 4. Simply Jose LaRue McWaters 5. They Call Me Saban Ray Solley

Molly Walker Richard Lawson Bob & Denise Garber LaRue McWaters Ray Solley

Amateur 50 & Over 1. Out in the Weather 2. Simply Jose 3. Royal Luck 3. I’m Fort Knox 4. General’s Main Lady

Sudie Reed LaRue McWaters Ray Solley Mickey Groom LaRue McWaters

Bob & Sudie Reed LaRue McWaters Ray Solley Mickey Groom LaRue McWaters

Amateur Open 1. Royal Luck 2. Tiger Walk 3. Ritz’s Renegade 4. A Diamond From JFK

Ray Solley Bo Beam Ray Solley LaRue McWaters

Ray Solley Shelby Beam Ray Solley LaRue McWaters

Walking Horse Stake 1. He’s Intimidating Jamie Bradshaw 2. Outta Line Chris Zahnd 3. Zhivago Steve Beam 4. Lampshade Bill Cantrell 5. More Horsepower Bobby Hugh

Randall Ferguson Kelly Peevy Richard Lawson Warr/Major Bill & Jannie Chapman

*Overall High Point Pleasure Horse Beam’s Vendetta Melissa Rowell

Melissa Rowell

*Overall High Point Performance Horse A Rendezvous At The Ritz Roxy Reeves *Best One Night Show of the Year *Juvenile Rider of the Year *Ladies Amateur Rider of the Year *Men’s Amateur Rider of the Year *Asst Trainer/Groom of the Year *Trainer of the Year *Horse Person of the Year

Roxy Reeves Woodie Spinks Roger Latham Memorial put on by Parkside Booster Club Brody Bradshaw Roxy Reeves Ray Solley Florentino Delgado Steve Beam Gerald Campbell

Gerald Campbell accepted an award for Gen On Parole who won the Aged Mares & Geldings High Point Award with Jamie Lawrence in the irons.

The Scoop / Page 35

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The Scoop / Page 37

Page 38 / The Scoop

Trade Days / Barn Party

Pleasant Valley Farms, Rutledge, TN The high, Saturday January 18, 2014, was 37 degrees but the cold didn’t keep the faithful from attending the Pleasant Valley Farms Trade Day / Barn Party. There was something for everyone that attended. Food was available for the hungry: chili, hot dogs and any type of dessert you could imagine. Hot chocolate and coffee were sold by the carafe to keep the cold folks warm. Trainers came from both far and away. Those in attendance were Cottonwood Farms, Chad Adams, Thunder Valley, Five Star Farms, Kemp Martin, Gabe Garren, Dick Ewers, Ailshie Stables and last but not least Pleasant Valley Farms. So as you can see there were many on hand to show their horses and hope to trade, sell or buy a new horse for a customer. To update everyone on the changes at Pleasant Valley; Brandon Derrick and Jimmy (Boomer) Evans are head trainers, Gene Pace is the farm manager and Alvis and Nikki Porter are the proud owners of the barn/farm. From everyone’s count there were about 35 horses and more than 100 people braved the cold to watch the action. Announcing the action of the day was done by both Kim Derrick and I, Tami Triplett. Bob Roach was also on hand to film all the horses and you will be able to see those videos on his site as well as postings on Face Book. There were six horses sold on that cold day; Ted’s Hank Williams, He’s A Desperado, Dollar’s Smooth Sailing, Star in the Making, and a couple more. So as you can see you missed a great opportunity for good food, fellowship, friends and watching horses show what they love to do. To those that attended a huge Thank you from Brandon and Boomer for attending the trade day / barn party and hope to see you again soon.

The Scoop / Page 39

Trade Days / Barn Party

Pleasant Valley Farms, Rutledge, TN

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The Scoop For The Walking Horse Industry The IRS and Business Plans

By John Alan Cohan, Attorney at Law In recent years the IRS has ruled that a written business plan is important evidence tending to prove that you are operating in a businesslike manner. The Tax Court has said that in hobby loss cases you should have “some type of plan” for the venture. This applies whether you are involved in horse breeding, racing, other farming activities, classic car refurbishing, antique collecting, boat or aircraft chartering, and other areas traditionally under IRS scrutiny. The IRS takes the view that a written business plan demonstrates your businesslike concern for the success of the venture. People engaged in a hobby do not have business plans. One of the most important things that distinguishes a business from a hobby is the existence of a written business plan. There are numerous resources, some good and others not, to assist you in drawing up a business plan. It is advisable to have a business plan drafted by a professional, and the fee will depend on the complexity of the facts involved. Keep in mind that a business plan is one of the best items of evidence to show your true intentions. The IRS Audit Technique Guide asks revenue agents to ask for a business plan in horse and livestock audits, and the absence of a plan is evidence that the taxpayer is not operating in a businesslike manner. In audits, most individuals are caught off guard when asked whether they have a business plan. Some will say that their activity is very basic, that they know what they are doing, and that they don’t “need” a business plan. What is a business plan? The business plan narrates what your business is all about, what kind of opportunity you see, and how you intend to make money. It is a guide for carrying forward your idea into a successful business operation. A business plan sets forth the overall market that you are targeting, and how your product or services compare with those of others. The length and breadth of the plan will depend on how much time you want to put into developing it. The language of a business plan is usually simple and nontechnical. For many individuals, writing the plan is easy because of their prior experience in the field. For many, it is fun and creative. The main focus of a business plan concerns your marketing strategy and financial projections. You should narrate your market strategy, and state why you believe this activity can be profitable. You could include as an appendix copies of market information you have researched. You should also describe your competition and how you will be able to compete. You should set forth any competitive advantages that you have over other similar ventures. In financial projections you want to show how much money you will need to spend to get the business going, what equipment, inventory, and materials you will need to obtain, and when you expect to make a profit. There should be an indication as to your reasonable estimate of revenue. This is usually very difficult to project. Just do your best, perhaps with the aid of others experienced in the industry. Your financial projections of profit should be reasonable, not exaggerated. Preferably, your financial projections should cover a three- to fiveyear period. Some people hire an accountant or CPA to help prepare the projections, as this can further bolster the businesslike nature of the document, although you will still need to spend time developing the figures. Most people project operating losses for the startup phase of the activity, which can be from three to seven years or longer, depending on the particular activity.

Prepare your business plan now: don’t wait to get audited. It is too late to muster up a plan once you are audited. The IRS wants to see business records that are maintained in the ordinary course of your activity, not those that you might prepare once you have been notified of an audit. Ideally, your business plan will be written before you start the venture, rather than midway through it. If you are audited and you don’t have an existing business plan you should still prepare one, and admit that you have prepared it in connection with your audit. That is better than nothing. You can explain that the plan has always been in your head, and you thought it would be best at this time to reduce it to writing so that it can be clear how you forecast that this activity can be engaged in for profit. [John Alan Cohan is a lawyer who has served the farming, ranching and horse industries since l98l. He can be reached at: (3l0) 278-0203, by email at, or you can see more at his website: www.]

South carolina petition decries PAST act MURFREESBORO, TN – The South Carolina Walking Horse Association recently submitted a petition to the Tennessee Walking Horse Breeders and Exhibitors Association in opposition to the so-called PAST Act—H.R. 1518 sponsored by Rep. Ed Whitfield (R-Ky.1). The specifics of the petition stated: • We…vigorously oppose the so-called PAST Act which, if passed, will lead to the slaughter of thousands of unwanted horses, will in no way address the issue of soring, will result in the failure to properly inspect thousands of horses, and which bans devices deemed safe and effective by the USDA for many decades. • Request that the board and executive committee of TWHBEA, our breed registry, do its utmost to promote sound horses in all disciplines of the breed, which entails vigorous opposition to the PAST Act. • Request that TWHBEA do everything it can to retain its existing directors and resist efforts to remove directors because of their promotion of the sound performance horse. • Request that the USDA improve and promote objective inspection techniques, which let sound horses show and which penalize real violations of the Horse Protection Act. The petition bore 75 signatures. “This is a great gesture on the part of the South Carolina Walking Horse Association to support the position we have long maintained relative to the PAST Act,” said Jim Cortner, chairman of the Performance Show Horse Association. “We’re hopeful this is but one of many organizations that will line up to bring an end to the emotional rhetoric of H.R.1518 supporters and start to discuss alternative legislation that includes more objective—and therefore, more accurate—testing of our horses.” PSHA was established to promote and protect the integrity of the Performance Horse as a sound competitor in the show ring. Further, the organization is intent on also promoting and protecting the culture and history of the breed. Our goal is to consolidate industry enforcement of the HPA and inspect all horses in a fair and consistent manner to protect the wellbeing of the performance horse while maintaining the integrity of the sport. -30Media contact: Phil Osborne

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National Spotted Saddle Horse Association Annual Banquet

MURFREESBORO, TN- The National Spotted Saddle Horse Association held their annual banquet, Saturday, January 25th, 2013. A covered dish supper was served for all to enjoy. A live auction as well as a silent auction took place with many things for people to bid on. Many awards were given including the Bronze Champion Award and the Silver Supreme National Champion Award. The Bronze Champion Award is given to a horse that has won 10 blue ribbons throughout their show career with the NSSHA while the Silver Supreme National Champion Award is for horses that have won 25 blue ribbons. The coveted Horse of the Year Awards were then presented to all the worthy recipients. A fun night was had by all! The Scoop wishes to congratulate all of the winners.

