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Forty For Forty


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Miss California Job’s Daughters , Megan Goudy


Cryptic and Royal Arch Masonry


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Poseidon Lodge No. 485


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been very successful this year due to the efforts of many outstanding California Masons.

G R N A D C O M A N D Y R E M S G A E THERE IS STILL TIME TO REGISTER FOR THE WEST COAST EASTER OBSERVANCE! Sir Knight Tom Derby and wife Lynda will take registrations right up to April 5th. You can do so online at; or by sending an e-mail message to Tom or Lynda at; or, if you are reading this article at the last minute, by showing up at the hotel! Remember, there is no charge for attendance at the Easter ceremony on Sunday morning, April 8th. But there are many other activities which Grand Commandery has arranged, under Tom and Lynda’s leadership, which will heighten your enjoyment of this significant event. See the Welcoming Letter and Flyer below for more information and give serious consideration to participating and supporting your Grand Commandery. If you will only attend the Easter program, let Tom and Lynda know so they can have the right number of programs prepared. Call to all Commanders and Past Commanders: Conferral by the Past Commander’s Association will occur on Tuesday afternoon. To attend, find the registration form at:, and send to Rickey Ward at the address on the form.

One of the important events that will happen at Grand Sessions this year will be a Recorders Workshop. That will be held on Tuesday and conducted by MIC Ken Hope, our Grand Recorder. Many of our Recorders would benefit greatly from a face-to-face Q&A workshop. I cannot stress enough how much your council will also benefit from this. Signups are on the registration form – Tuesday only. Two last requests: 1) Please sign up for the Council Luncheon. There will be an excellent guest speaker. 2) Please support your favorite Grand Offers by taking out an ad in the Sessions Program. I would hope that your Masonic Body is represented. Contact Gary Miller, PGC at (619) 517-3360. The Ad form is included below. Finally, Illustrious Masters and Illustrious Past Masters are eligible for the Thrice Illustrious Master Degree, which will be conferred on Monday afternoon. In order to attend, complete the registration form at:, and send to the Grand Recorder’s office as noted below or on the form. Fraternally, Robert A.L. Whitfield Most Illustrious Grand Master

G R N A D C O U N C IL M E S G A E My Valued Companions: On May 19th to May 23rd, the 2012 Annual York Rite Grand Sessions will convene. Our Grand Council will host Opening Ceremonies the morning of Monday, May 21st. Our Annual Grand Assembly will follow that same day. All elected officers are expected to attend. I would like every Council in California to be represented this year. Grand Sessions is open to all California York Rite Masons in good standing. Registration Forms are available below. I have done my best to give each of you a Masonic experience to be proud of this year, but this is a team effort. Our (yours and mine) success will be rooted in your presence on Monday morning. I know that you will make it a priority to be there. We have accomplished significant major goals together this year. You will be very proud of your year-end reports that will be delivered. Our Grand Council has Page 2 of 16

G R N A D C H A P R E T M E S G A E Your Executive Committee met early in March to plan for Grand Chapter on Wednesday, May 23rd. In the afternoon at 1:30 pm, after the Grand Chapter session, the Order of High Priesthood will be conferred. All High Priests, as well as Past High Priests, are eligible and can get the petition at Please send to the Grand Secretary’s address as noted below. Finally, I want to again emphasize the Scholarship Program donations, as we are getting ready to decide the awardees for 2012. We will be able to cover five $500 awards for 2012 and we need the support of all companions to achieve our goal without using part of the principal of the DeBarrow Fund. Make your taxdeductible donation now, at the beginning of the year and help our youth orders kids take that important step to financial security.

EDITOR'S MESSAGE One of our scholarship recipients is doing quite well at William Jessup University. See the article below about Miss California Job’s Daughters – Megan Goudy, granddaughter of our Past Grand Lecturer, Don Lamoreux. Fraternally, Bill Allen Most Excellent Grand High Priest

FORTY FOR FORTY CALL TO ALL CHAPTERS AND ALL YORK RITE MASONS: especially those north of Fresno, PLEASE consider taking candidates to the beautiful outdoor setting near Mendocino, where Larry Tunzi allows the use of his ranch and amphitheater for conferral of the Chapter degrees. This year is especially significant, as this Festival at the ranch in Comptche (9 miles inland from Mendocino) is celebrating its 40th year! The theme is Forty For 40!! So if you have candidates for any or all of the Chapter Degrees, bring them to Comptche. Camping on the Ranch is at no cost! And there is a shack with men’s and ladies’ restrooms, and a co-ed shower. And of course a cook shack for preparation of the Friday night Fish Fry and the Saturday night Bar-beQue, which will include a Polynesian Whole Pig Roasted In-Ground.

