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N OTI Z I A News & Nice things - Graphistudio Australia/NZ -

Issue ONE

- May 2018

A look inside Graphistudio HQ An interview with Newborn & Family photographer

Trish Polphet -PapaVibes Photography

The story behind

Young Book


… Did you know ?

Graphistudio’s modern production facility is based in Arba, which is a northern region of Italy, about an hour and a half drive from Venice. Set amongst the picturesque foothills of Dolomite Mountains, Graphistudio boasts an impressive presence where over 200 young craftspeople work to create bespoke products for over 150 countries around the world. .1

Behind the scenes... Founder and CEO Tullio Tramontina and his partners Maurizio Corazza and Enzo piazza formed Graphistudio in 1985 as a small graphic and photography studio.

In the early 90’s, the trio were pioneers in recognising eminent changes in both photographic and printing industries, they became the first to adapt to Digital printing technology and became the creators the worlds first Wedding Book, the magazine album.



There is no warehouse at Graphistudio, each product is bespoke, we create it from point zero which means complete customisation and personalisation opportunities for you to not only own the content but also the presentation.

We are proud to have an 80% female craftspeople on board who love working with their hands, who love detail and meticulous finishing, who love beautiful fabrics, and

leathers materials

and create beautiful, products

with love.


An interview…

Trish Polphet Papa Vibes Photography

Trish Polphet of Papa Vibes Photography - Bonnyrigg Heights, NSW is a


Love for photography, love for all things pretty, love for babies, love for luxury, love for life… Photography was always in Trish’s heart, throughout high-school and beyond as a hobbyist, then a full time career as a Wedding photographer in 2010. “After attending a workshop with Erin Hoskins, I fell in love with ‘New Born’ photography and natural light posing”.

They just want to touch them, pick them up and hold them then take them home!

Before Graphistudio of Italy extended their services to our shores, Trish had already found them! “I was on the lookout for a ‘Point of difference’ in wedding albums” searching the net, Trish found Graphistudio, contacted them directly and ordered her own Wedding album from Graphistudio. “I was looking for Luxury and high quality”.I then discovered the cute Baby Book product, an answer to all my dreams, it offered originality that I had not found here within my reach, it was very cute and beautifully crafted, excellent quality in and out at an extremely affordable price”. .3

I’m a Mum, I know what Mums want!

“Like many, I too started my business by offering my clients just files, after seeing the result I got from Graphistudio, I realised it was way too easy to transition from giving files to giving printed results”.

I fell in love once again when the GoBook was launched, I was immediately drawn to this product. Love the fact that the presentation allowed me to create an album that can double up as a framed image”.

Q. What is the most important factor about Graphistudio? “Two things really, quality and Uniqueness, in fact, uniqueness is fa more important for me, I love that each of my clients have that WOW moment when I show them my products, and then being ‘Made In Italy’ speaks volumes, I like spoiling my clients with luxury service and luxury products”.

Q. Would like to visit Graphistudio Ceconi Castle and attend a seminar, then visit the manufacturing plant too?“ OMG yes! This is definitely something on my ‘Wish list’, I love Italy, every corner has something new to see, something to inspire me, and I love he shopping there too”.

Presentation is everything and very important for me I want to give my clients luxury, elegance, high quality and beautiful products that are protected but at the same time displayed to be enjoyed”. Reveal Box - “This is probably my favourite multifaceted product at the moment, it houses as many matted prints as I want and Mums can display any of them, gift them or just keep swiping them within the reveal window and have a new image to enjoy as they want”.


Young Book …



Young Book is the creation of the CEO’s two young daughters, Alice & Lisa Tramontina.

Accomplished wedding photographers themselves, they wanted to break from tradition and create a clean, edgy, fashion-forward and minimalist concept where presentation was everything. Book & Box concept that today’s couples will love to own and also display in their homes…

We want to go straight to the heart… A modern classic!

Alice and Lisa are typical Millennials, the very generation we now cater to as far as wedding, portrait and baby photography go. This generation is known for an increased use and familiarity with communications, media, and digital technologies. Their vision of communicating with pictures became evident in their own photography style at Tramontina Studio which led them to think outside the norm and create an album presentation that appeals to their generation. Minimalist, 100% Customisable and Chic !


“ Everything you see, I owe to Spaghetti” - Sophia Loren-


Did you know ?


Italy has been the source of numerous significant as well as popular inventions…

…let’s start with the letter ‘a’

AUTOMOBILE - /auto-mobilé Italian word given by Francesco Di Giorgio Martini to drawings he made in 1470. The Italian meaning is "move by itself”.Later on his colleague, Leonardo da Vinci also came up with drawings in 1495. List of Italian inventions (Omicsgroup)

Benchmark for design Some of the top high performance cars are designed and made in Italy. Most are benchmarks for design and at the top of any car enthusiast’s dream list. Italian passion is evident in design, performance, noise and head turning sexiness too. Lamborghini & Ferrari


‘Made in Italy’ …says a lot and sells !


Trend News COLOR TRENDS 2018 | PASTELS ARE THE NEW NEUTRALS ItalianBark - Elisabetta Rizzato

As seen at the recent Stockholm Furniture Fair 2018.Soft, Ice Cream colors along with gold and brass for the inclusion of metallics. Marble and Terrazzo looks are still persisting but toned down to make way for the new Milky Way.

Milan Fashion week color predictions‌



Graphistudio Australia / New Zealand 223 Harbour Esplanade Docklands Vic 3008

telephone: +61 3 9670 1174 email: Graphistudio Community Australia & NZ Instagram Australia & NZ .11

Graphi Magazine Issue 1  

Welcome to GraphiStudio's new e-magazine. Each month, we will share lots of news, interesting interviews, fun topics and so much more.

Graphi Magazine Issue 1  

Welcome to GraphiStudio's new e-magazine. Each month, we will share lots of news, interesting interviews, fun topics and so much more.