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COMPANY PROFILE EiGEN is a one stop solution provider for knowledge based services to Construction Industry - adopting and displaying best practices around the world. EiGEN is Synonymous with Superior Quality, Innovation, Knowledge and Integrity – the keys to EiGEN’s success. The company provides Design Consulting Services in Architecture, Civil & Structure, Infrastructure, MEP, and Quantity Surveying in India. For International projects, our core Competency is Sub-Consultants to Principal Architects, Engineering Consultants and PQSs, along with Value-Added services to Contractors. In last 5 years, the company has provided a wide range of services to projects in various markets of global construction industry including India, Australia, Middle East, United Kingdom, Caribbean Islands and the US. EiGEN demonstrates blending technology and innovation in all its services. Exhibiting innovation, EiGEN’s IT-enabled products and services are unique and are creating benchmark in the construction industry and thereby enhancing the overall operational efficiency. With technical expertise of 400 strong team of Engineers and Designers, EiGEN has ability to understand Global Delivery Model, thereby making it first choice for clients looking for outstanding quality in well deserved fee structure. Professionals at EiGEN carry out work with a process oriented approach following the ISO: 9001:2008 processes certified by BSI UK. Right from inception quality assurance has been the company’s foremost offering to its esteemed clients. EIGEN believes in delivering measured value to client and continuously strives for making construction industry more professional and accountable in whichever small contributable way.




EiGEN Technical Services Pvt. Ltd.

INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY EiGEN brings you a comprehensive breadth of IT business services. IT team provides support to all kinds of application or web development, implementation and/or maintenance initiatives for your organization from an economical while consultative perspective. With seasoned experience, the team has refined its approach to the complex issues of software development that enable delivery of high quality and cost effective solutions. Whether an actual product development, business intelligence, or help desk support, you will benefit from our business expertise and hands-on approach to service, enabling you to obtain optimal results from your technology investments. Product Development EiGEN IT team can help you in developing software concepts to reality. The team uses innovative software product development methodologies to visualize prototype, design and construct software. The development team offers software solutions that benefit the customers with tractability, cycle time reduction and flexible software application delivery capabilities. Product Development includes, but is not limited to:


Application Development In Application Development services, EiGEN offers complete range of application solutions, where clients are benefited to have all reciprocal solutions under a single umbrella. The team involves strategic planning, creativity, visualizations, and inherent skills to provide unique solution to each client. The Application Development service, which is often the start of a longer-term relationship, includes:

Application Development Component

Website Design And Development

Other Services

EiGEN’s IT department aims to help clients achieve their business goals through customized web design & development solutions and various web-marketing programs designed to maximize return on investment. The team has been consistently delivering creative and scalable design solutions that reflect the personality, needs and vision of our clients.

Besides above stated IT services, EiGEN also cater to other services. EiGEN is dedicated to customer success and aimed to provide a comprehensive and complete support to their businesses. All other services are listed as below: • Technical Support and Maintenance • Migration and conversion • IT-Manpower sourcing

Snag Management and Control System


• Engineering services automation products • Construction Specific Products

EiGEN Technical Services Pvt. Ltd.

Project Gallery FACT FACT is a 100% web based project management tool and web collaboration software for easy project scheduling and project planning. In any organization, project management software is used for different purposes like communication, collaboration and overall management and tracking of projects. If you need to schedule multiple tasks and events then project management software can be very valuable FACT is a tool, developed specifically for any organization to manage the execution of their projects. Organizations are facing number of challenges like timely Project delivery with in budget. FACT is an answer to those challenges and supports managers to manage their projects efficiently. • Project Setup • Resource Available Charting • Resource Management • Project Planning • Resource Performance Management • Project Tracking • Change Management

ATRAPS Client: Al Naboodah Laing O’Rourke RFID based asset tracking & snagging system on CAD platform • Site Positioning System • Referencing & Checking • Snagging System • Inventory Control • Facilities Management • Healthcare Applications (Positioning)* • Cost Control Drawing Revisions controlled electronically


