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Trends in Weather and Flora/Fauna Population Due to Climate Change Grant Augsburg, Drew Hall, Jake Ruggles

//////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// America’s Belief  in  Climate  Change   2010 Americans Who Believe in Global Warming Americans Who do not Believe in Global Warming Undecided

America’s Belief  in  Climate  Change   2012 American's Who Believe in Global Warming American's who do not Believe in Global Warming Undecided

Graphs Explained These graphs both show an upward trend. The above graph shows that as years have passed the amount of carbon dioxide, methane, and nitrous oxide in our atmosphere has raised quite significantly and exponentially. These gases are linked toward the global warming crisis we are currently experiencing. The graph on the left also shows levels of carbon dioxide, but it shows the average global temperature as well. As visible on the graph the trend of the temperature follows the trend of the carbon dioxide, and therefore the methane and nitrous oxide as well. It is plausible that the gases and temperature are related, that the climate change is caused by the gases.

America’s current  view  on  Climate   Change: The US Census Bureau issued a survey and found that 19% of students 5-17 spoke a language other than English at home. Note also that the growing trend is in Spanish (Shin & Kominski, 2007). Unfortunately, our schools are ill-equipped to deal with this problem.

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The Problem After reviewing the most up to date information on climate change, it is clear that changes are happening. Our research focuses on the topics of how weather patterns have been altered due to climate change, and how this affects plant and animal populations. The changing weather poses serious problems for not only plant and animal life, but human lives as well. Recently, there have been many more severe tropical storms than ever previously recorded. In addition, their have been a growing number of category 3-4 storms, and less 1-2 storms.    If  this  problem  isn’t  solved,  every   human on this Earth will be at risk of Mother Nature.

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