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The Villager January 2013

148 A1 Thermoline / Vale Stoves


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Ice Cream Soda

Vintage Clothing Millies Milk Bar


the retro caravan

Vine Court  Vine Street Evesham  WR11 2NN

tel: 07808 792896 Open: Wednesday to Saturday

You’ll adore the NEW innovative wood burning range from BURLEY

Visually Stunning Flames from the most efficient wood burning stove ever made...


oonoedd w FiFrue s a e s lly logs or od hardwoquettes bri ces r pri

Call fo

Fuel is burnt so economically and completely that in tests the ash produced from burning a 100kg stack of logs can fit into a pint glass!


Vale Stoves tel: 01386 862900


Vale Stoves | The Old Farm House | Craycombe Farm Evesham Road | Fladbury | Pershore | Worcs | WR10 2QS

covering pershore and surrounding areas . . . . . . evening and weekend appointments always available To advertise call 0845 224 7061 or 07754 170286 or visit

The Villager

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Cloudy2Clear Windows




Pendas Computers


Business Editorial


The Bell at Salford Priors


MJ Print Ltd

3 Rye Street • Birtsmorton • WR13 6AS


Envisage. . .gardens by design

Telephone 0845 224 7061 Mobile 07754 170286


ALM Fitness




The Fabrik Shop


Health & Nutrition


March Hare Health & Leisure


Huxley Imaging


My Little Satnav


From the Sticks


Blonde on a Plane


Coffee Time!


Events in January


Your Community Directory


Pershore Market

January 2013

“Many a small thing has been made large by the right kind of advertising.” Mark Twain


Grapevine Publications

EDITOR Betty-Ann Ambury


10th January 2013



The aims of The Villager are to bring local buyers and businesses together to encourage the people of Worcestershire and surrounding areas to support these businesses to help the local community to flourish. © 2012. All artwork and copy appearing in this publication is copyright and may not be reproduced without written permission from the publisher. The right to refuse advertisements is reserved. All information published is correct according to those who supplied it and no responsibility is taken if it is not. Care is taken to ensure all advertisements are truthful and no liability is accepted for errors or emissions. The use ofmention this publication canvassing, direct marketing or any other activity apart from sourcing local goods and services is strictly prohibited. Please THEforVILLAGER when responding to advertisers

The Nathan, Radford, Inkberrow, Worcestershire,WR7 4LN



Skip Hire

Fax: 01386 792184

Tel: 01386 792354

SERVICE SALES SPARES Triple C (Cropthorne) Autos Limited Unit 1, Field Barn Farm Field Barn Lane, Cropthorne Worcestershire WR10 3LY Call Chris or Kev

01386 861232 / 07858 261449 4




Registered Office: Address as stated Incorporated in England Company Reg No. 2721020 VAT Reg. No. 770281436

01 684 574507




209b Worcester Road ● Malvern ● WR14 1SP

We are renowned for our skip hire services in and around the surrounding area. Our service is secondto-none, our drivers are polite and considerate, and we always go the extra mile for our customers. BUT did you know that here at MHF (UK) Ltd we also sell and hire hook, cable and chainlift trucks and drawbar trailers? We are a major supplier of spares for demountables and have a wellequipped workshop and trained mechanics.


For all your plumbing needs:  Gas

safe registered  Landlord certificates  Boiler changes  System upgrades  All plumbing work  Bathrooms and Tiling

t: 01386 861676 m: 07976 420150

Reg No. 207290

Pershore Rugs Pershore Retail Market Cherry Road, Pershore WR10 1EY

Rugs of all colours, shapes & sizes Doormats & Kitchenmats Curtain Accessories

Tel: 01386 555588

To advertise call 0845 224 7061 or 07754 170286 or visit


Cloudy2Clear Windows – Service With A Smile! It’s been a crazy few months for Cloudy2Clear Windows. The company which specialises in repairing windows which are steamed up, broken or damaged by replacing the panes – not the frames has grown rapidly as homeowners take advantage of their services. Managing Director Paul Papandreou feels that it’s all about service. ‘Our product is simple. If your double glazing is misted up we can replace the glass at a fraction of the cost of a new window, in any type of frame, and with a new 5 year guarantee. But it’s not just about saving people

money, although that obviously helps. Many tradespeople have struggled since last year and I honestly feel that during the good times a minority perhaps didn’t focus on customer care as much as they should have done. We make sure we turn up when we say we will, do the job the customer requires and leave their house as clean as a whistle. I often get comments back from customers on how they really didn’t expect that sort of service which, in a way, is very sad for the service industry as a whole.’ Cloudy2Clear service the Malvern, Worcester & Hereford areas and Paul is finding that his approach is a major

factor in his success. ‘The truth is that it’s not just the personal satisfaction that I get from doing a good job but also it makes good business sense. I get a huge amount of business from friends and family of people

I’ve done work for, which just goes to show how much a little bit of effort is appreciated.’ So, if your windows are steamed up, broken or damaged give Paul a call for a free quotation on 0800 61 21 118 and he’ll be happy to help!

STEAMED UP DOUBLE GLAZING? Don’t replace the Frames... just the Panes!

Broken or Damaged Windows? Faulty Hinges, Handles or Locks? Want The Latest Energy Saving Glass? All Glazing Backed By Our 5 Year Manufacturers Guarantee Priority Freephone

0800 61 21118 ...we make saving money perfectly clear... Please mention THE VILLAGER when responding to advertisers



from far & wide

Quick Jambalaya 2 tablespoons butter 1 onion, chopped 1 green pepper, chopped 1 clove garlic, crushed 200g rice


500ml chicken stock 1 tin tomatoes 250g diced ham salt & black pepper a few drops Tabasco


Combine all ingredients in a large pan.


Bring to the boil, stirring occasionally.


Cover and simmer for 20-30 minutes, stirring occasionally, until rice is cooked and all liquid is absorbed.


Serve with green salad and crusty bread.

To advertise call 0845 224 7061 or 07754 170286 or visit


Howden Court Hotel

Bowls Touring Teams, Clubs, Group Organisers & Coach Operators

Holida ys fo

visit the English Riviera!

r everyone: couple s, single s, groups


Join us for a JANUARY Winter Warmer 5 days / 4 nights DBB only £139 includes luxury coach transport -

On our Luxury 49 Seater sen Pas ger Coach!

A fantastic offer!

Holidays for All Seasons Call Today for a FREE Brochure We PICK UP from Merstow Green EVESHAM!

For further information/details call 01803








endas have been creating and designing low cost client websites for smaller businesses for over eight years now and have watched the importance and reliance on a company website grow during that period.

The single most important point in designing a bespoke site is to match client expectations with a good solid set of relevant web pages. The initial stage is always to visit the client and gauge expectations, take copies of any current marketing material plus any current corporate images and colours. Finally the all important questions: what it is to be used for, what are they hoping it to achieve, do they want to sell from it, etc., etc? This can only be achieved by a number of face-to-face information gathering meetings, where ideas and expectations are bandied about until common ground is reached. One suggestion is for them to provide a list of competitors sites they like and a similar number of those they do not and this helps immensely in the design stage. Often clients do not really know what they want in terms of overall design and here we help during the preparation and build stage and are quite happy to write the texts required to provide relevant information for a site. It is far easier to ask a client to critique a prepared page than disrupt their busy schedules and request they attempt to write positive prose about themselves and their companies! Where photographs are required we can take these as well; the less we disturb clients during the design process the better we have found. We do not believe you can create a relevant site using a template system, so each site is unique and starts life as a blank sheet.

rest of the site, providing a common theme throughout, and where a customer already has marketing material this scheme would be incorporated too. Our single most often repeated statement is to remind clients that the site is theirs, not ours. We are merely putting onto the web a site to reflect their company and their ethos as well.

