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We are an affiliated congregation of the Unitarian Universalist Association and the Mountain Desert District of the UUA

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From Our Minister, Rev. Wendy Jones Grand Junction Women’s March 1/21/17 Grand Junction, CO “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won't feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It's not just in some of us; it's in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.” ----from A Return to Love, by Marianne Williamson. This country came together a few weeks ago to walk together; women, men and children, to say we are united. We are connected. We are stronger together than we are apart. My invitation for you today is to ask yourself where is your light. Is it shining or are you hiding it? Are you acting small so that other people won’t feel insecure around you? Where is your voice? Are you using it in a way that lights

February 2017

February’s Theme: What do we stand for?

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Women’s March, Downtown Grand Junction

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you up? In a way that lights others up? It’s important that we remember that we ALL have a voice. Don’t tell me that you don’t! But please listen. My voice is NOT your voice. MY pulpit is not your pulpit. Some voices are loud and strong in the street. Some voices are quiet and thoughtful with a well guided word of direction or encouragement in a classroom. Some of us will find our voices visually through our artistic images, or beautiful photographs we have taken. Your voice is your truth. Your truth is strong. Your truth is eternal. Your truth CANNOT be silenced! Stand in your truth! Stand in your strength! Stand next to your sister who is standing strong in her truth. Lift up the brother who has lost his truth, and walk alongside the woman who is just now finding her voice or even realizing for the first time that she has a voice. If you have found your voice rejoice in that, and use it, but never as a tool to silence somebody else’s voice. Let us use our voices in a way that empowers others to find theirs. Let us use our voices to listen. For, when we listen we hear; and when we hear we understand; and when we understand we begin to see; and when we begin to see, we bring to life the people who have become invisible. And then we look and we say, “we see you!” And you are silent no longer. The strongest voices in my life are my friends who are working as chaplains who spend their time listening and doing very little talking. And yes they are powerful, but they are powerful in a different way. Their power comes through in the form of connection. The connection that takes place on a soul level. The connection that comes from the experience of feeling totally heard, and totally understood. Today is the day for that connection. And every one of us is a part of it. Today is that day when we collectively say, “Yes. It is time to let our light shine. We will not play small. We will not shrink so that others do not feel insecure!” But we do it together. Today, together we have used our collective voice and from this day on we will continue to speak and shine our light of truth. Strong, powerful, connected, and heard! Never silent again! ~Rev. Wendy Jones 2

We are a denomination without dogma. We are a living, dynamic, spiritual community with personal freedom of belief. We learn from all philosophies and religions, and also from science and the arts. We value the inherent worth and dignity of every person with tolerance and compassion in human relations. We try to leave the world better than we find it.

Imbolc Friday, February 3, 7:00pm Imbolc is the Pagan celebration of the quickening of Spring, also known as Candlemas. Come to help us turn the wheel of the year, and venerate the Goddess in a simple ritual for all ages. The theme will be "putting down roots to sustain us through the growing season."


Come get to know us! Do your friends or family ever ask you, “What is Unitarian Universalism?” Do you wonder what it means when we say that we are a covenantal church rather than a creedal church? Have you ever wondered if there is a difference between being a "religious liberal" versus being a "political liberal?" Rev. Wendy leads a monthly informal gathering for friends, members and guests who would like to learn more about what it means to be a Unitarian Universalist. This is an ongoing "conversation," usually on the third Sunday of every month after coffee hour. All people are welcome! All questions are welcome. Join the discussion next on February 19.

