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Launch Event An exhibition cricket event exclusively tailored by Ted Baker for the store opening followed by a user generated marketing campaign which shares Ted Baker with the world. Cricket has world wide exposure of approximatley 1 billion people, this event aims to highlight Ted Bakers introduction to India.

Feroz Shah Kotla Ground situated in Dehli with Ted Baker branding and Twitter feed information across the entire ground for maximum camera exposure.

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Consumer Generated Twitter Feed - Share your purchases with the world at the till point

Advert space - Location is key.

Digital Adshell spaces outside stores host images of purchases that have just been made and tweeted at the till point. Purchases in New Dehli are shown outside a London store and visa versa. Eventually each Ted Baker store across the globe will have a “twinned� store where fashion trends are shared from Ted shopper to Ted shopper.

The advert space on digital AdShells located within walking distance to the stores creates a continuous Twitter feed which shoppers use to share their purchases with other parts of the world. This shows cross country fashion trends and shares Ted Baker with untapped audiences.

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Main Twitter Feed The Twitter feed online links to the Adshell spaces outside stores however, this Twitter is more complete in its layout by merging other promotions and existing Ted Baker updates.

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Ted Baker submisison boards  

Collaborative brief, more of a concept submission than a design submission. With the plan of creating a large cricket event.

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