Client: EiGEN’s Employees

Project Gallery SMACS

When your reputation is to deliver quality projects, you need a reliable system which can track and effectively report snags and flaws of your venture. Snag Management And Control System (SMACS) is an out-of-the-box solution empowering you to accomplish snag-free construction site. SMACS reduces paperwork, phone calls, and manual inputting of reports. This being a PDA compatible application greatly increases on-site supervisor efficiency for tracking snags and assigning snags to sub-contractors. with stepping of SMACS into construction industry, manual tracking and reporting of snags has become a past event. Benefits • Record and minimize the Cost of Defects rectification process. • Expedite the completion of your projects and avoid post completion nightmares! • Reduces operating costs. • Reduced paperwork, phone calls and manual inputting of reports • Increased field supervisor efficiency • Greatly improved visibility of contractor performance. • PDA usage makes this application easy and more effective.

TCAT Client: Select Plant, UK Do you know where your tower cranes are?’ is a crucial question and finding an answer to it is equally challenging. Tower Crane Allocation and Tracking System (TCAT) is the ultimate software solution for management of tower cranes. TCAT is based on cutting edge Radio Frequency Identification [RFID] technology and mobile computing. This RFID enabled solution to track and manage tower cranes resulting in labor savings, error reduction in recording crane movements, and reduced equipment loss by instant notification when respective are missing. With better inventory management and improved customer responsiveness, it greatly reduces working friction of your organization. Thus, TCAT significantly reduces organization’s operating and maintenance cost. Benefits • Working with TCAT facilitates faster and effective handling of bookings placed by the client as compared to usage of spreadsheets for bookings. • This application enables easy and speedy tracking of specific equipments of the plant in context to their location as well as current status. • This application allows automatic validation of equipments successfully dispatched or arrived at the site. • Usage of TCAT has improved efficiency by reducing rekeying errors, billing disputes and invoice inaccuracy.


Client: AN- Laing O’ Rourke, DUBAI

Project Gallery EiGEN QSOFT EiGEN QSOFT acts as answered prayer for the quantity surveyors and other surveyors who lose lot of sweat and mind generating BOQ and estimating them. Application integrates and indexes every aspect of elemental estimating, cost planning, estimate measuring, and BOQ generation. It is a simple, yet powerful tool for generating Bill of Quantity (BOQ) from 3D model of a structure or building in a desired format. The application generates 5D model after adding cost and timeline dimensions to 3D model. Also, it provides complete navigational walkthrough the building structure allowing project planning and cost analysis like labour cost, material cost etc. Thus, EiGEN QSOFT helps you to get the cutting edge of accuracy in preparing estimates and managing your projects. Benefits • Beneficial in cost analysis and elemental planning. • EiGEN QSOFT will enable building design professionals to make informed decisions by providing detailed environmental and cost measures for different materials, products and designs, automatically from building’s 5D drawings. • Application enables automatic generation of a bill of quantities (BOQ) and cost estimate from a 3D Building Model. • Enhances the 3D Model to 5D Model by adding cost and time dimensions

LOHA Client: EiGEN’s Employees, C.Tech Dubai, Lafance India Introducing, LOHA (Laing O’Rourke Hindustan Automation), a revolutionary breakthrough in rebar detailing software market. It is marking its presence due to its advanced detailing features and technical excellence. Detailing is simple, fast, and error-free; not compromising on the fact that drawings are clear and placerfriendly. The program automates every aspect of the detailing process, from outlining basic drawings, to placement and calling of bars, and eliminating tedious calculations. An impressive aspect of LOHA is the automatic generation of bar bending schedule in user desired format along with correct and errorfree schedule. Built to exceed the needs of detailers and fabricators, LOHA gives you a competitive advantage. Benefits • Automatic bar bending schedule. • Easy to use and fully integrated with AutoCAD. • User friendly Rebar Detailing Package. • Conforming to BS & BS/ACI codes. • Reduced checking required and virtual elimination of errors. • Variable length bars can be grouped automatically. • Alternate bars can be called simultaneously. • 99 series shape codes can be added to the library.


