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YCN: Lego Brief

David Gaskell

Concept Boards

The Brief



Tone of Voice

Create a campaign that highlights the quality and memories associated with Lego.

5 - 10 year olds parents, average first time mother age is 27, father age s 32. Parents between the age of 30 and 40.

Remember the fun you had playing with Lego as a child. Evoke childhood memories essentially.

Serious, parents tend to be serious about their child’s future.





Promote the heritage and quality of the Lego brand. Maintain Legos values of inventing the future of play. Remind parents of the fun they had playing with Lego as children. Help parents engage with their children through Lego. Entertain, educate, engage.

LEGO brand must be used. Get people to buy Lego and not their lower quality competitors. Have children choose Lego over digital games. Increase sales. Distinguish the brand from imitators.

Play well / stability / quality / emotion / intelligence / imagination / history / memories / capture / function / heritage / relationships / engaging / Think.

AdShell campaign. 1800mm x 1200mm



Project Deadlines

A poster, showing the humble LEGO brick, supported by ‘Thinking big’ to add emotion and create a link in the viewers mind.

‘Think big.’

Research Development Production

= = =

08/02/2013 18/02/2013 04/03/2013

Allowing a week cushion to use in case of illness etc.


YCN: Lego Brief

David Gaskell

Concept Boards

Imagination Poster campaign by Saatchi & Saatchi, these posters communicate the imagination that Lego bricks can unlock with using any copy at all. Lego is a product that is so well known it’s qualities speak for itself. This is a huge benefit when trying to develop a campaign.

Creativity Posters that replicate the environment using Lego. This shows how creative the possibilities of Lego are. Again, no copy is used in this advert.Allowing the reputation of the product to do the work.

Invention This advert shows how Lego has helped generate inventions that change generations. Personally I feel this is a bit of a seedy way to sell Lego, all parents want their children to do well, this advert almost makes parents feel guilty if they don’t use Lego.


YCN: Lego Brief

David Gaskell

Concept Boards

VW Adverts 3 adverts shown here. All giving the viewer a chance to interpret the content.

Adshel The format I will be using for the advert. One advert will be designed for the campaign. That is all.


Lego boards  

Now being undertaken as an individual brief. After a very bad, non attending start to a collaborative module which pushed me over the edge....

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