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Your must do list for the Granite Belt

8 European Heritage Abounds 9 Produce Nude food, pick your own, markets, apples, beef + cheese, go organic and more.

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Decadent delicacies, chocalicious chocolate, vinegar + verjuice

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A culinary experience, restaurants with breathtaking views, country hospitality, coffee time.

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Meet the maker, top wine gongs, discover the strange bird, the art of wine tasting, a little brew.

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Granite Belt

Top Gourmet Destination Courier Mail

This magazine is your ultimate foodie and wine lovers guide to the Granite Belt. It provides the best on offer from the paddock, pantry and plate. In the Granite Belt we celebrate life by the seasons, and this magazine will show you how to be a part of that. Join us - the more the merrier is our belief. It also includes some mind-blowing recipes, from scrumptious apple muffins to the decadence of Cavolo Nero. All the recipes use local ingredients, offering quality that won’t be appearing on supermarket shelves any time soon. But the treats don’t stop here; so happy reading!

GRANITE BELT WINE + TOURISM PS - make sure you sign-up for our monthly enews, which is full of seasonal events, offers, news and tips. Just go to the website: www.granitebeltwinecountry.com.au


The Granite Belt is a premium food and wine destination surrounded by stunning national parks and prehistoric granite formations. Located on the Queensland and New South Wales border, it is only a 3 hour drive from Brisbane and the Gold Coast or a 30-minute flight. LIFE BY THE SEASONS Sitting high on the Great Dividing Range, more than 1000m above sea level, creates a region of four seasons and a climate a world away from Queensland counterparts. It can even snow. The seasons guide life in the Granite Belt and the produce it reaps. SMALL BUT DIVERSE Stretching just 60kms from north to south and roughly half as wide, the Granite Belt is small but diverse. Dotted along the New England Highway are our villages and hamlets, with Stanthorpe, the main central town. Through the region, country lanes wind past vineyards, orchards and the namesake granite boulders that dot the landscape like crazy marbles. If it’s a tranquil escape from reality, a gourmand’s indulgence or a unique wine experience you’re in need of, the Granite Belt has something to offer you. Stay for the weekend or longer and experience elevated taste.

MUST DOS! 1. Just breathe; mountain air and breathtaking views. 2. Visit more than 40 cellar doors and find a Strange Bird on the alternative wine trail. 3. Grab a wicker basket and source local produce bursting with flavour. On the 2nd and 4th Sunday of the month be spoilt for choice at the Markets in the Mountains.


be elevated

It is beautiful country; rugged and diverse, dotted with precariously balancing prehistoric granite boulders, fertile soil, big sky panoramas, meandering creeks, gourmet produce and award winning boutique wineries.

4. Attend one of our many events and be entranced by sultry jazz or the strings of the cello while sipping wine and devouring local delacacies overlooking the vines. 5 Foodies, savour slow cooked regional produce including decadent wild mushroom and truffle soup, melt in your mouth tantalising pork, or discover the call of the wild with succulent game-meat, and finish it off with a homemade hot chocolate.



heritage abounds For multi -award winning Italian cuisine that doesn’t cost the earth experience Anna’s Restaurant in Stanthorpe. For 30 years they have been serving some of the finest cannelloni, saltimbocca and much more. The Barrel Room Cafe at Ballandean Estate has been renowned for divine Italian cuisine for generations. Surrounded by 140 year old wine barrels, experience home-made pastas and their famous wild mushroom and truffle infused soup

The Granite Belt is rich in European heritage. Early European settlers

Thunderbolt Cafe is a quirky restaurant

flocked here in the early and mid 1900s

with German heritage offering

to take up land that reminded them of

everything from German sausages to


a traditional Vienna Schnitzel. Be sure to try the beef - they grow their own

With them came the traditions that

which is grass fed and organic. Top it

centre on the importance of enjoying

off with a German beer.

and sharing good food and wine. It is these traditions, combined with modern practice, that continues to make the Granite Belt a unique food and wine destination.


Produce 9

nude food

FRESH IS BEST The Granite Belt is a massive fruit and vegie patch. Since the 1860s, the region has been one of Australia’s leading fruit and vegetable producers. Stanthorpe apples find their way into almost every home in Queensland! The rich granite soils provide excellent growing



conditions not only for apples, but also pears, table grapes, berries, stone fruit, olives, persimmons and figs plus an array of vegetables . The Granite Belt enjoys four distinct seasons, and as such the season you visit will determine what fresh produce is available.

1. It's better for the environment - it doesn't need to be shipped, trucked, and stored, and

There is nothing better than eating freshly picked

usually has less packaging.

produce. The flavour is at a premium and the carbon

2. Local food tastes better! It's fresher because it hasn't travelled all over the nation.

foot print is at a minimum. Experience the taste of fresh peas, earthy mushrooms, juicy tomatoes and

3. You're helping support the local economy,

more. You can stock up at roadside stores – or at times

4. There's a good chance you'll be eating more

of the year – from the farm gate.

healthy food. Processed snacks are often hard to find from local sources. 5. If you're health-conscious or prefer organic foods, it's much easier to find out the origins and processing of a local food. 6. It’s fun - going to farmer's markets is way more fun than trudging around supermarkets with a trolley. You get to meet and chat with the people who grow your food, and you are more likely to get free taste test!


The region also has a reputation for quality wild game-meat, lamb and beef.

The Granite Belt celebrates Nude Food. It’s not rude – Nude Food showcases food as nature intended, in region and season. It is closely linked to the Slow Food Movement – linking the pleasure of food with a commitment to community and the environment. Lana – the leaf girl – is our mascot, representing a diverse range of Nude Foodies on the Granite Belt. Allow her to guide you on this self-drive experience of regional flavours. Take your time and enjoy!

e Nud od Fo

Meet Lana the Leaf Girl


PICK YOUR OWN There is no greater joy than picking your own fruit and vegetables straight from the paddock. The memories and taste will stay with you forever! During autumn pickers are busy reaping our prized produce. The Granite Belt produces 99% of Queensland’s apples, and the first apples of the season for Australia. The region’s four-season climate and granite soils provide a unique intensity of flavour. Your mouth will be bursting.


SUTTON’S FARM At Sutton’s Farm in Thulimbah you can pick your own apples straight off the tree.

I still remember...the fresh, clean taste of apples from the orchard Current Affairs journalist and past Stanthorpe resident Kerry O’Brien (Australian Country Style Magaine July 2011)

They have planted over 30 varieties of apples which include French cider apple varieties as well as more traditional eating apple varieties. You will find Granny Smith, Pink Lady, Jonathon, Mutsu, Gala, Summer Delicious, Early Delicious, Lady Williams, Winesaps and Coxs Orange Pippin. In addition to apples, the family orchard has small quantities of nectarines, apricots and lemons. Sutton’s grow fruit using environmentally aware orchard practices, so you won’t taste a better apple. The farm is open 7 days but before you visit - make sure you call to see what’s ready and ripe for picking!


SOURCING PRODUCE The Granite Belt, with its proud farming traditions and green-organic credentials, is a perfect place to look for really fresh seasonal produce and organic food at its best. Whether you are looking for inspiration for a special meal, yummy ideas for picnics or just the pleasure of admiring real food, be sure to visit our regular markets and food events. Here you will find a wide range of superb local produce and deliciously prepared food. To ensure you have the freshest produce make sure you know what’s in season. For information on what you can get, and when, see the spring, summer, autumn, and winter sections of this magazine. Why don’t you use our fabulous produce to create your own

STRAWBERRY FIELDS Strawberry Fields Stanthorpe farm, located on the western fringe of Stanthorpe township just off the New England Highway, is the prefect place to pick sweet, juicy strawberries in season. Last season Strawberry Fields produced over 1.5 million punnets of strawberries sending fruit to the Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide Fruit Markets. The farm is open to the public during strawberry season for ‘pick your own’.

Granite Belt dishes? This magazine offers some great recipe ideas too!

The stomach is the way to a person’s heart! Find foodie love in the Granite Belt. 14

Strawberry Fields farm is open from November to May, 7 days a week. Before visiting make sure you call to see what’s ripe!


Source fresh produce, pantry delicacies and unique craft at the Stanthorpe Markets in the Mountain on the 2nd and 4th Sunday of the month. The markets celebrate those that make it, bake it, sew it or grow it. Want more? The Border Railway Market is held on the first Sunday of each month at the historic Wallangarra Railway Station. They offer the pick of local art, craft and produce, as well as a scrumptious hot breakfast.


APPLE MUFFINS by Roz Sutton Ingredients 125gm melted butter ½ cup sugar 1 egg ¾ cup milk 1 ½ cups plain flour 1 tblsp baking powder ½ tsp cinnamon 2 cups peeled & diced Sutton’s

cook up your own apple delight

Granny Smith apples Topping ¼ cup finely chopped pecan nuts ¼ cup brown sugar ½ tsp cinnamon Method Preheat oven to 200°C. In a large bowl combine melted butter, sugar, beaten egg and milk. Sift in flour, baking powder, apple and cinnamon. Stir gently until just combined. The mixture should be lumpy, not smooth. Spoon mixture into muffin tins until 2/3 full. Combine topping ingredients and sprinkle over muffins. Bake 15-20 minutes until lightly browned. Makes 12.


