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JUNE 2012

do you believe in coincidence?

Do the song shuffle?

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With the help of a seemingly random collection of real vintage photographs of “peculiar� children, Ransom Riggs paints a vividly entertaining, visceral tale of an ensemble of oddities that once inhabited a fog-shrouded island in Wales during WWII. Fastforward to present day, where Jacob, a young boy, goes in search of the island orphanage to discover clues about his grandfather's questionable past, but Jacob doesn't realize that the past may have found him first.

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LET’S GET MOVING! 4-Mile Run/Walk 4K Fun Run/Walk 15K Run Saturday, June 16, 2012, 7:00 A.M. Hamilton Street, Peoria, IL WALK — JOG — RUN and celebrate with us at the finish line of the 2012 Steamboat Classic! For additional information and online registration, please visit

2 | 06.2012 | numĂŠro

{ 1 } Sparkles on jewelry, clothes, shoes, wherever

Get them at Relics, The Buckle, Steinmart...

{ 2 } Fizz - any drink with lots of bubbles Barefoot Bubbly and Coke Zero are my go to drinks.

{ 3 } My iPhone

How did I live without my apps and not being able to carry my 3,000 favorite songs wherever I go?

{ 4 } Sampling microbrews with my husband

Try the selection at Rhodell's, Granite City, Distihl...

{ 5 } Spicy Tuna Rolls and Shumai Place your order at Sushigawa.

{ 6 } A good book

(and the time to read it!) Find them at Barnes and Noble.

{ 7 } Live Music - All genres

and in all sorts of places Listen to it on the Peoria RiverFront, in a honkytonk in Nashville, arena shows, dive bars...and I REALLY miss the Madison Theatre!

{ 8 } Dansko clog boots - Comfiest shoes EVER.

Get them at Scheels in Springfield and Neiman Marcus.

{ 9 } Bargains

Because "Suggested Retail Price" is usually a ridiculous suggestion.

{ 10 } A long ride on the Road Glide

on a sunny afternoon with my husband and some good friends.

things by angela bottrell sales director for numĂŠro photos by dennis slape

10 things I crave



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Wednesdays 1FSTPOBM"TTJTUBOUt$P June 13th to September 12th


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Heritage Square QIPOFGBY 4450 N. Prospect Rd. Peoria Heights


Affordable Private Student Loans

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Summer! WE LOV E


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words by shelli dankoff


illustrations by nicole blackburn

o you consider your choice of music random? I think many of us feel that way. So numéro decided to check it out by visiting random places and asking folks with iPods to set them to All Songs, then hit Play in Shuffle mode and tell us the first five songs that came up. The short answer is: a little bit of everything!

Tara B:

numéro |

06.2012 | 7

Matt A: Games Without Frontiers (Peter Gabriel) Ready Steady Go (Paul Oakenfold) Head Over Heels/Broken (Tears for Fears) Something Cool (Jane Monheit) Pacific Coast Highway (Jeff Lorber)

Kirsten E: Haven’t Met You Yet (Michael Buble) Bridge Over Troubled Water (Mary J. Blige and Andrea Bocelli) My Life Would Suck Without You (Kelly Clarkson) The Lazy Song (Bruno Mars) Where Have You Been (Rihanna)

Can’t Buy Me Love (The Beatles) What a Fool Believes (The Doobie Brothers) Misery (Maroon 5) Boogie Shoes (KC & The Sunshine Band) Scott M: Don’t Bring Me Down (ELO) Breathe (Fabulous) The Joker (Steve Miller Band) The Killing Lights (AFI) Nick M: What’s Your Name (Theory of a Dead Man) Fly Solo (Wiz Khalifa) Heat It Up (Bubba Sparks) Big Egos (Dr. Dre) What’s My Age Again (Blink 182) One Time 4 Your Mind (Nas) Gina F: Don’t Stop Believing (Journey) Hey Now (Toby Mac) Super Bass (Nicki Minaj) My President is Black (Young Jeezy) Laura V: Fiesta Pa’ Los Rumberos (Albita) Kiss of Life (Sade) I Love Your Girl (The Dream) Have a Nice Day (Bon Jovi) Back in Stride (Maze & Frankie Beverly) Nookie (Limp Bizkit) Kyle H: I Like It (Enrique Iglesias & Pit Bull) Baker Street (Rick Springfield) Shake (Ying Yang Twins) Don’t You Evah (Spoon) Home Boy (Eric Church) Warrior (Disturbed)

8 | 06.2012 | numéro

Matt M: Smile (Uncle Kracker) Let’s Get Married (Jagged Edge) Put It on Me (Ja Rule) It Ain’t Mines (Juvenile) Blow Java (Bob and Tom) The celebrity list comes from WEEK-TV meteorologist Sandy Gallant: Walking on the Sun (Smash Mouth) Need You Now (Lady Antebellum) Don’t Blink (Kenny Chesney) Pump It (The Black Eyed Peas) Mysterious Ways (U2) As you can see, a pretty across-theboard selection, and you can probably guess their age range by some of the lists. A few of our participants let out audible laughs when they saw what was coming up which in and of itself was entertaining. Perhaps the most “random” thing of all during the process was the number of people who didn’t use iPods. Instead they were tuned in to Apps that let them listen to radio stations from their home states or other sites that dictated a very specific list of music. As for my list: Black or White (Michael Jackson) Defying Gravity (Wicked) Hell Ya (Rev Theory) Strong Enough (Cher) Drive By (Train) Yep. I would call that pretty random! 

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06.2012 | 9

Dinner: Wed–Sat 5p, Lunch: Wed–Sun 11a, Breakfast: Sat 7a, Sunday Brunch: 8–2 Tues-Thur 12-8pm, Fri-Sat 12-10pm



10 | 06.2012 | numéro

Sweet & Simple Sangria 1 bottle of Moscato 1/2 cup Triple Sec 1 liter Lemon-Lime Soda Diced and Sliced Fruit (1 orange, 1 lime, 1 apple) Mix all the ingredients together in a large pitcher and let sit for at least 4 hours. “This is a great recipe when you have a random assortment of fruits around. Enjoy this light and fizzy summer drink in good company.” Recipe created by numéro reader Carrie Budzinski of Peoria.

drink of the month

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06.2012 | 11

Ă€Âˆ`>Ăž]ĂŠĂ•Â˜iĂŠĂ“Ă“ĂŠUĂŠx\Îä‡Ç\Îäʍ“ Peoria Zoo at Glen Oak Park /ˆVÂŽiĂŒĂƒĂŠfĂŽxĂŠi>°Ê­f{xĂŠ>vĂŒiÀÊĂ•Â˜iĂŠÂŁxÂŽ

Presented by Peoria Zoological Society


Zootini is the wildest martini tasting event to support Peoria Zoo. For tickets or more information, please call 681-3500.