Client: EiGEN’s Employees

Project Gallery SEAD PileCap

Easy to Learn and Use- SEAD PileCap is an ideal software solution for structural engineers, design firms, steel fabricators, educators, and others. This Pile Cap detailer is an application, using which a detailer can produce a fully detailed Pile Cap and Bar Bending Schedule (BBS) in seconds. It is versatile, reliable and fast, with powerful editing facilities and excellent output. The wizard like GUI of the application assists both first time and occasional users with a step-by-step approach to data entry, design, editing and checking. Its user friendliness and the high quality of technical support ensure that you can put the software to practical use immediately. This application makes your job more enjoyable and increases your productivity by creating professional design calculations and drawings to the highest standards of presentation. Benefits • Automatic bar bending schedule. • Easy to learn and use - This application provides a user friendly and an interactive interface, through which all parameters of the Pile Cap and rebar’s information required for detailing and scheduling can be entered. • Fast automatic design – The application instantly produces a selection of suitable designs for 2-9 pile pilecaps from which the designer can choose.


Client: EiGEN’s Employees

Project Gallery Select Web Catalogue

Success depends on efficient management and utilization of equipment assets. Tracking and managing assets is a difficult task for organizations with a large number of assets. Select Web Catalogue is leading the way with an easy-to-use, comprehensive solution for asset hiring order creation, equipment transportation and maintenance, costing, and income tracking. It is operated in a web browser environment in a manner that application turns out to be user friendly and can be easily adapted for different functionalities. The application enables better control and utilization of stock, streamlines the process of cost calculation and invoicing, and extends life of equipment by ensuring it is properly maintained Thus, this application provides all of the tools necessary to successfully manage your fleet, ensuring that equipment is utilized to the fullest extent and that you obtain the highest return possible on your investment.

Consultant Feedback Management System (CFMS) Technologies Used: ASP.NET with VB.NET, SQL Server on .NET framework 1.1 The growing pressure to make businesses more productive is fueling an increase in demand for performance management software. Consultant Feedback Management is a complete software solution for capturing performance feedback on consultant activity from initial concept to final closeout. Use CFMS application to record performance of consultants, to monitor design delivery, to capture project team delivery capabilities as assessed by consultants, and to set standards of benchmark performance. This application is the perfect answer for you if you are looking for a powerful and easy way to analyze consultants on basis of their management skills, ability to deliver quality output, fruitful commercial results, and behavioral commitments. This application’s unique advantage compared to other performance tracking programs is its combination of simplicity, flexibility, and power.


Technology Used: ASP.NET with VB.NET, SQL Server on .NET framework 1.1

Project Gallery Design Management System (DMS)

As a design manager, you understand – quite simply – that facilitating the project team in successful construction delivery is the key to successful projects. Since lot of inconsistency prevails between different construction locations, so you require a tool to achieve identical results i.e consistent, auditable, and co-coordinated design. You can use Design Management System to achieve a single business objective of effective, streamlined and lean design management. Features include initial project setup, tender management, resource and equipment mobilization, market-testing and design reviews in coordination with onsite development for its completeness and delivery on-time. Thus, Design Management System is a comprehensive business management solution for design mangers and project leaders.

Concrete Batching Information System (CBIS) Technologies Used: VB, ASP, SQL Server Because of its technical excellence, more and more businesses worldwide are choosing Concrete Batching Information system for their batching information solutions. The CBIS is a versatile, efficient concrete batching control system ideal for ready-mix and block plants. CBIS is a web based application that permits the uploading of series of concrete batch information files into the database, validating and using these files for report generation. The system is a locally developed product that enables productivity gains, maximizes output, maintains high levels of batch quality and consistency and provides an extensive range of production and administrative data and reports for efficient operation and quality assurance. The uniqueness of the CBIS is that it is extremely flexible and offers virtually unlimited capabilities for number of multi-user reporting facilities, report generation and export facilities.