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The Scoop For The Walking Horse Industry TWHBEA Announces result of polling investigation TWHBEA announces the investigation of an unauthorized poll, which purported to be a TWHBEA product and was not. This investigation was conducted by the Enforcement and Bylaws committees and extended from October, 2013 through January, 2014. The Executive Committee has approved that report, which is posted at, and has issued recommendations based thereon. The combined Committees found that the purported “poll” was a “push poll”, which advocated for a specific outcome; was deceptive in several ways; was disseminated selectively; was created without the endorsement and knowledge of the Executive Committee; was mailed in violation of the rules of the Association and Tennessee law; misused and misappropriated the logo of the Association; and was thereafter used to misrepresent the rules of the Association. The mailing list was obtained in violation of internal rules and state law, and the present status of that list is in doubt, as a result of the lack of cooperation of the principals. TWHBEA has previously engaged in impartial polling on the socalled “Whitfield amendment”, the last such poll being conducted in early 2013. That poll, a copy of which is included in the report, covered a number of topics related to economics and other interests, and then asked questions unaffected by bias, photos, or pictures. The results show a very different majority opinion; a strong majority of those polled oppose that legislation, a result in accord with the December 2013 vote of the International Board and the Executive Committee. As a result of the acts and omissions of the TWHBEA members responsible for this deception against TWHBEA, its members, and the public, the privileges of Clant Seay, Pat Stout, and Fran Cole, as members of the Association, have been suspended, unless and until they comply with the investigation of the matter. In Ms. Stout’s case, she was also directed to comply with efforts to preserve and recover the mailing lists procured. The final resolution of this matter now rests with those individuals, who have been informed and encouraged to cooperate with the rules of this Association in determining the facts and appropriate remedies.

GWHEA Membership Dues Lowered for 2014 In an effort to accommodate our changing economic times and encourage more people to join, the GWHEA Board voted unanimously to lower membership rates for 2014. The new rates are listed below. Folks, you seldom see prices go down these days, so please take advantage of this opportunity to join or re-join GWHEA for 2014. The cost of mailing the Ambler has been spit out into a separate charge so that those who prefer to read GWHEA news and the Ambler newsletter on this website can save even more money by not paying postage. For those of us who like to receive a hard-copy of the Ambler newsletter, you can still have it mailed to your home by simply paying the cost of printing and mailing for the year ($15). We hope the new rates will encourage everyone to join again in 2014, and also encourage new members to join or previous members to rejoin. In these turbulent times within our industry, there is strength in numbers, and all TWH enthusiasts need to work together! Also, we have some fun activities planned for 2014: our Awards Banquet in February, a Spring Fling in March, several Versatility shows and of course, our one-night horse shows! Don’t miss out on these and other activities! Visit to download a membership form and see upcoming events news and much more.

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Walking Horse Trainers’ Auxiliary 2014 Membership Drive The Walking Horse Trainers’ Auxiliary is proud to announce its 2014 Membership Drive! For the first time, any person wishing to join the Auxiliary in 2014 can be eligible to show this season! Even if you have been a member in the past and have not fulfilled the eligibility requirements to show. As a supporter of the WHTA, the WHT Auxiliary asks everyone to consider joining the Auxiliary! Whether to be involved, support the trainers or to help with the good deeds of the Auxiliary… there is something for everyone! To become a member of the WHT Auxiliary, all you have to do is fill out a Membership Form that can be found on the Auxiliary’s Facebook page or by emailing and send in your $30 dues by March 1, 2014 to WHT Auxiliary, P.O. Box 61, Shelbyville, TN. 37160 To be eligible to show in 2014, you must fill out the membership form, pay your dues by March 1 and work a project. For more information on projects please email or call 931-580-5085. For more information on the Walking Horse Trainers’ Auxiliary contact 931-580-5085.

Letter To The Editor Thank you for your interest in the North Carolina Walking Horse Association. We also appreciate the donations that you have made to our association activities. Your donation of a full page black and white ad was very generous of you and will assist us in our promotion activities. The NCWHA works to promote the Tennessee Walking Horse in our area and we have members in North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia and East Tennessee. We are Grateful for the interest and support of our friends and we appreciate you for honoring our efforts in this manner.

Respectfully, Terri E. Mosley- NCWHA

Horse Illustrated spotlights Tennessee Walking Horse

Congratulations to Jennifer Bingham and her champion, Eye On The Title better known as Zeke for being selected by Horse Illustrated for a Spotlight Feature. The January 2014 issue of the Horse Illustrated had their 1st Reader Spotlight and it was great to have a Tennessee Walking Horse honored.

Maplecrest farms aDDs rob brainard Maplecrest Farms owned by The Rosburys in Bell Buckle, TN adds Rob Brainard to their training team. Rob will join the training crew with head trainer Brock Tillman.

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Mid-South Major-Smiles

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Mid-South Major-Smiles

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The 27th Annual Mid-South Awards Banquet JACKSON, TN – The 27th Annual Mid-South Walking Horse Association Awards Banquet was held on Saturday, January 11, 2014, at the Carl Grant Event Center at Union University. The social hour began with lots of laughter, cocktails and an array of delicious homemade h’orderves. President Howard Hamilton welcomed guests once again to the MSHSA Banquet. Mr. Hamilton mentioned that the Mid-South Walking Horse Association was the oldest Walking Horse Association in the industry and that it went back 25 years. After that time, the organization was dissolved for a very short period of time and then was reformed and still continues today. Board of Director Barry Carter was called to the podium to give a moment of silence for the six members who had passed away during the year. They were Joann Dempsey, Russell Pate, Dr. Tommy Vinson, Bobby Beckham, Grady Clements and Jeff Givens. Mike Inman, CEO of the Celebration, spoke for a short time and mentioned that the Celebration had formed a new show called the Kick-Start Classic which is scheduled to be held at the Champions Arena (next to the Calsonic) on April 19, 2014. Mr. Mike Robey, Director of Development of Youth Town and Pepper Pratt were in attendance to thank all members of the association for their generous contribution of $8,500 that was raised at the Jackson Charity Horse Show held in July 2013. It was also discussed the following board members were elected for a 3 year term: Stephanie Carter-Wright, Anne Coffman, Sharon Carter and Vicki Benjamin who is finishing out Gary Gilmore’s term. Mr. Gilmore was elected the 2014 Vice President. The Mid-South had the privilege of honoring 17 World Champions and 9 World Grand Champions from the 2013 Celebration. The owners and trainers of these gifted champions were presented with gorgeous silver trophies. The Voted Awards winners were Ed Cotter the Sports Person of the Year, Ronnie and Angie Rushing won the Horizon Award, Jackson Charity Horse Show was the Show of the Year and Joe Clift was inducted into the Hall of Fame. Next the High Point Awards were presented. The High Point Juvenile Rider winner was Mary Elizabeth Wright. Taylor Walters won the High Point Amateur Rider of the Year. Jubilee’s Awesome Dream was the High Point Performance Horse of the Year and Fog AtThe Ritz was the High Point Flat Shod Horse of the Year. Abernathy Stables took home the highest number of awards for points won during the year. The Wright Stables came in second and the Southern Serenity Ranch came in third. THE SCOOP wishes to congratulate all winners for the 2013 Show Season and best of luck in 2014!

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Howard Hamilton and Kit Caldwell enjoyed the evening’s festivities.

Casey Wright and owner Bill Williams had an awesome year taking home several awards.