This is a monthly column helping us to get to know our friends and members in a deeper way. We thank Monte High for taking the time to do these in-depth interviews for us every month. Five children huddled together, listening. Their bellies are full of butterflies, bursting with a hunLance and Peg by the Ocean gry hope, listening to their dad talk on the telephone around the corner. He is calling the bus drivers one by one, asking, “What does it look like out your way; do you think you can make it through?” Dad’s phone conversation will determine a day of adventure or tedium. Suddenly the children are jumping up and down, shrieking with delight. Woohoo, snow day! You see, dad is the principal; his children are always the first to get the news. Peg (Waterman) Oswald grew up in the small town of Stanford, in upstate New York. She was the fourth of five kids. Her dad was the principal of the K-12 central school. Mom was a music teacher. Music was pervasive in the Waterman household. The family was very involved in the Presbyterian Church. Mom was the church organist and dad sang in the choir. The children were often asked to sing together in front of the congregation. Each child played at least one instrument. Peg chose the flute. From an early age the siblings would occasionally all play together, and mom would find an errand to run so she could leave the house for a while. The Watermans spent a lot of time outdoors, on the farm and in the wilderness. They were avid hikers and went on long backpacking trips. And every summer they camped for two weeks in an isolated area of the Adirondacks. Both parents were birders. After high school Peg got her degree from New Paltz State Teachers College. After college she taught second grade for four years in Schenectady – it was her first time being on her own. She enjoyed this time – teaching brought her joy. Peg and a girlfriend began talking about the need for a change. They were feeling the need for a little adventure. Peg loved to ski and her friend wanted to experience a big city, so they decided to move to Denver. Peg eventually got a job teaching in Northglenn. She spent much of her free time skiing in Aspen. This was before the real estate development, way back when Aspen was wild and free. She met a blue-eyed boy on a black diamond run, and chased him ‘round the powdered slopes. Lance Oswald was in Aspen completing his Masters thesis, (Continued on page 8)


Winter Religious Education 2016-2017 Early-Elementary—Picture Book World Religions Introduces World Religions through beautiful illustrated stories. Young children may not grasp the abstract concepts in comparative religious studies, but we can share stories from different faiths and help them begin a journey of understanding, tolerance, and celebration for the diversity of human expressions of faith. Teachers: Robert McDonald, Kathleen Hedlund Older Elementary—Holidays and Holy Days These children will be enjoying activities and celebrations from Jewish, Native American, Catholic, Muslim, UU, and Hindu people chosen to help young people feel some point of connection to all peoples. Teachers: Kent Leinbach, Khaila Derrington Middle School—Neighboring Faiths This curriculum gives our youth the opportunity to explore the tapestry of faith communities that are found in the Grand Valley and Colorado as a whole. They will gain a deeper understanding of both the similarities and the differences between them. Teacher: Shari Daly-Miller Teens—World Religions through Food and Music We will enjoy a variety of activities exploring world cultures and religions through podcasts, cooking and lively discussions. Teachers: Lee Joramo, Jana Joramo, David Miller A big thank you to our incredible teachers! Volunteers make our RE program fantastic!

Children’s Chapel Children's Chapel- 10:3010:45 Sharing Circle with themes of Hope, Knowledge, Change, and Justice. All children and teens join us in the pillows on the rug.

Children and Youth Religious Education Classes Follow Religious Education Classes 10:45-11:45 Please wait until 11:45 to pick up your children. This ensures that our students get a full hour in their classes, and you can get a cup of coffee and snack before the children ravage the Coffee Hour.


Youth Cons (Conferences) Visit for more info! Mountain Desert District UU Youth Event Dates and Locations: 2017 • March 4-5, Middle School Retreat at Boulder UU Fellowship, Boulder, CO • March 31 - Apr 2, Bridging Con at Foothills UU, Fort Collins, CO • July 2 - July 8, Quuest and Spirit Quuest Camp at La Foret Camp and Conference Center, Black Forest, CO

Check out the new youth choir on page 7!

Childcare for babies, toddlers, and preschoolers is provided from 10:00 am to noon each Sunday. Childcare is provided by Robintix Perryman, Nya Parry, & Myca Bryan.

"Play is the work of the Child." Dr. Maria Montessori

Take note that we sign our younger kids in and out Sunday mornings. Be sure to come downstairs at 11:45 to check your kiddos out after church.


All Ages Worship Services Feb 12 The Sounds of Love (A Music Service) March 19 Youth Service: Inspiration!

RE Team Meetings Join the team! We meet the first Tuesday of the month at 10:00 am. K-7 teachers invited. Teen advisors welcome.

