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Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons of California Richard D. Baskin, GHP ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________


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Grand High Priest’s Message Companions, as I begin my journey as the 162nd Grand High Priest, I thank you for your trust and confidence in electing me to serve you as your Grand High Priest. Barb and I are very much looking forward to meeting and visiting with you. When I joined the Grand Line, my main concern was not what I was getting into, but what did I bring to the table that could benefit Capitular Masonry. Since that time I have had the privilege of working with some truly great Masons and I have learned from each of them. What I have observed was that each one brought a passion and a drive to work for the betterment of the fraternity. Not for personal gain, but to give selflessly to his Companions. Alongside these men were their wives. Although not Masons, they worked tirelessly to support their husband’s efforts. For many of us, we would not be able to participate in our great Fraternity to the extent we do if it wasn’t for the support of our wives. This simple fact will be a reoccurring theme throughout my year, to recognize the significant contribution our wives have made to our Fraternity. My Lapel pin for this year depicts the message I want to bring to you this year. In the center is the Keystone, situated below the words “LIVE YOUR MASONRY”, and framed by the words Family, Tradition and Values. The words “LIVE YOUR MASONRY” are to remind us that as we go through our daily lives, we are constantly identified by our rings and emblems as Masons. Page 1 of 18

Our actions show the world what it means to be a Mason and live by the tenants of our great fraternity. As you know, the Keystone is the wedge-shaped stone at the apex of a masonry arch. It is the final piece placed during construction and locks all the stones into position, allowing the arch to bear weight. Its relevance, aside from the its physical purpose, is to remind us that it can only be made by use of the chisel and mallet, the square and compass. We have all experienced the importance of stones in Freemasonry. There are explanations concerning the rough and perfect ashlars, the keystone and the cornerstone. Although cryptic, they represent profoundly important concepts concerning the qualities of stones in their rude and natural state and how they can be transformed for the builder’s use by the working tools of our Craft. Appling these same principles to ourselves we too can be transformed. As the builder places his mark upon the stone, we too place our mark on our work, not physically, but figuratively. Our mark is our character, that outward projection to the world that demonstrates that we too have been shaped by the tools of the Fraternity. The words Family, Tradition and Values framing the Keystone remind us that this is how we live our Masonry. The family is the foundation of our society, where values are taught and traditions passed down. Our families provide a setting for much of the growth we experience in life. In our families we love, serve, teach, and learn from each other. We share our joys and our sorrows. Family ties may bring us difficult challenges, but they also give us strength and some of our greatest happiness. As Royal Arch Masons, we not only have our traditional family, but also our Masonic family, in which we are also able to learn and grow. Both are important to our spiritual well being and form the building blocks of our character. Values define our core beliefs, a set of guidelines that cause us to act in a particular manner. They are not situational or convenient; they are the boundaries of our actions. Although many may think this to be a bit out dated, I find it to hold me in good stead in a world increasingly more and more divided by political and religious differences, and what appears to be a lack of direction. I believe it is important to have a set of values that will help you maintain a steady course. Masonry, both Blue Lodge and Royal Arch, is rich in tradition and we will work to ensure our Companions have the opportunity to discover this rich history. It is important that we understand and pass this on. The new Companion coming into the Chapter for the first time is much more educated about Masonry than many of us were when we started, but will be seeking answers from us. By being able to explain our ritual and traditions, they will find that the Royal Arch Masonry is as relevant today as it was a century ago. The Past Grand High Priests that have gone before me have given us a solid foundation to build on and we will continue in that vein as we improve the Royal Arch experience, build our arch and set our own keystone. Richard D. Baskin, KYGCH 162nd Grand High Priest ___________________________________________________________________________________

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The new Ritual Staff is composed as follows: Name


Steven R. Goad Tom Krummell

By Phil Hardiman, Grand Lecturer Emeritus We are instituting a new structure for Ritual Staff this year, by compressing the seven Departments into three Regions: the South, Central and North, each Region being directed by a Deputy Grand Lecturer. Each DGL will have an Inspector-at-Large (IAL) assigned to him, for purposes described below. The remaining Districts and Inspectors will remain in place, for the most part, with only a few changes for the 2016-17 Capitular Year, necessitated by moves, reassignments and/or resignations. A separate IAL under the direction of the Grand Lecturer will be responsible in part for maintaining the Ritual Book, developing new methods for making ritual material available to Ritual Teams and their members, and enhancing the Audit Guide – particularly by adding to it a function for performing a Desk Audit.

Each IAL will serve as an understudy for the DGL, subbing in for him when needed. His principal duties will be, under the direction of the DGL, to coordinate with Inspectors and Chapters for purposes of certain administrative, audit, and ritual purposes. These duties will be clarified at the three separate SOIs, planned for later this year. In brief, the administrative duties will encompass providing training, with and through the Inspectors, to Chapter Officers, especially Secretaries, for purposes of improving the timeliness of payments to Grand Chapter, reporting of Elections, non-Election, and monthly membership reports. Inspectors will still retain their powers and duties as described in the Constitution (ARTICLE XVII Inspectors - Powers - Duties §61and 62), to be assisted by the DGL and/or IAL as determined appropriate by the Grand Lecturer or the DGL.