DID YOU KNOW? Stanthorpe produces more than 99% of Queensland’s apples !

24 apples in one pie!


beef & CHEESE

Owners of the Granite Belt Dairy Farmhouse, Rosco and Karen have been farming dairy and beef cattle collectively for over 60 years. They are passionate about producing food of the highest quality. Rosco milks his herd of Jersey cows (he calls them his super models, they're slim, have pretty faces and big boobs) daily. If you want to experience milking a cow you’ll have to get up early! Rosco offers visitors the opportunity to join him milking his girls at 7am - it’s great for kids. Please phone first to make a booking. The Granite Belt Dairy Farmhouse offers more than ten varieties of cheese from pasture to plate - and fabulous milkshakes too!


fit for a queen When visiting Queensland Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth was served goat’s cheese from the Granite Belt while cruising down the Brisbane river.

Rosco milks his herd of Jersey cows (he calls them his super models, they're slim, have pretty faces and big boobs) daily 19

Go Organic! experience the health benefits of organic produce

order organic produce online! Symara Organic Farm, located at The Summit, is a small family farm growing a large and constantly changing selection of vegetables, herbs and fruit. It is owned and operated by Ray and Samantha Palmer, a young couple who are passionate about growing good food with their two young apprentices Eva and Charlie. Fabulous produce is available direct to the public via Produce boxes. This is a weekly box of fruit and vegetables you can select yourself. For more details visit www.symarafarm.com.au.


The benefits of eating organic food have been well publicised. Not only does organic food taste better, it offers a higher level of nutrient Organic foods are especially higher in antioxidants, vitamin C, iron, magnesium, calcium, and phosphorus. They also have higher levels (up to six times) of salicylic acid.

from Mallow Organic Lamb, near Stanthorpe. flavour as well as being free of chemicals. Farming practices on Mallow follow biological farming principles where emphasis is on excellent soil and nutrient value to maximize plant health. This in turn produces meat that is

Neither chemicals nor addictives means a healthy you, now and in the future. Organic farming is also preserving our land for future generations. These farming methods prevent soil erosion, builds healthy soil and protects water

This is truly nature’s way!

The region’s best organic lamb can be sourced Mallow Lamb is noted for its tenderness and

content, vitamins and minerals.


organic lamb

nutrient dense and good for our own health as consumers. And others agree. Mallow was a finalist in the ABC’s Delicious Magazine’s Produce Award 2011! The Produce Awards 2011 judges included the acclaimed Alla Wolf-Tasker, Matt Moran, Maggie Beer, Philip Johnson and Cheong Liew. Purchase from various outlets in the Granite Belt or straight from the farm

must try

gate by arrangement.

Sample Mallow Lamb at the Cellar Door Cafe - a sample menu offers Organic Mallow Lamb Meatballs with Tomato & Parsley Salad - matched perfectly with their 2009 Cellar Collections Shiraz


farm gate + shop While you visit and before you depart ensure you stock up on fresh produce. One of the best is local legend – Sam’s Fruit and Vege Shop. Located on Granite Belt Drive at The Summit, just off the main highway, Sam stocks the very best locally grown produce, fresh eggs and other local products. You can also buy seasonal fruit by the box. Or go straight to the farm gate at Wheel-In Orchard (seasonal). Located just north of Sam’s, The Wheel in Orchard offers a variety of produce, depending on the season, including pears, apples, peaches, nectarines and grapes. We also suggest asking owner, Angelo for a braid of his Italian garlic.

Sam's It's a cute little shop! Blogger, Small Town Chutney


Pantry 23

A PRODUCE PANTRY The Granite Belt will impress foodies. Our fabulous fresh produce is used by the region’s talented chefs, bakers and makers to create tantalising gourmet delights. The region has a rich, culturally diverse population, offering an unexpected delight for those developing their palates through to die-hard foodies. Food traditions have been passed down through generations of families from Great Britain, Italy, Germany, Spain, The Netherlands and more. Such diverse ethnicity has influenced what is grown in the region. This translates into an appreciation of freshness and the combinations of flavours, the age-old art of food preserving for out-of-season consumption and the farming practices employed.. Our delicious products are made in the region using only the highest quality local ingredients. Many products are gluten free and contain no preservatives. You won’t be disappointed - our makers and bakers reap numerous food awards each year. Granite Belt producers love to share the fruits of their work. Meet them, learn about their production techniques and sample their wares via a tour of the region, or visit the Stanthorpe Visitor Information Centre to source an array of delectable products in one place.

the granite belt will impress foodies

Our delis and providore are another perfect place to stock up. You will also find a range of speciality international produce. Not sure what should go with what. Ask for food matching recommendations, and many producers also provide recipe ideas. Taste your way through the Granite Belt and don’t forget to take some home for your friends and family.


savoury delights...

vegetarian and organic...

Breads, chutney, cheese, marinated vegetables, fruit

Eat organic! The Granite Belt is dedicated to the best

pastes, vinegars, pestos and olives are a mere pinch

farming practices with many offering organic

of the savoury staples created in the region. They are

produce. There is organic tofu made in the region

perfect for a prelude, casual meal or when you want

that would convert the most stringent of carnivores!

to pack a ploughman’s picnic.

Or try our tender and flavoursome organic lamb.

Make cooking easy with Nonna’s secret recipes pasta

sweet treats...

sauces or Nana’s favourite marmalade mix.

Chocolates, jams, honey, ice cream, coulis, syrups, biscuits, fudge and a range of Italian treats are some

carnivore capers...

of the sweets available. What about marinated

Local butchers and abattoirs provide an important

vanilla figs or peaches in Chardonnay syrup. Enjoy

role in making fresh meats readily available, and

the decadence if only for a moment; you will

organic and specialty farmers are providing a

remember it forever.

superior product. Steeped in European heritage, you will also find traditionally cured meats such as double smoked ham and salami.


decadentdelicacies THE PERFECT PASTE The Bramble Patch offers the perfect accompaniment to a cheese or antipasto platter; one or more of their award winning fruit pastes. Their delicious products are made on-site using only the highest quality ingredients sourced from the Granite Belt region wherever possible. Gluten free with no preservatives, they are perfect for all. Try the ruby quince, vintage shiraz, and cabernet & cracked pepper with soft cheeses like camembert, brie or goat’s cheese.

THE LARDER New England Larder is an innovative gourmet food producer developed by Granite Belt chef Geoff Metcalf. Geoff is passionate about using fresh quality products in his dishes, and is

A JAMING TIME Jamworks of Glen Aplin offer premium quality jams and preserves made using locally grown produce where possible and all their products are gluten free! We recommend you try their famous Blackberry Couli with Black Muscat Liqueur.


constantly surprised by the range of produce available in the Granite Belt. He is inspired to use local vine or tree ripened products in his range of chutneys, relishes and preserves. A consumer favourite is his cool climate desserts that include peaches in Chardonnay, and vanilla figs and prunes in Shiraz syrup; all fabulous with creamy ice-cream or fresh natural yoghurt.

top gongs Bramble Patch won 11 medals at last year’s Melbourne, Sydney and Hobart Fine Food Awards. Judges favourites included the red capsicum relish, apricot and macadamia paste, raspberry vnegar, and sizzling hot lime pickle.



the sweetest things


Chocalicious Mud Cake with Chilli Chocolate Glaze by Michelle Burton Mud Cake 250g butter (1 cm cubed) 250g dark chocolate buttons 170ml hot water 1 tbs instant coffee 160g Self raising flour 150g Plain flour 60g cocoa powder ½ tsp bicarbonate soda 550g Sugar

Heavenly Chocolate offers delectable hand crafted chocolates and gourmet goodies, available

4 eggs

at the only exclusive

2 tbs oil

chocolate shop in the

125ml butter milk

Granite Belt.

Combine Butter, Chocolate, hot water, coffee in a small sauce pan. Stir over

While you are at the

a low heat until melted together. Remove from heat. In a separate bowl sift

chocolate shop, be

flours, cocoa powder, bicarbonate soda. Add sugar and mix together.

sinful and have one of their

Make a well in the centre. Add eggs, oil and butter milk and mix well slowly

seriously rich European hot

adding the chocolate mixture. Place in tin and bake for 120 minutes, or

chocolates in their garden

until skewer comes out clean. Cool in tin and remove when completely cold.

cafe. Choose from one of 18 flavours!