Nancy Hardiman will be planning a trip into Mendocino or Fort Bragg with the ladies, for shopping and lunch on Saturday, June 23rd, while we confer degrees. See the flyer and registration information in the forms below.

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IRAM NEWSLETTER As you know, our Grand Chapter is associated with the General Grand Chapter RAM International. The General Grand Chapter is now publishing a newsletter with international scope. Issue number 5 for March 2012 will soon be forwarded to local Chapter officers. By the time you read this, the April edition will be just around the corner. Please share as appropriate with your companions. Under Grand Chapters on the left side of the Newsletter, check for California specific news. HISTORY OF THE CRYPTIC RITE General Grand Council has recently re-published a two-volume History, first published in 1931 and again in 1977. This new edition has just arrived and looks to be very enlightening, especially as regards the relationship of the Cryptic Rite to the Scottish Rite and the Royal Arch. The authors (Eugene E. Hinman, Ray V. Denslow, and Charles C. Hunt) say in the Preface: “It has been our purpose, therefore, to place within the compass of a single work all that is known about the Cryptic Rite. That the reader may have all possible information at his disposal we have prepared an appendix in which appear copies of the most important documents, and selections from the writings of noted students of the subject. There is such a great difference of opinion among these writers that in justice to them we thought it best to let each tell his story in his own way. Each reader also is entitled to have this story told in the words of the writer so that he may pass his own judgment on its value. It is true that, for the present generation, these discussions are only academic since the issues around which the contests then raged have disappeared, but they all have a historical value and will repay careful study. “While this work is essentially a history, that history has been largely influenced by jurisdictional and legal questions, and we have therefore prepared chapters on this phase of the subject. Chapters have also been inserted on the subjects of Legend, Tradition and Symbolism, all of which have had their influence on the history. It is this rich legacy of Legend and Symbolism that gave the Rite its popularity to the present time, for the degrees stand entirely upon their

own merits and are not required for advancement to any other rite or degree.� (Vol. I, page 8) Contact the General Grand Recorder to acquire your own copy of this valuable document. There will be only 80 copies available at $100 for both volumes, so act now to get your own set. See Articles below for more samples from this most interesting work. David A. Grindle, General Grand Recorder, PO Box 332, Meridian ID 83680-0332 Fax: 208-895-6612 e-mail: COMMUNICATIONS As mentioned in the January Encompasser, communications are vital to assist those seeking further light in Masonry. So resolve now to ACT: 1) broadcast this publication far and wide, and encourage each of your York Rite bodies to buy a 2-year subscription; 2) broadcast the monthly Workman to the leaders of all your bodies; 3) access the following websites, and see that your Companions are aware of their existence and how to access them:

And as you proceed into the New Year, make every effort you can to continually remind your membership of the West Coast Easter Observance (see below), the Comptche 40 For 40 Program, and the Colorado River Fall Festival next October. Confer the Mark Master as often as you can and build interest in our brethren of pursuing further light.


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General Grand Chapter is happy to honor our ritualists by presenting a jewel to those Companions who excel in ritualistic endeavors. This prestigious award is presented at no cost to Companions who qualify by completing at least 12 points total from the following options: 1. Conferred the Mark Master Degree as Right Worshipful Master (3 points) 2. Conferred the Past Master Degree as Right Worshipful Master (2 points) 3. Conferred the Most Excellent Master Degree as Right Worshipful Master, 1st Section (2 points) 4. Conferred the Royal Arch Degree as the High Priest (Jeshua) (3 points) 5. Serve as Principal Sojourner in the Royal Arch Degree. (3 points) 6. Present the Lecture of the Mark Master ( 2 points), or Most Excellent Master ( 2 points), or Royal Arch Degree (3 points). 7. Serve as indicated in the following degrees: (2 points) a. Sr. Deacon in the Mark Master Degree AND b. Sr. Warden in the Most Excellent Master Degree AND c. Haggai in the Royal Arch Degree 8. Serve as indicated in the following degrees: (3 points) a. Master Overseer in the Mark Master Degree AND b. Sr. Deacon in the Most Excellent Master Degree AND c. Capt. of the Host in the Royal Arch Degree. 9. Serve as Master of 1st, 2nd, 3rd Veils in Royal Arch Degree (1 point each) The Companion must have performed the above parts from memory on at least two (2) occasions for actual candidates. Such performance must have been witnessed and attested to by one of the following: Current holder of GGC Ritualistic Jewel, or, a Past or Current General Grand Custodian of the Work, or, a Past or Current Grand High Priest of a constituent Grand Chapter, or Chairman of Ritualistic Work Committee of the candidate's Grand Chapter. There shall be no "mistakes" quota. Each candidate is expected to do a creditable job in the part he is exemplifying. This implies not just rote memorization but also appropriate floor work, vocal shading and emphasis, and gestures, etc. appropriate to the part. Point credit shall only be allowed for each separate part performed, not for multiple performances of the same part. For example, if a Companion performs the Principal Sojourner part on, say, ten different

