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David Gaskell HP Photography

The Brief A self initiated project to create a visual identity for a photographer studying at the college.


Logo A self initiated project to create a visual identity for a photographer studying at our college. As the photographer prefers to use film photography I focussed on the negative of her initials. This creates an aperture which can be die-cut in business cards and such materials.

Business Card Without a website domain, or email address available the cards feature placeholder information. The project will be being printed and coded over the summer months. As you can see, the aperture in the logo has been die-cut, this little touch enhances the business card greatly.

David Gaskell HP Photography

Print Material As the photographer is just starting out on their career, and working with a very limited budget, there is no real need for a full suite of materials such as letterheads and compliment slips. This is why I prefer live briefs to college briefs, having to solve problems, rather than print on as many surfaces as possible. Realism etc.


Holly Peel Photography

Personal information, such as; location, availability for work, sectors the photographer works in, contact information and where the work has been exhibited/clients she has worked with in the past.

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Date of Work Client Information about the photograph.

Website Above is how the website looks after the first round of amends with the client. This part of the brief is still a work in progress. The main goal of the website is to showcase work in an easy to access format. Not including irrelevant information or bells and whistle web effects.

David Gaskell HP Photography

Screen Material The website will be developed over the summer. What can be seen here is very much a work in-progress website scamp, the final is unlikely to look like what you can see above.


HPP Boards  

Work in progress identity I am making for a photographer based in Leeds.