Chilli Chocolate Glaze 100 ml pouring cream ½ tsp ground cloves ¼ nutmeg 1/4 teaspoon chilli powder 300grms chopped chocolate 50g butter 60 ml strawberry liqueur. Combine cream, cloves, chilli powder and butter in a small saucepan. Bring to the boil. Remove from heat and add the chocolate and stir. Set aside and allow to cool at room temperature. Add Strawberry Liqueur and stir. Spread onto cake with a spatula or a piping bag. Keep Refrigerated. Oven Temperature -160 Degrees 22cm Round Expandable Cake Tin lined with paper Preparation time -30min Cooking time - 120 minutes



vinegar + verjuice LíráH, located near Ballandean, is one of Australia’s largest producers of vinegar and a firm favourite of leading Australian chefs. At LíráH they recognise that their products are not ‘consumed’ but rather are a tool that, in the hands of the chef, combine with other great ingredients to produce successful dishes. For owners Ian and Robyn, a third generation Italian immigrant, vinegar is part of the natural mix of wine, food, and friends. Like all good Italians, Robyn’s family had started a vinegar barrel or two to make their own wine vinegar when they first arrived in Australia. Son-in-law Ian was granted custodianship of the barrels to begin a professional vinegar making enterprise. Today, LíráH operates from a state of the art, purpose built vinegar making ‘winery’ on Ian and Robyn’s farm. While the facility is modern and new, the vinegar making practices inside remain traditional using old oak barrels to age red wine vinegars. It is the blend of the old and new methods, combined with Ian’s winemaking qualifications and extensive experience, that creates this highly professional product. LíráH’s specialty is artisan single vineyard vinegars. Their products are gluten free and all natural.

thick and rich


Discover LíráH’s most popular 100% Australian made, barrel-aged balsamic. No thickeners, no starches, just slowly reduced to a thick and delicious consistency. Pour on crumbled parmesan cheese, or drizzle on fresh tomato. Add to soups, stews and sauces, pour on fresh strawberries, or add to onions while BBQ’ing.


Saffron Panna Cotta with Honey by Natures Glen

1 cup cream 1 cup whole milk 1/4 cup white sugar 1/4 teaspoon Natures Glen Saffron 2 teaspoons unflavoured gelatine 2 tablespoons water 1/4 cup Natures Glen Bush Honey Combine cream, milk and sugar in a small saucepan over medium heat, stirring until sugar is dissolved. When it simmers, add saffron and let simmer for 5 minutes. Remove saucepan from the heat and set aside to steep for 15 minutes. Place the water in a small bowl. Sprinkle with gelatine and cream mixture. Evenly divide the mixture between 4 ramekins. Wrap with plastic and place in the refrigerator unit set. (approx. 4 hours, overnight is preferred). To serve, place the bottom of the ramekin in hot water for a few seconds. Run a knife around the rim. Place a plate over the top of the ramekin and flip them both over to unmold the panna cotta. Drizzle each one with a tablespoon of honey to serve.


worth its weight in gold Natures Glen on the Granite Belt is Queensland’s first saffron farm. Saffron is one of the few things that truly is worth its weight in gold. This product of the crocus sativus flower adds not only pungent and aromatic flavour to foods, but also a beautiful golden colour. Because each flower’s stigmas need to be collected by hand and there are only a few per flower, saffron is the most expensive spice in the world! You should also try Natures Glen’s bush honey. This honey is gathered by a willing team of worker bees from the Granite Belts diverse range of wild bush flowers and native trees.




for you From a degustation lunch overlooking vines or a picnic by the creek, there’s a culinary experience to suit every taste and budget in the Granite Belt. Enjoy it with a Granite Belt wine or locally brewed beer. Our outstanding produce is used by the region’s talented chefs to create an eclectic diversity of mouth-watering menus. We celebrate our rich multicultural heritage with Sicilian dinners, Italian Pranzo lunches, German fests and Spanish tapas. Relaxed, laid-back dining is our speciality but we also offer a number of venues for that special occasion. For us, food is all about connecting with friends and family; the more the merrier. The warmth of hospitality will leave you feeling like your have been welcomed home.


elevated taste


restaurants with breathtaking



GREAT VIEWS Many of our wineries offer cafés and restaurants overlooking spectacular vines but for the best view over the entire valley visit Felsberg Winery.

CHEAP EATS Support the local community and get yourself a budget-friendly meal at the Stanthorpe CWA or RSL.

GREAT COFFEE Try a café in Maryland Street, the main street of Stanthorpe. If you like something a little sweeter, visit Heavenly Chocolate.

ALL YOU CAN EAT Anna’s famous Italian buffet Friday/Saturday evenings - an abundance of good, authentic Italian cuisine for you to enjoy.

SOME TUNES Enjoy local and national entertainment while you dine. One Sunday a month enjoy tunes by the vines at Lucas Estate Cafe.

EVENTS Every month there is an array of food events in the Granite Belt. From the intimacy and indulgence of a seven course degustation, to the family friendly Apple and Grape Festival that attracts thousands - don’t miss out on an opportunity to celebrate food in the Granite Belt. For a list of the latest events visit our website.



COUNTRY HOSPITALITY cafÊs + restaurants... Eating out is one of the special things to do on the Granite Belt. With a rich multicultural society, the Granite Belt offers all cuisines from Thai, Chinese to Italian, French and German, and of course, the best in modern Australian. Our eating options are diverse. From rustic venues in sheds, restaurants with old fashion charm to funky bistros, there is a dining experience to suit all tastes and budgets. One thing they all have in common is good country hospitality. But make sure you book as some venues aren’t open every day! Lunch at a winery overlooking the vines or amongst the barrels, or eating straight from the source at a venue of one of our producers are two of our most popular experiences. During our Brass Monkey Season (winter) many of our restaurants and cafes offer Christmas in Winter - traditional turkey and pudding, or you can try Granite Belt game meat and succulent duck.

pubs, bars + clubs... Like all good country regions, Stanthorpe is dotted with pubs and bars, most located in historic buildings along the main street. After more than beer? Check out the boutique wine bar and relax over a locally produced merlot by an open fire.


No matter where life takes us, time in the country will stay with you forever. It gets into your soul! 40

The Granite Belt offers a unique combination of traditional, modern country Australian food and atmosphere combined with the flavours of the world. Most offer a range of cuisine. At Whiskey Gully ‘s Beverley Vineyard Restaurant sample grilled breast of French Grimaud duck with John’s Tour d’Argent demiglace sauce and potato noisettes, followed by Cream bruleè. Every Saturday evening they offer a degustation showcasing the freshest local produce available. At the Cellar Door Café sample their Regional Antipasto Platter with a selection of cured meats, Granite Belt Dairy cheese, homemade pickled vegetables and candied nuts, chutney and twice baked bakery loaf.

must try The Barrel Room Café’s wild mushroom and truffle infused soup, drizzled white truffle oil and crusty focaccia

At the Vineyard Café step back in ‘Australian time’ and dine in a 100 year old church that served the residents of Ballandean for generations. Lovingly restored it now provides the perfect ambience for modern Australian cuisine that blends culinary tradition with the intelligent use of a wide range of fresh local produce with an increasing emphasis on organic sources.

die Wurst bitte! Craving a traditional German sausage or Vienna Schnitzel, served just like in the ‘Fatherland’ with roasted potatoes, caramelised onions, and coleslaw. Make sure you visit Thunderbolt Farm and Claudia’s Country Restaurant. And finish it offer with their famous apple strudel!


top gongs BEGIN THE DAY Start your day with breakfast at Coach House Cafe or the Cellar Door Cafe offers brunch. On Sunday enjoy breakfast in the vines at the Singing Lake Cafe. FAMILY DINING With menus to delight even the choosiest of children, there are many great family eateries in the Granite Belt. Plus there is always the family favourite McDonalds. But parents, don’t feel like you have to miss out on a special dining experience; most top restaurants and cafes offer a children’s menu - try the Vineyard Café, Cellar Door Café, Shiraz Bistro + Wine Bar, or the Singing Lake Cafe where you may even get the chance to pat their miniature horses. TAPAS + TASTES Can’t make up your mind? Visit the Varias Bistro for a medley of mains and the Singing Lake Cafe offers a tapas menu. Alternatively, try a cheese platter @ Hidden Creek, Ravens Croft Wines or Summit Estate.


The Vineyard Café has regularly made Australian Gourmet Travellers’ Top 500 Restaurants.

When dining in the Granite Belt you must try our local game meat. Jester Hill Cafe offers kangaroo, beef and bush tomato lasagne, or for the full experience don’t miss a Gamekeepers Dinner at the Barrel Room CafÊ.

did you know?

Rachael Bermingham and Kim McCosker, the talented duo behind the famous 4 Ingredients cook books, were born and raised in Stanthorpe.



coffee time kick-start the day with a perfectly made coffee in one of our cafĂŠs





ELEVATED TASTE The Granite Belt, a recognised Geographical Indication (GI), combines muchsought after granite terroir, cool climate and high altitude to create national and international award winning wines.

