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Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons of California Richard D. Baskin, GHP ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________


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Grand High Priest’s Message Companions, May marks the end of my Grand Capitular year as your Grand High Priest. It is hard to believe that a year has already gone by. It wasn’t that long ago that Barb and I were getting ready for the installation of officers. We have had a great time this past year and I thank you for the opportunity to serve. As with all positions of leadership, it is never just one person making things happen. For me, in all my Masonic endeavors, I am fortunate to have had the support of my lovely wife, Barb. For many of us, if it wasn’t for the support of our wives, we would not be able to participate in our great fraternity to the extent we do. My officers and I are preparing to greet you at our upcoming Grand Sessions. We only have four resolutions for consideration this year, but each needs to be discussed in your Chapter Stated Convocations so we can move through them in an informed manner. A review of our Grand Lecturer’s article will give you insight into the substance and reasoning behind these resolutions. Additionally, MEC Steve gives a brief synopsis of the three SOI that were conducted this year. If you attended, you know how well these schools were presented, with ritual being only a part of the valuable information discussed. I attended each school and Page 1 of 17

found that the information on the history and traditions of our rituals sent me back to the books to do additional research. Our Grand Lecturer will continue these schools and I encourage you to attend. If you have not registered for Grand Session, please take a moment to download the registration form from our website at and sign up for our Grand York Rite Sessions at the Bakersfield Doubletree Hotel. You will find the latest details and schedules there as well. The month will end with Memorial Day, originally observed as Decoration Day. It is a day to reflect and remember our brave men and women who have made the ultimate sacrifice in defense of our country; a time for Americans to reconnect with their history and core values. In 1882 the nation observed its first official Memorial Day -- a day set aside to remember and honor those who died in all our nation’s wars. For decades, Memorial Day was a day when stores closed and communities gathered together for parades and other celebrations with a patriotic theme. Sadly, many Americans have lost this connection with their history and Memorial Day has come to mean simply a three-day weekend or major shopping day. Yet, even in our fast paced world, many citizens and veterans will gather to pay homage to America’s finest men and women who gave their lives in defense of freedom. As you meet with friends and family on this Memorial Day, ask yourself where you would be without the personal sacrifice made by these men and women. “All gave some, some gave all” I look forward to seeing you in Bakersfield. Richard D. Baskin, KYGCH 162nd Grand High Priest ___________________________________________________________________________________

Chapters, their officers and members, and the governance of our craft. We, your

GRAND KING’S MESSAGE Companions, It is almost here – the annual sessions of our Grand York Rite bodies. I hope you have already registered and made your hotel reservations. This will be our chance to bid a fond farewell to Bakersfield, as next year we begin a three-year (at least) stay in Visalia. Remember that your Grand Chapter is not just about the Grand Officers and Ritual Staff. It is about the many individual

officers, do not make the decisions. Those are made by your votes. So I sincerely hope that you plan on being in attendance and participating in the very important business of the Grand Chapter. In addition to that very serious purpose, our annual sessions are a time for fellowship with your Companions and their ladies from all over the state – to rekindle friendships and share laughs with our fellows, some of whom you haven’t seen for a year. We are looking forward to a sensational year for 2017-2018, which will include many great events, degree festivals, and social

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activities. I hope to bring you a message this coming year, which will inspire all of you to greater participation and enthusiasm in the craft of Royal Arch Masonry I am especially looking forward to our trip in April of 2018, to Israel and Jordan. Be on the lookout for details on this amazing group adventure. Specifics and pricing will be out within the next couple of weeks. It will, for many, be the trip of a lifetime, as we explore our Masonic heritage and symbolic history. Looking forward to seeing you in Bakersfield later this month. Fraternally Randy Downey, KYCH Grand King

FROM THE GRAND LECTURER Companions All, We just completed our third of three planned Chapter Schools of Instruction (SOIs) last Saturday in Davis at Yolo Lodge No. 195. Many thanks to EC Oliver Martinez, Inspector of District 3, and EC Tom McClellan, DGL for the Northern Region, for putting on this great event for the 28 Companions in attendance! I have attempted to add some explanations (or in some cases only educated guesses) of the manner that our ritual is written as a means of demystifying some of the movements, words and meanings of Royal Arch Masonry in general and especially in California! As I have said in each SOI, the history and traditions of Royal Arch Masonry (particularly in CA) are spotty at best and our suggestions may hopefully serve to inspire some of our Companions to do more research on our Craft and add to our body of