Complete High Point Document 2014 Banquet Lead Line 1. Dixie and Carson Cagle 2. Raz Ma Taz and Carson Abernathy Model 1. The Prestige and Ronnie Rushing 2. Don’t Tread On Me and Susan Coleman 3. The Royal Blue Moon and Jessica Parsons 4. I’m A Coppertone Girl and Ronnie Rushing Yearling 1. Roll With Me Henry and Ronald Morton 2. Dress Rehearsal and Zach Parsons Amateur Open (Canter) 1. The Who and Taylor Walters 2. Sensational Premier and Renee Montgomery 3. Prime’s Jump Javen and Claudia Gribble 3. Jazz Talkin and Chrystal Abernathy Amateur Specialty 1. Sky Walk’s Diego and Judy Stanfill 2. Jose’s Centerfold and Bill Williams 3. One Fine Line and Scott Tew 4. Paroled From San Quenton and Dr. Ann Rea 5. Jazz Talkin and Renee Montogmery Youth Pony 17 and Under 1. Pushin The Gin and Mary Elizabeth Wright 2. Prime’s Jump Javen and Cohen Abernathy Amateur Adult Pony 1. The Colonel Reb and Taylor Walters 2. The Dixie Line and Dr. John Lay 3. I’m Little Red Riding Hood and Meg Faulkner- DuChaine 4. Not Gold But Bold and Bill Williams 5. High Society Woman and Tina Wright Juvenile 11 and Under 1. Free to Score and Maggie Kail 2. Prime’s Jump Javen and Claudia Gribble 3. Prime’s Jump Javen and Cohen Abernathy Juvenile 12 to 17 1. Wicked Walking Witch and Mary Elizabeth Wright 2. Bad Economy and Claudia Gribble 3. Free to Score and Maggie Kail 4. Prime’s Jump Jiven and Claudia Gribble 2 Year Old Open Stallion 1. I’m Big Country and Jonathan Watts Tie 2. Black Gins Shadow Dancer and Jimmy McConnell 2. Do It Now and Edgar Abernathy 3. The Cuban and Michael Wright 4. Undew It and Josh Watts 2 Year Old Amateur Stallion 1. Cricket On A Line and Elizabeth Tew 2. Walkin On Black Ice and Ronnie Stanfill 3. Do It Now and Taylor Walters 3. The Next Rumor Has It (AKA Walkin Wilson LS) and Joel Stewart 4. Undew It and Dr. Ann Rea 5. I’m Handsome Jimmy Valiant and Kimble Tew

Jackson, TN 2 Year Old Open Mare and Gelding 1. She’s Lined and Toxic and Edgar Abernathy 2. The Coach’s Cheerleader and Patrick Thomas 3. Miss Augusta and Jimmy McConnell 4. Willanina and Josh Watts 5. She’s Pretty Swanky and Casey Wright 5. Titleist Wonder Woman and Casey Wright 2 Year Old Amateur Mare and Gelding 1. Coach’s Cheerleader and Lauren Hamilton 2. She’s Lined and Toxic and Scott Tew 3. Willanina and Sharon Higgenbotham 3 Year Old Open Stallion 1. I’m Harley Davidson and Casey Wright 2. Small Talk Dan and Edgar Abernathy 3. Dangerous Ritz and Howard Hamilton 3 Year Old Amateur Stallions 1. El Nino’s Jetstream and Joel Stewart 2. I’m Bob Marley and Taylor Walters 3. CEO At The Ritz and Scott Tew 4. Skywalk’s Entertainer and Ronnie Stanfill 5. Dangerous Ritz and Lauren Hamilton 3 Year Old Open Mares and Geldings 1. Jose’s Knockout and Edgar Abernathy 2. Miss Que Sera Sera and Edgar Abernathy 3. Wicked Walking Witch and Casey Wright 4. Jose’s Bruja Del Pantano and Eddie Barclay 5. Mama Called and Jimmy McConnell 3 YEAR Old Amateur Mare and Gelding 1. Mr. Onyz and Jeffrey Hinson 2. I’m Mr. All American and Tammy Barclay 3. Jose’s and Carol Shelton 4. Jose’s Rosita and Josh Wright 4 Year Old Stallion, Mare and Gelding 1. Jose’s Bambino and Casey Wright 2. Cougar and Edgar Abernathy 3. National Hero and Jimmy McConnell 4. A Magic Stroke and Patrick Thomas 5. Lethal Joselita and Edgar Abernathy 4 Year Old Amateur Stallions 1. Diamond Titleist and Richard Donner 2. Ruckus Razor and Dr. Ann Rea 3. National Hero and Taylor Walters 4 Year Old Mare and Gelding 1. Lethal Joselita and Carol Shelton 2. Ruckus Razor and Dr. Ann Rea Tie for Reserve 2. She’s Limitless and Taylor Walters 3. Gimme A Winky Ky Ya Yea and Tammy Barclay 4. A Magic Stroke and Jimmy Nichols Ladies Amateur 1. Olympics Godfather and Stephanie Carter-Wright 2. Walk Hard and Lauren Hamilton 3. Shakin For Cash and Madeline Tew 4. Major Frivilous and Stephanie Cagle 5. Paroled From San Quentin and Dr. Ann Rea

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Jackson, TN Pro-AM 1. Jorga and Gerald Wardlow 2. Dangerous Jazz and Noel Botsch 3. Bad Economy and Claudia Gribble 4. Jazz Talkin and Renee Montgomery 5. Prime’s Jump Jiven and Claudia Gribble Amateur 15.2 and Under 1. Not Gold But Bold and Bill Williams 2. Bernie Mac and Seth Stanfill 3. I’m Silver Too and Kit Caldwell 4. Dark And Shady and Taylor Walters 5. L.A. Ritz and Bill Williams Open Specialty 1. The Jazz Player and Jimmy McConnell 2. One Fine Line and Jimmy McConnell 3. Jazz Talkin and Edgar Abernathy 4. Bad Economy and Edgar Abernathy 4. Shakin For Cash and Jimmy McConnell 4. The Colonel Reb and Edgar Abernathy Show Pleasure 1. Jubilee’s Awesome Dream and Shannon Cotter 2. Dumas Dandy Dan and Tess Suiter 3. I’m In Like Flynn and Bill Cone 4. I’m A Proud American and Bill Williams 5. Dollars and Dreams and Elizabeth Tew Amateur Owned and Trained 1. The Major Flair and Stephanie Cagle 2. Express’s First Lady and Sandra Pippen Clift 3. Skywalk’s Kryptonight and Kendra Gilmore 4. Jose’s Chatterbox and Jimmy Wheeler 5. Wayne Gretzky and Jimmy Wheeler Lite Shod Specialty 1. Mister Big Sky and Gary Gilmore 2. 2X The Magic and Susan Coleman 3. JFK’s Secret Agent and Patrick Thomas 4. Paroled By Design and Zach Parsons 5. Hot Black Pepper and Lauren Hamilton Park Pleasure Specialty 1. Fog At The Ritz and Patrick Thomas 2. Lucky Daze and Lisa Kessel 3. A Cloudy Lady and Jacob Duke 4. Cloud Angel and Ronnie Stanfill 5. Lined Up At The Ritz and Jim Nichols Spotted Saddle Horse 1. I’m Mr. Blues and Lisa Kessel 2. Eagles Lady Sue and Ashley Say 3. Foxy’s Jingle Of Cash and Lib Carlisle

3. Jose’s Diamond Rio and Jim Roberts 3. Dollars and Dreams and Elizabeth Tew 3. Master Of Encore and Patrick Thomas Trial Pleasure 1. Miss The Wolf and Abbey Fleming 2. He’s All That Jazz and Elizabeth Tew 3. Eagles Lady Sue and Ashley Say 4. Jose’s Roxy and Jim Roberts Walking Horse Stake 1. Jail Time and Casey Wright 2. Jazz Me Up and Edgar Abernathy 3. The Who and Jimmy McConnell 3. The Colonel Reb and Edgar Abernathy 4. Delano and Michael Wright 5. Prime’s Jump Jiven and Edgar Abernathy High Point Juvenile Rider 1. Mary Elizabeth Wright 2. Maggie Kail 3. Claudia Gribble 4. Jack Kail 5. Cohen Abernathy High Point Amateur Rider 1. Taylor Walters 2. Bill Williams 3. Elizabeth Tew 4. Lauren Hamilton 5. Abbey Fleming High Point Training Stables 1. Abernathy Stables 2. Wright Stables 3. Southern Serenity 4. Formac Stables 5. Pioneer Stables High Point Performance Horse 1. Jubilee’s Awesome Dream 2. El Nino’s Jetstream 3. Not Gold But Bold 4. Free To Score 5. Jazz Talkin High Point Flat Shod Horse 1. Fog At The Ritz 2. Mister Big Sky 2. Miss The Wolf 3. I’m Rose Walker 4. 2X The Magic 5. He’s All That Jazz

Country Pleasure 1. I’m Rose Walker and Lauren Hamilton 2. JJ’s Red Bull and Jessica Parsons 3. Jose’s Roxy and Jim Roberts 4. Jose’s Travelin Man and Jessica Parsons

Voted Awards


Ronnie and Angie Rushing

Park Performance 1. Gold Danger and Edgar Abernathy 2. Favorite Son Of JFK and Patrick Thomas

Show of the Year:

Jackson Charity Horse Show

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Sports Person:

Hall of Fame:

Ed Cotter

Joe Clift

2013 ETWHA HIGH POINT BANQUET PIGEON FORGE, TN - The East Tennessee Walking Horse Association High Point Banquet was held January 4th, 2014 in Pigeon Forge, TN at the Pigeon Forge Convention Center. The meeting began at 5:30pm with registration then dinner. After a wonderful dinner of fried chicken, roast beef and all the fixings the award presentations began. There were 47 categories that were presented 1st through 4th awards. Attendees were all smiles when they came up and received their award and posed for pictures. Both the Scoop and Walking Horse Report were on hand to take photos and record the evening’s events. Throughout the evening door prizes were given out and some pretty nice gifts were obtained. The first place awards were a pretty engraved pewter horse platter, second place was a bronze horse bust engraved and third and fourth places received ribbons for their accomplishments. The Highest awards were presented last and those were presented in this order: Youth 11 & Under of the Year – Andee Patton Youth 12-17 Youth of the Year – Lexie Stinnett Amateur of the Year – Kenny Compton Pleasure Horse of the Year – Ritzy Chick Performance Horse of the Year – Vegas Ritz Pleasure Trainer of the Year – Chris Helton Performance Trainer of the Year – Paul Livingston Sportsman of the Year – Gary Sproles One-Night Show – Ladies Auxiliary (2 Years in a Row) Multi-Night Show – North Carolina Championship After the awards and accolades were given out the party began. Everyone danced to the latest tunes until way into the night. Thank you to everyone that attended the ETWHA High Point Awards banquet. We hope that we see you next year and have a great 2014 Show Season.