Random Thoughts words by pam tomka

design by nicole blackburn


numéro |

06.2012 | 13

What is a daydream? A visionary catharsis or fantasy that usually is filled with thoughts, goals or ideas which you imagine could become reality.

Daydreaming is much more than allowing your mind to wander. In past times, they called it reverie and it was frowned upon by most. We are told at a very early age to stay focused and attentive to a task at hand, which is still very practical for most activities. However, it is also very beneficial for our minds to be permitted to stray to places we do not control. As a child, we are apt to daydream more often but as we grow older, we don’t have the time or we don’t allow ourselves the pleasure. What do you think about when you daydream? There are many types of daydreams, from positive ones that encourage creativity to hiding ones which allow us to escape from the stress of life, which can be overwhelming at times. If we mentally escape to a deserted place or fantasy island, it allows our mind to be free from the constraints of ideas that limit us from functioning to our maximum potential.  People prone to mind wandering score higher on tests of creativity. Some companies that rely heavily upon their creative staff, such as Google, strive to provide both space and time for their employees to maximize their creative opportunities. If you work at Google, 20 percent of your time can be used for daydreaming, and if you are at 3M, you get 15 percent of your day for free thinking. 3M’s Arthur Fry came up with the idea for Post-It Notes while daydreaming

in church and has over 20 patents, so obviously he sees the benefit in random thoughts. Even places like Gore-Tex allow for “dabble time.” All three companies credit this policy as the source of some of their most successful products. There are negative types of daydreaming as well, such as those that are about revenge or catastrophes. There are even ones that can be purely for fun such as victory or sexual daydreams. However, for the most part, people who daydream are positive and their daydreams provide an opportunity for everything from creative thoughts and problem solving to exploring ideas that some would never imagine possible, like putting a man on the moon or inventing the Internet. Most people daydream at least 50 percent of their waking life. Einstein said creativity is the residue of time wasted, which would lead you to think that not all daydreaming is created equal. It is not. The quality of the daydream often determines how productive it is. While we all may daydream while driving (when we actually should be paying closer attention to what is happening around us) or while reading, we can actually provide an opportune place and time for our daydreams to happen. Here are some of the ways you can create a good environment for creating random thoughts.




in st ei n I

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sn ot


hich knows our w th

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r c. ~Albe r th e

usi uum . It is r athe

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my da y nd



dre ie (day aming) i


." he soul ~Gaston B t f o a




ar d" er Rev


numéro |

Pick a good time to daydream. Before you start, be sure you are in balance. Go to the bathroom and get a drink of water to avoid those distractions. Find a place where you will not be interrupted or distracted. If that isn’t possible at home or at work, then find some place where you can go such as a wooded park, a peaceful garden, or even a church. Turn off your cell phone completely (no vibrating)! You can listen to some soothing music, such as the sounds of a tropical rain forest, classical music, or music that fits your daydreaming mood. Sit quietly, using some relaxing breathing to get inwardly focused. At this point, your mind must be empty and clear—no thoughts can come in. Let your eyes do what comes naturally. Most people like to close them to daydream, but some just let them

06.2012 | 15

become “unfocused.” If you are going to daydream with your eyes open, don’t stare at something that is a simple object. Instead find something that takes focus to understand the real picture such as a painting or a something in nature like a tree. Choose a scenario in your real life and apply it to your daydreams. Remember: No idea is too farfetched—you can imagine anything you want. Act out the movements in your mind just as powerfully as if you were doing it. Let your mind flow like a river when experiencing your daydream, creating a stream of consciousness. You can write down your daydreams, which can encourage you to keep daydreaming as well as helping you save the creative and innovative ideas that come to you before moving on to a new one.

"I was trying to daydream, but my mind kept wandering." ~Steven Wright

The key to effective daydreaming is to use your daydreams in a way that is most beneficial to you. You may have no desire to invent something new but purely want a method to escape the stress and problems you are currently dealing with in your life. Take up daydreaming. While it may only provide an opportunity to “get away” briefly, it also may offer some solutions to your dilemmas. Sex life lacking pizzaz? Use your daydreams to create some fantasies that you may or may not want to act upon later. Work got you down? Take a mini-vacation by imagining yourself someplace you would really like to be instead of at your desk looking at a computer. Even that 14 seconds (the normal span of a daydream) gives you a break and can help you deal with the day’s work better. So whether you are an engineer, business professional, educator, or even a stay-athome mom, everyone should take time and make time to include some daydreams in your day. You never know where those random thoughts might take you!

16 | 06.2012 | numéro

Ten Stories

By mewithoutYou

“February 8th, 1878, south of Trout Creek, west of Cedar Lake…” Join the elephant and her fellow

train riders on their post-derailment adventure in this epic tale that only Aaron Weiss and the gang could bring to fruition. The band borrows quips and quotes from some of literary’s finest, including Walt Whitman and William Blake. A beautiful mix of folk, rock, eclectic guitars and Weiss’ unmistakable vocal delivery, this album is sure to please even the most random at heart.

Guest Review by Luke Bouris. Get your copy at Co-Op Records.

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Bring Your Mom to one of our locations on“Show Mother’s Day! your colors”

06.2012 | 17

Your Perfect

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VW words by

shelli dankoff design by

nicole blackburn

Peoria is the oldest community in Illinois. The lands that eventually would become Peoria were first settled in 1680 by French explorers who built Fort Crevecoeur. This fort would later burn to the ground, and in 1813 Fort Clark, Illinois was built. When the County of Peoria was organized in 1825, Fort Clark was officially named Peoria.

The Peoria Symphony Orchestra is the 10th oldest in the nation.

Peoria, Arizona, a suburb of Phoenix, was named after Peoria, Illinois because the two men that founded it in 1890— Joseph B. Greenhut and Deloss S. Brown— wished to name it after their hometown.

In April 1926, Charles Lindbergh’s first mail route flew mail into Peoria as a stop between St. Louis and Chicago. Local legend has it that Lindbergh offered Peoria the chance to sponsor his trans-Atlantic flight but refused. The honor then went to St. Louis, after which Lindbergh’s plane—the Spirit of St. Louis— was named.

