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Electric Range Convection Stainless Steel Oven -Ideal for heating cast iron steak griddle plates, baking pizzas and baked potatoes. -Heavy duty double skinned insulated construction from grade 430 Stainless steel. -Thermostatically controlled up to 300°C. -Heated by element in base, top and centre shelf. Optional Extras -Wall bracket to mount on wall.



MB Oven Hot Rock Oven

Weight 53 kg

Power 3 kW

Dimensions 700 x 550 x 550H

Pasta Cooker -Temperature Control is 50°C to 190°C. -Protected by 210°C manual reset limit thermostat on dedicated contactor. -Includes 2 x baskets per tank. -Top and tank from grade 304 Stainless steel. -Supplied with cold water pillar tap.



Standard Pasta Cooker w Tap - 8 kW

Weight 37kg

Power 8kW

Dimensions 505 x 650 x 915H

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