Once the initial design has been approved this design would then be used to underpin the

email: web:


So the site is complete and is live on the web but this is not the end. Sites need to be optimised (SEO – search engine optimisation) so the site can be found easily when searching on the web: searching using Google, Bing and the other search engines. Marketing a website can be as big or even bigger task than producing the site in the first place, but a well designed site will get the ball rolling from the off. These days the search giants interrogate sites and in particular index them using the actual wording used on the pages making this arguably, the most important aspect of a new site. They will also look for keywords from within the site but these have diminished in importance. Pendas will register sites with Google to speed up this indexing process but there is always a gap between going live and finding a site using a search engine.

For more information contact Pendas:

tel: 01386 550191 mob: 07435 964579

To advertise call 0845 224 7061 or 07754 170286 or visit


Computer Problems? -

Construction Services Ltd

● ● ● ●

Telephone: 01386 550002 Mobile: 07971 002637 Email:

Onsite support for all your computer issues, for both the home and business user

Pendas Computer Services Ltd - Pershore -

Farm Mechanisation (Hartpury)

General Building Conversions & Extensions Property Maintenance Groundworks

Over 16 years experience

01386 550191 07435 964579

Jordan Massey Fully Insured & Qualified


Simon Haines

PC repairs and upgrades Spyware and virus removal Health checks and PC servicing Website design and site marketing PC’s and media centres built to order General troubleshooting & support Configuring wireless networks Email and internet problems Advice and ongoing help Apple Mac and Windows p: m: e: w:



32 Ashdale Avenue, Pershore, WR10 1PL


For All Your Equestrian Needs

maintaining yo ur land the easy way

menage gradin


Using an ATV and best implements

� �

All weather Leaves NO MARKS or damage to your paddocks

automated man

ure picking

fencing repair


Just PART of our complete ran ge OF Agricultural Services

Small acc ess to paddoc ks & fields catered f or Highly Competitive Rates Please Call for a FREE Quote

� 01386 791572 • 07833 944166

Please mention THE VILLAGER when responding to advertisers


Business Editorial 3 Good Reasons not to Advertise? My business is on the high street . . . everyone knows where I am.

in the first place . . . look in my local newspaper, or the Parish magazine, or the local small business advertising directory, such as The Villager. If you are a small or medium sized business, the best way to use online advertising is to combine it with paper advertising: paper advertising is an easy (and affordable) way of telling people you have a website, and on your website, you can put as much information as you want about your business – who you are, where you are, what you do, etc., etc.

Good reason? Definitely not! And here’s why: have you ever put something down on a table and said “I’ll put that away in a minute”, and six months later that item is still in the same place? The reason for this is simple: when you see something day after day, it very soon blends into the background and you no longer notice it. The same thing happens with shops and businesses on the high street: you see them there every day, but you don’t When I want to advertise, I distribute actually notice them. Think about the flyers. high street in your town . . . can you name all the shops on it? Of Good reason? Definitely not! advertising course you can’t, and yet you’ve And here’s why: unless the is like the lottery: probably seen them every day person reading your flyer you've got to be in it wants your services or product for months, if not years. So, the next time you decide not to at that precise moment, the to win it advertise, stop and ask yourself lifespan of that flyer is as long as two questions: first, is business that it takes to read it – about 1 minute! good that I really don’t want any more Then it will be thrown away. Let’s look at customers, and second, if Tesco is still advertising the cost: on average, 5000 A5 flyers will cost about when in 2011 they made £3.8bn profit - that’s £200. Then they have to be distributed, unless £3.8bn profit – maybe I should reconsider. you do it yourself, which is very time consuming. Most will end up in the recycle bin. Now look at the cost of a similar sized advert in The Villager. For I have a website, I don’t need paper advertising. just £100 you can have a full page advert, in 7,500 Good reason? Definitely not! And here’s why: copies, distributed free of charge. And the lifespan websites are great – in fact I think every business of your advert: at least 1 month! should have one, but to work efficiently, they have to be found! Without going into technical detail, Advertising is not an exact science and there are no the only way a website will work on its own is if guarantees. There is also no way to determine why it gets on the first page of the search engine, and one advert generates a good response and another that’s not as easy as you may think. Let’s look at doesn’t. It’s very much a trial and error process; a simple example. You need a plumber. You go on but one thing is certain: if you don’t advertise, you the internet and search for plumbers in your area. definitely won’t get a response! It’s like the lottery: As an exercise I did exactly that . . . and there are if you don’t buy a ticket, you can’t win! more than 10 pages of plumbers in my area, so over 150 plumbers. How do I choose the one I want? tel: 01684 833715 Well, I have two choices: I can either call the first mob: 07754 179286 one on the list, or I can do what I should have done email: 10

To advertise call 0845 224 7061 or 07754 170286 or visit

Rejuvenate your body and

reduce the stress with

Therapeutic Yoga Beginners welcome, 1st session

Mixed ability daytime and evening classes in Pershore, Worcester & Upton area

PAUL COOPER Plastering, Rendering and Screeding Services Overskim Old Walls and Artex 25 years experience

tel 01905 381082 mob 07977 742245


Pam Griffiths - 01386 552004 BWY Yoga tutor - 'REAL YOGA' Therapist email:

Fern’s Cattery Windmill Hill Field Alcester Road Radford WR7 4LS Are you planning a trip? Now your feline friends can have a luxurious time too... - Purpose built cattery situated in beautiful countryside. - Our chalets are constructed to the highest standards using the most up-to-date materials to comply with the model license conditions. - All chalets are heated, secure, hygienic and designed to offer interested, comfortable accommodation. - Any medical conditions are catered for. - Collection and delivery service. - 24 hour veterinary care. - Fully qualified staff.

Nikki Walding ACA & Ian Cooke ACA Nikki Walding ACA & Ian Cooke ACA

Check your tax position with our Check tax position with our Freeyour Financial Healthcheck Free Financial Healthcheck Call for a free review PERSHORE 01386 552644 Call for a –free review LEDBURY ––01531 PERSHORE 01386631500 552644 LEDBURY – 01531 631500

Crowthers Chartered Accountants at The Courtyard, 19 High Street, Pershore,at Crowthers Chartered Accountants Worcestershire, The Courtyard, 19 HighWR10 Street,1AA Pershore, and WR10 1AA Worcestershire, 10 The Southend, and Ledbury, 2EY 10Herefordshire, The Southend,HR8 Ledbury, Herefordshire, HR8 2EY

For more details contact Ayley on: Tel: 01386 792554 Email:

Please mention THE VILLAGER when responding to advertisers





 


  

 




 

 

 





  



 


     


                  



   

 

   

 


 

  

 12

To advertise call 0845 224 7061 or 07754 170286 or visit

Qualified Plumbing & Heating Engineer All Work Guaranteed No Call Out Fee No Job Too Small

01386 793616 07910 681481 •

EFT - The Path to Inner Peace Emotional Freedom The Path to Inner Peace Do you suffer from anxiety, stress or depression? Do you want to ‘let go’ of this and really start enjoying your life? EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) helps to:  let go of any negativity so you feel calm and gain peace;  increase your positivity and well-being;  bring you self-acceptance and contentment. Gain more peace in your life, contact Kim on 07518 053311

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MJ MJPrint Printltd ltd

Electrical Contractors& &Security Security System Specialists Electrical Contractors System Specialists

MJ Print Ltd are qualified electricians that offer an excellent domestic and commercial installations service (NAPIT approved). In addition, we have years of experience in the security industry offering design and installation of intruder alarm systems, CCTV and associated systems (SSAIB approved).