Running for more than 90 years, the Peoria Sunday Morning League is the longest-running semi-pro baseball league in the nation.

Peoria became the first world leader for distilleries in the late 1830s and early 1940s. During this time, Peoria had 22 distilleries and multiple breweries, which produced the highest amount of internal revenue tax on alcohol of any single revenue district in the entire United States. Peoria also was one of the major bootlegging areas during Prohibition.

The first commercially available, gasoline-powered automobile in the United States, the Duryea, was produced in Peoria by Charles Duryea in 1893.

Peoria is the largest city on the Illinois River.

22 | 06.2012 | numéro

numéro readers chimed in their random selection of quirky reels to add to your must see list...

Benny & Joon “It's fantastically quirky and has Johnny Depp and Mary Stuart Masterson in it! You have to watch it!” Elizabeth K., Peoria

It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World “A hilarious noholds-barred race for treasure. Classic.” Brandon M., Peoria

Roadside Prophets “This is a great road movie as a friend fulfills a friend's wishes and there are amazing cameos!” Angela B., Lincoln

Interstella 5555

The Jerk

“Daft Punk made a film about love and music in outer space. How could you not see this movie?”

“It's about a white guy who thinks he's black...”

“I love this movie. It's my random pick.”

Michael B., Pekin

Olivia M., Dunlap

Marie B., Kickapoo

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Edward Scissorhands

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06.2012 | 25

(Inside Front Cover) Book of the Month


Dvds of the Month

2 10 Things I Crave


Random Landmarks



20 x 20 PechaKucha

Do the Song Shuffle

locals share their music


Drink of the Month


Random Thoughts = Daydream


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Random Peoria Facts

keeping random alive in peoria



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Do You Believe in Coincidence?


The word random means something is done without definite purpose. The word landmark is defined in numerous ways. Together, those two words allow great latitude in selecting sites of interest. So we dare to submit a random list of area landmarks, and markers too—some well known and others known only to a few.

Mark Your Territory

Random Landmarks

Thoughts words by h wayne wilson photos by john durdle, joshua horning, and h wayne wilson design by nicole blackburn

More than two centuries ago, President Thomas Jefferson signed a bill establishing the U. S. Coast Survey to map American shorelines. An 1871 law expanded the survey to include the country’s interior, and the sponsoring agency became known as the U. S. Coast and Geodetic Survey in 1878. Geodetic is defined as the science that maps the shape, size, and curvature of the earth. The USC&GS was surveying central Illinois in 1939. One reference marker from that survey sits in a concrete pad a few feet from Grandview Drive, just north of Tanglewood Lane. USC&GS is now part of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. At about two inches in diameter, it may be the smallest marker in central Illinois. A much bigger landmark is at the base of Grandview Drive, where the Peoria Park District named a pavilion in honor of the district’s first landscape architect, Oscar Dubuis. He helped create Bradley, Glen Oak, and South (now Trewyn) Parks, plus Grandview Drive. A hundred yards from the pavilion stands an obelisk honoring those persons who served in what was then called the World War. It was erected by the citizens of Averyville (since annexed into Peoria) and lists the town’s residents who served in the military during the war. Dedicated September 10, 1919, the obelisk is in deteriorating condition.







numéro |


r ca


i bu

mon w wi


a sp


li vi



e sc hoo l

pl aq


Marking Time It was 185 years ago this month that Amasa Stout was awarded the contract to construct Tazewell County’s first courthouse. He was paid $125. A marker at the corner of White and Franklin Streets in Mackinaw, the county seat at the time, denotes the location of the building that served as the courthouse until 1831. Along Tremont Street in Hopedale, a plaque on a large stone commemorates the first vacation Bible school in the world. During the summer of 1894, Mattie Pritchard Miles, a minister’s wife, held five weeks of Bible school for “all children of whatever church, or no church at all.” While that Bible school and building are long gone, the Christian Life Academy will conduct a vacation Bible school this summer at the very same site.

06.2012 | 27



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Marking the Spot


an cr s ca

ial und s in's l pek al w te hi w na an


The crane at A. Lucas and Sons next to the Cedar Street Bridge was destined for meltdown in the 1940s as there was a steel shortage during World War II. The crane was on a rail car passing through Peoria when the war ended, and with steel no longer a critical need, the company bought the crane. The steel fabrication company could be considered a landmark itself as it was founded in 1857 and is the longest continuously operating business in Peoria.


Sunlight travels 93-million miles to the dials. Two other landmarks took much shorter routes before finding a home in Peoria. Vanna Whitewall stands tall at Plaza Tire on Southwest Washington Street. Her origins were in 1968 as Miss Uniroyal in Venice, California, then traveling to various tire dealers

for grand openings. She toured for three years before Uniroyal introduced the Bengal Tiger to promote its tires. Plaza Tire purchased the 17-and-a-half foot tall fiberglass structure but didn’t rename it Vanna until 1988. At 450 pounds, she measures 108-72-108. If you divide those numbers by three, you’ll find some familiar dimensions.


Globes often have a distorted figure eight on them, with one loop much bigger than the other. It represents the sun’s path in the sky, or the analemma. Old Sol’s rays trace this asymmetrical course because the earth is tilted 23.5° on its axis and orbits the sun in an ellipse rather than a circle. You’ll see analemmas on the ground at Pekin’s Sunken Gardens, where Henry Cakora designed and Tazewell Machine Works casted three separate sundials, the largest of which is accurate to within 10 seconds.

06.2012 | 31










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br a


hom ley



a e pl l at


m e m o r ia l

Landing on the Mark Peoria has two airports, but neither can lay claim to being the first airport. A pilot named Charles A. Lindbergh flew his deHavilland biplane on the Chicago-St. Louis mail run in 1926 and early 1927. He dropped off central Illinois airmail at a site near the intersection of High Point Road and High Point Lane, which was the first Peoria landing strip. That airport’s short existence is marked by a plaque on a rock at the intersection of the two roads.

Mark Your Scorecard Most students pass by it daily with nary a look, but this marker is at the heart of what was once the on-campus athletic fields for baseball, football, and track and field at Bradley University. Located on the Quad, the homeplate-shaped plaque lies flat on the exact spot where

many Braves baseball players scored for coach A. J. Robertson in the 1920s, ’30s, and ’40s. The plaque was placed in 2006 by the 1956 BU baseball squad, 50 years after finishing third in the NCAA College World Series.

