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The free brownies at $50 will continue indefinitely. Frankly we are afraid that some customers might threaten us physical harm if we were to take it away. So why ruin a good thing? However, we are enhancing our offering at the $400 order size...

Gift certificate 1 lb. fresh roasted gourmet coffee Millcreek Coffee is located at 657 South Main in Salt Lake City. Open Monday to Saturday.

801 323-9174

Gift Mug with 8 oz bag of Nuts A 15 oz. stoneware soup mug featuring wildlife from the west. Includes 8 oz bag of Western Nut Deluxe Mix or Chocolate Bridge Mix. Leave a great impression with this gift and you don’t even have to say you got it for free! Western Nut is located at 434 S 300 W in Salt Lake City. Open Monday-Saturday. 801 363-8869

We are proud to offer these new choices for gifts because they fit our philosophy as a company. Cookietree Bakeries, Millcreek Coffee Roasters and Western Nut Company are locally owned and provide high quality products. 1. Orders must be placed online in order to qualify for the free gift 2. Customer must choose which gift they prefer while placing order online (by default the website is set to choose the Gourmet Brownie, so make sure you select the other options if that is what you want) 3. Umm, I don’t think there are any other rules except we reserve the right to run away if any customer attacks our drivers because they brought brownies instead of cookies or vice versa.

Granite Office Supplies Free Gift Revisions  

Granite Office Supplies updates for free gifts on online orders. Gifts are locally produced and are high quality.

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