knowledge and philosophy in future SOIs? I invite each of you to check with those Companions that attended one of our SOIs this year and use that feedback to decide if attending one of our three planned SOIs next year might be worthwhile for your Capitular education? We will cover different aspects of our Craft next year; so if you attended this year, there will be new ground to go over next year! Remember that you are Old when you Stop learning! Finally, there will be four Resolutions on the agenda at Grand Sessions in May and three of them concern our ritual directly. We have one, 2017-02, that collects all of the Grand High Priest (GHP) decisions that we have made over the past two years to the opening and closing of a Royal Arch Chapter and converts them from GHP decisions into our ritual. Another, 2017-03, adds an esoteric explanation of the working tools of a Royal Arch Mason into our ritual in a manner consistent and in consonance with the explanation of the working tools in our Craft (Blue) Lodge ritual. The final Resolution, 2017-04, gives an individual Chapter, not part of a festival class, the authority to confer the Past Master Degree before the Mark Master Degree on candidates that have elected to receive All of the Capitular Degrees up front, as opposed to only the Mark Master Degree. This should enable our smaller Chapters with the ability to bond their new candidates to them before sending them off to a festival to receive the more advanced and complicated degrees in a festival where they might not know anyone in the cast! The Past Master Degree is our simplest degree to confer and has no direct bearing on the esoteric buildup to the Royal Arch Degree. With only a couple of cast members and a minimum of floor work, ANY Chapter in CA should be able to confer this degree on their committed candidates first and hopefully be introduced to the Companions with whom they are joining as Royal Arch Masons! Our goal is to

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challenge every Chapter to be relevant to their members, new and old, in sharing the meaning of the Royal Arch! See you at Grand Sessions - Your humble servant,

should put these dates on your calendar now, and plan to register before July 26th, 2017 to get the best rates. Hotel RSVPs are due July 31st, 2017.

Steve Goad, Grand Lecturer

This meeting is open to all Companions. This may be the closest the Triennial will be to California in at least 9 years, so give attendance next year your serious consideration. In addition to the meetings, there are numerous other activities planned, and services available, that you may want to avail yourself of. See the 2-page flyer at the end of this newsletter.

SECRETARY ESSENTIALS Secretaries new and old: near the end of this newsletter you will find a two-page document that serves as guidelines for Secretaries – especially new ones.



Dates for the 2017 California Grand York Rite Monday, May 22, 2017 – Grand Commandery Tuesday, May 23, 2017 – Grand Chapter Wednesday, May 24, 2017 – Grand Council A copy of the Registration Form is copied at the back of this newsletter. This form and related forms can be found at:

ORDER OF HIGH PRIESTHOOD It is a requirement of the Constitution that all High Priests receive this Order. If you are a newly elected or installed High Priest, or a past High Priest who has not yet received the order, you should plan to do so at the upcoming Grand Chapter Convocation on May 23rd, 2:00 pm in the afternoon. See the application below in the document labeled SECRETARY ESSENTIALS.

GENERAL GRAND CHAPTER The next Triennium will be held in Portland on August 23 through August 30th next year. General Grand Chapter will be held on Tuesday August 29th, with General Grand Council meeting on Monday the 28th. You

The mission of the Golden State Research Chapter is to stimulate interest among Royal Arch Masons by expanding their knowledge of Royal Arch Masonry through research leading to the publication of educational materials that expand the understanding of Royal Arch Masons in their history, traditions, and symbolism Information describing why this Chapter was formed is available at WWW.GOLDENSTATECHAPTER.ORG.

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The next meeting for our Research Chapter will be held in Bakersfield during the York Rite Grand Sessions in May. All Companions are invited and encouraged to attend. I encourage all Royal Arch Companions to join the Golden State Chapter of Research in order to receive further light in our beautiful Capitular Degrees. Our website address is, where we post many papers and newsletters. This is also where you will find an application of affiliation to the Chapter. To become a member of the Research Chapter candidates must submit an application form and a $10.00 fee. There are no annual dues in the Research Chapter. Our flagship publication is publishing the Grand Orations of the Grand Chapter, Grand Council and the Vespers Service of the Grand Commandery.

GRAND CHAPTER SCHOLARSHIPS The committee selected five awardees to receive $1,000.00 scholarships: Angelina Harris Savanha Moore Madeleine Pollara Aymie Souza Emily Cunningham

California Royal Arch $1,000 Scholarship requirements: A member of the Masonic Family (ie: Rainbow, Jobs Daughter or Demolay) A US Citizen A California Resident A 3.0 Grade Point Average Enrolled or Accepted at an Educational Institution Deadline to apply for the 2017 Scholarship Program will be published in Jan 2017. Scholarship requirements will remain the same. Early submissions can be forwarded to the Office of the Grand Chapter Secretary at Grand Chapter, Royal Arch Masons Attn: Grand Secretary 11428 East Artesia Blvd. – Suite 13 Artesia, CA 90701-3872 Telephone: (562) 924-6500 E-mail: Once chosen, the award of $1,000 is renewable for a total of 4 years, as long as the requirements are maintained. Do you know a Rainbow Girl, Job's Daughter or DeMolay that could benefit by knowing this information? What are you waiting for make that call!