A Lasting Mark Some markers are memorials to the memory of lost loved ones. At Hittle Grove Cemetery near Armington, a monument marks the graves of Mary Ann Orndorff, her eight-year-old daughter Emma, and six-year-old daughter Ulalia. John Ott murdered them in their house southeast of Delavan on October 12, 1860. Ott later paid for the crime when he became the first man to be hanged in Tazewell County.

V is

! a r e i v i R e i t th

September 29 - October 7 Call 677-4907 or Join WCBU listeners on a trip through the Italian and French Riviera, featuring Nice, Monte Carlo, Cannes, Eze, Grasse, Genoa, Cinque Terre, Portofino and More! Enjoy a cooking demonstration of the cuisine of the Ligurian region of Italy, learn to make pesto, and enjoy olive oil and wine tastings. Visit elegant Monaco, stroll along the Promenade des Anglais in Nice and let Cinque Terre enchant you.

Peoria Public Radio News & Information



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Dirty Dog? Try Our Pet Spa! JUNCTION CITY, 5901 N. P ROSPECT R D., SUITE 1 PEORIA, IL 61614 |309.693.0900


[your ad here] Join us July 4th Awesome Riverfront View of Fireworks Great Food, Great Beer and Fun! Family Friendly!

230 Conference Center Drive East Peoria, IL 61611

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ave you ever heard the argument that social media is tearing society apart? Some critics argue that the widely used new media may connect people via computer, but that face-toface relationships are losing out to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and the like. One Peoria group, stemming from an international organization, attempts to disarm that argument by proving some “real-life” social groups may not exist without the help of social media to get the word out. And that’s not the only thing PechaKucha Peoria demonstrates in their monthly meetings. PK gatherings validate the notion that creativity—in all walks of life and career—is alive and well in central Illinois. The movement began in Tokyo in 2003 by an architecture firm wanting to offer designers an event to meet, network, and show off their work in a public venue. PechaKucha (pronounced with emphasis on the chas) is a word that comes from the Japanese term for “chit chat.” Founders say they devised the format because architects tend to like to talk too much. Now in 518 cities around the world, PK meetings have a laid-back, yet somewhat strict format (if both adjectives can be used at once). The gatherings are low pressure because there are no expectations for each speaker—you don’t have to be a professional presenter. You don’t even have to be an expert at whatever it is you are presenting.

06.2012 | 35

The main rule of thumb is that you should show 20 images on screen, and you have 20 seconds to discuss each one. This format helps keep the show moving, and provides time for a good number of presenters each month. PechaKucha Peoria meetings tend to be held monthly at the Rhythm Kitchen on Water Street in downtown Peoria. At the PK meeting I watched, attendees and presenters alike ran the gamut of ages, professions, and personalities. There were buttoned-up career-minded individuals, artsy types, some who kept to themselves—even a few people who dropped in mid-run. PechaKucha Peoria’s April presentations included information about volunteer organizations, random images taken in central Illinois (one such presentation was part of an art exhibit in Dunlap, while another included a humorous take on unfortunate things you might run into in, say, an alley or a WalMart parking lot), a couple of improvisational slide collections in which the presenters hadn’t before seen the slides and made up funny and interesting narratives of each image, and more. Some were heartbreaking, some hilarious, and some simply inspiring. To get a better idea of what each PechaKucha presentation may consist of and to keep up on daily news, visit One of my favorite online presentations was titled, “The Beard,” and included a funny collection of beard pictures and explanations.

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Although the idea itself is a loose one, the original creators of PechaKucha do have some rules for organizing PK meetings in your town. First, there can only be one PK event series in each city (and there’s already one in Peoria), and the organizers of your town’s PK group must agree to hold no less than four meetings per year. You must also submit to a “handshake agreement” with the PechaKucha founders to begin one in your area. Attend the next Peoria PechaKucha event at 7:00 p.m. on June 21, at the Rhythm Kitchen on Water Street. You’ll be sure to leave inspired, thinking of what you’d like to include in your next random 20 x 20. 

For more information, visit: Website: Daily blog: Twitter: Brandy dietrich: meredith butler:

20 PK Tidbits

As the PechaKucha founders can attest, they really dig the number 20. Thus, they devised the following 20 things to know about the group. 1 / PechaKucha Night is for creativity and not for profit. 2 / PechaKucha presentations are 20 images x 20 seconds each. 3 / The presenter has no control over the images. No "forward" or "back please." 4 / Many cities often lack spaces where creative people can share their work. PechaKucha Nights are about exposing the hidden creativity in a city. 5 / The venues of choice for a PechaKucha Night have a bar attached, and include: disused aircraft hangars, churches, supermarkets, schools, factories and warehouses, as well as historic buildings, restaurants, clubs, cinemas, and theaters. 6 / A good PKN has between 10 and 16 presenters, with a Beer Break in between. 7 / PechaKucha Night presenters should include a wide range of creative people: activists, animators, arbiters, architects, artists, chefs, coolhunters, critics, curators, designers, dreamers, entrepreneurs, fabricators, fashionistas, historians, makers, rabblerousers, scientists, insiders and outsiders... 8 / PechaKucha Nights are held in "true" social spaces.

9 / PechaKucha Night is a "true" social network. 10 / PechaKucha Night is about thinking and drinking. 11 / PechaKucha Night is about the live event, not an LCD screen in your home. 12 / Each PechaKucha Night city signs a simple "handshake agreement" to join the network. 13 / The "handshake agreements" are just that, handshakes, based on trust and not money. 14 / Each city agrees to run a minimum of 4 events a year starting from the signing of the "handshake agreement." 15 / In return, we add the city to the global PechaKucha website and the global PechaKucha community. 16 / PechaKucha Nights are held in over 280 cities. 17 / PechaKucha Night is becoming a Global Foundation and that Foundation will support pro-social projects that PechaKucha presenters are involved in— in their city and beyond. 18 / Profits from the events as well as sponsorship will support the Foundation. 19 / PechaKucha Nights are organized by passionate and enthusiastic people of any creative field. 20 / Everyone who runs a PechaKucha Night has a day job.