Activity Fair for All Ages Saturday, February 11th 5-8pm Activity Fair for All Ages Fine Art, Jewelry, and Crafts Support UU Youth! Activities will include Nerf games, bead workshop, tie dyeing, coloring meditation, musicians, even dancing! Snack bar and bake sale. Craft Sale features tie dye t-shirts and wall hangings, jewelry, and more for purchase. This event will raise money to help UUCGV send youth to cons, trips, and summer camps! Spread the word far and wide! Fun for kids, teens, and adults! Accepting donations of hand crafted items, art, and baked goods. Contact Shari Daly-Miller if you’d like to donate to the sale at 970-257-0772 or at

Upcoming meetings: February 7 March 7

Childcare Provider Needed We are seeking a childcare provider, someone 16 or older. Please inquire with Shari at 257-0772 or

Middle School Parent’s Meeting February 4,10:00 am Main Street Bagels, 559 Main Street We’re going to plan the field trips that the youth will take to different churches this spring. An overnight to Denver is a possibility.


Men’s Cooking

Feed Your Soul Front Lines Support Group For people in helping professions Does your job put you in emotionally draining and heart-aching situations? Do you have a place to go to process what you have seen with other people who have similar situations? Would you like a safe/confidential place to process or talk about your experiences? Join us on Thursday, February 19 at the church, 10:00 to 11:00 am.

Women’s Group—Drinking Divas Our next gathering is on Saturday, February 11 at 7:00 pm. Previously we have been "Winey Women," "Beer & Broads," “Ladies and Libations,” “Spirited Women” and “Drinking Divas.” When we get together it is so much fun! The purpose of this group is simply to offer a venue for women to connect with and meet other women. We will have beverages (non-alcoholic included), snacks & conversation. (Of course there might be some laughter thrown in!) All are welcome!

UUCGV’s Men’s Cooking Group is the longest standing group in the church. We meet and cook the third Thursday of the month at 6:00 pm. If you’re a new male to the church, please join the fun! This month’s Theme: “Light, Bring Your Own.” Host: David Miller. For more info, contact David Miller at 241.5911 or, or Mark McKenney at 256.7907 or

Improv Darling! Do you know how fabulous you are? Don't let your fears make you keep doubting yourself! Learn to come out of your shell and be a brave and fabulous chicken like me! When: 7:00 pm every Monday night. Where: UUCGV basement. 6

Circle Suppers Do you want to make some friends or just get to know people at a deeper level than just, "Hello" and "How are You?" If so, then Circle Suppers are just the thing! A group of 6 to 8 people get together once a month for a meal and conversation at the host of the month's house. The host provides the main course with the others bringing a salad, veggie or dessert. It is up to your group if you want to do breakfast, lunch or supper. It doesn't have to be fancy or expensive. If you are unable to host at your house, that's ok you are still welcome to be part of the group. When everyone has had a chance to be a host, then a new group is formed. So whether you are single, a couple or a family, all you need to do to become involved is contact Ellen Mayo at Hope to see you around the table!!!

We meet to join our creativity next time on Sunday, February 12 at 6:30 pm. Think of this as a miniature indoor musical fantasy fair! Please feel free to bring anything creative whether it be sound, visual, or movement! Music, dance, poetry, painting, sculpturing, and more! Bring snacks to share. Let's make this a fun event where we gather together our resources and help the community! Bring food donations or anything to help the local homeless community and especially homeless teens! Namaste Music is the way! Presented by Robintix Perryman—Contact him at 970-216-0509. No instrument? No worries! Robin brings extra drums, and you can wear your dancing shoes. Bring your friends!

Meditating for Peace We meet the second Thursday of every month at 11 am. The next “vibration raising” will be on Thursday, February 9 at the church.

Youth Choir! Wednesdays at 6:15-6:45 pm. Open to any and all singers grades 6-12 who are interested in learning how to sing! No past experience necessary, just a willingness to learn & grow! For more information, please email Marcia Kuhlman at

Music Notes Is the weather making you SAD? Singing is a natural anti-depressant! Singing is known to release endorphins, the chemicals that make you feel uplifted and happy. Scientists have also identified a small organ in the ear called the sacculus, which responds to the frequencies created by singing. The response creates an immediate sense of pleasure, regardless of what the singing sounds like... Singing can also simply take your mind off the day’s troubles to boost your mood. Sing more and feel better!