MJ Print Ltd, as it has recently been renamed following the merger of MJ Print Electrical and Bob Harris Alarms Limited, is a small local company based in Evesham and serve Evesham and surrounding areas. We are therefore able to offer the personal touch and familiarity that a large company can not.


AL CI ER M M CO & C TI ES M O D TY UALI was set up by Matthew Print in 2003 and established a solid client QElectrical MJ Print

E C I V R E S L A C I R T C E ELith EMERGENCY 24hr Call Out

base over the years, a lot of work coming from repeat custom due to an excellent 161 MJ Print Ltd 14/11/2012 11:10 am Pag local reputation. In 2010 Matt's mentor, with whom he completed his electrical apprenticeship at Spiers & Harris, retired and Matt took over the running of Bob Harris Alarms Limited. Matt has enjoyed the diversity of working within the two markets and has found that they naturally “& ALL ASPECTS OF compliment each other. There are two ELECTRICAL WORK” additional qualified electricians that work in the MJ Print limited team.


Alarming! Call: Matt Print 01386 443451

Mobile: 0779 3432 008 Print ltd e:MJ Electrical Contractors Security System Specialists &

Our work is largely based on repeat custom and recommendations due to Alarms Ltd and affordable works, and high quality • with our customers knowing we are ACCESS CONTROL SYSTEMS always available 24-hours a day for callRCIAL QUALITY DOMESTIC & COMME out or general product support over the phone. Call Out




Call: Matt Print 01386 Mobile: 0779 3432 008



Formerly Bob Harris Alarms Ltd


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Doors, windows, porches and conservatories • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Insurance backed guarantee FENSA registered Trader Register member Local references available Locally based in Worcester Tidy, polite & reliable Argon-filled, double-glazed units fitted as standard. Composite doors in a range of colours. Eight-point locking system on all new PVC doors. Order to installation within a fortnight! Range of prices to suit No pushy salesmen Full design service Call Free! 0800 0832 660

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he Festivities are over, the rituals of 12th night duly observed. The view from the sitting room window is bleak, the garden’s at rest and we settle back into our cosy sofas, surrounded by a myriad of seed catalogues. Their glossy photographs entice us to grow all manner of exotic flowers and vegetables; the new, the rare and the irresistible. January, the month Be fo re named after the twoheaded Roman god Janus ; one bearded head looking to the past, the other clean shaven looking to the future. He is the pagan deity of beginnings and endings, of transition and the origin of the dreaded New Year’s resolutions. Generally the concept of which, is to implement a plan of self-improvement, but depressingly, I believe the failure rate is a massive 88%. Nevertheless it is a good time for us gardeners to reflect on the horticultural triumphs and debacles of the previous growing season. Gardeners are perennial optimists; we need to be. Our horticultural plans often dashed by ‘unseasonally wet weather’, trampled by an escaped herd of cows with unseemly desires on ones dahlias or slurped to death overnight by a plague of molluscs. We emerge from these


A Garden Audit . . . but it shouldn’t be too taxing! experiences crestfallen, but not crushed and often mumbling the phrase ‘next year will be different’. At a recent dinner party, I fell into conversation with a professional photographer and gardener who photographs his clients’ gardens once a month for a whole year so they A ft er can observe the seasonal changes. It got me thinking; how can this artistic ritual be used to develop and improve one’s own garden - a sort of visual garden audit? This January, why not resolve to look at the bigger picture? Resist the temptations of the seed catalogues to buy something you didn’t know you needed; start a garden journal instead. It could be a digital record or a scrap book. I find the latter easier, because I can jot down notes with muddy fingers and stick in seed packets, nursery receipts and the odd diagram. I am not aiming for the Diary of an

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Edwardian Lady, but it does help when I have a pot of soggy autumn leaves with no label, I can get out the journal and forensically identify the anonymous culprit. Photograph the same garden view from your conservatory, your kitchen window or that border which needs a bit of ‘gingering up’, once a month-ish and stick them sequentially in your journal. After a few months, you will have a series of photographs that will either delight or bore you to death. The point being that when standing in the garden, we are drawn to the seasonal focal point, the brilliant tulips in bloom, the fresh leaves of the Spirea and our brain conveniently diverts our attention away from the uninteresting and untidy. Only when confronted by the evidence at our kitchen table, do we see the embarrassing bits of garden that ‘could do better’. On a small scale: • Improve a border by introducing some winter flowering shrubs like Viburnum bodnantense ‘Dawn’ or a vibrant Hammamelis mollis, but not together (pink and yellow don’t go together!) • Buy some wattle fencing and finally screen off the compost heap from view!

• Install a small and easy water feature, bringing life to a static garden scene. • Crown raise an old Philadelphus or Cornus; under plant with some fresh spring flowering perennials: Pulmonaria ‘Sissinghurst White’, Ferns, Primroses, Violets. • Indulge in a large terracotta urn from Whichford Pottery as a border focal point - you don’t even have to fill it. • Install a stained glass and stone sculpture. If possible, position it so you can view it from your house and the sunlight shines through it on December 20th, reminding you that Spring is on its way. When bold decisions are needed to clear out an entire border, start from scratch. Plan it first on paper, use your photographs, sketch some shapes, build in the layers and all year round interest; may be even buy a little consultation time with a garden designer, before you even lift your secateurs. The trick is to pick a project, implement some changes; above all, be in the top 12% and complete it! Start small and build up to your magnum opus. And my New Years Resolution? It’s to buy more plant labels!

Hilary Collins Design ConsuItant & Horticulturist Envisage . . . gardens by design at Grafton Nursery www t: 01386 898196 or 01684 878571 Please mention THE VILLAGER when responding to advertisers


New Year New You: Tips on turning your New Year's fitness resolutions into reality


ith the New Year here, the chances are you or someone you know is resolving to lose weight or get in shape. Part of what makes these resolutions so difficult is that we expect to see results quickly, and when we don’t, we tend to give up. Getting into shape and becoming healthier isn’t a sprint; it’s a marathon (but without all the sweating and fatigue of an actual marathon). Staying active, maintaining a healthy weight and eating the right foods are lifelong activities. Here are some ideas to help you make living fit a part of your life. 1. Get Specific

The more details you include in your plan, the better your chances of success. If you’ve got “exercise” or “eat better” on your New Year’s resolution list, you probably won’t be doing much of either. That’s because “exercise” isn’t a specific plan. For example, set aside 25 minutes each morning, say between 6:45 and 7:10, to stretch, walk or go for a jog -­‐ whatever. Just be specific. For eating better, schedule specific healthy meals and snacks for specific times throughout the day.

a healthy protein shake every day. The key is to establish a routine of things you do at specific times. The sooner it becomes part of your day, the sooner it will become part of your life. 3. Celebrate your successes If you create specific plans for exercise and healthier eating, and you make them part of your daily routine, chances are you’ll be seeing positive results. Celebrate! You’ve earned it. And a little pat on the back is a great motivator to keep the good results coming -­ through the next New Year and beyond.

2. Make it routine One effective way to introduce a new behaviour is to make it part of your day. For exercise, set up a routine -­‐ maybe a walk around your local area, maybe to the park or the shops each morning. If you’ve resolved to lose weight, replace lunch with 18

For more information on classes, personal training and other services visit or call Amy 07740 366419 or email

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Cricket: a little known fact . . .

E. Hill & Son

The first testicular guard (“box�) was used in cricket in 1874.

Established 1960

Funeral Directors

Independent Family Run Business Holders of Diploma in Funeral Directing

And the first helmet was used in 1974.

Professional & Sympathetic Service Available 24 Hours Prepaid funeral plans available

So, it took 100 years for men to realise that their brains could also be important?!!?