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Live music directory

Basta O’Neill’s, 661 N Cummings Lane, Washington, 309.444.5500

Bernardi's Restaurant North Lake of the Woods Plaza 1220 North Brentfield, Dunlap, 309.243.8888,

Central Illinois Jazz Society, 309.692.5330,

Gracie's Sports Grille, 1021 N Cummings Ln, Washington 309.444.7313

Jim’s Steakhouse, 110 SW Jefferson, Peoria, 309.673.5300

Live at the Five Spot, CAC at 305 SW Water St, 309.674.6822

Mackinaw Valley Vineyard, East of Mackinaw, $5 adm, 309.359.WINE

Martini’s on Water Street, 212 SW Water St, Peoria, 309.655.5003

Peoria Pizza Works, 3921 N Prospect Rd, Peoria Heights, 309.682.5446

The Publik House, Peoria Heights Red Barn, 621 W Glen Ave, Peoria, 309.692.3792 Rhythm Kitchen, 305 SW Water St, Peoria, 309.676.9668,

Sky Harbor Steakhouse, 1321 N Park Rd, Peoria, 309.674.5532

WeaverRidge Golf Club, 5100 WeaverRidge Blvd, Peoria, 309.691.3344

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live music in june Sundays Ed Kaizer, Weaver Ridge, 10:30a–1:30p Central Illinois Jazz Society House Band and Stephanie Aaron, Starting Gate Banquet Room, Landmark Recreation Center, 6/17, 6p & 7:15p, $5/members, $7/nonmembers

Mondays Mike & Carrie, Martini’s on Water Street, 10p–2a

Tuesdays Eddie & Judy Howard, Jim’s Steakhouse, 8p–12a Open Stage with Joe Piccoli, Rhythm Kitchen, 6–8p

Wednesdays Jimmy Binkley, Sky Harbor Steakhouse, 7–11p Gene Farris, Jim’s Steakhouse, 8p–12a Larry Harms Trio Jam Session, Rhythm Kitchen, 6/13, 6/27, 6:30–8:30p Central Illinois Jazz Orchestra, Fieldhouse Bar & Grill, 6/6, 7–9p John Miller & the Romaniacs, Rhythm Kitchen, 6/6, 6/20, 6:30–8:30p Live music, Willett’s Winery & Cellar, 7–10p

Thursdays Gene Farris, Jim’s Steakhouse, 7:30p–1a

Unwind with Wine, Mackinaw Valley Vineyard & Winery, 7–9p, $5

Larry Harms Trio, Basta O’Neill’s Washington, 6–9p

Burning Sensations, Rhythm Kitchen, 6/1, 8–11p

Steve Degenford, 2Chez, 6:30–8:30p

Change Up, Rhythm Kitchen, 6/8, 8–11p

David Berchtold or Melinda (Mindy) Brown, Rhythm Kitchen, 7–9p

Doran & the Soul Mystics, Rhythm Kitchen, 6/15, 8–11p

Picking on Series, Sky Harbor Steakhouse, last Thursday (6/28), 7–9p

Ed & Judy Howard, Rhythm Kitchen, 6/22, 8–11p Jera & The Absolutes, Rhythm Kitchen, 6/29, 8–11p Gypsy Road, Bogie’s Bar & Grill, 6/29, 8:30p–12:30a

Fridays Gene Farris, Jim’s Steakhouse, 7:30p–1a


Greg Williams, Bruce Saurs Black Rabbit Corner Bar & Eats (Fulton St), 6–11p

Jimmy Binkley, Sky Harbor Steakhouse, 7p–12

Mike Cheesman, Fox Pub & Café, 8–10:30p Live at the Five Spot, Contemporary Art Center, $7/ members, $10/nonmembers, 5:30p

Eddie & Judy Howard, Jim’s Steakhouse, 8p–12a King Pin, Rhythm Kitchen, 6/2, 8–11p Gypsy Road, Bogie’s Bar & Grill, 6/2, 8:30p–12:30a

Dave Hoffman & Friends, Two25 in the Mark Twain Hotel, 5–7p

Robin Crowe, Rhythm Kitchen, 6/9, 8–11p

Rob Williams Soggy Bottom Blues Band, Pounders Premier Nightclub, 6–9p

Lil Brain & the Zydeco Travlers, Rhythm Kitchen, 6/23, 8–11p

Chris Tarpley, Sky Harbor Steakhouse, 7p

Players Club, Rhythm Kitchen, 6/30, 8–11p

Curtis Hawkins Band, Rhythm Kitchen, 6/16, 8–11p

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listings & directory Bradley University Concerts:

Lakeview Museum:

Dingledine Music Center, 1417 W Barker Avenue, Peoria. Free. Students free. 309.677.2650 or

1125 W Lake Ave, Peoria. Gallery hours: 10a5p Tue–Sat; 10-8 Thur, 12-5p Sun. $6 adults; $5 age 60+, $4 ages 3–17. 309.686.7000 or

Chillicothe Park District: Shore Acres Park Clubhouse, 100 Park Blvd, Chillicothe, IL 61523. 309.274.3409 or

Conklin’s Barn II Dinner Theatre: Goodfield, IL. 309.965.2545 Contemporary Art Center: 305 SW Water St, Peoria. Tue–Sat 11a–5p. 309.674.6822 or

Morton Park District: 349 W Birchwood St, Morton, IL. 309.263.7429 or

Pekin Park District: 1701 Court St, Pekin, IL 61554. 309.347.7275 or

Peoria Art Guild: Foster Art Center, 203 Harrison, Peoria. Hours: Mon–Fri 9a-5p. 309.637.2787 or

Corn Stock Theatre Center: Upper Bradley Park. 309.676.2196 or

East Peoria/Fon du Lac Park District: Fon du Lac Administration Center, 201 Veterans Dr, East Peoria, IL 61611. 309.699.3923, info@fondulacpark. com or

Peoria Ballet: 809 W Detweiller Peoria Civic Center:

201 SW Jefferson Ave, Peoria, IL 61602. 309.673.3200 box office, 309.680.3551 for Jenny Winne in group sales or www. or 800.745.3000 Ticketmaster or

Eastlight Theatre: 1401 E Washington, East Peoria. Ticket prices: 309.699.7469 or

Forest Park Nature Center: 5809 Forest Park Drive, Peoria Heights. 309.686.3360, 309.681.2838 or

Peoria Zoo: 2218 N Prospect Rd, Peoria, IL

Peoria Park District: Lower Glen Oak Park Pavilion, 2218 N Prospect Rd, 61603. 309.682.1200 or

Peoria Players Theatre: 4300 N University, Peoria. 309.688.4473 or

61603. 309.686.3365 or

ICC Performing Arts Center: East Peoria Campus, 1 College Drive, East Peoria, IL 61635. 309.694.5136 or

ICC North Campus: 5407 N University,


Peoria, IL 61615. 309.690.7990 or

Reel to Real: Focus on Film: Showing film at ICC North Campus, 309.339.3001 or

Washington Park District:

Peoria. 309.694.5136 or

Jukebox Comedy Club: 309.673.5853

105 S Spruce, Washington, IL 61571. 309.444.9413 or www.

3527 W Farmington Rd, Peoria.

If you have an event for our listings, send the details to We must receive items by the first of the month prior to the event, i.e. June events are due May 1st. (Space is limited. Not every event can be included and items may be edited). Events we list include live entertainment, art exhibits, sporting events, etc. If you are interested in an event, call first: Things change.

