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Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons of California Randy Downey, GHP ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________


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Grand High Priest’s Message Companions, LET YOUR LIGHT SHINE! This phrase has been heard many times, and stated in many ways. I have adopted this as my theme, my motto, and my overarching mission for the 20172018 Grand Capitular year. But my hope is that it is a message that will endure long after my time is done. To me, LET YOUR LIGHT SHINE, has a number of meanings. From an institutional perspective, we must let the light of Royal Arch Masonry shine. The Royal Arch is the gateway to the York Rite – a Mason must first join a Chapter, before obtaining membership in a Council or a Commandery. Therefore we bear a heavier burden as Companions of the Royal Arch. We must allow our Masonic brethren to see the light we shine – to inform them that in York Rite, we do indeed offer more light in Masonry. It is incumbent upon us to share what we know, to allow our knowledge to shine on the members of our lodges, that they, too, may come to understand the beauty and wonder of York Rite Masonry. From a personal perspective, we must, each of us, shine our own light. This too, has multiple meanings. Our light must project what we as individuals are, and what we as Royal Arch Page 1 of 31

Masons are. In order for any Mason to truly desire membership in our York Rite, he must see that its members are worthy of emulation. For that reason, we must not only be shown to be good Royal Arch and York Rite Masons, but we must each project the best parts of ourselves, to allow our better selves to shine, and thus inspire others to follow our example. We must also shine such that the world at large may see us, to know that as Masons, we are better for our relationship with this ancient craft. Beyond Masonry, we should all strive to simply be the best persons we can be – to be honest, ethical, and compassionate, and demonstrate by our actions and words at all time, that integrity and love are the codes by which we live. In this way, we cannot help but to let our light shine, and thus to inspire others to be better themselves. This year, I have designed a lapel pin to be symbolic translation of my theme. It is a sunburst behind a keystone. The keystone is a symbol of Royal Arch Masonry, and is that by which we are often identified. The sun behind the stone, casting its brilliant rays all around it, reminds us of that light which warms us and allows us each day to see the world. I hope it to be a constant reminder to each of us to let our light shine. Companions, when we strive to better ourselves, we then become better Masons. And it follows that as better Masons, we make our Chapters better. Remember to shine your light on those members that are new to York Rite, and more importantly, to those Companions who may be less active than they once were. Remind them by your attitude, energy, and demeanor, that Royal Arch Masonry has a purpose – to further the lessons begun in the symbolic lodge – to educate, inform, and brighten. Throughout this coming year, and beyond, I ask you all to remember the things you admire most about our craft, to recall the beautiful lessons we teach in Royal Arch Masonry, and to rededicate yourselves to them, that you may in turn inspire others to membership and service, and thus brightly project the rays of the York Rite to the community of Masons, and to the world. I am excited that this year we begin the formulation of a new project, wherein we will be encouraging Companions to remember our Grand Chapter, and ultimately all of York Rite, in their estate planning – to remember us after the sable curtains have parted. This will be patterned after a Grand Lodge program that has been in place for some time. The program is really only in the conceptual stage at this point, and details will follow in the not too distant future. But I wanted to plant the idea in your mind, that there is an opportunity for you, in the future, to include the Grand Chapter in your plans. I look forward to seeing the Companions throughout the state this year, and hope that when we meet, we are of such a mind as to make a true difference in each other’s lives. LET YOUR LIGHT SHINE! Randy R. Downey, KYGCH 163rd Grand High Priest, Royal Arch Masons of California ___________________________________________________________________________________ Page 2 of 31



Companions All, Happy New Capitular Year! I am once again truly humbled at being elected your Grand Lecturer and thank the Companions for their faith in what we are trying to accomplish in California. Although I must admit that I am still mystified at the reticence of a significant minority of our Companions to help improve the esoteric significance of our ritual; I am gratified that we did make progress in allowing the Past Master degree to be conferred Prior to the Mark Master Degree at Chapter level conferrals. This small change makes my challenge to all Chapters to confer at least one of our beautiful degrees on their own candidates every year far easier to accomplish! We will again this year be holding three ritual conferences in the North, Central and Southern parts of our big state. The locations of these conferences will be different this year and hopefully this will make it easier for some Companions that haven't attended a School of Instruction before to attend closer to their home Chapter. Stay tuned for more information as we develop our dates and locations for these important meetings. My continued thanks to our Great ritual staff for being the conscience of our fraternity and holding the line on the performance of first rate ritual for our members and candidates! Don't be shy about closing those ritual books, along with your neighbor's, and putting them away when we are conferring degrees and opening/closing ritual in our Royal Arch Chapters! It will make us Great and the reason that the leaders of our Blue Lodges will want to join us! I look forward to seeing many of you at the summer conferrals that are coming up around the state such as Comptche. Keep spreading Our Word! Your Humble Servant - s&f/Steve.