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ETWHA Summary of High Points- 2013 TWO YEAR OLD WALKING 1 Just Call Me Coach 2 I’m Feeling Froggy 3 Dark Liner 4 A Touch of Intimadation 4 Mr. Country Gentleman

Alex Hopkins Brian Jeffers Bella Eskridge Terry & Pat Thornton Robert Deutsch

TWO YEAR OLD STALLION-OPEN 1 Trekin for Cash 2 I’m Feeling Froggy

Doug & Jean Brown Brian Jeffers

TWO YEAR OLD MARE AND GELDING-OPEN 1 Golfer Chick Ginger Williams 2 Resume’ Brock Wampler TWO YEAR OLD AMATEUR 1 I’m Feeling Froggy 2 Just Call Me Coach 3 A Jazzy Ballerina

Brian Jeffers Alex Hopkins Terry Dotson Family

THREE YEAR OLD WALKING 1 Workforce 1 She’s a Dollar Short 2 The Big East 2 Out on Good Behavior 3 Chumlee 4 He’s Guns & Roses

Neva Collins RPC Farms- Ron Jones Rick Compton Beulah Essary Judy Jones Terry Dotson Family

THREE YEAR OLD STALLION- OPEN 1 Chumlee 2 Ted’s Bumin Around

Judy Jones Terry Dotson Family

THREE YEAR OLD MARE & GELDING-OPEN 1 Rose Command 2 She’s a Dollar Short 3 I’m Steely Dan 4 Cash Date

Kim & Tony Arnold RPC Farms- Ron Jones Fred & Diane Brown Terry Dotson Family

THREE YEAR OLD AMATEUR 1 I’m in High Definition 2 The Big East 3 I’m Sleepwalking 4 Workforce

Rick Compton Rick Compton Sam Kite Neva Collins

FOUR YEAR OLD OPEN 1 Mastercard of Jazz 2 Tijuana Daisy 3 River Master 4 Ty the Tiger

Al Morgan Jean Brown RPC Farms- Ron Jones Carl Marcum

FOUR YEAR OLD STALLION - OPEN 1 Mastercard of Jazz 2 River Master

Al Morgan RPC Farms- Ron Jones

FOUR YEAR OLD MARE & GELDING-OPEN 1 I’m Lady Antebellum 2 Tijuana Daisy

Dennis Bunch Family Doug & Jean Brown

FOUR YEAR OLD AMATEUR 1 She’s A Yelo Rose of Texas 2 Roethlisberger 3 Fenway Finesse 4 Mastercard of Jazz

Tami Triplett Bob & Luanne Sigman Leslie Dotson Al Morgan

AMATEUR SPECIALTY 1 Ninth Symphony 2 Vegas Ritz 3 Olympic Maxigizer 3 Versace’s Dollar 4 Bad Man Jose

Pigeon Forge, TN OPEN SPECIALTY 1 Vegas Ritz 2 Justin Credible 3 Wired for Cash 4 Pro Stock by JFK 4 Ninth Symphony

Julia Livingston RPC Farms- Ron Jones Terry Dotson Family Gary Rutledge Glen & Denise Parrett

AMATEUR OWNED & TRAINED 1 Push In Command 2 Peppermint Score 3 Private Charter

Della Compton Dana Kyte Rick Compton

15.2 & UNDER OPEN 1 Ninth Symphony 2 My Diamonds & Pearls 3 A.M.L.’s Walking This Way 4 Pro Stock by JFK

Glen & Denise Parrett Julia Livingston & Brenda Sterner Brian Jeffers & Doug Brown Gary Rutledge Family

15.2 & UNDER AMATEUR SPECIALTY 1 Liar, Liar 2 Be Cool 2 I Am June Cash 3 Justin Credible 4 I’m Redeemed 4 Push Watch

Gary & Shea Sproles Rick Compton Brian & April Jeffers RPC Farms- Ron Jones Della Compton Bella Eskridge

WEANLINGS 1 Lady Pearl

C. L. Kline Farms

YEARLINGS 1 Doc’s War Horse 2 A Winning Senorita 3 Ritzy Sky 4 Doc’s Power Play

C. L. Kline Farms Diane Wright Paul and Julia Livingston C. L. Kline Farms

ETWHA MEMBERS ONLY SPECIALTY 1 Cashin in on the Faith 2 Heart Attack’s Fastbeat 3 He’s Showboatin 4 Sweepstakes Beam

Brian & April Jeffers The Ricker Family Anita Bradshaw Joe Robinson

ETWHA LADIES AMATEUR SPECIALTY - LADIES AUXILIARY 1 A Strong Defense Stephanie Bolick-Byers 2 My Diamonds & Pearls Julia Livingston & Brenda Sterner 3 Just Say Ole’ Linda Scrivner 4 Speck In the Sky The Hopkins Family ETWHA Ladies Auxiliary Pleasure Rider of Year Julia Livingston ETWHA Ladies Auxiliary Performance Rider of Year Julia Livingston 17 & UNDER WALKING PONY SPECIALTY 1 The Hotline 2 ACC 2 I’m Packing A Pistol 3 Shock It to Me 4 My Diamonds & Pearls

Hugh & Gene Griffin Rick Compton Rick Compton Sharon Lambdin Julia Livingston & Brenda Sterner

YOUTH 12-14 SPECIALTY 1 Speck In the Sky 2 Black Market Pusher 3 Ebony’s All Colors

Allison Hopkins RPC Farms- Ron Jones Doug Brown

Glen & Denise Parrett Julia Livingston Ray Carr Rick Compton Gerald Buckland

YOUTH 15-17 SPECIALTY 1 I Command Applause 2 Teddy Baseball 3 STS 4 Masati

Lexie Stinnett The Ricker Family Fred Kazee Family The Ricker Family

LADIES AMATEUR SPECIALTY 1 My Diamonds & Pearls 2 Air Raid 3 Jose’s True Grit 4 Private Charter 4 Jose’s Dinera Durado

Brenda Sterner Diana Bowers Brian Jeffers Rick Compton Carlson Robinette

YOUTH 17 & UNDER 1 I Command Applause 2 Masati 2 Be Cool 3 Black Market Pusher 4 Heart Attack’s Fastbeat

Lexie Stinnett The Ricker Family Rick Compton RPC Farms- Ron Jones The Ricker Family

MENS AMATEUR SPECIALTY 1 Bad Man Jose 2 Vegas Ritz 3 Promise Me the Ritz 4 Under the Gunn

Gerald Buckland Julia Livingston Gary & Shea Sproles Greg McMillan

YOUTH 11 & UNDER 1 Major Genius 2 He’s Wild Eyed & Wicked 3 My Jurisdiction 4 Jose’s Jazzy Spirit

Taylor Strickler Rick Compton Kenny Compton Brad & Andee Patton

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Pigeon Forge, TN YOUTH LITE SHOD 1 Simple Lee Dangerous 2 Irresistible Cash

Kara Graham Paul and Julia Livingston

PARK PERFORMANCE AMATEUR 1 Ted Who 2 He’s Guns & Roses 3 Irresistible Pride 4 Binary

Rick Compton Leslie Dotson Ken Estes Renee Maynard

YOUTH TRAIL PLEASURE 1 Ritzy Chick 2 Southern Command 3 Lady Bella’s Masquarade 3 Princess Power 4 Don’t Touch My Aspen

Julia Livingston/Machele Lackey Macie Snodgrass Andee Patton Terri Smith Jodie Hopkins

PARK PERFORMANCE OPEN 1 Parole’s Foxy Lady 2 Binary 3 Undecided 4 Cash’s Little Lalique

Joanne Boatman Renee Maynard Don & Linda Hafley Rachael Havens

AMATEUR SHOW PLEASURE SPECIALTY 1 Generator’s Top Dollar 2 El Zorro’s Star 3 Pushin Up The Dollar 4 Trio

Lucas Tipton Family Rick Compton Kim & Tony Arnold Irene Mullenix

SHOW PLEASURE OPEN SPECIALTY 1 Pushin Up The Dollar 2 Catfish Hunter 3 The Blackout 4 Trio

PRO-AM 1 Roethlisberger 2 Be Cool 3 Jose’s True Grit 4 Justin Credible

Bob & Luanne Sigman Rick Compton Brian Jeffers RPC Farms- Ron Jones

Kim & Tony Arnold Terry Dotson Family RPC Farms- Ron Jones Irene Mullenix

AMATEUR WALKING 1 Private Charter 2 I’m Packing A Pistol 3 El Zorro’s Star 3 Up For Parole 4 Bad Man Jose