01386 552141

Fairfield House, Defford Road, Pershore, WR10 1HZ

Construction General General Construction General Construction General Construction & Refurbishment & Refurbishment & Refurbishment General Construction & Refurbishment GeneralGeneral Construction Construction General Tel345020 No:Construction 01905 345020 Tel No: 01905 Tel No: 01905887676 345020 TelRefurbishment No: 01905 345020 Mobile No: 07823 & Mobile No: 07823 887676 & Refurbishment & Refurbishment & Refurbishment Mobile No: 07823 887676 Mobile No: 07823 887676 Email: Email:

Email: Email: Tel No: 01905 345020

Tel No: 01905 Tel No: 345020 01905Tel 345020 No: 01905 345020 Mobile 07823 887676 Professional Service for both Commercial & Residential Clients Mobile No: Mobile 07823 No: 887676 07823 Mobile 887676 No: 07823 887676 Email: Professional&Service for bothClients Commercial & Residential Clients Professional Service for both Commercial Residential

Professional Service for both Commercial & ResidentialEmail: Clients Email: Email:

CLIVE CAMPION Painter & Decorator

Mothers R Us

Professional Service for both Commercial & Residential Clients

Professional ServiceProfessional for both Commercial Service for & Residential both Professional Commercial Clients Service & Residential for both Commercial Clients & Residential Clients

Interiors, Exteriors & Exhibitions Over 23 years of experience

Free Quotations Mob: 07768 104525 Tel: 01527 401427 Email: References available on request

Visit our online shop for a range of affordable mother and baby items See our new range of affordable stylish maternity clothing Baby clothing: new and pre-loved, including Next, H&M, Osk Kosh and many others Baby shower, new baby and mum to be gifts and hampers Relax & Chill Out range of pampering treats for everyone follow us on @MothersRUsShop for more information and to view our full range

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January Article by Marion Freeman


n the Roman calendar the year began on 1st March and ended on 31st December. January and February were added later, with January being named after the Roman god Janus, meaning 'opening' in Latin. Statues of Janus show him with two faces: one looking back and the other forward. In the past it was common practise in many parts of the country for children to go 'apple gifting' on 1st January. Apples would be decorated with evergreen twigs, usually rosemary and box, together with grain and raisins. These were carried from house to house as New Year blessings, offered in exchange for small gifts of food or money. In Scotland children still sometimes go 'guising', smearing their faces with soot and singing New Year rhymes in exchange for gifts and goodies such as slices of Black Bun, a sort of pie with a type of mincemeat filling. As it is considered unlucky to visit any house empty-handed on New Year's day, and guisers often leave a piece of coal, this symbol harking back to the old pagan celebrations when fires were lit throughout the country to encourage the waning sun and as a protection against evil and witchcraft

most important day of the year, but was adopted by the western church in the 4th century. They concentrated on the manifestation to the three wise men representing the nonJewish Christian world. The 6th January was chosen as it coincided with this and therefore superseded pagan celebrations of the New Year. An interesting Epiphany gift ceremony used to take place on 6th January at St James Palace in London. British monarchs would re-enact the visit of the three wise men bringing gifts to the Christ-child, but from the time of George III this has been done by appointed representatives. Gifts of gold in the shape of gold sovereigns, frankincense and myrrh are placed on the altar of the Chapel Royal and blessed by the Bishop of London.

Sirens, bells, hooters and fireworks still welcome in the New Year at midnight and with toasts, kisses and singing of 'Auld Lang Syne'. Recently the Scottish tradition of "first footing" has become more celebrated south of the border when a tall, dark male is welcomed to the house on the stroke of midnight, bearing gifts of coal, bread, salt and whisky, traditionally entering by the front door and leaving through the back. Should the visitor be a stranger, even more good luck is ensured to the household especially if he is offered a glass of whisky and a piece of shortbread.

In pagan times Twelfth Night signified the end of yule and the culmination of the Christmas jollifications. It was time to take down decorations as it was thought if holly was kept in the house after this date, each leaf and sprig of berries turned into a mischievous spirit. It was traditionally an occasion for games, feasting and general merriment. The Lord of Misrule, appointed at the beginning of the Christmas season held his final court on this day, having led all the festivities of the previous twelve days. In Tudor times a masque or play would often be presented such as Shakespeare's Twelfth Night, the revels presided over by the King of the Bean or Queen of the Marrowfat (pea). A bean was cooked into a cake and whoever found it in their portion was crowned and in more recent versions, had to buy a round of drinks.

Twelfth Night is a pagan festival adapted by the Christian church into Epiphany. This signified the four manifestations of Christ: to the shepherds, to the wise men, at his baptism and when he changed water into wine. At first this celebration occurred only in the Eastern Orthodox Church calendar, where it is still the 20

Old Twelfth Night was held on 17th January and it is around this time that wassailing takes

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place. The word 'wassail', from the Old English salutation 'was hal' (be in good health) is said when presenting wine to a guest. Wassailing takes place particularly in areas where apples are extensively grown and takes various forms depending on the part of the country. However in essence they are the same, all originating in an ancient rite for protecting the orchards from evil. Parties assemble amongst the trees carrying shotguns and horns and copious supplies of cider or ale, which may be poured over the roots or branch tips, whilst traditional songs are sung. A gun may be fired through the top branches to drive away evil spirits, whilst in some cases bread soaked in cider is placed on the branches, the whole accompanied by singing and the performance of Morris dancers. In east Cornwall one special tree is saluted and sprinkled with cider, and in parts of west Sussex 'apple howling' takes places where horns are blown and the trees thrashed with sticks to encourage them to bear fruit. You won't need to go far in order to take part in one of these events for each year such a ceremony takes place at the Fleece Inn, Bretforton. The 2013 event will take place on 12th January commencing at 6.30pm but arrive in good time if you need a parking space! It is a really fun evening when folk singers and Morris men entertain, whilst a huge brazier burns and traditional cerebrations take place. The Monday following Twelfth Night is known as Plough Monday and marked the end of the Christmas holiday period - often the only holiday of the year for farm labourers - when ploughing would begin for the next crop. It was a feast day in many parts of the country. Athletic young men would be chosen to take part in 'leaping dances' as it was thought the height they leapt would be the height of the next corn harvest. In some areas labourers with blackened faces dragged a decorated plough (often called a 'fool plough') around the streets with threats to those not donating to a collection box to have their gardens ploughed up in retaliation. Sometimes a fool, dressed in skins and with a

tail would dance behind the plough. The 20th January marks St Agnes' Eve when tradition says that a girl will dream of her future partners if she takes pins from a pincushion whilst reciting a Pater Noster, and stick them into her sleeve. Once in bed, she should lie on her back with her hands behind her head, and she will then dream of being kissed by her future husband. (I haven't been able to ascertain whether she should still be wearing her sleeve of pins!). St Agnes lived in Rome at the time of the Emperor Diocletian, and because she refused to marry and deny her faith, was stripped and sent to a brothel as punishment. According to legend her hair miraculously grew to cover her whilst an angel brought her a white robe. The month's end sees Burns' Night on 25th January. Not so well observed in our part of the country as north of the border, where events are held to honour Scotland's greatest poet, Robert Burns. This is celebrated by a special Burns' Night Supper involving much merrymaking, drinking of toasts, eating of haggis, speeches and recitations of Burns' poems, and culminating of course, in the singing of 'Auld Lang Syne' . . .