Right Excellent Companion Fred Kleyn, Past Grand Lecturer, passed away on May 24th, the day after the last Grand Chapter Convocation. He served many Masonic bodies, most recently as Grand Recorder for the United Grand Imperial Council of the Red Cross of Constantine. He also served this Grand Chapter for five years as Grand Lecturer and participated in the Order of High Priesthood. Here’s the tribute given by the Grand Sovereign, M. W. R. Steven Doan: “Fred was born on May 30, 1939 and grew up in Jackson, Michigan. He graduated from the University of Michigan in 1962 with a B.A. Degree In Speech (Radio and Television). He then entered active duty with the Navy as an Ensign. During his naval career, he served in communications, had ship command and taught at Annapolis, among other Navy schools. He retired from active duty in 1991 with the rank of Captain and moved to San Diego, California where he taught mathematics at San Diego City College and worked in real estate. He Was an active docent on the USS Midway and an active member of the Methodist Church. “Fred was made a Mason in 1960 in Jackson Lodge #17 in his hometown. He affiliated with Hiram Lodge #819, Ludwigsburg, Germany, and was installed its Master in 1975. He subsequently was Master of a

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lodge in Maryland and two in San Diego. He served as Senior Grand Deacon of the American Canadian Grand Lodge 19781979 and as Grand Pursuivant of the Grand Lodge of California 1997-98. He belonged to more than thirty Masonic groups and had received more than ninety degrees Or orders. He was a 330 Scottish Rite Mason, received the Order of the Purple Cross and had the Knight York Cross of Honor. He was installed as our Grand Sovereign in 2007 and served as Grand Recorder from 2009 until last December. “Fred generously gave of his time as a secretary, candidate's coach and mentor. He ended his Allocution as Grand Sovereign with the following: ‘I owe so much in my life to Freemasonry; what it's taught me, the experiences it has afforded me, the brethren with whom I've had the privilege to work. You're all part of that and lam unspeakably grateful to each of you.’ “

Commmandery Wednesday, May 23, 2018 – Grand Chapter A copy of the flyer announcing the change to the Wyndham Hotel in Visalia, and showing future years as well, is included at the back of this newsletter.

ORDER OF HIGH PRIESTHOOD It is a requirement of the Constitution that all High Priests receive this Order. Altogether, 22 candidates received this Order in the afternoon of May 23rd. If you are a newly elected or installed High Priest, or a past High Priest who has not yet received the order, you should plan to do so at the Grand Chapter Convocation on May 23rd next year, at 2:00 pm in the afternoon. See the application below in the document labeled SECRETARY ESSENTIALS.

GENERAL GRAND CHAPTER My brother, we are unspeakably grateful to you.” Rest In Peace, Fred.

SECRETARY ESSENTIALS Secretaries new and old: near the end of this newsletter you will find a two-page document that serves as guidelines for Secretaries – especially new ones.

GRAND SESSIONS 2018 See below for Results at Grand Chapter, as to awards, elections, resolutions, etc. Dates for the 2018 California Grand York Rite

The next Triennium will be held in Portland on August 23 through August 30th next year. General Grand Chapter will be held on Tuesday August 29th, with General Grand Council meeting on Monday the 28th. You should put these dates on your calendar now, and plan to register before July 26th, 2017 to get the best rates. Hotel RSVPs are due July 31st, 2017. This meeting is open to all Companions. This may be the closest the Triennial will be to California in at least 9 years, so give attendance next year your serious consideration. In addition to the meetings, there are numerous other activities planned, and services available, that you may want to avail yourself of. See the 2-page flyer at the end of this newsletter.

Monday, May 21, 2018 – Grand Council Tuesday, May 22, 2018 – Grand Page 4 of 31


the York rite in California. Casey recently moved to Arizona but I want to acknowledge Casey for his contribution in assisting our Research Chapter. If you visit the website, you will find a library filled with Masonic material and research papers. My hope is this liberty will grow and you see this a source to use and share with your companions in your chapters. Mission Statement

Companions, I hope you when you receive this message, you are in good spirits and in good health. This year at our annual sessions in Bakersfield, I was honored by our members by being elected to the office of High Priest for 2017-2018 for our Golden State Research Chapter. I’m very excited for this opportunity and I would like to make my goal for this year is to be in better touch with our current members and future members. Our annual meeting in Bakersfield was lightly attended and I want that to improve. Let’s use attendance at our annual meeting at the Grand York Rite Annual Session (in Visalia for 2018) and our Semi-Annual meeting at the Grand Lodge Annual Communication in San Francisco on October 14th at 12:15pm as a way to see how affective we are of keeping you informed. All Companions are invited and encouraged to attend. Did you know we have a website? If you didn’t, here is the link: . Special thanks to Companion Casey Latham for putting this together and his dedication to