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events in june 2012 Through 6/2 Washington Cherry Festival. 309.444.9921,


Through 7/10 Fine Art Show, Graham Hospital Atrium Gallery. 309.645.7109, Through 7/1 Nunsense A-Men! Conklin’s Barn II Dinner Theatre, Goodfield. Thurs–Sat doors open 6p, buffet 6:30–7:30p, show 8p; Sun doors open 12p, buffet 12–1p, show 1:30p. $33–$39. 309.965.2545, Through 10/28 Pioneer Days, Sommer Park. Last Sun of month. 1–4p. $2/person. 309.691.8423, Through 12/7 Fridays at 309. First Fri of the month, live music, drinks, complimentary light buffet 5–8p, entertainment 9p–1a. Presented by Absolut Vodka-Cocktails Perfected. Through 12/21 Salsa at CAC, Contemporary Art Center. 1st & 3rd Fridays, dance lessons 8:30–9:30p, open dancing 9:30p–12:30a to DJ Ed Caballero. $3/members, $6/nonmembers. 671.5555,

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Â&#x2021;/2&$/5(*,21$/$57,676 Â&#x2021;$//'$<(17(57$,10(17 Â&#x2021;.,'6¡$&7,9,7,(6 Â&#x2021; &8/,1$5<75($76



Happy Father's Day! 1XPHURPDJD]LQH

6/1 LoCash Cowboys with Special Guest Through 12/28 Fri Swing at CAC, Contemporary Art -XQH Feudinâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; Hillbillys, Peoria RiverFront, CEFCU Center. 4th Fridays, dance lessons 8:30â&#x20AC;&#x201C;9:30p, Center Stage. 7:30p (gates open). $10 (in open dancing 9:30pâ&#x20AC;&#x201C;12:30a to DJ Matt Vasquez.  SDJH advance at, Co-op Records, $3/members, $6/nonmembers. 671.5555, SR Shandiâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s (in Canton) & the RiverFront Visitors Center, or at the gate on show day. www. Through 12/28 Live At The Five Spot, Contemporary, Art Center. Fri 5:30â&#x20AC;&#x201C;7:30p. $7/members, $10/ 6/1â&#x20AC;&#x201C;2 2012 IHSA Class 1A & 2A State Baseball nonmembers. 671.5555,, Finals, Oâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Brien Field. Games begin Fri 11a. 309.663.6377, Through 12/27 Free Wine Tasting, Wines â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;n More, 6/1â&#x20AC;&#x201C;2 2012 IHSA Class 1A & 2A State Softball Morton. Thurs 5â&#x20AC;&#x201C;7p. Free. 291.0899, Finals, Eastside Centre. Games begin Fri 11a. 309.663.6377, Through 12/28 Friday Night Wine Tastings at 6/2â&#x20AC;&#x201C;3 WW2 Reenactment: Normandy 1944 French Toast/Wine Country in the Heights. One D-Day, W.H. Sommer Park. Experience living glass, 5 tastes/$5. 686.0234, www.winecountryhistory and relive the desperate days of the Normandy campaign; watch and interact with Through 12/28 German Dinners at the Lindenhof, German and American camps, vehicles, and 7601 N. Harker Drive, Peoria. Fri 5â&#x20AC;&#x201C;8p. Weekly displays. 10aâ&#x20AC;&#x201C;4p (battles Sat 11a & 3p; Sun 1p). entertainment, cash bar, meals $12/adults, $6/ 309.635.2147, children, desserts $2. Free. 691.7484, www. 6/2â&#x20AC;&#x201C;3 The Great Work Begins performs A Midsummer Nightâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Dream, Camp Wokanda, Chillicothe.

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6/2 Concert at the Vineyard: Loose Shoes, Mackinaw Valley Vineyard and Winery. Bring a lawn chair or reserve deck seating; wine tasting and wine, beer, sodas, pizzas, cheese/crax & chocolates for sale. 7–10:45p. $5, under 12/free. 309.645.5054, www.mackinawvalleyvineyard. com, 6/2 DMTB (Dave Matthews Tribute Band), Peoria RiverFront, CEFCU Center Stage. 7:30p (gates open). $7 (at gate on show day). www.thedmtb. com,

6/8–9 2012 IHSA Class 3A & 4A State Softball Finals, Eastside Centre. Games begin Fri 11a. 309.663.6377, 6/8–10 25th Annual Open House and Hosta Walk, Hornbaker Gardens, Princeton. 815.659.3282, 6/8–10 Tremont Turkey Festival. Bed races, merchant’s tent, craft show, food, all-u-caneat pancake & sausage breakfast, 5K foot race, parade Sun, live music, and more. 309.925.5774,

Music sounds better outside! 6/2 Strawberry Festival and Pancake Breakfast, Central Park (Main and Magnolia St), Elmwood. 7a–6p; pancake/sausage breakfast sponsored by the Elmwood Fire Department 6–10a. 309.742.8272, 6/2–9/29 Peoria Riverfront Market. Featuring Illinois-grown produce, meats, cheeses, fresh breads, herbs, flowers, jewelry, pottery, woodturned items, candles, and more. Sat 8a–12p. Free. 309.671.5555, 6/4–12/17 River Valley Cloggers, Methodist on Allen Rd, 3rd Fl. Mon 6:15–8p (Beginners classes begin June 4 from 5:30–6:15p). 6/5–10 Showtime 2012: Pekin Civic Chorus directed by Lisa McKenzie, Pekin Community High School Theater. Tues–Sat 7:30p, Sun 2p. $15. 309.213.1490, pekincivicchorus@gmail. com, 6/6–8 Peoria Chiefs vs. Cedar Rapids Kernels, O’Brien Field. Wed 6:30p, Thurs–Fri 7p. Club box $10; lawn $7. 309.680.4008, 6/6 Walk on Wednesday, Junction City, Peoria Heights. 5–9p. 6/7–10 I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change, Peoria Players Theatre. Thurs–Sun 7:30–10p. $18/adults, $12/18 and under. 309.688.4473, 6/7–9/27 Stark County Farmers Market, Downtown Wyoming. Fresh produce and homemade baked goods. Thurs 3:30–6:30p. 309.695.4739 6/8 The Boat Drunks, Peoria RiverFront, CEFCU Center Stage. 7:30p (gates open). $7 (at gate on show day).,