40 CELLAR DOORS Many people start at our wineries, with more than 55 vineyards and 40 boutique cellar doors. Meet the local winemakers who are carving out an impressive reputation for the region. The Granite Belt is a versatile growing region due to varying elevation which ranges from 700m to more than 1200m above sea level - creating some of the highest altitude vines in Australia. Main wine styles include Chardonnay, Verdelho, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz. In recent years the Granite Belt has also proved a successful producer of more than 21 alternative varieties. Follow the Strange Bird Alternative Wine Trail to discover a sense of adventure and educate your palate.



The Granite Belt is dedicated to quality wine...only the best makes the bottle 49

HISTORY Grapes were first planted in the region in the 1870s, by Catholic priest, Italian born Father Jerome Davidi to produce altar wine. His Italian descent made grape growing and wine production a familiar local past time and the notion caught on in the area. After World War II, Italian POWs and migrants arrived. Of the region’s 15 per cent non-Australian born population, 65 per cent are Italian. The Granite Belt’s wine pedigree continued to develop as many immigrants made table wines for their own consumption, although it’s only within the past decade that the greatest strides have been achieved in recognition and commercial success.


MEET THE MAKER As a boutique wine region, the Granite Belt provides you with the perfect opportunity to ‘meet the winemaker’. In many cases, the person serving you at the cellar door is either the winemaker or is in some way directly involved in the wine production process. There’s something special in learning every step of the process that created the bottle of wine you are taking home; discovering the care and effort that has gone into every drop. It’s also a great way to increase your knowledge about wine. You can read numerous wine guides and gain a decent understanding, but you’ll learn far more when you visit the vineyards, and meet the people making the wine and personally see the winery in each production phase. Through the winemaker you will come to understand the winemaking process, and how the varying vintages influence the wine style and quality. You’ll not find a more personal and engaging wine experience. But be careful - their passion will be contagious!

WORLD COMPARISION The Granite Belt is unique in Australia for its combination of cool weather and decomposed granite soils, the cool arid climate and high rock content soil which creates conditions that mirror other great wine regions elsewhere in the world. Comparisons can be made to Australia’s Clare Valley, northern central Spain (Rioja and Ribera del Duero), the northern Rhone (Hermitage and Cote Rotie) and south west France.


top wine gongs


Our wineries continually reap awards on the

Australia’s most respected and widely read wine

national and international circuit. Here are just a

critic, James Halliday highly rates a number of

few of their most recent achievements.

Granite Belt wineries, including awarding Boireann

Each year the list is growing, and growing!

his latest 2012 Wine Companion.

Wines five red stars (the highest possible rating) in Boireann Wines

5 red stars

Summit Estate

5 stars

Golden Grove

4.5 stars

Symphony Hill

4.5 stars

Ballandean Estate

4 stars

Granite Ridge Wines

4 stars

Lucas Estate

4 stars

Mason Wines

4 stars

Ravens Croft Wines

4 stars

JAMES HALLIDAY’S SPECIAL VALUE WINES Ballandean Estate Late Harvest Sylvaner 2006 Granite Ridge Wines First Oak Chardonnay 2009 Mason Wines Cabernet Sauvignon 2009 Mason Wines Granite Belt Shiraz 2008 Ridgemill Estate Cabernet Malbec Merlot 2009 Golden Grove Estate Sem.Sauvignon Blanc 2010


top cabernet Winestate Magazine 5 stars (Gold) and Queensland’s 2011 highest rated wine Granite Ridge Top Block Cabernet 2009

JAMES HALLIDAY’S FAVOURITE WINES Rated outstanding (94 points and above) Boireann The Lurnea 2009


Boireann Granite Belt Mourvèdre Shiraz 2009


Golden Grove Estate Semillon Sauvignon Blanc 2010 94 Summit Estate QC Queensland Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot Petit Verdot Malbec 2009


Summit Estate Alto Spanish Collection Monastrell Granacha Shyra Tempranillo Cabernet 2009


Summit Estate Alto Spanish Coll.Tempranillo 2009


Symphony Hill Wines Shiraz Viognier 2009


For further information visit www.winecompanion.com.au

top shiraz Royal Melbourne Wine Show Top Gold; finalists Best Rhone Style; finalist Douglas Seabrook Single Vineyard Trophy Symphony Hills Reserve

fit for a queen When visiting Queensland Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth was served Robert Channon Wines’ Sparkling Chardonnay and Verdelho, and Golden Grove’s Tempranillo


international gongs Royal Wine China Exhibition Show Gold, Sirromet 2008 Shiraz Viognier 2008, Chardonnay 2009, Le Sauvage Cabernet Shiraz 2009. Challenge International du Vin Competition Gold, Sirromet St Jude’s Grand Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon 2007




Gold and Best Queensland Red

Royal Queensland Food and Wine Trophy for

Harrington Glen Estate Cabernet Sauvignon 2008

Most Successful Queensland Exhibitor 2011 Symphony Hill Wines

Gold and Best Queensland White Girraween Estate Chardonnay 2011

Corrigan and Scudamore-Smith Trophy Ravens Croft Wines Chardonnay 2009

Most Successful Queensland Exhibitor Trophy and Award for Technical Excellence in


Queensland Winemaking

Best Queensland White in Show

Symphony Hill

Lucas Estate Chardonnay 2006


Best Queensland Red in Show

Top Gold

Lucas Estate Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot 2006

Golden Grove Shiraz 2009


Source out an award winning wine! 55

discover the strange bird Strange Bird is the quirky name given to the Granite Belt’s self drive alternative wine trail. In recent years, the region has proved a successful producer of more than 20 alternative varieties. We encourage visitors to follow the Trail to discover a sense of adventure and educate their palate. Dip into a bottle of Viognier or Mourvedre; learn how to pronounce Gewurztraminer or discuss the perfect food match for a bottle of Tempranillo. Tagged the ‘next generation of wine’, alternative varieties have been loved in Europe for generations, and are rapidly emerging in popularity in Australia because of their ability to match perfectly with food. Try one now!

One of the great alternative wines you can try on the trail

Durif A big, rich full bodied red. This French variety has made itself at home; adapting extremely well to the Granite trap rock soils and cool climate of the Granite Belt. The smooth yet rich textured palate is full up front with plenty of ripe fruit melting into firm tannins and a soft oak finish. Will cellar for up to 10 years. Match with game or red meat dishes.


must do! Download the Strange Bird Alternative Wine Trail map online or pick up a copy from the Stanthorpe Visitor Information Centre when you visit.


The art of wine tasting A visit to the cellar door is a great way to learn more about wine. Learn the intricate details of how the wine was made, the influence of the vintage. One of the best things about visiting the Granite Belt is that you can get the opportunity to taste wines that are not available at retail outlets or bottleshops. At particular times of the year, some of our wineries offer vertical tastings - that is the opportunity to taste the same type of wine over different vintages. TAKE YOUR TIME TO SAVOUR THE MOMENT To fully appreciate the wine, we suggest you only visit three to four wineries per day. And make sure you have a designated driver, as you will quickly achieve the standard drink limit with a few tastes.


o ti a c u d e d n a s e c n e ri e p x Wine e

d vineyard tours, and ms for groups, winery an roo g tin tas te va pri er off Some wineries our website for details. wine master-classes. See La mmit Estate - home of the One of the largest is at Su , and tasting and function rooms Cave and Sala de Barricas Room. the recently opened Aroma

lovers of sparkling Many of our wineries offer a sparkling wine for lovers of bubbles, but for the largest range of sensational sparkling wine visit Girraween Estate


n, ery tour at Casley Mt Hutto Take a complimentary win Ballandean Estate. Pyramids Road Wines or the s? Do a wine weekend at Want to get really seriou is ne Tourism (QCWT). QCWT Queensland College of Wi dication to continuous evidence of the region’s de courses weekend, and long-term improvement and offers in wine education.

top wine tips


Even if you are a beginner don’t underestimate your ability to judge a wine! A good wine will have a bright colour, a readily detectable pleasant aroma, and a pleasant taste. 1. The better the wine the longer the taste will linger on after you swallow it. 2. Whites should be pale straw in colour - not dark brown unless fortified. Reds should be crimson. 3. Whilst there are high quality sweet wines, most quality wines are dry, especially reds. 4. When selecting a wine to match with food remember that lighter flavoured wines match lighter flavoured food. 5. Reds are best served at about 18 degrees. Avoid over-chilling whites 30 minutes in an ice bucket will suffice. When serving use decent glasses which are tulip shape and clear. They are not necessarily expensive; a standard judging glass is about $3. And, remember to only half fill the glass to allow the aroma space!


