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1,5 kg potatoes

2 kg potatoes

2,5 kg potatoes

3 kg potatoes

350 g garlic

250 g shallot


500 g shallot

350 g banana shallot

500 g onion

700 g onion

1000 g onion

Vert-bag up to 2 kg.: 32 - 35 packs/min approx. Vert-bag 3 kg.: 30 - 32 packs/min approx.

AUTOMATIC “VERTBAG� PACKAGING MACHINE mod. BSS-134 Suitable for packaging fruit and vegetable products in bags using mains coil and coupled films that wrap the entire product during the packaging process. The front and rear band of the packaging can be used for printing, throughout their entire width. The vert-bags are closed by a hot-sealing device. The machine may be equipped with an electronic labeller to apply an adhesive label directly on the band, or with a thermal transfer system. Weight of the packs: up to 3 kg.


P14-126+2 BSS-134

Line production: up to 70 packages per minute on the basis of the package versions and formats P14-126: 14-CHANNEL ELECTRONIC WEIGHING MACHINE Several packaging machines can be operated at the same time, each using different weight packs. Manufactured in stainless steel. Independent 14-channel inlet system. Package weight: from 0.5 kg to 10 kg. Option: over 10kg, a multiple unloading system is enabled to produce 25 kg packages.


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