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Mint Set Collection Is A Wonderful Hobby Coins are beautiful objects that have a tendency to increase in value and can make collecting enjoyable, educational and a fantastic investment. While many people know a little bit about the subject, there are some useful details that will help new collectors to understand the art and a few of the elements behind the terms and practices in collecting. From business strikes to mint sets, uncirculated proofs plus more, below are a few concepts that will be useful in acquiring more knowledge and starting a coin collection. Basics About Coins A metal disk released by a national government as a unit of exchange; this is the basic, and fairly elementary, definition of a coin. Coins have been recognized in human commerce for thousands of years and continue to be an important component of the modern marketplace. A similar item called a medal is also a metal disk with images and words stamped onto its surface, but it is made to commemorate an event or person in most cases, and has no monetary value, though it could have value as bullion, if it is made of precious metals. Uncirculated Proofs and Mint Sets A mint set is a complete set of all the coins produced by a specific national mint in a given year. For instance, a half dollar, a Washington quarter, a Roosevelt dime, a Jefferson nickel and one each of a Lincoln penny from the Philadelphia and Denver mints are included in a 1965 mint set released by the U.S. Mint. Since two different locations of the U.S. Mint produced distinct pennies, with a small letter indicating the difference, a mint set includes one of each. Also called uncirculated proofs by the U.S. Mint, these coins are designed to be dealt to collectors. Never permitted to enter the monetary supply, these come in specially-designed packaging and bear a Certificate of Authenticity that identifies the set. These sets are gorgeous examples of allAmerican coins issued in a specific year, designed for collecting and are distinguishable by their exceptionally high shine and frosted details. Technical details of the methods of striking the blank metal (referred to as a planchet) and the handling of the coin after striking are the main differences between a mint set and business strikes, which is the common striking process for coins which are meant for circulation in the market. Polished and handled in different ways, coins designed for uncirculated proofs are struck when the die that creates the image is new, giving a crisper, sharper image, and are double struck. In recent times, United States mint sets have grown far more complicated, with the issuance of the fifty states quarters, created in batches of five new state quarters each year beginning in 1999, the historical nickel series, and the presidential dollars. With a mint set, a full collection of all coins released by the U.S. Mint in that specific year is to be included. So each mint set over the ten-year run of the fifty states quarters series included the five designs which were issued that year. Similarly, the nickels in the commemorative series become a part of the mint set for the years they were issued.

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Mint Set Collection Is A Wonderful Hobby You can develop a lifetime hobby of entertainment and education through coin collecting. Every year, new collections are issued, including the different numismatic art created by the U.S. Mint and also other countries of the world, and all are potential collectible items for the coin enthusiast which is why it is a gratifying and ongoing undertaking for hobbyists. Using a website with a price ticker will help you get current prices for mint coin sets. Find out more about Phils Coins by looking at their website which is

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Mint Set Collection Is A Wonderful Hobby