COUNTRY PLEASURE 1 Miss Lady Antebellum 2 Cash Blaster 3 Boom Boom Wow 4 She’s Scarlett O’Hara

Allison Hopkins Mary Kathryn Deaton Rick Bridwell Anita Bradshaw

Rick Compton Rick Compton Rick Compton Diana Bowers Gerald Buckland

YOUTH COUNTRY PLEASURE 1 Miss Lady Antebellum 2 My Max Cash 3 24 kts Rising Star 4 Ritz’s Crown Jewel

Don & Linda Hafley Ellie Snodgrass Allison Hopkins Greg McMillan

WALKING HORSE STAKE 1 I’m Copperfield 2 Pro Stock by JFK 3 Jose’s Don Julio 4 Franchise Player

Rick Compton Gary Rutledge Fred Randolph Tony & Becky Bull

ADULT AMATEUR WALKING PONY SPECIALTY 1 Magic Man Again Hubert Henry 2 Private Charter Rick Compton 3 Commandante’ Ray Carr 3 I Am June Cash Brian Jeffers & Doug Brown 4 Roethlisberger Bob & Luanne Sigman AMATEUR 50 & OVER SPECIALTY 1 STS 2 Shock It to Me 3 I’m Moonlighting 4 He’s Showboatin

Bella Eskridge Sharon Lambdin Robert Deutsch Anita Bradshaw

TRAIL PLEASURE WALKING 1 Ritzy Chick 2 Ritz’s Crown Jewel 3 Maximizer 4 Princess Power

Julia Livingston Judy Schiffer Kayte Daffron Terri Smith

PLANTATION LITE SHOD AMATEUR SPECIALTY 1 Simple Lee Dangerous Kara Graham 2 Messenger Ruth Tudor/Diane Wright 3 A Strong Crimson Tide Burl Dale 4 Private Treasure Diane Wright PLANTATION LITE SHOD OPEN 1 Simple Lee Dangerous 2 A Strong Crimson Tide 3 Doc House 4 Mercedes Sky 4 Exclusively Aspen

Kara Graham Burl Dale C. L. Kline Farms Doug Brown RPC Farms- Ron Jones

PLANTATION PLEASURE AMATEUR SPECIALTY 1 MP-1 Forest Jones 2 El Salvador Sherry Fuller 3 Marching Orders RPC Farms- Ron Jones 4 I’m Special Agent Gibbs Larry & Ruth Tudor PLANTATION PLEASURE OPEN 1 MP-1 2 I’m Special Agent Gibbs 2 Marching Orders 3 Royal Jazz Expression 3 Cyclone at the Ritz 4 Ole’ Dollar

Youth 11 and Under Andee Patton Youth 12 to 17 Lexie Stinnett Amateur of Year Kenny Compton Pleasure Horse of Year Ritzy Chick - Julia Livingston & Machele Lackey Performance Horse of Year Vegas Ritz - Paul & Julia Livingston Pleasure Trainer Chris Helton Performance Trainer Paul Livingston Best One Night Show ETWHA Ladies Auxiliary Best Multi Night Show NC Championship Sportsman of the Year Gary Sproles

Forest Jones Larry & Ruth Tudor RPC Farms- Ron Jones Burl Dale Ginger Williams Alex & Jodie Hopkins

PLANTATION PLEASURE YOUTH SPECIALTY 1 MP-1 Forest Jones 2 Ole’ Dollar Jodie Hopkins

The Scoop / Page 55

Page 56 / The Scoop


The Scoop For The Walking Horse Industry PERSONAL STATEMENT FROM CHRISTY LANTIS I have recently become aware of an effort initiated by Fran Cole, a former TWHBEA director, to encourage director recalls, with me as the first such effort. I understand that there is no allegation of wrongdoing, but in fact the opposite, in that, as Performance Vice President 2013, I have acted to encourage the marketing and showing of performance horses, among all disciplines of the breed, as was clearly my charge by the duties assigned to that position. I believe it important that those who have been encouraged by Ms. Cole understand who I am and the position I am to fulfill in the remaining ten months of my term as a TWHBEA officer and California director. It is perhaps reflective of the diversity of the states of California and Tennessee that I have engaged in field trial riding, 4-H, trail riding, fox hunting, flat shod shows, padded shows, park performance, breeding, versatility, halter, and the promotion of youth activities, and love them all equally. The common denominator in all of these activities is that my horses have been loved, well cared for, and well trained. As a director from the great state of California, I represent owners that participate in these same disciplines, and others. It is important to note that there are many performance horses and performance horse owners in California, and I represent their interests as well as those that prefer only flat shod Tennessee Walking Horses. It has been purported by Ms. Cole, and others, that I am not ‘listening’ to my constituents, which is untrue. In fact, prior to this ‘test case’ removal of me initiated by Ms. Cole, I have only been contacted by members opposed to the Whitfield amendments. Those who attempt to demonize performance divisions and their shoeing rules, in the face of long-standing government studies and a lifetime of experience which shows that these regulations are safe and humane, simply ignore fact and science and have no traction with me. I do very much object to bad and inefficient inspection processes and abuse of any horse, at the barn, on the trail, and in the ring, and in my career have complied with the Horse Protection Act. One year ago, TWHBEA sent me to Washington to seek cooperative and efficient ways in which the industry and USDA could work together to help horses. For 2014, I have been elected to the Admin/Fiscal Vice President position. In this crucial time for TWHBEA, President Smith has pointed out that this organization, like any other, must market its product, do its job, and stay in the black to continue. My job, which has no direct relationship to the “Whitfield Amendment”, is essentially that pursuit. The TWHBEA Board has twice indicated its clear position on Whitfield; and yet, Ms. Cole indicates that her effort to remove me and other directors is about this legislation. She misunderstands and misstates the function of my office, the effect of the effort, and the effect of the proposed law. Whitfield is bad law, conceived in conflict and encouraged by misrepresentation. If passed, it would result in the slaughter and mistreatment of thousands of unused and cast-off horses; it will promote the continued abuse of horses by the elimination of inspections by those who know how; and clearly its own purported author, who did not draft this language, does not understand its import. The ambiguity in Whitfield is astounding, and Whitfield and others pushing this bill tell us that it will all be handled after the passing of the bill. Personally, I do not believe that is prudent and would leave our breed in a rulemaking process for possibly years, with uncertainty. However, this is beside the immediate point, as my focus in the next months is in the restoration of fiscal balance to our inclusive breed registry. There are no matters related to Whitfield on any present agenda.

I have absolutely no intention of resigning any position. I leave to those attorneys who know and correctly apply the law applicable to this situation, and who have no personal interest, to determine whether and how to proceed. I encourage those well-intentioned folks who have been led to believe that they are helping horses by lending their names to Ms. Cole’s effort to understand the facts, her motivation, and my position. I continue to promote a policy of inclusion as the best way to represent everyone. In the meantime, I will proudly perform volunteer work for TWHBEA and the presentation of this horse, and all of his unique abilities, to the world.

PO Final Foreign Substance 01.29.14 Understanding foreign substance The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), and others have attacked the compliance statistics of the industry, based on the percentage of foreign substances found via swabbing the hair on the pasterns (ankles) of horses. What the HSUS and USDA do not disclose in their attacks is that for a swab result to meet the current USDA requirements the area swabbed must be completely sterile, i.e., free of any and all substances and/or contaminates – a standard which is virtually impossible to achieve on a horse’s pastern. The Horse Protection Act (“HPA”) prohibits the application of foreign substances to a horse’s pastern which are intended to alter the gait of the horse, i.e., irritants, or mask the inspection process. The theory behind the USDA’s swabbing program – which the industry supports – was to identify “irritating, numbing, or masking” substances which had been applied to a horse’s pastern. However, two serious problems exist with the USDA’s current swabbing program, which make all of its results scientifically unreliable and useless for determining whether a horse’s gait has been altered and/or the inspection process masked. First, despite numerous requests from the industry, the USDA has failed to conduct any scientific study to identify a list of substances, or types of substances, which could be considered irritant or masking agents when applied to a horse’s pastern. Consequently, there exists no scientific evidence that many of the substances identified in the USDA’s results in any way irritate and/or mask a horse’s pastern. By way of example, the USDA has identified a positive finding for Vitamin E and cholesterol as constituting a violation of the HPA. However, both of these substances are regularly found in equineapproved care and treatment ointments and grooming products and there is no evidence that they can be used as an irritant and/or masking agent. Secondly, again despite numerous requests from the industry, the USDA has failed to establish any type of scientifically accepted “baseline” below which detected substances cannot be said to irritate and/or mask the horse’s pastern. Instead, the USDA has chosen to rely on a scientifically baseless “zero tolerance” policy. The results published by the USDA make absolutely no effort to identify at what levels a substance may have been detected. As a result, there is no determination if a substance may have been present at a level which could have resulted in an irritant and/or masking affect. Once again, the failure by the USDA to apply scientifically accepted principles to its swabbing program render the results useless. In 2013, the TWH Industry began its own swabbing program to detect irritant and masking agents and solicited the input and expertise of the AAEP and AVMA with no response. The industry continues to support objective based inspection methods, such as swabbing, which are scientifically reliable. However, the current swabbing program implemented by the USDA provides absolutely no evidence to determine whether there has been a soring violation of the HPA.