For further info about Scholarships, go to the following website: rch/rara.html The Masonic Family has a large number of scholarships available to our youth, but how many of those in need of assistance really "KNOW" they are available?

THE CLOTHES LINE A line of Jackets for our York Rite bodies continues to be available at MP. ENTERPRISES. The price for red and blue

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is great -- $75.00 plus tax and shipping, for sizes 34 to 49 in short, regular and tall; and $87.00 plus tax and shipping for sizes 50 to 60, also in short, regular, and tall. Purple Jackets are little more expensive at $95.00 for the smaller and $107.00 for the larger. Also available are Men’s and ladies’ vests, tuxedos and shirts, pins, patches, and flags, and OES T-Shirts. Contact Max Luy at (510) 502-3224; or at his website:; or directly to his email at ENCOMPASSER The April 2017 edition of the Encompasser is now available at the following website: passer_issues.html OR. Go to and click on The Encompasser on the left of the top toolbar. THE RIFLE RAFFLE The Henry Repeating Arms Company has donated one of their Golden Boy Freemason Tribute Edition rifles to each Grand Commandery in the United States. See the flyer on page 13 below. Here in California, the Grand Commandery is holding a raffle with 100% of the proceeds to go to the Educational Foundation, which could generate as much as $50,000 for scholarship purposes. Please note that such a raffle is permitted under terms of Section 1200.050 of the California Masonic code. See Grand Commandery line officers or Inspectors to find out how to purchase tickets for this worthy educational cause

miles inland from Mendocino. All four Degrees will be conferred on Saturday, with the Prologue beginning at 8:30 a.m. The reservation deadline is June 16th. You could make a vacation around this event. Self-contained RVs and tent campers are welcome to setup from June 21st through the 26th. There are no 120V hookups but there are chemical toilets in the meadow. There is a hot water shower in the restroom shack, as well as men’s and women’s bathrooms. Fish Fry Friday night -- $15.50 Breakfast Saturday morning -- $10 Dues Registration -- $12 Companions Lunch -- $12.50 Tri-tip Barbeque Saturday Night -- $20 Breakfast Sunday morning -- $10 Children half-price; only companions pay the registration. Make checks payable to COMPTCHE OUTDOOR DEGREES, and complete and send the registration document below to Guy Chalmers, 50 Lohrrman Lane, Petaluma, CA 94952-3609.

GRAND HIGH PRIEST’S CALENDAR MAY 2016 Date May 2 May 3 May 4 May 9 May 1924 May 1920 May 25

Event Lodge #626 Scottish Rite Red Cross Commandery Grand York Rite Sessions Scottish Rite Spring Re-union Chapter #61

Location Chula Vista San Diego San Diego San Diego Bakersfield San Diego San Diego

If you would like to attend any of these events and need to know particulars about where and when and cost, please call any of the contact numbers below

COMPTCHE OUTDOOR DEGREES The 45th Annual Comptche Outdoor Royal Arch Degrees are coming up in June. So set aside the weekend of June 24th at the Tunzi Ranch, just 9 Page 6 of 17

GRAND CHAPTER CONTACT INFORMATION Grand High Priest: Richard D. Baskin, KYGCH (619) 990-6465 (C) Grand Secretary: Ken Hope 11428 E. Artesia Blvd, #13 Artesia, CA 90701-3872 (562) 924-6500 (W) (562) 484-1611(C)