Tom McClellan Scott Husmann Mark Rose D. Rene Bassett George Durfee Dave Sokol Oliver Martinez Harvey Holcomb Rich Wilson Ken Edwards Joseph Dongo Martin Maxey Michael Patterson Rod Creason Bill Ellison Dan Sissel Bob Ludy Ray Broomfield Robert Bettencourt Christian Marano Bruce Hudson Duane Nead Gary Iverson Casey Latham Lee Whelan David Rathgeber





22, 45, 102, 117 30, 35, 43 52 9, 40 13, 42 6, 11, 27 3, 46


14, 59 31, 36, 66 1, 93, 95 163 2, 28, 49 74, 75, 153, 162


50, 51, 62, 86 57, 97, 135 33, 73, 84 91, 100, 157 56, 127 67, 76, 77 130, 155, 61


CHAPTER RITUAL RESOLUTIONS By Phil Hardiman, Grand Lecturer Emeritus As you probably know by now, of the five Ritual Resolutions considered last week, only the new Grand Lecturer’s medal passed. See the initial group of awardees in the Grand Chapter Results below. Perhaps the members of Grand Chapter are not ready for changes to Degree content. This is understandable, of course, and may the majority, or significant minority in some cases, prevail. But it is indeed unfortunate – as there is no natural nor reasonable argument that Degrees never be changed. After all, we are proud to claim that our Work extends back through TIME IMMEMORIAL. It is certainly true that we do not work to transform individuals in the same

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way or use the same verbiage as the “ancient mysteries” did, from which we claim our heritage. Nor do we work in the same fashion with the same verbiage that our forefathers of a few hundred years ago did. So there have been changes – that is to say, improvements, over the decades. The changes proposed would bring us closer in some cases to General Grand Chapter ritual – which means only that they are not far-fetched. Of critical importance, of course, is the question: Will changes that are contemplated actually improve the IMPACT the degrees have on the candidates? Do they improve MEANING? If the recent Resolutions did, in fact, improve meaning and impact, then why were they rejected? Was it due to the additional 3 minutes of time required to complete all four Degrees? Or the additional effort on the part of team members? Time and effort are certainly reasonable considerations, and changes are always a balancing act. The Grand Lecturer usually allows a period of adjustment for changes of this sort. Nonetheless, without going into great detail, allow me to suggest that the following changes would have made important additions to the meaning, impact and understanding for our candidates: 1) Adding SW and JW charges to the PM degree, emphasizing the importance of selfgovernment; 2) Changing the Psalm used in the MEM degree to Psalm 122, emphasizing the scriptural basis for our use of the word ‘Companion;’ and 3) Adding a description of the RAM working tools only helps with the effect of the Degree, and understanding of the symbolism. Please consider these matters carefully, for future purposes.

GRAND CHAPTER SCHOLARSHIPS For info about Scholarships, go to the following website: rch/rara.html

If you have the resources, please consider making a significant donation on behalf of our Masonic Youth. Send any excess cash (!) to the Grand Chapter Scholarship Program at 11428 E. Artesia Blvd, #13, Artesia, CA 90701-3872. Remember that all donations to the Scholarship Program are Tax Deductible, so keep this in mind as you plan your annual giving and when you pay your dues.

THE MAGIC FLUTE Mozart’s Masonic Opera, and arguably the greatest opera of all time, is the feature program on Saturday Night at the Opera, broadcast on FM 88.9 out of Sacramento State University. The host is Sean Bianco, and he always provides lively and interesting commentary on each Act. If you can make the technology work, try live streaming the performance (audio only) at at 8:00 pm. If you have never heard this Opera, you will be enchanted by the music from start to finish! INFORMATION ON RECEPTIONS, FESTIVALS & DEGREES At the very end of this Newsletter you will find copies of flyers for some of the remaining activities throughout the year – some, but not all, Receptions as well as Degree conferrals, whether individual or part of a Festival. For other events not included here, refer to the Grand High Priest Calendar summarized below, or with full details, at the Grand York Rite website.

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COMPTCHE OUTDOOR DEGREES Please see the 2-page flyer appended to this newsletter for this outdoor festival on June 25th. Time is short to let Guy Chalmers know about your meal needs and the candidates you are bringing. COLORADO RIVER FALL FESTIVAL The 2016 dates for this major event are Oct 16 through the 18th. There is a Ladies’ Program, arranged by our own Sandra Coe. See the flyer at the end of this newsletter. Go to to register. The deadline is Oct 1st.

Go to and click on The Encompasser on the left hand toolbar. You can help us control cost by letting us know you are willing to take the Encompasser by email only.

GRAND CHAPTER RESULTS The first two pages appended below show the result of the Grand Chapter Convocation on May 23rd.