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The Scoop For The Walking Horse Industry TWHBEA Recognizes Top Sires and Dams of 2013 Lewisburg, TENN – Each year the Tennessee Walking Horse Breeders’ And Exhibitors’ Association (TWHBEA) honors the top sire and top dam in each of two divisions created by the Association’s Breeders’ Committee to recognize horses whose offspring have proven successful in the show ring. One division is based on the “raw” or actual points acquired by the progeny of a sire or dam. The second division is based on the percentage points acquired by the progeny of a sire or dam. Additionally, TWHBEA awards an Outstanding Sire of the Year Award based on a 50% combination of actual points and percentage points as well as several other statistical categories presented each year in TWHBEA’s Sire Summary. The top Dam of 2013 based on actual points and and on percentage points was Spirit’s Delightful Dream. By Spirits Fascination and out of Delight Stuck Up Girl, she was bred by Rebecca Singleton of Apex, North Carolina, and is owned by Jennifer Batts of Rocky Mount, North Carolina. She has produced six offspring including this year’s TWHBEA Motivated Mares Flat-Shod Super Mare Count On Spirit O’ Three. The top Sire for 2013 based on total points was Jose’ Jose’ owned by Five Star Stallions of Wartrace, Tennessee. Jose’ Jose’ is by Gen.’s Major General and out of Stormy’s Ruby. He is a two-time world champion and two-time world grand champion. His offspring include, among numerous others, 2013 Tennessee Walking Horse World Grand Champion I Am Jose’ and 2013 World Grand Champions Suiza, Jose’s Centerfold, Jose’s High Society, Roll The Gold, Bel Air and Honey Badger. Jose Jose was bred by Dr. and Mrs. Rafael Rigual of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. The top Sire for 2013 based on percentage points was Allen All Around owned by Leland G. Ritter of North Fort Myers, Florida. Sired by Commanding Delight and out of I’m A Doll, Allen All Around was bred by Donald Hendrix of Nahunta, Georgia. He is a multi-time International and National Grand Champion. His offspring include International and National Champion Allen Gottaround, TWHBEA World Versatility and National Champion All Around Midnight and top contenders Allen’s Heart Throb and All Around Masterpiece. The 2013 Outstanding Sire Award was presented to Lined With Cash. By Coin’s Hard Cash and out of Gen’s Silver Lining, he was bred by Crowley Farms of Waverly Hill, Georgia, and is owned by Five Star Stallions of Wartrace, Tennessee. His offspring include 2013 World Grand Champions Boure’, The Dixie Lineman, Lined Up At The Ritz and Line Item Veto. TWHBEA congratulates these horses, their owners and their breeders! The Tennessee Walking Horse Breeders’ and Exhibitors’ Association (TWHBEA), headquartered in Lewisburg, Tennessee, is the oldest and most prestigious organization devoted to the promotion of the breed. Founded in 1935, the breed registry was established to record the pedigrees of the Tennessee Walking Horse. Its goal is to maintain the purity of the breed, to promote greater awareness of the Tennessee Walking Horse and its qualities, to encourage expansion of the breed, and to help assure its general welfare.

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KWHA Informational Meeting for Show Managers The Kentucky Walking Horse Association will hold meeting for information to help show managers on February 16, 2014. The meeting will be held at the Four Points by Sheraton in Lexington, Kentucky. The meeting will begin at 2:00p.m.

Mississippi Charity Horse Show Judges Announced The judges for Jackson Mississippi Charity Horse Show on March 27-29, 2013 will be Sam Sorrell, Lexingot, KY, Frankie Bradley, Liberty KY, Paul Livingston, Church Hill, TN, David Sisk, Columbia, TN, and Robbie Spiller, Shelbyville, TN. Everyone make plans to attend this great weekend event.Contact Carol Lackey, Show Manager, (931) 629-1199.

TWH Museum honors Black History Month Do you know Frank & Judy White, Fluff, Keith Nance, Howard Mayberry, Buck Williams, Flip Cook, Ivory Nelson, Forty, Red Walls, Vanoy Streeter, Frank Witherspoon, Soot Streeter or the Rippy’s and many of the other greats in the Walking Horse world? In observance of Black History month, bring your stories, pictures and memorabilia to the Tennessee Walking Horse National Museum on Saturday, February 22 beginning at 10 am.

WHTA General meeting cancelled The Walking Horse Trainers’ Association HAS CANCELLED the General Membership meeting which was previously scheduled for Monday, February 17, 2014 at 1:00 CST... We are sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused...we will still have the General Membership meeting that was originally scheduled for Wednesday, March 12 at 4:00 CST.

P laces T o B e


8 • WHOA CONVENTION & AWARDS BANQUET MTSU James Union building 516 Alma Mater Drive Murfreesboro, TN 37129 WHOA: (615) 494-8822 8 • HAWHA MEETING AND AWARDS BANQUET Inn at Grand Glaize 5142 Osage Beach Parkway Osage Beach, MO 65065 INN: (573) 348-4731 HAWHA: (859) 582-9678 8 • WHOA BOARD AND GENERAL MEMBERSHIP MEETING MTSU Horse Science Building 304 West Thompson Lane Murfreesboro, TN 37129 WHOA: (615) 494-8822 15 • WALKING HORSE ASSOCIATION OF ALABAMA BARN PARTY Ferguson Farms 2518 Union Grove Rd. Union Grove, AL 35175 Ferguson Farms: (256) 753-6231 17 • WHTA GENERAL MEMBERSHIP MEETING (1:00PM) WHTA Office 1101 N Main St Shelbyville, TN 37160 Phone: (931) 684-5866 21• NWHA LICENSED JUDGES RENEWAL CLINIC Embassy Suites 10 Century Blvd. Nashville, TN 37214 NWHA: (859) 252-6942 21-22 • MARSHALL LIONS CLUB CHARITY HORSE SHOW Marshall City Arena 3310 Poplar St Marshall, TX 75672 Chairman: (903) 938-4726

21-22 • 1ST ANNUAL TENNESSEE WALKING HORSE SALE Paul Battle Arena 3873 U.S. 61 Tunica, MS 38676 Office: (615) 895-9792

22 • BUCKEYE WALKING HORSE ASSOCIATION BANQUET A La Cart Catering 429 Lisbon Street Canfield, OH 44406 Paul or Sherrie Szucs (419) 483-2563 A La Cart Catering: (330) 533-0363 22 • WHOA PLEASURE ACADEMY SCHOOLING SHOW Clearview Horse Farm 2291 Hwy 231 South Shelbyville, TN, 37160 WHOA: (615) 494-8822 22 • VWRHOA Awards Banquet Phase 2 Club 4009 Murray Place Lynchburg, VA 24501 22 • MISSISSIPPI WALKING HORSE ASSOCIATION ANNUAL AWARDS BANQUET Tunica, MS 22 • MWHA AWARDS BANQUET Tunica, MS 28-March 1 • RIPWOOD LIVESTOCK AUCTION SERVICES - SPRING FLING 2014 Shelbyville, TN

MARCH 1 • FWRHA BENEFIT HORSE SHOW Florida Horse Park 11008 S Hwy 475 Ocala, FL 34480 FWRHA: (321) 544-0051 1 • LAUREL CHARITY HORSE SHOW Magnolia Center 1457 Ellisville Blvd. Laurel, MS 39440 Perry Taylor: (601) 466-3535

8 • SOUTH CAROLINA WALKING HORSE ASSOCIATED SPRING FLING Hendrix Farm 2205 Augusta Hwy Lexington, SC 29072 Leon Rembert: (803) 229-0057 Keels Kirby: (843) 598-0535 8 • SOUTH CENTRAL KENTUCKY WALKING HORSE ASSOCIATION BANQUET Barren River Lodge at the Barren River State Resort Park 1149 State Park Rd Lucas, KY 42156 Robin Loid: (270) 791-1751 13-15 • 46TH ANNUAL WHTA NATIONAL TRAINERS’ SHOW Calsonic Arena 721 Whitthorne St Shelbyville, TN 37160 WHTA: (931) 684-5866 13-16 • CAROUSEL CHARITY (REGION 8 CHAMPIONSHIP) HORSE SHOW Westworld 16601 N Pima Rd Scottsdale, AZ 85260 Melanni Herschberger: (480) 443-3372 14-15 • TEXAS NATIONAL SHOWDOWN Lufkin, TX 75901 Gary Clark: (936) 856-1085 15 • PINE ROCK FARM SHOW SERIES #1 Pine Rock Farm 100 J.A. Rogers Road Kittrell, NC 27544 John Monahan: 252-433-0117 22 • GWHEA SPRING FLING & PREVIEW Ken Moore Stables 837 Wardlaw Road Hull, GA 30646 Susan Paul: (770) 601-9289

