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1 St Peter’s Court Bedminster Parade Bristol BS3 4AQ Open Mon-Sat 10-5 T. 0117 9637 673 W. E.

FEBRUARY 2012 EXHIBITION During the month of February 2013, thirty artists associated with the life drawing classes at Bristol Grammar School and Brunel Field will be coming together to produce the exhibion Cornucopia. More than just a show of life drawings, this exhibition will aim to showcase a variety of different approaches and themes including work based on the human form, landscapes, abstract work, painting, sculpture, mixed and electronic media by an eclectic and talented selection of artists.

Alan Backwell Alistair Park Brian Fowler Chris Hibbard Christine Saville Daniel Bendel Dave Northcott David Brown David Gamble Fran Macgill Huw Morgan

Huw Richard Evans Ian Price Ian Williamson Janet Roome Jessica Stride Jitka Palmer John Leggatt Jon Kinkead Jon Mills Laura Cramer

Magda Goss Paul Tomlinson Penny Tristram Peri Taylor Richard Young Roger Conlon Scot Burgoyne Shelley Davies Will Stevens




My work consists of contemporary landscapes and seascapes, both real and imagined, gleaned from sketches, notes and photographs collected from travels in the U.K. and Europe. Further examples of my work and my take on all things artistic can be found on my website:


Alistair has been woodcarving for over eighteen years and is now based in Bristol. He divides his time between carving commissioned work, woodcarving and green woodworking tuition and teaching disengaged young people woodworking skills at Boiling Wells nature reserve for St Werburghs City Farm. He also likes cooking curries. You can see more work, including commissions for the National Trust and the former Lord Mayor of Bristol, at There is also a regularly-updated blog at


“My paintings represent a conclusion not necessarily a beginning� By that I mean, I might start out with a particular idea and look in mind but as the work progresses it takes on a life of its own. My inspiration comes from anything and anywhere...Anything, that is, that moves me to capture an emotion, an atmosphere or statement. Ideas or images can be inspired by a momentary image on TV, a piece of music, or its title, a passage from a poem, a glimpse through a window, or something as simple as a scribble on a wall. For me, the marks I make are as important as the idea behind the painting. In some cases the marks are the idea.


I consider myself a painter, it seems to me that , at this point in time the title ‘artist’ is overused. It is the act of painting, the making of a painting that engages me most. I make use of pre-existing sources. I am unable to escape the fact that painting for me is also a cerebral activity. There are references in my work to Art History, History and Literature, both conscious and subconscious, the latter often revealed to me by the viewer.


I am a practicing artist working in BV Studios M5. Philip Street Bedminster Bristol. I am committed in finding new ways of expressing the Perennial Philosophy that forms the basis of my work. The essence of the mystery teachings of the Ancients, the Desert Fathers, Iconography. Drawing on the ancient and the now, a rich reservoir feeding my inner vision. Life Drawing is an important aid to my practice believing that - looking is the backbone to any work of Art.


Daniel Bendel is a Carver/ Artist making carvings and holding woodcarving courses in Bristol. He recently completed a plaque for the Royal Box at The Bristol Vic, which was reopened by the Queen. Daniel also makes ink drawings, cartoons and comics. For my recent pieces ( in progress) I intend to combine carving and comics, into interactive sculpture.


‘I have been drawing and painting for ever. I’ve exhibited at Leicester University and Bristol Polytechnic, under the tutelage of Anthony Rossiter. Over the years I have swung between working in soft pencil, oil, and collage. More recently my enthusiasm for drawing and painting has been revitalised at Will Stevens’ life drawing group. Strangely, Will is not the first artist to observe that my work reminds him of the work of the expressionist Chaim Soutine. Anyway, whatever the medium, I set out to capture the individuality of my subject.


David was born south of the river, lives north of the river and works in acrylic.


I started drawing before I went to primary school and knew from that age I wanted to be an artist. I met the painter Robert Lenkiewicz in Plymouth in 1997 when I was 19 and I became one of his students. To date he is the biggest artistic influence in my life. I have a diploma in drawing and painting from Queen’s Road Art School. There isn’t much else to tell I am afraid. I am currently interested in painting portraits of people who do something noble, like being a carer, psychiatric nurse, therapist, anything which helps people.