It’s all about age The age of the vine can have considerable bearing on the quality of the wine produced. Older vines produce fewer grapes (lower yields) creating more concentrated, intense wines and their deep roots are less affected by vintage variation. The Granite Belt, thanks to our early European settlers, is blessed with a number of old vines. There has been a vineyard at Bungawarra for more than 100 years. This is the legacy of Angelo Barbagallo, who came to Bungawarra in the 1920s as a post-war migrant and stayed for 50 years. The vineyard still includes the Muscat vines from Angelo’s time ,that are now over 80 years old. Ballandean Estate Wines is Queensland’s largest and oldest family owned and operated winery and proud members of Family Business Australia. Wine has been made on the Estate since 1932, while the cellar door was opened to the public in 1970. Next door to Ballandean Estate, is another long-running winery of Italian descent, Golden Grove Estate. The Costanzo family have grown table grapes for generations. More than 40 years ago they got serious about wine and planted their first Shiraz vines, which are used for their current vintages of award winning Shiraz. And then there’s the nearly 70 year old Muscat vines. It now has a South African flavour, but Rumbalara was first surveyed before 1908. The land was originally used as an orchard and has been continually in use for fruit and grape growing since the original survey. The first grapes on the property were planted in 1928. Bob and Una Gray purchased the property in 1974 and planted and grafted (onto existing rootstocks) classic wine grape varieties. The winery then established is the second oldest continuing winemaking venture on the Granite Belt.


Discover 140 year old wine barrels at Ballandean Estate

must try With a new approach great wine is made in the vineyard

an organic philosophy Just Red Wines do not use any insecticides in the vineyard and minimise the use of fungicides by concentrating on grape varieties that tolerate our occasional wet summer. Also dedicated to sustainable agricultural methods and the environment, using no insecticides, is Twisted Gum.

We may be able to trace our wine history back decades but the Granite Belt is dedicated to modern wine practices. For this generation of winemakers, it’s all about the quality of the

The fruit is then lovingly hand-picked to

vineyard, its soil and the fruit it yields, and the

maintain optimum quality. Once in the winery,

believe that great wine is made in the vineyard.

the winemaker is devoted to ensuring the

To achieve this many are moving towards

finished wine reflects the vineyard that it came

biodynamic methods of operation.

from, with minimal production influence.



a little brew Between wine tasting why not visit a brewery or distillery? From serious European influenced ales, to chocolate flavoured beer and liqueur ports, there is something to tantalise everyone’s taste buds. Castle Glen Australia offers an enormous range of ales, pilseners, lagers, liqueurs, crème liqueurs, and has recently achieved the status of being the only Whiskey manufacturer in Queensland. To celebrate, they have recently released Glen 2YO Whiskey using the finest malt from Switzerland. The whiskey is double distilled and aged in oak for a minimum of two years. Have a sweeter tooth? Try their Butterscotch Crème Liqueur. And, they have wine too!

A Golden Gift!

Castle Glen produce Liqueurs and Sparkling Wines with Real 24kt Gold Flakes. Shake your Favourite Liqueur with Gold and see it sparkle. 24kt Gold Flakes not only look fantastic they can have some health benefits too!


WE HAVE KIDS? There is plenty for children to do in the Granite Belt.

discover where food comes from... It’s amazing how children will eat their fruit and vegetable if they’ve picked it themselves. It is a wonderful learning experience. Plus you will not forget the joy on their faces.

winery and dining experiences still an option.. Many of our winery cafés and restaurants, and evening establishments offer children’s menus and activities to keep them entertained. So spoil yourself now.

their favourites… We may be small but you can still find your favourite takeaway restaurants in the Granite Belt. Or why not try one of our ‘all you can eat’ buffet establishments - perfect for a family with varying tastes or growing teenagers.



In the Granite Belt we live life by the seasons

Celebrate with us!





primavera Steeped in European heritage, we have celebrated Primavera (Italian for spring) for generations. Meet the winemakers, providores and artistisans; and indulge in three months of festivities. Primavera offers an array of cultural and gastronomic events, and new wine vintage releases. It’s also a visual feast of apple blossoms and wild flowers. Stay for the weekend or longer and experience elevated taste and culture.

See our website for the latest program

spring must do! Grab a wicker basket and source

local produce bursting with flavour. Every second Sunday be spoilt for choice at the Markets in the Mountains..


In Season in Spring Berries (including strawberries), cherries and early stone fruit, plus baby leaf salad, beans, broccoli, brussel sprouts, cabbage, chinese cabbage, cauliflower, celery, honey, lavender, leeks, lettuce, parsley, peas, mushrooms, shallots, silverbeet, spinach, squash, tomatoes, and zucchini.


father’s day Many of our wineries and restaurants offer special Father’s Day lunches and entertainment. See our website for details.



what’s on BLUES @ BUNGAWARRA september Get down with the fabulous Brisbane Blues band Rumblefish at Bungawarra Wines. Bring a picnic and enjoy the wine and music. www.bungawarrawines.com.au

GAMEKEEPERS DINNER september The Ballandean Estate Gamekeepers Dinner is a must do event. Chefs Matt and Bobbi Wells present a five course dinner featuring game meats such as quail, duck, local venison and more, perfectly matched with Ballandean’s wines. www.ballandeanestate.com

WINE OPTIONS WEEKEND september A weekend of fun, games, and wine at Pyramids Road Wines. Get a team of four people interested in wine, think up a catchy name and come in costume to match. Taste wines from around the world and test your wine knowledge. www.pyramidsroad.com.au


It takes a lot of beer to make good

Experience a feast of Opera with

Felsberg Winery with a range of local

Opera Queensland’s Young Artists in concert

and international brews.

at Robert Channon’s Swigmore Hall.




oktober beerfest wine. Celebrate the amber beverage at

Annual Stanthorpe Racing Cup Each spring the action moves to Stanthorpe’s Armstrong Park on the Granite Belt. The Stanthorpe Cup has established a firm place on the annual social calendar for locals and visitors alike. The mix of keen racing, fashion, activities for children, marquee lunches and the chance to sample some of Queensland’s finest wines are key elements of this big day out. www.wineracing.org



Just like in the movies, experience an Italian long lunch at Ballandean Estate’s Barrel Room Cafe - sipping on wines and enjoying platters of homemade Italian food with music. The five course Pranzo (lunch) celebrates the Granite Belt’s Italian heritage. Be one of the ‘famiglia’ for the afternoon. www.ballandeanestate.com.au



INTERNATIONAL WINE DINNER october An evening of fabulous international wine and

Celebrate Fathers Day with lunch in the Singing

food with Master of Wine, Andrew Corrigan at

Lake Cafe and a felicitous feast of jazzy croons and

Hidden Creek Winery.

tunes from Aperitif Jazz Ensemble with Teri Welles.



SPRING GARDEN PARTY october Dress up in pastels and celebrate Ravens Croft’s new sparkling wine with an afternoon of frivolity. Live music, a complementary glass of their new sparkling on arrival (glass yours to keep)

BRASS + WINE october

Robert Channon’s outdoor brass band and big band jazz day. Admission is free and food, wine and music flow all day. Drop in and out whenever you like and enjoy the music, food and wine in the courtyard or the Cafe with the special views over the Singing Lake. www.robertchannonwines.com

and beautiful finger food the whole afternoon www.ravenscroftwines.com.au

don’t miss! ANNUAL AUSTRALIAN SMALL WINEMAKERS SHOW PRESENTATION DINNER october Presentation Dinner at the Queensland College of Wine Tourism for the Australian Small Winemakers Show. Meet the makers, meet the judges, and join the industry’s night of nights. ANNUAL AUSTRALIAN SMALL WINEMAKERS SHOW PUBLIC TASTING october Not to be missed is this rare opportunity to sample award winning wines from across Australia and New Zealand...under one roof at the Stanthorpe Show Grounds. Food and live music. www.asws.com.au


Sample Spring 76



The Cellar Door Cafe @ Mason Wines plays host to the annual Sample Spring Festival in the


most beautiful of vineyard settings.

Each year Shakespeare comes to Bungawarra

Visit stalls featuring locally produced foods, Granite

Wines, with a production held under the stars,

Belt grown produce, arts and crafts as well as local

amongst the magical setting of floodlit rocks

wine. Enjoy the Spring atmosphere with music,

and vines.

games and prizes. www.masonwines.com.au

This year the Stanthorpe Little Theatre will present Romeo and Juliet! A unique and romantic event not to be missed. Bring a picnic or come as you will, seating is provided, and wine and merriment will be on hand. www.bungawarrawines.com


See lavender blooming in spring

Lavender Scone Recipe by Tere Bonner, Aloomba Lavender 4 cups self raising flour 300mls thickened cream 1 x 375 ml can of lemonade or Solo softdrink 1/4 teaspoon angustifolia lavender buds Method Preheat oven to 250'F. Cover a baking tray with oven paper. Measure flour into a medium bowl and add lavender buds. Make a well in the centre. Pour in the cream and then pour in the whole tin of soft drink as you mix the liquids into the flour with a dinner knife. Do not over mix. Tip mixture out of the bowl using a scraper, onto a floured board. Only knead sufficiently to have in a flat piece approximately 3cms high. Cut out with a scone cutter and place in oven at 250'F for 17minutes. When removed from the oven place the scones on a wire rack and cover with a tea-towel. Scones can be made with soda water for a savoury scone mix.





summer It’s time to get outdoors! Glorious Sunday (or any day) lunches await you. Surrounded by majestic vines and bewildering granite rock formations, your options range from a stunning lunch at a winery, to firing up the BBQ at your cabin for a classic Australian experience. With your meal sip on a sensational array of white wines, that burst on your palate with freshness and vibrancy. Afterwards play a game of boulles or just soak up the fresh air and sunshine rays from under the shade of a willowy tree.