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Places To Be

27-29 • MISSISSIPPI CHARITY HORSE SHOW Kirk Fordice Equine Center 1207 Mississippi Street Jackson, MS 39202 Robert Taylor: (601) 942-0138 Carol Lackey: (931) 639-1199

28-30 • WEEKEND TRAIL RIDE & CAMPING Brooksville, FL FWRHA: (321) 544-0051

APRIL 4-5 • 10TH ANNUAL SOUTH ALABAMA CHARITY HORSE SHOW Covington Center Arena 24000 Alabama 55 Andalusia, AL 36420 Mollie Riley: (334) 850-5951 5 • HIGHLANDER RANCH OPEN GAITED HORSE SHOW Highland Ranch at McLennan Community College 223A Cobbs Lane Waco, TX 76708 Aimee Edwards: (254) 299-8553 5 • MSU SPRING OPEN HORSE SHOW Derrickson Agriculture Complex 25 MSU Farm Drive Morehead, KY 40351 Erin LeCompt: 606-776-5129 11 • SOUTH CAROLINA WALKING HORSE LADIES AUXILIARY CANCER BENEFIT HORSE SHOW T. Ed Garrison Arena 1101 W. Queen St. Pendleton, SC 29670 Beverly McLeod: 803-276-7166 11-22 • CAJUN CLASSIC West Monroe, LA Margo Urad: (214) 763-7379 12 • WALKING FOR CANCER HORSE SHOW Bedford County Ag. Center 2119 Midland Rd Shelbyville, TN 37160 Virginia Stewart: (501) 494-0659 Iris Schumann: (931) 685-1106 17-19 • MONTEREY SPRINGFEST Monterey Country Fairgrounds 2004 Fairground Rd Monterey, CA 93940 Rae Deane Stone: (805) 969-9812 Page 60 / The Scoop

18-19 • WEST COAST TRAINERS SHOW Pomona, CA Russ Thompson: (909) 880-3340 18-19 • URHOEA SPRING SHOW Great Smoky Mountain Expo Center 1615 Pavilion Dr. White Pine, TN 37890 Rhonda Gribble: (423) 625-5043

19 • KICK OFF CLASSIC HORSE SHOW Champions Arena, Celebration Grounds 721 Whitthorne Street Shelbyville, TN 37160 Margaret Eakin: (931) 684-9195 19 • PINE ROCK FARM SHOW SERIES #2 Pine Rock Farm 100 J.A. Rogers Road Kittrell, NC 27544 John Monahan: 252-433-0117 24-26 • GULF COAST CHARITY TRAINERS HORSE SHOW Frank Brown Park 16200 Panama City Beach Pkwy Panama City Beach, FL 32413 WHTA: (931) 684-5866 24-26 • 43RD ANNUAL RACKING HORSE SPRING CELEBRATION Celebration Arena 67 Horse Center Rd Decatur, AL 35603 RHBAA: (256) 353-7225

MAY 2-3 • THE CUMBERLAND CLASSIC HORSE SHOW MTSU Livestock Pavilion 1720 Greenland Dr Murfreesboro, TN 37130 Connie Holbrook: (615) 207-2704 3 • DERBY CLASSIC HORSE SHOW Mercer County Fairgrounds 560 Linden Ave Harrodsburg, KY 40330 Ray Perkins: (270) 403-3701

3 • WALTON COUNTY HORSE SHOW Walton County Fairgrounds 1325 Church St. Monroe, GA 30655 Jerry Cole: (404) 314-4997 Wes Sorrells: (706) 614-3410 3 • 41ST ANNUAL UPPER CUMBERLAND WALKING HORSE SHOW Hyder-Burks Pavilion 2390 Gainesboro Grade Cookeville, TN 38501 Pat Stout: (931)265-1717 3 • LORAINE WESSON FAITH HAVEN WALKING HORSE SHOW Lee County Agri Center 5395 Mississippi 145 Verona, MS 38879 Faith Haven Office: (662) 844-7091 Jan Carnathan: (662) 401-4253 3 • SOUTH CENTRAL RURITAN HORSE SHOW South Central Ruritan Club Grounds 2536 Hwy 107 Chuckey, TN 37641 Hontas Bailey: (423) 791-1600 9 • WEST TENNESSEE STRAWBERRY FESTIVAL HORSE SHOW Chalmus Davenport Arena 2300 Elliott Street Humboldt, TN 38343 Vicki Benjamin: (731) 694-5188 9-10 • CORN BELT WALKING HORSE ASSOCIATION SPRING HORSE SHOW Iowa State Fairgrounds 3000 E. Grand Ave. Des Moines, IA 50317 Jill Wait: (319) 231-4193 10 • GALLATIN LIONS CLUB HORSE SHOW Sumner County Fairgrounds 222 Fairground Rd. Gallatin, TN 37066 Martin Spears: (615) 364-4006 16-17 • TEXAS SPRING CLASSIC Lufkin, TX 75901 Gary Clark: (936) 856-1085


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Rodriquez, Trainers. Located at 13213 Ontario Ave.,

Mankin St., La Vergne, TN 37086. Call 615-213-2931, 615-347-3835, email or visit

Ontario, CA 91761. Call 909-947-5870 (b) or 909-923welding/ fabrication/ repair Classic Custom Cycles and more PROMOTIONAL PRODUCTS

Welding, fabrication & repair (in-house and portable ser-

A to Z Promotional Products

vices, aluminum and steel) from stall doors, trailer repair,

Embroidery, silk screening, caps, T-shirts, golf shirts,

cattle gates, farm equipment to attachments, etc.

jackets and ad specialties. Contact Mark or Debbie Wil-

Serving Rutherford, Bedford and surrounding counties.

liams, Shelbyville, TN, 931-685-0200.

3615 Shelbyville Hwy. (231), Murfreesboro, TN 37127. Call 615-893-7458, Hours Mon-Fri 10-6, Sat 10-4.

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8128 (r). Pollack’s Silver Spur Ranch (Walking Horses) Boarding, Training and Breeding Facility. Standing at Stud: Our Mr. Hollywood. Robert and Wanda Pollack, owners. Lindsey Luna, trainer. 14990 Columbet Ave. San Martin, CA 95046. Phone number 931-205-2173 (Lindsey cell) 408-867-1080 (office) 408-867-7360 (fax) Colt division, Jimmy Norris, 408-607-5798(cell)



Airy, NC 27030. Call the barn 336-789-2024 or home 336-786-2299.



Specializing in flat shod for show and pleasure. Sheryl

Full-service training facility for walking horses. Lucy Watts, Manager.

Self Made Farm

Skala-Carl, Owner/Trainer. Located at 5850 NE 150th

Dale Watts, Josh Watts and Jonathan Watts, Trainers. 4025 Highway 51

(Walking Horses) Boarding, Colt Training, Lessons, Training,

Avenue, Williston, FL 32696. Call the barn and house

North, Summit, MS 39666. Call the barn and residence 601-276-2641

Show Horses, Versatility. 6588 NC 42W MacClesfield, NC

352-528-5775 or visit website

or Dale’s cell 601-660-6194.

27852. Email: Jessica Hlebak (cell) 252-883-5060 or Charlie Canipe (cell) 252-883-5511.



Walk Away Farms

Located just 25 minutes from Orlando, we are an international, coeducational, independent college


Grandy Tuck, Trainer. Located in Reidsville, NC. Call the

preparatory school for grades PK3-12, with our boarding

Walking horse training, boarding, and sales. Jim Huffman,

barn 336-616-0074 or home 336-951-3691.

program serving grades 7-12, and post-graduate studies.

Owner/Trainer. Located at 2476 State Highway W., Ozark,

We are the only private school with a Tennessee Walking

MO 65721. Call 417-581-6868, Jim’s cell 417-839-6890

Horse program and offer an on-campus equestrian center

or Brad’s cell 417-860-8012.


with 38 stall barns, tack/locker rooms, and three allweather riding arenas. For more information visit www.

Windfall Stables

Walking horse training & sales facility. Located at Tan or call 407.469.2561.

Breeding, Boarding, Foaling Service, Sales, Showing,

Oak Farms, Highway 41A North, Shelbyville, TN.

and Transportation. Standing: P.J’s Pusher by WGC The

Call 931-703-3926.


Pusher CG ex WGC Prides Jubilee Star/WC Prides Dark Spirit Mare Beams Super Stock by Prides Beam ex WGC



The Super Stock show mare. Multiple mare discounts,

Walking horse training and boarding facility. Horses

Full-service training facility for walking horses. Gary

shipped cooled semen on all stallions. Matt McWil-

for sale in all price ranges. We provide training for your

Hollin, Owner/Trainer. Located at 5474 High Schoals Rd.,

liams, owner 4037 Springfield Rd., Bourbon, MO 65441

pleasure horses, start to finish. Lessons available. Shelli

Bishop, GA 30621. Call the barn 706-769-8790 or home

Barn:573-245-9202 cell:314-238-6929 visit our web at

Mehaffey, Trainer. Located at 145 Halls Mills Road,


Shelbyville, TN 37160. Call 425-931-2772.

