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Managing Your Braces Designed Smiles | Dr. Grant Burdick

• Dental braces are used to align your teeth. These are

often used to treat patients with underbites, overbites, malocclusions and other flaws of the teeth and jaws. The most advanced type of braces is called the Invisalign. It is made from flexible materials to lessen pain and allow thorough cleaning of the teeth. The La Habra Invisalign clinic specializes in placing braces, and you can depend on them to keep your teeth as healthy as possible while wearing braces.

Managing your braces is worth the effort. You will actually wear it for a long time and so you need to take care of your teeth to avoid any plaque build-up - which can possibly ruin your oral health. Here are some healthy tips on managing your braces: • You need to be prepared before the dentist puts on your braces.

Invest on eating foods that are easily chewed like fruits, milk, potatoes and pudding. Also, stock up some cold treats as your braces may hurt once you begin wearing braces. It will also help in lessening any inflammation especially on the first few days.

• Know what your dentist will do. It is good to ask questions

so you know why the bondings, glues and bands are used. Typically, your dentist will initially clean your teeth, making sure that no food particle is left behind. Then, a glue is applied to your teeth as it is used to attach the brackets. Now, the dentist will put the archwire to properly align your teeth. Finally, the elastic bands are used to secure the braces in the right place. The Invisalign has a different method; it’s quicker than the conventional one so you may want to opt for it instead.

• In the first few days of wearing braces, expect pain and

mouth sores. It is normal. To remedy these side effects, just use an orthodontic wax to avoid incurring more sores. To use this, apply a pea-amount of the wax and press in on the brackets that hurt. Your dentist may also prescribe simple pain killers to lessen the pain. Braces are great ways to achieve a healthy smile. The La Habra Invisalign can better help in managing pain. To know more about Invisalign, visit the Invisalign Clinic of Designed Smiles.

Managing Your Braces