In Season in Summer Apples, apricots, figs, nashis, pears, grapes, olives, persimmon, stone fruits, grapes (wine and table grapes) plus beans, broccoli, Brussel sprouts, cabbage, capsicum, cauliflower, celery, chinese cabbage, cucumber, eggplant, leeks, lettuce, parsley, peas, snow peas, sugar snaps, mushrooms, pears, pumpkin, shallots, silverbeet, spinach, squash, tomatoes and zucchini.


verdelho or chardonnay? This is the time of year when our white wine varieties come into their own. A favourite of the region is Verdelho. Its lovely tropical and passion fruit characters have a crisp finish are the perfect antidote for a warm day. Try Robert Channon for a fantastic Verdelho. Having Asian? Dive into a bottle of Gewurtztraminer. Its musk and lychee, spicy and fruity characters are best accompanied with your favourite Thai or Indian dish. Felsberg Winery do a fabulous option - the UK basedwine detective, Srah Ahmed, recently noted it as one of her favourite Granite Belt wines. Of if you are after something more substantial...try a stunning Chardonnay. One of the best is Ravens Croft Chardonnay. It’s brimming with lovely citrus and melon flavours with the creaminess of malolactic fermentation, and the oak is finely integrated. The 2009 vintage took out a stream of awards. Other great varieties to investigate in summer include Vermentino. Originally from the Mediterranean islands of Sardinia and Corsica this variety matches perfectly with seafood and its fresh nose will delight. Also great with summer seafood and chicken dishes is Pinot Gris or Pinot Grigio.

top gong! “Robert Channon Wines, arguably Australia’s foremost producer of Verdelho” James Halliday


Atlantic Salmon and Pear Salad with Bramble Patch Raspberry Vinegar by Hayley Pfeiffer, The Bramble Patch 4 Atlantic salmon steaks Cajun spice mix Cracked black pepper salad: 150g Granite Belt raspberries 2 Granite Belt pears, cut into wedges 250g Granite Belt snow peas Mixed Granite Belt lettuce leaves Raspberry Dressing 150g frozen raspberries 2 tblsp Bramble Patch Raspberry Vinegar 2 tblsp sour cream 1 tblsp macadamia oil Cracked black pepper Method: Method Pre-heat oven to 180 degrees. Sprinkle salmon steaks with Cajun spice mix and pepper, wrap in foil and bake for 10 minutes. Meanwhile, process all dressing ingredients in a blender. Arrange salad ingredients on 4 plates and place a salmon steak on top of each stack, then drizzle over raspberry dressing. Serves 4


find the perfect escape... There is a special corner of the Granite Belt waiting for you...just you. A special place where you will find time, and total peace and relaxation. The region’s great natural attractions stretch as far as the eye can see. And there is nothing like high country air - just breathe. Experience it with a Granite Belt wine of course.

Detoxifying Grape and Strawberry Juice by Shiraz Restaurant & Wine Bar 1 cup of seedless grapes 1/2 a punnet of fresh strawberries 1 Granny Smith apple 1 tablespoon of fresh grated ginger We use a Sunbeam juicer so just place the grapes and strawberries in the top and juice those first, then the apple and ginger. METHOD Served chilled or with crushed ice. Makes approx. 250ml. Grape juice is reputedly good for weight loss, the kidneys and liver, so it’s a good one for those who overindulged during the festive season.


After an indulgent d ay make yourself a delic ious and healthly juice u sing fresh Granite Belt pr oduce


what’s on PRANZO ITALIANO december Experience a five course long lunch featuring authentic live Italian music and food, with wine included, at the Barrel Room Cafe, Ballandean Estate. Be an Italian for the day!. www.ballandeanestate.com

ANNUAL GRANITE BELT BLUES @ LUCAS ESTATE new years day Every year, the Granite Belt welcomes in the new year with a blues concert at Lucas Estate. The venue is everything you would expect with spectacular views through the vineyard to Stanthorpe. Music plays all day offering a broad range of material spanning from early (pre-war) blues through Chicago Blues to modern electric boogie. Wine, bluesy tunes and lots of fun. www.lucasestate.com.au

ANNUAL STANTHORPE SHOW february The Stanthorpe Show is a two day annual event showcasing the best of the Granite Belt region. On the first day you can enjoy a full day of entertainment, ring events plus the popular fireworks; with more to experience on Saturday. Don’t miss seeing enormous pumpkins in the food pavilion and then head to the wine pavilion for fabulous local wine and pasta.

OLD GOLD VERDELHO WEEKEND february Taste Robert Channon’s unique trophy and gold medal Verdelho vintages back to 2001. www.robertchannonwines.com


summer must do! Go alfresco - lunch outdoors by the vines sipping a verdelho or pick your own fresh sweet strawberries and savour their succulent taste; serve them with a Granite Belt sparkling.


GOLDEN GROVES SICILIAN VINTAGE LUNCH To experience the celebration of the beginning of Vintage with all the traditions, make sure you attend Golden Grove Estate’s Sicilian Vintage Lunch, in February. Bring in the harvest, join in the traditional grape crushing festivities and enjoy a mouth watering lunch washed down with wines of your choice. Once a year Golden Grove celebrates the start of vintage with a Sicilian theme event that recognises their proud heritage. It is a fun-filled afternoon starting with fellowship and wine tasting with the family in the winery, followed by a buffet lunch served with some very traditional dishes. Audience participation is a main feature, with volunteers asked to carry home the harvest in the form of a procession, led by the goddess of the vineyard. The grapes are then placed into a large tub and after being blessed, volunteers are called to stomp the grapes to the music of the tarantella until the juice runs free. Entertainment from local folk singers adds to the atmosphere. So get your Vintage grape stomping actions a ready!




granite belt gold



Fall in love with autumn and its rich colours, as the Granite Belt’s deciduous landscape turns golden. Inside, the wine matures in golden oak barrels and outside, fruit orchards become rivers of golden leaves. Autumn is also harvest and vintage time in the Granite Belt - pick your own apples and celebrate as vineyard owners bring in their grapes. During these Autumn months enjoy some delicious dishes made with locally grown produce that is ripe and rich with flavour: Along with the marvellous food and wine selections, there are beautiful natural surroundings that can be enjoyed before from the warmth of a fire, or by going on an adventure and exploring the local scenery. Temperatures drop down to ranges of 8.8 - 21.9 Celsius during autumn so bring along some woollies for the overnight temperature drop. Experience the Granite Belt’s golden glow today!

In Season in Autumn Apples, apricots, figs, nashis, pears, grapes, olives, persimmon, stone fruits, grapes (wine and table grapes) plus beans, broccoli, Brussel sprouts, cabbage, capsicum, cauliflower, celery, Chinese cabbage, cucumber, eggplant, leeks, lettuce, parsley, peas, snow peas, sugar snaps, mushrooms, pears, pumpkin, shallots, silverbeet, spinach, squash, tomatoes and zucchini.


harvest Imagine fresh plumpy stone fruit, succulent pears and crunchy Royal Gala apples. During autumn, pickers are busy harvesting our prized produce. The Granite Belt produces 99% of Queensland’s apples, and the first apples of the season for Australia. The region’s four-season climate and granite soils provide a unique intensity of flavour. Your mouth will be bursting. Stock up at Sam’s Fruit Shop on The Summit, or at particular times of the season, nearby roadside at the Wheel in Orchard farm gate.

celebrate with us 92

Pear coulis with Caramel Ice-Cream and Toffee Pecan Nuts by The Vineyard Cafe Caramel Ice-Cream 300g brown sugar ½ cup water 8 egg yolks

"To our mind, pears and caramel are the perfect partners. This recipe is both delicious and easy to execute and can be made ahead of time.�

800ml cream, lightly whipped Beat the egg yolks. Dissolve the brown sugar in the water, bring to the boil and boil for 2 minutes. Slowly pour the hot sugar mix onto the egg yolks, beating continuously. Cool. Fold in the whipped cream and freeze. Pear Coulis 500g firm pears, peeled and diced. We prefer William pears but Beurre Bosc will also be good. 180ml fresh orange juice 100g castor sugar Dissolve the sugar in the orange juice and bring to a simmer. Add the diced pears and simmer very gently until the pears are soft. This may take 10 to 20 minutes, depending on the pears used, and will be best if it barely simmers. Cool. Toffee Pecan Nuts 125g pecan nuts 150g castor sugar 50ml water Bring the sugar and water to the boil, swirling the pan until the sugar is dissolved and washing down the sides of the pan with a water dipped pastry brush. Boil without stirring until the caramel is a rich golden colour. Spread the pecans closely on a lightly oiled baking tray and pour the caramel over to coat evenly. When completely cool, the toffee will lift off the tray and you can chop it coarsely and store in an airtight container. To Serve Put scoops of ice-cream in a decorative glass or bowl, spoon over the pear coulis and top with toffee pecans.