6/9 Concert at the Vineyard: Jammsammich, Mackinaw Valley Vineyard and Winery. Bring a lawn chair or reserve deck seating; wine tasting and wine, beer, sodas, pizzas, cheese/crax & chocolates for sale. 7–10:45p. $5, under 12/free. 309.645.5054, 6/9 10th Annual Legends at the BallPark, O’Brien Field. 5p. Silent action & raffle along with Peoria Chiefs Baseball and fireworks show. $80 (includes Dinner at the Pepsi Plaza). 309.692.8110, 6/9 Moss Avenue Antique Sale, Moss Avenue between Western and MacArthur, Peoria. Antique/vintage finds, food vendors, fine arts, and live music. 8a–3p. Free. 309.676.7900 6/9 Peoria Push Derby Dames Home Bout, Peoria Civic Center Hall A. 6/9 2012 River City Bags Classic, Kelleher’s Pub. $50/2-person team. 6/9–11 Peoria Chiefs vs. Kane County Cougars, O’Brien Field. Sat 6:30p, Sun 2p, Mon 7p. Club box $10, lawn $7. 309.680.4008, 6/9–9/8 Sidewalk Sales and Open Air Market, downtown and Jones Park, Canton. Amish baked goods, crafts, primitives, antiques, jewelry, candles furniture, collectibles, music, and more. 2nd Sat of the month 9a–3p. Free. 309.647.2677, 6/12 Ted Nugent, Peoria Civic Center Theater. 7:30 pm. Laura Wilde will open. $28–$48. 800.745.3000, 6/13 Walk on Wednesday, Junction City, Peoria Heights. 5–9p.

numéro |

6/14 Sculpture Ride, Bradley University Quad. Including Sonar Tide, Peace & Harvest, Mother Theresa, Ingersoll, various Riverfront Park sculptures by Preston Jackson. 6p. 309.686.7000, 6/14–17 41st Annual Steamboat Festival, Peoria RiverFront. Foot race, carnival, food fair, music, and entertainment. 6/15 Classic Car Cruise-In, Downtown and Jones Park, Canton. 5p. Free. 309.647.2677, 6/15 Moonlight Cruise, Spirit of Peoria, Peoria RiverFront. 7:30–10p. Adults/$16, Seniors/$14, Kids/$10. 309.637.8000, 800.676.8988, 6/15–17 2012 River City Soccer Invitational, Detweiller Park. 309.258.2646, 6/15–17 2012 US Karate and Kobudo Championship, and United States Karate-Do Kai, Embassy Suites, East Peoria., 6/15–16 More on 34, between Galesburg and Aurora. 8a–5p. Free. 309.343.2485, 6/15–17 Peoria Chiefs vs. Clinton LumberKings, O’Brien Field. Fri–Sat 6:30p, Sun 2p. Club box $10, lawn $7. 309.680.4008, 6/15–17 River City Soccer Classic, Detweiller Park. 309.258.2646, 6/15–16 Steamboat Sports Festival, Peoria Riverfront, Festival Park. 309.681.0696, 6/16 39th 2012 Steamboat Classic Race, Hamilton Street (Near Adams Street), Peoria. 7a.

06.2012 | 43

6/20 Summer Solstice, Junction City, Peoria Heights. 6/21 CEFCU Jazz Series featuring John Miller and the Romaniacs, CEFCU Center Stage, Peoria RiverFront. 7–9p. Free. 6/22–29 Festival 56 –RESPECT: A musical journey of women, Grace Performing Arts Center, Princeton. Fri–Sat 7:30p, Sun 2p, Tues– Fri 7:30p. Adults/$26, Seniors (65+)/$24, under 18/$13. 815.879.5656, 6/22 Artists on the Boardwalk & Classic Car Show, Junction City, Peoria Heights. 4–8p. 6/22–30 Les Misérables, Eastlight Theatre @ EPCHS Auditorium. Wed–Sat 7:30–10:30p, Sun 2–5p. $19/adults, $17/seniors & students, $14/ youth. 309.699.7469, 6/22–24 Peoria Chiefs vs. Quad City River Bandits, O’Brien Field. Fri 7p, Sat 6:30p, Sun 2p. Club box $10, lawn $7. 309.680.4008, 6/22–24 6th Annual Universal Rhythm Assembly, CEFCU Center Stage, Peoria RiverFront. $10. 6/23 Summer Jam, Peoria Civic Center. Featuring DJ UNK, Silk, Shai, Rude Boys, Lil Corey, J’Mayka, Royal Flush Committee, and more. 7p. $16–$35. 800.745.3000,, 6/23 Concert at the Vineyard: Bubblegum Jack, Mackinaw Valley Vineyard and Winery. Bring a lawn chair or reserve deck seating; wine tasting and wine, beer, sodas, pizzas, cheese/crax & chocolates for sale. 7–10:45p. $5, under 12/free. 309.645.5054, www.mackinawvalleyvineyard. com,

Are you ready for Steamboat? 6/16 Antique Tractor Show and Pull, Canton Festival Grounds. 11a. Free. 309.647.2677, 6/16 Concert at the Vineyard: Biscuits & Gravy, Mackinaw Valley Vineyard and Winery. Bring a lawn chair or reserve deck seating; wine tasting and wine, beer, sodas, pizzas, cheese/crax & chocolates for sale. 7–10:45p. $5, under 12/free. 309.645.5054, www.mackinawvalleyvineyard. com,

6/23-24 Rhapsody in Bloom Art Festival, visit our annual celebration of art, music, food, and blooms. Spend the weekend browsing more than 50 booths by regional artists and listening to top entertainment groups in the area. We offer a diverse range of culinary creations to get you through the day. Kids can enjoy art activities in the Children's Garden. We are also excited to show off our Rose Garden in full bloom. Sat. 10a-5p, Sun 12p-5p. $3 admission, 12 and under FREE.

