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Jayson Overby Senior Seminar Mrs.

During this day and age I believe a college education is essential for anyone. Although personally think it’s especially a primary choice for myself. It will help me grow as an individual an artist. Considering the fact that I want to be an Art Educator, college is very essential . Growing up I often realized I hated school and knew that college would not be for me. I was never fascinated with going to school everyday to learn science, math and history. It didn't excite me at all,not even a little bit. I only attended school because it was mandatory and I wanted to see my friends. Perpetually since I was in the 7th grade all my teachers would tell us about is, college, college and college. It became very agonizing so I just told myself I’d never go

Upon entering my junior year in high school we were immediately told to start thinking about college. All I could ponder on was not this college crap again. Soon after that had occurred I thought to look into colleges, art colleges. Whereas regular colleges focused on the basic fundamentals that include science, math and english . These art colleges focused on the fundamentals of art and literature. After considering college again, I finally decided I would go. Although I wouldn't be attending your regular college I understood art school would be the best decision for me.

By pursuing a college education it would give me a wide variety of career choices to choose from, not jobs. To consider a career you would like to do in the future would just be phenomenal. Alongside having a college education it would be astonishing to also get experience in that field. Therefore I assure you that a college education is for me . Considering the fact that I want to continue being educated in the field of art. I would love to be an Art Educator. There is nothing more I would love to do than create and help others on an inspiring path. Going to school to get a BFA in Fine Arts and then getting my license to teach is one of my main goals. By attending a college that would help me develop more in the field I want to study would be so great. Studying from books at the library about art an education is not apart of it Recognizing that a college education is necessary for my future is very beneficial. As I sit here and realize that I never even thought about furthering my education is a disappointment to myself. All the different opportunities you can acquire just off attending a university or college is just amazing. If you really want something you have to go out there and get it. I’m not saying college is a mandatory thing for everyone but it’s a choice that they can choose and go with. An thats why I conclude that a college education is most definitely a part of my future and for me.



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