Technologies Used: ASP.NET with VB.NET, SQL Server on .NET framework 1.1

Project Gallery - Web Site Portfolio Laing O’Rourke

Laing O’Rourke is leading the world in innovative construction projects, delivering the maximum value to their clients. Therefore, the website was developed to showcase the achievements and share success. Business value added • The website keeps clients and stakeholders about the recent projects and new ventures. • The website helps in brand equity. • The website showcases latest news, events, and achievements within the organization as well as around developments.

Steetley Regeneration Technologies Used: The site was developed using validated XHTML transitional (error-free and warning-free) and validated CSS (error-free and warning-free) for screen and for print. The website was developed using Microsoft’s .NET platform. The Steetley site, located at the A619 between whitwell and workshop, is 85 hectares and falls across the Nottinghamshire/Derbyshire border. Thus, our client, Laing O’Rourke, wishes to establish a website to build the profile of the Steetley Manufacturing Site project Business Value Added

• The website aims to provide information about the past, present and future state of the Steetley site and keep up-to-date with any developments in the project. Thus, promoting the area among sponsors and PR agencies. This is expected to support all offline activity on the project.

• Current events details for exhibitions and other events are hosted on site for promotion of the area.


Technologies Used: This is an XHTML website developed using Microsoft .NET. Different CSS files are used for different action types/templates.

Project Gallery - Web Site Portfolio Laing Energy

Laing Energy is a subsidiary company of the Laing O’Rourke Group. Laing Energy is the first independent distributor capable of providing ‘multi-utility’ connections. They offer an innovative and flexible approach to the delivery of power networks to new developments through www. website. Business Value Added

• The website acquaints common users about the capabilities and achievements of the group. Thereby, attracting customers and increasing revenues.

• The website displays codes and standards practices followed by the group. This information helps increase reliability factor and brand value among consumers.

DLF Laing O’Rourke Technologies Used: This is an XHTML website developed using Microsoft .NET. Different CSS files are used for different action types/templates. DLF and Laing O’Rourke, both leaders of their respective markets, established a partnership to enter the Indian construction market delivering construction related projects. Thus, to promote and showcase their brand value, our client wanted to launch a website Business Value Added • Web-site keeps users and stakeholders up-to-date about the recent developments of the area, future plans and also provide visual images of the area. • Web-site helped in increasing brand awareness giving insight into achievements of the brand in the area.


Technologies Used: The site was hosted via Microsoft’s Internet Information Server version 5.The website was developed using Microsoft’s .NET platform and Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology was included to secure the site.

Project Gallery - Web Site Portfolio Select Plant Hire, UAE

Select is a subsidiary of al naboodah Laing O’Rourke established in the United Arab Emirates in 1980. A division of select in UK holds a full range of plant and equipment including tower cranes, mobile cranes and other ancillary equipment. Thus, to promote and showcase their brand value, our client wanted to launch a website Business Value Added

• Web-site helped in increasing brand awareness in the UAE giving insight into achievements of the brand in the area.

• Website enabled the business to capitalize on the heightened awareness and increased sales and hire without the need for lots of expensive advertising and outbound calling.

• Website enabled our client to compete effectively in the market and work towards the objectives of becoming market leaders in the UAE.

Brighton Marina Technologies Used: www.brightonmarinaregeneration.c is an XHTML site driven on .net with use of valid semantic micro formats. Different CSS files are used for different action types/templates. Explore Living had the opportunity to regenerate most of the land in the western part of Brighton Marina. Thus, our client wanted to launch a website to engage with the various communities and stakeholders with an interest in the Brighton Marina development. Business Value Added

• Web-site keeps users and stakeholders up-to-date about the recent developments of the area, future plans and also provides visual images of the area.

• Information about public events like exhibitions is floated on the web-site to advertise the area among public.


Technologies Used: This is an XHTML website developed using Microsoft .NET. Different CSS files are used for different action types/templates.