Drawing is something I have always enjoyed and after a really good foundation course at Harrow school of art I became addicted. Following an interest in buildings I studied architecture in Bath where I loved the mix of Georgian architecture, trees, people and steep hills. Moving to Bristol, for work, I started to do etching again and after various evening classes found Will’s Life Drawing, the best. In the past ten years I have visited Burma a few times and love drawing people against buildings, boats and on scaffolding‌.


Huw’s main inspiration is the landscape. He draws in pencil, ink and charcoal, paints in watercolour, acrylic and oil and etches on copper and zinc. All his work comes from sketches and paintings made whilst in the open air. Exhibitions: Juno Gallery 2000, Salisbury Arts Centre 1999 & 2000, Fisherton Mill 2001, Chichester Open 2002 & 2003, Portsmouth Open 2004, Centrespace 2006, Stourhead Summer Exhibition 2008 & 2009, LSAC 2009 Royal West of England Autumn Exhibition 2009 & North Bristol Arts Trail 2009 & 2010 Prizes, Badger Press Award 2001, Salisbury Hospital Second Prize 2002 LSAC Best Work on Paper 2009


Born in Pembrokeshire in 1960, Huw Richards Evans studied fine art in Bristol before embarking on a career in both landscape painting and fashion. Known as a couture fashion designer, his reputation as a painter is now developing in the art world with collectors in the UK and as far afield as the USA and Japan. Often textural and with a spiritual quality, his paintings contain passion and energy. For Huw, the painting process is one of great personal joy. Huw lives in Bristol where he works as an artist, freelance fashion designer/consultant and lectures in art, design and fashion.


Ian, recently Holburne Portrait Prize exhibited also paints the Portishead coastline.


I have always flirted with the Arts. I gained and threw away a place at Art College when I left school. I became a comic strip illustrator for Dungeons and Dragons when I was 21. I was unemployed again at 23… I went back to painting again at 45 – landscapes at first but very quickly returning to the human form. Though perhaps unfashionable I admire and strive to paint in the manner of great alla prima painters like Sargent, Sorolla, and Zorn. Their genius is beyond me but they are a siren call…


Janet Roome’s work encapsulates her eclectic approach to art. With her assemblages and composite images, viewers can both focus on the separate elements and, at the same time, create their own interpretations of the juxtapositions and relationships between objects and images.


I graduated in 2000 with BA (Hons) Fine Art in Context. Since then I’ve worked on commissions and also held a number of solo and group exhibitions and also exhibited in galleries in London, Devon, Bristol, Bath and Kent. I’m inspired to paint by plants, trees, birds and the sea and I have a huge passion for colour. I’m enjoying using mixed media on canvas for my latest work along with acrylics. You can see more of my artwork at:


My work is figurative, narrative and expressive, inspired by stories and themes. I love watching people, their body language and facial expressions and I am on lookout for a special moments and situations accompanying every human activity. I particularly like capturing the movement and energy of people in various activities like work, sport and music. I make clay vessels and sculptures, painted with slips, oxides and stains. I carve sculptures from Bath and Portland stone. I draw and paint on paper in watercolour, pastel and ink.


John Leggatt trained at Chelsea and Camberwell Schools of Art (1973 – 1976). John’s passion remains painting, despite pursuing a legal career. Having retired from practice in 2009, he is now able to devote himself to painting full time. He exhibits regularly: for many years with North Bristol Artists and with other local arts organisations. His work is represented in many private collections. As well as working in landscapes and from life, John undertakes portrait commissions. John has his studio in Westbury-on-Trym where he can be contacted on 0117 942 3510 (Mobile 07554029529).


The colourful, bold and innovative paintings on show vibrate with colour and energy. Artists such as Piper; Dufy; Hitchens and Matisse influence his work. He manages to combine all these traditions into his own inimitable and unique style. The strokes, curves and bold dashes of colour capture the imagination and heighten our senses to other ways of seeing. He has had many successful exhibitions in the South West. In 2003, he was described in the Bristol Evening Post as :‘” the almost legendary Bristol guitar-maker, who has discovered new rhythm with his paintings.”


“Painting is not made to decorate apartments. It’s an offensive and defensive weapon against the enemy”. Campbell Mills subscribes to this flash of grandiloquence by Picasso. Campbell Mills paints at large scale, making works to communicate emotions and ideas. Many works are painted with a limited colour palate - black or red - mixed with white, a reductionist technique that sees paint applied, scraped away and re-applied in successive layers. “Some viewers will see ‘art’ others may see little of value. I’m interested though, in how a piece makes the viewer feel” JCM 2013.


