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A brief history of the Artist Tim Conkling -1990 Born in Newton New Jersey on August 10th -1994 Drawn to illustrating and coloring adamantly -2000 Developed an original comic series for classmates named the Masked Mush Ball -2005 Began freelance career coloring children’s books such as titles like Veggie Tales -2010 Commissioned as digital colorist for various Th3rd World Studios comic series -2012 Contracted as an illustration artist for a multittude of different businesses -2016 Officially founded Graphic Rehab Productions with a small group of friends -2017 Released first editions of the Graphic Rehab comic series Froot Loons

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Art work

ve r Co Al bu m

This project was done for a debut album cover titled “Order and Progress� for local musicians. The client allowed creative freedom while balancing great feedback and hands on approach. The end product was a new experimentation in my style.

Order and Progress - Digital Painting

This project was a commissioned abstract artwork used for the EP of a band. The band had requested my style from a series of colored pencil drawings of mine. The project was a great way for me to express my artistic side freely.

Coconut Kong - Digital Painting

Band Media Kit

This was a project done for a local metal band, Seas of Wake, to highlight a new album and band member showcase. The project was a newer obstacle to tackle by using more live photos but ultimately matched the theme and style of the metal band.

Band Book Cover - Photoshop

Band Book Spreads - Photoshop


Ill us tr at e


The series produced was a line of characters conceptualized and created from thought for a set of graphic t-shirts to be released by Graphic Rehab Productions. The characters are original drawings turned into digital illustrations.

l e r a p

Leprechaun - Digital Illustration

Crock-o-dile - Digital Illustration

Seasons of Love - Digital Paint

Bo ok

in g lo r Co

This project is an original creation designed as a coloring book to be produced and released around The Great Divide Campground events and marketing hand outs. These characters are a portion of mascots conceptualized for more personalized marketing.

Coloring Book Cover - Illustrator

Coloring Book Spreads - Illustrator

Event Guide

2017 Event Guide Covers

This example is the annual information booklet I design for The Great Divide Campground. It gives me the opportunity to illustrate fresh renditions of the same material. These event guides have intensified my ability to layout content in creative and original ways.

2017 Event Guide Spread - Indesign

2018 Event Guide Covers

2018 Event Guide Spread - Indesign

om ic C olorist ld C or W

rd h3


These are a selection from a web comic series called Eskimo Dave I colored for a publishing company known as Th3rd World Studios in which I recieved a credit for my coloring work.

Eskimo Dave #36

Eskimo Dave #38

Eskimo Dave #47


Mold: Now Spreading

s e i r

Ring Around The Bosey Part 1

Co m ic

This sample is a selection from our comic series created by Graphic Rehab Productions. I am the illustrator of the characters, scenery and page layouts. As well as supply the color art and special effects for the scripts written by Zach Hathaway.

Nimbo featuring RamBean

Nimbo featuring RamBean page 1

Nimbo featuring RamBean page 2

Nimbo featuring RamBean

Illustration Artwork

Eye Centered Focus - Graphite and Water Color Pencil

This is a series of drawings created and sold as prints to patrons of Graphic Rehab. These are from a spiritual and peaceful series of abstract surreal illustration artworks that are some of many in a long line of abstract artwork.

Earth in Peace - Water Color Pencil

Light in Death - Graphite and Color Pencil

Abstract Growth - Prisma Color Pencil

er De sig n

Chara ct

This series of projects were a great new way to display the versatility and style of The Great Divide Campground’s own mascot Wilson as well as my ability to adapt a character to fit different types of marketing. It culminated in an animated holiday video incorporating the management team as elves to be shared with all the Great Divide campers.

Wilson Holiday Card

Wilson Gift Certificate

Wilson Apparel Design

Wilson Holiday Animation

“The artist is a receptacle for emotions that come from all over the place: from the sky, from the earth, from a scrap of paper, from a passing shape, from a spider’s web.”

-Pablo Picasso

“Normality is a paved road: It’s comfortable to walk, but no flowers grow on it.”

-Vincent van Gogh

Tim conkling portfolio  
Tim conkling portfolio  

This portfolio is a sample of the illustration and design work from artist Tim Conkling