occasions, he will only be awarded 3 points, not 10 x 3 or 30 points. These parts must have been performed since January 1, 2000. Final date to submit nomination will be August 30, 2014. The Grand Secretaries of the various jurisdictions have nomination forms available for Companions who qualify.

MISS CALIFORNIA JOB’S DAUGHTERS Megan Goudy Megan Goudy, a Job’s Daughter since 2003, is representing this youth order as Miss California Job’s Daughter until June of this year. She is currently a sophomore at William Jessup University, studying Psychology, and is a Grand Lodge and Grand Chapter scholarship recipient. Here she is at a recent reception in Auburn, California, with a future Job’s Daughter and a future DeMolay. Megan is Past Honored Queen of Bethel No. 148 in Auburn.

She offers the following by way of describing her duties: “For those of you who do not know much about Job’s Daughters, let me give you a short history. In 1920, Ethel T. Wead Mick founded he organization in collaboration with the Grand Master, the Grand Worthy Matron, and the Grand Worthy Patron of the state of Nebraska. They built this beautiful organization for girls to give them a place where they could learn important life skills and have guidance as they grew up. Today, Job’s Daughters exists in five countries and California is the largest jurisdiction! “In recent years, our jurisdiction has found it prudent to choose a girl between the ages of 16 and 20 to represent Job’s Daughters to the Adult Masonic Bodies in California. This is the job I have been given for the coming year….”

Here she is with Carson Locke and Kaylee Locke, whose father, Eric, is a Senior DeMolay and presently is an Entered Apprentice with Enterprise Lodge in Yuba City.

Here she is below with the Sir Knights who made her a Lady Princess of the Palace. The Sir Knight on her left is her grandfather, Don Lamoureux, the Jr. Past Grand Lecturer for the Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons. The Sir Knight on her right is R. E. Fred Smith, Past Grand Commander for California.

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“…I would love to speak to your Lodge, Chapter, Council, or other local body. My goal is to spread awareness about Job’s Daughters in the Masonic Bodies, as well as in the public, and to bring together our Masonic family. “Another goal in which I hope to gain your assistance is in the promotion of our service projects. Each year, we support two philanthropic projects, one internationally and one at the state level. Our international philanthropic project is H.I.K.E., or Hearing Impaired Kids Endowment. This project provides hearing aids to children whose families are unable to meet the financial requirement. At the state level, we are supporting the Children’s Miracle Network. This network of hospitals provides comfort, treatment, and support to millions of sick children each year. It is our hope that this project will

give the Job’s Daughters of California the ability to find unique and beneficial ways to support their local hospitals by working with, volunteering for, supporting, and becoming involved with their local Children’s Hospital.” If you would like to have Megan speak at one of your meeting or know more about either of these projects or contribute to them, please contact Megan by email at or by mail at 2209 Lee Way, Roseville, CA 95661.

CRYPTIC AND ROYAL ARCH MASONRY Chapter XXXV of the new edition of the History of the Cryptic Rite, gives some insight into the historical relationship between Cryptic and Royal Arch Masonry, from the Proceedings of the Grand Chapter of Maryland (Vol. I, p. 549): “In 1817 the Grand Chapter adopted a resolution permitting ‘all Chapters to open and hold Chapters of Select Masters and confer the degree upon such as they may deem worthy.’ Prior to this Eckel, and perhaps Wilmans, also conferred the degree in like manner on those they deemed worthy and who had advanced to the degree of Mark Master. “In the new Constitution, adopted in 1824, the Select was made one of the regular series of degrees and conferred after the Most Excellent, and it was retained as such until 1852, when it and the Royal Master’s Degree were worked together in Councils specifically convened for the purpose, upon Most Excellent Masters just before the conferment of the Royal Arch upon them. ……. “Companion George W. Warvelle, of Chicago, a few years since thoroughly investigated the origin of the Royal and Select Degrees, and in his conclusion repudiates the claim to the paternity of these degrees by the Supreme Council of the Southern Jurisdiction. He believes hat the Select Degree was formulated and introduced by Henry Wilmans and that the Royal Master’s Degree was formulated and introduced by Ebenezer Wadsworth of New York about the year 1807.” Page 6 of 16