Vintage Vintage, when the grapes are picked off the vines, is a time of hard work and celebration. Depending on the season, from the months of February to April, our vineyards are abuzz with vintage activities. White grapes are traditionally the first off the vine, and reds a few weeks later. The pressure is on, with the successful harvest of the grapes considered one of the most crucial elements in achieving a great wine. The time of harvest is determined by the ripeness of the grape as measured by sugar, acid and tannin levels (baumĂŠ), with our winemakers making their decision to pick, based on the style of wine they wish to produce. To ensure optimum quality, the majority of grapes in the Granite Belt are hand-picked.


ELEVATED TASTE grazing the granite belt A weekend of Grazing the Granite Belt and enjoying award winning wine, gourmet local produce and fabulous entertainment! This event is part of the A+ Australian Wine Celebration - a unique occasion for Australians to celebrate the great wine created in their own backyard.


what’s on DUO ARMONICO april Sit back and enjoy popular spanish classical guitar works and exquisite cello solos accompanied by the guitar. The programme features works by Bach, Vivaldi, Boccherini and Tchaikovsky, Villa Lobos, Piazzolla and Granados.

PRANZO ITALIANO april A five course, long lunch at the Barrel Room Cafe, Ballandean Estate featuring authentic live Italian music and food, with house wine included. Shuttle bus available upon request.

mother’s day Many of our wineries and restaurants offer special Mother’s Day lunches and entertainment. See our website for details.


BOLD AS BRASS IN THE SWIGMORE HALL may Brass sounds wonderful in the Swigmore Hall,

easter Join us for Easter! There is always something on over this holiday period.

at Robert Channon Wines! Bold as Brass play a wide range of works from classic to contemporary. These three Brisbane-based musicians will perform a showcase of solo and

The Granite Belt loves to celebrate Easter with great tradition. And of course, food and wine.

ensemble Brass music. The Bold as Brass Trion are Lindon Weise (Trumpet), Susan de Weger (Horn), Ashley Gittins (Trombone) plus some friends on the day. www.robertchannonwines.com.au


Make sure you book - this is one of the busiest holiday periods in the region.

APPLE AND GRAPE HARVEST FESTIVAL march Voted an Iconic Queensland Event in the Q150 Celebrations, the Stanthorpe Apple & Grape Harvest Festival is one of Queensland’s longest running and most successful Festivals. For three days and nights Stanthorpe hosts this non-stop fun. The festival, held biennially, is a celebration of the Granite Belt region’s produce and booming wine industry. Arguably Australia’s leading harvest festival, it has a successful track record spanning four decades. Highlights include the Gala Ball, street parade and mardi gras, wine and food fiesta plus a range of sporting and family activities. Also not to be missed is the legendary Grape Crush where celebrities and local identities come together to compete for the title of Queensland Grape Crushing Champion! Or get into the action at the Pizza Eating Competition - just watching might be preferable to many!

For more visit www.appleandgrape.org.


OPERA IN THE VINEYARD On the back of a dream between two friends, Opera in the Vineyard at Ballandean Estate became a reality and now, in its 20th year, the event has stamped its mark on the cultural scene of the Granite Belt and raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for charity. Every May, Opera in the Vineyard at Ballandean is magical with sensational music amongst the vines. Supported by Opera Queensland, the event attracts sensational artists, many of whom have performed extensively around the world. The Wesley Hospital in Brisbane is one of the main beneficiaries of the events proceeds, with almost $350 000 donated to date. Why not make this your year to experience the wonderful and magical Opera in the Vineyard at Ballandean! www.ballandeanestate.com


Winter brass monkey


winter Winter is colloquially our Brass Monkey Season; frosty mornings, and beautiful crisp clear days, the

winter must do! Foodies, savour slow cooked regional produce including decadent wild mushroom and truffle soup, melt in your mouth tantalising pork, succulent game-meat, and finish it off with a homemade hot chocolate.

bare trace of winter trees trimmed with frost, and cosy evenings with a glass of red in front of an open fire. Stanthorpe is the coolest (make that coldest) place in Queensland, and it’s the winter chill in the Granite Belt that has earned the season its nickname. June, July and August is the busy season in the Granite Belt and Stanthorpe, as visitors come to enjoy a crackling log fire, slow cooked food, and sensational winter reds. Plus, there is always the prospect - or hope - of snow and the first reports bring media and visitors flocking to the Granite Belt.

In Season in Winter Broccoli, brussel sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, celery, leeks and mushrooms. There is more... while not yet produced on a commercial scale, the region is a proven growing area for chestnuts and prickly pears. Keen foodies will find wild asparagus, wild fennel and the foundations have been laid for the production of saffron and truffles.


The Brass Monkey winter season peaks in July, making this a great time to brew up some warming mulled wine.

Mulled Red Wine by Andrew Simpson,Varias Restaurant

1 x 750ml bottle dry red wine 225g (1 cup) white sugar 125ml (1/2 cup) brandy 125ml (1/2 cup) water 2 oranges, thinly sliced 1 lemon, thinly sliced 2 x 7cm cinnamon sticks, lightly crushed 6 whole cloves Pinch of grated nutmeg Lemon peel, to decorate Serves 8 approx.

After a bit of winter warming fun...make your own mulled wine. Not exactly conissuer material, but a steaming hot mulled wine will warm the cockals of your heart.

METHOD Place the wine, sugar, brandy, water, orange, lemon, cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg in a large saucepan over low heat. Simmer, stirring occasionally, for 5-10 minutes or until sugar dissolves and mixture is aromatic. Do not boil. Remove from heat. Strain mulled wine into a large jug. Pour among serving glasses. Decorate with lemon peel and serve immediately.



Where does the saying ‘cold enough to freeze the balls off a brass monkey’ originate? There are several accounts. One version suggests a brass monkey was the name given to a metal rack used to store cannon balls on sailing ships. Water would collect in these racks, and in winter it would freeze and expand, dislodging the balls so they spilled out of the racks. So that’s one way to freeze the balls off a brass monkey!


Winter Warming Getaways The Granite Belt offers the perfect winter warming

This spicy and complex wine is best served with local

getaway. Rug up for fresh cool days while taking in

red meat and winter vegetables.

the dramatic landscape of contrasts: from bushland bordered by granite monoliths to farms and vineyards.

The Granite Belt also produces some fabulous Cabernets. Winestate Magazine loves Granite Ridge’s

As the mist sets on the mountains and lakes, it’s time

Top Block Cabernet, or try Harrington Glen’s gold

to enjoy an impressive red. Shiraz (or Syrah) comes

medal 2005 Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon.

into its own in winter. Enjoy them while getting cosy next to a roaring log It is internationally recognised that granite soils

fire...winter bliss!

produce the best Shiraz and we would have to agree. In the Granite Belt, source a Shiraz with a rich ripe flavour, a touch a pepper and silky tannins.

Pepper Beef & Shiraz Pie with a Warm Winter Salad by Felsberg Winery + Cafe PIE

Fill shells with beef mixture, seal with lid. Brush

500g Diced Beef

with egg wash and bake for approximately

1 large brown sliced Onion

30 minutes at 180C until pastry is crisp and


golden. Makes 5 pies

Roasted Garlic Fresh cracked black Pepper and Salt (to taste)


375mL Felsberg ‘Bell Tower’ Shiraz (or red wine)

Sliced Spanish Onion, Mushrooms and Shallots

Beef stock

Diced roast pumpkin

Gravy powder

Been sprouts

Puff Pastry

Rocket Fetta


Caramalised balsamic vinegar

Brown off onions and beef with rosemary, tyme, garlic and pepper in a pot until beef is sealed.


Deglaze pot with beef stock. Mix shiraz & gravy

Pan fry onion and mushrooms until golden. Add

powder, add to beef mix. Simmer on low heat

pumpkin, shallots, sprouts and warm through.

until meat is tender (approx 45 minutes). Prepare

Remove from heat. Add rocket and mix through.

shells/lids with puff pastry as for any other pies.

Add to plate, crumble Fetta over and dress with vinegar.



