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ieto, a leading Nordic software and services company has been cooperating with Granlund for several years. In 2016, they wanted to streamline their operations across the Nordic. A project with Granlund Manager was set up to introduce the documentation processes used into their operations in the Stockholm region. The aim was to facilitate the maintenance and auditing of Tieto’s data centers to guarantee uninterrupted uptime.

Everything needs to be documented on paper so we are be able to show that Tieto has done everything possible to keep the data centers up and running, no matter what. Stefan Källström, Facility Manager, Data Center Facility, Tieto Sweden AB, Stockholm, Sweden

In 2016, Tieto, one of the largest IT service providers in Europe, wanted to develop its reporting systems for their data centers in the Helsinki and Stockholm regions. The Granlund Manager had been used in Finland since 2009 with good results and Tieto was looking forward to introducing it in their Swedish operations. The aim was to safeguard maximum uptime through improved documentation processes. In addition, significant improvements in the auditing process were sought. -Before adopting Granlund Manager, we were using different documents and had nothing centralized. Everything was done on a manual on demand basis. It was complicated and inefficient, tells Per-Olof Centerlind, Datacenter Facilities Specialist one of the two main users in Sweden. (Altogether, Tieto has over 60 users for the system in Sweden and Finland.) The Granlund Manager offered Tieto a tool that documents the process, shows how the process is carried out, and records that the tasks are completed. All of the data is collected conveniently in one place. - Now everything is connected, says Centerlind with a smile.

The crucial role of documentation in auditing The data centers are constantly audited by clients and Tieto’s own organization. For Tieto, it is extremely important to be able to prevent potential

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operational difficulties and to be able to react fast to problems if they happen. To guarantee uninterrupted uptime and keep the data centers running, explicit and clear documentation is needed. -Everything needs to be documented on paper so we are be able to show that Tieto has done everything possible to keep the data centers up and running, no matter what, stresses Stefan Källström, Tieto’s Facility Manager, Data Center Facility, the other main user in Sweden. Currently, Tieto is using five modules out of the nine available in the Granlund Manager system. Property information, the maintenance plan, the document management, and event logging-modules are in active use, and the mobile interface has also been introduced. As a result, Tieto has visibility and control over the maintenance processes at their data centers in the Helsinki and Stockholm regions. The system also helps them during audits as all the information is now stored in one place.

The maintenance notes as a valuable tool In Finland and Sweden, the system is operated for the most part by the service provider.

ESSENTIAL CUSTOMER BENEFITS OF GRANLUND MANAGER • All of the data is collected conveniently in one place • Monitoring and managing maintenance tasks is easy • Facilitates external and internal auditing Through Granlund Manager, both Tieto and the service provider are kept up to date on what needs to be done as well as what tasks have already been carried out. Any changes in normal operation, such as alarms, controls, and extra maintenance events are recorded in the maintenance notes module. The maintenance notes module allows for easy follow-up and serves as a guide for preventive measures and changes. -It is very important to document how things are done and to verify that they have been done, emphasizes Otto Åkerberg, the regional manager for Scandinavia at Granlund. The data documented in the maintenance notes also helps the collaboration between Tieto and the service provider during their monthly meetings. The recorded data on all irregularities and tasks performed makes it easier to plan and discuss what needs to be done next. The maintenance notes module ensures that nothing is overlooked or forgotten.

Tieto’s active role in the implementation process It was decided that the adoption process for Granlund Manager for the Stockholm data centers would build on Tieto’s active participation. In fact, Tieto would carry out the implementation themselves after receiving appropriate training and support from Granlund. This was possible because Granlund Manager is so easy to use that only a short training period is needed for learning the implementation skills. An additional benefit in taking an active role in the implementation is the possibility for tailoring the system for specific company needs during the implementation process.

-Tieto did the implementation. They also created their own maintenance instructions that made the Granlund Manager more suitable for their needs. For instance, specific environmental and safety checks were introduced as a part of the Tieto maintenance process, says Otto Åkerberg. The implementation itself took about 6 months. According to Stefan Källström the most difficult thing was to understand the structure of the system and how the individual parts are connected. - You need to learn what the results of each action are in the system. And you learn best by doing things yourself, emphasizes Källström.

Benefits of using Granlund Manager The benefits to Tieto from adopting the Granlund Manager documentation processes in Sweden include streamlining the Nordic processes through improved reporting, advancing collaboration between service provider and Tieto as well as facilitating external and internal auditing. The system has also helped in solving other problems: -We now have a much better control of certification and other legal requirements. Our maintenance calendar is also up-to-date, says Stefan Källström. -And we have a clear plan on how it is done, scheduled, and carried out, adds Per-Olof Centerlind. Most importantly, by implementing consistent documentation processes through Granlund Manager, Tieto has gained a new tool for managing the maintenance risks, which helps to ensure uninterrupted uptime for Tieto’s data centers.

• Recorded data ensures nothing is overlooked or forgotten

Tieto is one of the leading Nordic software and services companies. Headquartered in Espoo, Finland, Tieto has around 14,000 experts in close to 20 countries. The turnover is approximately €1.5 billion. Tieto’s shares are listed on NASDAQ in Helsinki and Stockholm. Tieto aims to use software and services capabilities to create tools and services that simplify the everyday life of millions of people; to help their customers renew their businesses by capturing the opportunities of modernization, digitalization, and innovation as well as foster new opportunities based on openness, co-innovation, and ecosystems.

“Now we have a plan on how documentation processes are done, scheduled, and carried out. Everything is documented for external and internal audits.”

Granlund specialises in software services, consultancy and design. We focus strongly on innovation and development and our aim is to create wellbeing in the built environment. Granlund was established in 1960. Today we have customers in over 30 countries and employ hundreds of experts in Finland, Scandinavia, China, the UAE and UK.

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Granlund Manager Reference: Tieto Data Centers  

Granlund Manager Reference: Tieto Data Centers