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THE FABRIK SHOP In recent years, there has been a surprising resurgence of interest in arts and crafts. It may be in response to recessive times or perhaps the ‘Kirsty’ effect, following Kirsty Allsop’s successful series last year which actively promoted crafting and being creative in your home. Her new series is currently being broadcast on Channel 4. The Fabrik Shop based in Pershore is extremely happy to report a healthy increase in interest in dressmaking; so much so that proprietor, Lisa Haggitt, has extended the range of fabrics by a third to cope with demand. Lisa says “people seem to be very disappointed with the quality and choice of clothes on the High Street. Many have returned to dressmaking to ensure they have clothes that are individual, made of a superior quality fabric and of course offer a great fit.” Making your own clothes still provides very good value for money, especially when you consider the type of fabrics you can buy. A typical straight skirt, fully lined in a boucle wool, which is very fashionable at the moment, will only cost around £15 in total, more of course if you need to purchase a pattern; but this is still great value considering the same skirt may well cost in excess of £45 in the shops. “Quality and fit is the issue here” Lisa says, “wearing clothes made just for you will make you feel good and of course no one will have anything like it.” Should there be enough interest Lisa plans to run dressmaking courses in the New Year. Those people who are interested should telephone or email the shop and register your details as soon as possible. Lisa suggests you make the most of the cold dark nights and tap into your creative spirit. Dressmaking can be very satisfying, a great confidence boost and save you money as well.

THE FABRIK SHOP 24a Broad Street, Pershore. Tel: 01386 553 626 e:

Stockist of: Linens, Cotton Poplins, Lawns and fabrics for evening wear Full range of fleece, patchwork cottons, waddings, stencils, cutters and boards Fat quarters from £1

The Fabrik Shop, Broad Street, Pershore stocks a full range of fleece, quilting and dressmaking fabrics and equipment.

Tel: 01386 553626 email: 22

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Part-time Courses

Look good feel great

We have a great choice of courses on offer including: • Creative Cup Cakes • Zumba

Relax in the country in our idyllic Spa

• Chickens for your Garden


• The Practical Gardener


• Make Beautiful Fabric



and much more!

be pampered

To find out more visit us at or call (01386) 712695 for Course Guide

Your local College in Evesha m and Malvern

The Willow Spa Experience White Ladies Aston Worcester WR7 4QQ

Davies Road, Evesham Albert Road North, Malvern

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S and H


From this ... ... to this!

Building and Paving Contractors • Extensions • Alterations • Garage Conversions • Fencing • Conservatory Bases • Fish Ponds • Brickwork & Plastering • Block Paving • Slab Laying

Fence Panels Dog Kennels Chicken House Bird Boxes BirdTables Water Butts Trellis Garden Gates

From this ... ... to this!

From this ... ... to this!

All interior work, including:


All our products are of a premium quality, with a bespoke service available.

All quotes are free with no obligation.

• Ceramic Tiling • Wood Floors • Doors & Windows and more . . . For a free quote call andy on

Tel: 01905 841 847 Mob: 07884 274976

Unit 4 the Hop Farm • Broadwas on Teme WR6 5NZ • Tel 01886 822032 Andy 07884 274976 or Terry 07847 275357 Email:

A&S MEMORIALS We aim to provide a personal service, giving free and friendly advice. We can arrange home visits to discuss your needs in the comfort of your own home


All monumental work undertaken: • New and second inscriptions • Cleaning and levelling Renovation • Churchyard and cemetery

30 years of experience Unit 4 the Hop Farm • Broadwas on Teme • WR6 5NZ • Tel 01886 822032 Julie 07969 333203 or Simon 07969 333497 Email: 24

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Septic Tank? Cesspit?  Cesspit, Septic Tank & Sewage Treatment Plant Emptying

Independent Financial Advisers • Pensions and Retirement Planning • Savings and Investments • Later Life Advice • General Financial Advice

 CCTV Drain Surveys & Repairs Sewage Treatment Plant & Pump Station Servicing & Maintenance

Off-Mains Drain Jetting 24 Hour Emergency Service Competitive Prices Friendly, Clean & Reliable Service Professional & Fast Response

call your local Pershore depot on

Eugénie Cameron AIFP APFS Certs CII (MP&ER) Chartered Financial Planner

Your local trusted sewage company

0800 9750836

Cleansing Service Group

Call: 01684 891768 Email:

Waste Solution Specialists

visit us at or email

Health & Nutrition For those of you who watch what you eat, here's the final word on health and nutrition: 1. The Japanese eat very little fat and suffer fewer heart attacks than Brits. 2. The Mexicans eat a lot of fat and suffer fewer heart attacks than Brits. 3. The Chinese drink very little red wine and suffer fewer heart attacks than Brits. 4. The Italians drink a lot of red wine and suffer fewer heart attacks than Brits. 5. The Germans drink a lot of beer and eat lots of sausages and fats and suffer fewer heart attacks than Brits.

Pinvin, Pershore

CONCLUSION: Eat and drink what you like: apparently speaking English is what kills you!!

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Article & Photography by Brian Joyce


ouncillor Richard Morris, Chairman of the Wychavon District Council opened the newly formed joint venture between Exclusive Gym and Select Physio.

a special interest in The joint venture is based in the purpose built Biomechanics and premises at Broughton Hackett, near Worcester rehabilitation. By and will combine bespoke, one-to-one fitness assessing coaching using their indoor gym and unique the clients outdoor ‘Boot Camp’ assault course with the problem(s) full service Physio practice offering a wide a n d range of specialist treatments for all ages. then coThese treatment regimes are aimed at those ordinating with a variety between of muscular and skeletal problems the Physio from arthritis and programme general injuries, and the rehabilitation, fitness and strength or injuries from development in the gym, the joint venture has sporting accidents. proved they can accelerate and improve the Sarah Collierrecovery process in many cases. Meanwhile, Smith, MD of Phil Newbury, the MD of Exclusive Gym says, Select Physio who ”We are helping some members lose weight, has previously others want to train for a specific sport and worked within some are elite athletes – they all have very the NHS in specific and personal goals that we can help Birmingham them achieve”. and BUPA South Bank Councillor Morris, who cut the ribbon to Hospital, is officially open the joint venture, after taking quoted as a tour and testing the facilities was quoted as saying, “Our saying, “I am always happy to support new new joint initiatives in the Wychavon area and one that venture will supports a healthy certainly be lifestyle should prove beneficial to many of our physio clients because to be very popular having a state-of-the-art gym at our disposal will boost what we can achieve. Exclusive Gym indeed”. is also unusual because it provides a non-competitive, small numbers environment where fitness coaches and personal trainers can concentrate on helping members to achieve real personal results, without the hype and image that goes with so many other gyms”. The Select Physio practice was established inTo2011 by Sarah and advertise call 0845 224has 7061 or 07754 170286 or visit 26

Jacksons Jewellery Ltd Jewellery Sales & Repairs

Helping our clients to Earn More, Keep More &


Welcome to Focus Accountancy. We are a firm of accountants, tax advisors and business consultants based in Evesham, Worcestershire. We offer all of the services you would expect to find from firm of accountants including:


Accountancy Tax Compliance Bookkeeping & VAT Payroll & CIS



1 Priory Road, Alcester, Warwickshire B49 5DX (off Globe Island) 01789 766611 t Opening times: Monday to Saturday 9.30am-5pm

Phone 01386 764 765 or Email

Stay safe and healthy this winter…….. Staying Warm and Well over the winter months, both inside and outside of your home, is vital for remaining healthy. We can help you prepare for the cold weather through our range of services and support designed especially for the winter season:     

Winter Warmth Checks - an all-round health check for your home Help around the home including shopping, preparation of light meals and pet walking Installation of draft proofing Advice on cheaper fuel And much more…..

