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Grant Drew Jake Eng 101 Professor Chung 10/13/13 Body Copy The article “Effect of Global Warming on Climate Change, Flora and Fauna� covers most of the subjects our project talks about. From greenhouse gases to change in weather to change in populations of the plants and animals on the Earth. The article basically talks about the changes in the atmosphere and climate change and how it affects the flora and fauna worldwide. It talks about how everything is connected. Global temperature has raised by approximately 1 to 1.6 degrees Fahrenheit during the 20 th century and is predicted to raise anywhere from 2 to 11.5 degrees Fahrenheit in the 21 st century. This affects the climate worldwide changing life for flora and fauna. Flora refers to plants. Plats which can be found all over differ in tolerance of weather. Some plants need certain amounts of sun or rain or temperature. A raise in temperature affects the water cycle and therefore amount of rain cloud cover, promotion of growth of other plants and many more categories. This means plants that need specific environments may die out. Or it may allow other plants that are hostile to take over an area. Fauna or animals works the same way. Temperature rises allowing different prey and predators into regions and causing others to leave. This affects food chains and the ecosystem

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as a whole. If one animal dies out it can cause another one to due to lack of food source. Or if a plant dies out a food source could die for a prey animal. To go into more specifics about animals that will be lost lizards need to be discussed. We have lost one fifth of lizard species since 1975. The reason behind this lies in global warming. Most people would jump to thinking that it’s the overwhelming heat in the summer that kills off lizards but in fact it’s the spring time that does it. The spring time is when lizards reproduce and need to provide for their young. However, due to global warming and climate change the spring is warmer than normal. Lizards, being cold-blooded creatures, have to maintain a proper body temperature by either staying in the sun or the shade for periods of time. That means they are spending more time in the shade than they should now and are not providing enough food for themselves and their offspring. This affects the entire food chain. There are now more spiders and insects and less food for animals such as hawks, snakes, and other predators.

As you can see the trend in population of lizards is downward, it may not be as noticeable as the obvious upward trend in gases and temperature shown on the poster accompanying this paper, but it is linked to it. The gases have increased the temperature which have decreased lizard populations by one fifth.

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Another subject covered by the project is weather change. Studies have shown higher amounts of both droughts and extreme weather such as hurricanes monsoons and tornados due to global warming. This change in climate has had many effects on the world as we know it. Droughts can be a very serious issue and through-out history have caused many problems, such as the Dust Bowl. Climate change has caused more severe droughts and more of them. Scientists say that if something is not done about these droughts and the ever worsening global warming that the entire south-west of the United States of America will dry out as well as parts of the Great Plains. They have also found that some droughts as severe as the Dust Bowl have occurred in recent history, however have not lasted early as long. Droughts have also become more severe in other parts of the world as well. Hurricanes are extremely dangerous to humans and other forms of life as well. They are extremely destructive to livelihood, economies, structures and much more. One example of this is hurricane Katrina, which wiped out the city of New Orleans. This caused a ton of damage to the United States’ economy and killed many people. Katrina was a high category storm. What has been discovered is that global warming is causing more of these types of storms. More category three and higher storms are being detected than ever before. This is due to a rise in sea level water temperatures which help feed large storms. However it cannot all be blamed on global warming. Because they are just detecting more storms it can be partially because of the increase of quality of technology in recent years.

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Another effect of global warming is the increase of the rainy or monsoon season in places like India. This helps some crops and hurts others, which is changing their economy. Some what for the better and some what for the worse.

The charts above show the increase in belief in global warming. Due to an increase in information, movies like “An Inconvenient Truth” and even “WALL-E”, more public service announcements and programs, the support behind ending global warming is higher than ever. This means more people are working toward a greener future. Products such as the Tesla and Prius show this. They are helping to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide in the airand help the planet. While global warming has mostly negatives there are actually a few positives. One example is specifically Greenland, which as everyone knows is not very green at all. It’s quite icy in Greenland. Global warming has heated up the ice earlier in the year making it easier for them to grow crops and sell them for an increase in their economy. Most places do however end up worse off due to climate change.

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