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Cherry Peak Warming Hut

Design Studio III Professor: Anne Mooney Location: Richmond, UT Duration: 4 Weeks




1 An exploration of fractals, and their role in nature, led to the discovery of the Apollonian Gasket fractal, which somewhat resembled hardwood cell structure. 2 The Voronoi Diagram, which resembles more closely the cell structure of both wood and leaves, became the basis for the structure of the Warming Hut. 3 Magnified image of a leaf, showing a seemingly random polygon structure.

Exploded Axonometric View

3D Sectioned Floor Plan

During the summer months, the inner shell, made of a thick canvas, can be removed, and the hut will serve as a shaded rest stop for mountain bikers and hikers. This rocket mass heater uses a simple vacuum to heat the room. Wood is placed in the small hole on the surface, and as it burns, the flames are sucked into the barrel. The exhaust from the fire continues through the piping that runs inside the bench, and out the exhaust vent in the roof. The heat from the exhaust is transferred to the mass of the bench, which is made of clay.

Front Elevation The Voronoi pattern in the leaf is used for the exterior shell of the building, which is made of steel, and doubles as both the structure and the articulation.

The warming hut is strategically placed on the mountainside, to provide protection and service to the skiers at the resort. Amenities include an ADA restroom, first-aid station, kitchenette, and a sitting area furnished with a rocket mass heater.

Undergraduate Portfolio 1  
Undergraduate Portfolio 1  

This portfolio was submitted to the College of Environmental Design at UC Berkeley for the M. Arch program.