44 | 06.2012 | numéro

6/23 George Jones, Peoria Civic Center Theatre. Whitney Mann will open. 8p. $35–$65. 800.745.3000, 6/23–25 Long Drive Challenge. Sat Detweiller Park 10a–6p, Mon Donovan Golf Course #4 6p. 309.689.3329, 6/27 Walk on Wednesday, Junction City, Peoria Heights. 5–9p. 6/28 50s Soft Serve Ride, Corner of Lake and Knoxville. 3 classic soft serve Ice Cream stands, ending at Lou’s Drive In. 6p. 309.686.7000,

6/29 Sommer Park Star Party, The last Friday of the month is designated as a Star Party, held at the Ancient Oaks Daycamp Building for those interested in learning more about astronomy. Donations will be accepted 6/30 Concert at the Vineyard: The Shake, Mackinaw Valley Vineyard and Winery. Bring a lawn chair or reserve deck seating; wine tasting and wine, beer, sodas, pizzas, cheese/crax & chocolates for sale. 7–10:45p. $5, under 12/free. 309.645.5054, www.mackinawvalleyvineyard. com,

Everything is in Bloom! 6/28 Colbie Caillat will perform live at The Peoria Civic Center Theater beginning at 7:30p. Tickets are $35 and $45 and are available beginning May 18th at the Civic Center box office, all Ticketmaster outlets, online at Ticketmaster. com, or charge at 800-745-3000. 6/28 CEFCU Jazz Series featuring The Jim Markum Swing band, CEFCU Center Stage, Peoria RiverFront. 7–9p. Free. 6/28 Women in Business Marketing Conference, Paradice Hotel Conference Center, East Peoria. $50 Per Session. 309.224.9665, 6/28 Mature Readers Book Club - Snuggle up on the couch with a good book then join us the last Wednesday of the month to discuss wht you've read. Enjoy coffee and cookies while engaging in lively discussion. Meetings are held from 2-3 pm at the Lakeview Branch Library. Membership is free. Check out our monthly book selection at 6/28 Pretty Girls Rock! Beauty comes from the inside and being a preteen & dealing with life is always a struggle. In addition to painting our nails, doing facials, playing games, and singing and dancing to our favorite music, we will learn about etiquette and manners. Contact Proctor at 673-9183 for more details or to register. 6p-9p, $10 for girls 8-14. Register by June 25. 6/29 Average White Band, CEFCU Center Stage, Peoria RiverFront. 7p (gates open). $15 (in advance at, Co-op Records, Shandi’s in Canton, & RiverFront Vistitors Center); $20 show day. www.

6/30 Eagles tribute band “Heartache Tonight”, CEFCU Center Stage, Peoria RiverFront. Gates open at 7:30p, show at 8p. $7 at gate only. 6/30 JC & The Redemption, Old Chicago Grand Prairie. Raise the Roof Children’s Home Fundraiser with live music, car wash, dunk tank, and raffle. 7–10p. 6/30 Springdale Cemetery Trolley Tour hosted by The Peoria Historical Society hosts the Grandview Drive tour every Thursday from 10:30 - Noon running June through October and every Saturday from from 1 - 2:30p running June through August. The Tour leaves from Harp & Thistle (located at 4605 N Prospect Road in Peoria Heights). Tickets are $11 (including a $1 tip for the driver) and may be purchased just prior to the tour. Senior citizens aged 65 or older ride the trolley free with proof of age and a regular ticket purchase. For more information, call 309-673-6000 or visit http:// 7/1 1st Sunday Garden Walks, led by Bob Streitmatter and Peoria Parks staff. These tours will take you through Luthy, showcasing some of the great plants and trees in the collection. You can enjoy the gardenin all its beauty and maybe evenget some ideas for your own garden. No need to register; just come to the garden shop on the date and we will start our tour from there. Sundays 1-2p 7/1-3 Peoria Chiefs vs. Kane County Cougars, O'Brien Field. 309.680.4008. $10 club box, $7 lawn seats.

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The Carts While you're downtown this summer why not stop to sample the random yet delicious selection of ethnic foods on your lunch hour. Find them down at the Peoria Courthouse.

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How do you feel about chance? We’ve all experienced those random circumstances that appear to be unconnected pieces of a larger puzzle. We think of someone we haven’t seen or talked to in years, and then out of the clear blue, they show up next to us in a restaurant. You hear a word for the first time, and then for several days in a row, you see the very same word. You meet a complete stranger and find out you have some random connection that is really hard to believe. How does this happen? Do you believe in random, or do you believe we are all connected and that there are no coincidences?

If you watch many cop shows on TV—and frankly how do you avoid them?—you’ll notice that police detectives and private eyes always perk up their ears with the occurrence of randomness. These people are trained to look for random tidbits and connect them. They follow up leads that look like they’re going nowhere until about the last five or 10 minutes of the program, when the final piece falls into place and the jail cell door closes with a bang! On the other hand, those crimes are not random. They trace back the motive and find the connection—victim to perpetrator. And most crimes stem from connected motives. Things may seem random, but they seldom are. In fact, it’s pretty hard to do random. Dreams can seem bizarre and random but if you think about your dream long enough, you can often trace it back to something that happened to you or a fleeting thought you had recently. Take the chaos theory, for example. I remember the first time I heard that butterflies flapping their wings on one continent could affect the weather pattern

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on another. I know I shook my head in disbelief! According to Wikipedia, The

phrase refers to the idea that a butterfly’s wings might create tiny changes in the atmosphere that may ultimately alter the path of a tornado or delay, accelerate, or even prevent the occurrence of a tornado in another location. Note that the butterfly does not cause the tornado. The flap of the wings is a part of the initial conditions; one set of conditions leads to a tornado while the other set of conditions doesn’t. You’ve got to give scientists lots of credit. Who can think like this? I guess they have lots in common with real-life detectives—they really know how to look at seemingly unconnected data and find the connections. Patterns, patterns everywhere. So I’m not completely sure where I stand on this belief continuum—random coincidence or larger patterns at play. I do know this: Last month I took a trip to Santiago, Chile to so some consulting for the International School and had a chance to do some work with a group of 5th graders. The kids at this school are from over 40 different nations and were asking me questions about myself, and the first boy asked which state I was from in the U.S. When I told him I was from Illinois, he asked me where in Illinois. Seems he just moved to Santiago two weeks ago from Illinois as well. You guessed it—he moved from Peoria.

What are the odds, right?

Dina Emser is an author, speaker and leadership coach who transforms business owners and service executives from high performance team members to leaders … gracefully. Check out her new website for programs and coaching options and sign up for her monthly ezine,

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Numero Issue 75  

A magazine from Peoria IL.

Numero Issue 75  

A magazine from Peoria IL.