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There is a software which helps the user to choose a 'marketable' product from ClickBank, a digital product retailer. To start at the begining this is important as choosing a ClickBank product in which there is fierce competition due to a large number of affiliate marketers could lead to wasted time effort and money as the chances of success are reduced. This may not be much of a concern to experienced Affiliates who are used to competition, but for the new user of ClickBank enlisting help to choose a digital product which has a good chance of making money is extremely useful. Digital product affiliate networks have a wide variety of choice for the internet marketer. Choosing one to run with is not so straight forward. Software which is designed to take the strain out of the selection process is a great time saver. Software in itself can not promise to make your selection a sure fire winner but does remove a lot of research time from the process of selection. A ClickBank analytic tool which is effective is what is needed. A 'plug in' which is used with Firefox3 and above and works on a Mac and PC's would be very useful. There are literally tens of thousands of products on ClickBank and there is nothing more frustrating for a newbie or experienced ClickBank user than 'not getting into the party'. Too high a gravity could mean too much competition. Low gravity means the product might not sell. A Software Analyser which takes the guess work out of it in a plain simple display of red for avoid and green for 'marketable' exists. Boy did I have a shock to see the 'reds' I had been promoting. That is another story. Another feature is to be desirable is a keyword research section. (This gets better and better!) Competitors can be analysed for identity and for keywords. There are other features but the best bit is that it is a free download. Yes you heard that correctly. There is also an 'Elite' version, which involves a one-time fee. Naturally, the paid for version offers enhanced features and offers more in depth research tools and analytics. A word of advice should you wish to take up Brad Callen, owner of the software, on his product, use Firefox browser to download the tool and Firefox will be needed to run it. Getting used to the product is easy because some instructional videos are included, which are thankfully very short easy to understand and content rich. It is all about taking action. A word of caution; the software does not provide a list of keywords in the manner of 'copy and paste'. Some work still has to be done, but there are some other possibilities which easy to dig up and do a little research on to help in the marketing process.

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Choosing a Clickbank Product Powerful Tool