Yoga on Pause Yoga class will not be meeting for the time being. 7

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and skiing. Well, mostly skiing. He eventually finished his thesis and got a counseling job in the engineering department at the University of Colorado. Peg and Lance got hitched and moved to Boulder. Alyssa and Aaron were welcomed into the world. The family discovered the UU church in Boulder, and joined the community. The Oswalds would become connoisseurs of fresh air, spending more time out-of-doors than in – hiking, skiing, backpacking, camping – worshiping the beauty of wilderness. The Oswalds eventually moved to Glenwood Springs, where Lance sold log homes. A year and a half later they finally found their way to Grand Junction, when Lance accepted a counseling job at Mesa State College. Peg started out substitute teaching, and taught elementary school until she retired. In every stage of Peg’s life she was involved in music. At every stop along the way she found a choir to share her voice. In Grand Junction she started out singing with The Revelers and then the Western Colorado Chorale. The highlights were when The Chorale performed in New York City at Lincoln Center, and at Carnegie Hall. When Lance and Peg first moved into town they had been excited to discover a group of Unitarians meeting in town. Yet, the first time they walked through the door they encountered a small circle of chairs with a half dozen folks. Over the next dozen years the group grew to around 30 people, with a small children’s religious education group; yet, the group gradually dwindled and finally dissolved. A few years later the Oswalds met Shari Daly-Miller. Shari and Lance would conduct an effort to restart the UU church in Grand Junction – rising from the ashes. A few years later the group was thriving, with close to 100 members and several young families with children. Seeing around a dozen energetic children, Peg decided to start a children’s choir. She loved it! She liked it so much that a few years later she got talked into starting an adult choir, and was the beloved UU choir director for many years. When Peg retired she started classes at the Art Center. She currently belongs to The Uptown Art Colony, which is a group of 12 ladies who share studio space and offer classes and instruction in Downtown Grand Junction. Peg works on her pastel painting at the Colony and her pottery at the Art Center. Peg’s paintings and pottery have been shown in galleries in Grand Junction and Palisade, as well as in an annual art show in the UUCGV building in October. Peg feels like she’s lived a storybook life. She’s been fortunate to have a family of origin that showed her how to love – love others, love music, love the earth. She says that she’s been lucky in happiness, yet it all boils down to her outlook, to the moment and how she greets it – encouraged and encouraging in the art of administering joy. Life goes on… in endless song… 8

Black Canyon Discussion Group

The Black Canyon Discussion Group meets monthly in the Delta/ Montrose area the first Wednesday of the month. Meetings start with a potluck, then discussion, at the home of a member. This is a great way for those who are too far away to attend our congregation regularly to meet with other liberal religious folks in the area. We will meet next on Wednesday, February 1 at the home of Dave and Kim Stueck. Our topic is: Why does our meaning come from staying, and being, busy? Or something similar. We will begin at 5:00 pm with a potluck followed by our discussion topic. Anyone wishing to know more may contact John Spurgeon at 856-6308 or email at

Change for Change Each month we collect change (coins) from the offertory baskets and donate it to a local charity. This effort usually brings in about $100/month. In January our Change went to Black Lives Matter Grand Junction. Our February change will go to Grand Junction Pay it Forward 365. This organization strives to promote and share all things GOOD! What did you do today to Pay It Forward?? How did you show kindness? What did someone do for you today? The group has monthly events to help the homeless offering a “free store,” free haircuts and a meal. Find them on Facebook at “Grand Junction Pay it Forward 365.”

Soup Kitchen Saturday This is a reminder that Soup Kitchen Saturday is the second Saturday of every month at Catholic Outreach, located at the south end of 1st Street between Pitkin and Ute Avenues. We need your help on February 11, from 8:30 am to 1:15 pm. We need 810 people from 8:3010:30 am to help prepare and cook enough food for 150+ people. Another 6 people are needed from 11:45 to 1:15 pm to serve and help clean up the kitchen. Anyone with an interest in helping to prepare or serve this meal is welcome; teens included. Please contact Barbara Milburn at (phone 2438860) or Emily Long at (phone 614537-9998) for more information or just show up ready to work. Please bring a scarf or hat to cover your hair. Thank you to the 21 people who served 176 meals at the Soup Kitchen! Thanks you to Emily! In January, Emily Long was head chef.

