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Cost and Energy Savings within four months Radisson Blu Hotel, Beijing

The Radisson Blu Hotel, Beijing adopted the modernday facility management software, Granlund Manager, which helps Property Owners save Costs and Energy. The implementation was carried out in only four months and the use of the system was easy to learn. Previously, all information on the hotel’s facility management was in paper form or in different peoples’ minds. There was also no standard way of tracking energy costs. Now the facility management processes and responsibilities, as well as asset information are documented, giving visibility to the different tasks in a totally new way.

- We received great help from the Granlund personnel during the implementation. The use of the new system was easy to learn, the most difficult point was to adopt a new culture of how to do things. Earlier all information was in paper form, now both the reactive and preventive maintenance processes are automated, says Mr. Marco Liu, Rooms Division Manager of the Radisson Blu Hotel, Beijing. The new modern-day system has been well received by the personnel. The mobile features are especially liked, which is a result of the reduced phases of work.

This is a very useful system for our hotel’s operative management. It indicates where the problems are, therefore we can plan our daily maintenance tasks and investments better, as well as having clear visibility of the energy consumption.

Also, the follow up of energy consumption is now automated. As a result of this enhanced process the hotel management now receives monthly energy reports that are used as a base for energy savings measures. The main purpose of the Granlund Manager is to help its users save costs related to facility management and energy. The Radisson Blu Hotel, Beijing has already experienced a 15% savings in the first 4 months – thanks to better planning, follow-up and visibility.

Fast and Easy to Implement With 360 rooms, business and conference facilities and other premises the Radisson Blu Hotel, Beijing occupies an immense building. Hence cutting costs, especially in energy consumption, is a key priority for the hotel management. Expert advice was needed, and that’s where Granlund came in. The company introduced its facility management software, Granlund Manager. The cooperation started with a thorough audit of maintenance operations. All information was analysed and input into the Granlund Manager. An asset/equipment register was built, responsibility areas were established and a maintenance plan was put in place. After this the new system with mobile features was ready to become operational. The implementation, starting from auditing the building and its assets, to take the system into operative use took only four months.

Mr. Marco Liu, Radisson Blu Hotel, Beijing

Modern-day Automation of Maintenance Tasks Processes have changed much since the implementation of the new system. Previously maintenance requests were handled by paper or orally, plenty of staff were needed to handle one request, and the possibility of miscommunication existed. The chain of people could consist of more than five people, today the same process is managed by two or three persons. Today the Rooms Division Manager oversees the whole operation, the Maintenance Supervisor is responsible for execution and work flow management, and staff enter new service requests, confirm work orders and maintenance tasks. Before Granlund Manager there was mainly reactive maintenance in the hotel. Today preventive maintenance has been taken into active use.

In 5 years we need to save 35% of all the energy used. I can see that Granlund will help us reach this target. Mr. Marco Liu, Radisson Blu Hotel, Beijing

- Granlund has helped us with structured planning, our maintenance schedule is now very clear and visible. All tasks are planned beforehand. We can also schedule some maintenance work – for example air conditioning – to start later than before, Mr. Liu says.

Better Utilisation of Hotel Rooms As Mr. Liu uses the system every day, he has a clear understanding of its advantages. - This is a very useful system for both the Hotel Management as well as for operative persons. It not only gives us better visibility and control, but also helps us make more business. The rooms that are out of order can be maintained faster, which means we can sell them earlier, he continues.

Another benefit of the Granlund Manager, Mr. Liu finds, is that it hosts all the documents needed for operating the building. - Documentation is very important to us. Now we have contracts, equipment introductions, information of warranty period and maintenance interval all in one place, he lists.

Other clear benefits are related to a more disciplined and clearer working process and savings in time – he estimates that maintenance personnel have saved up to 15% of their working time since the new system was taken into use. Especially the first line staff find the system very useful.

Energy Savings The system helps to gather and consolidates data from multiple sources, reports current energy performance as well as optimises energy usage.

However, one benefit stands out above the others: energy savings.

There are over 30 meters to monitor, providing much data to analyse. Earlier the challenge was in understanding the meaning of each piece of information. Today the data can be quickly analysed, and the system gives us information on what is the reason behind the energy consumption.

- In 5 years we need to save 35% of all the energy used. I can see that Granlund will help us reach this target, Mr. Liu believes. The Radisson Blu Hotel, Beijing has already experienced a 15% savings in money in the first 4 months – thanks to better planning, follow-up and visibility.

As a result of this enhanced process the hotel management can receive energy reports with clear suggestions for measures to save energy. And this is simply one of the main purposes of the Granlund Manager – to help its users save on their energy costs.

Main customer benefits of the Granlund Manager •

Savings in both maintenance costs, as well as in energy consumption

Gives Maintenance data ownership to the Property Owner

Visibility and control of Maintenance tasks

Reports current energy performance

Helps to analyse and optimise energy usage

Fast and easy implementation

Hotel, Beijing The Radisson Blu Hotel, Beijing offers premier services in the Chaoyang district in Beijing, China. It lies near the city’s commercial and diplomatic centres and sits adjacent to the China International Exhibition Center (CIEC). Guests can also easily reach the NCIEC, the Beijing International Airport and historical sites, such as the Forbidden City and the Great Wall. The 4-star hotel has a total of 360 elegant rooms with 24-hour room service, three restaurants, fitness centre and conference facilities for up to 700 guests.

Granlund is a privately owned company with over 1000 customer organisations in 30 countries and about 650 employees. The company offers Facility Management software, Designing and Consulting Services. It has offices in Finland, China and UAE. Over 50 hotels in Asia, Europe, and the Middle East are using Granlund Manager.

Granlund Manager: Hotel, Radisson Blu Beijing