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David Gaskell Marriott

The Brief Develop a campaign that encourages the next generation of travellers to stay at Marriott resorts across Europe.


Glastonbury A five day music festival, taking place between 26th - 30th June in England. I chose this festival as it is one of the largest in England, Marriott resorts have a very good reputation in the UK. The poor weather conditions the festival suffers will make staying at a hotel preferable to many festival goers.

Sonisphere A one day music festival taking place on the 8th of June in Italy. The short length of this festival would be perfect for people staying at the Marriott on travel days.

Roskilde Aten day music festival taking place between June 29th and July 7th. The festivals length would make a hotel stay more fitting than a short, weekend music festival.

David Gaskell Marriott

The locations and events The first, and arguably most important decision I had to make was which type of festival these young people would go to? Secondly, where would these festivals be?


Content The visual elements of the adverts are simple, and rely heavily on the viewers association with the visaul language of hotels. Do not disturb signs are essentially professional code for ‘persons in action’. In using this visual language there is an implication that staying at the Marriott will increase the customers sexual success. I believe this will convince more young people to choose the Marriott than is currently the case.

David Gaskell Marriott

The Solution The campaign will use traditional media, a series of AdShel posters. They will be located at bus stops, as the target audience for the promotion are typically short on money in these difficult economic times.


David Gaskell Marriott

Advert in context When seen on a busy highstreet the simplicity of the advert attracts attention. The subtle design is in contrast to the garish advertising typical of the high street.


Marriott Boards  

Boards I will be submitting for the Marriott brief, I am submitting for the college module hand-in, rather than the YCN submission.