30 Days of Love: Fortifying the Movement This winter, Standing on the Side of Love returned with 30 Days of Love from Jan. 16 through Feb. 14, 2017! In the face of escalating repression and resistance, we are exploring what it means for Unitarian Universalism to be a nurturing, humble, and steady hand on the side of justice. Each week we share tools and resources to help congregations reflect, learn, and act around themes of fortification, including: relationships and movements, covenants and movements, transformation and movements, and commitment and sustenance. Make sure you are signed up to receive Standing on the Side of Love's weekly emails during 30 Days of Love. From small group ministry resources to opportunities to honor courageous love within our communities, stay tuned to the Standing on the Side of Love website for more information and resources in coming weeks. Sign up here: https:// 9

The Board

Equal Exchange Products Sales As you may have noticed, we have installed on our upstairs kitchen wall our permanent display rack for selling Equal Exchange beverage and chocolate products. The new pricing has only a marginal mark-up in price. We have two tea products again. We are also selling a bigger size bag of coffee (Fellowship blend, ground) that we serve during our social events. The minor profits we make help cover the cost of our social hours' coffee......and if you read the EE literature, you will understand the crucial need for us to help small farmers' families around the globe secure a sustainable living.

The board is our governing structure and holds the fiduciary responsibility. President— Gary Poush Vice President— Janet Cummings Treasurer— Tim O’Brien At Large— Joel Prudhomme At Large— Robert McDonald

TLC (Team Leadership Circle)

Care Update The Care team invites you to check in on Connie's Caring Bridge site as she and her family are entering into another round of needed support. The site is updated regularly. Type in "Connie Murillo" and sign up or log in to view her page.

Emergency Shelter Program We are hosting the Emergency Shelter program from February 12 - February 26. Volunteers are needed! • Two overnight volunteers per night • Volunteers to bring food for breakfasts or heavy snacks for the evening Overnight shifts start at 6:15 pm and last until 8:00 am. Sign up on the calendar on the office window, or contact Robert McDonald at 970-201-5798.


TLC is responsible for the program of the church. Joanie Leinbach Steve Watson Richard Hyland Connie Murillo Melissa Humphrey Jay Martinez

LDT (Leadership Development Team) Lee Joramo Andrea Tanner Bill Hilty

Membership Anniversaries in February Joanie Leinbach, 1999 Phil Ellsworth, 2000 Lee Joramo, 2001 Jan Lewellen, 2004 Dave Stueck, 2005 Gary & Connie Dolezal, 2007 Jeanie Hendricks & Barb Smith, 2010

Please join us after the service every Sunday for conversation & refreshments! Hospitality We have a weekly snack-type hospitality. See updates. Greeters Each Sunday we rely on two volunteers to greet. Sign-up on our clipboard! Thank You to last month’s Greeters! Lynn deBeauclair Laura Jeffries Kent Leinbach Richard Hyland Jan Hyland Joel Prudhomme Bea Conway Rev. Wendy Arrow Hospitality Tip: Ask someone you’ve never met how they are doing today!

Hospitality Thanks to these UUCGV attendees who brought refreshments for after-Sunday service last month. • Jan and Richard Hyland • Joanie Leinbach • Betty Foreman

Big Thanks to ALL our volunteers!

Changes to Hospitality Sunday coffee hour will be changing to accommodate the needs of our growing congregation. Instead of using our ol’ clip board sign up method where one person is responsible for bringing hospitality snacks for around 100 people, we’re asking the congregation to bring freezable goodies (cookies, muffins, etc.). Donated snacks will be put out on for our congregation to enjoy after Sunday services for fellowship time. Please bring your freezable items to church during office hours or on Sundays, mark with a date and description and place in the upstairs freezer. Thank you!