For more information or to book a Winter Warmth Check, call us on 01386 422700 Age UK Herefordshire & Worcestershire 12 Vine Street, Evesham, WR11 Tel: 01386 422700 Email: Web:

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uxley Imaging is constantly evolving: the central aim is to offer affordable, specialist bespoke framing to local customers. Trading since 2004, the business is now a member of the Fine Art Trade Guild, working within their guidelines to deliver best quality. Our speciality is to come up with creative framing ideas for whatever customers bring in. Recently Richard has framed “Baby Grows”, rugby shirts, many cross–stitches, a variety of medals and even had the chance to work on a 100 years birthday telegram from “The Palace”! Really keen to give the message that Huxley Imaging can also help art groups, camera clubs and local businesses / enterprises, Richard has also been happy to give free presentations and demos: just get in touch and, if the diary is clear, he can set something up. The latest idea in unique framing has been to provide a rustic look, using reclaimed floorboards. Have a look on the new website - - to see examples of this work, the artists / photographers using Huxley Imaging and the many other framing ideas on show. And please remember, while we love the challenge of the more complex pieces, we also derive real satisfaction in doing the more straightforward, really well.


To advertise call 0845 224 7061 or 07754 170286 or visit

Home Handyman Painting  Decorating  Tiling Someone to do those odd jobs around the house No job too small Tel: John 01386 550263 Mob: 07770 442851 email:

The Pantry, Peopleton

as featured on the TV programme BBC Countryfile Fresh British & Continental Bread & Patisseries High Quality Meat & Cheeses Local Honey & Eggs • Fresh Fruit & Vegetables Pickles & Preserves Plants & Fresh Flowers • Gardening Supplies Flower & Vegetable Seeds Newspapers, Greetings Cards, Gift Paper & Stationery • Post Office Traditional bicycle delivery service to Peopleton - unique in our area.

“Come and experience how good village shopping can be !!” Open: 8am – 6pm Monday – Friday 9am – 12noon Sat 9am – 11am Sun Post Office: 9am – 3.30pm Mon- Fri.

Tel: 01905 841616 (Shop & Orders) 01905 840471 (Post Office)

For a personal and helpful service with:


01386 552223 39 High Street, Pershore, WR10 1EU


Part p' Domestic Installer Registered

• New Builds & Extension • Full/Part House Rewires • Outdoor Security Lighting • Mains Smoke Detectors • Extra Sockets & Lights • Night Storage Heaters • Fuseboard Changes

Call for a FREE

Inspection / Quotation t: 01905 828004 or m: 07899 964866

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Chase Heating | Racecourse Road | Pershore | Worcs | WR10 2EY

Plan NOW to save money in early 2013

Start saving money on your fuel bills! Today's woodburning stoves not only keep your living space lovely and warm they provide a luxurious focal point to your home in both traditional and modern styles.

Invest in a woodburner - make your house a home! Contact us for our latest brochure

SUMMER FUEL OFFERS... Kiln Dried Logs by Certainly Wood £5.99 per bag 10 BAGS £50 Kiln Dried Kindling by Certainly Wood £3.99 per box. BUY 4 GET ONE FREE Burning Briquettes £5.80 per 10kg pack. 10 PACKS £50

Visit our large showroom

to view our extensive range of quality Wood-burning Stoves and Range Cookers - working models on display.

NOW IN: Kiln Dried Wood, Coal, Kindling and Eco Fuels.

Chaseheating ‘Warming the heart of the local community since 1969’


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My Little Satnav I have a little Satnav It sits there in my car A Satnav is a driver's friend It tells you where you are

It lists the vehicles just in front And all those to the rear And taking this into account It specifies my gear.

I have a little Satnav I've had it all my life It’s better than the normal ones My Satnav is my wife!

I'm sure no other driver Has so helpful a device For when we leave and lock the car It still gives its advice

It gives me full instructions Especially how to drive "It's thirty miles an hour", it says "You're doing thirty five"

It fills me up with counselling Each journey's pretty fraught So why don't I exchange it And get a quieter sort?

It tells me when to stop and start And when to use the brake And tells me that it's never ever Safe to overtake

Ah well, you see, it cleans the house, Makes sure I'm properly fed, It washes all my shirts and things And . . . . keeps me warm in bed!

It tells me when a light is red And when it goes to green It seems to know instinctively Just when to intervene

Despite all these advantages, And my tendency to scoff, I do wish that once in a while I could turn the damned thing off!

■ Local company based in Worcestershire ■ Vast knowledge of felt, tile and rubber roofing systems ■ Fascias, sofit and rain water systems

Morton Hall Lane Holberrow Green Redditch Worcestershire B96 6SD

Call for any help and advice 01386 792638 01527 526207 07516 225321

■ Supplies to trade and public ■ Large stocks of roofing products including felt, tiles, lath and fixings ■ A good selection of reclaimed tiles and slate ■ All work fully guaranteed and insured ■ Free no obligation quotations

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rom the Sticks is a design and marketing company based on the Worcestershire and Herefordshire borders.

We are a local, friendly and professional company specialising in giving smallmedium sized businesses a helping hand with all their marketing requirements, large or small. Unlike many other design companies we do a lot more than just design – we offer a complete service encompassing everything creative, plus marketing advice and planning. Whatever your requirements we can help – from websites, to logo design and branding, flyers, brochures, vehicle graphics, e-marketing, corporate stationery and business cards, exhibition material, signage, promotional literature, adverts and more . . . . . We understand that marketing can often get overlooked amongst the many demands of running a business, however the New Year is a great time to have a good look at your business goals and make a plan for the year. If you think we can help, we'd love to talk to you. We take a pride in getting to know our customers, so together we can help you deliver great results. Call us, or visit our wesbite to hear what our clients have to say about us.

tel. 01432 617 013 mob. 07778 355 186

email. web.

01432 617 013 07778 355 186


To advertise call 0845 224 7061 or 07754 170286 or visit

BG Digital Photographs Digital Photography for you. Contact me to cover your event, photograph your product, take images of you or your loved ones.

sunflower soft furnishings

• Complete curtain design service

Getting married and want images of the whole event. Preparing product or website advertising and need images (including digitally manipulated), need shots taken of architecture, landscapes or landmarks.

• Made to measure curtains, blinds, soft furnishings • Wide range of fabrics & wallpapers to view • Poles, tracks & all curtain accessories

Are you a model or an agent needing portfolio or fashion shoot photographs. All of these and more can be provided by BG Digital Photographs. Just contact me by email, mobile phone or the contact form on the website.

• Roller, vertical, venetian blinds • Complete fitting service

BG Digital Photographs, your friendly, experienced local digital photographer in the Vale of Evesham.

The Old Smithy, Worcester Road Grafton Flyford, WR7 4PW

t: 01905 381811 m: 07976 640307

BG Digital Photographs Primary Business Contacts:

Mobile: 07864 264 4 59

Blonde on a Plane

(with apologies to all my fellow blondes!)

A plane is on route to Toronto, when a blonde in economy class gets up and moves to the first class section and sits down. The flight attendant watches her do this and asks to see her ticket. She then tells the blonde that she paid for economy class and that she will have to sit in the back. The blonde replies, "I'm blonde, I'm beautiful, I'm going to Toronto and I'm staying right here." The flight attendant goes into the cockpit and tells the pilot and the co-pilot that there is a blonde bimbo sitting in first class, who belongs in economy and won't move back to her seat. The co-pilot goes back to the blonde and tries to explain that because she only paid for economy she will have to leave and return to her seat. The blonde replies, "I'm blonde, I'm beautiful, I'm going to Toronto and I'm staying right here." The co-pilot tells the pilot that he probably should have the police waiting when they land to arrest this blonde woman who won't listen to reason. The pilot says, "You say she is a blonde? I'll handle this: !'m married to a blonde and I speak blonde." He goes back to the blonde and whispers in her ear, and she says, "Oh, I'm sorry", gets up and goes back to her seat in economy. The flight attendant and co-pilot are amazed and ask him what he said to make her move without any fuss. The pilot smiles and says, "I just told her first class isn't going to Toronto!"