Laura Cramer lives and works in Bristol as a full time painter. Her commissions are varied. From producing visual artwork to accompany musical performances at St George’s Concert hall, to painting “Bradisson”, one of the Bristol Zoo’s “Wow!Gorillas “, that decorated the city centre during the summer months of 2011. Laura studied painting in Moscow in the early 1990’s where she had the good fortune to work with three prominent Russian artists: Evegeny Lanceray, Yuri Konenyenko and Yuri Koval. Commissions are welcome however large or small. For further information on her work, or to contact her, please visit :


Born in the Netherlands, Magda has lived in the UK for more then 30 years. Having completed several courses in painting and ceramics at the Bristol School of Art, she has been exhibiting on the North and West Bristol Arts trail for some years. Magda travels regularly to places like India, China and Africa for its colour and vibrancy. She draws with a bamboo pen and Indian ink and watercolour from life, as to capture the vividness of the first impression.


I am a commercial interior designer and a lot of my design work is computer generated images, but there is still a place for hand sketched visuals, that show early development of ideas. I use the life drawing classes run by Will as an opportunity to develop a more fluid and natural opproach to drawing. I also use watercolour to enhance some of the sketches, adding colour, light and shade.


Penny Tristram is a Bristol-based artist with a passion for the mechanics and politics of depicting the human figure. She also runs, a blog dedicated to promoting the most challenging and exciting names in contemporary figurativism. See more of her work on Facebook.


I have always loved painting using a variety of media. I have attended classes at The City Lit - Covent Garden, Kensington & Chelsea College and Bristol School of Art. Always living by water, I am fascinated by the light on it at various times of day and was delighted to be offered the opportunity of being resident artist at The National Sailing Academy, Weymouth the Olympic Sailing Venue. A position I held for the past three years. It gave me the unique opportunity to paint series acrylic paintings from the end of the pontoon at The Academy surrounded by Olympic sailors. Very inspirational.


Based in Bath, works predominantly in oil and watercolour/mixed media. Interested in the figure, landscape and abstracted exploration that is inspired by contemporary music. Exhibited in the RA, RWA, Bath artists and a number of joint and one man exhibitions with work in private collections in UK, Europe, USA, Japan, Taiwan, China and Australia and University of Kent.


Most of my paintings are based on my experience of Bristol, snatches of life observed from walking or cycling through the city. I am drawn to the relation of people to the transient or seasonal settings they experience. My approach is fairly traditional and, I suppose, a form of ‘realism’ - I enjoy painting directly from observation on a small scale and planning larger pictures from these works.


I am an artist living and working in Bristol. I like to draw upon popular culture as a way of generating ideas for my art work, mainly working on canvas, but also creating some mixed media pieces. The piece I have chosen to show for the Cornucopia exhibition is entitled ‘The 2nd Amendment’, and is a comment on America’s gun culture. It is 40’’x21’’ and comprises 1,300 painted toy soldiers to form an American flag. I studied BA (hons) Illustration at The University of the West of England and have twice been selected for the R.W.A. Autumn Exhibition, as well as having work featured in the Best of British Illustration Annual.


I am currently coming to the end of a year’s sabbatical, in which I have travelled and sketched, gathering new material and fresh ideas and planning the next stage of my working practice before getting back to studio work. Working from two slightly chaotic studios in Bristol a stone’s throw from my home, I like to feel that being an artist is relatively free of rules and, as such, anything and everything can inspire, and frequently does. While my main disciplines are painting and drawing, I also make ceramics, am working on a series of mobile sculptures and a couple of more static ones, play with textiles and paper and have a perennial fascination for found objects. My painting has for several years been focused on landscapes, alongside an almost lifelong practice of life-drawing. I also work to commission and find it continually satisfying to balance my own drive as an artist with the needs of my client.


My work in this show reflects my on going interest in the human form, both as a means of telling stories and as a vehicle of expression in its own right. I’m also greatly enjoying the freedom of working with an iPad.




FEBRUARY 2013 EXHIBITION AT THE GRANT BRADLEY GALLERY 1 St Peter’s Court Bedminster Parade Bristol BS3 4AQ Open Mon-Sat 10-5 T. 0117 9637 673 W. E.

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