THE TRIMMINGS During the months of winter, especially July,

Be sure to book early as this is one of our

re-live the festive season. Experience Christmas

visitors most popular ways to enjoy winter in

in the winter like our Northern Hemisphere

the Granite Belt.

counterparts. For further information on who is Each winter, many of our restaurants

offering Christmas in Winter contact the

and accommodation properties offer a

Stanthorpe Visitor Information Centre.

Christmas menu or weekend celebration. Turkey and pudding with all the trimmings is a favourite Christmas in Winter experience in the region. But if you want a true Granite Belt experience try roast game-meat or succulent duck. And leave room for dessert - there is always something very special and decadent on offer!


christmas in july (winter)


what’s on WINE MASTERCLASS june Three courses of the best Italy has to offer at the Barrel Room Cafe, Ballandean Estate. Wines will be perfectly matched with each course and Dylan Rhymer, Ballandean Estate’s Winemaker, will help you identify the key tasting points of each wine. www.ballandeanestate.com

sample winter festival july

Markets displaying wonderful winter wares. Experience local beers and ciders, handmade pickles and preserves, speciality craft, secret recipe mulled wine and Granite Belt produce. Enjoy the winter atmosphere with music, games and prizes. Or book for the Granite Belt Winter banquet featuring regional produce

JAZZ IN THE SWIGMORE HALL july The Caxton Street Jazz Band is back again! Join Robert Channon Wines once more for an afternoon of the best jazz and entertainment as they play their favourites, old and new. Enjoy a complimentary glass of wine during the interval.


THE WINEMAKER AND THE CHEF STRANGE BIRD DEGUSTATION DINNERS august Join the Golden Grove Family for a night of alternative wines and food to match. Costanzo brothers, winemaker Ray and chef Jason will work together to match their alternative varieties (Strange Birds) to foods with a Mediterranean flavour. So come along to their cosy tasting room and sample gold medal Strange Birds and peck your way through the chef’s delectable offerings. www.goldengrovee.com.au


on the grandest scale with a fivecourse degustation. www.masonwines.com.au

swinging jazz in swigmore hall 107

Faulty Towers june

Enter the world of snobbish, manic Basil; his domineering wife Sybil; and the hopeless but ever-hopeful waiter Manuel. Faulty Towers comes to Jester Hill Wines + Cafe for a performance of organised chaos. Tickets include a five course dinner and a two hour interactive show. www.jesterhillwines.com.au

Pranzo Italiano july

Be an Italian for the day. Experience a five course, long lunch featuring authentic live Italian music and food with house wine included. Enjoy a relaxed afternoon in the Barrel Room Cafe at Ballandean Estate. www.ballandeanestate.com

The Pirates of Penzance august

The Granite Belt Choir and local soloists present a Gilbert & Sullivan concert performance of The Pirates of Penzance in the Swigmore Hall, Robert Channon Wines. Enjoy a complimentary glass of wine at the interval. www.robertchannonwines.com.au

ert c n o C n a v i l l u S & t ! r e e n i w Gib t rea g h t i w


Cavolo Nero

Slow Braised with Beef and Pancetta by Robert Channon Wines Singing Lake Cafe

Otherwise known as black cabbage or Tuscan kale, Cavolo Nero is a vitamin and iron rich ‘super vegetable’ that comes into its own after the first autumn frost and thrives during winter in Granite Belt kitchen gardens.

Recipe 6 tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil


1kg boneless rib of beef, cut in to chunks

Heat the olive oil in a large casserole dish. Season.

Salt and freshly ground black pepper

Brown meat in batches. As each batch becomes

2 Spanish onions, peeled and sliced

golden brown, remove and keep warm as you

3 sticks of celery, cut in to fine slices

brown the rest. Don’t overcrowd the dish. Pour

2 medium carrots, peeled and chopped

excess oil out and add onions, celery, carrot and

4 slices of pancetta, cut in to cubes

pancetta and cook over low heat till vegetables are

4 cloves of garlic, peeled but left whole

light-brown and soft. Add garlic, bay leaves,

3 bay leaves, preferably fresh

rosemary, tomatoes and wine and bring to boil.

4 sprigs of rosemary 4 tomatoes, roughly chopped

Return meat to dish and turn heat to very low.

1 bottle of hearty red wine

Cover and cook for 2 ½ hours. Transfer meat to serving dish, turn up

For the Cavolo Nero:

heat and reduce sauce by a third and season.

1 bunch of cavolo nero, washed 80g parmesan, freshly grated

To prepare the Cavolo Nero, blanch for five

3 tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil

minutes then add olive oil, parmesan and garlic

2 cloves garlic, peeled and chopped

while still warm. Toss through and serve with the slow-cooked beef. Serves Four. This recipe was adapted from ‘A Year in My Kitchen’ by Skye Gyngell.


“ “millions of places to call your own for a special moment “

a picnic for two

Picnicing is the perfect way to enjoy fresh produce and the stunning summer days in the Granite Belt. .

It’s simple but beautiful - a picnic in

Prefer a water view? Find a special spot

a park. There are millions of places in

on the Severn River or visit Storm King

the Granite Bet to call your own for a

Dam - the picnic spot opportunities are

special moment.

endless and there are excellent facilities too.

Grab a basket of sensational produce and picnic near Quart Pot Creek, or

Strangely, local food tastes even

see Granite boulders and great views

better outdoors, and what could be

at Donnelly’s Castle picnic reserve.

more romantic!

If you really want to get away from it all why don’t you visit Girraween National Park for superb bush walks with outstanding views. Or if 4WD is more your style visit Sundown National Park. Both have excellent camping and picnic spots.


TOP PICNIC SPOT Relax by Quart Pot Creek - located in the heart of Stanthorpe, but there are still special places that you can have to yourself! 111



cook up a storm ELEVATED LEARNING Always dreamed of being the next Master Chef? Start with a cooking class. Try your hand at cooking up your very own foodies’ feast led by the region’s finest and most experienced chefs at one of the local cooking schools. It’s an elevated learning experience!

discover your italiano... On Tuesday’s (min. numbers required) and some weekends the Barrel Room Cafe offers a full day Italian cooking class. You will be taught how to make their famous mushroom and truffle soup only participants can get their hands on this secret recipe! Or discover how

And after the class you can savour your results - nothing tasted

to cook a melt in your mouth gnocchi.

better. You can attend as an individual for a ‘bit of you time’, or get a group together for a weekend of fun and learning.

At the end sit down and enjoy your hard work with a traditional Italian lunch. You will receive hands on tuition with classes limited to 10. curry in a hurry Vivienne Abeywardena, the author of cookbook “Mixing Cultures” offers Sri Lankan cooking once a month and/or on demand for group of six or more. Expand your taste buds! higher learning… The executive chef of the Queensland College of Wine Tourism holds multicultural themed master-classes at Varias Restaurant and Function Centre every quarter. From South African cuisine to Asian, there is always something new to expand your cooking repertoire. Alternatively, get a group of 10-14 people and take a private lesson of your choice.


food, friends + family There is nothing more pleasurable than sharing fabulous food with friends and family. The connection, the special times, the amazing memories. It is a ritual that spans generations; that stretches through centuries. Cooking together takes it to the next level. With one or many, it’s guaranteed to be fun.


get a copy When you next visit the Granite Belt make sure you pick up a copy of our latest Granite Belt Visitor Guide + Map. It’s your ultimate tool to plan your stay and to help you tour our beautiful region! Download off our website or contact the Stanthorpe Visitor Information Centre for a hard copy.

surrounded by vines Want to wake up surrounded by vines? Try Ridgemill, Azjure, Fergies Hill Cottage, Smith’s Vineyard, Whiskey Gully, Harrington Glen and Casita de Campo. Or try Twisted BUY NOW Gum TICKETS - voted byONLINE Destination Magazine as one of the Top Three Vineyards with Accommodation near Brisbane.


Before you visit Brisbane Warwick

Plan your trip, book real-time rates in accommodation, learn about Granite Belt wine, get the latest information updates, grab a ticket

Dalveen Cottonvale Thulimbah

to an event, download maps and itineraries, and get Last Minute and Hot Deals – all online!


The Summit

Am sR ien




Stanthorpe k Eu ey Ro



Glen Aplin

When you arrive


Stop at the accredited, award winning Stanthorpe Visitor Information Centre for N

ew E

ng l an

practical advice to make your visit a great travel



experience. It’s free.

w gh

ay NSW Border


Our friendly visitor consultants can assist you with accommodation and tour bookings, as well as further information on food and wine events.





You can also browse the Granite Belt Pantry for delectable local produce. 28 Leslie Parade, Stanthorpe QLD 4380 T: 1800 SO COOL or (07) 4681 2057 E: info@granitebeltwinecountry.com.au Open Daily 9am - 5pm

MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A DESIGNATED DRIVER! What about your own personal driver? Tours can be tailor-made based on your wine passion, food tastes or cultural preferences. Contact the Stanthorpe Visitor Information Centre for further information.



www.granitebeltwinecountry.com.au 1800 SO COOL 118

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