ORDER OF THE ROUND TABLE Chapter XIII of the new edition of the History of the Cryptic Rite, gives some insight into the historical relationship between Cryptic and Royal Arch Masonry, from the Order of the Round Table (Vol. I, p. 124): “However, the stories which most prominently connect the legends of King Arthur’s Court wih Freemasonry are those which deal with the search for the Holy Grail. Mackey says on this subject: ‘Derived, probably, from the old French, sang real, the true blood; although other etymologies have been proposed. The San Graal is represented, in legendary history, as being an emerald dish in which our Lord had partaken of the Last Supper. Josepph of Arimethea, having further sanctified it by receiving into it the blood issuing from the five wounds, afterward carried it to England. Subsequently it disappeared in consequence of the sins of the land, and was long lost sight of. When Merlin established the Knights of the Round Table, he told them that the San Graal should be discovered by one of them, but that he only could see it who was without sin. One day, when Arthur was holding a high feast with his Knights of the Round Table, the San Graal suddenly appeared to him and to all his chivalry, and then as suddenly disappeared. The consequence was that all the knights took upon them a solemn vow to seek the Holy Dish. The Quest of the San Graal became one of the most prominent myths of what has been called the Arthuric Cycle. …” “There are several other romances of which this wonderful vessel, invested with the most marvelous properties, is the subject. The Quest of the San Graal very forcibly reminds us of the Search for the Lost Word. The symbolism is precisely the same – the loss and recovery being but the lesson of death and eternal life – so that the San Graal in the Arthurian Myth, and the Lost Word in the Masonic Legend, seem to be identical in object and design. …”


POSEIDON LODGE NO. 485 Royal Ark Mariners

Chapter XXXI of the new edition of the History of the Cryptic Rite, gives some insight into the historical relationship between Cryptic and Royal Arch Masonry, from Mackey’s Symbolism of the Cryptic Degrees (Vol. I, p. 529):

This new Lodge of Royal Ark Mariners is moored to the new Siminoff Council No. 485, Allied Masonic Degrees. This new Council is considering sponsoring an In-Gathering in Sacramento on July 29th in order to exemplify the Royal Ark Mariner Degree, as well as the Order of the Secret Monitor, and St. Lawrence the Martyr degrees. Any AMD Councils or members of Councils that would participate in such a gathering, bring candidates for these degrees, and perhaps confer degrees themselves, should contact M. E. Edgar Fentum by e-mail before June 30th:

“In the Masonic system there are two temples: the first temple, in which the degrees of Ancient Craft Masonry are concerned, and the second temple, with which the higher degrees, especially the Royal Arch, are related. The first temple is symbolic of the present life; the second temple is symbolic of the life to come. The first temple, the present life, must be destroyed; on its foundations he second temple, the life eternal, must be built. “But the mystical stone was placed by King Solomon in the foundations of the first temple. That is to say, the first temple of our present life must be built on the sure foundation of divine truth, “for other foundation can no man lay.” “But although the present life is necessarily built upon the foundation of truth, yet we never thoroughly attain it in this sublunary sphere. The Foundation Stone is concealed in the first temple, and the Master Mason knows it not. He has not the true word. He receives only a substitute. “But in the second temple of the future life we have passed from the grave, which had been the end of our labors in the first. We have removed the rubbish, and have found that Stone of Foundation which had been hitherto concealed from our eyes. We now throw aside the substitute for truth, which had contented us in the former temple, and the brilliant effulgence of the tetragrammaton and the Stone of Foundation are discovered, and henceforth we are the possessors of the true word – of divine truth. And in his way the Stone of Foundation, or divine truth, concealed in the first temple, but discovered and brought to light in the second, will explain the passage of the Apostle: ‘For now we see through a glass darkly, but then face to face; now I know in part; but then shall I know even as I am known.’ “

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GOLDEN STATE RESEARCH CHAPTER The next meeting of the Research Chapter will be during the afternoon of Grand Chapter on May 23rd, at 3:00 p.m., location to be announced. The website located at features an all new look to better capture the academic and esoteric work that the Golden State Chapter is dedicated to pursue and share with fellows and members. With an updated backend system, the website will be scalable to meet the ever expanding technology available on the web. Many more features and updates will be released in the near future and the Golden State Research Chapter invites members and those looking for further light in the Royal Arch to visit the website today. For information about membership, contact: Ex. Comp Rich Wilson, High Priest Peter Eiserloh, King Daniel Kaffka, Scribe M∴E∴ Comp∴ Philip A. Hardiman, Secretary