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Number Workout Fit the numbers 1-6 once in every hexagon so that where the hexagons touch, the numbers are the same. No number is repeated in any hexagon.

6 5 4

2 1

1 5








Fill in the blank squares so each row and each mini the numbers 1 - 9 without same number in any row,

8 5



8 8 9 5 34

4 8

2 4

6 1

8 9

6 5

1. What is also known as the monkey nut? 2. Which musical gave the world "With a Little Bit of Luck"? 3. In Oliver Twist, what is Jack Dawkins nickname?

5. In the film Dr No, what colour was Ursula Andress's bikini?





4. Who was the first boxer to defeat Muhammad Ali in a professional bout?




4 4

Coffee Time!

that each line, square contain duplicating the line or square










(answers on page 37)















17 16




Fill in the blank squares, ensuring that the numbers add up to the number in the grey box to the left of the row or above the line. Only numbers 1 to 9 can be used and no number can be repeated in the same row or line.



5 4


6. Which Greek letter is used to calculate the area or circumference of a circle? 7. Over whose skull does Hamlet wax eloquent in Shakespear's play? 8. What does the Latin term "Tempus fugit" mean in English?

4 3-

9. Who are more prone to colour blindness - men or women?

10. Inor 1899, what became the tallest To advertise call 0845 224 7061 or 07754 170286 visit structure in the word?

Heating & Plumbing Gas Safe Registered Engineer

Mark Hartley

[based in Inkberrow]

Gas & LPG Boiler Servicing from £65

Tel: 01386 793 221 Mob: 07846 198157

Professional Paws & Claws

Dog Grooming Salon

clipping, bathing,

nail cutting etc...

ft rs Gi che le u lab Vo vai A

Beauty Therapy by Katie Haines

Stockists of: Dermalogica Shellac Jessica as well as a full range of traditional beauty products and treatments Pello Bonito • Church Street • Fladbury Pershore • Worcs • WR10 2QB

Tel: 01386 860110 Opening hours: Tuesday to Saturday Late night opening Wednesday

1 Cowleys Way, High Street, Pershore

07933 153433 (Find us in Pershore Market)

We also sell bowls, collars and accessories.

Jackie Richards MAAT MAAT Bookkeeping and Accountancy Services Based in Inkberrow in Worcestershire, Bookkeeping • VAT • Payroll Personal Income Tax • Business Income Tax Corporation Tax • Final Accounts Preparation 16a Stonepit Lane, Inkberrow, Worcestershire WR7 4ED • 01386 793725 • 07967 791317

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Events in

January Thursday 3rd January The Ramblers group walk. Distance 4 miles. Enjoy British wildlife on a Ramblers group walk. Breakfast before the Hills. Meet in The Foley Arms for breakfast after which we will head up the hills at a leisurely pace and return in time for lunch. Bring a mid morning snack and drink and money for your breakfast and lunch at a hostelry in Malvern. Time: 9am. Contact: Dave C tel: 01386 556543 mob: 07810 398233. Most walks are intended primarily for Ramblers’ Association members. Non-members are welcome to join us as guests. The Ramblers group walk starting point. Grid Ref: SO774461 Worcestershire WR14 4QY Saturday 5th January Worcester Philharmonic Orchestra Welcome in the New Year with our traditional New Year’s Viennese Concert. This concert is a wonderful selection of world famous waltzes, polkas and marches. Popular local dramatic soprano, Susan Black joins the orchestra in music to evoke warmth, romance and passion. 2.30pm to 4.30pm. Phone: 01905 359247. Church Street, Pershore, WR10 1DT. Saturday 12th January Purple Zeppelin The dream gig that never was – until now! Purple Zeppelin are proud to pay tribute to the two greatest Rock Bands of all time Deep Purple and Led Zeppelin, together on the same bill for the very first time!!! Many years have passed since the last UK gigs from the classic line-ups of both bands. Whether you were lucky enough to have seen the originals live or not, Purple Zeppelin will take you back to the magic, the excitement and the sheer raw energy generated by those incredible musicians. 8pm. Phone: 01527 57733. £13 & £11. Slideslow Drive, Bromsgrove, B60 1PQ Saturday 12th January Wassail Christmas is over and January sees the return of the Fleece Inn annual Wassail. From dusk the apple orchard is alive with cider, singing and Morris men. Join us for this pagan tradition of waking the trees to encourage a good harvest for next years cider, fun for all the family and a brilliant way to dispel those winter blues! 6.30pm to 11pm. Phone: 01383 831173. Free entry. The Cross, Bretforton, Evesham, WR11 7JE.


Friday 18th January Alan Barnes/Art Themen Quintet Top UK clarinet and alto/tenor/baritone saxophone star Alan Barnes, returns to Hanley Castle High School in the company of Art Themen, David Newton, Andy Cleyndert and Steve Brown. 8pm to 10.30pm. Doors open 7pm. Phone: 01684 593794 £15 inc. tea/coffee. Church End, Hanley Castle, Upton-upon-Severn, WR8 0BL Saturday 19th January Exclusively Men Cookery Course It is not surprising that most professional chefs are male, proving that men can be very gifted cooks. This course is aimed at both amateur and enthusiastic male cooks wanting to develop their culinary skills. Exclusively Men is one of our most popular courses. Price includes all ingredients, refreshments on arrival and during the day, 2 course lunch with wine and a recipe pack to take home. Max number of people 18. Phone: 01386 751600. Full Day: £175 pp, Half a Day: £99 pp. Manor Farm, Manor Road, Eckington, Nr. Pershore, WR10 3BJ. Friday 25th January Burns Supper St Richard's Hospice invites you to a traditional Burns night at the Guildhall Worcester. Includes a 3 course dinner, a Piper and Ceilidh plus poetry by Alan Feeny. Tickets £35 pp, arrival 7pm, carriages 1am. For tickets or more information contact Rachel Jones on 01905 763963 or uk. Guildhall, High Street, Worcester WR1 2EY Sunday 27th January Creative Cupcakes If you thought decorating cupcakes just meant a swirl of buttercream and a few sprinkles, then you are very mistaken. The Creative Cake Academy show in this one day workshop how easy it is to create a stunning box of 12 cupcakes. Whether you are a novice or experienced cake decorator looking for new ideas, this workshop will give you all the skills you need, including a step by step tutorial on creating beautiful sugar flowers. You are not required to bring anything with you to the workshop, other than an apron!! A box of 12 freshly baked cupcakes with be provided to you, together with all the materials and all included within the course fee. Phone: 0333 456 8580. £115. Farncombe Estate, Broadway, WR12 7LJ.

To advertise call 0845 224 7061 or 07754 170286 or visit

All Your Plumbing Needs 24/7 + Free No Obligation Quotes No Call Out Fee + Oil & Gas Central Heating Installations Services + Boiler Breakdowns + Bathroom Design & Installation Drain & Pipes Unblocked + Tanks + Taps + Overflows Leaks + Ball Valves + Showers + Stopcocks Immersion Heaters + Cylinders + Outside Taps Sani-Flows + Sinks & Taps + Emergencies & Repairs

0845 5390 329

t + m + 07872 824481 / 07872 824482


26/07/2011 13:23

MJsRealDeals Unit 6-7 Bakers Arcade, 54, High Street Pershore WR10 1DU

SECOND HAND DEALER Tel: 01386 552031 Mobile: 07846 390357 E-Mail: PLEASE CALL IN TO BROWSE OR BUY

Why give your items away?