Sawtooth STables


Walking horse training and sales. Mr. and Mrs. Lindy Rogers, Owners. Brian Watson, Trainer. Located at 3730 West Ellis


Rd., Griffin, GA 30223. Call Brian’s cell 770-298-5070 or

Tennessee Walking Horse Training. Riding Lessons avail-

Lindy’s cell 404-234-1879.

able with 3 TWH Certified Instructors. Boarding, and

KENTUCKY J & H Stables (Walking Horses)Full-Service Training and Sales Facility. Danny & Jason Hughes. Russell Springs, Kentucky.

Sales. School and Summer Camps. Located less than one hour from Raleigh. Standing at Stud WC Allen’s Avenger & WGC Dillon’s Law and Order, both Reg. TWH & SSH. 6025 Highway 96 North, Oxford, NC 27565 Kevin Gilliam, Trainer/Instructor, 919-691-2569

Contact information Danny at 270-779-7550 or Jason at 270-585-2294 Loid Stables (Walking Horses) A Full-service Training facility. Specializing in sales and training. Tommy Loid, Trainer and Manager. Bowling, Kentucky 270-779-5633 (Cell) SHANE MULLINS STABLES (Tennessee Walking Horses) Full service training, boarding and sales facility. Trainer/Manager Shane Mullins 37 Wild Turkey Lane, Brodhead, KY Cell 606-308-2900 TRAVIS WILEY STABLES Walking horse training, boarding and sales facility. Travis Wiley, Trainer. Located at 4600 Harrodsburg Road, Danville, KY. Call the barn 859-239-9607 or Travis’ cell 859-583-0024.

BALLENTINE FARMS RIDING ACADEMY Walking and Spotted Saddle Horses - Full-time riding academy, boarding and sales facility. Lessons and summer camp. Gift certificates available. Producing North Carolina’s most accomplished riders. Located conveniently near Raleigh, NC at 6921 Sunset Lake Road, Fuquay-Varina, NC 27526. Call 919-552-3536. K & B BTWH, LLC Walking horse breeding and boarding. J. C. and Marceline Knight, Owners. Standing at stud Generator’s Sergeant Major. Located at 2750 K & B Farm Lane or P. O. Box 1700, Lenoir, NC 28645. Call the barn 828-754-0335, home 828-754-6538 or visit website RONALD MOSLEY STABLES, LLC

Fantasy Farms for all your breeding, foaling, boarding, rehabilitation, special care and aging horse care needs. At stud: Cash’s Blackjack, The Dixie Lineman, Gen’s Wayhigh Willie, The Silver Bandit, Mighty Maxx, Steel Connection, Trip My Trigger and Royal Limelight. barn: 931-389-6983, Fax: 931-389-6980, Cell 931-703-5378 351 Hwy 82 E. Bell Buckle, TN 37020 FORMAC STABLES Walking horse training and sales facility. Jimmy McConnell and Dan Waddell, Trainers. Located at 2039 Walker-Tanner Road, Union City, TN. Call the barn 731-885-1768 or residence 731-536-564. FREEMAN FOALS Walking Horses - Weanlings, yearlings and broodmares for sale. Breeder of WGC Ironworks and WGC Generator’s Santana. Standing at stud: Watch Out José. Located at 529 Crowell Lane, Lebanon, TN 37087. Contact Delaine Smith at 615-444-1422, 615-347-4565 or email GROOVER STABLES at Saddlecrest Farms Walking horse training, sales and breeding. Standing at stud: I’m Dumas Walker. Located at P560 Airport Road, P. O. Box 1435, Shelbyville, TN 37162. Call the residence 931-3899131 or cell 931-703-6127. For breeding information contact Sheila’s cell 931-224-5825 or email

Walking horse breeding and training facility. Ronald Mosley, Owner. Located at 213 Lindsay Creed Lane, Mt

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WHO’S WHO DIRECTORY HARLINSDALE FARM Walking horse breeding facility. Standing at Stud: Gold Power, The Revelation, Out On Parole, Rowdy Rev. Rocky Jones, Stallion Manager. Located at P. O. Box 280, 6611 Eudailey-Covington Road, College Grove, TN. Call 615-368-3468. JEFF WILLIS STABLES Training, riding lessons and sales facility. Located at P. O. Box 133, Belfast, TN 37019. Call Jeff at 931-993-3174. Riding instructions available by Alice Klein. Call Alice’s cell 931-205-2067 for an appointment. JOE COTTEN STABLES Full-service training and sales facility. Hay and Shavings for sale at all times. Call 615-202-8429.

JOE FLEMING STABLES Full service training facility for walking horses. Joe


2797, cell 214-507-6032, email or visit

tan oak farms Breeding facility. Many World Champion Stallions Stand-


ing at Stud. Jack Heffington, Owner. Call 615-390-9006. Mailing address P. O. Box 1658, Shelbyville, TN 37162.

DOGWOOD STABLES Walking horse breeding and sales facility. Performance,

The Colt Center (Walking Horses)Training, Sales and Showing. Bobby Richards, Manager/Trainer. Located at 4308 Trinity Road Franklin, TN 37067. Bobby’s cell 615-708-COLT WHITE OAK FARM Breeding, training and sales facility. Robert and Lisa Marbry, Owners. Vicki Self, Trainer. Sammy Sanders, Stallion Manager. Standing at stud: Silver Express, Stud Fee: $550. Located at 10023 Rosemark Road, Atoka, TN 38004. Call the office 901-458-4314, barn 901-8293303, fax 901-458-9792, email or visit

plantation, pleasure horses and colts for sale. Standing at Stud: Guilty As Charged and Hard Hearted Jose’. David, Mary Ellen and Codi Marie Wright. Located at 3001 Whispering Pines Road, Axton, VA 24054. Call 434-685-2830 or email



Call the barn 931-684-0136.



Mike McCormick Stables

and show horses for sale year round. Tony Yokley, Trainer.

Fleming, Manager/Trainer. Justin Harris, Trainer. Located at 2003 Highway 64W, Shelbyville, TN 37160.

(Walking Horses)Full service Training Facility. Mike McCormick, Owner/Trainer. Ronal Young, Trainer. Located at Highway 41-North, Shelbyville, TN. Mike’s cell (931)703-5701 or Ronal’s cell (931)224-5677 MORGAN MEADOWS FARM (Walking Horses) Breeding and Sales of trail pleasure, plantation, and show horses. 1724 Meister Hills Rd., Deer Lodge, TN, 37726. Harold and Richie Flynn owners. Ph. 931-863-4791. E-mail:morganmeadows@, Website: MORGANMEADOWSFARM. COM Peebles Stables (Walking Horses)Full-Service training facility. Training and breeding. Dick Peebles, Manager, Sharon Peebles,

Walking Horses - Specializing in two year olds, yearlings Located at 490 Factory Creek Road, Ethridge, TN 38456. Call the barn 931-363-0191, residence 931-363-7981 or cell 931-629-8253. Valton Rummage Stables Walking horse breeding, mare care and colt preparation. Standing at stud: I’m Dark Vengeance ($400 or 2 for $700). Located in Columbia, TN Call 931-388-8166 or cell 931-374-5178. WINDING CREEK STABLES Boarding , breeding, mare care, foaling and recuperative care. Mares and foals for sale at all times. Owned by the Dotson family. Brent Coburn, trainer. Located at 472 Poplar Springs Road, Kingston, TN. 37763. Call the farm 865-376-4477 or Brent Coburn’s cell 865-7556470.

Trainer. 115 Holt Avenue Shelbyville, TN cell (931)224-


3425 Pleasant Valley Farm (Walking Horses)Training and Sales Facility. Alvis Porter, Owner; Brandon Stout, Manager/Trainer 525 Oakland Road, Rutledge, TN 37861 (931)224-2362 or (865)828-5641 Quality Horses for sale at all times. QUINTESSENTIAL FARM Training, boarding, riding lessons, breeding and sales. Doug Simpkins, Owner. Pat Simpkins, Trainer. Beverly Lamp, Riding Instructor. Jazz Maniac at stud. Located at 2394 West Trimble Road, Milton, TN 37118. Call 615-496-4636 Pat’s cell, 615-218-5710 Bev’s cell or

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MCDODI FARMS Sales, training, breeding and yearlings. Specializing in performance, flat shod and trail. Home of Wired To Be Awesome and He’s A Major Push. Dr. Jim and Dodi Speece, Owners. Marco Suarez, Trainer. Kim Lewis, Instructor. Located at 3812 CR 530B, Burleson,TX 76028. Call the barn 817-614-0623, email or visit WALKERS WEST Walking horse breeding, sales and training. Standing 7 stallions at stud. Mary Ellen Areaux, Owner. Located at 3002 FM 2728, Kaufman, TX 75142. Call 972-962-


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