The mission of the Golden State Chapter of Research is to stimulate interest among Royal Arch Masons by expanding their knowledge of Royal Arch Masonry through research leading to the publication of educational materials that expand the understanding of Royal Arch Masons in their history, traditions, and symbolism. Congratulations to the officers elected this year to serve Golden State Research Chapter: High Priest: King: Scribe: Treasurer: Secretary:

RE Anthony Yuson EC John “Dusty” Deryck EC Jonathan Prestige ME Phil Hardiman EC Bob Morrison

I plan to submit an article to the publisher of the Workman every month and hopefully we can stay a little better connected. Be safe and I hope I can see you in my travels. Fraternally Anthony “Tony” Yuson, KYCH High Priest, Golden State Research Chapter GRAND CHAPTER SCHOLARSHIPS For further info about Scholarships, go to the following website:

Page 5 of 31 rch/rara.html The Masonic Family has a large number of scholarships available to our youth, but how many of those in need of assistance really "KNOW" they are available? California Royal Arch $1,000 Scholarship requirements: A member of the Masonic Family (ie: Rainbow, Jobs Daughter or Demolay) A US Citizen A California Resident A 3.0 Grade Point Average Enrolled or Accepted at an Educational Institution Deadline to apply for the 2018 Scholarship Program will be published in January 2018. Scholarship requirements will remain the same. Early submissions can be forwarded to the Office of the Grand Chapter Secretary at

THE CLOTHES LINE A line of Jackets for our York Rite bodies continues to be available at MP. ENTERPRISES. The price for red and blue is great -- $75.00 plus tax and shipping, for sizes 34 to 49 in short, regular and tall; and $87.00 plus tax and shipping for sizes 50 to 60, also in short, regular, and tall. Purple Jackets are little more expensive at $95.00 for the smaller and $107.00 for the larger. Also available are Men’s and ladies’ vests, tuxedos and shirts, pins, patches, and flags, and OES T-Shirts. Contact Max Luy at (510) 502-3224; or at his website:; or directly to his email at ENCOMPASSER The April 2017 edition of the Encompasser is now available at the following website: passer_issues.html OR. Go to and click on The Encompasser on the left of the top toolbar.

Grand Chapter, Royal Arch Masons Attn: Grand Secretary 11428 East Artesia Blvd. – Suite 13 Artesia, CA 90701-3872 Telephone: (562) 924-6500 E-mail: Once chosen, the award of $1,000 is renewable for a total of 4 years, as long as the requirements are maintained. Do you know a Rainbow Girl, Job's Daughter or DeMolay that could benefit by knowing this information? What are you waiting for make that call!

COMPTCHE OUTDOOR DEGREES The 45th Annual Comptche Outdoor Royal Arch Degrees are coming up in June. So set aside the weekend of June 24th at the Tunzi Ranch, just 9 miles inland from Mendocino. All four Degrees will be conferred on Saturday, with the Prologue beginning at 8:30 a.m. The reservation deadline is June 16th. You could make a vacation around this event. Self-contained RVs and tent campers are welcome to setup from June 21st through the 26th. There are no 120V hookups but there are

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chemical toilets in the meadow. There is a hot water shower in the restroom shack, as well as men’s and women’s bathrooms. Fish Fry Friday night -- $15.50 Breakfast Saturday morning -- $10 Dues Registration -- $12 Companions Lunch -- $12.50 Tri-tip Barbeque Saturday Night -- $20 Breakfast Sunday morning -- $10 Children half-price; only companions pay the registration. Make checks payable to COMPTCHE OUTDOOR DEGREES, and complete and send the registration document below to Guy Chalmers, 50 Lohrrman Lane, Petaluma, CA 94952-3609.

GRAND CHAPTER TRIP TO ISRAEL AND JORDAN You should seriously consider the trip planned by M. E. C. Randy to the Holy Land in late April to early may next year. See the last 4 page of this newsletter for details.