Date June 1 June 2 June 4

THE CLOTHES LINE A line of Jackets for our York Rite bodies continues to be available at MP. ENTERPRISES. The price for red and blue is great -- $75.00 plus tax and shipping, for sizes 34 to 49 in short, regular and tall; and $87.00 plus tax and shipping for sizes 50 to 60, also in short, regular, and tall. Purple Jackets are little more expensive at $95.00 for the smaller and $107.00 for the larger. Also available are Men’s and ladies’ vests, tuxedos and shirts, pins, patches, and flags, and OES T-Shirts. Contact Max Luy at (510) 502-3224; or at his website:; or directly to his email at ENCOMPASSER The April 2016 edition of the Encompasser has been mailed and is now on the website.

June 5 June 7 June 9 June 11 June 1214 June 18 June 22 – 24 July 2 July 3 July 4 July 6 July 7 July 8 – 10 July 15

July 23 July 24 July 27 – 31

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Event Scottish Rite Red Cross Scottish Rite -Philippines Independence Celebration AMD Ikopah Stated Mtg # 626 3-Way Reception KYCH Grand Sessions

Location San Diego San Diego San Diego

3-Way Reception Grand Bethel

Ventura Visalia

Ice Cream Social

San Luis Obispo Van Nuys Newhall San Diego San Diego Albuquerque, New Mexico San Diego

4-Way Reception Parade and BBQ Scottish Rite Red Cross Red Cross Regional Sessions Al Bahr Shrine honors the Scottish Rite GHP OV 3-Way Reception York Rite Sovereign College

San Diego Chula Vista Bellflower San Diego Nevada

Kernville Salinas Vancouver, Canada

Aug 3 Aug 4 Aug 5 Aug 6 Aug 7 Aug 10 – 12 Aug 13 – 15 Aug 19 Aug 20 Aug 25 Sep 1 Sep 6 Sep 7 Sep 10

Sep 11 Sep 17 Sep 22 Oct 4 Oct 5 Oct 6 Oct 9 Oct 16 – 18 Oct 2122 Oct 27 – 30 Oct 28 – 30 Nov 2 Nov 3 Nov 7 Nov 12 Nov 19 Nov 24 Dec 1 Dec 4 Dec 6 Dec 7 Dec 25 Dec 31

Grand Assembly Scottish Rite Red Cross 3-Way Reception 3-Way Reception 3-Way Reception Grand Sessions

San Diego San Diego Fairfield Alameda South San Francisco Arizona

Personal Day

San Diego

3-Way Reception 3-Way Reception Chapter Meeting Red Cross Stated Mtg # 626 Scottish Rite Grand Master’s Reception, Scottish Rite AMD Ikopah RAM Festival Chapter Meeting Stated Mtg # 626 Scottish Rite Red Cross 3-Way Reception Colorado River Fall Festival Scottish Rite Fall Reunion CA Grand Lodge

Eureka Yuba City San Diego San Diego Chula Vista San Diego San Diego

Southwest Regional Conf Scottish Rite Red Cross 3-Way Reception SRICF California College 3-Way Reception THANKSGIVING Red Cross AMD Ikopah Stated Mtg # 626 Scottish Rite CHRISTMAS NEW YEAR’S EVE

Las Vegas, Nevada San Diego San Diego Petaluma San Diego

GRAND CHAPTER CONTACT INFORMATION Grand High Priest: Richard D. Baskin, KYGCH (619) 990-6465 (C) Grand Secretary: Ken Hope 11428 E. Artesia Blvd, #13 Artesia, CA 90701-3872 (562) 924-6500 (W) (562) 484-1611(C) Editor:

San Diego Escondido San Diego Chula Vista San Diego San Diego Santa Monica Laughlin, NV

Phil Hardiman, KYGCH 2713 Hoffman Woods Lane Carmichael, CA 95608 (916) 712-4814(C) Website: WWW.YORKRITEOFCALIFORNIA.ORG

San Diego San Francisco


Victorville U. S. A. San Diego San Diego Chula Vista San Diego Everywhere U. S. A. Page 6 of 18

Attention Royal Arch Masons in California!


To introduce Master Masons to the Degrees of the Chapter, our Grand Chapter has authorized the conferral of the Mark Master Degree to interested Brethren without fee. A petition to the Chapter of Royal Arch Masons is still required, to take advantage of this opportunity. “Keystone Classes” are being planned for this program now, for group conferrals of the Mark Master Degree throughout the state in the Fall of 2015. This is where YOU come in. Please talk with that Brother you would like to recommend to your Chapter, and tell him of this opportunity to “sample” the further degrees of the York Rite. To help you explain this opportunity to your Lodge Brethren, the following new materials are available to you:  

A new Petition for this introductory Mark Master Degree. A brochure inviting a Brother to explore the Chapter Degrees.

You can print these new materials from the Grand Chapter website, at Or you can ask any Chapter Secretary, District Inspector, or Grand Chapter Officer for copies of these new materials. Be sure to explain the advantages of this opportunity to your Lodge Brothers:    

The Mark Master Degree expands and extends the Craft Degrees, shedding further Light on what it means to be a Mason. Further Degrees in the Chapter are entirely optional. This is an opportunity to share Masonic fellowship with members of other Lodges in the local community. No proof of proficiency is required to advance in Degrees.

-- Companions, please talk with your Blue Lodge Brethren today ! ! --

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