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Smart Eating Tips While On Braces Braces are great solutions to align the teeth. Whether you are wearing metal braces or the all-new Fullerton Invisalign, one thing is for sure – you will feel a level of pain once your braces are tightened. Fullerton Invisalign does not actually cause pain as compared to traditional metal braces. However, it may still bother you while you are eating. To maintain healthy eating habits, here are some smart eating tips while on braces: 1. Cut your food into small pieces. You never want to add more pressure to your tightened teeth. That is why you need to cut your food into smaller, bite-sized pieces. For example, instead of biting a whole piece of apple, cut them into smaller pieces that will allow you to simply chew and swallow. This also goes for crunchy and hard foods. 2. Invest more on easy-to-chew foods. It is normal to feel pain in the first couple of days, so you may want to cope up by eating meals with soft consistency. Examples of which are mashed potatoes, soup, pasta, puddings, and soups. Your meat intake should also be altered. Be sure to choose tender meats so you will not have to chew hard. 3. Say “no” to sweets for now. You may need to say ‘pass’ to that cookie and chocolate for the meantime as they can cause build up of plaques and cavities in the teeth. Dirt that builds up on braces would eventually lead to damaged teeth and more pain. You can eat sweets still, but not as often as before. If you do eat a serving, be sure to clean your mouth thoroughly afterwards. 4. If pain still persists, visit your dentist. The level of pain is different from one person to another. If you cannot tolerate the pain, visit your dentist so your braces can be adjusted. Your dentist can also prescribe a pain reliever for you. Most people would eat ice just to lessen the pain. You can also opt for frozen peas and apply it on the part that hurts. These are simple but effective ways on how to lessen the pain while your teeth are on braces. To avoid inconveniences with metal braces, consider having a Fullerton Invisalign.

Smart Eating Tips While On Braces