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Event UGIC Red Cross Grand Chapter

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Colorado River Fall Festival Grand Chapter OES Southwest Regional Conference SCIOTS Supreme NorCal DeMolay

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Alameda San Carlos Mesa, AZ Mountain View San Jose Riverside Portland, OR Colorado New Orleans

San Francisco

Visalia Las Vegas, NV

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Santa Rosa San Diego Visalia New Mexico

If you would like to attend any of these events and need to know particulars about where and when and cost, please call any of the contact numbers below, or go to the Grand York Rite website calendar at: rch/ghpcalendar.html

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Editor: Phil Hardiman, KYGCH (916) 712-4814(C)

Grand High Priest: Randy R. Downey, KYGCH (408) 674-8341 (C) Grand Secretary: Ken Hope 11428 E. Artesia Blvd, #13 Artesia, CA 90701-3872 (562) 924-6500 (W) (562) 484-1611(C)


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SECRETARY ESSENTIALS Forms and Documents you will need are located at the Grand York Rite website, which is: Scroll down and click on "York Rite Forms and Documents" Then click on Grand Chapter logo. A window opens where you enter the userid, which is "cagyr" and the password, which is "brio" Scroll down to Officers Manual, which has info for the Secretary, and print that out. Priorities are as follows: 1. Membership control -- Especially important is the very last item, “Royal Arch Monthly Report.” If you fill this out each month, whenever you encounter changes to the membership, you will find it much easier at the end of the year to produce the year-end report, which is used to compute the amount of per capita the Chapter needs to pay. That payment is due by Jan 15th each year. Important changes to your membership include new members, demits, remits and deaths. Maintain e-mail addresses for members and you can easily then forward the monthly newsletter, The WORKMAN, to them. 2. Per Capita -- The Per Capita payment, due each Jan 15th, does not require action by the Chapter to be paid. You will need good, up-to-date membership data in order to compute the end-of-year number of active members that is crucial to computing your per capita payment. Without good data you will most likely overpay your per capita requirement. It is sensible to wait until the first of the new year to begin your process. It is also sensible, if you have access to the Grand Lodge database, to check each member to see if they are still alive 3. Insurance -- The Insurance payment, due each July 15th, does not require action by the Chapter to be paid. You will be billed for the payment by the Grand Secretary. 4. Lodge Book of Marks – Maintain this up-to-date, or perhaps arrange for a PHP to take on the responsibility of maintaining. 5. Minutes – Take good minutes, but don’t over-do it by trying to capture everything that is said. Focus on having a clear representation of motions made and the vote count by which they passed or failed. In addition to keeping petitions in a separate file, it is good practice to replicate the basic petitioner information in the minutes. It is also a good practice to keep the names of attendees at each meeting in the minutes. If conferring a degree, keep a copy of the cast members and the candidate(s).

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6. Grand Chapter – Before the May meeting, remind the Dais officers they are responsible to attend, and arrange a stipend if your Chapter can afford it. Remind members who expect to attend to be sure to take their dues cards. If Dais Officers cannot attend, they may issue a proxy, or the Chapter may elect a representative. The appropriate forms can be obtained on the Grand York Rite website: Scroll to "Elected Representative and Proxy Credentials." 7. Order of High Priesthood – Be sure the current HP and PHPs know they are eligible to receive this Order. In fact, it is a Constitutional requirement! Share the petition below with them and send to the Grand Secretary: ORDER OF HIGH PRIESTHOOD PETITION ______________________________ Chapter No. ___ High Priests and Past High Priests, who have not received the Order of High Priesthood, may complete the following petition for membership and submit it with the required fee of $35.00 to the Chapter Recorder prior to February 15. - The Order will be conferred during Grand Sessions Make check payable to: ORDER OF HIGH PRIESTHOOD To the Grand Convention of Anointed High Priest of California: Companion ______________________________________________________________________ First Middle Last ______________________________________________________________________ Address City State ZIP ______________________________________________________________________ Birth Date Office Tel # incl. area code Home Tel # incl. area code I am a member of _________________________________________ Chapter No. ___ I (am the Elected)(am)(was) High Priest of _______________________ Chapter No. __ Located at _____________________________________ having served during ___________. Companion _______________________________ Signature ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------For Grand Secretary’s use only: ___ Life Membership - fee $35.00. The below listed items were issued: ___ Bible ___ Honorary Membership - no fee. ___ Membership Card ___ By-laws __/__/__ Date petition received. ___ History ___ Lapel Pin __/__/__ Date initiated. ___ Certificate The completed petition with fee must be in the Grand Secretary’s Office, 801 Elm Avenue, Long Beach, CA 90813 no later than April 1. If not, the certificate may not be prepared for presentation during the next conferral of the Order. Page 1 of 1 R.A. Form No. AP-7 (2004) Page 10 of 31

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The Workman - June 2017  

A monthly publication by the Grand Chapter Royal Arch Masons of California

The Workman - June 2017  

A monthly publication by the Grand Chapter Royal Arch Masons of California