Grand Secretary: Ken Hope 11428 E. Artesia Blvd, #13 Artesia, CA 90701-3872 (562) 924-6500(W) (562) 484-1611(C)

Most Excellent Grand High Priest: James W. “Bill” Allen, Jr. 1644 Cambria Pl Escondido 92029-5538 (760) 746-2821(H) (760) 716-2966 ©

Assistant Grand Secretary: Al Lewis 11428 E. Artesia Blvd, #13 Artesia, CA 90701-3872 (562) 924-6500(W) (562) 713-1706(C)

Most Illustrious Grand Master: Robert A. L. Whitfield 1006 Natwick Way Brentwood , ca 94513 (925) 838-5892(H) (925) 963-0933(C)

Editor: Phil Hardiman, PGHP 2713 Hoffman Woods Lane Carmichael, CA 95608 (916) 712-4814(C)

Right Eminent Grand Commander Casey W. Norris 239 Montrose Dr; Folsom, CA 95630(916) 983-4211(H) (916) 207-4211(C)

Websites: If you need access to the confidential features of the website, contact one of the officers above for userid and password. WWW.GOLDENSTATECHAPTER.ORG

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Welcoming Letter West Coast Easter Observance Dear Sir Knights, Beauceant Sisters and Guests; We welcome you to the second annual West Coast Easter Observance! The Committee is working hard to make sure your stay here at the Radisson Hotel at USC is enjoyable. In April, the average high for the day is 73 degrees, and the average low at night is 54 degrees. In addition, the average relative humidity is 84 percent. A light wrap is recommended for evenings out. All events shall be held at the hotel with the exception of the Easter Observance which will be held at the historic Shrine Auditorium just blocks from the hotel. Attire: Formal Banquet – Sir Knights in uniform (no chapeaus or swords), and ladies in evening gowns. Easter Observance – Sir Knights in uniform (with chapeaus, no swords), and ladies in church attire. Beauceant’s should wear their red jacket, white blouse and black skirt. Events: On Friday, our Ladies are invited to a Tea and Luncheon at the hotel while our Beauceant Sisters attend the Official Visit of the Supreme Worthy President, Mrs. John A. Brogan at Los Angeles Assembly No. 42. A bus will be provided to transport our Sisters. Additionally on Friday, our men shall enjoy a tour of the Shrine Children’s Hospital followed by a luncheon at the Shrine Auditorium. Please note that a portion of your ticket for the men’s tour will be donated to the Shrine Children’s Hospital. On Saturday, we will have a tour of the Gene Autry Museum in Los Angeles. The Autry is the only museum of its kind located in a major metropolitan center and the only museum that combines multiple Native American perspectives with Western histories and cultures in such a profoundly interconnected and multifaceted way. For our Beauceant Sisters there will be another Official Visit of the Supreme Worthy President for Santa Ana Assembly No. 61 and San Bernardino Assembly No. 200 at the hotel followed by a luncheon. Pre-purchase of event tickets is preferred; however, you may purchase your tickets at the registration table in the lobby of the hotel. Please note the reservation cut-off date is March 6, 2012. No refunds will be processed after this date. While we are doing everything we can to control the costs, we still need the registration fee to cover the overhead involved with hosting this event. As we grow we will be able to reduce it further. Hotel Information: Radisson Hotel at USC, 3540 South Figueroa Street, Los Angeles, CA 90007. Reservations: (800) 395-7046; Front Desk: (213) 748-4141 and Fax: (213) 746-3255. Tell them you are with the Grand Encampment Knights Templar. Here is the link to make online reservations: Fraternally, Thomas R. Derby, KTCH, KYCH General Chairman

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G R A N D C H A PTER R O YA L A R C H M A SO N S O F C A LIFO R N IA 11428 E. A rtesia Blvd, #13, A rtesia, C A 90701-3872 R ETU R N SERV ICE R EQ UESTED


WE NEED SUBSCRIBERS The California Encompasser is requesting subscribers to assist with the ever increasing costs of paper, printing and postage. We are also in constant need of new items, fillers, pictures, jokes, educational papers (short) and anything else you might be able to think of.

S u b s c r i p t i o n

F o r m

Yes! I would appreciate receiving the California Encompasser. You will find my check for $100.00 enclosed for a lifetime subscription or $40.00 for a two-year subscription. NAM E: ______________________________________________ ADDRESS: ___________________________________________ CITY, ST & ZIP:

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California Freem asons The Fam ily of F reem asonry “M asonry on the Rise”

Encompasser April 2012  

California Grand York Rite news of Grand Chapter, Grand Council, and Grand Commandery

Encompasser April 2012  

California Grand York Rite news of Grand Chapter, Grand Council, and Grand Commandery