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SECRETARY ESSENTIALS Forms and Documents you will need are located at the Grand York Rite website, which is: Scroll down and click on "York Rite Forms and Documents" Then click on Grand Chapter logo. A window opens where you enter the userid, which is "cagyr" and the password, which is "brio" Scroll down to Officers Manual, which has info for the Secretary, and print that out. Priorities are as follows: 1. Membership control -- Especially important is the very last item, “Royal Arch Monthly Report.” If you fill this out each month, whenever you encounter changes to the membership, you will find it much easier at the end of the year to produce the year-end report, which is used to compute the amount of per capita the Chapter needs to pay. That payment is due by Jan 15th each year. Important changes to your membership include new members, demits, remits and deaths. Maintain e-mail addresses for members and you can easily then forward the monthly newsletter, The WORKMAN, to them. 2. Per Capita -- The Per Capita payment, due each Jan 15th, does not require action by the Chapter to be paid. You will need good, up-to-date membership data in order to compute the end-of-year number of active members that is crucial to computing your per capita payment. Without good data you will most likely overpay your per capita requirement. It is sensible to wait until the first of the new year to begin your process. It is also sensible, if you have access to the Grand Lodge database, to check each member to see if they are still alive 3. Insurance -- The Insurance payment, due each July 15th, does not require action by the Chapter to be paid. You will be billed for the payment by the Grand Secretary. 4. Lodge Book of Marks – Maintain this up-to-date, or perhaps arrange for a PHP to take on the responsibility of maintaining. 5. Minutes – Take good minutes, but don’t over-do it by trying to capture everything that is said. Focus on having a clear representation of motions made and the vote count by which they passed or failed. In addition to keeping petitions in a separate file, it is good practice to replicate the basic petitioner information in the minutes. It is also a good practice to keep the names of attendees at each meeting in the minutes. If conferring a degree, keep a copy of the cast members and the candidate(s).

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6. Grand Chapter – Before the May meeting, remind the Dais officers they are responsible to attend, and arrange a stipend if your Chapter can afford it. Remind members who expect to attend to be sure to take their dues cards. If Dais Officers cannot attend, they may issue a proxy, or the Chapter may elect a representative. The appropriate forms can be obtained on the Grand York Rite website: Scroll to "Elected Representative and Proxy Credentials." 7. Order of High Priesthood – Be sure the current HP and PHPs know they are eligible to receive this Order. In fact, it is a Constitutional requirement! Share the petition below with them and send to the Grand Secretary: ORDER OF HIGH PRIESTHOOD PETITION ______________________________ Chapter No. ___ High Priests and Past High Priests, who have not received the Order of High Priesthood, may complete the following petition for membership and submit it with the required fee of $35.00 to the Chapter Recorder prior to February 15. - The Order will be conferred during Grand Sessions Make check payable to: ORDER OF HIGH PRIESTHOOD To the Grand Convention of Anointed High Priest of California: Companion ______________________________________________________________________ First Middle Last ______________________________________________________________________ Address City State ZIP ______________________________________________________________________ Birth Date Office Tel # incl. area code Home Tel # incl. area code I am a member of _________________________________________ Chapter No. ___ I (am the Elected)(am)(was) High Priest of _______________________ Chapter No. __ Located at _____________________________________ having served during ___________. Companion _______________________________ Signature ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------For Grand Secretary’s use only: ___ Life Membership - fee $35.00. The below listed items were issued: ___ Bible ___ Honorary Membership - no fee. ___ Membership Card ___ By-laws __/__/__ Date petition received. ___ History ___ Lapel Pin __/__/__ Date initiated. ___ Certificate The completed petition with fee must be in the Grand Secretary’s Office, 801 Elm Avenue, Long Beach, CA 90813 no later than April 1. If not, the certificate may not be prepared for presentation during the next conferral of the Order. Page 1 of 1 R.A. Form No. AP-7 (2004) Page 9 of 17

Attention Royal Arch Masons in California!


To introduce Master Masons to the Degrees of the Chapter, our Grand Chapter has authorized the conferral of the Mark Master Degree to interested Brethren without fee. A petition to the Chapter of Royal Arch Masons is still required, to take advantage of this opportunity. “Keystone Classes” are being planned for this program now, for group conferrals of the Mark Master Degree throughout the state in the Fall of 2015. This is where YOU come in. Please talk with that Brother you would like to recommend to your Chapter, and tell him of this opportunity to “sample” the further degrees of the York Rite. To help you explain this opportunity to your Lodge Brethren, the following new materials are available to you:  

A new Petition for this introductory Mark Master Degree. A brochure inviting a Brother to explore the Chapter Degrees.

You can print these new materials from the Grand Chapter website, at Or you can ask any Chapter Secretary, District Inspector, or Grand Chapter Officer for copies of these new materials. Be sure to explain the advantages of this opportunity to your Lodge Brothers:    

The Mark Master Degree expands and extends the Craft Degrees, shedding further Light on what it means to be a Mason. Further Degrees in the Chapter are entirely optional. This is an opportunity to share Masonic fellowship with members of other Lodges in the local community. No proof of proficiency is required to advance in Degrees.

-- Companions, please talk with your Blue Lodge Brethren today ! ! --

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The Workman - May 2017  

A monthly publication by the Grand Chapter, Royal Arch Masons of California

The Workman - May 2017  

A monthly publication by the Grand Chapter, Royal Arch Masons of California