Project Gallery - Web Site Portfolio Explore Living

Explore Living is the residential arm of Laing O’Rourke, bringing enhanced value and greater customer choice to Britain’s residential marketplace. Our client felt that more and more homebuyers are turning to the Internet than ever before to help find their new home. Thus, need for exotic web-site was felt. Business Value Added

• There has been increase in number of sales and transactions through its electronic channels.

• An increase in the requests for brochures, registrations, viewing requests and email enquiries.

• Demand for the special new launched homes has been extraordinarily high with over 60% already sold.

iGATE Technologies Used: iGATE portal was deployed on SharePoint Portal Server running on Windows Server 2003 and Microsoft SQL Server 2000 as the database. The website was developed using Microsoft’s .NET platform. Our client is the largest privately owned construction company. It has offices in the UK, Germany, India, Australia and United Arab Emirates, with over 23,000 employees worldwide. For long term success, Laing O’Rourke wanted to set up a knowledge library http://igate.web so that valuable information could be retained, preserved and shared within the company. Business Value Added

• iGATE is used by about 23,000 users, with the objectives to improve information flow and eventually the ability to make the right decisions with improved knowledge sharing,

• iGATE enables potential savings through the self-help nature of the SharePoint Portal solution.

• The SharePoint Portal solution allows company management to shift its focus from managing resources to managing results.


Technologies Used: The site was hosted via Microsoft’s Internet Information Server version 5, with Adobe’s Flex version 1.5 being hosted via Tomcat. The website was developed using Microsoft’s .NET platform and Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology was included to secure the site.

Project Gallery - Web Site Portfolio Crown House

Crown House Technologies is one of the UK’s principal building services providers, delivering innovative, high quality, lifecycle solutions for our customers. Our client felt need for interactive web-site since it is imperative to the company’s continued growth and success. Business Value Added

• New Projects Promotions - This site is used to provide more in-depth and targeted information about specific projects than the corporate website can provide.

• Brand Value Enhancement- This site showcases the practices and codes used for providing engineering solutions which help in enhancing brand value in the marketplace.


Technologies Used: The site was hosted via Microsoft’s Internet Information Server version 5, with Adobe’s Flex version 1.5 being hosted via Tomcat. The website was developed using Microsoft’s .NET platform and Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology was included to secure the site.

Project Gallery - Technical Support And Maintenance COINS Support

E-Commerce supplier setup for other company

SAP BW Support EiGEN also provides SAP BW support to Laing O’Rourke users and has a track record of consistent delivery on world class service levels and scoring high customer satisfaction scores. Technical support team at EiGEN has been involved in monitoring and managing data, info packages, query performance and data transfers from source system into BW. Following are the functional areas in which EiGEN’s team provide support• • • • •

Monitor daily loads Handle user authentication and configuration requests Lock, session and process administration. Run ad-hoc data loads as requested by the client. Hierarchy administration

Monitor daily loads

User Maintenance Support EiGEN has also been providing support to the employees of Laing O’Rourke by being responsible for mainly all initial account creations for the users who are going to join the organization. Our experience and expertise in trouble shooting the most intricate problems for the organization’s employees have given us a pool of technically skilled manpower capable of providing support and services. Following are the functional areas in which EiGEN’s team provide support• • • •

Employee Account Setup Software and Hardware requirement form approvals Employee’s Personal information form creation such as payslips, address details Monitor Admin and HR department needs of Employees

Software and Hardware approvals


COINS is a Business System being used by Laing O’Rourke for more than 10 years. EiGEN has been providing 3rd Line of support to all users of COINS with in Laing O’Rourke across the globe. Our COINS support desk works for 14hrs to provide the support to the people in various geographies. Following are the functional areas in which EiGEN’s team provide support: • Company Setup • Creating new and updating existing overlays • E-Commerce supplier setup for other company • Data Extraction • Select Web Support • Supplier Catalogue loading • Maintain COINS parameters • Maintain COINS master details

Business Contact : Tele. Contact:

India : +91 9810 502 704 UK : +44 2088 199 814 VC : +91 124 4068 378, +91 124 4068 379

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