Helping Hands There are a few things around church that need a loving volunteer like yourself to take care of. Please contact Mallory in the office if you're able to help – or 970.257.0772 Greeter Sign Up Coordinator Each week we have two greeters who pass out hymnals and Orders of Service to church attendees. We're looking for someone to coordinate the greeters, and make sure those who sign up know what their job is. Stewards Each year, our stewardship team and canvasers help collect our congregants' pledges for the following fiscal year. We're looking for volunteers to canvas and to help organize the campaign. Contact Rev. Wendy or Mallory. Our first meeting of 2017 is on Tuesday, January 31 at 6:00 pm. Ride-to-church Coordinator Many of our members and friends love attending Sunday services and other church events. We need someone to help coordinate rides for them! Dirty linen washers We have a new location for dirty linens! They are in the middle cabinet under the coffee counter. Pick up anytime! 11

February 2017 Stewardship Kick-off Talent Show March 11 We’re kicking off our stewardship campaign this year with a showcase of UUCGV’s amazing, talented, wonderful people! It’s not just singing and dancing entertainment. Bring your talents of all sorts! Do you yodel? Make art? Create fashion? Recite “pi” to 50 decimal places? Burp the alphabet? Showcase your talents or mis-talents to the congregation on March 11! In order to pull off this magnificent evening, we have a number of ways you can help: Spaghetti dinner, advertising, organizing the acts, and more. This is a fun way to get involved! There is a sign up list in the foyer or contact Joanie Leinbach, or 250-3469 to get on the line up!

UU’ve Got Talent!

Worship Schedule Worship Services are held Sundays at 10:30am at 536 Ouray Ave. Grand Junction, CO 81501 Sunday, February 5: Rev. Wendy Sunday, February 12: All Ages: The Sounds of Love Sunday, February 19: Rev. Wendy Sunday, February 26: Rev. Wendy: “There will be World Peace When…”

UUCGV Calendar

February 2017

Please Remember that all meetings & events MUST be scheduled through the administrator (257-0772) or See full calendar, renters and all, at Sunday 29

Monday 30


Wednesday 2

6:00 Stewardship

12 Covenant Group 5:00 Black Canyon Discussion 6:00 UU Political Action 6:15 Youth Choir 7:00 Adult Choir

6:00 Safety Team Meeting 6:30 Sangah 7:15 TLC, Basement

7:00 Imbolc

4:00 Covenant Group







4:30 Property Team, Basement 7:00 Improv, Basement

11:00 Peaceful 10:00 RE Team 6:15 Youth Choir Meditation 6:30 Youth pre- 1:00 Aging to12:00 Finance pare for craft fair gether Team 7:00 Adult Choir 7:00 Board, Basement



10:30 Worship


Valentine’s Day



4 1:00 Tie Dye for Youth Fundraiser

8:30 UU Serves at the Soup Kitchen 5:00 Activity Fair & Craft Sale 7:00 Women’s Group



10:00 Front 12:00 Covenant Lines Support, Group Teen Room 6:15 Youth Choir 6:30 Sangah 7:00 Adult Choir

4:00 DVAT, Sanctuary

4:00 Covenant Group






Emergency Shelter Program

10:30 Worship 11:30 Town Hall Meeting & Potluck 7:00 Improv, 6:30 Creative Basement Chaos 20





7:00 Improv




10:30 Worship




Emergency Shelter Program

10:30 Worship 12:00 Who Are UU?



6:15 Youth Choir

7:00 Improv, Basement


7:00 Adult Choir




10:30 Worship

7:00 Improv, Basement

12:00 Covenant Group 6:15 Youth 6:00 Safety Choir Team 7:00 Adult 7:00 TLC Choir

4:00 Covenant Group

Unitarian Universalist Congregation of the Grand Valley P.O. Box 1053 Grand Junction, CO 81502


“Vitally Inclusive Justice-Centered Spiritually Alive”

Office is open Monday-Thursday 9 am-2 pm

Music Director Marcia Kuhlman 248-892-5752 or

“Too often we underestimate the power of touch. A smile. A kind word. A listening ear. An honest compliment. Or the smallest act of caring. All of which have the potential to turn a life around.”

536 Ouray Ave, Grand Junction, CO 81501

-Leo Buscaglia

Minister: Rev. Wendy Jones: Tue 9-1, Wed 9-12, Thu 9-1 or by appointment 257-0772 ext. 3 or Religious Education Coordinator: Shari Daly-Miller: Tue & Thu 10-2 257-0772 ext. 2 or Church Administrator: Mallory Rice Monday—Thursday 9-2 257-0772 ext. 1 or

Find us on Facebook at Unitarian Universalist Congregation of the Grand Valley

We meet Sundays at 10:30 am for Worship

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