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Minor League Baseball logo analysis As the internet in the house stopped working. I have been forced to create a PDF blog post. When will Virgin get their shit together?

Augusta Greenjackets Logo aimed primarily to attract a youthful audience. The humanisation of the bee/wasp is similar to cartoon illustration. This is something I could do with the golden cock.

Durham Bulls The bull illustration in this logo is heavily simplified. This is definitely something I could do with the golden cock logo.

Pembroke Kings The layout of the logo is something I could try, currently I have been setting the image above the type. Another element I will take from this logo is the block colour illustration style that has been used.

New Hampshire Fisher Cats Thick line, block colour illustration style is something I will use. However, I think this logo is quite busy, and would struggle to work at a very small size, something which mine will need to do.

Rockford Foresters A logo where both elements fight for attention. I don’t really like the layout of this logo, but the colours used and the personality given by the logo work well. I need my logo to show a personality, something I can take from this logo.

Midland Rockhounds A don’t like the muddy colours in this logo. Nothing really pops, and the elements are all fighting for attention.

Hamilton Thunderbirds Love the illustration of the bird, the sharp edges and overall aggressive look of it is something I can definitely incorporate in my logo.

Daytona Cubs A rather busy logo, I think there are too many elements in this logo. Again, the use of thick line illustration is something I can take advantage of in my logo.

Redwings Illustration take centre stage in this logo. Something I have come to notice is the use of thick line illustration in these logos. I want to use thick line, flat graphics in my logos.

West Michigan Whitecaps Humanisation of a wave. I like the composition of this logo. The focal point is the illustration, unlike some previous logos where all parts are fighting for attention.

Diamond Jaxx Far too many elements going on in this logo. Almost gives me a headache if I look for too long. I need to use a limited colour palette when designing my logo to avoid this.

York Revolution Illustration of a bird. The illustrations I have seen up to this point have humanised the animals on show. That is something I could do with my logo, I will be making test illustrations.

Minor League logo analysis  

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