& Elite Stoves ● Prompt, reliable & friendly service ● All types of flues & appliances cleaned. ● Cowls and bird guards fitted. ● Guild certificates issued after every sweep.

● Fully qualified by the Guild of Master Sweeps and fully insured. ● Stove/Log burner Installations. ● HETAS Approved Installer.

Call Eddie T 01905 700701 / 07895 612915

We can often sell them for you On a 50/50 basis WE ACCEPT ALL MAJOR CREDIT/DEBIT CARDS

Answers to Trivia on VILLAGER page 34: (1)when The peanut (2) MytoFair Lady (3) The Artful Dodger (4) Joe Frazier (5) White37 Please mention THE responding advertisers (6) Pi (7) Yorick's (8) Time flies (9) Men (10) The Eiffel Tower



AGE CONCERN & COMMUNITY CARE malvern Malvern & District Tel: 01685 560666 EVESHAM & PERSHORE Hereford & Worcester Tel: 01905 740950 UPTON-UPON-SEVERN 15 High Street Tel: 01684 593633

CHEMISTS EVESHAM Lloyds Parmacy Tel: 01386 48899 Morrison Pharmacy Tel: 01385 40610 MALVERN Boots The Chemist Tel: 01684 572905 Lloyds Pharmacy Tel: 01684 573811 PERSHORE Boots The Chemist Tel: 01386 556860 UPTON-UPON-SEVERN Talbot Cooper Chemists Tel: 01684 592637

CITZENS ADVICE EVESHAM & PERSHORE Wychavon CAB Tel: 08444 111 303 MALVERN Malvern Hills CAB Tel: 01684 563611

HOSPITALS Evesham Community Hospital Tel: 01386 502432 Malvern Community Hospital Tel: 01684 612600 Pershore Hospital Tel: 01386 502070


Evesham Bowler Lewis & Partners Tel: 01386 442804 malvern Avenue Veterinary Centre Tel: 01684 572420 pershore Martin & Carr Tel: 01386 553631 UPTON-UPON-SEVERN The Stocks Veterinary Centre Tel: 01684 592606 RSPCA Tel: 0300 123 4999 CATS PROTECTION Tel: 0845 3977074 RSPB Tel: 01767 693690

POST OFFICES Bishampton Tel: 01386 462873 EVESHAM Tel: 01386 423344 GREAT MALVERN Tel: 01684 573003 Inkberrow Tel: 01386 792201 Lower Moor Tel: 01386 861287 MALVERN LINK Tel: 01684 573634 PENDOCK Tel: 01531 650034 pershore Tel: 01386 552608 PEOPLETON Tel: 01905 840471 Upton Snodsbury Tel: 01905 381511 UPTON-UPON-SEVERN Tel: 01684 592634 WELLAND Tel: 01684 310377

TOURIST INFORMATION EVESHAM Tel: 01386 442348 MALVERN Tel: 01684 892289 PERSHORE Tel: 01386 556591 UPTON-UPON-SEVERN Tel: 01684 594200


RAILWAY STATIONS EVESHAM Tel: 0845 700 0125 malvern Tel: 0121 634 2040 pershore Tel: 0845 700 0125

EMERGENCY SERVICES POLICE FIRE AMBULANCE Emergency: 999 FIRE BRIGADE Worcester Road, Malvern Minge Lane, Upton upon Severn Tel: 01684 572948 Defford Road, Pershore Tel: 01905 24454 Merstow Green, Evesham Tel: 01386 466388 WEST MERCIA POLICE Victoria Road, Malvern Station Lane, Upton Queen Elizabeth Drive, Pershore Abbey Road, Evesham Tel. 0300-333 3000 AMBULANCE SERVICE Victoria Road, Malvern Tel: 01684 561556 Spetchley Road, Worcester Tel: 01905 764226 GAS Tel: 0800 111 999 WATER Tel: 0800 783 4444 ELECTRICITY Tel: 0800 328 1111

To advertise call 0845 224 7061 or 07754 170286 or visit

Traditional Upholsterers & French Polishers Cane and Rush work Loose covers and Replacement cushions Custom-made, renovation and repairs Choice of exquisite fabrics

Telephone: Workshop

01827 899866 Simon

07980 064289 Jane

07712 895694 e-mail:

My Worcestershire Free Solar FREE solar panels means:  

My Worcestershire Free Solar is all about giving away free solar to qualifying properties in Worcestershire. There are no fees, no catches. FREE.

Your electricity bill will reduce – saving you money You will be reducing your carbon footprint, helping the environment, and helping the country reach it’s carbon efficiencies targets

How can we do this? In April 2010 the government introduced an initiative called the FIT Scheme. The FIT scheme allows investors to be paid for all the electricity that panels generate. This means that if you let us put panels on your roof, you benefit from free electricity, and we sell what is left over back to the grid.     

You must own your property (mortgaged is fine) Have a south facing roof or within 30 degrees of south Your roof must be free from shading No slate roofs, thatched roofs, or listed buildings Have 24 square metres of interrupted space on your roof (larger semi detached and detached properties on the whole are fine)

To apply go to or call 01905 676222 Please mention THE VILLAGER when responding to advertisers


Pershore Retail Market CHERRY ORCHARD, PERSHORE, WR10 1EY

01386 553232

Welcome to

t e k r a M Pershore

leds to sabla s, ta lege ueitta&bve fr g sh e ve fr , h m fis o , fr ts s, mea shuct ed sttsa ofef w. vejulo ae gee ooffpfrro nic rao lsonahm gec ch e,ato uwre nhtausti it fa is a rn a w fu d ve o n d a kn fi n h l t a il e o w n w gs y ayus, g,aru lwyo ouinm roicoef.s. Asheare W seerv ut awnhdaclt oyth ets usndaenrdon od le,eb ed geo ,bsw r ila n e sh u fi va th a o d yo f n d g a o a t in ty a re th e b rie ry dm eve fraensh finedva erin brogwasew, id ffd an in o sta e lls unity. eor m mrm othC wa l co em unrjoloycath yo e rt , o p lly p a c su lo d n mn 4.3o0ppe shcaollpypaing are am y obpy lo e to y.0W eeukn9it.0 adndmfuoenl;esh w y n e a m ry n l o m e ve o m e fu , c e l n ay a o m rd c ti veve SaSa outur lo ) m - 4.30pm ora orttoySa sdpay r do nep oua erd tsid neddsu y9 t ou oemaW fr gh m n tu g ri o e in p lc Sa o rk e d pa w re n a a nt ly e ie y d W n a en nvday, Frid frie of co urs (ple y,y Th s). ant sd opening time every Wedne for Christmas (see below

From everyone at Pershore Market We wish all our needs customers We have all your Christmas covered under A Happy & Prosperous New Yearturkey. one roof, from your Christmas tree to your

Christmas Opening Times

Father Christmas will be at the market from Saturday 10th December - Come and visit Santa and his helpers from only £2.50 per child, includes a present. Profits going to the Air Ambulance. Friday 16th December – Late Night Christmas Shopping - 4.30pm – 7.30pm Monday 19th December - Closed Tuesday 20th December – 24th December – 9am – 4.30pm Monday 26th – Wednesday 28th December – Closed Thursday 29th – Friday 30th December – 9am – 4.30pm To advertise callSaturday 0845 224 7061 07754 170286 visit– 40 31storDecember – or 9am 3pm

The Villager January 2013  

small business advertising and community magazine, distributed in and around Pershore, Malvern, Evesham and surrounding villages. 8000 copi...

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